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  • worstloki
    28.07.2021 - 1 minute ago
    #instead of Kang at the end you'd get Sylvie bc it'd be Loki still in that 1 timeline except SYLVIE started the TVA and it'd be like :0 #because the statue would have Sylvie in her cool Enchantress get-up #yeah :') #the Loki show #loki spoilers #loki show spoilers
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  • gingerdeal-love
    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan (Off White)

    Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan (Off White)

    Price: (as of – Details) Elegantly designed fan base120 ribs guard. oscillation degree : 60˚Pull cord control for speed and oscillation on-offAerodynamically designed and balanced bladesSpeed: 1350 RPM. Rated voltage 230 VAir Delivery: 72 CMMBlade: Aerodynamically designed & balanced blades ; TOP: Thermal overload protector (TOP) helps in protecting the motor in case of any high voltage…

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  • aoifeoof
    28.07.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #whizzer is just like Y’know This Weird Little Man Is Kinda Cool #your brain is very large
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  • crobatmutual
    28.07.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    there are no words in any language in the world that could explain how little i care about sabre whatever the fuck i wanna see volleyball

    #the koreans are having a lot of fun tho good for them good for them #i wanted to see ishikawa play tho :^( #google tells me were 20-22 tho thats cool
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  • dovewingz
    28.07.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    (dont reblog)

    havent seen it on my dash much (clearly im following the right people) but mutuals i’d appreciate it if u could tag the anything related ‘male lesbian’/‘bi lesbian’ disc horse shit. i cannot stand seeing it and simply would prefer to not comprehend it

    (dont rb)

    #cotton dont look is cool #also dont send me msgs both harassment and questions will be deleted #discourse#lgbt discourse #ask to tag #cotton speaks#not wc
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  • moonriseaerdna
    28.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    watched raya and the last dragon & I want to dedicate my entire existence to namaari

    #i love her #she’s so cool #she’s so strong #namaari #raya and the last dragon #raya and namaari #I really liked this movie #disney#disney movies #disney animated movies
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  • mzladybird
    28.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #ao3fic#fanfic#reylo #it's a long way to the top #nothing beats a cool pillow
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  • bbannertm
    28.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    thunder woke me up are such a late hour, anyways I decided to finish my verses.

    #. | ❛ other guy meet cool guy . ╱   ooc.
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  • muppetfuckersam
    28.07.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    my only regret of deleting samstiel is that bossbabynatural isn’t a tag that recommends dean winchester anymore

    #also i guess yoshiel but i’m gonna reupload that when i fix the audio so it’s cool
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  • clairegaunson
    28.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Honeymoon Tavern Episode 4 Eng Sub Video Online

    Honeymoon Tavern Episode 4 Eng Sub Video Online

    The following Honeymoon Tavern Episode 4 English Sub has been released now. dramacool.wiki will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark Now Watch Honeymoon Tavern Ep 4 Eng Sub online in high quality and free download. Also Honeymoon Tavern Episode 4 Streaming Details, Preview, and Release Date Honeymoon Tavern English Dubbed. Synopsis Lee Woo Hyung will be producing a program…

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  • clairegaunson
    28.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Honeymoon Tavern Episode 1 Eng Sub Video Online

    Honeymoon Tavern Episode 1 Eng Sub Video Online

    The following Honeymoon Tavern Episode 1 English Sub has been released now. dramacool.wiki will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark Now Watch Honeymoon Tavern Ep 1 Eng Sub online in high quality and free download. Also Honeymoon Tavern Episode 1 Streaming Details, Preview, and Release Date Honeymoon Tavern English Dubbed. Synopsis Lee Woo Hyung will be producing a program…

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  • warcrimegwen
    28.07.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    What if Duncan kiss Courtney instead of Cameron?


    Total Drama All-Stars in "Zeek And Ye Shall Find" (alternate version).


    Duncan: Uh, do you hear something?

    [Scott and Courtney slide in from the hole behind them, bowling them over]

    Mal: [Notices Courtney and whispers to Duncan] This is your chance, kiss her, do it, hurry!

    Duncan: But she'll be pissed...

    Mal: [In normal voice] Just do it!

    Duncan: What...

    [Mal quickly shoves a shocked Duncan into Courtney's face, kissing her. Mal grins evilly and Scott growls as he sees this, while Courtney is growling furiously at Duncan]

    Duncan: Sorry! Uh, I mean, whoa! Why'd you kiss me, Princess?! WHY?!

    [Courtney gasps in shock]


    Duncan: [Curled up in the same position as Gwen and Chef Hatchet, frightened] I-I-I-I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-so d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dead!!


    [Scott growls, then looks shocked at Courtney]

    Scott: You kissed your ex?! WHY?

    Courtney: I, what are you...

    Scott: After all of this, you decided to betray me & kiss your ex in front of me?!

    Courtney: Scott, Please! Just listen to me!

    Scott: Nope! I don't want to hear any of your stupid... [He was suddenly cut off as someone grabbed him out of the area, screaming]

    [Mal grins evilly, cackling & walks away, while Courtney continues to growl furiously at Duncan]

    Duncan: [Nervously gulps & backs away] Um.. Courtney? I can explain!

    Courtney: [Screams in anger, runs to Duncan, lunges over him & beats him up with her fists & legs] HOW *bleep*ING DARE YOU KISS ME IN FRONT OF SCOTT! ME & SCOTT JUST STARTED A RELATIONSHIP TOGETHER & YOU RUINED IT!! I...[punch] *bleep*ING...[slap] HATE... [kick] YOU!! [punch] HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?! HUH?! I HOPE YOU GO HOME NEXT YOU GIRLFRIEND STEALER!! [She stops beating him up, Duncan groans in painful]

    Duncan: [Bruised up] Look I swear It was an accident! Mal forced me to do this!!

    [Duncan and Courtney don’t notice Feral Ezekiel’s shadow falling over the two]

    Courtney: WHO THE *bleep* IS MAL?!

    Duncan: [Starts yelling back] You don't even under...

    [Feral Ezekiel roars and lunges at them as they cling to each other screaming in fear]


    Courtney: [Screams at the top of her lungs, angrily] I *bleep*ing hate that jerk!! First he cheated on me with Gwen, and now he made me cheating on Scott! That jerk-face! He's SO going home! [yelled] AND I WILL NEVER WANT TO SEE THAT JUVENILE IDIOT EVER AGAIN!!! [Screams at the top of her lungs again which causes the camera's lens to cause a crack on the screen, berserk]


    What do you think?

    #submission #thank u anon very cool #anon submission
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  • linwhastic
    28.07.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Art Installation to Draw Attention on Nature https://ift.tt/3lawr05

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  • mipcookie
    28.07.2021 - 35 minutes ago
    #that’s VERY cool of you to come here & vibe. totally oblivious of wtf it is you’re looking at #THIS IS SO FUNNY THO #I dunno what to say… it a phone game… currently… a bit disastrous… #this is one of those “the fandom doesn’t reflect the actual content…“
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  • fluffallamaful
    28.07.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    concept (smp):

    revivebur breaking dream and tech out of prison, and taking them back to phils

    dream being introduced to the domestic family life, such as uno, household chores, eating dinner together.. and tickle fights hehe

    #mcyt tickle headcannons #come on how cool would this combination be #not even necessarily in the tk wokrd #just in the lore in general
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  • vegetablearian
    28.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    people who get really weird about other people interacting with wildlife are so fucking funny lmao. they know all the animal behaviour but not their own

    #people who talk inappropriately about anthropomorphising animals are like de-anthropomorphising themselves #just in general so many people really think humans aren't animals and it's soooo weird. #ant hill bird nest whatever = cool! house made of local materials = A BLIGHT ON THE LANDSCAPE!! IT DOESN'T BELONG ON THIS PLANET!!! #and like honestly. if a bird could make a nest of non-local materials it would. they do put fun things in their nests if they can get them #it's the same people who are like 'we need to save the rainforests! companies could extract a lot of value from them for the shareholders'
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  • semi---semi
    28.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    yo i finally got 100% accuracy on round three of the google doodle from back in may 😩😩

    #guys i am so cool #im neglecting my overdue chinese homework for this but #I DID IT
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  • lumfi
    28.07.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    My Russian dictionary finally arrived and 💌💌💌

    #IT EVEN HAS A CULTURE PART #and a pronounciation guide #I don't need it personally but still cool 👍 #i had a lil heart attack because i thought the font was like cursive and i still have issues reading cursive #but it's not cursive hooray
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