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  • Barbara Mullen wearing an Adele Simpson dress walking by cars with a man.Vogue November 1st, 1952 by John Rawlings 💓💓💓

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  • ‘…… radio plays that forgotten song ……’


    The big English speaking radio station here on the sunny southern coast of Spain is ‘Talk Radio Europe’ or; ‘Tea… dada …… R ….. dada …..Eeeee’, as the annoying jingle goes - and is pretty much the only thing I listen to when Marconi’s instrument is all I have to play.

    The station itself, to all intents and purposes, is a spoken version of the ‘Daily Mail’ with a touch of the ‘Sun’ and the odd nod to the ‘Telegraph’.

    For the most part its presenters are those who can’t make it on BBC World Service but do their best to get over such failure with forced laughter and sycophantic bonhomie. Topping all that though is the news service which is culled from diverse sources - with SKY News providing a right leaning slant and the BBC weighing in with whatever form of ‘ism’ it brings to the party - the local stuff tends to emanate from Elsie in El Faro, or ‘Pissed off’ Previously of Penge.

    Having said all that, it is in English, it’s mostly talk and doesn’t succumb to a constant loop of sanitized Hip Hop or wishful angst ridden ‘Ballad de Sheeran’ stylist wannabe’s. No, most of the time it’s acceptable background noise for when and while I negotiate what I still believe to be the wrong side of the road.

    Sometimes though, one gets a decent snippet to colour the monotony.

    Not long ago an ‘expert’ guest on a bland topical show asked and answered a question as to the rhyme or reason for members of royal families unilaterally donning military uniform on state and other ceremonial occasions.

    After giving a brief and well considered background to the historical significance of Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses’ historical role of ‘commanding’ troops, the man with the answers went on to detail why the wearing of braid and medals by the ruling inbred of Europe was still, possibly, important.

    When in 2014 Juan Carlos abdicated his position as King of Spain after 39 years of ‘service’, his greatest, (and probably only real), achievement was heralded as being an event of 33 years earlier and 6 years into his reign.

    (Juan Carlos was the first King of Spain since the abolition of the monarchy in 1931, just prior to the declaration of ‘The Second Spanish Republic’. 

    Following the death of Franco – who had tried on several occasions to re-establish the monarchy – the grandson of Alfonso XII, Spain’s previous king – took his seat on the throne.

    The Spanish Communist leader of the time; Santiago Carrillo, nicknamed him ‘Juan Carlos the Brief’ following his coronation, predicting the monarchy would soon be swept away with the other remnants of the Franco era. This prediction came within an asses bawl of being something if not wrong)

    On 23 February 1981 there was an attempted coup d'état in Madrid.

    Its most visible figure, Antonio Tejero, led a group of 200 armed officers of the Guardia Civil into the Spanish Congress of Deputies during the vote to elect the country’s new Prime Minister. Such rebellious action was prompted by a fervent dislike of the new democratic direction Spain was heading in and an equally fervent wish to return to the old Franco days of civil order through a caring dictatorship.

    The ruling big wigs and captains of industry were on tenterhooks - alongside the vast majority of the population – and not a soul was sure what was going to happen.

    Next thing you know is the King appears on TV that very same night, all dolled up to the nines in military gear and, in the uniform of Commander in Chief, denounced the coup and ordered Tejero and his men to stand down …… or else!

    And like good soldiers ……. they did!

    Way too quickly after the dust settled, Cute Commie Carrillo changed his tune regarding the life expectancy of the monarchy and issued a statement saying: ‘Today, we are all monarchists’

    It is also significant the military garb was rarely seen on the Kings back, in public, after that.

    Before 1981 the plain people of Espanola’s support for the monarchy – particularly among democrats and leftists - had been limited to say the least. Following the above, lightly detailed, command performance, Big Juan ‘C’ changed the mood of the nation resulting in the ‘Old Man’ making way for his eldest son, lots of non-eventful years later, to a practically universal applause and appreciation for his reign.

    (The Spanish apparently have little or no problem with a figurehead lad who did little for the majority of his tenure other than apologize for his children and their spouses while using tax Pesetas and Euros to spend a heap of time killing wild elephants and any other big animal that got in the way of this big bazooka while on Botswana safaris – not to forget some millions more from a mysterious Syrian businessman to cover private jets, plantation accommodation, an army of servants, broken promises and the endless supply of ammunition.)

    Anyway, I leave it to an early eighteenth century English poet to sum it up:

    ‘A king may be a tool, a thing of straw; but if he serves to frighten our enemies, and secure our property, it is well enough ……’

    Alexander Pope

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  • Jarrod Scott for Condé Nast Traveler Spain, October 2020, photographed by Damian Bennett

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    #this... this is what the kids call a Bad Look #bon appetit #more like NON appetit amirite??? #conde nast
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  • so i went to investigate the comments of one of the most recent bon appetit videos (the chris morocco one) and the people defending him bc he “has a family” are fucking ridiculous; really grasping at straws for excuses to keep stanning the literal blandest person on the test kitchen cast. the employees of color BA decided to screw over by underpaying them also have to live and provide for themselves, but sure, empathize with the complicit, racist white man

    #bon appetit #bon appétit test kitchen #conde nast #white people stay proving your performative allyship #and ignore real problems perpetrated by your faves #im talking again
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  • Ya know something that bothers me so much in all this Bon Appetit shit? Talented woman and people of color had to leave the company, or at least get behind the cameras where they don’t get the same exposure and fame, and the men who already profited out of the disgusting enviroment keep doing what they always did with no repercussions and even more time in the limelight. So Sohla, Rick and Priya left, Carla and Gabby are no longer in videos, Claire and Molly left… and Brad and Chris are still doing whatever they did? Just saying some pretty words about representation and joining conversation and going forward… And people think it’s fine? 

    #bon appetit#conde nast #this is bullshit #sohla was SO right in pointing out how much leeway brad gets
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  • Bon Appétit / Condé Nast: [shoots own foot] OW! that hurts! [BANG BANG BANG BANG-]

    #guns mention#Bon appetit#conde nast #WHYYY don’t they just DISCUSS THE CONTROVERSY #they’re treating their viewers like a bunch of fucking idiots it’s sad
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    Scrub Island Resort, Tortola

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  • bon appetit is really trying to go back to business as usual. im gonna need youtube to stop giving me notifs for their videos when i haven’t been subscribed for months

    #bon appetit #bon appétit test kitchen #conde nast #and they really started with chris morocco? i wish him the worst #im talking again
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    #letter from the editor #hope & change #another brilliant issue #conde nast#vogue#october 2020 #items in perpetuity #the wood tavern/carousel lounge #ghost city#(nightmare city)
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    the performance of the year everyone!! Bon Appetit nominated for best original screenplay for this magnificent work of fiction!! 😍💕✨ 

    #bon appétit#bon appetit#conde nast #hey executives at conde nast: choke and die on your own spit please! #ramblings
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  • Conde Nast more like Conde Nasty lmfaooo

    Get cucked racist capitalists

    #bon app?tit #bon app?tit test kitchen #bon appetit test kitchen #bon appetit#conde nast
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  • Imagine destroying an entire multi million dollar company and platform just because you weren’t willing to pay your BIPOC employees a fair wage

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  • claire left bon appetit? how sexy of her 😌

    #can't wait to support her personal endeavors #claire saffitz#bon appetit#conde nast #im talking again
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    #Anon I made meme #Shut up Eryka #Binging with Babish #Stump sohla#Conde nast#bon appetit #ba test kitchen #100*#1000*
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