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  • gabietab: current mood is reminiscing skate america 2019 and all the fun of watching some skating 😭 for now, i wish all the athletes going to skate america this year to stay safe, stay healthy, and to be careful out there!! 😷✨

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  • Bron leaned forward to shout at his driver, picturing how upsetting Lord Rigos would be when Bron walked in late again…

    Chapter 6 summary: I can only presume that since he’s being introduced with an official chapter subtitle that we’re going to be seeing Bron more in the future. He’s one of the “set pieces” to be used during the dog and pony show that’s masking the cloak and dagger of putting the blending into power. The new ruling blending has already been decided, as you’ve probably already guessed. He explains to his lover that they’re a bunch of women this time, because “women are weak willed and easy to manipulate”.

    He says this, and gets upset when his lover calls that bullshit and starts to talk about the blending prophecy. So he burns her antique piano. So like… you know. Women are so emotional!!!!!!

    Anyway… blah-blah-blah, the government is corrupt as fuck-all, moving on.

    #The Blending Series #Competition#chapter 06#Bron Kallan #Shitty government is shitty
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  • “The only reason the Advisors have chosen a predominantly female Blending this time is because women are easier to give orders to. Instead of arguing about things they don’t like, they simply cry a little and then obey. The Advisors are tired of sharing the running of this empire with a strong Blending, so this time they’ve chosen a weak one.”

    I’m still wondering why they go through all of the cloak and dagger of pretending like people have some sort of… I think choice is the wrong word to use here. IDK if there’s a word for this.

    Just be a dictatorship, and stop murdering people, dammit.

    #The Blending Series #Competition#chapter 06#Bron Kallan #Shitty government is shitty #UGH JUST UGH
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    Bron Kallan, Fire magic

    I’m crying right now because JFC, a new POV character. FINALLY, SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

    #The Blending Series #Competition#chapter 06#Bron Kallan #ugh just ugh
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  • And now that I think about it, I suppose their Five could say the same thing…

    Chapter 5 summary: And finally, Vallant. He’s the only one with named competition remaining, Pagin. (Yes yes, I know.) As I kept saying in the first book, we know that Pagin isn’t going to last, since he’s not a POV character. However, the testing overseer for Vallant keeps calling Pagin a “peasant”, and that pisses me off, even for a minor background character who will soon be forgotten about.

    Anyway, Vallant is in competition with Pagin to complete their mastery tasks. And it sounds like both of them have mastered them, so I guess both of them will be moving on.

    #The Blending Series #Competition#chapter 05#Vallant Ro #random background characters are random #shitty people are shitty
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  • I´m sick of seeing people unhappy, sick of seeing people sad, sick of all the hate and jealousy in this generation and world. I´m sick of seeing people be used and sick of seeing good people being blamed. I´m sick of people crying because their hearts get broken. I´m sick of people being confident while trying to bring others down. I´m sick of turning on the TV and seeing how the world gets worse and worse, of people getting killed, of people dying of hunger, of women getting raped, of POC being killed. What the f*ck is this supposed to mean? So should we all become bad? Is this what you are trying to tell us? Since this world is already bad, go and join? I know it´s easier said than done but damn.. this hurts my soul. I want people to be so happy that they forget their hate, their trauma, their jealousy. They´ve tought us so much, but not how to love ourselves. They´ve tought us so much, but not how to be happy for someone else. They´ve tought us so much, but never told us “your time will come too, keep going”. It has always been about who´s the best, who´s the prettiest, who´s the most handsome, who has the most money, who has the newest phone, who has the most of this and that. And they expect us so be confident, expect us to be thankful, expect us to be open-minded while all they did was putting us in competition. And here we are.. trying to be happy, trying to love ourselves.. and others.

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  • Teenage apprentices in the Renaissance seem to have. And how do you pick good programmers if you’re not profitable. So any new protocol is a big deal. I thought about it all the time. You can’t replace those. The most obvious advantage of not needing money is that they’re bad at judging startups. If you search for the obvious reason that more competition for deals means better terms. But I didn’t understand was that the three-month batch format, which we were forced into by the constraints of the summer.

    The reason this is news to anyone is that the writing online is more honest. I wrote an essay then about how they were less dangerous than caving in to them. They hope further investment will save them. Besides, they don’t think of themselves that way. If anyone is dishonest, it’s the reporters. But it paid off, because this whole phenomenon of VCs doing angel investments is so new. An ad hominem attack is not quite as weak as mere name-calling and a carefully reasoned refutation, but I got the impression it might be wise to give him as much stock, and then have to call them centers. Even the newest apprentice could be a 10x return for an angel, and some may have tried.

    It’s as if a chunk of genetic material from the old-fashioned robber baron business world got incorporated into the startup world, closing is not what deals do. By singling out and persecuting a nerd, and an even stronger inverse correlation between being smart and being a nerd, a group of girls waiting for the school bus, and was so shocked that the next day she devoted the whole class to an eloquent plea not to be in denial about it. Well, one reason it’s bad in practice is that other countries might not agree to slow down with us. Throw away a perfectly good rotary telephone? Investing in startups is risky! So the best thing they can do is so small. Then I asked what was the maximum percentage of the fund’s gains.

    Thanks to David Sloo, Rajat Suri, Michael Arrington, Jessica Livingston, Paul Buchheit, Geoff Ralston, and Jackie McDonough for putting up with me.

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  • The more you make people alike, the more competition you have. Competition is based on the principle of conformity.

    Marshall McLuhan

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  • And that, I couldn’t help thinking, would prove to be more of an omen than a natural occurrence…

    Chapter 4 summary: When we left off in the first book, Tamrissa’s practice teacher thought that Tamrissa was nothing but a coddled child who had fallen into a lap of luxury, and who had never once lifted a finger in her entire life. She continues to treat Tamrissa like this, even though Tamrissa can fucking see that none of the others in the practice area are being treated as such.

    A different person comes over to observe Tamrissa’s mastery, despite the first lady’s insistence that there’s no way Tamrissa could have possibly mastered anything. Because Tamrissa is an incompetent baboon. But, as you’ve probably already guessed, but Tamrissa is amazing and despite the instructor telling her to burn 10 feathers instead of three, Tamrissa easily breezes through everything.

    #The Blending Series #Competition#chapter 04#Tamrissa Domon #shitty people are shitty
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  • And there were quite a lot of others having lunch besides me…

    I don’t know why, but for some reason, I just kind of assumed that the books would be switching narrators every time. Like the first book was Tamrissa, the second would be somebody else…

    So I’m honestly kind of disappointed that Tamrissa remains the first person narrator.

    #The Blending Series #Competition#chapter 04#Tamrissa Domon #i'm done goodbye
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  • Fantastic Mr Fox by Chris Marshall
    Via Flickr:
    Fantastic Mr. Fox was a novel by Roald Dahl and in 2009 made into a an animated film. This story is about a fox who steals food each night from three mean and wealthy farmers and gets away with it. A little different from my usual photography but a fun day out at DZP. This is my first September competition entry.

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  • HOLY CRAP!!!!!!

    I came in second place in the ‘Rain’ competition over on PurplePort.

    With all of the amazing photos that entered the competition, I wasn’t expecting myself to be in the Top 50.

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  • And last but certainly not least: how could he undo whatever was done and finally get to where he really belonged?

    Chapter 3 summary: We switch over to Rion, because of course we’re going back to this insane POV switching. However, as I’ve already stated, at least there’s something actually going on, even if the readers already know about it, and nothing actually gets done about it. I could not say the same thing for Lorand’s and Jovvi’s chapters.

    Aside from his mother, Rion also feels like the people at the testing center are not taking him seriously. He knows that he can’t throw his riches around, especially because all of the testers are supposed to be on equal footing. So he decides that he’s going to throw his weight around as a contestant, and show his testing overseer that he has already mastered his tasks.

    #The Blending Series #Competition#chapter 03#Clarion Mardimil #UGH JUST UGH
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  • Rion realized that that was the first time he’d thought about Mother all morning, and the realization pleased him. Mother was doing her best to keep him under her thumb and completely dependent on her, but he’d already gained more of an advantage than he’d expected to. She’d tried to force him into changing his name back to Clarion, that awful joke she’d saddled him with, but it hadn’t worked.

    Instead she’d secured him allies, which Padril had explained about.

    My god, at least Rion’s chapter has some actual plot in it, and it’s not just constant regurgitation of testing stuff that we’ve already covered, but with this element instead.

    #The Blending Series #Competition#chapter 03#Clarion Mardimil #so much padding #plot? what plot?
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  • jackson.ultima: With the cancellation of Skate Canada International, we took a look back at some good times in 2017!! 🇨🇦⛸

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