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  • Just finished watching the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery.

    So many wonderful things happened over the season. I’m not gonna talk about any of them openly, because I don’t wanna spoil it for anyone else.

    What I do wanna say is the quote at the end is the newest addition to my file of favorite quotes.

    “In a very real sense we are all aliens on a strange planet. We spend most of our lives reaching out and trying to communicate. If, during our whole lifetime, we could reach out and really communicate with just two people, we are indeed very fortunate” -Gene Roddenberry

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  • In which the rabbits are rather serious

    This is a draft I half started at the beginning of December and got too busy to finish. I’m continuing now. Fair warning: this is an absolute mess.

    I’m at work desperately trying to keep my brain on task rather than chasing all the thought rabbits there ever were. I’m hard pressed to feel motivated to sort out a situation that got unnecessarily messy, so it’s difficult. So of course I’m…

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  • Hhs 207 communcation skills for health and human services-wk 3 - Assignment Help

    Hhs 207 communcation skills for health and human services-wk 3 – Assignment Help

    Please make sure its in Outline format
    Summative Assessment Outline
    In this third week assignment, you will prepare a brief outline in which you will draft the main content areas to be examined in greater detail in the Final Project. To begin, select one of the following groups in need from which you will base your outline:

    Children and families
    The elderly
    The homeless

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  • Anyway, ada yang menarik dari buku The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion karya Jonathan Haidt. Ia menyebut ada lima pondasi moral manusia yang diantaranya: (i) Kepedulian/Kekerasan, (ii) Adil/Curang, (iii) Loyal/Berkhianat, (iv) Jabatan/Hirarki, dan (v) Keamanan/Kerusakan.

    Dari lima fondasi ini, setiap orang pada umumnya minimal memiliki fondasi nomor satu (Kepedulian) terhadap sesuatu. Itu minimal, berarti ada audiens yang bisa jadi memiliki kelima fondasi tersebut. Nah kita bisa memanfaatkan lima pondasi ini sebagai tools menarik hati audiens kita misalnya saat opening atau call to action.

    3. Logos/Konten

    Prinsip ABC yang ada di Pathos menyebutkan kalau kita harus menempatkan audiens sebelum konten kita. Misalkan reputasi, kredibilitas, dan gaya bicara kita sudah bagus. Kita pun sudah mengenal latar belakang audiens kita dan apa yang mereka inginkan. Terus apa lagi yang harus dilakukan? Ingat ada elemen ketiga, Logos.

    Kita harus tahu mengapa suatu isu itu penting untuk kita ceritakan dan bagaimana kita menceritakannya. Menurut Martin Buber (Austrian-Israeli Philosopher), ada dua pola relasi di dunia ini. Apa saja?

    I - IT : Pendekatan Aku - Dia: Berjarak ekslusif, dingin, Melihat yang lain sebagai objek. I - You : Pendekatan Aku - Kamu: Terhubung, mengalami bersama, personal, dan langsung.

    Agar konten kita bagus, kita bisa menggunakan pola relasi I-You agar kita bisa berelasi dan hangat dengan audiens. Logika dari argumen apabila disampaikan dengan logika yang baik dan benar, konten tersebut akan menjadi persuasif. Kalau kita masih bingung, narasi I-You ini bisa kita buat menjadi lebih efektif dengan menggunakan metode scripting yang terdiri dari opening, body, dan closing dengan menggabungkan unsur plot.

    Untuk plot-nya sendiri, ada tiga Jenis plot yang bisa kita gunakan sesuai dengan konteks pesan yang akan disampaikan. Apa saja?

    • Rag to Riches: Zero - Struggle - Hero

    Contohnya awal mula Jokowi yang merupakan rakyat biasa. Beliau bukan dari kalangan politisi lalu tiba-tiba menjadi walikota, Gubernur, hingga Presiden.

    • Overcoming Monster: Monster back story - Fight and weapon - Victory

    Contohnya ambil kasus Brexit dan Imigran kalau di wilayah Eropa.

    • Quest: Mission - Obstacle - Victory

    Contohnya sebuah organisasi/bisnis yang mempunyai tujuan/misi yang jelas.

    Alright, mungkin sekian tulisan tentang Rhetorical Triangle. Inti dari teori ini menyebutkan bahwa ada tiga elemen penting untuk komunikasi yang efektif. Ethos (pembicara), Pathos (audiens), dan Logos (konten). Kalau kita bisa memahami ketiganya dengan Baik, komunikasi kita terhadap orang lain akan terasa lebih efektif.

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  • 1. The temperature has dropped this morning, and I also have a headache. The cold weather must be causing my headache.


    Originally posted by adventurelandia

    2. Kris Aquino Siopao commercial: In the commercial, celebrity and endorser Kris Aquino states that the Siopao was “The best thing and super sarap!”.


    3. Duterte’s argument with the church: Duterte diverts and avoids the real issues pressed against him by attacking the character of the bishops and priests.


    4. With regard to the Covid-19 guidlines, Duterte warns the Filipinos that either they follow the covid-19 guidlines or be shot to death since he believes that giving trouble to medical workers is a serious crime.


    5. If we let the Government control our media platforms, before you know it, they’ll be surveilling all our private messages.


    Originally posted by michaelchallpics

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  • Guys if you want to grow your personal brand you just need to focus on communication start communicating through social media and give awesome value #digitalmarketing#communcation #motivationvideo (at Digitalmarketing)

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  • Nurture a relationship and you will always have love.

    Love others as you would wish yourself to be loved.

    Communicate and don’t shy away from the truth.

    Show tenderness and kindness as well as respect.

    Appreciate all you have and live in the moment whilst looking forward to what dreams may come.

    Be their strength and shelter.

    Live in joy.

    Never hold back!

    Don’t just say and mean it, do it and show it!

    Repeat these things daily.

    #love #advice #relationship #relationships #communcation #passion #partner #respect #life #motivation #selfdevelopment #happiness #positivity #quotes #kindness #compassion #support #strength #family #coping #mindfulness #positivevibes #like #followme #follow #friendship #goals #counselling #honest #fridaymood

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  • Here’s a Thought

    In a relationship, communication is key to its growth. Use your words to talk about problems or negative feelings no matter how insignificant. Stay away from the spaces in between your words and speak directly about your feelings. In turn, allow your person to do the same. If being honest about how each of you feel is enough to ruin the relationship then it may not have been one in the first place.

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  • Player and Coach Communication (2.20.2020)

    Post #2 for SP CM 404 at Iowa State University.

    Okay, so, the last post did not go over well, so let’s try this again:

    Player and coach communication is an essential part of playing League of Legends. My coach is Naga. He is a seasoned player currently ranked Silver II but in seasons past has reached Platinum II. As we learned in class, how a coach communicates with their players can affect the outcomes of the game. Different coaches have different leadership styles that can range from more aggressive and demanding to nurturing and caring. How a coach functions as a leader affects communication and vice versa.

    For a league team, we typically have 5 players, one of them being Naga- the coach. He is in charge of effectively communicating what players should be doing. What is difficult is that it is impossible to “micro-manage” all of the 4 other players at once. There are no breaks unless the coach has died in game and has time to quickly check over the map and explain what should be happening.

    Naga himself displays a combination of leadership qualities coaches may possess. He is autocratic in the sense that he is very direct. Though, he does try to keep in mind that players have feelings, so he will say, “I’m going to be honest. I’m not trying to be mean.” I think without that context, the feedback may seem harsh, but it is important. Conversely, he shows positive: he motivates with positive feedback. For example, when I make a good play without him having to point it out right away such as making a kill in a team fight by using ult at the right time, he will congratulate me and tell me to keep up the good work. Last, he does well at training and instruction. He works hard to foster my skills as a player and my knowledge around the game. We don’t just learn in game, but outside too. He has been willing to meet one on one to talk to me and walk through different game scenarios with me so that I can apply them in game. For example, last week, Naga met with me over lunch to talk with me about the most opportune times to get damage trade in between champions of different ranges.

    What I think is important to note is the two-way communication that occurs. It is important that if I don’t understand something or want more help, that I need to voice that. I also think that it’s important for me to voice my thoughts on what I have been learning and make sure Naga understands me as I understand him.

    Overall, I think Naga is a good coach with a good head and heart. He cares about me as not only a player, but a person. He does well making sure that when things go well, it is noticed, and that when there is learning to be done, he will make sure I take time to learn what I need to know to be successful for the next time an event occurs.

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  • Communicating with Empathy.

    A Reminder:

    Today I want to talk about the importance of communicating with empathy. By that I mean, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes before responding or reacting. Allowing yourself to listen and speak with the other person’s feelings in mind. There can be 10 ways to say the same exact thing. So before getting your point across consider which one of those ways most benefit the conversation and also ask yourself this; Is it even worth saying?

    Because as we all know… you can’t take words back. 

    Mental Refreshers @yourmentalrefresh

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  • (As an introvert, this reddit comment truly spoke to me and for me.)

    Might be too late, but guys really enjoy side by side time.

    A lot of people have already brought this up, so I’m really just putting a name on it. It took awhile for my wife to figure it out, but side by side time is when you are engaged in an activity with someone else, but not necessarily talking to them. You bond through the shared experience of the activity, not by talking to each other.

    This is why so many guys reminisce about shared experiences and tell stories about things they did together. I also happen to think that side by side time is why guys like games so much. I game online with my good friends frequently, and we rarely get past “how are you” in terms of personal chat, but we all love it. Same goes for watching sports, playing boardgames, other hobbies and stuff.

    So, if you really want to impress your husband/boyfriend, intentionally have side by side time with him. Pick an activity or hobby that he enjoys and just do it with him. Don’t ask him if he’s enjoying himself, or what he’s thinking, if you have to, literally just sit next to him on the couch and watch the game with him. If he’s comfortable with it, quietly watch him build his computer, or ask him how it works. Keep the conversation about the activity. Avoid asking him how he’s doing unless he brings it up. Literally just be there with him. Sit and be there while he cleans his gun, or just read a book in the same room he’s reading in.

    (total side note: especially for women who are married to an introvert: If you really want to have a conversation, ask your husband/boyfriend about something they’re interested in or enjoy. Point being, guys, and introverts in general, find it 10x easier to talk about something rather than themselves. Ask a guy how his day is: “Fine.” Ask a guy to explain something about his favorite hobby: You will be there for hours.)

    This is a generalization, but I think there’s some truth in it, I think women tend to bond through verbal communication, and they get worried/nervous to just be there with their partner, side by side, because they aren’t actually doing anything. But guys see that as bonding and caring.

    #reddit #side by side time #side by sids #communcation #men are from mars women are from venus #introvert#introverted
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  • Listening and understanding are different from each other. Sometimes, we tend to listen just to say something in return, but not to listen to actually understand. This is the biggest problem in communication. We listen, we say something back, but did we understand anything? Are we putting ourselves in the shoes of who we are talking to? We should learn to understand or empathize rather than to just listen in order for us to have an effective communication.

     “The biggest mistake by most human beings: Listening half, Understanding quarter, Telling double.” 

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  • Quick tips to improve your writing skills.

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  • There are different ways to think about communication; as a form of exchange between places or people; sharing meaning, and conveying or move things around (e.g. to communicate a disease). Communication is complicated but the basic act of communication can be thought of as a sender creating a message in some form (like talking or writing or filming) and sharing it with a receiver. It is important to think about meaning also, but that needs its own explanation. 

    an example of communication could be when I raise my hand in class, I am the sender by raising my hand. my hand is the form/medium of the message. raising it is the message itself (it indicates that I have something to say), and you are the receiver because I want you to see my raised hand and respond 

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