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  • sarahflynn7
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    SEASON 4 RELEASE DATE!!! and names of the first two episodes

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  • desperatecheesecubes
    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Kon deserves all the hugs in the world and I would fist fight the adults he’s traveling with without hesitation

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  • desperatecheesecubes
    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Why did none of the (many) adults in Kon’s life have a problem with this?

    #like…he’s definitely still a child??? #Look how young he is! #conner kent#mine
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  • cloakedsparrow
    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    DC Headcanon: SuperFamily Fuel

    Clark, Conner, Bizarro, Chris, Kara, and Krypto don’t actually need to eat. They can and do eat, and they enjoy it, but they could survive by being fueled on sunlight alone.

    Jon is more like a series hybrid car. He needs food, but sunlight can extend how long he can run off the energy provided by the food. So he has to eat, but not as much as a fully human child his size and age does.

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  • mejacinta
    15.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Conner's got attachment issues...but boy did I love that he stopped Kory from going off to Tamaran without directly letting the Titans know. 👏👏👏

    Kory's got a bunch of issues to straighten out with Dick about how she's been feeling in their 'family', and what she thinks Tamaran holds for her.

    Kory, honey, you're not going to get away that easy. You need to talk with the others so we see their reaction.

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  • the-overanalyzer
    15.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Again, ignoring my own shipping preferences, it is deeply entertaining to me that there’s Kon, there’s Kon-who-is-Jon, and there’s Jon, and so far Tim Drake has had very emotionally intense—often outright homoerotic—relationships with two of the three, and now he and the third are both revealed as mlm within months of each other.

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  • jillys-feral-fandoms
    15.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The way I’m going from writing possessive serial killer Conner straight into dad!conner soft lactation kink blurb is my fav thing

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  • dylanobrienisbatman
    15.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Conner and Blackfire is such a weird couple but I love it actually

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  • ruluxe
    15.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    (do not reblog) bunch of sketches/wips i will eventually maybe finish

    #ru.art #do not reblog #link botw #oc: christian cavanaugh #conner kent #oc: tomoko (@gojousfutureexmalewife) #timkon baby oc: jaxson bartholomew drake-wayne-kent aka ja-el kent (its a mouthful ik) theres 5 more where that came from #tim and kon popping out babies like no tmr #oc: constantine baptiste #renga#hasagawa langa#kyan reki #some of these have made it to the colouring process but like... i have commitment issues and my art/fic are not exempt from this :')
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  • jillys-feral-fandoms
    15.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Writing possessive serial killer Conner has me feeling all types of ways

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  • wondergotham
    15.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Heal a Broken Heart - Part 12

    Summary: As Dick battles his inner demons Y/n reunites with multiple loved ones. While the reunions are beautiful her and the Titans must put their feelings aside for now.…to take down Crane and save Gotham.

    [ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 & 10 | Part 11 | Series Playlist ]

    Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader (Romantic), Dick Grayson x Sister!Reader, Conner Kent x Reader (Platonic), Gar Logan x Reader (Platonic)

    A/N: Titans S3, E12 (Prodigal) Spoilers!

    Tags: @mxsmwndr @rosalietodd013 @redpool @eliwinchester-barnes @nadiagirl1 @redskull199987 @twsssmlmaa @chongyuns-popsicle @soph1emqds @lilyviolets @captainshazamerica @thetiny-hufflepuff @kaldurahms-lover​ @alldarksoul

    “My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn’t go as planned, and that’s okay.”

    As you slowly opened your eyes you heard a soft whining. But then a fuzzy white creature came into view. It was Krypto. You groaned as you slowly sat up. You were groggy and your mind was still fuzzy from the tranquilizer Dick had injected you with.

    Man I’m so getting him back for this.

    The tranquilizer was supposed to last for a few hours. But your body rejected it and fought off the effects so it only lasted for 20 minutes. Bruce had trained you for this moment for years and it definitely paid off. Dick had no idea of this.

    Krypto licked your cheek and you laughed. He tilted his head as you pet him.

    A sudden realization washed over you. You looked to your side and saw a still unconscious Conner.

    “Conner, Conner wake up.” You patted his cheek lightly but no avail.

    He still had Kryptonite on him, his cheeks were green. You started to panic and breathed in deeply. You needed to help him. Although you were strong and trained for years it was still incredibly difficult to lift a 6’1 super powered young adult male.

    “Krypto you’re going to have to help me out buddy.” You struggled as you lifted the upper half of Conner’s body off the ground.

    Krypto barked and clamped his mouth on the right pant leg of Conner’s cargo pants. Conner felt much lighter, you felt like you were carrying a book bag. He had definitely helped you out.

    Once you made it outside you placed Conner on the grass. Lucky the abandoned control room was surrounded by nature. Even though it was dark you hoped this worked. You came up to Conner’s side and kneeled down, putting your head on his chest to listen for his heart beat. 

    It was beating so slowly, barely even there at that point. You listened for a few more seconds then lifted your head back up. 

    “Conner. I need you to wake up, please. You can do this. You’re much stronger than that Kryptonite. You can fight this.” You held Conner’s hand.

    Krypto cried out. You looked at him, “Krypto, h-he's okay. He's going to be fine. It's j-just dark, so there's no sunlight, b-but there's-" You paused to take a breath and look at your surroundings.

    “T-There's sunlight in everything. There's sunlight in the, the grass." You hastily grabbed a fistful of grass and shoved it into Conner’s hand. "So, Conner, just take it. Take the sun." Conner’s hand remained limp. Cold. Unclenched and unaware that he could die.

    "Absorb the sunlight in the grass." You desperately pleaded, your voice cracking as your hope started to fade.

    "Please..." Still nothing. "Conner... no." You bit your lip and lowered your head. "Please don't leave." You begged, putting your head on Conner’s chest and resting your left hand on the side of his rib-cage. 

    All you wanted was to see Conner smile again, to feel his hug again, for him to say that it was going to be okay. But it wasn't. Your best friend was incredibly weak, he could die.

    Your distraught mind wasn't able to realize this but the wind started to blow as Conner began taking in the sunlight from the grass. Just as you had pleaded him to do.

    Krypto barked, having seen what Conner was doing. You lifted your head only to see swirls of light traveling through the ground towards Conner’s body.

    "You’re doing it. You’re pulling the sunlight." You said happily, feeling relieved. Krypto wagged his tail excitedly knowing his master was going to be okay. Sunlight continued to seep out from seemingly nowhere restoring Conner’s health. Healing what you thought you had lost.

    Conner’s foot twitched as the sunlight started to take effect. You saw that happen, so you leaned down to search Conner’s face for any signs of him waking up. The kryptonite faded from his cheeks. They were no longer green, they were back to being a light pink.

    Conner suddenly gasped as his eyes snapped open.

    You breathed out as you scooted a little closer to your best friend. "I'm here. I'm here." You whispered, hoping that Conner could understand and not be mad at you after what happened.

    Luckily, he wasn’t mad. “You saved me. You freaking did it Y/n!” He exclaimed proudly.

    Conner always knew you were strong and could handle yourself even though you were powerless. But the way you managed to save him by yourself was something that amazed him. He was so proud of you.

    "I didn’t know if I could. I thought I was going to lose you." You responded with a choked out sob. You rested your head on Conner’s chest again, wanting, no, needing to hear his heartbeat.

    Conner breathed in and out several times slowing regaining his strength. He wanted to hug you because he knew you were going to blame yourself for what Dick had done. Once he felt strong enough, he placed his hands on your shoulders. "It's okay."

    You released a shaky breath as Conner looked at you. When it came to him comforting you, he had no idea, but you found peace in every second of it. "Dammit Conner I love you, so much. Don't ever do that again!"

    Conner chuckled softly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you....However this was Dick’s doing... But I-I love you too."

    You sighed, "No, don't be sorry, it's not your fault." You backtracked as you sat back up. “You’re right and I’m going to have a long talk with Dick about that. You weren’t the only victim, he injected me with a tranquilizer.”

    Conner shook his head in disbelief. Dick did this to his own sister too?! Did he not have any shame? As upset as he was you were also having a hard time. So Conner decided to put his feelings aside for the moment.

    "Hey." Conner sat up as well despite you warning him not to. "Listen..." Conner whispered as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. "It's okay. I'm okay, you're okay." He looked over your shoulder at his canine friend. "Krypto’s okay."

    "There's nothing to worry about." Conner continued as he looked back at you. "We don't need to talk about what happened before, it's all over now."

    "But what about Crane?" You questioned, your vigilante mind taking over the best friend one. "What about Red Hood? What about-"

    "Hey, easy." Conner hushed. "Just come here." He pulled you into a gentle embrace, tears accumulated in Conner’s eyes. "Thank you Y/n."

    You hugged him back and rested your head on his shoulder. "You’re welcome Conner. Thank you for coming back."


    Conner was hesitant to let you go search for Dick by yourself. It was dangerous and he didn’t want a brainwashed citizen to recognize you. He wanted to go with you. 

    But at the same time he didn’t want to run into Dick because he was still angry at him. And he also wanted to look for Blackfire. 

    So you told him he didn’t need to come with you. You understood that he was pissed off at your brother. Hell you were too but if anything happened to Dick you wouldn’t forgive yourself. Of course Conner wasn’t going to let his pride win over his feelings. He dropped you off a block away from Dick and Jason’s meeting spot. Just like you told him to. 

    “Be careful okay?” Conner asked. You nodded, “You too. I’ll see you soon.”  You and Conner hugged each other one last time before he left. 

    “Dick!” Gar exclaimed.

    His and Rachel’s eyes widened as they saw Dick lying on the ground. They quickly ran towards him.

    “No!” Rachel cried and started breathing heavily. “Rach, is there anything you can do?” Gar asked. Rachel tried to use her magic on the wound on Dick’s neck. But sadly nothing happened. Rachel sobbed, “Dick!” She turned to look at Gar. “No. It's too late.” 

    “Rachel! Gar!” A voice startled the two. 

    Gar and Rachel looked up, it was you. You were smiling at them but once your eyes saw what was next to them it faded away.

    “Dick!” You exclaimed as you saw his beaten and bloody body on the ground.

    Gar got up and stood in front of his body trying to block you from seeing the state your brother was in. But you still saw. You couldn’t believe your eyes.

    “Y/N, I-I’m so sorry.” Gar said sadly. Your eyes widened as the realization set in. You shook your head, “No, no.....NO!” You dropped on your knees and started sobbing.

    You were too late.

    “Dick, please come back. I need you, I can’t do this without you! Don’t leave me!” You cried loudly on Dick’s chest. You held onto him hoping he would somehow wake up. But he didn’t. 

    You tried to listen to his heartbeat but he didn’t have one. He was gone. 

    “Come back, please!” You cried. 

    All Rachel could do was look at you sadly. She didn’t know what to do, she was also grieving. Gar placed his hand on your shoulder. You looked at him in tears. 

    “It’s my fault, I was too late. If I had made it here on time this wouldn’t have happened. The tranquilizer....didn’t wear off in time.....” Gar hugged you tightly and you sobbed into his shoulder. “It’s not your fault Y/n. It’s okay, everything is gonna be okay.” He reassured you.

    But Gar didn’t know if he was trying to convince you or himself. He was absolutely heart broken right now. You lost your brother, the only family you had left. And he lost his mentor.

    Gar screamed which caught you off guard. When you looked up bats were screeching and flying around you four. Gar started rubbing his eyes. You stepped back as you saw his eyes and hands transform. A snarl came from him. 

    “Gar?” You and Rachel asked. 

    In a matter of seconds Gar transformed into a bat. To say the least you were proud. He had been working on trying to transform into a different animal for a while now and here he was. A large group of bats lifted your brother’s body into the air. 

    “Where are they taking him Rach?” You asked. “To the Lazarus Pit. Gar and I found one here in the city. We can bring him back Y/n, don’t worry.” Rachel reassured as she held your hands.

    You knew there was a Lazarus Pit in the city ever since Jason had come back. After all it’s Gotham. But you were never able to find it. Thankfully your best friends had. Dick could come back.

    “Thank you Rach. I’m so glad you’re back I missed you.” You sniffled as you hugged her.

    She hugged you back tightly. You felt a smile form on her face as her chin rested on your shoulder, “I missed you too.” 


    You and Rachel ran quickly as you arrived at the Lazarus Pit’s location. “Gar, now.” Rachel stated.

    The bats carefully lowered Dick into the pit. You could feel your heart racing, you could hear it beating in your ears.

    “Rachel? Is he going to make it?” Gar asked back in his human form.

    “I don't know.” Rachel replied truthfully.

    “Dick, if you can hear me please come back. I know you better than anybody knows you and I know you don’t quit. So you can’t go now. Dick you can’t go!” You broke. Rachel and Gar wrapped their arms around you as you cried again. 


    (E/c = eye color)

    Dick looked around as you, Gar and Rachel’s voiced echoed in the unknown place he was in.

    “Rachel? Is he going to make it?” Gar asked. “I don't know.” She replied.

    “Dick, if you can hear me please come back. I know you better than anybody knows you and I know you don’t quit. So you can’t go now. Dick you can’t go!” Dick’s heart broke as he heard you cry.

    He needed to get out of here, get back to you and the Titans. He couldn’t leave you, not you. He would never be at peace with himself. 

    Crane's voice echoed, “In the beginning, there was fear.” 

    “Where am I?” The older Grayson asked.

    “Eternity. Your story begins the night your parents died. When Mommy and Daddy died, a door in you closed.” Flashbacks of your mom and dad’s deaths replayed in Dick’s mind.

    “You closed it in an attempt to avoid further pain. Didn't quite work though, did it?” Crane asked.

    “What are you talking about?” Dick retorted.

    Crane appeared behind him and he turned around, “When a parent dies, it's like the ground beneath you suddenly gives way. You trust nothing good again, not fully. You live in fear. But Bruce Wayne, he showed you how to live with that fear. Punish it, strike first. And then that's all you had. Fear and rage. You felt fear, and dealt rage.” Dick remembered the shouting and punches thrown during the multiples fights he had.

    “Don't you get it? The battle for your soul... is over. You lost.”

    Dick heard Rachel’s voice. “Dick... 

    “You chose the path...”

    “Talk to me.” She said.

    Then your voice again, “I’m here Dick and I’m not leaving until I see you standing on your own two feet.”

    “...of Bruce Wayne. But he was not your father. You are the son of John Grayson. And he would be so disappointed with the man that you've become.” A single tear drop ran down Dick’s cheek. 

    “You're failing him. Just like you failed everyone.” Crane taunted. 

    Flashbacks of Jericho, Donna and Hank’s deaths raced through Dick’s thoughts. 

    “On the other hand, your father would be proud of Y/n. But then again how could he when he only knew her for a year? Poor little Y/n doesn’t know the true pain of losing both parents because she never got to know them.”

    In another flashback Dick saw his 12 year old self carrying your 1 year old self in his arms. It was right after your parents had been murdered. He was sitting on one of the seats inside the circus tent. You had no idea what was going on. Dick just looked at you sadly as you looked at him with your happy and big (e/c) eyes.

    Dick kissed your forehead and held you. His gaze was fixed on the numerous police officers and the two detectives that stood over your parent’s bodies. They were covered with a white sheet and there was red tape around them. He was so uncertain about what would happen next.

    But there was one thing he did know. He was going to love and protect you the way your parents would have. He was going to try to be the best big brother. 

    “For Y/n’s entire life she’s lived in a large mansion with a butler and two vigilantes. She doesn’t share the exact pain you have Dick, Y/n doesn’t have the darkness that you have. That little baby grew up calling Bruce “dad” until she found out the truth. But even then she didn’t let the pain corrupt her.”

    As much as Dick wanted to deny it, he couldn’t. Crane was right. Your childhood was beautiful, you grew up in a mansion. You had no idea about the family you had back at the circus or the two loving parents that were murdered. You thought Bruce was your dad for 12 years. Although it hurt him to see you calling another man who wasn’t your father “dad” he couldn’t take that away from you.

    Which is why he didn’t tell you the truth until Bruce let him once you turned 12. But even when he told you everything there was nothing but love in you. Yes you were devastated when you found out Bruce wasn’t your real father and that your parents were murdered. But you turned that pain into love. Instead of letting the pain consume you and corrupt you you controlled it.

    You trained harder on gymnastics and hand to hand combat. You did incredibly well in school and did things most 12 year olds wouldn’t do. Dick was proud of you. But looking back now he realized Crane was right. You and him didn’t share that darkness. 


    “Can you sense him in there?” Gar asked.

    “He has to fight, Gar. We can't help him, anymore. He has to fight.”

    Gar sighed, “He will.” 

    “Without a doubt.” You replied.

    “What's wrong?” Rachel asked as Gar groaned. “I'm okay. The bat... I'm still working through it.”

    “How did you do that?”

    “I don't know. These new changes, they always happen when I'm afraid. It's like, my ability to change is locked behind a door. And fear...Fear cracks it open for a brief moment. And then it just slams shut again. When it happens, when I start to change, it feels like I'm dying. I know I can do more, I can... be more. I just don't want it to always be this way.” Gar explained.

    “My whole life, I thought it was hate that gave me power. Like my father.” Rachel said.

    “You're nothing like him.” Gar replied.

    “I know that. But I know that because when it came time for me to face him... it wasn't hate... that gave me power. It was love, for you... for Y/n...for Dick... for Kory. I wouldn't let him hurt you because I loved you and that gave me all the strength I could possibly need. It unlocked everything for me.”

    You and Gar were quiet for a moment and took in Rachel’s words. If there is one of out of the many things you and Rachel have in common it’s that...using love instead of hate as fuel.

    “Close your eyes.” Rachel instructed, you closed them immediately. 

    But you knew Gar was hesitating because Rachel said, “Trust me.” Rachel placed a hand on your cheek and another on Gar’s.

    “When you both saw Dick's, body, you felt... so much pain. But then you Gar saw the bats. You knew you had to join them. They found you because... they knew you loved Dick Grayson. You have everything you need.”

    “And so do you Y/n because instead of blaming Jason you blamed yourself. That tells us what we’ve always known about you. Your heart is so big and the love you have is endless. You even saved Conner, all by yourself.”

    Your eyes widened. But then you and Gar smiled at Rachel’s beautiful words. She knew you both so well, with or without powers. The three of you turned towards the water as it started sloshing.

    “Something is happening.” Gar was nervous. 

    You stared at the water intently hoping you would soon see Dick. This was taking too long.


    “Dad.” Dick breathed as he saw his younger self walking with his dad.

    It was years before you were born. Based on his younger self’s age you wouldn’t be born until 5 or 6 years from then. He remembered asking for a sibling. His dad would chuckle and say, “In a few years, kiddo.” Younger Dick jumped into his father’s arms and they approached him.

    “Dad, I'm sorry. I lost my way. I was trying to be someone I'm not. And I failed you. But you should see Y/n. I don’t think you know about her yet but you’d be proud of her. She looks just like mom but she has your personality. She’s the best thing you guys ever gave me.” Dick smiled softly.

    “It's okay, son. I love you and Y/n. You have no idea how proud I am of you and of my baby girl. Tell her that, okay?” John asked and Dick nodded. “She’s grown into an incredibly strong, beautiful and intelligent woman because of you. You did good, son.” John kissed younger Dick’s cheek before walking away. All Dick could do was stare at him.


    “Your father wasn't the only one you failed. You failed Jason as well.”

    “There's still time.” Dick said.

    “Time for what? Time to change him. To change? No. No, no, no. He works for me now. All it took was a simple fear treaty. And poof! His soul was mine.” Crane smiled.

    “I can stop you.”

    “No, you can never stop me now. You had your chance and you failed.” Crane spat. 

    Out of no where a fist punched out of the water. 

    “Dick!” You exclaimed happily. 

    You covered your hands with your mouth in shock. As Dick gasped you and Rachel quickly helped him out. 

    “Dick.” Rachel uttered as Dick passed out.

    Luckily Dick regained consciousness. He gasped and looked at you three.

    “Y/n.” He breathed.

    You and Dick jumped into each other’s arms at the same time. You cried softly as you held onto him. Gar and Rachel looked at you both happily.

    “You came back.” You sniffled.

    “I promised I’d never leave so here I am. I’m always going to be here for you. I love you.” Dick sighed in relief.

    “I love you too.” You smiled. 

    Although you were still mad at him after what he did you knew now wasn’t the time. You’d have to discuss that with him later. For now you were more than happy your brother was alive.

    “Gar, Rachel....” Dick trailed off as he noticed the duo.

    “It's okay now, you're safe. Let us help you.” Rachel looked at Dick concerned. “Are you all right? What...what happened down there?” Gar asked.

    Dick ran his hands through his hair, “Crane can be stopped. There's still time.”

    “Wait, Dick, you need to rest, man.” The three of you got up and followed Dick. You stood in front of your brother blocking his path.

    “Oh no you don’t. You’re not going alone again. I’ll be damned if I let you do this by yourself. You saw what happened right? This time I’m going with you and you can’t say no. OH and may I point out I am STILL not happy with the fact that you knocked out Conner and I. So YOU owe ME.” Your chest heaved up and down as you finished ranting. 

    Gar and Rachel looked at you both with puzzled expressions. You and Conner knocked out? Because of Dick? Boy was this going to be an interesting story.

    Dick chuckled softly and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. He ruffled your hair and said, “Yeah I do owe you. Plus I need my partner in crime, so suit up.”

    You smiled widely and clasped your hands together happily.

    Dick turned to Gar and Rachel, “Anton and First Street, there's an abandoned control room. Find Conner. Make sure he is okay. Unite the Titans.” He instructed.

    “Wait Conner said he was going to look for Blackfire. I don’t think he’s there anymore but you can try.” You shrugged at Gar and Rachel. They both nodded before Rachel looked at Dick, “Unite the Titans where?”

    “Take them to Donna.” He replied nonchalantly as you both walked away.  

    “Wait Donna’s alive?! How do you know?!” You exclaimed.

    Although you were so happy to the point that you could cry you were also very confused. Dick was dead for a few hours so how did he know this?

    “I’ll tell you on the way.” He replied.


    You were in position on the roof of a building looking out for Dick. He insisted on talking to Jason on his own. Although you were hesitant you were glad that Dick had at least allowed you to go with him unlike last time. So now here you were, carefully watching Jason’s moves.

    He was facing the building you were on so you crouched down making sure he couldn’t see you. Gunshots rang out as he fired his gun into the air. “That's right, motherfuckers! The Hood is back! Nightwing is gone and this is the thanks you give me?”

    Was he serious right now? You rolled your eyes. You noticed Jason look down, he was holding an inhaler. But not just an ordinary one....it had been created by Crane. He better not fucking use it.

    Jason turned around as Dick spoke. His back was towards you now. Although you couldn’t hear them you still watched them intently. Since Dick was facing your building you stood up and gave him a signal letting him know everything was good.

    “Jason...it's okay. It's me.” Dick said as he walked up to him.

    “What the fuck? Don't do this to me. I saw you die. Right here.” Jason gestured at the ground.

    Dick looked at it before looking back up at Jason. “I was in the Pit. Like you, I came out alive.”

    “The Pit? Who took you there?” Jason asked.

    “I don't know. Gar, Y/n and Rachel were there when I came out.” There it was, the tug Jason felt on his heart every time he heard your name. He felt guilty knowing you had seen your own brother, dead. All because of him.

    “We don't have time. I need your help.”

    “You want me to help you? I'm a fucking murderer.”

    “You know how Crane is operating. You know how he thinks. He needs to be stopped or a lot more people are gonna die. You want redemption? Do you want Y/n to forgive you someday? This is the first step.” Jason was quiet for a moment before he spoke up again. Damn Dick was right.

    “You can't stop him. He's got everything. The police, the Bat Cave. He's gonna take the whole fucking city down.” Jason explained. “How?” Dick asked. “You think I know? He doesn't tell me shit.” Jason shook his head.

    “He must have said something. Think.”

    “It was all crazy shit. ‘Like waves of anger and fear. The bright and darkened lands of the Earth.’ Something about an attack you and Bruce stopped a long time ago.”

    Dick thought for a moment, “Years ago, Crane sent a poem to Jim Gordon with clues about an attack on Gotham. A chain of explosives to release his fear toxin. We stopped him before he had a chance to set it off. Bruce took Crane's weapons and put them in the Gotham Armory to study them.”

    “And Crane is in the Bat Cave. So he knows where those weapons are.” Jason pointed out.

    “And so do we now. We need to go.” Dick extended his arm that held Jason’s Red Hood helmet. Jason clicked his gun back into his holster.

    “So, I'm a Titan again?” He asked. “No, you'll never be a Titan again. But you can help me and Y/n save Gotham.” Dick replied honestly. He leaned Jason’s helmet closer to him.

    Jason took it hesitantly before looking at him, “How do I know you're not going to kill me?”

    “Because now I know what it's like to die. And because she won’t be too happy if I go to prison for a second time.” Dick pointed to something behind Jason.

    Jason followed his finger and turned around. He saw you standing on the roof of a building watching them. When you saw Jason look at you you turned around and walked away. That was your sign that it was time to go. 

    Meanwhile Jason felt a bit hopeful inside. He was finally going to see you up close after 3 long months. He missed you. But he knew your reunion was not going to be sweet at all.


    To say that the walk was awkward was an understatement. Jason wasn’t your ex, you both were never in an official relationship. But it still felt weird working with the guy you once liked. Well, you still liked him but you were trying not to since he betrayed you. He was irredeemable and you were still forcing yourself to get over him.

    But it was hard. The memories you guys had together, the hugs, kisses and hand holding made you feel nostalgic. Why couldn’t things be like they were before? Simple.

    You shook your head. Jason killed Hank, innocent people and tricked you countless of times. If he thought you were going to talk to him like nothing happened he was sadly mistaken.

    Dick walked ahead of you and Jason. Little did you know he kept his distance from you both so you guys could talk. He wanted you and Jason to talk about everything and get rid of the thick tension that was looming in the air. But knowing you Dick doubt that would happen easily.

    “I’m sorry.” Jason blurted, catching you off guard.

    You looked at him and scoffed, “Sorry? You’re sorry?! Well let me tell you something. A simple apology isn’t going to make me forgive you that easily. You did horrendous things.”

    You stopped walking and looked at Jason. Your eyes were tearing up. Fuck. He felt like a complete asshole. “My brother was dead because of you. You left him there to die. You could have stopped it but you didn’t. Instead you chose to run like a coward.” You spat.

    Jason nodded. He couldn’t argue with you because you were telling the truth, “I know. I regret it, I really do. I regret hurting you, tricking you. For leaving Dick. Everything! But I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you Y/n. I don’t care how long it takes, sweetheart. I will never stop fighting for you.”

    And there it was again, that tug of war between your mind and heart. He told you the same words you said to him a few weeks back.

    “Fight all you want but trust has to be earned Jason. If you want me to trust you again it’s going to take a lot more than words. It’s going to take time and actions. You have to show me that I can trust you.”

    Jason nodded, “I will. I’m not giving up on us.”

    “We’re here.” Dick informed before you could reply.

    You turned your attention towards the storage facilities that belonged to Bruce...well Batman. Technically both. There were many of them close together but you and Dick knew which one you had to go in. You stood behind Dick and in front of Jason. You pulled out your gun and flashlight from your holster. Once Dick knocked down the metal door the three of you stepped in. 

    “Let's go.” Dick whispered.

    You looked around and smirked as you saw Penguin's umbrella and The Riddler’s staff/cane. You remember grabbing The Riddler’s sacred possession when you were Batgirl at your 13 years of age. Bruce laughed still in his Batman costume as you proudly boasted your accomplishment. 

    Once you made it to Crane’s storage box Dick opened it. Low and behold the only thing left inside was the book. Crane had taken all of the fear toxin already. He already had what he needed to destroy Gotham City once and for all.

    “I don't get it. There’s supposed to be, like, 200 ampules. What the fuck is that?” Jason asked as he looked at the red book.

    Collected Poems by W.H. AUDEN

    Dick grabbed the book and read it, "Bright and darkened lands of the Earth."

    “What are you talking about?” Jason asked.

    You spoke up, “Crane's poem. His war on Gotham.” Jason looked at you before grabbing the book from Dick, “Fuck.”

    “We need a plan.” You stated.



    I can’t believe it! There’s only one more episode left. I’m a bit sad but at the same time I’m happy because I got to write this fun series. Thank you all so much for being so supportive and for constantly showing your love! I’ve loved every second of writing this series and I hope I’m doing these final chapters justice.

    If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I love you all❤️

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