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  • morethanwords0475
    28.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    T gave one of my English assessments to the year group above us for them to practice grading today. He said it was very good and I... 🥺

    His smile as he told me to have a good evening was so tender. I always look back at him when closing the door, and this time, he was watching me leave as well.

    #i legit need a reminder that he doesn't hate me every single day #i am just so in love #hope I do good again next week 🙏 #pray for us now #do not fail english #tc#tc community#teacher crush#male tc#tc update
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  • kenmaisbleeding
    28.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    my love, i’d let you beat me up.

    destroy my body! break my ribs! hospitalize me!

    i don’t care how bad it hurts, or what it makes people think of our relationship.

    i know the truth. i know you love me!

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  • chaoticdreaminisode
    28.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    @moonswhite @simp-for-sunghoons-hair-tied-up are you two married or???

    #— magic's mootsies #— magic communicates
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  • amaze1990
    28.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #Social Media Vs Face to Face Communication Essay
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  • industrynewscorner
    28.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Picture Archiving and Communication System Market 2021 | Business Opportunity, Growth Strategies & Forecast Report By 2027

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    #Picture Archiving and Communication System Market #Picture Archiving and Communication System Market Size #Picture Archiving and Communication System Market Growth
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  • shinyeeveelynn
    28.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Tumblr: 💕 Look at all these cute, fluffly, ooey gooey casual f/o prompts for you to partake in! 💕

    My boyfriend: Is literally FRANK FUCKING CASTLE.

    #self shipping community #self ship community #f/o community #LMFAOOOO I'm not bitching its just funny to me #Like frank and I don't have cute morning routines #We're mentally ill gremlins that kill bad people because they're bad #PLEASE LMAO#ooc#Gen post #Shane can have all the cute normal every day stuff #But def not frank KDNXOD
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  • dailytarotjournalingprompts
    28.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    A sacred space (October 28, 2021)

    🍁What lets you calm down and come back to yourself?

    🍁Is there a space in your home that allows you to relax and be at peace?

    🍁What does home mean to you?

    🍁What tools do you already have at home that help you center?

    Take a journal and a pen. Let the card and the prompts inspire you. Set a timer for ten minutes and write down whatever comes to mind. Don't judge, but let it flow onto the page without editing your thoughts.

    Deck: Seasons of the Witch. Samhain Oracle* by Lorriane Anderson and Juliet Diaz. Illustrated by Giada Rose.

    * This is an Amazon affiliate link. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. 🙏

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  • reportwire
    28.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    More than 300,000 kid-sized Pfizer COVID vaccine doses expected in Washington state next week

    More than 300,000 kid-sized Pfizer COVID vaccine doses expected in Washington state next week

    Thousands of kid-sized Pfizer vaccines are expected to land in Washington next week, just as state officials tally up the number of… Source link

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  • tranquilityharbor
    28.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago
    #Assisted Living Grand Bay AL #Luxury Assisted Living Grand Bay AL #Assisted Living Community Grand B
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  • phauna
    28.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    pecan brought drama to nocturne 👀

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  • happy-little-simsccidents
    28.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Help needed

    I've been trying to convert some bangs into accessory bangs, but it hasn't worked yet. If anyone knows how this type of conversion is done, I'd really appreciate some help 🥺

    @dogsill @okruee @evoxyr @mmoutfitters (hope you don't mind me tagging you)

    #the sims 4 #the sims community #ts4#accessory bangs #ts4 custom content #help
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  • soacommunity
    28.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Convert JSON to String Oracle Integration by Ankur Jain

    Convert JSON to String Oracle Integration by Ankur Jain

    I have seen multiple target applications which accept the JSON data as a String in a single element. So, it is necessary to convert the JSON to String before you call the target endpoint. Convert JSON to String Oracle Integration For example: Below is the JSON which you may get from the source system: { "firstname": "ankur", "lastname": "jain" } and you need to map the above JSON as a string in…

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  • cmoroneybooks
    28.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Those eyes, that look that only Natalie Dormer seems to get just right - that is what embodies Cerise de Gastar the magnificent bastard who lights up each page she appears on in my WIP.

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  • monster-energies
    28.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    it's all coming back to me now

    pairing: severus snape/reader

    summary:   special events are looming around the corner, you and severus bond through both your inabilities to socialize but you seem to get cold feet about this, but severus won’t go down without a dance.

    warnings: none !!!

    rating: general audiences

    word count:   3590

    author’s note: the title’s namesake is from the song it's all coming back to me now by celine dione

    you already know,, fluff content for the beloved potions master teehee !! this was quite fun to write,, though i was distracted quite a lot bc of how exhausted i was oops

    this oneshot can also be found on archive of our own.

    i hope you enjoy reading, comments and feedback is much appreciated <3

    ꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ

    you had been doing some spring cleaning around the house whilst  your husband severus had been away. he had been at hogwarts, it was the start of the school season and undoubtedly the first day was always the longest.

    you had deep cleaned the kitchen and bathroom over the past 3 hours and now it was time to sort the living room and bedroom. you figured that you start big and then go small. so you started on the living room. you took down all the books and wiped down the bookshelves clear of dust. you then took care of the books, they were all pretty easy to clean considering they were all leatherbound.

    as you placed all the books on the clean shelves, you found a box, it was a small one and fit around your hand. putting the books down, you opened the box and saw a necklace in there.

    at the top of the box it had engraved: ‘to my newly beloved.’ you tilted your head, keeping the box to one side and continued to clean.

    you put the box in your pocket and you finished the living room, eventually going to the bedroom to clean away, you changed the duvet covers and pillow cases and swept the floors.

    you looked over at the box from time to time, you could have sworn you had another box somewhere.

    you looked through your drawers and found another box, only this time with the words: ‘to my newly wedded wife on it.’ another necklace appeared inside the box.

    you couldn’t help but let yourself smile, it had been tradition for severus to get you a necklace for every milestone you both reached in your relationships. so once you finished cleaning the bedroom, you looked through everything that reminded you of your first date with severus.

    you picked up bits and pieces here and there as you eventually remembered what your date consisted of. putting it all together was probably the best part of your day.

    you couldn’t wait to surprise him.

    ꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ

    it had been six years ago where you met severus.

    as the hogwarts librarian, you wanted to make sure the books around them were more than accessible to everyone, whether it be through the school’s loaning system or to support those who weren’t able to get specific books for their classes, you knew you were just as important as any other member of hogwarts.

    “professor l/n?” a student called, a hufflepuff student.

    “oh there’s no need to call me professor, i’m just a simple librarian.” you said.

    “but everyone here is a professor, you should be one too.” the student admitted.

    “well…perhaps in the near future.” you suggested.

    “now you’re here to see me, no doubt.” as you changed the subject with the student.

    severus had been strolling by, he watched over your interactions with the hufflepuff.

    “so you’re unable to afford the textbook for potions since your parents are out the country and they are the one’s funding your third year?” you asked, making yourself clear of the situation she was in.

    the student nodded in shame, ready for you to scald her for such a thing but you didn’t you turned to the other room, eventually you found what you were looking for, you took out the exact potions textbook they needed and handed it to them.

    “but but i’ll have to return it-”

    “there’s no need, i want to make sure students such as yourselves make sure they are getting the best education there is…so it is yours to keep.” you said.

    “oh an extra tip, if you really want to protect this book…use this book cover.” you added, wrapping the book in its cover so it would protected from all things.

    “so it can protect me from the rain?” the student asked.

    “i’ve heard these book covers will protect you from pretty much anything.” you said, winking playfully at the student who seemed to be overjoyed at the fact that you were giving them this book without any strings attached.

    “thank you professor l/n!” the student beamed.

    “you’re welcome, oh and just one more thing. here.” you handed them a small packet of lemon sherbets, the student thanked you once more before heading off to their dorms. they timidly greeted the potions professor who had watched everything unfold.

    “professor l/n i assume?” severus asked.

    “that is me, no doubts i know who you are. severus snape.” you said, flashing a smile at severus.

    to which he only acknowledged your smile with a small nod.

    “you know you shouldn’t be giving away such valuable things at your own accord, i’m sure dumbledore taught you to control yourself on such…circumstances.” severus said.

    “well unlike you…i’m just a simple librarian, my work is very much different unless you would like to swap jobs with me, you can be my guest.” you winked.

    “miss l/n over the past few weeks, your job has undoubtedly intrigued me unfortunately i won’t be willing to take over your job…just yet.” severus said.

    you only giggled softly.

    “are you aware that you’ve given a hufflepuff third year one of the finest and if not a very expensive textbook?” severus asked.

    “magical drafts and potions is the title i take it?” you replied.

    “you don’t get those for free and you’re handing them out left, right and centre.” severus added.

    “are you questioning my job.” you teased.

    severus rolled his eyes, letting you slowly explain yourself.

    “i’m nothing like the lonely librarian who scalds kids for a book that’s overdue one millisecond late. i want to help these students just as much as you do. there are kids in this school who come by day in and day out on scholarships and hardship funds, they can’t afford to get the latest charms textbook or parchment paper, so i have a duty and i will fulfil it.” you explained.

    severus had thought of your response for a moment, for once he actually admired it, though he didn’t dare say such a thing.

    “that’s…reasonable.” severus said.

    in fact it was quite admirable of you to do.

    “and the treats aren’t there as blackmail i take it?” he asked.

    “nope…the kids don’t use it against me, lemon sherbet?” you offered him some from the already open packet.

    severus looked to the packet and then back at you, your smile still on your face. his demeanour slowly fading away at the seems as he then took a lemon sherbet from your packet.

    “will i be seeing you around then severus?” you asked, taking a lemon sherbet for yourself and popping it in your mouth.

    “unless you wish to be cooped up in my potions class, then as you say…be my guest.” he said. you let out another giggle as you put some books out on your desk.

    “i won’t keep you from your job then.” severus added, looking over at some students who didn’t want to intervene in your conversations.

    “it’s lovely to talk to you severus…have a good day.” you said kindly to him, severus only nodded and walked out of the library.

    severus still had the lemon sherbet in his hand, he rolled his eyes and put the sherbet in his mouth, grimacing slightly at the sour tinge it had.

    perhaps this was a sign that this wasn’t the last time you’d see him.

    ꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ

    since that day he met you in the library, he couldn’t find himself stopping by the library.

    this wasn’t part of his routine, but it was slowly becoming apart of his normality.

    he was greeted by that warm smile of yours, offering some of your breakfast to which he always refused but knowing you, you always insisted. you would both talk about the day you had ahead, you had the upper hand with a lenient schedule and you couldn’t stress how difficult it would have been if you were in severus’ shoes.

    you’d both part ways 15 minutes before classes began, then you’d find each other once more at lunch. you were drawn to the bookshelves lurking around his potions class, occasionally sorting them out or if you were lucky you would find him at the great hall. overseeing the students’ behaviour.

    you’d find yourselves in front of severus once more whilst you were doing your job. he would often sit in with you, completely enthralled at how much patience and control you had with these students.

    unfortunately severus didn’t have either of these as a trait, but this was severus snape. he had a reputation to uphold.

    but as he found himself drawn to the kind hearted librarian, in the moments he was left alone his feelings had been all over the place. he wasn’t harbouring feelings was he?

    he rolled his eyes at the concept and continued to his work, the potions ambience surrounded him. bound him to his desk, the cauldrons bubbling sporadically, the fireplace that you generously set up for him, the atmosphere still mesmerized him to this day.

    severus heard a knock to the door, growling to himself at the fact that he had been distracted.

    “i don’t mean to disturb you but professor l/n wanted to give you this.” the 5th year said, handing him a small package.

    perplexity and curiosity were newfound emotions he felt. shooing off the 5th year away, he then sat at his desk unwrapping the paper and there he saw a copy of advanced potions making

    severus owned this book in this youth, he used it for his own benefit, making annotations here and there and correcting even the book’s way of potion making, severus took out his own copy and looked at each and every annotation and correction he did.

    dear severus,

    i hope this finds you well. i heard from a little bird that you’re very familiar with libetius borage’s works. so i rummaged through my stores and i found a second edition copy of advanced potion making.

    pretty cool eh?

    that little bird also told me that your own copy has most certainly seen its time so i got you this to cherish and look after as well as you did with your own copy.

    have a good day!

    y/n l/n, librarian.

    how did you know this was his favourite book?

    he looked at the pages filled with instructions and compared it with his own copy. he’d have to annotate the new copy over again at some point, severus couldn’t stop himself from smirking as he put the books in his personal drawers.

    that was what solidified it.

    he wasn’t going to hold back on his feelings.

    he done it before and he wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

    severus grabbed his cloak and made his way to hogsmeade. he looked around each and every shop to find the finest jeweller there was. he looked around the store and looked at the necklaces, picking out a necklace that had a patronus on it accompanied with an emerald beside it.

    once he came back, he had to figure out where would be a good time to present this to you. at this moment, he knew inevitably had to ask you the question.

    one he always dreaded. not out of spite but it never sounded appealing to him, why was he doing this in the first place?

    as the day was slowly drawing to a close, he looked over at the box which had the necklace inside and sighed. he had to do it.

    grabbing it, he went to the library and saw you putting some books away. you turned to see him, greeting him with nothing but a smile.

    “hi severus, i couldn’t catch you today but i hope you liked the little gift i sent you.” you said.

    “i did…thank you for doing something so generous. i must ask you something, it’s very important.” severus asked.

    you furrowed your brows and put the books away on the shelf, you let your attention be undivided to severus as you listened.

    “y/n…can i call you that?” severus asked cautiously.

    you nodded.

    “y/n, i have harboured feelings for you but…i find myself unsure, very uncertain of how realistic these emotions i have for you are. so…i ask you if you would…would you like to go on an outing with me?” severus offered.

    you were shocked, severus snape had feelings for you? in all honesty, you weren’t sure where you stood with the potions master, but you had nothing to lose.

    “are you asking me on a date?” you asked. severus found himself flustered at your own words, you held back a smirk as you took hold of his hand for a moment.

    “i’ll go on date with you then.” you whispered, you walked off as you finished your day and turned off the lights in the library and walked off.

    you were going on a date with severus snape.

    this was actually happening right this second.

    ꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ

    you adjusted your dress once more looking into the mirror. you finished your library duties for the day and you left your chambers.

    severus had planned for an afternoon away from hogwarts. you were nervous, that was for sure.

    how were you supposed to act around him? what would you say?

    as you slowly made your way outside, you saw that looming figure that was severus. he turned back for a moment, and you gave him a warm and shy smile.

    “hello.” you greeted, severus took your hand for a moment, and then he rested his lips against your hand.

    “you look wonderful y/n.” he said, a sheepish blush appeared to your cheeks as you followed him.

    “you don’t look too bad yourself.” you answered.

    you followed severus, your hands still intertwined with one another as you sooner or later arrived at a forest.

    “look over there! there must be a picnic for us.” you took note at how abandoned the forest was but the sunlight glimmered onto the picnic that was laid out.

    “its for us.” severus said.

    “no way!” you said as your surprised tone took over completely and you hugged severus/

    “all for the both of us…really?” you asked.

    he nodded, severus lead you closer to the picnic and you sat down on the rug. you saw the light meals that had been prepared, along with your lemon sherbets.

    “i see you’ve been reading as well.” you said as you picked up a copy of shakespeare’s sonnets that you gave to him.

    you couldn’t help but smile at this man, he had picked up on everything he did and was always willing to do what he could to make sure you were happy.

    you both sat down and at the food that was in front of, nibbling and discussing how beautiful the forest was, among other things but he wanted to keep that hidden for now.

    you looked at the book between the two of you, you shifted and handed it to him. you moved a little so that you were rested on severus’ chest. at first severus was a little taken off guard at the position you both found yourself in but then he relaxed. his arm rested on your shoulder playing around with your hair for a while, with the book at hand.

    “read them to me.” you pleaded with that puppy dog expression of his which he clearly couldn’t refuse.

    severus opened the book as the pages fell onto a sonnet

    “a woman’s face with nature’s own hand painted, hast thou, the master mistress of my passion; a woman’s gentle heart, but not acquainted with shifting change, as is false women’s fashion: an eye more bright than theirs, less false in rolling, gilding the object whereupon it gazeth; man in hue all hues in his controlling, which steals men’s eyes and women’s souls amazeth. and for a woman wert thou first created; till nature, as she wrought thee, fell a-doting, and by addition me of thee defeated, by adding one thing to my purpose nothing. but since she prick’d thee out for women’s pleasure, mine be thy love and thy love’s use their treasure.”

    severus looked at the pages, turning to another page that revealed another sonnet.

    sweet love, renew thy force; be it not said. thy edge should blunter be than appetite, which but to-day by feeding is allay’d, to-morrow sharpened in his former might: so, love, be thou, although to-day thou fill thy hungry eyes, even till they wink with fulness, to-morrow see again, and do not kill the spirit of love, with a perpetual dulness. let this sad interim like the ocean be which parts the shore, where two contracted new. come daily to the banks, that when they see return of love, more blest may be the view; as call it winter, which being full of care, makes summer’s welcome, thrice more wished, more rare.”

    he recited the sonnets in that baritone voice of his, you felt a new sensation simply from being around him, the longer you spent with him the love you had for him grew second by second.

    you looked up at him, a soft smile appeared as you sat up. you noticed that he was fiddling with the pages of the book, you placed your hands on top of his, stroking his hands softly against your gentle fingers.

    “y/n…i must say this, you’re the most beautiful woman i’ve ever laid eyes on…and i want you to be in my life more than before.” severus confessed, your loving eyes never left your face as you beamed and smiled.

    “i would love that very much severus. i would love to be with you.” you answered, a smile on both your faces and they weren’t going to leave anytime soon.

    “i have something for you.” severus said, you took the box from his grasp and opened it to reveal the necklace he bought for you.

    severus helped you put it on and you couldn’t help but kiss his cheek after doing so. then severus cupped your cheek and pulled you into a soft kiss, once he pulled away slowly he looked into your eyes for a moment.

    “do you like this…my newly beloved?” he asked.

    “i love it severus.” you answered breathlessly.

    he pulled you into his warm embrace and couldn’t help but have this smirk on his face.

    and quite frankly severus couldn’t wait for the future ahead.

    ꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ

    “sev! you’re home!” you squealed, approaching him and jumping into his arms.

    severus let out a deep chuckle as he held you and kissed your cheeks.

    “hello my dear.” severus said, as you both let go.

    “how was the first day back?” you asked.

    “nothing too out the blue, but then again this is hogwarts we’re talking about.” he said, you couldn’t help but giggle at his little remarks.

    “ooh ooh, i have a surprise for you.” you said.

    severus’ brows furrowed but nonetheless, he followed his beloved wife.

    out into the garden and opening the gate, soon closing it afterwards. “now…do you remember our first date?” you asked.

    severus nodded, “like the back of my hand.” he answered.

    “whilst i was cleaning today, i found the first necklace you ever gave me and it inspired me to this.” you said pointing to the small picnic that was a few seconds away. severus looked at the scene before him, sat down and took in his surroundings.

    “you do amaze me every single time my dear wife.” he said, pulling you into a tender kiss.

    as you sat in the beautiful forest, severus had spoken about his day and how he had to deal with more new students.

    “did you do your annual 1st year speech?” you perked up.

    “no i didn’t.”

    “i’m not convinced, you do it every year and you love it.”

    “i didn’t recite that speech.”

    “yes you did.”

    “no i didn’t.”

    “yes you did.”

    “no i didn’t.”

    “yes you did.”

    “no i didn’t.”

    “yes you did.”

    “okay i’ll admit it. you have to show the first years who they have to deal with for potions class.” severus caved it.

    “i knew it!” you giggled, you then grabbed at his cloak, putting it on and going at a small distance and what you did brought out laughter all round

    “there will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class. as such, i don't expect many of you to appreciate the subtle science and exact art that is potion-making. however, for those select few... who possess, the predisposition... i can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. i can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death.” you impersonated your beloved husband, getting each word of that speech down to the bone.

    severus let out laughs that you probably didn’t hear before. you laughed and it made your day instantly better.

    you then found yourself relaxing in severus’ arms, much like you used to back on your first date.

    “thank you y/n.” severus said.

    “thank you for loving me, marrying me.” severus added, kissing your forehead as you both admired the scenery.

    “i love you severus.”

    “i love you too y/n.”

    it happened to be your tradition once a year where you would recreate your first date and every time you were down, you’d always remember how much happiness brought you.

    and severus’ happiness was no doubt the most infectious and perfect thing there was in the world.

    you’d cherish until death did you part.

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  • joomoney
    28.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    honestly though as much as i love the boys, im hesitant about sitting through a 2 hour sob fest where they show how hard it is to be an idol and make you feel sorry for them as an attempt to come across as more "intimate"

    #if youve been a fan for more than a year you know them pretty much really well already #they communicate almost everything pretty openly so like.. what new content is this movie gonna bring
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  • neffiesgirlfriend
    28.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    For Dhar's birthday, (that's today!), I get him one of these:

    Ok it doesn't look exactly like Nitya but it's close! So, if he needs to be away from the dog for a while, he can bring the next best thing along with him!


    #selfshipping #self shipping community #self ship positivity #selfship stuff#fictional other#fictional crush #I'll Bury You My Love #Nitya Tag
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  • sodalite-fulll
    28.10.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Sorry I didn’t text back I started thinking about how people have to pay to just be alive and got so unreasonably angry that I had to take a nap

    #my eyes can’t see right but if I don’t have money I can’t get the funny things that go on my face and fix my eyes #I can’t exist in a shitty communal living facility with bad plumbing without having to pay someone who doesn’t remember my name hundreds1/2 #of dollars a month #hell world *goes to sleep*
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