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  • diviner-augurdf
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Warning this post wont be for everyone, please

    be considerate..<3

    Exposing Negative Entities on Earth

    Folks, I have to clarify something here....

    I was just talking to someone in the "ghost busting" business and she wasn't looking at the big picture. So let me give all of you the big picture.

    FACT: Our world is structured the way it is so that demonic entities, who are not on the soul matrix, can feed. What they feed on, of course, is the energy we humans who are on the soul matrix, charge negatively. That's the reason we live in the pathological, sociopathic, narcissistic world that we do: so we can feed these beings! And in turn, they continue to control us to create food for them.

    Our world is completely parasitic.

    The only reason we exist right now, is for the sake of largely unseen entities to continue to feed off of us. Or as some of you call it, "evil". You see the correlation: evil vs. live. Evil is live spelled backwards. We are living to support evil beings and in turn they have to control us to create their food source: Loosh.

    In the same way that benevolent ETs are showing themselves to us in any form they can, these malevolent entities are being exposed by many people working in the "ghost busting" field. There are TV shows which thankfully are showing the general public that these things do actually exist. The point they don't make, though, is that we're not to fear them because our fear feeds them.

    Many times I've heard it said on these programs that the entities are attracted to those with psychic abilities. Of course, those people with psychic abilities have higher energetic origins or more active DNA, and these people are closer to ascending and leaving these loosh feeders behind, than are anyone else who does not have psychic abilities.

    But at least this is part of the disclosure of negative entities upon earth.

    The other part of this are the people who expose the existence of cryptids: sasquatches (some are negative and eat people), chupacabra's, skinwalkers and werewolves. Same thing. These are EMBODIED negative entities that come here to feed on us as well - however they eat flesh.

    There are many negative portals on the planet that the Light forces are trying to close and to keep closed. The Light forces are trying to take the 4D grid back from the dark forces, and that is why there are a lot of wars on this planet: in order to recapture key ley line points. Such as the Vatican, the pyramids and Antarctica, to name a few of the larger ones. But there are many.

    Polarities have been reversed at these high energy earth points by the dark forces through the use of sacrificial ceremonies and more, and the light forces are trying to stop this and return these key points on the grid to the naturally positive frequency they should be holding.

    What's more, evil people are opening their own portals. Yes, that's what a Ouija board can do. That's why it's best not to play with them.

    These things are now being revealed and reversed in many cases. Hauntings have to stop. Disembodied humans have to go into the Light because now they can again. All negative entities embodied or not, have to stop harassing the people of earth.

    That is the goal of the Light forces. To regain peace on this planet again.

    Once they are removed, as well as the mind control being perpetrated upon us, humanity will naturally return to a more peaceful state just because its collective vibration will rise.

    The people who are exposing unseen demonics, clearing hauntings, sending people back to the light, are doing a great service for humankind because they are helping to elevate the collective frequency! This is what we're all trying to do but they're doing it by removing the negative entities that scare us into keeping it down.

    All of this is important. All of it. Anyone who plays a role in that is important as well.

    The reason these entities realise they have to frighten you is because they know that a human that is scared is virtually of little use to itself, a scared human is powerless. It's by the grace of God that I see reports of people being able to get out of these situations while in an extreme panic – because there is divine intervention being carried out to keep them alive.

    Ivo: For those of you who believe you are not experiencing them, I assure you you are. So many of you have attachments, demonic or otherwise, that ride along feeding from your light body. Your light body, or aura, or your energy field, is electro magnetic, which is what a human is. These entities are attracted to electricity, the electricity of your body, your home and earth's energy field. Your auric field (your aura) sustains cracks throughout your lifetime due to its convergent energies being disrupted through negative forces. These cracks must be healed, so the negativity that continues to disrupt the field and disrupt your minds, must be dealt with.

    Sharon has used a program of dealing with these negative pockets of energy that resided in her field through the mental and emotional bodies. Others have the ability to use the higher bodies to transmute the pain of these negative pockets, these people work more multi-dimensionally with things such as the violent flame of transmutation in order to heal their auric fields. Or they use what you call “psychic vision” to see the pockets of energy and to disperse them.

    However, the most basic way to do this is through facing your shadow and working through the emotional and mental chaos that it produces until it is finally healed. That is not the only way to do this. If you are able to sense negativity within yourself and apply the violet flame to heal it, then that will suffice as well.

    Grounding is also another means of achieving this. Sending your negative energy to earth's central sun for transmutation is another way to rid yourself of negative energies. As you naturally will rise in frequency, it will not be necessary to learn the lesson that was intended because you will already have the knowledge.

    Lightworkers and starseeds can work this way. Earthlings cannot. They must learn the lessons involved in healing their shadow mentally and emotionally because some are of lower frequency. Starseeds and lightworkers came from higher dimensions and already embody the knowledge (the Light) necessary to heal their energy fields on earth.

    The reason the energy field must be healed is because the cracks and fissures that appear within it are a means for disembodied negative entities to grab hold of your auric field and attach to you, thereby enabling themselves to feed from your energy field. They will insinuate negative messages into your mind, because now they can particularly access your lower mind. So you will have messages of hating others, wanting to battle with others, messages of self hatred, all negative messages about life, yourself, others you know, others you do not know. It does not matter. They will insinuate these messages within your mental body in order continue to prompt you to create loosh so they can feed from you.

    Me: Yes. No negative thought is yours. Not one. All negative thoughts come from lower level energetic entities. Humans aren't naturally capable of negative thinking.

    Ivo: Correct, my love. They are not. One must guard against all negative thoughts and particularly do not act upon them, because in doing so, you incur what you call “bad karma” and this must be rebalanced.

    Me: Wouldn't it be nice if we had a “World Honesty Day?” where the blinders were dropped and everyone would be able to see who's around them? Some people would take comfort that their parents or deceased children were still there, they'd see their angels and guides, but then they would also see Archons, reptilians, demonics and other nasties hanging around trying to get a meal.

    Ivo: Well, this may become a reality for those in the lower planes anyhow. As the veil of amnesia drops, one will begin to see what is actually around them.

    Me: I see dark cities floating above my own. There are things like barracks and water towers with drains that go down into the river in my city, in my dimension.

    Ivo: Yes. The draconians are a militarily organised species, and so they build cities with military type barracks in order to continue to enforce their hold over their captives.

    Me: Thank you Ivo, for this. Just a reminder to those who need refreshing, and to others who are new. We are disclosing the existence of demonics, negative extraterrestrials and positive extraterrestrials. It's all being done. But I think many people feel that it's not happening to them, only those poor people on the TV show. No, it's being done to everybody.

    This is a prison planet. Everyone thinks that the primary life force on this planet is money. It's not. It's loosh that this is all being done for and you're being drained of yours. That is why people interact negatively and why this earth is in the shape it's in right now. All for Loosh.

    Sharon Stewart, channelling Ivo (Galatic Federation of Light)


    Credit: link from raising vibrations added. Just wanted to share the post.

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  • cosmicangel888
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    We are the Presentations of Light

    Love Peace Unity

    We are here to live as the new examples of love,

    Peace within all moments, as awakening allows us to discern within what is our new vision, version of what is the catalyst for peace, unification, oneness, elegance that is the blessing of God, Source, Spirit,

    We are the examples of this for all future generations of life, light, new earth,

    Blessings and light,


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  • kosmik-signals
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #w.e.b. du bois #double consciousness
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  • manicpixie-dreamdyke
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    People also get super mad over like “female/male socialized” bc of… trans people? but it’s ridiculous ignore how people are raised because you think it invalidates the identities of some people. If cis women cannot talk about how we were socialized as women and the harm it causes then we cannot talk about misogyny at all

    #that’s the point etc etc no class consciousness
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  • kosmik-signals
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    W.E.B. Du Bois and “double consciousness.”

    (via The Duplicitous Liberty of Mixed Identity | by SACNAS | STEM and Culture Chronicle | Medium)

    #w.e.b. du bois #w.e.b. dubois #double consciousness #Souls of Black Folk
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  • awaken-living-awareness-within
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Awaken the Living Awareness Within is a glimpse into a way of seeing – an attempt to see and help others see. In a way, it serves the purpose of being a multifaceted crystal – a prism through which we can see ourselves from different angles and points of view. As such, it may help to renew our ability to see clearly by bringing into focus different aspects of Life. Check out the website for more free content: https://www.infinitequantumzen.info Get the book from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NDT3GMH

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  • lakshmibhat
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    BELUR TRIP  14TH TO 17TH OCTOBER 2021 (2)       

     We reached our hotel in Belur at 3.15 on the 14th. We had left home at 8.15 in the morning. Our hotel was less than a kilometer away from Chennakeshava temple. After resting for a while we walked to the temple. The walls of the temple complex are of plain stone in contrast to the exquisite sculptures inside. Those unknown sculptors over many generations,  have created a different world inside.…

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    #Chennakeshava temple Belur #Stream of Consciousness Saturday
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  • athoughtfullyautomaticcollection
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    X-Ray Vision

    My wonky right eye has caused no end of trouble for me. However, I do celebrate that I have vision in it at all. A routine visit to the ophthalmologist years ago came up with a macular hole in the offending eye. While surgery closed the hole, saving the eye, it left my vision just a bit cockeyed. To most, it wouldn’t be noticeable, but I am a carver and a videographer. The adjustments to my life…

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    #fowc#carving#Discover Prompts#eyes#prompts #Stream of Consciousness Saturday
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  • butterflyknifes
    23.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Language and Consciousness. (Image 1 & 3 from An Alchemy of Mind by Diane Ackerman)

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  • that-whichisnot
    23.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Squirrels teach me more than I ever need to know.

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  • philcollinsenjoyer
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    the fact that ill never know if house md is actually good or if its just such a staple to my childhood that i will always love it is actually making me go insane

    #i feel like its actually good. tho im about to start season 7 i feel this opinion will be changing #and its good but in a way where you have to take everything theyre saying to you and consciously being like thats complete horseshit #and move on like you have to work against every message portrayed on that screen everytime
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  • alonelystargazer
    23.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    it's almost 3 am and I can't sleep, maybe I'll share what's been keeping me up (probably not a good idea to use tumblr as an open journal but it's nothing super personal)

    I just think about all the missed opportunities, all the decisions I've made that maybe felt right at the time but in retrospect weren't the best things, I wonder about the 'what ifs' of all those decisions and what would be different if I had done the opposite

    for ex: what if I had taken that really cool job offer instead of what I'm doing now, just bc I'm always putting my own happiness above others, but was that sacrifice with it?

    I need to go the fuck to sleep haha

    listening to sad music isn't helping (current song playing is I always wanna die sometimes by the 1975), you didn't need to slap me with that

    music really do be hitting different at 3 am and you're contemplating your life choices ಠ_ಠ

    sorry if anyone actually read this

    #kinda turned into a stream of consciousness thing here #late night musings #personal
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  • yogeshnaikt
    23.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    This is the first insight into the mind. Watch, and you will find thoughts; you will never come across the mind. And if it becomes your own experience – not because I say it, not because Tilopa sings about it, no, that won’t be of much help – if it becomes YOUR experience, if it becomes a fact of your own knowing, then suddenly many things start changing. Because you have understood such a deep thing about mind, then many things can follow. Watch the mind and see where it is, what it is. You will feel thoughts floating and there will be intervals. And if you watch long, you will see that intervals are more than the thoughts… If you are unconscious you cannot see the gaps; you jump from one thought to another, you never see the gap. If you become aware you will see more and more gaps. If you become perfectly aware, then miles of gaps will be revealed to you. And in those gaps, SATORIS happen. In those gaps the truth knocks at your door. OSHO Tantra: The Supreme Understanding Discourses on Tilopa’s Song of Mahamudra Ch. # 2. The root problem #osho #buddha #love #meditation #jiddukrishnamurti #celebration #consciousness #zen #freedom #nirvana #nature #universe #intimacy #india #intuition #death #divine #dance #awareness #awakening #tantra #freedom #death #divine #dance #zen #love #peace #healing #yoga #enlightenment #peace #beauty #bliss #sadguru #music https://www.instagram.com/p/CVXeD_alfzS/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • colorfulpeacewolf
    23.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Achtsamkeit, warum sie lebensnotwendig ist.

    Was würde passieren, wenn wir Tag für Tag zwar wüssten was wir tun müssen, es aber kategorisch aufschieben? Richtig. Der Berg wächst. Sei es der Stapel unerledigter Post, der Wäsche und Geschirrstapel oder sonstwas. Er wird so groß, dass viele von uns dann erst recht keine Lust mehr haben, ihn abzuarbeiten. Wenn man ganz hartnäckig im aufschieben, kann man sich unter Umständen auf ekelhafte…

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  • moondisasters
    23.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    my mum trying to make me dress like a cishet girl is occasionally funny because where else would i hear the phrase 'why don't you wear a nice little dress with some nice little leggings and wear some nice boots and maybe a little nice jumper'

    #and the fact that my aunties are getting in on it too #i think i lost consciousness when one of them said the words 'a little miniskirt' 🤢💀
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