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  • “x is my son and I will defend them to my last breath!!!!11” ok cute, but are you willing to explore the complexities of your character? are you willing to admit when your character is wrong or when they have flaws? what about when they make mistakes? if my character takes issue with yours, are you going to take it personally? are we allowed to have conflict without IC conflict leaking into our OOC interactions? i’m all for wholeheartedly loving the character you created (or a canon), but sometimes it goes too far, ESPECIALLY if this canon character is a villain or has done questionable things that do not need defending, yet you… are defending them. it’s ok to like a character who is evil or morally corrupt. you don’t have to try and excuse it or undo it in order to justify your attachment.

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  • #confessions#lemon #ah yes the Gender Vaccine™ #it occurs to me that other trans people may not share my sense of humour and if not i apologise
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  • My partner has started to limit how much they rp in a day. Only a certain number of replies per thread, no replies after a certain time of day. Sensible things, right? Except they refuse to acknowledge anybody past that time. They stay active on their main blog (and everywhere else we communicate) and just… pretend that myself and their other partners don’t exist. 

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  • #oh jesus A G A I N ? #I'm kidding I love y'all and you're absolutely right #anonymous#Mod L#confessions #AHWM Illinois confessions #AHWM Illinois #Illinois x Reader #Illinois/Reader
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  • I love my friends but if they move their blog a minimum of ten times within 2 months? It gets annoying and I stopped keeping up

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  • So I have a confession; apologies for the length, I just need to get this off my chest. Me and a mun became mutuals (they followed me first which tbh hardly happens in my case considering how private I make myself out to be). They initiated interaction between us, they wanted to plot, they even wanted to be ‘friends’. I was ecstatic, because I’m never on the receiving end of this kind of attention. They send in tons of asks, by the bulk, I respond in kind, we exchange discords (which admittedly was a mistake; I’m too nice and easily swayed by someone being nice to me. Stupid, I know). About a month later, they go AWOL. Their discord is deleted, and eventually they remake their blog. We hit it up again, and all is fine. Then they go AWOL again, this time wordlessly deleting their blog.

    Out of curiosity, I check up on their URL, which strangely enough, always had a green dot next to it. This url is, again, deleted, then brought back up; long story short, a new blog of a different muse follows me on my new blog… then blocks me literally not ten minutes later after messaging them asking for their rules. Me being absolutely anxious, check up on this blog (I know, I know. That’s no bueno. I know,) and basically I realize this person is the very same person that went AWOL. Their writing was exactly the same. I was hurt, and severely annoyed.

    I sent them a long message via their other url, the one that suspiciously always seemed active when the new blog was also active; I vented as politely as I could. Let out my feelings and wished them to never inflict that kind of nonsense onto someone else with the promise of a ‘friendship’. I then blocked both blogs, and recently a new one that may nor or may not be them.

    I guess part of me wonders what exactly went wrong. If I had said something offensive or distasteful to them, they never let me know; in fact, they just kept sending me asks and wanting to plot with me before abruptly deleting their blog that second time. I don’t understand. The worst part about this is that this isn’t the first time this kind of situation has happened to me. Not the exact situation, but definitely close enough.

    Why do people do this? Why do people string you along and be all happy-go-lucky with you only to just cut you off? I will die on the hill of ‘nobody owes you anything’, I get that, I abide by that… but I don’t string someone along like this. Why? Why do you show interest at all? Just… don’t.

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  • Pairing: Josh x reader 

    Word Count: 3K

    CW: underage drinking, sexual situations


    Originally posted by eerronblack

    To be honest, I didn’t expect much from my senior prom. I’ve never been much of a party person (shocking, coming from the girlfriend of the biggest party animal in school).  They were all quite enthusiastic about finding the perfect dresses, the best hair stylists and makeup artists. I imagined they must be planning on racking up a rather large bill. Personally, I didn’t see the point in blowing half of my savings on a party, so I hung back from the conversations. To me, prom always seemed like one of those things people build up in their heads and end up disappointed in. It was a school run party- how much fun could it be? I told Josh as much when he asked me why I wasn’t as excited about planning the evening as the other girls in our group.

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    #josh washington #josh until dawn #josh washington x reader #confessions#joshua washington #joshua washington x reader #rami malek imagine #rami malek#smut
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  • image

    Sent by @amoxiproferine

    ‘I don’t like how they’re forcing you to be with Hunter or Kayden in TRM. I want to be single. Honestly, the constant romance plot is where the book starts to fail.’


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  • “Why would you think I’m not interested?” Because you keep asking me what the point of the thread is. Because you’ve made no efforts for your muse to communicate with mine beyond a generic greeting. Because you just asked me AGAIN what the point of the thread is. It hasn’t even been two hours. At least wait a day.

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  • i have to admit that “ae/aer” are trauma pronouns for me

    yes, i use it. but this hurts me my body because I have TMD (temporomandibular deviation) and i cant pronounce it as ey/eir (from they/their, specially -ere), my wizard english teacher made learn that they/their is pronounced as a-er.

    as im south brazilian, i say -r- as in are : /ɑː(ɹ)/… as im neurodivergent somehow, i cant read their as there, it’s likely th-eyr for me.

    even she/her hurts me bc of -er. i hate he/him pronouns used for me omg stop i use ele in portuguese but not he in anglosphere cause oof it’s nonsensical dont misgender/misdenote/mispronoun me.

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  • I feel like, in all the five years that I’ve been here, I’m always the one to reach out and try to initiate contact, no matter the gender or fandom of my muse. I get plenty of responses, but usually, I have to be the one to start up a conversation; I just think how nice it would be if, just once, a few muns would reach out to me with plotting ideas.

    I’m sorry I’m not the newest shiny blog. I’m sorry the novelty of me being one of the few active blog of our muses of our RPC has worn off. I’m sorry if I annoy you. Sometimes I send more than few messages within the span of an hour, plotting related, only for the other person to respond with something completely irrelevant or, literally in my case, ‘asdfghghj’. It just gets tiring, you know?

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  • #answers#confessions #thank you i hope things go well
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  • Does anyone know the preferred amount of muses on a multi? I know upwards into the hundreds people don’t seem to respond well to that or even around 50 but I’m not sure what a good range is? Is 10 average? Is it closer to 20? Or do people prefer single digit muse counts even on multis? I know it’s different for everyone but I was curious if there was a general range that most people prefer to see

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  • I admire your graphic talent and your creative visualisation but I feel it´s unfair that in a writing based hobby, it gets more acknowledgement than actual writing.

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