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  • any time I said 2020 sucked? yeah I was lying actually bc we got ninth doctor audios

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  • I’m not minimising or ignoring all the great stuff that public health services have done, but I want to know:

    Why do some public health services tell their autistic and dyslexic colleagues that making bigger fonts and using simple English and neurodivergent friendly text is too hard and too much effort? I thought health was supposed to be accessible for everyone?

    Health policies are usually written in tiny print with advanced jargon that hardly anyone can understand. This is not accessible or disability friendly.

    Those policies aren’t in simple English like they claim. I typed some of those paragraphs into an English language analyser website, which concluded the policies use university level advanced English. The website used a language analyser that was scientifically proven in academic journals to work really well in judging how difficult it is to understand advanced grammar.

    Health policy paragraphs are huge, more than twenty lines long.

    My dyslexic former colleagues struggled with reading these documents. They shouldn’t have to struggle with this, no one should. They were never given dyslexia friendly versions of these policies to do their jobs.

    When I used to work in health, I was told to re-type information and make shorter paragraphs, rather than receive information that already has printed short paragraphs.

    I was told to make my own accommodations, instead of the workplace making such accommodations for my disability in reading.

    When I struggled to understand those policy paragraphs, I got smirks from other people who refused to explain what the policies meant, even though said people said, “Ask us anything about these policies if you don’t understand them.” This is messed up and extremely wrong.

    Again: not everyone was this rude in health, but some people are. Some people were kind enough to explain to me what the policies meant, whereas other people acted mean or contemptuous about it.

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  • La voix du frère


    Ton message est peut-être dur parfois, mais juste en soi, car il retranscrit la dureté des blessures, silences et frustrations ressentis. Tu livres ton ressenti, sans agressivité gratuite. Tu prends le soin d'avouer ta colère, que tu as tout le droit de ressentir, sans te laisser dépasser par elle en mots débordés, et tu l'expliques avec l'élégance de la synthèse plutôt que de tomber dans une liste exhaustive de griefs. Je pense qu'elle y sera très sensible, aura sans douté beaucoup de mal à y répondre, si jamais elle le fait. 

    De toutes façon ce n'est pas le but de ton texte, tu l'as écrit avant tout pour toi. Suis fier de toi. Il est grand que tu te fasses aimer pleinement, à ta juste valeur et sans avoir à le réclamer, ou de sentir devoir le mériter

    “Aniki, mon frère“ Takeshi Kitano (2000) Office Kitano Japon

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  • Sister talk on Understanding

    Just a thought

    It is true that everyone learn in different ways some people are audio learner, visual or tactile learners. It is important to know what is the best way we learn so that if we are not able to understand things one way we may be able to learn it using another way. Acknowledge when people ask questions it means they are trying to get a better understanding. No questions is a dumb question if the persons is bold enough to ask for understanding it is actually a smart move. So if you are a teacher. Teach in a variety of methods. Unfortunately we can not do hands on teaching at this time, but we are learning to be more versatile and creative with teaching others during this pandemic.

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  • image

    I am half dead without sleep but does that not just say that we have contributed to around a quarter of the cases with not even a quarter of the people in the world? And the same with deaths?

    Like, comparatively we are only a small amount of people of the world. A quarter of the world population is 1.95 Billion, and we have 1.62ish Billion people needed to reach that.

    And you’re trying to tell me to ‘wake up’?

    Can you not read the information you’re trying to sell? It works against you if you actually care to interpret it.

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  • Neither words or actions can be depended or relied on, both can be meaningless in their own ways.

    #it also heavily depends on the individual #comprehension
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    my first exam is on monday. not sure how i’m feeling but it’s my spanish essay and comprehension exam so i’m just writing pointers, reviewing vocabulary and taking note of key essay structures. also going to do a major irregular verb and general verb conjugation review before the weekend is done.

    to all those preparing/doing exams i wish you the best and i hope you achieve the results you are aiming for and if not you keep in mind that a grade DOES NOT define you and learn from your mistakes and try again next time. :) 🌠

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  • Autistic adulting is knowing the difference between when you should struggle really hard to understand something, and when it’s okay to just not get it.  If a post on my dash makes my brain go “wHat eVEn doEs tHis Say o_O”, then I just skip it.

    If my boss says something and I have that reaction, I know it’s worth it to spend the time and energy asking 800 clarifying questions to try to figure out what she’s talking about.

    For example I just had this conversation with my mom today: 

    Mom: “Can you clean the cat litter?”

    Me: “Sure.”

    Mom (as I heard her): “Just use the bag, and half the bag with the other bag, and bag with bag a bag bag.”

    Me: “Sure Mom, I’ll clean the cat litter.”

    I know that it’s okay to not understand what she said, because I already know how to clean the litter, I’ve been doing it for years, and so whatever directions she was giving me weren’t that important, and I’m not going to spend mental energy on trying to figure it out.  I just cleaned it like I always do, and everything was fine.

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  • Our world’s complex problems require more than communication, they require comprehension. We can communicate all day long with individuals, leaders or communities, but if they don’t allow different ideas into their way of thinking, it’s useless. Real comprehension has to do with having an open mind.

    My Thoughts on Active Listening and the Power of Going Beyond Shallow Communication …. 

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  • Uncanny X-Men #187
    November 10, 1984

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  • When other people talk; their intelligence radiates from their principles, morals, and thinking. But, when I start to open my mouth to expound myself; it’s all gibberish, and stupid. Idk where my education brought me. I just know that they are better than me.

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  • Ramadan Mubarak
    * blessings to you during Ramadan *
    * some may question what are the specifics during Ramadan
    - fast for 30 days
    (no food or water to be consumed during the day time [sunrise to sunset])
    - read a section of the Quran each day
    (Juz are groups of reading material that are assigned each day found by reading the surah to certain stopping points in the chronological order of the Quran)
    - pray 5 times a day
    (make salat and prostrate for fajr, dhuhir, asr, maghrib, & ishaa)
    - stay away from harmful and profane activities
    (haram is the word used to describe things that should be avoided [that which poisons your mind, body, & soul])
    - limit yourself to activities that either praise or serve Allaah subhana wa tayilah
    (zakat is a term used to describe a form of charity that requires giving only 2% of your gains to someone who has less than you as you both strive to do your best within the deen [path of life serving Allaah swt])
    - spend time studying, praying, and eating with family and friends
    (ummah is the word used for community [sahabah is your inner circle who have agreed upon the oath to serve Allaah swt in your best capacity)
    - read and learn daily from the Quran after the 30 days are complete
    (it is suggested that one would maintain all of the activities of Ramadan for all of the days throughout the year except for daily fasting [fasting is a cleansing process – so, there is no recommendation for extended periods of fasting])
    🔼 #knowledge 🔼
    🔽 #wisdom 🔽
    * the #hijri lunar calendar system was developed by Caliph Umar who took the title of Imam after prophet Muhammad (sa alehi wa salaam) died.
    * an astrological calendar was in place and observed by the people during Muhammad’s (saw) lifetime.
    * the calendar was aligned with the earth’s moon, the sun, and the positions of star constellations during equinox & solstice
    📕#comprehension 📖
    * #jalali is a type of calendar based on the astrological order of planetary, lunar, solar, and cosmic alignment
    * the days are set so that the 9th month ( #Ramadan / #November ) is always starting at the winter solstice
    – #dhalioldguy

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  • Educational Postcard: To deepen comprehension, ask how the text inspires the reader by Ken Whytock

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  • when grown folks are talking…
    * have you ever asked “why?” and then was given everything except an answer?
    * why presents obligatory:
    who? what? where? when?
    * have you ever thought to yourself
    “this is not a conversation. it is a monologue. this person has not heard me. they just want to hear their own voice” ???
    * let’s #learn that #listening is part of the #conversation in order to have #comprehension
    #PSA #publicserviceannouncement
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    #drumpadguru #tiktok
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