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  • Check it out - the story about the Nathan Shewell allegations and what @ashley_nation and I are now working to accomplish is on the front page of the @newsandtribune!!

    That’s the thing about abuse of children amd adults who try to cover it up: the truth always comes out somehow. And people are listening this time.

    Ashley and I won’t be silenced anymore.

    #localnews #newspaper #frontpage #metoo #metoomovement #CodifyConsent #IStandwithAshley #Victim1 #community #education #policyreform #education #educatorabuse #sexualharassment #sexualabuse

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  • Groups helping distracted students refocus on careers


    #The Times of Ti Sun #Education#Community#Home Page
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  • This feels like a first day in class when it’s my turn to introduce myself to everyone.

    This year i finished my last semester in university,so I’m officially chillin, cause “Unemployed” is a bit harsh so I was looking to join some online chemical engineering communities in south Africa and around the world but mostly south Africa, where i can meet and network with people who are in the chemical engineering filed,however after my endless search I’ve made two conclusions

    1. I’m searching in the wrong places 2. there are none

    Chemical engineering is such a diverse,interesting and continuously developing field and i feel like it shouldn’t be reduced to just a job position or qualification, some sort of community where we can all come together is what is needed.so please if you see this and know of a platform leave a map or if you want,let’s build that community.

    #engineering#chemical engineering#community#party #lets be friends #science #women in engineering #women in science
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  • Here’s a little promo video for the new app @app_ami 🥊🥊🥊 Good Training with @bjorn_rockel and @annaabbg
    🎥 by @sanjay_films
    🎵 by @sunbeam.rehab

    #Repost @app_ami with
    Ihr macht Sport in Berlin oder sucht noch nach einer Gruppe zum gemeinsamen Trainieren? Hier ein Ausblick auf unser Treffen mit Björn, Yosuke und Ana und ein kleines Workout unter freiem Himmel. Das volle Video folgt !

    You are doing sports in Berlin or still search for a group to exercise with? Here a small preview of our meeting with Björn, Yosuke and Ana with a small Workout. Full video is coming soon!

    Part 2

    #amiapp#community#social#local#sport#fight#workout#workoutmotivation#training#exercise#kickboxing#mma#fun#fitness#fitnessmotivation#fitnesslifestyle (at Berlin, Germany)

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    In south Africa were almost at the anniversary of the corona virus, this time last year we had freedom of mobility and options, aaaaaaaaaand everything changed,it was an uncomfortable change, a change that no one expected but had to adjust to. This change sort of changed our understanding and perspective of “community”,things that made us feel connected from being carefree around family  to the smallest thing as having encounters with strangers at the mall or shop. 2020 was in a nutshell RUBBLE,all the hopes,plans and dreams of many came crushing down, but some goodness came from that change and that is how people constructed a new sense of community. in all that the world was going through the most heartwarming thing to happen was people making do with what they had to build a new perspective of community online.

    #community#coronavirus #life during a pandemic
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  • i love troy and abed community for real reasons (characterization, development, friendship and romance) but also i just so thoroughly enjoy how much straight people do not want to believe theyre gay. troyandabed are just a million gay jokes in a trenchcoat they recreated the hanleia scene they cosplayed bert and ernie they live together they had a whole breakup arc and a jealousy arc and yet everyones so terrified of them actually being G*Y. whos doing it like them

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  • I love my friends and the feeling of seeing them again since such a long time is just ✨pure happiness✨. I did shopping with my friends today, we ate and just talked about random things. Also, i just found out that we have sembreak for not just 2 weeks but 3. what a day!

    March 3, 2021 || Zoomester Studyblr Challenge

    Day 3- Have you done a challenge before? If so, how was it? If not, what are you expecting to get out of this experience?

    This is my first time doing a tumblr study challenge. My tumblr blog is somehow like my online diary. I just want to share my experiences here and know more about myself while connecting with other people in the process.

    🎧 Listening to: “Jasmine” by DPR Live

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  • Okpoka Creek in the Niger Delta’s Upper Bonny Estuary is a tidal creek that receives organic anthropogenic effluents from its surroundings. The study looked into the impact of low and high tides on phytoplankton species structure, diversity, abundance, and distribution. From May 2004 to April 2006, surface water and phytoplankton samples were collected monthly from ten stations at both tides using standard methods. Microscopically, phytoplankton was found. Normal indices were used to measure species diversity. Analysis of variance, Duncan multiple range, and descriptive statistics were used to analyse the results. Phosphate and ammonia levels in natural water bodies surpassed international acceptable levels of 0.10 mg/L, suggesting a high nutrient status, organic matter, and possible contaminants. A total of 158 phytoplankton species were discovered. The phytoplankton was dominated by diatoms (62.9 percent ). Diatom diversity indices were 1.50.03 (Margalef) and 0.80.01 respectively (Shannon). Pollution-indicator species such as Navicula microcephala, Nitzschia sigma, Synedra ulna (diatoms), Cladophora glomerata (green alga), Euglena acus (euglenoid), Anabeana spiroides (blue-green alga), Ceratium furca (dinoflagellate), and Cladophora glomerata (green alga To - the inflow of contaminants from the Bonny Estuary into this Creek caused by tidal impact, environmental monitoring on the Upper Bonny Estuary is recommended.

    Author (s) Details

    Prof. O. A. Bubu-Davies
    Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Environment, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, P.M.B. 5080, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

    Professor O. A. Ugwumba
    Hydrobiology and Fisheries Unit, Department of Zoology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan 900001, Nigeria.

    View Book :- https://stm.bookpi.org/RRAB-V5/issue/view/36

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  • image

    Edvora’s mission is to prepare institutions for what is to come and provide them with the state-of-the-art technology that helps standardize smart learning.

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  • I will fight anyone who tried to tell me Jeff and Shirley have no romantic chemistry. Like did you even watch the fucking Foosball episode? The tragic backstory of their first meeting? How they were two broken little kids who changed everything about themselves because of the other person? How they met again as adults, the children they were a distant memory, and some the changes were for the good but some of them were for the bad and yet they come together again and form an unlikely friendship where they find they bring out possibly the worst in each other, but also they bring out that childish side of each other where all you want to do is sit at a lunch table for an hourand giggle together about the other people in your class? How alike they are in their bull headedness and how when they challenge each other you know it’s either gonna end in bloodshed or in a bed? How Shirley represents everything Jeff is constantly running away from, settled, a mother, strongly moralistic and how Jeff is everything Shirley wants to avoid after her cheating ex husband, a manslut, terrified of a committment, and even more terrified of kids, but together they just bring something so right about each other to the surface? Not to mention they’re the mom and dad of the group and that dynamic was never fully explored in a meaningful way because I truly believe if they had then they would have to show Jeff being very attracted to Shirley as she’s all stern and in charge and the writer’s room simply couldn’t acknowledge anyone but Andre could be attracted to Shirley. There’s just so much potential right there in the canon, hell if you wanna work some season 4 in there let’s talk about the way Jeff was indirectly responsible for Shirley’s divorce, that’s just ripe for so much emotional baggage.

    On this blog we believe in Jeff/Shirley supremacy

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  • Sometimes I wonder what the audience reaction to season 4 would be if Dan Harmon had been more professional and didnt make all those comments

    #community#community nbc #anti dan harmon
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  • Buddy Holly… at the IPRC Library, zoo and gardens…

    Buddy Holly… at the IPRC Library, zoo and gardens…


    Writing, Editing and Gardening…https://youtu.be/bkCZDB9r4V0?list=RDbkCZDB9r4V0 AT THE APOLLO 1957 I fed and watered Shylow the dog, 11 cats, one turkey, one terkel, two New Jersey Reds… washed dishes, did laundry, worked on the chicken coop and did some organizing and cleaning in the kitchen and reading room. Straightened up the entryway some.
    Shylow, my service dog…


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    Day 2 - Favorite friendship

    ↳ Troy & Abed & Annie

    You moving in here was supposed to tone us down!

    #communityedit#community#annie edison#troy barnes#abed nadir #troy x abed x annie #usermoira#usermargux#userjochi#useriole#userleila#userairam#tuserlana#bbelcher#chewieblog#filmtv#cinemapix#sitcomedit#my edits#cw2021 #tbh its troy and abed but i ship them romantically too so we going with amazing trio that deserved a million more scenes together
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  • The devil’s in the details (but you got a friend in me)

    pairing: Annie Edison/Britta Perry

    rating: teen and up audiences

    words: 2.5k

    Compulsory heterosexuality. A term you had not heard of until sophomore year of community college. Annie had explained it after coming out to the study group – and being bombarded with dumb questions, but that was a given with your friends – she had allowed you all to ask questions, if you felt inclined, except Pierce, for obvious reasons.


    Annie comes out to the study group, an already questioning Britta has questions.

    (Rated T mostly for language and non-explicit mentions of sex)

    read here

    #annie edison#britta perry#community #lesbian annie edison #lesbian britta perry #community fanfic#brittannie #kinda not really
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  • Canada Weighs Lighter Criminal Sentences to Combat Racism

    Canada Weighs Lighter Criminal Sentences to Combat Racism

    OTTAWA—Canada on Thursday weighed changes to criminal-sentencing laws that the country’s attorney general argued would address systemic racism in the justice system.
    The proposed changes include the repeal of mandatory minimum sentences on all drug convictions and some firearm convictions, such as unauthorized possession and use of certain weapons in situations not linked to organized crime.…

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  • reasons i do not believe in love:


    2. troy left abed


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  • guys with this moustache have a 99% chance of spilling plumber’s acid all over yous

    #community#trobed#plumber duo<3#oof baboof #will rb when i find a pic later
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  • what music do you think trobed listen to together/what songs give off Trobed Energy to u ?

    #pls reblog and tell me #im making a playlist and i need inspo #trobed#abed nadir#troy barnes#community#nbc community#troybed
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