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  • Change my mind 

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  • Dad’s watching Property Brothers Forever Home, season 2 episode 2. I am so mad at what they did to the wood in that home!!! They painted it white. All that rich beautiful wood. And the stair rail a nautical blue. I hated it.

    #complaining#ignore #it looks awful
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  • Me: *sets items into a pile to donate*

    Parents: *second guess every item*

    Me: I don’t want this. I can’t use it. Someone else can. The item needs to go to a better home. I have too many of the same thing already. Etc.

    Parents: But it’s so nice.

    Me: So I’ll sell it instead.

    Parents: But you could use it someday.

    Me: Or somebody else can use it now.

    Parents: What if you want to use it in the future?

    Me: Then I’ll buy a new one or use one of the other ones I have.

    Parents: But-

    Me: Stop.

    #god i hate this #stop forcing your hoarder beliefs onto me #great clutter purge #ignore#complaining
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  • “Hammy, how many times do I have to tell you not to play in puddles during a thunderstorm?”
    “At least once more, Mama.”

    Kinda bummed ‘cause I was supposed to sub twice this week but only managed a half day today since I got sick over the weekend :,(  

    And my fatalistic brain goes to the worst possible outcome that they’ll never let me sub again, my reputation and career is ruined etc. etc.

    Anyway, casually playing Widespot is providing a comforting distraction from all that  :,)

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  • Fuck you Spotify

    I haven’t listened to that episode entirely yet

    so you say it’s played

    fine I don’t care

    and then you have the fucking audacity to not let me hear it

    I was trying to get back in to the TAZ fandom you asshole

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  • medical facts: sometimes, your brain chemicals just sort of go a little whack, for Problem Reasons or simply because of natural cycles, and it effects your behavior and emotions

    me, 5 minutes after being told that, possessing no concept of object permanence in respect to brain chemical imbalances Ive been professionally diagnosed with: my BRAIN CHEMICALS just???? AFFECTING my BEHAVIOR????? INTANGIBLE INFLUENCES ON *MY* EMOTIONS???????? WELL, I will just have to TRY HARDER to fix this with physical, tangible solutions. If I get enough sleep and eat good enough food I will simply be able to tell the brain chemicals to fuck off. If I can just DO all the right TASKS to be a productive successful nice friendly person I will surely not ever feel bad. With this sticker checklist I shall simply Will the serotonin into existence. Rip to all of medical science but Im different

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  • Tinder is always making me text matches first. I’m not doing it this time. Have a backbone or get unmatched, babes

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  • It gets worse

    Yeah, I used a Shane Dawson title to get your attention. But I really do mean it.

    My name is MJ. Of course I have a name, rather than just two letters— my friends call me MJ. You can call me that, too.

    My name is MJ, and in my years of life, I have discovered all life does is get more complicated. School sucks, teachers suck, the boy (or girl) you like doesn’t like you back— and it sucks, you have to pick a career for the rest of your life, while the world is slowly ending and you get nearer and nearer to death, and whatever comes after it. Can be pretty tough.

    I am TERRIBLE at talking. Seriously. I never seem to get the things I want to say out. So I thought— why not make this? Ah, yes. Something where literally anyone in the world could be reading me, making my words even more public. Perfect.

    If the annoying grievances of a teenage girl sound like something you want to read, welcome.

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  • what if instead of “getting dressed” and “dropping off my resume at that sushi restaurant” i just sat here all day. what if i did that huh.

    #personal#complaining #perhaps if i do the thing later i can have little a smoke cbd and do my makeup
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  • FUCK i need a boyfriend

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  • 😪

    #mirror text#complaining #me: yay i have the day off! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧ #also me: *aching with boredom* 😔 #le sigh#my post
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  • me in my head: i would like to see a few different lengths of boring man haircut for reference :)

    every fashion website ever: do you want a sideshave? do you want a fucking sideshave? do you want hair a half an inch long or do you want a sideshave or both? huh? idiot?

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  • Eye rolling about that stephen king post going around. I for one am very happy he doesn’t write horror stories with minorities cause he mostly writes murder stories and I don’t need him of all ppl to start that nonsense. I see enough real horror stories in the news. I don’t find pleasure turning them into entertainment. So many ppl don’t know what kind of stories that guy writes and are super pissed about his lack of diversity I guess or diversity is a huge issue in the murder story fandom idk. 

    #not pokemon#complaining #ppl on this website are so dumb sometimes I swear
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  • My hands have been so damn shaky the last week, it’s awful. Between not being able to get them to steady or move the way I want them so I could braid my sister’s hair and buzz my own to almost dropping a plate of hot pizza pops? Difficult…

    #greys random updates #and dont even get me started on hand eye coordination 🙄 #complaining
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  • Rough Hands

    And every time

    The mask you wear

    Gets more ugly

    A mirror to the pieces

    You’ve lost again

    You can’t build them up again

    You just try to recover

    To forget

    But you can’t

    It eats you up from the inside out

    Leaving you as an empty shell

    Filled with lost hopes

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  • need to do some therapeutic kvetching here.

    Keep reading

    #complaining#ow #tired!!! #death mention #but i talk about it a lot! #gallows humor though little humor right now
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  • how 2 style your hair like you kno what ur doing

    #i have no sense #of anything #let alone how to look ok #oc#complaining
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  • image


    Dad said in 2005 that this was going to be a space designated for me. He promised he would never intrude upon my space and it was always mine to use for art, painting, crafting, video, music, toys, games, school projects, and storage. He said the same thing about my bedroom in 2002. Yet when I graduated college and came home, my bedroom and supposed studio were both full of his stuff.

    Today I moved nine chairs and a printer from this room to our new storage unit. Yes, I had to rent a storage unit because he failed to keep his promise. This room was completely impassable before I moved stuff around. There’s still four more chairs hiding behind the table, as well as a big obnoxious desk behind the JBLs. No one can get to the desk because there’s too much crap on the floor in front of it.

    I’ve been sorting through literally everything I own and pairing it down because I have way too many things. It took me over two weeks to move out of my tiny apartment because I have too much stuff. But in order to get rid of stuff and sort through it, I gotta pull it all out, sort, label, and seal before any of it can go back into my closet/the storage unit.

    If Dad complains about the state of my bedroom and the upstairs hall one more time, I am gonna go absolutely fucking savage on him. As it stands now I’m ready to pull receipts on him. I wouldn’t need a storage unit or leave a messy upstairs of he had stopped accumulating things he doesn’t need and he left this basement studio room to me as he originally promised.

    He’s had over four years to declutter the basement (which is approximately 6x the size of my bedroom), yet he gave me four days to declutter my bedroom before yelling at me about it. I have been working for at least three hours every day on sorting. Most of the stuff is now out of the main hall. I’ve donated two car loads full of stuff. There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

    But Dad keeps finding a way to add more unwanted anxiety. Whether it’s because I’m not getting it done fast enough or because he bought something else to occupy space we don’t have (and then somehow it becomes my fault).

    And if he starts in on my mom about her clutter, I am not speaking to him ever again. Dad has over 80% of the master bedroom closet for his clothes. He has overflow into the hall coat closet. There are three storage closets in the basement, one for each of us. I gave mine to my mom because I was promised the studio room for storage. Dad filled up all three closets. My mom has nowhere to put anything except on the bookshelf (which Dad took up over half of) and her desk (which is less than three feet wide).

    [end rant]

    #rant#complaining#ignore#my dad #great clutter purge
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  • why is writing a thing? I did it more today than the last year and it sucks and now I’m tired but I still have the feeling that I have to materialize this shitty crossover into existence or it will dissolve forever in the crevices of my mind but why does that matter?

    #negativity#complaining #ignore me pls #personal #-karate chops my own brain-
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  • I love D&D but my god. There is this one guy in the party. And he just keeps taking up so much time for his own stuff! He’s been going for like, at LEAST ten minutes now, and it’s so annoying!

    One reason not to split the party is that you are not with your friends if you are attacked.

    Another reason is that the DM has to split the focus between people. If you are not together, you have to take turns to do stuff.

    And this dude does not know how to pay attention to the amount of time he is taking. It’s killing me a little.

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