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  • wiresandwifi
    27.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I amn. At my new school. Just got an id and they haven’t deadnamed me once except for official documents that require my legal name. I don’t even have to wear uniform. This is incredible

    #I’m so CALM #the principal is rlly chill and everyone just calls him Matt instead of by his ‘mr [surname]’ #wifi connecting
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  • genderless-god-person
    27.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Every time I see the scene in TFATWS where Sam and Bucky are fixing the boat (either in the last or second-to-last episode I think) in the room and are lowkey eyefucking staring meaningfully at each other I think of that West Wing quote that’s like “show the average American [teenage] male a lug wrench and his mind will turn to thoughts of lust”

    #bear talks#tfatws#sambucky #the west wing #i make the weirdest connections from my odd collection of fandoms im in #and i think that’s very sexy of me #anyways normalize wanting to get down with your homie and communicating that through intense eye contact while you handle tools
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  • attackbaby
    27.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    #important#archangel michael#spn michael#spn edit#spnarchangelweek #also i knooow this is wednesday's prompt but i don't think ill have a working connection that day
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  • wampirzyca
    27.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    i'm gonna start reading fanfiction again like a little romance starved bitch:|

    #romance starved touch starved connection starved i'm down BAD BAD🤦 #down horrendous #.
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  • mihotose
    27.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    araki saying every touken danshi should have a tanki as if that wont bankrupt every fan

    #oh god im so glad i like nikkari Only #(exaggerated ofc i like all of them but hes my special princess <3) #but like i still watched kashuu tanki and higehiza souki #even tho theyre not my favourites #personally i think nikkari is one who Needs this type of tanki the most #bc unlike the shinsengumi or the mamorigatana tantou he was used both in battle and he was alone #obviously the kyougoku had other swords but none inn game right. he doesnt interact with anyone besides ishikirimaru #and his other Connection is with juzumaru and theyre not that close actually #so while the shinsengumi history can be dealt with together a la bak #*uten and musuhaji it works better for nikkari'ss story to be told Alone. through aa tanki. #also the shinsengumi have been Heavily covered dksjdk nikkari deserves this one #gemitus #(it also just really works with his character. he really just walks by himself. Alone.. ((besides the ghosts ofc
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  • wordsbyjenpoetry
    27.09.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Dreams are often linked to real life events from the past. Usually these are events or thoughts from one to two days before the dream. We dream in pictures. About two thirds of dreams are mainly visual, with fewer that involve sounds, movement, taste or smell. Colour is only in about a third of all dreams. It has been said that when we are awake we think in ideas, but when we are asleep we think in pictures. And when I dream, I wish to see the picture of you.

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  • mossbenches
    27.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago


    #people are guessing a flower I wrote the poem about #unlucky for them #girl it’s my deadname I have so many connections to this dumb plant
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  • pakuchibake
    27.09.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    not talking about lyrics or sound but visually bad love has so so so much to do with shinin... idk if that is part of why he fought to get his idea made but it sure is something

    #its completely him but oh man that shinee connection.. #i didnt get the full extent from the teasers #i am really feeling several things right now!! #im not even awake enough to put this together coherently #but at the same time this isnt something that needs to be analyzed its pretty much right there #kibum
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  • everythinkaloud
    27.09.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    You truly can connect through music, it’s just that most people don’t know what they’re connecting to!

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  • thesk8doctor
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Truth Myles Garrett is one of the best defensive backs in the NFL . Go Browns Go Myles

    We thank you Fans all over Browns Nation..

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  • thesneakerconnect
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The highest honor I can bestow via /r/gaming https://ift.tt/3CN6VU3

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  • cybersecuritys
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #connect to a VPN’s US IP #best security features
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  • dangerondeck
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Whaddup, it’s your girl here with more Hartin Family HCs thought up by me at like 3 am (I also decided to type it up at 3 am so i apologize for mistakes and if feels incoherent/rambly). This post is definitely for Jesse (@angrypunchguy) and Jesse only cause he inspired me but literally. I can’t believe I’ve never given any member of the Hartin family a cat until now cause it’s SO them but anyway 

    - it’s one of those really fluffy long-haired cats, all black 

    - as a side note, I always wanted to give Char the exact same cat in this universe so she and Izzy definitely bond over the fact that their cats are twinsies

    - It’s the pet Izzy gets after Steve is gone 

    - Izzy kinda wants to name them Felix just to screw with her brother cause Felix the Cat; even though it’s technically Izzy’s cat, Felix wants to name her Salem because he has a whole collection of comic books that feature Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Izzy’s still mad about the Salem Witch Trials so she won’t allow it 

    - They both finally settle on the name Eclipse 

    - Eclipse definitely bonds with Henry first because he was the only one that didn’t really want her at first (not that he’s against cats specifically; actually he would’ve preferred a cat over any of the other animals they acquired over the years, but he didn’t really want any other pets because he’s the one that ends up having to take care of them)

    - (Felix is better about sharing the responsibility than Izzy, but during those times when he’s nowhere to be found and it’s time to walk Daisy (felix’s golden retriever), Zack always conveniently has something else he totally forgot to do that needs to be done right away so the responsibility falls to Henry)(and Henry wouldn’t even ask Zack to help with anything involving Steve considering Zack can barely be in the same room) 

    - (although, when their kids are old enough where they can be left alone for a few minutes, Zack will take Daisy for a walk but only if it becomes a couple’s activity and Henry goes with him)  

    - (actually, Zack didn’t want another pet either but that’s entirely because he didn’t think he could handle another arachnid in the house, or anything that could be classified as a bug aldsjkf But, Izzy knows he can’t handle tears so she definitely used that to her advantage and once he learned she wanted a cat he was totally on board anyway and he helped convince Hen) (but this HC list is getting away from me alkdsjf)

    - anyway, she bonds with Hen at first and she definitely talks to him. As long as he looks at her when he speaks, she’ll respond no matter what he says. She’ll talk to the others too, but only sometimes; Henry, all the time. 

    - There’s definitely been more than one occasion when Zack’s walked in on them and just been like “are you having conversations with the cat again?” “........no.” 

    - “sometimes I think you talk to that cat more then you talk to me” Henry, deadpan but entirely joking: “she’s a better conversationalist than you”

    - and even though Henry didn’t really want her at first, she still gets toys at Christmas every year, they end up with one of those big cat trees in their living room, and he gets her one of those beds you can stick in the window 

    - This is definitely Jesse’s idea, but Felix and Izzy get her a pink, sparkly collar with a little bell on it 

    - Ofc she’s afraid of Daisy at first, but she warms up to her after a short while and it gets to the point where she uses Daisy as a bed on occasion 

    - After a little begging from Izzy, Zack agrees to make Eclipse a bed that’s an exact replica of Izzy’s

    - It becomes a part of Eclipse’s routine to curl up in it when Izzy retires for the night (but she’ll divide her time between her bed and sleeping with Izzy on Izzy’s bed)

    - Izzy and Fe get her one those harnesses to try to train her to take walks 

    - it does not end well

     - it becomes a family group project (taking place over several months because they can only afford so many supplies at a time alkdjf) to build her a little sanctuary/playpen type thing in the backyard; Izzy and Felix tell Henry what they want it to have, he turns it into something that’s actually conceivable asdaslkdf and gives it to Zack, where Zack does most of the actual building 

    - It does turn into an opportunity for him to teach Izzy and Fe a thing or two though

    - and Zack has to keep Henry from giving her the whole backyard instead of just half 

    - also, this is sort of Jesse’s idea too, but she always lays on Izzy’s and Felix’s desks when they’re doing homework or Fe is playing a game. She’s messed up more than one of his games by laying directly on the controller or keyboard 

    #my grandma had a cat named eclipse that i loved so this is my way of honoring them both i guess #you can tell that towards the last half of this list I randomly remembered Zack canonically has excellent woodworking skills alskdfj #also you guys can always add on to these lists if you want <3 #i might think of more later but it's 3 am and my joints are killing me alkdsjf #also like okay. this HC has literally nothing to do with the cat. like at all. and i know I'm veering *dangerously* close to meta territory #in saying so but. Felix has a special connection to the comic book version of Jughead cause of the whole aro/ace thing #and i only thought of that because of sabrina but n e way #is that me heavily projecting? maybe. mind your business #also like. I’m not really talking about canon!Henry but the version of Henry that exists in my mind is a cat person #idk why but he is #which is why like most of these were related to him alsdkjf #I’ll add my organization tags later
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  • dean-winchester-is-a-warrior
    27.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Supernatural Connections #3 What am I Supposed to Do?

    One of my absolute favourite connections in the series is between the Season 2 finale, All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 and the Season 3 finale, No Rest for the Wicked. The connection is the question - "What am I supposed to do?"

    In 2x22 Dean is talking to Sam as his little brother lies dead on the mattress in front of him. Heartbroken, guilt-ridden (unjustifiably so, of course!) and completely lost, Dean is desperate to try and understand what happens next - he can't let his little brother die. So he starts by asking Sammy:

    Then as he becomes more frustrated at the lack of an answer, he asks the question again:

    Finally, angry, grief-stricken and completely at a loss, he yells the question out, seemingly to the Universe:

    Of course we know that what Dean does is make a deal - selling his soul. Which leads us to the end of 3x16.

    The boys (and Bobby) have tried everything to get Dean out of the deal he made to save Sam, but they've failed. Upon realizing this, Sam is in the same lost place Dean was in. Not surprisingly, he asks the same question, "What am I supposed to do?" But in this case, he can actually ask his big brother and get an answer.

    Dean, with a look ☝ that says he clearly remembers desperately shouting this question into the ether, proceeds to give his baby brother the advice and practical answers he never got.

    After giving Sam his answer, Dean gives him the softest, most heartbreakingly wistful smile:

    These boys will kill me! 💔

    In this connection between these two seasons we see, once again, how much Dean loves his little brother, of course. But we also see him caring for him, as he always has, protecting him, trying to ease the path for him. We see him, as he has many times in the past, making sure that Sam has what he didn't have, answers and some guidance.

    This show has all my heart! 💓

    #what am i supposed to do? #Supernatural Connections #Sam and Dean #spn 2x22#spn 3x16 #dean taking care of sam
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  • tovezza
    27.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Writing this dragging up how much due to random twists of fate I grew up with far more connection to Swedish language/culture than Filipino or eastern euro Ashkenazi culture

    #I wouldn’t consider myself an expert etc etc but it is fun to get to unleash my knowledge of lingonsylt/knäckebröd/prinsesstårta on like. #Something #If anyone asks Matthias’s home region is based strongly on Dalarna #I don’t have anyyyyy ethnic connections or whatnot but my mom lived there at an important tome #Time for her and Swedish is her third Lang so I had the experience of like. Going Back To Visit in a way I don’t for the Philippines etc
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  • teta-veleta
    27.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Re: my last reblog

    #life has become so much of a joke that even my printer decided to fuck me #How is it possible that there are compatibility issues with the page formatting of a pdf? #it's a word document with annotations not a fucking poster #if only I could connect my pc to it but apparently that stupid machine can't handle that either #non so se ridere o piangere mi sento come in un film di fantozzi
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  • almiarangers
    27.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Literally no part of my body functions like it’s supposed to what the actual fuck

    I want a refund and a new body that isn’t made entirely of defective parts

    #Cockatoo.txt #fuuuuuuuuuck #literally from my feet to my scalp nothing works right #my feet are shaped weird and start to hurt from walking way before anyone else #I’ve got minor-moderate external tibial rotation in my knees #I’ve got pcos and Various Other Things going wrong between my legs #I Probably have ibs or something bc my stomach is constantly trying to kill me #POTS means my blood vessels suck at contracting #hypermobile EDS means all my connective tissue is shit #and my spine pretty much cant support me vertically for longer than like an hour at a time #brain problems could be a whole nother post bc I have a ton of them #And then fucking seborrheic dermatitis as just the icing on this misery cake #k i l l m e #I’m 23! I should not have this many health problems at 23! #*at least my lungs work fine I guess* #That’s like the one piece of me that’s not falling apart
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  • roswell-rp
    27.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    kian zhang is looking for their twin sister !!

    Name of the Connection: UTP Zhang (unless married), twin of Kian Zhang.

    Preferred Faceclaim: Ideally I’d love Gemma Chan for this, but any suitable female fc of Chinese ethnicity works. The character is 38 (born February 21st 1983).

    Description: The Zhang twins grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, to two loving parents. They were close during childhood, always there for one another through thick and thin, although Kian’s move to New York upon graduation certainly put a little strain on their relationship, having never really been apart for a long period of time before. Everything about her though is really up to you, these are the only specifics I have, so we can totally build their past between us.

    Player Contacted before application?: Yes please, at my main blog @skyehenderson or at @kianzzhang just so I know who’s taking it up <3

    #gemma chan fc #original character rp #active rp#wanted connection#town rp
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