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    My Spirit Animal 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

    #peace was never an option #Memes#spirit animal #Murder is a question #and the answer is #Always a yes #Murder#Goose meme #I learned killing from duolingo #Completely done#Done #Doesn't take shit #Stfu
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  • My parents getting mad at me because I have a killer headache, a ton of school to do, am super stressed, can’t do school work outside (my mom keeps telling me to take my work outside and do it while we eat and stuff), and I’m just over all getting very frustrated and an completely done with everything.

    #gen z#generation z#school#online school#outside #i cant work outside #i cant work while eating and stuff #super stressed#stressed#tired#done#completely done #completely done with school #frustrated#headaches
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  • Thank you @ettawritesnstudies for tagging me! :D I saw this floating around and it’s so nice and short and I really wanted to do it, so I’m really happy you tagged me :D


    First Person

    Second Person

    Third Person

    Omniscient POV

    Past Tense

    Present Tense

    Future Tense

    A complete story

    A story longer than 1k

    A story longer than 5k

    A story longer than 10k

    A story longer than 50k

    A story longer than 100k

    A story longer than 150k

    A story shorter than 1k (you know what, I’m actually not sure but my old stories weren’t very long XD)

    A story shorter than 500 words


    Original Fiction


    Science Fiction

    Historical Fiction


    A story in the Romance Genre

    A story with no speculative elements (when I was small I wrote a short story about two birbs building a nest, as a birthday present for my mom ;D)


    A children’s book

    A story about vampires

    A story about werewolves

    A story about robots

    A story with a non-human protagonist

    A story with a main character based on yourself

    A story with a character based on somebody you know

    Male POV

    Female POV

    A POV character of the opposite sex

    Animal’s POV

    Multiple Viewpoints

    POV character under age 15

    POV character over age 30

    A story told in non-chronological order

    Story with a happy ending

    Story with a sad ending

    Death of a minor character

    Death of a major character

    Death (off-screen)

    Death (onscreen)

    Antagonist Death

    Protagonist death

    Villain gets a redemption arc

    Kissing scene

    Sex scene (off screen)

    Sex scene (onscreen)

    Swears (mild)

    Swears (heavy)

    Violence (PG or under)

    Violence (PG-13 or over)

    Fight scene

    Torture scene

    A flashback

    A dream sequence

    A scene that made you cry actual tears

    A scene that made you laugh at your own joke

    A prologue

    An epilogue

    A story with more than 30 chapters

    A chapter with fewer than 100 words

    A poem (… in primary school XD)

    A prophecy (all those very old wips XD)

    Story that takes place in the future

    Story that takes place in the past

    Story that takes place in a world that is not Earth

    An anti-hero

    An anti-villain

    A parody (a friend and I plotted a “typical YA dystopia parody” one but we didn’t actually write it…)

    Description of a male character’s scent

    Description of a female character’s boobs

    Character with non-natural eye color

    Tagging! @madmoonink @wilde-writing @raiswanson @paper-shield-and-wooden-sword @romenna @fynniana @fatal-blow if you want to :3

    #tag game #i had this tab open for 3 days #completely done #why did i not click post XD #thanks for tagging me :3 #this one is good #tagging game#about me
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  • I don’t know what lies ahead
    What if I fail again?
    You are my confidence
    You’ll keep me to the end

    I’m leaving my fears behind me now

    #Sovereign Grace Music #Completely Done #note to self
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  • #ive had this comic #completely done #and in my folder #since c h r i s t m a s #*smacks self for laziness* #sparkle-soda#fanfic-enthusiast#kaard responds#rouxls kaard #dr rouxls kaard #rouxls kaard askblog #rouxls kaard deltarune #dr kaard#mettaton#art
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  • grad school can suck my lady dick

    #i've literally spent ALL WEEKEND #doing homework/my thesis/TA stuff #and i still #have NOTHING#completely done #and i've had no free time and i'm slowly disintegrating
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  • This year has fucking sucked lmfaooo

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  • God….. s1 Michael Bluth is such a mood

    #100% ready to abandon his family forever #always kinda sweaty #completely done #a bona fide certified fucking idiot #really into girls. too many girls. slow down #arrested development#mlentertainment
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  • This semester is so awfully draining… I don’t know what to do anymore and we’ve just started…

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  • Just some doodles from art this morning. I’m hoping to make these into stickers this week!

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  • My grandpa passed away this morning…

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  • a miracle

    #we have so many teas we never finish any of them lol #AND YET #this jasmine tea #completely done #reblog for good luck #ignore for 100 bought teas that will never be finished #v txt
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  • Can’t do this anymore, my mind and heart are breaking at the seams and I’m coming apart, I’m done with my life being a constant fuck up and nothing going right anymore

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  • so my friend and i have been sitting next to each other in this class the whole term cuz i told him i wanted to and on previous occasions i’ve saved a seat for him when he’s late and today our last day of class i looked forward to us sitting together one last time and this dumbass i fucking can’t i come in late go to sit next to him and someone’s purse is there and he goes “i fucked up someone’s sitting there” and wow i was fucking irate

    #i'm just#completely done #this is that one boy #and#like #who does that #i'm pissed #and also i'm done
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  • highkey over some of these cast members. I am tired of not being able to be happy about getting a step, tired of having to be careful of every little word that comes out of my mouth because I am no longer just an equal, they’ve distanced me soooo far from them that these few people only talk to me maybe once in a +2 hour rehearsal. I am human, I have feelings and I am exhausted having to put mine away because theirs are more important.

    #ignore me just rambling #fed up#completely done
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  • OH MY GOD I’m watching Sex and the City and Charlotte is with this guy Brad and he’s A HORRIBLE KISSER and I have made out with a boy named Brad and he kissed the exact same way. I knew he was a bad kisser IT WASN’T JUST ME

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  • Trying not to completely break down in front of the family…..nope! Running upstairs😭😭😭😭😭😭

    #I want out #more than anyone knows #breaking down#completely done#fucked up
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  • You’re a fucking twat

    #negative#text #i'm done doing nice things #completely done#qeued post
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