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  • I’m so short that my elbows touch the couch I sink into, my feet go numb because they cannot touch the floor, and now I just keep irritating the heck out of our elbows, because they rub on the couch as I work.

    I am gonna have to buy pillows and just surround myself up to my armpits, so my elbows can’t be irritated.

    In other news, our shoulder stopped aching, only to show that we now have tennis elbow in BOTH ELBOWS.

    I’m trying not to cry from frustration and August is forcing his way to front every few hours to do arm exercises that just hurt more and leave me with tired aching.

    #i'm so tired of this shitty body #i'm too short #I should have bought that me sized recliner with no arms #personal#complaining
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  • dying today bc the course author for this class i’m not allowed to develop myself had the ENTIRE SUMMER to create a plan for the remote synchronous component and today in the SECOND MEETING OF THE WEEK ABOUT THIS was still like “hmm, well, i’m not sure, i hadn’t really thought it through clearly” when we have ONE WEEK before the start of term and my course isn’t even loaded into the LMS….

    i hate this place

    #personal#complaining #people are fucking incompetent and i'm literally not allowed to do it myself #bad teachers are bad in all formats #they don't trust me bc i'm not full faculty #LET ME DO IT LET ME TEACH MY OWN CLASS
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  • Had to take the car in for an oil change.  But because of the current climate, I went to the dealer instead of the small store that you can’t really social distance in (and you have to find a worker half the time by wandering around the shop).  I expect it to be more expensive, sure.  But not more than double because they’re forcing more expensive oil and only do it with a tire rotation package!  Fuck them…I hate this place but it’s the only dealer for my car close by.  The last time I went to them, they blew my battery up!

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  • All aboard the complain train

    I feel so so so so fat and I sports and I drink water and watch my bloodsugar and shit and nothing happens. I don’t even feel better.

    Meanwhile my boyfriend is there being all ‘oh wow my pants fit me better and I can see the definition on my arms and I’m having no trouble at all with my diet but don’t forget it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon C:’


    I wanna do pretty cosplay and feel comfortable in shorts and bikinis man fuck

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  • image

        “I looks like things have been rambunctious as of late…Well keep me out of it. All that commotion is such a headache…”

    #;Dash Commentary #I've been having too much fun with my zombie boy to pay attention to Jin #but here he is #complaining
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  • I just want to go to a bookstore and see a movie and eat at a restaurant


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  • like we all know how much i adore fat but the absolute fucking humiliation of your body changing constantly. evolving into something that everyone around you finds unsavoury or downright grotesque. the humiliation of knowing everyone sees you gaining weight non stop for years because they comment when you pause the process. the humiliation of knowing that everyone who talks to you has registered you as Fat before theyve registered you as a person. of knowing that any attempt at fashion is going to be judged on a scale from absolutely hilarious to completely disgusting to Hmm Mildly Acceptable Still Dont Want To See It to fetish, theres so few people who see you just as a fucking person. the humiliation of living in a world where your entire worth is tied to your weight and you cant stop fucking growing heavier you KNOW everyone around you can see it and you just want to exist because its actually beautiful and natural but its your fucking moral worth in the eyes of others

    #i have no control over anything in m #y life and i dont know why i expect any different #i dont know why i expect things to get better when i try to make them better #i dont know why i expect to be able to make my life any better #:) #Duke's ramblings // #complaining#negative#weight#weight issues
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  • My dad bought ACNH for me and my sister 2 weeks ago and we only got Able Sisters this morning and we found out that we needed a Nintendo Online Account to get custom designs from other people :/

    My dad has unwillingly been paying for an individual yearly Nintendo online account so he might upgrade to a family plan

    Anyway, Nintendo is evil and I will still buy their things because they are cute and fun :/

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  • My problem with this rotation fundamentally is that I don’t have anything to do and it feels like a big waste of time. (I could be studying for the exam, or writing my thesis, so actually spending my time useful.) I’m bored out of my mind 97% of the time. And when I get to do things, it’s not exactly what I expected. In the past few weeks I helped admit 3 whole patients (it’s a big and busy ward, just to put it in persective), took some blood pressures (but even that only rarely), and today I got to stick the notes of patient information on the vials the nurses will take blood in. And don’t get me wrong, at least I felt like I was actually helpful, because the nurses have been quite busy… But I’m supposed to learn how to doctor? At least that’s what they told us, that is what’s expected of us, that’s what I expected of them. And I didn’t expect to make clinical decisions on my own or even with help, or whatever, but come on…

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  • It’s such a little thing to complain about, but my tag-tracking still isn’t working and it’s just annoying me so much.  

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  • Just realised I only talk when I have something to complain about. Is there a variations of an introvert that defines:

    Introverted at all times except when there are things to complain about, then a raging extrovert

    I am voicing life questions here…

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  • Our governor signed an executive order today allowing all schools and colleges to open for the fall and I would just like to take this moment to remind everyone that I’m still not allowed to go browse the library or eat indoors at a restaurant, but sitting in a school building all day with children who will undoubtedly take their masks off and party in the bathroom is going to be allowed.

    #Complaining#A little #Jersey has been so good about the response to all this #But now we're just going to go to school? #WHEN I CAN'T EVEN GO TO THE LIBRARY?! #Ugh#I'm frustrated #There are no good answers #Only bad ones #And it sucks #Teacher life
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    Slow and steady. I have been pretty depressed lately and drinking way more than I should so I am kind of surprised I haven’t gained. I am going to cut the alcohol again and that should help the situation.

    I just have a lot going on and life isn’t awesome right now. My toddler is going through a really hard phase and it is exhausting. My dog has to be put down this week. My grandma made some super ignorant comments on facebook about late term abortion and it really pissed me off because that is literally the only reason I am alive, I had to induce labor knowing my son would not survive because my life was in danger and he had multiple severe disabilities, so that sent me spiraling tbh. Like she has seen pictures of that baby, knows what we went through and how awful it was and is then basically calling me a murderer on facebook 🙃

    I have a Facebook addiction but also trying to step back from that, it is just constant fighting, politics, conspiracy theories, stupid people, people are downright mean for no good reason. It has really been bringing me down.

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  • TW: Intrusive thoughts, negativity




    August 12, 2020

    This isn’t going to ever go away, is it? It’s always going to be there, lurking in the back of my mind and waiting to jump out unexpectedly.

    I hate it I hate it I hate it and I can’t seem to make it go away. That’s the trouble with thoughts. You can’t stop thinking them by trying not to think about them. You have to think about something else forcefully enough that the intrusive thought (or whatever you don’t want in your head) fades away, but that’s really hard to do when my mind has already trapped me in my bed.

    I’ve been trying to get up for over an hour. That sounds so pathetic—why can’t I just force my legs over the edge of the bed?—but it’s true. I don’t want to get up, and since I don’t have to be anywhere right now there isn’t enough motivation for me to be able to leave this bed. It sucks and it’s ridiculous and I hate it. And now my brain is telling me things that I know aren’t true but still hurt anyway, and that makes it nearly impossible for me to do anything.

    EDIT: Posting this made it so I could finally leave my bed. Yay.

    #tw intrusive thoughts #complaining
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  • “I see a lot of complaints about Rika Kihira’s Clair de Lune being too princessy, but I actually like it better than her Breakfast in Baghdad, which, as a program, looks incomplete to me.”

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  • An lads I am at rock fuckin bottom

    #im no longer struggling its no longer worth anything to me #im not even in a bad mood rn i just legitimately have nothing left #ramblings //#complaining#negative #theres nothing i want and even if i started wanting something again its not worth the pain #everything in my life hurts so much and i dont have the courage to keep powering through it #sick of the muscles in my chest hurting from stress sick of losing hair #i dont have anything or anyone to cling to beyond lull #as i said. not even in a bad mood #i have just......... legitimately got nothing and im really realising that #theres truly nothing i can do huh......... oh well i guess
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  • I saw umbrella academy season 2 a few days ago, and I enjoyed the first half and hated the second half. Spoilers after the cut.

    it just felt like they didn’t respect me/the viewer.

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    #nonsensebees#umbrella academy#spoilers#complaining #normally I mix these reviews #so theres things I liked and things I didn't like #but the things I didn't like hit me too bad #I can't remember specific things I liked anymore
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  • August 11, 2020

    I can’t wait to get out of here. I’m currently so sick of my parents’ Opinions that are forcefully thrust my way, and I’m even more sick of being asked if I’m sure I want to do something and the other person Not Listening to me until I say forcefully, “I Want To Do This.”

    I’m also tired of my dad saying “The temperatures will be better tomorrow,” cause he doesn’t know what my definition of better temperatures is. We ALL have different definitions, yet he still gives us a weather update every day. I guess it’s kinda sweet, but it also gets annoying.

    I don’t want to snap at them, because then they’ll feel bad and I’ll feel bad AND I’ll feel whatever I think they’re feeling, which will make me feel even worse. But at the same time, I really, really do want to snap at them. All of them.

    Two weeks cannot go by fast enough.

    #complaining#family #i need to get back to college
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