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  • it’s up to us to decide, every day, to focus our energies on those things worthy of this life we have been given.

    #focus on the right things #choose#consciously
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  • aaaaaa how is it that i want to run away more than ever and yet i become more and more embedded in my surroundings why do i keep grounding myself i want outtttt

    #the thing probably is that i am forced by circumstances to put my energy into my surroundings #consciously #and that makes me want to escape
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    the chaos mood is in full effect. 

    #ic. #open. #◤ Cold-blooded Steel; Mafia Verse. ◢ #// whoever responds is inviting a sleep paralysis demon into their muse's home #consciously
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  • I will always be protective over those I love dearly..

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  • We want to consciously eat a couple of these Strawberry-Rhubarb Tartlets.

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  • Are you #consciously choosing what you do? and how you do them? Be #enlightened to #choose right #PODX
    #productlaunch #coming soon .
    #nature #sealife #reuse #recycle #greendesign #desigedconsciously #consciousliving #earth #planet (at Planet Earth)

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  • … make use of #interests as such ~ in order to #consciously #experience created #realities !

    ( #Samara )

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  • living your life consciously is the most fun a human being can have-P.Rawat

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  • I was never quite good at poetry -

    Preferring the simple strokes of a paintbrush,

    To the manic stroke of keys.

    But when I saw your long fingers, tapping away,

    It was like a midnight walk in the warm ocean breeze.

    There was nothing quite as beautiful

    as you hunched over in concentration,

    Spelling out the words that you could never quite say aloud.

    And darling, I fell in love when I read that first line,

    And I fell in love with the line after that as well.

    #words #this was the first poem i ever wrote #officially#consciously #about 10 years ago
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    Hint Hint….Either we are #CoCreating our Own #HEAVENonEARTH 🌈 or the opposite or somewhere in between…. and itseither #Consciously or Unconsciously at almost All TIMES…👀


    Let’s try the First Option 🙏🏻… Unless we Enjoy #Internally or Externally #complaining and pretending that the Second or Third Option is happening ‘to Us’…🙌🏻


    I suggest to honor, through #GRATITUDEinACTION ✨ for the fact that One of our #GreatestBLESSINGS besides Life is #CHOICE…🕉

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  • Movement is Life. To Consciously Move Smooth with Power and Strength is the NtenseFit Way. Good Day!#goodmorning #workout #fitness #discipline #consciously #awareness #movesmooth #dowork #leadership #charlottemovementcoach (at Performance Unlimited)

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  • I am finding this life to be less convincing. Inconsistencies in the matrix-esc life grid in which I am living daily have again reared their heads as I have taken the time to care for myself physically and mentally. The more care I give to myself, the more glaring these inconsistencies become. Time is jerky, so to speak. Space is not as consistent as it used to be. Beings are duplicated. I’m sure beings are always duplicated, however when I am in my usual state of unawareness I simply do not notice. It is like the background of a cartoon during a driving scene. It may repeat, but it doesn’t change the plot so even if one notices one does not point it out.

    Faces are appearing more peculiar each day. The human figure remains the same, though I do feel that the organs have been somewhat shifted about as compared to what I remember in my youth. I have noticed more exaggerated faces on the common-folk, living caricatures in live action. They always seem to make eye contact with me, even if some only for a moment. It’s like they know that I know. I watch them filing in and out of aisles at convenience stores. They are piloting motor vehicles about the city streets. Are they programmed automations or are these sentient beings as well?

    It is becoming more difficult to discern as I age. I am left feeling empty after even the most engaging of conversations with these people. I suppose we can call them people. They are certainly fitting all of the diagnostic criteria from my standpoint, yet, something is off. This city feels different to me than it did last year. Literally one year ago things started changing. I started noticing little inconsistencies. People called them Mandela effects on youtube. This was, of course, named after the late Nelson Mandela. There is apparently a large group of people who distinctly remember Mandela dying in prison in the 90s, although current history does not support that claim. People swear they remember the news casts and even the footage of a funeral.

    How could such a mass group of people have mis-rememberings which are identical? I suppose that question crossed my mind and re-enforced the feelings I was having with my own environment. I had always felt a little different than everyone else. Of course, I think we all do. We are all egocentric. We are the center of our own universe. We see life through our own filter. But for me, it feels deeper than that. It is almost as if this reality is designed specifically for me and my life’s experience. Every nuance. Every intricate detail here only for me to experience. But again, I must wonder, are the other seemingly sentient beings in my environment sentient? If not, if they are simply artificial intelligence in my environment for my own life experience then how can I take them seriously.

    The Buddhist philosophy seems to feel that all conscious life is indeed sentient and therefore is experiencing the same reality as all of the other life. Also, it is believed that not only are these conscious beings experiencing life, but the fact that they are conscious is creating the existence which they experience. This seems to be supported by recent and not-so recent findings in the field of quantum mechanics. If that is the case, that conscious beings both create and experience their own reality, then the hive-mind that is the collective consciousness is all that we really are. If that is the case then, as I believe I have once read, if everyone were to start believing something completely different, reality would change. This could account for some of these previously mentioned Mandela effects.

    It would take but a simple majority vote so to speak. That would alter the entire face of reality. Though physics does point to this being are reality, why are people so apprehensive to believe it? Why are they so quick to dismiss this most amazing quality of our universe? We certainly accept the laws of Isaac Newton because they are practical, though they have been shown to be rudimentary and antiquated in the later work of relativity and quantum mechanics. We are creatures who are bamboozled by our senses. We are victims of our own filter. We believe reality is a certain way because that is the way we perceive it on the surface.

    Now, back to my personal reality, I am for sure seeing glaring inconsistencies in my day to day perception. When I am adamant and aware of my surroundings it is much more obvious. It is further enhanced by physical activity, healthy diet, abstaining from alcohol and processed foods, and meditation. There are the blank stares and slacked jaws. The zombie masses surround me in public. Seemingly going about their day-to-day routines. Do they even have a clue or are they just executing programmed commands?

    I am also led to question even those closest to me. I hear their conversations but am not sure what to make of it. They appear to have insight into this world and even into my own life. I can’t help but wonder if they are simply programmed to give me subtle hints as to what to expect from my environment. They may simple be at my disposal to learn and draw information from. Even if they do have free will, they are leading their own self-serving lives and that makes truly understanding them a bit of a challenge. They may be immersed in a totally individual reality from a sense of their own perception which would render my reality meaningless to them. Programmed or not, I see no true way to connect with these foreign objects dressed up like friends and family.

    I have often exchanged salutations in passing and felt the cold empty stare of artificial intelligence, however I fully acknowledge that this could be my biased perception. The dead handshake of a stranger could simply be an unawake passerby on his own personal conquest. “Good morning,” could have exited his vocal cords in my reality when he actually spoke “I’m disgusted” in his experience. I will never have a way to know. It is not measurable or observable. I can never put on the senses of another human being and submerge myself into his world.

    All of these thoughts aside, let us pretend that things are strictly as they seem. That our internal world is just the processing of biochemistry and electrical impulses. That our internal world is meaningless and invalid. That the only true reality is extrinsic to the human brain and that our brain simply gives us the senses to experience the true reality. In this thought experiment we have a universe in front of us, unchanging whether or not we are in it. That is the classical understanding of life. We are simply fish in a bowl. If we remove the fish, the bowl and other contents continue to exist.

    The problem with measuring such a thing is that in order to measure it one must be present. In being present one is unable to remove himself in order to measure the consequences of him being gone. The only true way to remove oneself is death, but in death one is unable to perform the experiment. It is futile to even consider.

    I have heard others make the argument that surely the universe exists dependent of consciousness because people die all of the time. That is a completely invalid argument because as mentioned above, the other people in one’s individual reality need not be sentient at all. They could be elaborately conceived artificial intelligence. That is to say that the other participants only exist for the use of the observer. The observer being self.

    If the universe does not exist independent of self and is solely a construct of the mind, the implications could be damning to all other belief systems. If we are creating our own reality, either alone, or in conjunction with other sentient beings, then we have created everything including religion and morality. How can anything be valid if it can change based on the minds creation? Change must, in this reality, be the only constant. There is but one law and that is the law of consciousness creates reality. Because we are perceiving reality through this very same consciousness, we would understand history to be unchanged even as we are re-writing it. We could be re-writing our own memories simultaneously.

    The likelihood appears to be that we are a consequence of our collective consequence. Many have long called this field or plane of energy Akashia. This Akashic field is theorized to be vibrating energy from which our reality manifests. The theory may be taken further as some believe that consciousness is a result of our brain tuning to perceive this Akashic field like a radio receiver receives electromagnetic energy. Our brains can then transcribe and translate this energy into sensation. This is currently not measurable, and I am not aware of an experiment being proposed to measure it at this time. The thought, however, is fascinating.

    If we are indeed connected deeply at the level of consciousness as sentient beings, then we certainly have much more in common than we have been conditioned to believe. Extra sensory perception, dreams, thoughts, and every other facet of the conscious and unconscious mind becomes a little more intriguing as we could already be sharing with one another and using our collective consciousness to shape this reality without even being aware.

    This also brings into question the consciousness of other species. If other species are sentient, it would point to the fact that human beings are not exclusive in this collective consciousness effort. We would have the same influence as our feline and canine brethren for instance. I have often questioned the validity of the religious belief that ‘animals’ are on this planet as a God given resource for man. It seems far more likely that we are all simply in the same boat and deserve equal respect.

    From our best approximation man has climbed the evolutionary ladder and is now in a role of apex predator on Earth. This is according to Darwin’s theory, which is by the way, one of the most consistent scientific theories we have developed to date. In this role man has learned to modify and dominate his environment. This has, of course, led to a lack of balance in the ecosystem. One could argue that this is natural evolution. What is unnatural after all? In this scenario man has naturally evolved his insight and the use of tools in order to change his environment. Thus, changing the environment then evolving to it with time and continuing the cycle is all natural.

    As we continue to change and adapt to the environment that we change physically and with our consciousness, I question our fate as a species. Is it all in my head? Is it all in your head? I have no answers at this time, only questions. Is the species even real? Who knows. It doesn’t even matter to me. My experience as a human being has been a mixed one. I have run the gamut of emotions this month alone. I have been proud. I have been ashamed. I have failed. I have succeeded. I continue to exist, and I don’t know why. I haven’t a single answer this time. I continue to open my eyes in the morning after a night filled with dreams. The dreams feel just as valid as my reality only a little sweeter. Am I wrong for longing to stay in the dream world? Is my inner-self truly less valid than this extrinsic reality you are all caught up in?

    It would seem that the answers all lie within. There is nothing more to add to myself and nothing to take away. I am simply to discover what is already there. I must overturn a rock in my minds empty creek bed to find what I didn’t know I was seeking all along. I must turn to the inside via meditation, prayer, and sleep. I know to an outsider it appears as though I am doing nothing. I appear stagnant and lifeless. I can assure you friends, I am in deep thought. I am digging. I am searching. I am forever longing for something. I know it is a lonely path, but I am prepared to take the journey.

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