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  • ix-rays
    24.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Catch And Release

    Before we arrived where we are, we stopped at a lakeside park to stretch the dog’s legs and ours. While the dog was being walked by my better half, I decided to test out one of my reels and made a few casts. The lure landed perfect into a bit of weeds. The water roiled and suddenly I was reeling in a large bass. It fought as bass are wont to do, leaping near the dock in a vain attempt to shake…

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  • minimalcatartbyjia
    09.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Cat from @kanapu10

    #contemplating fish #press X to doubt #cat doodles#cat drawing #minimal cat art #minimalcatart #artists of tumblr
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  • dumbbitcho
    06.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Being alive is so tight im literally just a little piece of universe that woke up lol. And when i experience joy looking at a sunset, shooting star, or tree, that is simply the fabric of reality loving herself thru my eyes

    #*trinity voice* this edible aint shit🙄 anyway wanna hear some of the most incomprehensible shit about our existence? #but its just cool i think. how we arose from the exact same shit u can find in rocks and stars #'humans are animals' is a weak take. i say we are simply grass. we are nothing but a mossy boulder. #we delude ourselves into thinking we are on the outside looking in but its all just atoms baby! its all the same! #worm eats the dirt fish eats the worm u eat the fish congrats you have brought the dirt to life #anyway just contemplating. simply turning the gears... #i could go on like 8 different tangents pertaining to this shit but i am going to show some restraint and leave it here
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  • sarisue-frontier-bandit
    09.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    my bed might be a cradle of filth,

    but you are the one who likes to roll in it

    a lacuna coil wallpaper hides a nasty stain that reminds me of you

    blood has gone off,

    while I wait for my luck to turn

    in the streets of Santa Monica.

    #vtmb#vmtb poetry #not really a poem but a broth of 90s goth references #vampire beatnik #contemplating my best years all squandered in the low streets #rumble fish sort of kid but probably malkavian #squalor#decadence #this is just some sort of revamped gta
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  • radicarian
    06.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    two fish crows landed on my balcony this morning, had a really intense conversation between themselves, and then hopped around pecking all my balcony furniture. there’s a metal hook that I hang my hummingbird feeder from later in the year and one of them was testing it, like, “can I TAKE this hook. is this INTERESTING? is there FOOD attached”

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  • lunafaeris
    16.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

              /I realize as I play through more and more of Age of Calamity, I should probably update my BotW verse.

    #❛ i'm a total trash mammal. ﹙out of character﹚ #listen: in this house we love one (1) fish princess #mipha is by far my favorite character to play and arguably who i play best as #second is daruk #even though he's a slow bulky tank i like his combos #also more general fantasy verse fuel for all my muses #*finger tent of evil contemplation* mmmm yes #tbd.
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  • kimjongdaesthickdick
    02.02.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #team gets off to demons secret handshake #anonymous#asks #y'all are so nice to someone who yells about dicks on the internet #it wasn't rhetorical exactly but I also wasn't compliment fishing I promise #I just read a fic that had someone about to blow their load while saying shit that had multiple dependent clauses #and I had to drink a banana milk and contemplate
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  • podzolle
    13.12.2020 - 7 monts ago

    debating whether or not I should watch banana fish and suffer. ..

    #banana fish #on the one hand i like my emotional stability #on the other i feel like im due for a complete meltdown #debating#contemplating#hmmmm
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  • lookerdewitt
    16.08.2020 - 11 monts ago

    sidon is handsome and nice and i will never forgive u guys for listing him as an edgy tumblr sexyman alongside the onceler and bill cypher and rick sanchez like what did he do aside from be a nice fish 

    #the backbone of the tumblr sexyman is that the character is a piece of shit and gets woobified #but what did sidon do aside from being a friendly fish!!! he doesnt belong on the list!!! #i bring this up bc im watching my gf play botw and sidon is nice and thats that #michi contemplates the universe
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  • noodles-07
    05.08.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    More quotes from playing mario with dad

    Me: khjsdjgkbfkfjbxkj

    Dad: oh- did you die? 

    Me: Yes. Did you not recognize the death cry.


    (after pulling off several intense platforming moves in a row)

    Me: I should not be alive right now. I am going to sit here and contemplate the meaning of life.

    *bubble pops*

    Me: alright I’m done *hops straight into the pipe* 


    Me: the mushroom is still down there if you want it

    Dad: nahh

    *mario dies*

    Me: you were saying


    Dad: *falls into the void and bubbles* where are you

    Me: I regret to inform you that I am dead


    Me: I have decided to not fear death. 

    *toad dies*

    Dad: how’s that working out for ya

    and, fantastically, 

    Me, small toad, immediately after killing the wizard: I’m standing on him like those dudes take pictures with big fish. Toad is a predatory species. 

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  • thedaggerlover
    05.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Drunken Antics

    Basically, Poppy ends up babysitting two drunk 200 year olds. This takes place after the War of two queens and everything is peaceful. Well, as peaceful as things can get.



    A03 link here

    Poppy was surely regretting not taking up on Vonetta’s offer of going out to the fair by the beach. Instead, here she was, contemplating throwing her husband and his former bonded off the bridge so that she can stop being embarrassed by their drunken antics.

    It all started when, earlier during lunch, Poppy asked her friends what they would all like to do for the rest of their day as she and Casteel finally were done with their meeting and appointments for that day (boring royal stuff, as Kieran liked to call them.) There was a debate on whether they should all go to the fair near the beach or have a quiet evening in a nice restaurant near the bridge. After a lot of polite discussion (anything but) , it was decided that Emil and Vonetta would go to the beach and Poppy, Casteel, Kieran and Delano would go to the restaurant. 

    After dinner, they decided to play a game of who could drink more alcohol, which Poppy cleverly refused to play. Halfway through the game, Poppy noticed Delano sneak off into one of the corridors with a mysterious blond man, drunkenly kissing each other.  But, her husband and the other wolven were too concentrated on winning to notice what was happening. In the end, it turned out that both of them had drunk enough alcohol to have a massive headache for the rest of their lives.

    And that is how she got stuck babysitting two 200 year old idiots. The trio was walking down by the river while people stared as their king and his royal advisor were singing while walking with their hands across Poppy’s shoulders.

    When she decided that she finally had enough, Poppy started walking faster, mumbling, “ I am never going anywhere with either of you from now on.” 

    This got them to stop singing (more like wailing) as they jogged to catch up with her. And then Cas says, “ Why princess? Did you not like our singing?”. 


    “ No? I have a beautiful voice! Reaver said so too!” Kieran protested, attempting to look at Poppy with what she assumed was a pout but ended up looking like a fish mouth.

    “No Kieran, what you just did was called wailing and Reaver was insulting you then, saying that you sounded like a dying cat.”

    “Oh, how does a dying cat sound? I like cats, they don't sound so bad.” He responded. Then suddenly turned to Casteel and said, “ Cas, I want a cat!” 

    “A cat?” 

    “ Yes, a brown one, to match my fur!”

    “ I want one too! A black one. To match my hair!” He turned to Poppy, pulling her hand, “ Poppy! We need a cat.”

    “ Two cats,” Kieran added. “Yes. Two Cats!”  Casteel amended.

    “No, you two don’t need a cat. Or two, for that matter.” Poppy said.

    “But whhhyyyy? They are so cuuuteee.”

    “ We can even name them after ourselves!!”

    “Yes poppy. Kieran is right . We can name them Cas junior and Kieran Junior!!”

    “Casteel, Kieran,”  Poppy started, her voice stern, her patience wearing thin, “ we are not buying cats and definitely not naming them after you.” With that they dropped their whining and whispered into each other’s ears about how mean their queen is.

    When they were almost nearing the Castle, Kieran asks, “ Poppy, what colour do you think your fur would be if you were a wolven, would it be bright red ? like your hair?” Hearing the wolven’s question, Casteel made a face, Probably picturing a wolven with bright red fur. 

    Poppy huffed, “ I don't know , Kieran. Let’s just hope we never get to find out.”

    "Why princess? I think you would make a cute wolven. with a soft and fluffy hide. I can cuddle with you in your wolven form" Casteel slurred.

    "Because, Casteel, I would look like a fox if I was a Wolven with red hair." 

    "In that case, I can cuddle with a cute foxy-wolven."

    "Penellaphe, the first ever Foxy wolven, nice title isn't it, pops? Is that a real word ?" Kieran asks.

     "No, kieran, I prefer my current title as queen, thank you very much. And don't call me pops, that's a weird nickname."

    "But is it?" Cas says.


    "Is it a real word?"

    " No, Casteel, it isn't."


    "What do you mean why?" Poppy snapped. At this point , Poppy was almost sure she had reached the end of her patience and was ready to leave them out there in the cold.

    " 'tis a nice word, it should be a real word."

    "Maybe you can add it to the dictionary, then." Kieran says. 

    "But, how?"

    "I don't know."

    They remained quiet until they reached the Castle gates, where the guards helped Poppy hold Casteel and Kieran up who looked like they were about to pass out. As soon as they reached the main hall, Kieran fell asleep and another guard had to help hold him from falling face first on the floor. They deposit the wolven in his chambers and Poppy leaves with her husband after making sure that the guards won't let Kieran out of his chambers until morning. When they enter their rooms, poppy led Cas to their bed gave him a glass of water. 

    " What's this?"


     " I don't want water, 'tis boringg." He whined.

    "In that case , drink this glass of hot cocoa milk." She said , offering the same glass of water. Casteel examined the glass for a second before practically inhaling the drink.

    "Very good. Now get on the bed."


     "Because, you need to sleep."


    "Because, you are drunk and you will have a massive headache tomorrow."

    " why?" 

    "I swear you ask more questions than I do. Shut up and get on the bed. Now"

    "Okay....Gods, you are bossy and mean, like Kieran told." He complained, but obliged. But, when Poppy went to remove his boots and jacket, he jumped up. "No! You should not touch me! I have a wife!" 

    Poppy suppressed a laugh and asked, " And who is she?"

    He was quiet for a while, and then said, " well, I don't remember her name, but she is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. She is kind and nice and funny.” Poppy’s face flushed. But, she didn’t interrupt him, she wanted to hear what he had to say.

    “You know, she is so powerful, like, this much!!” Cas continued, opening his arms wide. Poppy giggled. 

    “Hey! Don’t laugh. She is a goddess, she can punish you!”

    “Okay, sorry, continue.”

    “Anyway, I love her so much, even when she asks me so many questions. And she asks a looooot of questions. Like this many.”

    He said, gesturing again with his arms. “But don’t tell her that, she will get upset. I love it when she is curious. Promise me you won’t tell her?”


    “You want to hear a secret? My wife is so cute when she is angry, and she likes to stab people, she looks really nice when she uses a knife!”

    Poppy could no longer hold in her laugh and she started laughing so hard , her stomach ached. Casteel just pouted, not liking Poppy’s reaction. When she could finally stop laughing, Poppy grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. He jumped back again, wiping his lips with the back of his palm. “No! I told you I have a wife!”

    “Yes, you dumbass, and that wife is me!”


    “Yeah, oh.” She laughed again. And this time when she kissed him, he didn’t stop her. When they both pulled away, Poppy looked into his eyes and she knew she loved every bit of him, even the drunk and stupid part.  “Well, it’s time to sleep now, big boy.”

    Casteel groaned, “But, I don’t want to!!!”

    “Will you go to sleep if I cuddle with you?” 

    “Yes.” Poppy quickly removed his belt and weapons and dressed herself in a simple nightgown and went to lay beside him. He wrapped his hands around her and laid his head on her chest. “Good night, Cas”

    “Night.” He mumbled, sleepily.

    After a few moments, they fell asleep, Casteel snoring slightly and Poppy playing with his hair.


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  • pogueit
    05.08.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Fish & Ships

    ****** GIF BELONGS TO @popesheyward ******

    Pairing: Kelce x reader

    Summary: Feeding the forgotten creatures that inhabit the OBX has garnered you a secret admirer. AKA “How many times can Rin say fish in under 2k words”

    Warning: mentions of murder, being murdered, but nothing crazy or detailed, also dead fish and horror movies??

    WC: 1,923

    A/N: Hello!! Just like good boy Pope, there isn't much Kelce content!! So, I've made some.... I hope you enjoy it!! Also, fuck the creators for fucking over Kelce in this season again!!!

    It was another blistering summer day in the OBX. You just clocked out at the local fruit market and you were heading straight to Heyward's. It was your daily routine at this point and you’ve contemplated changing your routine up from time to time just to keep any potential killers on their toes. The murderous thoughts usually subsided when you remember who you were feeding and they tend to hate waiting, so you causally proceed with the usual. If you got murdered you got murdered at least you wouldn't have to worry about some minimum wage job anymore. Your shoulders are relieved when you finally arrive at the little shop that was hard not to love, Heyward's. Heyward has always welcomed you with open arms especially when you've helped him get rid of days-old fish. The little bell above the door alerts Heyward to your presence and he immediately lights up when his eyes meet yours. He would never tell you or anyone else this, but you were his favorite out of all the pogues. You two casually delve into simple banter as you follow him around the store while he fetches the two pails of rotting meat. This always led to Heyward trying to set you and Pope up which you didn't mind. It comes with the territory of being best friends with good boy Poe. It was never your place and you don't even have the heart to tell him that his son was already seeing a certain blonde, blue-eyed surfer. You doubt he would take the news very well and settle for a simple nod as he babbles on. After fetching the pails, Heyward walks you out of the store and you give him a farewell side hug before you begin your trek towards your neighborhood.

    You were a few steps in when you heard a labored "Hey, wait up!" a few feet behind you.

    It was Kelce.

    You shot him a funny look as he continued to approach you.

    "Hey!?" You couldn’t help the very evident confusion in your voice as he tried to catch his breath. Unlike your friends, you've never had as many run-ins with the Kooks and you tried your best to avoid the trio that consisted of Rafe, Topper, and Kelce. When you did have scraps with them you were gladly pushed to the sidelines, so having one of them approach you willingly really threw you into a loop. Kelce was always your favorite though he wasn't as much of an asshole, to your knowledge, and even stayed behind to hold a door for you once. It was in your best interest, though, to not notice him, which was very hard to do to your dismay. You would never admit it, especially to your friends, but you had subconsciously developed a crush on the dark-haired boy which made not noticing him incredibly difficult.

    Even though you tried to not pay much attention to the boy, the glint of curiosity he found in you had cemented itself. He was more or less intrigued by the person carrying two buckets filled with slowly decaying fish.

    The first day Kelce saw you were just passing by. He had been at The Wreck with Rafe and Topper and as they looked over the restaurant’s menu you happened to walk by the window they were sitting near. You were drenched in sweat from the hot North Carolina sun and you lugged two five-gallon buckets filled with fish. A flame of curiosity sparked in his brain and he was almost tempted to leave the boys to help you, but then the food arrived.

    The second time he saw you he was making a pit stop at Heyward’s for fuel. He and the boys were racing each other out on the water since they loved to make a nuisance out of themselves.

    He caught you and Heyward as you chatted and gave him a side hug before taking off with the buckets full of fish. Always with those buckets to the brim with fish. Again, he was half tempted to chase after you or even ask Heyward, but the rest of the boys on the boats were starting to get restless. Kelce made sure to give you one last look before he took off to his side of the island. By the third time, he’s had it. His mother had sent him down to Heyward’s to pick up the special request she had made earlier that week. As he was parking his car in front of the store he caught you heading down your familiar route. Kelce had barely been able to get out of his car and flag you down in time.

    “Do you need help?” Kelce asks once he’s able to regain his composure.

    Initially, you were going to say no, like usual, but you decided to amuse the poor boy.

    "Fine, but you're gonna smell like a pogue for a week if you're not careful" he nodded cheerfully at your response and took the handle from your grasp. The action caused both your hands to brush against each other for a split second and you had to look away quickly feeling the heat rise to your cheeks along with the twinge of a smile you couldn't fight off. Kelce notices and feels the hammering of butterflies in his chest, glad that he was able to cause such a reaction. He let a proud and satisfied smile invade his features.

    "So, I have a question?" Kelce asks a few minutes into the trek once a slightly awkward silence engulfed you both.

    "Ok shoot, but you only have two so use them wisely" you give him a lopsided smile as he turns around and begins to walk backward in front of you.

    “Whenever I see you, you’re walking down this road, carrying these buckets with these smelly ass fish and I gotta know what the hell are you doing with them” His shoulders slump in the defeat of not knowing and he switches back into walking normally beside you.

    “You’ve been spying on me, huh?” The smile on your face grew a tad and you dreamily swayed the arm that was carrying the bucket to and fro.

    “It’s a small island.” A sheepish grin took over the confident one he was wearing earlier and he nervously scratched at the nape of his neck.

    “Sure…” You playfully roll your eyes at Kelce before adding “All your questions shall be answered in less than three steps”. His brain was wading in confusion seeing that they were in the backyard of a terribly old and seemingly abandoned house. The yard was littered with garbage and many fish skeletons.

    “What--” You immediately shush Kelce.

    “Watch this” You walk over to a blue plastic barrel cut out to look like a trough. You dump your load of fish into it and within seconds a cacophony of meows flooded their ears. The boy could only watch in awe as the feral cats flock to you all squishing past each other to get their daily meal. You then take the pail from Kelce and pour its contents into the second makeshift trough to even out the herd. It was a magical sight watching these cats getting their stomach full for the day. You beckon Kelce to follow and you lead him to a shaded patch of cement near the house.

    “I started feeding them a couple of months ago. I saw how skinny a lot of the cats had gotten in recent weeks, so I started stopping by once a week, but they started following me around the fucking island, dude. That’s when I began coming here once a day. I knew I couldn’t afford to buy actual cat food and I heard Heyward bitching about getting rid of the fish and he was more than happy to give them to me.” You toy with the laces of your shoes as you stare at the animals slowly weaning off the fish.

    “I-- love that” Kelce gently nudged your bare knee with his.

    “Thanks, but I wish I could do more” You sigh, twirling your fingers in between the blades of grass.

    “I’ll see into that” he confidently states taking hold of your fidgeting hand. The swirling emotions were short-lived as you spotted them slowly wobbling their way towards you.

    “How sweet, but you’re going to have to prepare for the lovefest '' You point to the small herd of cats making their way towards you. The first one to approach you two was Pickles. She is oddly round and a bizarre charcoal brown color. You told Kelce how she belongs to neighbor Theodora and how much Pickles likes to sit outside your window and sing to you. Next, was Knife and she belongs to the auto shop down the road where JJ works. She’s a stunning calico with the softest eyes anyone has ever seen. Knife likes to ride shotgun, in your basket, whenever she sees you riding your bike. You went on and on about all the different cats that approached you listing all their quirks and familial history to the boy beside you. He could hear you talk for hours and made sure to memorize everything you said about each cat. Once the lovefest subsided and everyone went back to their respective locations Kelce decided to shoot his shot. The sun was going down and it dusted your features perfectly as you laid on your back momentarily looking up at him through sun-stricken eyes. His stomach was doing flips getting more on edge with each passing second. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this way, but he cleared his throat and prepared for any potential rejection.

    “I have another question” He turns to face you and you prop yourself up on your elbows.

    “Ugh, okay, but it better be good this is your last one” you playfully groan at him. Kelce having one more question made you giddy with excitement and terror. It could go two ways and you couldn’t help but brace yourself for the inevitable. The slowly disappearing sun cast an angelic glow on his skin which further enhanced his dreaminess. It was taking every molecule in your body to keep yourself from reaching out and kissing him already.

    "Do you want to go out tonight?" Kelce immediately became nervous once he saw your expression and he could feel the sudden onslaught of his stomach dropping. The confusion and shock were very evident from your facial expression, not to mention how your eyes blew up into huge saucers. You could barely get any words out when Kelce abruptly stood up.

    “Y’know what, that was a bad joke, how about we pretend I never said anything” he chuckles nervously.

    “Well, I hope you’re not” You stood up alongside him and took his trembling hands in yours.

    “Okay, then I’m definitely not joking” confidence now fills his voice as he pulls you in a bit closer.

    “That’s good to hear, how about we go to a movie? I heard they’re playing all the Alien movies at the drive-in tonight” You wrap your arm around his torso and he follows suit and drapes his arm around your shoulders.

    “Aliens?” His voice betrays him and makes him sound hesitant which he was trying to hide with curiosity that isn’t made any better with his wary smile.

    “I think you’ll like it, if not I definitely will” You seal your sentence by placing a sweet kiss on Kelce’s cheek.

    #deion smith#kelce obx#obx #kelce x reader #kelce obx fic #kelce fic
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  • carissimipaixao
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago
    #jigen daisuke x reader #daisuke jigen x reader #jigen daisuke#daisuke jigen#lupin iii #lupin the third #lupin the 3rd #reader#reader-insert#x reader#fanfiction#fanfic
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  • giftdesires01
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lift Your Number related Capacities By Playing Math Games

    Learning math could demonstrate to be an exceptionally convoluted occupation for certain understudies. It tends to be overpowering to discover new ideas since math uses a totally different language, the language of numbers. At the point when understudies are loosened up it assists them with being more open to finding. This can be explicitly genuine with math in light of the fact that many individuals are scared by the subject. In the event that number related thoughts are whenever separated into nearly nothing, absorbable pieces, it tends to be all the more effectively dominated over the long haul. Utilizing games can make discovering math more pleasurable and furthermore be profitable in assisting with animating the entire learning strategy. 

    It may sound somewhat senseless from the beginning, anyway it truly is a fact that by essentially a few games with companions or relatives your complete numerical abilities can be radically improved. Rather than simply staying there wasting time, partaking in different games will animate your brain and perspectives, in this way assisting with getting a handle on explicit thoughts simpler. You can be learning without understanding that you are discovering! 

    There are various games around that could help understudies handle thoughts simpler. They differ from incredibly fundamental games like Insane Eight's or Go Fish, to more muddled games like Back Gammon or chess. 

    Teacher of Intellectual Brain science, Robert S. Siegler, did an investigation and found that messing around including numbers can assist with evening truly little youngsters foster much better science capacities. A game like Chutes and Stepping stools, where you pivot a dial and check numbers, can be advantageous for small kids simply finding about numbers. Go Fish is another simple and charming game that would work for more energetic children, just as Domino's or other dice games.

    In the event that you don't approach cards, dice or tabletop games, contemplate creating a game that uses numbers. For instance, in case you are in the auto you might actually add or duplicate the numbers on the tags on the vehicles that drive by. Or then again, you might actually have an imagine shop and utilize genuine cash to make change for purchased things. 

    As children get more seasoned, methodology games like chess, backgammon, and Sudoku can assist with building up the further developed ideas of rationale and thinking. These games practice your cerebrum, work on your memory and as an included advantage they are pleasant to play. 

    The web is additionally a decent hotspot for intelligent destinations that are made to assist with building up math abilities. These locales give a hands on finding opportunity that can both show groundbreaking thoughts and reinforce thoughts that have really been recently presented.

    For More Info :- Free Cool Math Games Educational Math Games Free Math Games for Kids

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  • golden-leaguers
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    pizza toppings

    no one ever shares pizzas with spirits and mask insists xie is banned from pizza night

    @lobisoma said brazilians would probably eat banana pizza, and windy looks like a pineapple so she enjoys both (not on the same pizza)

    silky likes sweet and salty

    topjoy loves the sweetness

    juurouta loves fish because sushi

    sisley likes the saltiness

    flash kid likes fish because bird

    wild hawk and 13 are on the line, that's on accident (though wild hawk would eat anchovies, 13 would not)

    wild hawk enjoys a shit ton of pepperoni and poultry

    jake likes pepperoni and bacon

    thirteen likes bacon and bbq chicken

    arm likes all the sausages ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )

    foot likes a classic pepperoni

    the cheese category should probably be "veggies!"....

    bull likes a salad of a pizza

    mask enjoys green onions, olives, bell peppers, and lots of tomatoes (contemplating making em vegetarian)

    deus is vegetarian

    arrow just likes a plain cheese pizza

    ryuuken usually shares with silky

    magnum and gz would eat pineapple pizza "if it were there". meaning they wouldn't order it but they'd eat it if no one else was going to

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  • sheriskitties
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Rocky contemplating a fish breakfast. Not going to happen- mom is watching 🤨

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  • architectnews
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    11 architecture projects from students at the University for the Creative Arts

    A self-funded art bank and a community building aiming to support local fishermen through Brexit are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at the University of the Creative Arts.

    Also featured are a masonry school that aims to make use of stone as a low carbon material and a project that explores how brownfield land can be used to solve the housing crisis.

    University for the Creative Arts

    School: University for the Creative Arts Courses: BA (Hons) Architecture and Master of Architecture

    School statement:

    "From rebuilding devastated cities to servicing the needs of different social groups, design changes lives as well as landscapes. This year's final year, students reading architecture at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) have been encouraged to approach their design with an activist's mindset.

    "Their work considers the environmental, social, functional and economic impact of buildings and spaces and presents new concepts that could help to shape a better future. Their work is the culmination of years of rigorous learning, refining of skills and a drive to put forward innovative ideas that can make a real impact in the world.

    "Discover the work of UCA's graduating Architecture students on our website."

    Maisie Bishop

    "In their final project, Bishop explores the Fish Island in east London. With the old industries of east London rapidly being replaced by a growing number of new tech corporations, Maisie's proposal explores how AI, robotics and 3D printing can be applied in daily life to promote greater, more equal, and efficient health and wellness in the borough of Tower Hamlets.

    "By exploring five pillars of life: health, shelter, fuel, transport and environment, their proposed institute is a hub for education, exploration and application.

    "The design primarily focuses on five 3D printed research spaces, dedicated to exploring the potential AI, robotic and printing advancements in the above fields, organised around a central atrium. This public atrium provides opportunities to employ the technologies produced and for persons visiting to experience these advancements in real-time."

    Student: Maisie Bishop Course: BA (Hons) Architecture, UCA

    Thomas White

    "White's work is a manifesto for sonic urbanism at Manston airport. The vacant void of Manston airport has disconnected the surrounding communities from each other, acting as an inaccessible zone separating them.

    "The project uses six central pavilions to carve out four radial territories around them. The pavilions use sound to bring people to the site and weave existing communities together.

    "These acoustic gateways re-link and neutralise the existing acoustic arenas, preparing an entry into urbanism fuelled by sound. The pavilions also act as sonic adjudicators in the politics of sound and become a testbed for what should or should not be heard.

    "This is passed over to the inhabitants to contemplate through the many interactive sounds, installations and future development that are housed on and around the site."

    Student: Thomas White Course: Master of Architecture, UCA

    Keerthigan Thavaseelan

    "Thavaseelan's project 'Manston Modulation' explores the uncertain future of Manston Airport and proposes Thanet's first deployable community radio station that helps redevelop the airport into a residential landscape.

    "This project explores the relationship between temporary architecture and permanent architecture through modules and permanent community hubs. Thavaseelan integrated spectrogram visuals within his drawings to highlight the ever-changing frequency aspect of radio to the proposal.

    "He also produced accompanying music and at project film, to give the project extra depth."

    Student: Keerthigan Thavaseelan Course: Master of Architecture, UCA

    Anna Reeves

    "Reeve's project sets out a vision for a thriving community, bringing togetherness and independence to the small parish of Brandon. Each member is a guardian of protected land, working as merchants of the council, with an intrinsic relationship with the natural world at the very core of their lives at RAF Barnham.

    "The protection of the Nightjar, the Curlew and the Woodlark bird species is central, their history and continued existence immortalised in the conservation efforts made by the community.

    "This vision presents Reeve's perspective on how we can make the best use of brownfield land to solve our housing crisis, by designating space for people not only to live but to work self-sufficiently and harmoniously with the land, honouring its history."

    Student: Anna Reeves Course: Master of Architecture, UCA

    Ting Leung Henry Chan

    "Hong Kong has been an international trading city since the 19th century but is now at a crisis point in its history. With all the changes in both the legal and political status of Hong Kong in recent years, the unique identity and reputation of Hong Kong, under the 'one country, two systems' framework agreed in the Sino-British Joint Declaration in 1984, are now at risk.

    "Chan's Free Port is a complex consisting of the international embassy and congress buildings, as an extension to the cargo port of Hong Kong. With the uniqueness of this legal area, this could be transformed into an open ground for trade.

    "With the Free Port, Hong Kong could maintain its position as a world-leading international trading city and retain its role as the window city of trade to the benefit of Mainland China."

    Student: Ting Leung Henry Chan Course: Master of Architecture, UCA

    Nicholas Strange

    "Strange has designed a self-funded Art Bank in Hackney Wick, managed by local artists to benefit those involved in the arts, who are struggling due to the gentrification of Fish Island.

    "Using the financial techniques of 'securitisation' and 'leverage', the narrative is achieved to use local artists' work as a liquidated asset to purchase and remortgage lost workspace for artists on the island.

    "Whilst publicising and securing future profits for artists' liquidated work in the process, to further expand the circular economy of the narrative."

    Student: Nicholas Strange Course: BA (Hons) Architecture, UCA

    Hanna Makhoul

    "Hanna's project explores building a fibreglass factory in Beirut to deal with the devastating explosion in the city in 2020. Approximately 7000 tonnes of glass was shattered from buildings, and around 300,000 people were left homeless.

    "Glass can still be found almost everywhere around the city due to the blast's shock waves. Hanna's project aims to reuse this material as fibreglass. The fibreglass will rebuild damaged areas by mass-producing identical curved leaf-like modular components assembled on-site by locals in the act of hope and unity.

    "This bespoke modular system, aesthetically inspired by local Arabic architecture, will include elements such as arches and vaults to form the megastructure. Following the fibreglass factory and workshops build, further phases include a market and a residential area."

    Student: Hanna Makhoul Course: Master of Architecture, UCA

    Jordan Panayi

    "London School of Stone Masonry is a satellite stone masonry school in the heart of Fish Island that pays homage to 'Stonemasons Yard'. Stonemasons are the most recent makers to lose their place in Europe's creative capital due to the current Olympic regeneration scheme.

    "The masonry school simultaneously serves London in its future construction the industry as we rediscover this age-old material and enter The New Stone Age, making use of this low carbon material and its cost-saving potential."

    Student: Jordan Panayi Course: BA (Hons) Architecture, UCA

    Alastair Wilkinson

    "Harnessing urban development as a catalyst for the reclamation of valuable archaeological material, Wilkinson's proposal aims to create a centre for the analysis and archive of such objects as well as an educational institution for study in this field.

    "The need for the building is propelled forward by the statutory assessment of archaeological remains as part of the planning process for development projects. Proposed building development plans across the London area mean there is a need for substantial archaeological work. The London Plan and its infrastructure links nationally and to Europe."

    Student: Alastair Wilkinson  Course: BA (Hons) Architecture, UCA

    Kimberley De Silva

    "De Silva's project explores the UK fishing industry and the negative impact of Brexit on the livelihoods of hundreds of fishermen. To counter the problem, De Silva has designed Swan Wharf. This building offers a helping hand to local fishermen in the area, with the support of consumers and small businesses dedicated to aiding this small but hard-working population."

    Student: Kimberley De Silva Course: BA (Hons) Architecture, UCA

    Ian Wille

    "Ian's project is a response to gentrification. It experiments with ideals of participatory democracy, social commons and protests to project a societal spirit of individuals as citizens, not consumers.

    "Central to the project is a democratic hall where actors participate in creating specialised and specific legislation for the municipal area of Fish Island. This project aims to return ownership and direction of cities to the people who live in them, not investors who profit from them."

    Student: Ian Wille Course: BA (Hons) Architecture, UCA

    Partnership content

    This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and the University for the Creative Arts. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.

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    #Architecture – Dezeen
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    Recall The Past With Retro Shower Curtains

    Retro shower wraps are presently returning. There's an adage that goes, "all that old ends up being new again". With the notable high-waisted, dainty jeans again into the example again, who can say without a doubt what old thing will be revived? One thing is undoubtedly: the retro shower conceal is continuously creating and ending up being new once more.

    Having a retro shower wrap will convey pleasant to your home. Additionally, retro shower blinds make sure to add a cleaned energy to your washroom and at the same time a fun and nostalgic touch. This exhibits that correspondingly similarly with configuration, home expressive topic choices also reiterates history. Regardless, one thing has changed: it has improved than beforehand!

    Finding a retro shower conceal is right now simplified, also. You don't need to search through your kin's old things just to find one of these bathroom ponders. Nowadays, there are numerous retail stores that offer a couple of extraordinary plans of shower window decorations. Whether or not you need to find a splendidly toned round plan or an exceptionally differentiating topic, there's sure to be a shower conceal that will suit your tendency and necessities. The choice is genuinely subject to you. Furthermore, getting that retro shower window decoration causes sure to change the whole look and to feel of the room.

    Cool retro shower wrap choices

    Maybe the most notable retro plans is an angel subject. Commonly, these shower curtains will feature "Nursery of Eden" scenes or merry and fiery seraphs. With the calming and quiet plans of these shower blinds, it makes sure to discover a way into your washroom. More here قیمت پرده زبرا

    There are also acceptable contemplations for young people. You can get one that incorporates the insane 70's blue air pockets. Since the air pocket subject is brilliant and fun, your bathroom can reflect that by and large amazing 70's maritime air. Adolescents will treasure this. Another arrangement that is ideal for youngsters is using shower conceals with animal prints. Whether or not it features dolphins, zebras, polar bears, cats, or fish, it's sure to be ideal for a children's washroom. These retro prints will give the tub a guiltless, enthusiastic and youthful feel. Something different you can get for your children is a retro shower window adornment that incorporates an image of a liveliness character that was famous, recalling the 50's or on the other hand 60's. It might be a Wonder Woman shower window trimming or a Batman and Robin one.

    On the off chance that you're feeling vigorous, you can get standard plans. You can pick the American stars and stripes, the English Affiliation Jack, St. George Cross, or, etc Expecting you need a cool 80s topic, you can find a Japanese rising sun that will make an uncommon retro shower daze.

    Shower shades can similarly reflect a "outing" feel. To achieve this, you can get a retro shower conceal that features land and water proficient scenes. You can pick one that has subjects of starfish, coastline shells, crabs, penguins or reference point scenes. These will really give your washroom a seascape and maritime environment. So it's basically like having a trip each time you go to your own bathroom!

    This is in like manner a great idea for gifts. Expecting you need to give someone an abnormal and novel gift, then this is something you should consider. This is especially the circumstance when the recipient is an admirer of everything retro. It's a particularly one of a kind and smart gift.

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    Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo, Venice

    Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo Venice, Venetian Lagoon Architecture Photos

    Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo

    2 August 2021

    Architect: Alfonso Femia / AF*Design

    Location: island of San Servolo, Venice, Italy

    Tranquility and hospitality

    Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo Design

    The spiritual abundance and the setting of the Venetian lagoon are the main elements of the interior design project by Alfonso Femia / AF*Design for the hotel in San Servolo: a different hospitality code that turns the identity and uniqueness of the place into the key elements of the architecture.

    Inaugurated in July, during the 2021 Architecture Biennale, the hotel on the island of San Servolo overlooks the Venetian lagoon between Sant’Elena and the Lido.

    If, on one hand, the limited budget did not allow updating the plant aspects of the building, on the other hand, working with limited resources pushed the design team to search for narrative solutions connected to the chromatic essence of the area, eliminating the boundary between exterior and interior with the green area of the park, one of the largest and oldest parks of the city.

    The renovated building is now a collective space that welcomes the function of hospitality declined in spaces for meetings, work, and study.

    Shades of blue are the dominant tones that transform the walls of the stairwells and common areas of the Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo into moments of reconciliation of the stratified memories in the building: initially the walls of a monastery in a very distant time before the year 1000, then of a Benedictine convent up to the mid-1700s, and then a military hospital up to the end of the same century.

    The care for both soul and body was later replaced by the torment and suffering of the spirit: the building became the asylum for Veneto, Dalmatia, and Tyrol, for the following 180 years, until the end of the seventies of the last century.

    Nowadays, marked by the colors of the island, it is characterized again by calmness: an ideal place to linger in contemplation of the horizon, the slow time of the sea, and the fast time of the city of Venice.

    The project, signed by Alfonso Femia/AF*DESIGN, involved minimal interventions, measured and respectful architectural gestures which – while supporting the peculiarity of the spaces – have completely transformed the accommodation: 18 rooms characterized by Staygreen furnishings in structured cellulose, with high-performance and minimum thickness Liuni vinyl floors to reduce surface-level changes.

    The hotel rooms offer opportunities to slow down and reflect, also thanks to the surrounding textures and to the masterful intervention of Studio Tapiro who created an evocative graphic system of the lagoon’s underwater ecosystem. Personal and collective imaginaries that go beyond the two-dimensionality of the walls, continuing in the internal signs and tracing paths guided by the zoomorphic geometry of the fishes, small inhabitants of the sea that indicate short journeys within the hotel, culminating in the hall, a space of connection, departure, and arrival.

    Imagining the feeling of the place

    Hotels are often described as “exclusive” and “refined”: in the San Servolo hotel exclusivity is reserved to minds that are capable of experimenting and that enjoy observing, not only the place and its memories but also the extraordinary echo of the lagoon and the Mediterranean transferred on the walls of the rooms, through the photographs taken by Salvatore Greco, Mario Ferrara, Luc Boegly and Stefano Anzini, and printed on the head-bed walls.

    Light moves through the geometries, breaking into the secrets of every corner, passage, door, or visual curtain. And when the natural light is gone for the day, playful suspended elements, colored lamps shaped like fruits – Ciuli Fruli by Martinelli Luce – discretely lead the guests into the serene dimension of the night.

    The eco-compatibility of the materials and products, starting with the choice of local suppliers from Veneto and surrounding areas, was one of the main aspects of the project. Particular attention must be paid to the research carried out by Staygreen to develop furniture that is truly consistent – in its material and manufacturing processes – with the concept of environmental sustainability. The seats are made of structured cellulose (KS56) composed of mixed percentages of wood fiber, recycled paper, and natural glues obtained from pea starch, externally finished in “Solid Green”, a technique patented by Staygreen for the creation of a completely ecological product. effetto sospeso.

    Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo Venezia – Building Information

    Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo Project, Venice Client: San Servolo Servizi Metropolitani di Venezia Project: Alfonso Femia/AF*DESIGN General Contractor: Attico Interni

    Furniture: Staygreen Internal sign system: Tapiro Design project Lighting design: Ciuli Friuli, Martinelli Luce Vinyl flooring: Liuni, Tatami Elements Flint Curtains: Rubelli Wallpaper: Spaghetti Wall Ceramics: Santagostino Digitalart

    *The furniture, produced by Staygreen, as well as the lamps by Martinelli are designed by Alfonso Femia/ AF*DESIGN

    Side note

    Venice Innovation Design, San Servolo

    On July 17th and 18th, the island of San Servolo hosted “Venice Innovation Design” (VID) which focused on the process of sustainable transformation that is taking place on the island.

    The event was also an opportunity to present and learn about the various projects taking place at the Congress and Cultural Center of the island of San Servolo, including the conceptual re-elaboration of the 18 rooms of the Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo, designed by Alfonso Femia/AF*DESIGN.

    The architect Alfonso Femia was one of the protagonists – along with Massimo Iosa Ghini, architect and designer, and Andreas Kipar, landscape architect – of the round table “The sustainable vision” which took place on July 17th.

    Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo, Venice images / information received 020821

    Centro Soggiorno San Servolo – 2-star hotel Address: Isola di San Servolo, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy Phone: +39 041 276 5001

    Location: San Servolo, Venezia, Italia

    Venice Architecture

    Venice Architecture Designs – chronological list

    Venice Architecture Tours by e-architect

    Venice Architecture News

    La Biennale di Venezia 2021

    Home Ground, Alison Brooks Architects

    The Majlis at San Giorgio Maggiore

    Pavilion of Finland Venice Biennale 2021

    Young Talent Architecture Award 2020 picture Courtesy Fundació Mies van der Rohe Young Talent Architecture Award 2020

    Comments / photos for the Hotel Centro Soggiorno San Servolo, Venice page welcome

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  • furikakyo
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    a return to roots | 6

    pairing: kita shinsuke x f!reader

    summary: y/n is a rising star in the music industry, having almost everything you could have ever hoped for as a small-town country girl. now after releasing two triple platinum albums in consecutive years, you face the dreaded artist’s burnout… in order to recover, your manager suggests, you should return to your hometown in hyōgo for a long-deserved break.

    genre: socmed/smau, slice of life

    warnings/tags: timeskip!, mutual pining, slow burn? more like rekindling, slight canon divergence


    To say that your day wasn’t going as planned was an understatement. Although you’d known that you would have to see Kita that day, your mind had assured you that there were a couple hours until then. So to see him before that expected time…

    You blinked, mouth opening and closing like the fish you’ve seen in koi ponds. “Oh. I didn’t expect you to be here…” You paused, and then pursed your lips definitively. If your mouth was shut then you couldn’t say anything else.

    Kita gave you a lopsided smile. “I work here, remember?” His amber eyes twinkled as the sunlight caught them.

    Your eyes trailed along the scene you’d been looking at previously. He didn’t just work here… he owned all of this. Stupid Kita, always selling himself short. Didn’t he know he was virtually perfect? Ah, right. You flushed, wondering if it was the embarrassment or the heat finally getting to you. Grabbing at anything to say, you blurted, “I was just admiring the view. Samu and I got here earlier than expected.” You wrung your hands nervously, then stopped. You didn’t want to seem nervous. “Um…” you said slowly, taking a step back, “it’s alright if you can’t accompany us right now. You’re probably busy.” You gnawed on your bottom lip. “Working the farm and stuff.”

    “‘Us’?” Kita echoed, looking past you.

    You chuckled nervously and scratched the back of your neck. It burnt with uneasiness, even more so when you remembered what you were wearing: an old oversized tshirt, shorts, and slides. You weren’t going to wear anything less comfortable on a road trip, you mind argued. “Yeah,” you mumbled, looking down, “Samu was with me but he got distracted. I was just looking around by myself.” After realizing that it could’ve sounded like you were trying to guilt trip Kita, you backtracked, waving your arms. “Not that that’s a bad thing!”

    Your heart gave a gut-wrenching squeeze when he laughed softly at you. “It’s alright. If you’d like, I can show you around?”

    You looked up from your hands, which had been busy wringing themselves into the hem of your shirt. “Ah! No,” you said quickly, “I’m totally fine on my own! I wouldn’t want to take you away from your work, either.”

    You fiddled with a loose string on your t-shirt as Kita peered over at you, contemplative. “It’s ok,” he said after a pause, “I have time. And I want to make my way around anyways, so your timing couldn’t have been better.”

    You stared at his back, speechless, as he began walking in the direction you’d been headed. Quickly, you picked your jaw up from the ground and clambered through the grass after Kita, who had slowed his pace so that you could catch up. Maybe if you hadn’t been so flustered you would’ve remembered that he had come from the direction you were now walking in.

    If Osamu’s knowing stare when he’d eventually ran into you and Kita hadn’t been enough to make you internally crumple in on yourself, his suggestion for all of you to get dinner together was.

    Not to say that his presence wasn’t welcome, though. When Kita hadn’t been speaking about something notable on the farm, it was silent for the most part, with you only dumbly repeating how nice it was. You hadn’t talked about anything more personal, like where you were in life now. It didn’t feel right just pretending nothing had happened; neither had starting off from where the two of you had left off. And it’s not like you could just say, “Hey, remember how a few years ago we almost dated but then didn’t which ended up kind of ruining our friendship? Let’s try to work through that now!” Kita was over it by now, unlike you, who’d just shoved everything into the back of your mind and hoped it wouldn’t ever be relevant again. This is what you get for neglecting it, you berated yourself, and yet when it came down to it, you weren’t sure whether it was the resigned silence between the two of you or the way that you felt the urge to act so impulsively— to hug him, kiss him, apologize to him—  which was more frightening.

    And that was how Osamu had found you, lost in your thoughts while walking with Kita and then somehow finding yourself sandwiched between the two in Kita’s pickup truck. I don’t have enough gas to drive us, Osamu had said while hiding a wicked grin, knowing damn well that you wouldn’t argue with him about it in front of Inarizaki’s former captain; that you wouldn’t beg Osamu to prevent you from getting into a car with Kita, not with him there to witness it.

    You tried to avoid squirming in the middle seat of the front row, conscious of every minute brush against Kita’s sleeve or shoulder. Osamu snickered quietly, and you jerked your head to the side to glare at him heatedly. This is all your fault, your eyes seethed, or at least you hoped you could convey as much feeling into them as you wanted. You stiffened when Kita’s arm brushed against yours momentarily as he made a turn, and you lurched towards him. Osamu finally had the decency to help you out, grabbing your shoulder to prevent the collision.

    You shot him another dirty glare and then stared out through the windshield just as you all pulled into the otherwise abandoned parking lot of the local bar. If you hadn’t come from Kita’s but instead your own childhood house, you would’ve walked like most other people did.

    Immediately you dropped the gloomy atmosphere, eyes now shining. “Izumi and Kenji’s!” You hopped out of the truck from Osamu’s side and jumped up and down excitedly. “I haven’t been here in years!” you exclaimed, rushing forward. Your two companions trailed behind you, amused.

    The bells on the door jingled as you opened it, at once having cold air rush at you. You sighed in contentment, the sweat on your brow already cooling off.

    “Hello?” A matronly figure stepped out from behind the bar counter, a rag in hand. Just as her eyes landed on you, they brightened. “Y/N!” The woman tossed the rag onto a table and rushed over to greet you, holding your hands in her own excitedly. “When did you get back? How long have you been here? Are you staying at your parents’ house?”

    You laughed and squeezed her hands before dropping them. “Hello, Izumi. I got back here a little bit ago and unpacked most of my stuff at the house. Any other questions?”

    Izumi fired a barrage of inquiries while leading you to the bar counter, insisting that you sit on a stool. Osamu sat down beside you and Kita next to him. “—so glad you’re back. And Osamu, you too! You’ve gotten more handsome! I bet the girls and boys are flocking to you in Tokyo. How is the shop doing? And you too, Shin-chan! You don’t visit quite enough for someone that lives so close by!”

    The three of you sat amiably and answered all of Izumi’s questions, small talk being made between you as she bustled in and out of the kitchen. “Yumie-chan told us you would be coming today, but we weren’t sure when! I think most people are going to be here, though, so just sit tight!” She brought out light beers and edamame to munch on in the mean time, and then a tray of salted nuts later.

    Slowly, the eatery filled with more of the local residents of your hometown, all gathering around you. Izumi had insisted on moving your food and drinks to a long row of tables, which she had pushed together to make room for everyone. There had been a big influx of the field workers from earlier, who all greeted your group before settling down on the other end of the seating arrangement. More and more dishes were being put out, most of them now plates of food to share among the table. The mood was festive and there was never a quiet moment, always a conversation going on or some laughter. At one point even her husband Kenji had come out from the kitchen and managed a gruff ‘welcome’, garnering cheers from everyone. Your plate was never empty, aunties placing pieces of karaage, sides of spring cabbage, and more onto it. Your cheeks were tinted pink and your face glowed; you’d had a few beers, enough to make you feel all warm inside.

    At last, after having eaten until you felt like your stomach was going to explode, Izumi brought out the final sides to accompany any of the remaining alcohol and then finally took a seat along with the women, who were asking questions about your new lifestyle.

    “So why’d ya really come back?” One of the ladies asked curiously, the others leaning in forward to hear your response.

    For a moment your grin faltered before you laughed again, taking a handful of salted nuts and then eating them one by one. “Oh, you know, just some burn out. I’ve been working nonstop the past two years. I thought I deserved a break.” You crunched down on some nuts, your jaw tense. The corners of your mouth felt tired from having to drag up all the time; the pleasant buzz from earlier was quickly dissipating the more they asked about this.

    Another one of the women, an older one, said slyly, “Are you sure you didn’t return for any other reason?” Her eyes slid overtly towards where the men were sitting, near Kita. He had been nursing his drink, the same one he’d had all night. Kita had never been much of a drinker and he wasn’t going to drive while being drunk; he was too much of a stickler for the rules.

    “I’m sure,” you said politely, gritting your teeth. You’d forgotten how nosy these old women could be. They all tittered to themselves, as if they knew something you didn’t, and then began talking of something else, leaving you to yourself. Your eyes caught Osamu’s, who raised his eyebrows questioningly before getting the message. He stretched his arms widely and then faked a yawn, not bothering to cover his mouth.

    “Samu, you should head to bed, son,” Kenji said bluntly. “Yer tired.”

    The twin nodded and looked to you and Kita. At that moment you didn’t have to fake a yawn, because you actually were exhausted. “We should go,” Kita agreed, “before I get too tired to drive us back.”

    The three of you stood, causing a chorus of disappointed aws to ring out. “Ah,” you said, gripping the back of your chair to steady you. “I have something to say before I go.” Everyone at the giant table stared expectantly at you, and you remembered what it was like to have stage fright all over, as if you were just starting out again. Your throat tightened as you swallowed. “Um,” you said quietly, bowing formally and not making eye contact with a single person, “I would just like to thank all of you for taking such good care of my parents’ home. It’s because of you that I can move back in so easily. So thank you.”

    After not hearing any sort of response, you peeked upwards. “Aw,” Izumi sniffled, wiping away a stray tear, “it’s because of you that we managed to stay open, ya know that, Y/N? You had no business giving us that much money for the restaurant, so it was the least we could do.” She jerked her head at everyone else. “And it’s not like we did it by ourselves; Kenji and I had help.” Izumi’s black eyes glittered. “Lots of help.”

    You scuffed a foot, looking down again. Your cheeks and ears burned. But then you thought of the tatami mats at the house and the freshly dusted furniture, taken care of every week for years, and you shook your head. “Well, I didn’t need all that money.”

    Osamu put a gentle hand on your shoulder. “Let’s go, Y/N,” he said quietly, and you nodded, following him and Kita out of the door as the others called out their goodbyes to you.

    Everything that had happened that day hit you on the ride home, still sandwiched between the two men. At some point, tears had begun falling, with you trying miserably to cover them up. You weren’t sure if you were crying because you were disappointed by your reunion with Kita, or maybe if it was because tonight’s dinner had been one of the most fulfilling, the most happy you’d been in years. Your lips wobbled and you sniffled too this time, wiping at your nose with your arm. It had felt nice coming home to a table full of faces you recognized and the comfort of Izumi’s food, having people inquire about you solely because they cared.

    “You could’ve given me some of that money too, y’know,” Osamu quipped, breaking the awkward silence. “And don’t wipe your snot with your bare arm, that’s disgusting. Health code violation.” Kita only chuckled as you elbowed the twin and argued with him, listening to the banter with a pensive look on his face.  

    a/n: hhHhH sorry this took longer, i had a really bad stomachache a few days ago which made me shit like 6 times in a day and then throw up 😩 and then after that i got addicted to genshin so

    taglist (pm me to ask to be added): @papiibuprofen​, @duhsies, @succulentmom, @kenmaslov3r​​​, @introvertatitsfinest, @errorishere

    some ~fun facts~

    - kita WAS making his rounds on the farm, but was coming from the opposite side of you. meaning that after he ran into you, he retraced his path because he wanted to walk with you
    - izumi is in her 60s. her specialty is cooking fried chicken (karaage) but she wants to learn how to pickle stuff
    - kenji is izumi’s husband. he mostly works in the kitchen since he prefers to let his wife handle customers, even if 99% of them are locals
    - izumi and kenji have been running their restaurant/bar since they were in their mid 20s 🥺 STOP THEYRE SO CUTE WHY AM I GETTING SO SENTIMENTAL OVER OCS
    - y/n actually did give osamu money. so did atsumu. the two of them were actually the first investors for onigiri miya, right after the twins graduated high school, but osamu doesn’t know it because you had all of the legal stuff handled through a third party anonymously. you will ensure that osamu never finds out because he is prideful as heck lol
    - y/n has some toxic traits (as do most people)
    - there’s no love triangle with osamu or anything. strictly kita x reader 😤 
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