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  • imma start posting my “community guideline violation” tik tiks on here lmao

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  • I can’t believe how bad the adult guidelines are at catching actual sex. My video of me batting my eyes got flagged.

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  • Jocelyn Binder tending to her garden, by Kesler Tran

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  • Most of the really sexy posts I shared have been flagged as “sensitive” and are not viewable :(

    Is there anyway around it? Especially since some of the blogs I follow display very adult oriented stuff without a problem.

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  • I will continue to not post new content on this platform until the community guidelines revert back to previous guidelines where any and all content is free to view by everyone without being filtered/censored. 

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    hello lovelies! I decided to make this an updated post since the last time I formalized it, make some changes, and re-share it with you all <3 hope everyone is having a great day x

    if you like my work/blog make sure to go to my Kofi and donate/give me kudos! thank you!

    *** please make sure you check out my masterlist before you request or commission. chances are, I’ve already written something similar to what you want (if you’re unsure or couldn’t find anything, feel free to ask! ***

    Characters I write for:

    • Michael Myers
    • Bubba Sawyer
    • Brahms Heelshire
    • Jason Voorhees
    • Harry Warden
    • Billy Lenz
    • Billy Loomis
    • Stu Macher
    • Bo Sinclair

    note: these are the characters I write for the most. just because a character isn’t on here doesn’t mean I don’t or won’t write for them, but just be aware that if you request a character I don’t write for it may be declined. 

    What I don’t write: 

    • reader-specific fics; this includes traits (”shy” readers) /opinions/physical features, mental health conditions, personality types, habits, routines, or “slasher reacts” etc. If I feel like you’re requesting for self-fulfilling fantasy or OOC purposes, it will be rejected
    • male-readers 
    • trans-readers
    • pedophilia
    • incest
    • obscure kinks like urine/feces
    • childbirth/pregnancy/parenting (I’ve done this in the past: you can find these on my masterlist
    • any request that I have otherwise seen on other writers’ blogs or in the tag (aka duplicate requests)
    • disabled!readers
    • any prompt that could be taken as a joke or otherwise “crack” writing
    • obese/overweight!readers
    • self-harm 
    • suicide
    • anything that would require the slashers doing anything they wouldn’t normally do or otherwise doesn’t fit their character/original writing/the original, canon storyline. 
    • Rob Zombie’s Michael 
    • Sub!Michael Myers (again, anything that goes against the character’s original writing)
    • “friends” with the slashers
    • “siblings” of the slashers
    • slasher x slasher
    • slasher x oc/ooc (must be commissioned) 
    • laurie strode x michael myers sibling dynamic (I write for the Halloween 1978 > 2018 timeline) 

    Please keep in mind and be respectful toward the fact that I reserve the right to decline any request that gets sent in, regardless of these rules. Any further questions can be answered through DM’S.

    Furthermore, if you would like me to do male!readers, trans!readers, or other OOC material, please message me and commission via my kofi

    commission guidelines

    What I do write: 

    • non-con/dub-con
    • daddy-kinks (dom/sub)
    • knife kinks
    • choking kinks 
    • bondage/toy play (ie; vibrators)
    • gagging 
    • sadism/masochism 
    • voyeurism 
    • wax play
    • Pegging for billy lenz and brahms heelshire ONLY
    • Scenes involving character-insight/psychology analysis
    • Cottage-core/domestic (I’ve done a lot of domestic-material so please look at my masterlist; some may be declined)
    • General NSFW + FLUFF 
    • excessive/general gore
    • blood play

    * When you request, please be as specific with the prompt/scenario as possible

    #xmichaelmyers#guidelines#requesting rules#michael myers #michael myers x reader #slashers#slasher #slasher x reader #slasher community#slasher horror#horror films#Horror Community#jason voorhees #jason voorhees x reader #f13 #Friday the 13th #bubba sawyer #bubba sawyer x reader #leatherface x reader #leatherface #the texas chainsaw massacre #texas chainsaw#tcm#tcm2 #house of wax #bo sinclair #bo sinclair x reader #brahms heelshire #brahms the boy #brahms heelshire x reader
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  • considering the coronavirus spreading I want to say a few things.

    I am a European, Poland exactly, and while our situation is not critical, it is escalating, in my city over the course of the week we had announced three confirmed cases of coronavirus (while in Poland the general number is around 50), for safety measures all schools and universities were shut down, along with cinemas and theaters, all public events are being canceled, all to stop the virus from spreading.

    please, don’t take this situation lightly

    corona is highly contagious and how far and on how many people it will spread depends on YOU

    if your classes were canceled and you have two weeks out of school, STAY HOME, read books, plays games, watch movies, THIS IS NOT A TIME TO BE SOCIAL,

    if you are working, consider working from home/taking days off, if you commute by public transport, be extra careful, keep your distance from others, try avoiding touching frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, buttons in the elevator, etc, 

    if you are sick, coughing, sneezing, stay at home, you are putting yourself at risk and being an easy target for the virus, and putting people around you at risk,

    check on your elders, parents, grandparents, people you are close to, anyone over 60 years old is at higher risk of catching the virus, those people should avoid going out, 

    don’t let anyone tell you that coronavirus is the new flu, IT ISN’T. flu has been studied for years, we have vaccines for it, we know how to handle it. coronavirus is new and dangerous, it’s is highly contagious, twice as the flu, and the biggest threat is that hospitals won’t have more room to accept patients and that’s when people start dying, because they couldn’t receive proper treatment on time,

    wash. your. hands. as often as you can. don’t touch your face area while outside. each time you come from outdoors, wash your hands.

    please stay safe. please watch out for yourself and your family. and please wash your freaking hands. 

    #TFB community#coronavirus #this is a serious post #this is my serious face #of course this is just general guidelines and my personal request #you can look for more info on WHO sites
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  • @staff & @support

    Thanks for shadow banning our sfw content! 🖕

    Shadow banning (also called stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting) is the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.

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  • Just noticed a new tab where you can review things you’ve posted or reblogged which may have been flagged as inappropriate and the only thing in mine was a video of a CHICKEN running in TENNIS SHOES and I am wheezing. Yeah, that’s some real adult content right there, hide your children

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    I guess I should be grateful as it was only a picture of a flower and a dog. 😂 🤣 😉

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