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  • what jojo characters are the most communist its important

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  • #this is obviously all in my words and as i said im not a historian #but the facts that i stated are facts. #laila.txt #communism tw#kazakhstan#ussr#asks
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  • gen z culture is listening to Fall Out Boy and MCR in elementary school and the Soviet National Anthem Bass Boosted Airhorns Kazoo version in middle school 

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  • the fact there are unironic stalinists on tumblr who haven’t had their platforms taken away is just as bad as the white supremacists still being on tumblr. genocide denialists dont interact.

    #most of them are white americans too lmao #genocide tw#communism tw#tankies tw#fascism tw #white supremacy tw #racism tw #ask to tag #shut up thomas
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  • All I did was Google “Sims 2 politics” for information about the career.

    #Sims 2#The Sims#communism tw #I guess??? ASDRTYHASDFGHDFG #this community is truly poppin'!
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  • aesthetic for a communist mikan who hates her capitalist gf chiaki please

    hope you like it!!

    #mod train#request#communist tw#communism tw#capitalism tw#capitalist tw #mikan tsumiki icon #mikan icon#tsumiki icon #chiaki nanami icon #chiaki icon#nanami icon #i didnt do the tord thing this time bc i forgot\
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  • also im just gonna apply this to ic shit cos i can. even though natya lived in so.viet russia the first 30+ years of her life, she was still apart of the privileged. ivan was a respected soldier who managed to put natya in one of the highest orphanage / boarding schools in the nation. jo.seph sta.lin knew her by name when she was barely 11. once she joined the kgb, she was trained and cared for well. she married the soviet premiere test pilot (the mar.vel equivalent of yuri ga.garin) during the space race. they had dinner with khruschev regularly. she lived pretty well off compared to the rest of russia, and it was during wwii & the fight against the germans that she lived as poorly as everyone else.

    if she wasn’t as privileged as she was, she would’ve defected sooner. she would’ve tried to escape. but she didn’t - she was fed propoganda straight from the top. straight from st.alin’s mouth. from khrushchev’s mouth. & looking back, she is sorry for taking so long. & she is sorry for not doing more to help her country once she did defect.

    #communism tw #i. OSNOVNOY.   ❝ ʰᵉᵃᵈᶜᵃᶰᵒᶰ / ᵐᵉᵗᵃ ❞   ›  remain hidden. #js
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  • Help, my partner put on a lecture on communist theory and fell asleep to it, and it’s so adorable it makes my heart ache so much because it’s everything that made me love them in the first place.

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  • I’m screaming Australian journalists are genuinely scared of “Chinese communism” I’m fucking ,

    #captain's log #y'all really are that dumb huh #politics tw#communism tw
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  • If you support/consider/joke/etc about Communism, you also:

    - discriminate people of color (poc) ; not just because Communism has very negatively and drastically affected PoC (e.g China, South America), Communism itself is racist and built on racist ideals. If you don’t think there was a racial hierarchy (or that there isn’t) in countries ruled by Communism, you’ve never understood politics to begin with. Communism is racist, and colorist.

    - discriminate the LGBT/queer people ; queer people were (and are) killed and discriminated against and limited from supplies. Homophobia an transphobia were (and are) rampant in Communist governments and communities.

    - discriminate children/underage people ; child labour, torture and sex trafficking, do I honestly need to say more? Do you think anyone was (or is) protecting the kids at all?

    - discriminate disabled people ; hospitals and governments abandoning “unwanted” babies and children, not providing for those who can’t perform academically, not supporting healthcare for disabled/mentally ill people, made their lives harder on purpose.

    - discriminate the poor/homeless ; If you already started off or ended up in worse conditions, you have to work three times as hard as those better off. Donations don’t exist. Do you honestly think people are “just kind” to help you for no cost, and especially if there’s risk of the government or a gang punishing you?

    - discriminate the ill ; Hospitals lost (and are losing) value and productivity in Communist countries. Often times, prisoners were told to be nurses and “doctors”. Disease was rampant due to unchecked medicine and lack of quality. 

    - discriminate women in general ; seen as inferior, seen as “baby dispensers”, forced to only have household jobs, etc.

    - discriminate freedom of speech ; yeah, don’t ever think you can have any loud political opinions about anything when there’s Communism. They don’t matter, and you can get killed for opposing opinions.

    - support violence, torture, genocides, tyranny ; Communism was built to make people into slaves, and to make them believe they had to keep themselves alive. Everyone was “””equally”” inferior and dirt.

    - support xenophobia ; Your country/community will get blocked off from any outside interaction, markets, infromation, etc. You will be in a cage. No communication, no education, no tourism, no vacations, etc from or to other countries and communities.

    - support corruption ; Literally no Communist-driven economy has not crashed and burned and killed of tens of millions. No Communist economy has thrived whatsoever. It’s proven to be incredibly faulty.

    Communism was supported by Fascism/Nazism. Adolf Hitler was friends with Stalin - their ideals matched. Hitler agreed with communism. If that isn’t a signal for you, I don’t fucking know what is.

    Communism has killed 100+ million people, and is still doing so. Families of those who have been lost and tortured are still alive, and remember. Communism in East Europe has killed more people than Nazism has.

    Communism is torture, death, pleague and discrimination. There’s nothing remotely okay about it. It’s not funny. It’s not anything good.

    Fucking check yourselves before you support communism, or make jokes about it. 

    P.S This is coming from a person who has personally been affected by the effects of Communism. My family has suffered greatly. My people, my country, my culture and language have suffered. I’ve grown up learning about these things on a daily basis. Do not fucking tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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  • I wonder if anyone who makes those “we need to stand up and rebel! Here’s a list of books you should read! Educate yourself!”- people who tell others to read the communist Manifesto ever actually read the communist manifesto … because the fuck? You must be joking there pal. I know capitalism is BAD but have you ever taken one second to educate yourself on communism? Newsflash kiddo, it’s also BAD. Just because one extreme is wrong doesn’t make the other the right thing.

    #aardventures#aard rants#communism tw#a merica #cant put a read more but at this point... what shalls
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  • “no one really knows how many people were killed in the soviet mass killings!”

    You’re right! Estimates range from anywhere between 6 and 20.


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