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  • I just ran my first Zoom event with breakout rooms. Overall, it’s a useful and usable feature. There are a number of thoughtful details, like the countdown to return people to the main room and the various indicators of who is assigned to which room and whether or not they are in it.

    There is one behavior that puzzles me. IxDA Pittsburgh was kicking off its first mentorship cohort, and we had 17 mentor/mentee pairs. I had to create 17 breakout rooms and assign the correct pair to each one. Zoom allows you to create the rooms at any point, so I got on early, and I started assigning participants to rooms while they were still in the waiting room. I thought I would have most of them assigned before we even started the event. However, when I allowed everyone to join, and they moved from the waiting room to the main room, all of the breakout room assignments disappeared. I had to start all over again.

    I don’t know if that’s a really bad oversight or if there is a use case I’m not thinking of for which that behavior is desired. I wasn’t happy about it, at any rate.

    It also lost the room assignment as a participant dropped off the call and then came back. It would be nice if it were smart enough to recognize participants and reestablish the room assignment automatically.

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  • Honestly, I’m thinking I might write a zine, because since I entered into leftist spaces and made a real effort to learn about communities and people, I’ve learned exactly one thing. If I really break down and reflect on all the social issues I’ve ever encountered in my friend groups, past and present, are symptoms of a breakdown of the same root component: communication.

    The common issues that plague any friend group seem multifarious: lying, cliques, manipulation, lack of transparency, lack of accountability, bad faith arguments, mistrust, callouts, abuse (of others or of power), ghosting, creation of pariahs, defacto leadership, organic hierarchy, etc., are all issues of communication. Either information is inaccurate, omitted or lost in translation, information is heard and disregarded, parties are not able or willing to listen and understand each others’ information, or information is manipulated not for the good of the group but for individual benefit.

    What is the formation of cliques, leaders or pariahs but the manipulation (willful or organic) of information to create gaps in knowledge and therefore to create hierarchies?

    What is interpersonal abuse, assault, or any other form of harm but the miscommunication or mismatching (willful or unknowing) of boundaries and consequently a lack of trust?

    What is a lack of accountability but a failure (inability or refusal) to understand or acknowledge the information someone else gives you about yourself or a situation, and use it in a way that benefits not just you, but the whole?

    The more time I spend in these social spaces the more important I think it is to explicitly and implicitly stamp out these forms of toxic communication by both leading by example–being open and honest about your thoughts and needs, being willing to listen and incorporated others’ information while also trusting they will do the same–and by teaching your group and your community about these issues so that we might all be more open, honest and accountable.

    We cannot begin to engage with these issues if we do not even understand them.

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  • One of the more common frustrations I’ve seen expressed on Tumblr is “why don’t neurotypical people just say what they want?” – and I guarantee you, 100% of the time the answer is “because we live in a society that imposes an obligation to agree to any halfway-plausible request, no matter how unwelcome or inconvenient it is, unless you can cite a specific justification for refusing it”. That leads directly to this elaborate song and dance of implying requests without actually expressing them so that the receiving party is free to refuse without being obliged to justify themselves. It’s not irrational – it’s a specific solution to a specific problem!

    (Now, if you’re going to ask why this deranged expectation that one should always agree to explicitly stated requests unless one can justify refusal has come about in the first place, well, that’s where we’re gonna have to get political.)

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  • Adjusting the lighting on the Spaceship Earth mural

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  • Objectives

    To illustrate the design concept of the week by sketching a composition that emphasizes that concept as reported by peers.

    To critique the designs of fellow students by providing actionable feedback to improve the visual storytelling of the design.

    To communicate using 3 or more professional design vocabulary terms in the context of a group discussion.


    Roll for initiative

    1. Roll a D20 die and count back that number to the corresponding photo on your phone. That image is your source material.

    Maker Moments

    2. Using the photo as a source, create a composition with the emphasis on the variable/element or aesthetic principle of design that we are studying that week.

    3. Time : 15 minutes for sketching, painting, texturing, cropping, layering, transparencing or opaquing, etc.


    4. Group postmortem: Students grouped, pop into Zoom breakout rooms to show their work and discuss each piece for 2 minutes, then select a work to report out for 5 minutes, for a total of 15 minutes.

    – Interpretation - What does the composition remind you of or what is its mood?

    – Analysis - How does the work showcase the selected concept?

    – Feedback - What advice do you have to make the work more or less dramatic? Groups will use the vocabulary of design to offer helpful critique and ask questions of the artists.

    – Showcase - Select ONE work from the group to showcase to the whole class with a brief summary of your group’s Interpretation, Analysis, and Feedback for the selected work.

    Full Class

    5.  Full class curated show. Each group will report out on the selected work. The artist of the work will report out.


    6. This activity will contribute to the participation grade.

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  • An internal no nullifies an external yes.

    In other words–if we say yes to anyone when we really mean no, we move into a position of compliance. And that is the same as lying. Our lips say yes, but our hearts (and often our half-hearted actions) say no.

    If we can’t say no, we can’t say yes. Why is this? It has to do with our motivation to obey, to love, or to be responsible. We must always say yes out of a heart of love. When our motive is fear, we don’t come from a genuine place.

    When we are afraid to say no, our yes is compromised.


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  • Unpopular opinion: if something in a relationship (any kind of relationship) is bothering you and you would like someone’s behavior to change, you need to clearly and directly communicate that. You cannot just be passive aggressive and/or silent and then sit around getting increasingly pissed off at the other person for not addressing what you never communicated.

    Call me socially awkward or stupid or whatever, but this societal trend of dropping vague, oftentimes passive-aggressive “hints” about what’s bothering you is really unproductive and, honestly, childish. If you’re just venting, cool! Everyone needs to vent. But if you actually want someone’s behavior to change, be an adult and tell them what’s wrong.

    #random#unpopular opinion#relationships#communication #maybe this is just the COMM major in me #but i literally do not understand why people refuse to communicate at all #and then get pissed at other people for not magically understanding #something that was never said #again: call me stupid or socially awkward #sure#fine #i'm okay with that #just consider that maybe dropping hints isn't a productive way to achieve understanding and change
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    #international telecommunication union #itu#communication
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  • Some say communication is the key to a healthy realtionship.

    However, just as important (and perhaps even moreso), is the ability to understand and comprehend what is being communicated; without holding the other person’s attempt at expressing their 

    • thoughts, 
    • feelings, and 
    • vulnerabilities 

    against them, 

    now or in the future. 

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  • Just realised I only talk when I have something to complain about. Is there a variations of an introvert that defines:

    Introverted at all times except when there are things to complain about, then a raging extrovert

    I am voicing life questions here…

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  • Gaining a lot of followers lately, and I’m glad you guys can relate to my view of gfd :3 you make me feel special and less alone

    Also shout-out to my first ever follower who is still around <3 @driss-lod

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  • Day 2/100

    13.08.20, 01:36am


    bonjour amigos ~

    I started Year 2 of uni today (12 Aug) :”) I only had a 3 hour long Directing class but it sucked all my energy and I crashed for 2/3 hours the moment I got back home. I think my extreme weariness was due to the fact that I haven’t been in school for lessons since March? On top of that, I haven’t moved into my dorm yet so 4 hours of my day was spent on traveling alone 💀 After my nap, I read the script for La La Land for my Production class tomorrow and watched a couple of analysis videos for that film and now I’m lying in my bed typing this. Pretty excited for class tomorrow 🥳 I’ll be staying back in school to study French for a bit!

    Also I started using the Forest app again to stay away from distractions and I forgot how useful it is omg. Nearing my A-level exam period in November 2018, I worked my ass off by spending 12-16 hours a day just studying and studying and studying. I hope to achieve that level of productivity and discipline this semester lol


    Anyway that concludes today’s post! I’ll post pics of my study area soon once I move into my dorm ~

    Goodnight <3

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