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    Competition entry for Art Nouveau

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    Competition entry for Sapphire

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    Competition entry for Underground Gang

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    Competition entry for Deep Sea

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    Competition entry for Hades

    #mystical #love nikki dress up queen #love nikki#casual#competition
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    Competition entry for Green

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    Competition entry for Sharing is Caring

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  • “Museum for North Rhine-Westphalia”, Düsseldorf, Germany [Competition, 1975] _ Architects: James Stirling and Michael Wilford.

    Maxwell, R., Muirhead, T. (1994) James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates: Buildings and Projects 1975-1992, London: Thames & Hudson, pp. 22-29.

    #Museum for North Rhine-Westphalia #Düsseldorf#Germany#Competition#1975#James Stirling#Michael Wilford#Robert Maxwell#Thomas Muirhead #James Stirling Michael Wilford and Associates: Buildings and Projects 1975-1992 #London #Thames & Hudson
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  • The Collab Legacy Challenge

    This challenge requires a friend! So, if you don’t have one, SUCKS TO SUCK! Ahem, so, this is a challenge where you play your own legacy, like normal, and your friend does one too! The challenge is you must see whose legacies will become more successful, tallying money, fame, house, job rank, traits etc etc. I always feel the Sims 4 isn’t a very stressful or competitive game, however, this challenge changes that. If you’re a wimp DON’T PLAY, just kidding please play.

    Okay, grab a sims freak friend like yourself and begin! You do not need to play at the same time, same amount of time it’s your competitors fault if they’ve been asleep all day m’kay! These 10 generations progressively get harder in difficulty, however, if you find a gen too hard you CAN back out and skip to the next generation but that’s less points for you and more for your friend! You do not have to follow these generation rules you can absolutely make up your own fun generation rules and challenges but don’t make it too easy for yourself otherwise you will be bored!



    Each Rule you Complete earns you One Point! Keep track otherwise what’s the point in the challenge dumby! Aspirations give you 5 points so if you want to win do them! You may see some bonus activities that can earn you a lot of points so keep an eye out!

    Generation One

    “I Can Be An Amazing Parent!”

    You didn’t have a very close family, you were an only child and your parents were never very active with you, people believe you will be a terrible parent because of this but you need to show them all what you are capable of!

    Traits: Family Orientated, Good, Paranoid

    Aspiration: Big Happy Family

    Career: Babysitter

    Rules For This Generation:

    Max Parenting and Charisma skill.

    You must have at least 5 children as soon as possible but only do this when you are in a secure relationship.

    All your children must be at least a Happy Toddler and get at least one bonus trait such as “Responsible” etc.

    By the end of this generation you must have a 2 story family home for all of your children and your hubby!

    Generation Two

    “I Can Be Smart!”

    You grew up in a family that wasn’t very formal and everyone criticises you for being very clumsy but that doesn’t make you dumb..! Does it? Sort of…you spend most of your life working up the job of your dreams and you get fired!

    Traits: Genius, Clumsy, Ambitious

    Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

    Career: Any Job (Not the Business Career!)

    Rules For This Generation:

    You must go to University and study the chosen profession you would like to study for your career. (You can freeze aging during this period)

    Max Logic and Comedy skill.

    Get to level 10 of your chosen career.

    Get married and have children etc, ONLY until you are an adult!

    Get fired from your job when you become an adult due to a silly mistake because of your clumsiness.

    Join the Business career and achieve at least level 5 of this career.

    Generation Three

    “I Can Be Famous!”

    You grew up in a family that wasn’t very successful, your parents’ job failed and you wanted to make a name for yourself, just like your parents wanted too! You want fans, stans! You want it all, even if you have to stab some backs to get there.

    Traits: Self-Absorbed, Materialistic, Self-Assured

    Aspiration: World-Famous Celebrity

    Career: Actress/Actor

    Rules For This Generation:

    Max Acting and Mischief skill

    Get to level 10 of the Acting career.

    Must become a World-Famous Celebrity.

    Have an older partner who is very wealthy, get married and have them mysteriously die.

    Meet someone new, never marry or get engaged to them.

    Have two children.

    Generation Four

    “I Can Be A Vet!”

    You were born into a family full of stolen riches, mansions and fame, you don’t want that. Your parents wanted you to be famous just like they were but you never wanted the spotlight on you. You aspire to change pet owners lives and make some new feline friends on the way!

    Traits: Loner, Dog Lover, Cat Lover

    Aspiration: Friend of The Animals

    Career: Veterinarian

    Rules For This Generation:

    Max Veterinary skill.

    Open your very own Vet.

    Have 6 feline friends.

    Have 3 Pets throughout your entire life.

    Meet a human friend as an adult, have no romantic relations with them until the end of your adult life when you suddenly have impregnated/been impregnated by them.

    Get married as an elder.

    Breed your pets at least once.

    Generation Five

    “I Can Be Stronger Than You!”

    You were a miracle child, born near the end of your parents life. You’ve always been seen as “soft” and “quiet” because of your old parents methods of raising you but you NEED to show them you don’t need them, except for laundry…

    Traits: Active, Slob, Vegetarian

    Aspiration: Bodybuilder

    Career: Bodybuilder

    Rules For This Generation:

    Max Fitness and Wellness skill.

    Get to level 10 of the Bodybuilder career.

    Max strength scale (The one in CAS).

    Have your very own personal gym!

    Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.

    Go on a jog every morning.

    Meet and marry someone at the gym. (Yes, I mean have your wedding ceremony AT a gym, you’re that obsessed!)

    Generation Six

    “I Can Be A Musical Genius!”

    Your parents were and still are very sport influenced people and it scares you to heck! You will never run in your life, all you want to do is play your instruments and sing, is that too much to ask? You do wish you had abs like your parents though…

    Traits: Music Lover, Lazy, Jealous

    Aspiration: Musical Genius

    Career: Entertainment (Musical Branch)

    Rules For This Generation:

    Max Piano, Singing and Guitar skill (You can switch some of these skills up to your liking, they must be music based!)

    Get to level 10 of the Entertainment career (Musical branch)

    Sing at the Karaoke Bar at least once a week!

    Go to a party every week until Adulthood.

    Have multiple on-going romantic relations throughout your YA life.

    Have an accidental pregnancy in your YA life. (You may have more children after this!)

    You may get married after YA life.

    Generation Seven

    “I Can Be An Amazing Friend!”

    You were raised in a household where commitment was an issue, this brought you to the conclusion that the only thing you need to commit to is work and friendship! You strive to make people happy and you will!

    Traits: Good, Ambitious, Commitment-Issues

    Aspiration: Friend of The World

    Career: Any Job

    Rules For This Generation:

    Max Charisma and Comedy skill.

    Reach level 10 of your chosen profession.

    Have an on-going relationship as a teenager, however, break up with them on your 18th Birthday to focus on your career and life. (Before you turn into a YA).

    Have a club for your friends. (Extra 5 points if you get more than 10 perks on your club).

    Live with your friends for your Young Adult life.

    Have 5 good friends and overall 10 friends.

    Rekindle your love with your ex from your teenage years after all these rules are halfway completed.

    Generation Eight

    “I Can Be Successful And Not Try!”

    You are…a very interesting individual, you have never really tried in school, you got average grades, have never worked in your life, never cooked in your life…you are just there, I guess…you are semi jealous of the successful people in your life but you don’t need them…You like to fish though..! Yeah..

    Traits: Jealous, Hot-Headed, Loves The Outdoors

    Aspiration: Angling Ace

    Career: Un-Employed

    Rules For This Generation:

    Max Fishing skill (After parents die).

    Never leave your parents house.

    Live off of your parents money.

    First sim (Whose gender your sim is attracted to) must become your sims partner.

    Never get married but get engaged in adult years.

    Have any amount of children before your sad break-up.

    Break-up as an elder due to not having the correct funds for a wedding.

    (15 points) BONUS: Complete fish collection

    Generation Nine

    “I Can Be Everyone’s Favourite Chef In Town!”

    Your parents never tried at anything! They never even cooked for themselves most of the time! Shameful. However, as soon as you laid eyes on an oven and food you knew you could make something of yourself unlike your parents who couldn’t even keep their relationship intact, seriously guys? C’mon!

    Traits: Foodie, Perfectionist, Mean

    Aspiration: Master Chef

    Career: Culinary (Restaurant Owner)

    Rules For This Generation:

    Max Cooking, Mixology and Gourmet Cooking skills.

    Reach level 5 in Culinary career before quitting and opening up your own restaurant!

    Date and marry an employee.

    Have a massive birthday bash for all of your children every year where you cook a bunch of food!

    Open a beautiful kitchen with amazing appliances.

    Own a five star restaurant!

    Generation Ten

    “I Can Be An Expert At A Lot Of Things!”

    You have seen throughout your family that they all had particular skills, Cooking, Music, Sports, however, you have never seen any of your family members master multiple skills at once, you will show all your heirs who the real boss is and become an expert at many things.

    Traits: Randomise

    Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

    Career: None

    Rules For This Generation:

    Max as many skills as you can, at least 5, c’mon this is a challenge!

    You MUST complete the aspiration for this generation.

    Own a warehouse next to your house full of skill building activities.

    Become the most successful sim in your family, Rich, Famous, Smart, Fit, you’ve got it all! (Your sim doesn’t have to be these things by the way, it’s your choice!)

    So, tell me, did I ruin your friendship with this challenge? I really hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I do and don’t get too mad at yourself if you lose. It’s the Sims, who is the real winner?

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    Not quite happy with her so might redo it when i can be bothered :x

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    Went for a mafia assassin look but it wasn’t what the people wanted I guess

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  • It is time for the next round of #hptshowdown.

    To enter the competition:
    • Post a photo of your HP Tuners equipped vehicle on Instagram.
    • Tag @hptuners and use the hashtag #HPTshowdown.
    • If selected, rally your friends and supporters to increase your chances of winning

    The winner will get featured on our page, and will be entered into our bracket competition for their chance at some major prizes. Check back tomorrow to vote!
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    #hptuners #hptuned #hpt #automotive #carlifestyle #horsepower #speed #tuning #homemadehp #mpvi2 #tuned #bracket #competition

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  • Captain’s Log | April 1, 2020 at 11:26AM | Why am I a Weimaraner

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