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  • Riddle me this Conde Nast

    If you are a such a smart company that DOESN’T hire incompetent people simply because they are wealthy, white, and have connections within the company… Why, pray tell, are you acting like a fool?

    Is there a reason Mr. Delany is not fired? Is it possibly, just possibly, because if you fire ONE problematic, incompetent, wealthy, white man with connections in the company it will set a precedent to fire ALL the problematic, incompetent, wealthy, white people you hired because of their connections within the company and aforementioned qualities instead of hiring them for their skill?

    Why exactly did Adam Rapoport and Matt Duckor get to RESIGN instead of being fired after being called out for racist, homophobic, and sexist behavior? Do you want to hire them to another branch under Conde Nast’s umbrella perhaps? Or is it because you feel bad for them and firing them would be too harsh? Maybe they were just such good employees that you don’t want them to say they were fired for disgusting behavior when applying for another job? How sweet!

    Why is it that Amanda Shapiro and Oren Katzeff are still in positions of power? Why is it the people most responsible for the toxicity at BA and those being criticized the most, are not actually facing consequences? Why is it that Mr. Katzeff thinks that publicly suspending Hunzi will work to silence employees when fans can see directly through it? Why is it that Delany’s suspension happened quietly so that fans might forget about it? Do they think their smart elite brains are just so clever we don’t see what’s in front of us, that their employees aren’t aware of it, that they don’t have fans that will support them like they do the white hosts?

    You aren’t slick assholes. Everyone can see right through it and you’re just making it worse for yourself. Maybe hire PR or something since you are so adamant about not changing the toxic work environment by removing the racist, homophobic, and sexist executives. 

    #bon appétit#bon appetit#conde nast #can eat my ass #alex delany#alex delaney #why are you still here? #birds of a feather and all that #they protect eachother #and its gross #why does he still have a job #along with#amanda shapiro#Oren Katzeff#and company #is this even coherent #i am salty and tired #anyway im back on my BA bullshit
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  • Remembering the lovely Evelyn Tripp on her birthday - Aug 9 1927

    Vogue May 1956 / Conde Nast Archive

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  • to anyone that is interested, I got a reply from the relevant Bon Appetit customer service emails that I contacted about pay for BIPOC and Hunzi’s suspension .

    all it was that they are forwarding my inquiry to the appropriate department for handling.

    which seems like it’s probably going to get ignored in the long run but I will update if I hear anything else from them

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  • my hot take on devil wears prada

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  • Corporations don’t have morals. Only greed.

    #Today is anti capitalism day we are upset and annoyed thank you very much #Conde nast #Shut up eryka
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  • Conde Nast is getting pretty close to overtaking Disney on my list of companies from capitalist hell that I hate

    #bon appetit#conde nast#Disney#capitalism #if you cant look at disney #and say #wow that is kinda fucked #then look harder
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  • Lmao what kind of worms are wiggling around in Conde Nast/BA exec’s brains that made them think that suspending Hunzi was a good idea? Seriously, people have a greater love for that man than quite a few of the ppl he films… especially now that everyone got exposed… like how fucking stupid are these people…

    If they wanted things to go over well, and maintain some of their image they would have:

    1. Given all their non-white workers a contract that provides salaries that reflect the actual work they are asked to do
    2. Given Sohla, Priya, Christina, Rick, and everyone that did a video backpay and a public apology
    3. Provided pay for people that were taken advantage of by the company and ended up leaving, plus an apology (Hawa Hassan and others)
    4. Given everyone reasonable pay and provide back pay to the people that were working overtime and never got paid for it
    5. Provided a statement and proof of implementing a new policy regarding overtime (aka not making ppl work overtime without pay or working overtime at all)
    6. Provided a statement and a plan about increasing diversity at the company (eventually provide an update a couple months down the road)
    7. Fired Alex Delany and Amanda Shapiro and Oren Katzeff (why do they still have jobs???)
    8. Not hired a union busting law firm (Proskauer) 
    9. Reinstated the people of color they laid off 
    10. Not suspended someone who has been publicly critical of them 

    And these are just the first 10 things that came to my head and half of them would require little effort (aka money) on the company’s part (5,6,7,8,10) 

    #bon appetit#bon appétit #bon appétit test kitchen #conde nast#matt hunziker#hunzi#alex delany#alex delaney#Amanda shapiro #when i say everyone #in italics #i mean the white people #and women #and queer people #as well #generally everyone working there #what some ppl were able to screenshot #from the spreadsheet #before access changed #was very enlightening #and disgusting
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  • anyway while we’re all pissed off at conde nast (y’know, again), can we talk about how fucked it is that their lgbtqia+ focused publication is literally called ‘them’, even despite the pleas of the community to change it when they announced its launch because it’s completely othering and continues to make it acceptable to create divides around and within the lgbtqia+ community

    #word post#conde nast #and unsurprisingly they didn't listen the first time around
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  • Marissa Ross sharing her experience working for Bon Appétit:

    instagram username marissaaross long picture caption about her experience at bon appetit magazine

    People on twitter are saying that it’s rumoured that the man who tried to edge her out of the mag is alex delany, so i looked at the comments and oop

    instagram username marissaaross long picture caption about her experience at bon appetit magazine
    instagram username marissaaross long picture caption about her experience at bon appetit magazine
    #alex delany#bon appetit#ba #btw not saying her liking this is a confirmation of anything yet #conde nast#condé nast #bon appétit test kitchen #bon appétit #sohla el waylly #clair saffitz#adam rapoport#marissa ross#matt duckor#brad leone#molly baz#r talks
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  • #bon appetit #bon appetit test kitchen #ba test kitchen #batk#conde nast
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  • I think the biggest thing coming out of the bon appetit/conde naste situation is; Celebrities cannot be your safe space. They will disappoint you, they will make mistakes. some will be racist and homophobic on a major scale and not apologize. Your safe space cannot be in a person that you share a parasocial relationship with because there is every possibility that the persona they share with the world is not the whole picture. You will eventually be disappointed by those you give your safety to when they have no way of knowing what responsibility you’ve given them. Your safety does not exist in the hands of online celebrities.

    #bon appetit#condé nast#conde nast #bon appetit test kitchen #ba test kitchen #bon appétit test kitchen #test kitchen#its alive#gourmet makes
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  • sohla saying that she would make a full in depth chocolate tempering video if she could do anything HAS ME SO EXCITED PLEASE LET HER DO THAT I WOULD WATCH IN A HEARTBEAT!! Yes queen sohla teach me ur magical ways

    #sohla el waylly #bon appetit test kitchen #bon appetit#conde nast#ba #bon appétit magazine #i love sohla
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  • so when we eat the rich, who’s getting Adam rapoport? i think sohla should but if she or anyone at ba doesn’t want to… i will.

    #batk#bon appetit #ba test kitchen #conde nast#adam rapoport #eat the rich #sohla el waylly
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  • #bon appétit magazine #bon appétit test kitchen #molly baz#adam rapoport#conde nast
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  • Sohla deserves not just a raise, she deserves to be in charge. She’s showing incredible leadership abilities. I’m not one for hierarchy, but give her the whole damn conde nast company.

    #sohla el waylly #bon appetit#conde nast
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  • what makes me so fucking angry is that i knew what i was seeing i fucking saw and knew how little screen time every poc staff got. i was so uncomfortable when rapoport confused priya with sohla and I still loved them, brushing past all the uncomfortable sexist racist jabs now and then because i thought i was watching a group of friends who supported each other and ignited my love for food. i was fucking wrong. hurts to know a platform, a group of people i came to love and admire were not exempt from this issue of prejudice either. and it hurts even more to think that all this time watching kitchen talks or gourmet makes or it’s alive that people are not getting paid, that they are constantly undervalued. i feel disillusioned. fuck this shit

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  • i’m sorry i just can’t watch bon appetit anymore not until they somehow manage to make huge changes which considering how seemingly deeply entrenched racial prejudice is in the system and the culture i doubt BA can really return to its former illusion of glory. until then i will continue supporting POC staffers and ex-staffers. i cannot bring myself to watch videos knowing they are produced by racists or at least the complicit, i just can’t support their content anymore and im not sure if I ever will again… it’s just so disappointing because BA was one of the things that kept me through this train wreck of a year and now what i thought to be wholesome and reassuring is just shit. i just cannot see any of the videos or any of the complicit non-white staffers the same anymore. it always felt like something was bubbling under the surface but i brushed it off for cheery kitchen talks, gourmet makes, the likes of it, admiring these great personalities and thinking maybe someday i could work in a place like that. feels like a punch to the gut.

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  • Anthony Bourdain would have HATED what bon appétit became and I stand by that. rip.

    #anthony bourdain #bon appétit test kitchen #bon appetit#conde nast
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