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    Growth is a detox process, as our weakest, darkest places are sucked up to the surface in order to be released. Often, upon seeing the weaknesses in each other, we have the tendency to go, “yuck!” and walk away on some level. But often it is not a change in partners but rather a change in perception that delivers us to the love we seek.

    When we shift our view of the purpose of intimacy - from serving our own needs as we define them to serving a larger process of healing - then an entirely new opportunity presents itself. Our wounds have been brought forward, not to block the experience of love, but to serve it.

    It is in the forgiveness of our weaknesses that we are healed of them, and the tenderness of a forgiven heart is a tenderness that will ultimately heal the world.

    ~ Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love

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  • Approach to disclosing any diagnosis or providing counselling:

    1. Understanding: get a sense of what the patient/family already knows about the [working] diagnosis and try to elicit their concerns/worries/impression of what this means for them and/or their child.
    2. Permission: ask the patient/family for permission to share some information about the [working] diagnosis, and how much information/detail they’d like you to share at this time
    3. Information: 
      1. Provide a background of the [working] diagnosis, including a general overview of pathophysiology, reasons why the patient’s presentation is in keeping with this
      2. Give an idea of what prognosis is to be expected for this condition (it is also okay to share uncertainty–if you don’t know what the prognosis is at this point, help the patient/family understand the factors contributing to the prognosis)
      3. Answer any questions the patient/family may have about the condition
    4. Diagnosis: explain the investigations/tests that would be completed to confirm the diagnosis 
      1. Why they are necessary
      2. What they entail (ex/are they painful? Do they require sedation/anesthesia? Are they done at separate appointments or are they done today? How long do the results usually take?)
      3. What you expect to see in the results
      4. What the course of action would be if you find something other than what you expect
    5. Management: 
      1. Discuss the immediate management options and what the plan will be after today
      2. Discuss possible long-term management options and make a plan or help the patient/family understand how these options will be re-visited and established at a later time
      3. Review possible resources and supports that they can get connected with
    6. Follow-up
      1. Make a follow-up plan including any referrals that need to be made (ex/to supports, specialty or subspecialty physicians, further investigations, etc.)
      2. Ensure that someone can act as a primary contact for the patient/family (ex/the family physician, general pediatrician, etc.)
      3. Review reasons for the patient/family to:
        1. Present to their primary care physician
        2. Present to the emergency department
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  • Gage Wallace - “How We Have Learned To Love”

    Another gem I found on button poetry’s youtube channel which I cannot pry myself away from.

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  • If there’s one thing about Laur that I really like it’s that she is very honest and upfront with me about everything. In the past there used to be huge communication issues with people I dated but from the outset if I ask Laur what’s on her mind she tells me no matter what it is and it helps a lot.

    I think when it comes to the small things, this is one of the most important to me. Ever since my first relationship communicating has been a big deal to me cause its hard for both parties if you’re not honest about how you feel. I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about that with Laur.

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  • Use videos to communicate! 

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  • but I was always an open book with nothing to hide while you definitely had a hidden agenda. No matter how many times I made my point with the utmost clarity, you paid it no mind. Instead, you went ahead and destroyed me anyway with your secrets, with your lies and ongoings.

    Sometimes, silence speaks volumes.

    Sometimes, silence is SO obnoxiously loud, it won’t shut up no matter how hard we try.

    Because in the silence, we hear the relentless reverberating resonation of truth. And the truth demands to be heard, demands to be felt.

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  • Hellen Keller and her communication system.

    “It is not blindness or deafness that bring me my darkest hours,”.. “It is the acute disappointment in not being able to speak normally. Longingly I feel how much more good I could have done if I had acquired normal speech. But out of this sorrowful experience, I understand more fully all human tragedies, thwarted ambitions, and the infinite capacity of hope.”

    See also this this video of Anne Sulliivan and Helen with some more information about her speech development.

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  • En quoi puis-je vous aider ?

    Passionnée par les relations humaines, le marketing et les nouvelles technologies, j'ai décidé d'accompagner des particuliers ou des entreprises dans le développement de leur activité.

    J'interviens à plusieurs niveaux selon votre besoin, pour vous assister, vous conseiller et vous former.

    > Analyser le projet et proposer une stratégie de développement adaptée
    Vous avez un projet mais vous n'avez pas les mots pour le définir ? Vous avez besoin de construire un business plan ? De faire une étude de terrain pour vous positionner ?
    > Créer une campagne de communication multi-support
    Votre projet est créé mais comment le faire connaître ? Presse magazine, annuaire internet, quoi choisir ? Quelle signalétique utiliser selon le support ?
    > Mettre en place un plan d'action commercial
    Comment vendre mon produit/service ? Comment toucher ma cible et avec quel argument ?
    > Gérer des campagnes de marketing direct
    Comment contacter mes prospects ? Emailing, mailing, phoning… ? Dois-je créer un blog en plus de mon site internet ? Comment optimiser au quotidien le référencement de mon site internet ?
    > Développer des partenariats avec des prestataires locaux
    Être sur internet c'est bien, mais créer des partenariats actifs avec des prestataires à côté de chez moi, c'est mieux…

    L'objectif est de vous donner les clés pour avancer au mieux dans votre projet professionnel, pendant une période donnée ou ponctuellement !

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