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  • love how unbalanced the in flight competition is in Arcane :^)

    I guess it doesn’t REALLY matter since no matter what Arcane comes out on top but COME ON. 

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  • Requested: Hello! Can you write a Jess Laciox imagine where he finally feels like he’s ready to date and he has a crush on Y/N? Y/N, OA and Hailey were helping them with a case and shes also OAs’ partner and best friend? And Tali approves? Hope this is not too much! Thank you!

    We Are Safe

    Y/N threw open the Sedan door, leaving OA and Hailey in her dust. When she got the call about Tali being taken, it took everything in Y/N to not break down. Tali and the older woman bonded after Jess invited her over for dinner after their first case together. Since then when Tali had a female related question, she’d call Y/N and they’d chat for an hour or more. Tali had become like a daughter to Y/N, so hearing that Tali had been taken almost destroyed her.

    “Jess!” Y/N yelled, flashing her badge to the patrol officer guarding the scene. 

    Jess turned towards her voice. “Y/N!”

    She fell into his arms, giving him a long squeeze. “I just heard about what happened to Tali. What do you need from me?” She pulled away from him.

    Jess looked down at her, surprised to see genuine concern in her eyes. “I need you right beside me.” 

    Y/N nodded, glancing back at OA and Hailey. “Okay, good. Cause I wasn’t planning on going anywhere.” She led him over to OA and Hailey. “You remember OA,” the two men shook hands, “this is Hailey Upton, liaison from Chicago PD.” 

    “Hey.” Hailey said, holding out her hand.

    Jess took it, giving it a shake. “Nice to meet you.” 

    OA stepped forward, “so, what do you guys know?” 

    Jess led them to the van, not realizing that he still had Y/N’s hand in his. “We know that she was taken on her way to the soup kitchen she volunteers at and that the vehicle that was used is stolen.” He pointed to the screen, showing them the car.

    Y/N stepped forward, trying to get a better look at the car. “I’ve seen that car before, Jess.” She looked back at him.

    “Where?” Kenny asked, standing up from his chair. 

    “We had some girl time last weekend, and that van was outside two of the shops that we went to. The guy was watching us pretty hard, so I went to confront him but he took off before I could.” Y/N admitted, feeling guilty for not mentioning it. She stepped up to the computer and ran a search for traffic cams around the shops they visited. “It is a high traffic area, so there are multiple cameras stationed on the street. And since it is a business area, there are several private cameras that we might have to subpoena.”

    OA pulled out his phone, already typing in the ADA’s number. “I will get on that.” He stepped out of the van.

    “I am going to help interview the witness’.” Hailey stated, following after OA. 

    Kenny looked at Y/N, noticing her annoyed look. “Not a fan?” 

    “She thinks that she knows it all, because she works under Hank Voight in Chicago.” Y/N mumbled thanks to Kenny as he handed her a cup of coffee. “Last week, she tried to tell me how to search a house! Seriously! I’ve been an Agent longer than she has been a cop, I know how to search a house!”

    Kenny laughed. “I am surprised you haven’t kicked her ass yet.” 

    Y/N fell back into a chair. “We’ve got a sparring session scheduled, I’ll show her who is boss.”

    Kenny shook his head. “Don’t hurt her too bad.”

    “I make no promises.” Y/N muttered, typing away at the computer in front of her.

    ~~15 hours later~~

    Y/N pushed Jess back as they stepped up to an abandoned warehouse. “You should stay out here, Jess.” 

    He looked down at her in shock. “I have to go in, Y/N. She is my daughter, I need to be in there.” His voice shook.

    Y/N caressed his cheek. “I will handle it, Jess. She is just as important to me as she is to you. I will do everything in my power to make sure that she makes it out, even if I have to give my life for hers.”

    Jess stepped towards her. “I don’t want that to happen.”

    “Well, I have Kenny, OA, and Clinton coming with me. I am sure they’d be able to protect me.” Y/N looked up at him, using all of her courage to lean up and kiss him.

    Jess cupped her cheeks, kissing her passionately. When Y/N pulled back, Jess kept his hands on her cheeks. “We are going to need to talk after this is all said and done.” He whispered, not noticing the eyes on them.

    Y/N blushed, knowing that OA was smirking at her. “Yeah, I know. But first, I need to go save Tali.” 

    Jess nodded, stepping back. “Be safe.” 

    She smiled up at him. “I will.” she squeezed his hand one last time.

    Y/N raised her gun as OA signaled for her to follow him. She quietly jogged over and hid behind a wall. She glanced around it and saw Tali tied to a metal chair, a man stalked around her with a phone pressed to his ear. 

    “Man, I thought we said a quarter million! She is an FBI agent’s kid, I ain’t takin’ less than $500K. If you aren’t here in the next 30 minutes, I will kill her.” Y/N noticed Tali’s eyes widen in fear. 

    Y/N signaled to OA that she was moving in, as the man’s back was to her. As she tiptoed up behind him as he chucked his phone in anger. She raised her gun so that it was at head level, waiting for him to turn around. The man grumbled to himself as he turned around to pick up his gun.

    The man froze, her gun pressed between his eyelids. “Get on your knees and put your hands behind your head.” Y/N demanded, with a hard look of her face. 

    The man began to do as he was told, but quickly decided that he was going to attack her. He tackled her, causing her gun to fly out of her hands. With his arms around her waist, Y/N was left bent over his back. She interlocked her fingers and raised them over her head to slam them into his back. He groaned, loosening his grip. She slammed her knee into his chest, flipping him off her and onto the ground. She slugged him in the face, to be able to flip him onto his stomach. 

    “I said put your hands behind your back.” She growled in his ear, pressing her knee into his back. She twisted his arms to handcuff him.

    “Ouch! You are hurting me!” He growled, trying to twist away from her. 

    She dug her knee into his back. “I wouldn’t be, if you listened to me the first time.” With the click of the handcuffs, Y/N stood up and passed him onto Kenny– who was shocked at how hard she hit him. 

    OA smirked, holding out her gun. “Damn, Y/L/N.” 

    Y/N brushed him off, turning her attention to Tali– who was still shaking. “Tali.” She used her pocket knife to cut through the tap. 

    As soon as she was free, Tali launched herself into Y/N’s arms. “Oh, Y/N!” Tali sobbed.

    Y/N dropped her knife, allowing herself to hold Tali tightly. “It is okay, Tali. You are safe now.”

    Tali buried her head into Y/N’s neck. “They were planning on selling me, because they thought I was your daughter. Their boss, who I never saw, wanted to hurt you. He he said-” she stuttered, tears soaking the top of Y/N’s shirt.

    Y/N shushed Tali. “I don’t want you talking about it right now. Your dad is out there waiting for you.” When she tried to stand up, Tali tightened her grip around Y/N’s neck. “Okay.” Y/N stood up, which allowed Tali to wrap her legs around her. 

    Y/N walked out of the warehouse with OA and Kenny on either side of her. Clinton walked behind them, gun at the ready. The other agents milling around parted, allowing them direct access to Jess. Jess broke away from the agent he was talking with to wrap his arms around Y/N and Tali. 

    “Oh, my god. I am so glad you both are alright.” He whispered, clutching them to his chest. Tali used one arm to wrap around her dad and kept the other around Y/N. 

    Y/N let out a quiet sob. “We are okay, Jess.”

    Jess pulled back, only to cup her face and kiss her. “Yes, you are.”

    Tali gasped, then cheered.


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  • Diary entry, July 11th

    My life became a series of failed intimacies with men who repeated the actions of their predecessors. Each one took the pain the last one inflicted upon me and cut open the old wound. I have a scar formed over a scar formed over a scar. There is nothing more nefarious than someone taking your most sensitive of stories and making you relive them. Of course, they blamed it all on me. In their eyes, I’m an immature, self-absorbed, overly-sensitive witch—how dare I feel? I’m the one they found so captivating at first, but so easily forgotten once deemed no longer useful in their hands. But I know better. I know the truth about their pathetic, weak hearts. And I know the honesty within my own.


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    “Che Guevara. He was a prominent Marxist Revolutionary in the Cuban Revolution. He was also a doctor and military theorist. I find it so interesting how he did so much with his life, anyways he only lived to be 39 years old.”

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    Sent by anonymous

    ‘I hate the new icon for the app.’


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  • the hardest part of leaving

    someone behind

    is having no control

    over how they remember you.

    or how they feel when they do.

    if they do at all.

    - Jack Stowell

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  • (2nd post raving about plague dom)

    If it wasn’t for plague fighting actively against Wind, the prices wouldn’t have gone up as high, and us moneylubbers wouldn’t have made as big of a profit. 

    Fodder floor has NOT been this high for AWHILE.

    Now we’re gonna observe a one-flight conquest push. The most modest of price points there.

    Big props to plague for being the competitor we needed and don’t deserve. Because without them, wind and the fodder floor would be some limp-dick prices just like every other push, whether they’re conquest or festival or whatever. 

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    Sent by anonymous

    ‘as a teacher myself, I find the way we can’t opt out of the teacher/student romance in Queen B to be infuriating’


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  • you make me m*sturbate for you

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  • #ask me things #confessions #im an open book
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    Sent by @poppycola

    ‘As someone named Poppy who wasn’t paying attention to Queen B due to just not being interested, checking the tag one random Friday to find a bunch of posts mentioning my name with various shades of love and hate was *very* confusing.’


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    “Sam kinda reminds me of Fiona Apple. I cant really explain”

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  • Kids, it’s not the end of the world if you can’t edit to make font aesthetically small anymore for asks, I promise you, you can still answer your asks the same way you’ve always been. What are you all going to do when you can’t make small font on posts stop rping all together? Remember, rp isn’t about how it look it’s about how it reads. Maybe with these changes Tumblr is making we can get back to the fundamental basics of just writing with each other.

    #general#formatting#confessions #this ask was very ahead of its time given the new update
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  • #she-ra and the princesses of power #spop#confessions#Anonymous
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  • Dude aren´t you tired of remaking your blogs graphics and icons every other month? Imagine all the time you could have spent writing drafts …

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  • Someone in their rules: “Smut makes me so uncomfortable, so I never do it, and I don’t like following people who do unless it’s under a read more. But don’t worry, I read everyone’s rules before following! :)” // Me, someone who has it pasted all over my blog to NOT FOLLOW if smut makes someone uncomfortable because I DON’T put it under a read more, but I keep it tagged so it can be blacklisted: “THEN WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?????????? GO AWAY!”

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