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  • caruliaa
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    obssesed the fact that out of all the things i was spoilerd 4 from the acnh direct i cld b suprised/relieved were part of the free update nd not the dlc seeing as they added so much new stuff it was mostly froggy chair

    #HES BACK <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #also i wldnt even car if froggy chair was part of the dlc bc im getting it anyway *">#:>* #whyd it do that SFGJGSJ #flappy rambles
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  • veramoonmin
    15.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


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  • starcreamed
    15.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    honestly, I’m really happy that my sister now lives in my neighborhood. now i can visit her whenever! she’s awesome and the person who I make laugh the most

    #ramblings #and it’s all peaceful! #until her kids get home from school #jk they’re cool nephews
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  • amor-core
    15.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #fun fact i actually am stuck at home today i had a bad stomach ache this morning #bnha oc comeback #amorette calhoun#magenta-witch #this is actually really cool though thank you #its better than the one i made
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  • pinabutterjam
    15.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    one of these days I'm gonna make really detailed and easy-to-do posts about living in extreme climates, so people affected by unusual weather bc of climate change can prepare for it instead of freezing to death or getting heatstroke indoors

    #i guess living in southern Ontario has it's benefits bc we get extreme heat and extreme chill in the same year + intense humidity #so i know the basics just from experience but o've also learned a lot from traditional knowledge!! like how to grow food in areas prone to #flooding. how to store food and keep cool in humid climates. how to repel mosquitoes without storebought spray. #how to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter without electricity or wood #im just. lazy ;-; i will hurry it up if anyone's actually interested in seeing the post(s) tho #queen p
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  • bluemoondust
    15.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I'm watching the direct for Animal Crossing and just...


    #moondust talks #I only played New Leaf two years ago but that dlc made me happy!!! #The free content is also cool! #WE CAN COOK FOOD!! #My island still doesn't look complete #But I think this just motivated me to fix it up a bit #THE THE CAMERA FEATURE CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD OOF #GARDENING #Sorry I'm still not over how we can cook and use ingredients #Also #Finally my house doesn't have to look like a gnome lives in it #Even though I'm short af #But oh gosh I'm still excited for the DLC #Being invited to your villagers homes or them coming over is so cute! #I'm betting Kidd will be one of those to do so or even Marcie
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  • gullduggery
    15.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    fine ok christ I’ll start playing animal crossing again stop saying words at me I get it

    #dhkdhdkf #I had a tag for random thoughts on here I don’t remember what it is though that’s ok #it Seems to have solved the main issue I had with the island exclusive furniture colours so like #also Ione by beloved I only saw you for 1 second but I need you on my island #I enjoyed happy home designer enough so I’m not really bothered by that I like that it’s actually like integrated #that was my main concern when I was hearing about it #I’m going to sleep now it’s late and I’m tired #but like #yeah cool! #I don’t think it solves everything but realistically that’s not really possible I’m pretty tired regarding this I guess like. I wish I had #more buildings on my island still rather than them being elsewhere #but that’s ok like #I can’t put words together right #I don’t want to look at things regarding this I don’t think #id rather play it for myself when it comes out and keep to my own head about it #I don’t know what I’m saying I’m really actually going to sleep now
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  • holymakerel
    15.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    remodeling ur villagers home was my number one hope for acnh before it came out. i literally dont think i could be happier rn

    #animal crossing#nintendo direct #no bc i am happy home designers number one fan #and i was watching it like this is cool but what i really wanted was hhd elements incorporated into the regular game...OH! OH! #acnh
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  • vynsteacup
    15.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Help w Home Improvement/Lounge please!!

    Hi, so, I've just noticed that uuuuh

    This is a task. Thats great, only problem is the time limit and, well, yanno, the amount of home improvements. How is this a problem? Well, they only allow 3 "clears" a day?????? Which is wild???

    And clearly I dont have the schips for making more clears available.

    Does anyone know if, once I clear the 5th stage, the daily clears become unblocked? Or is it just going to be behind that "pay"wall? I'd really like to get the home improvement badge but at this rate and f2p I wonder if it's even possible :/

    #tears of themis #tears of themis lounge #tot lounge #tears of themis home improvement #tears of themis lounge improvement #now of course i have spent money on this game and so its not like im totally against paying more but its crazy to me to have to save + #+ schips for the symphony of night event which is coming up AND get these things? im honestly kinda sad and afraid this game is becoming + #+ nigh impossible or at the least v difficult for f2p. thats frustrating. #like i do have the money but not the budget for it? *sigh* come on #be cool miyoho #like literally why arent there unlimited clears #ok ok im frustrated and done tagging this. thank u
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  • antifasamwilson
    15.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    living in this part of america one forgets how fucking batshit and regressive christians are abt catholics or whatever other flavour of their religion they dont like to the point of violent oppression lmao

    #this does not include mormons or evangelicals or any other freaky cult shit #i mean like. orthodox ppl or catholics etc #like there are prods and catholics and lutherns here but they like. dont give a shit abt the others. #its so bizzare when i go home and come back here and its literally not a thing on anyones mind here #'i'm catholic' 'oh cool im lutheran' AND THEN THEY MOVE ON!! NO SILENT JUDGING OR ANYTHING!!
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  • jpcochet
    15.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Modern crochet cape pattern

    Modern crochet cape pattern

    Modern crochet cape pattern Modern crochet cape pattern More poncho crochet patterns at JPCrochet shop. More free patterns at the FREE PATTERNS COLLECTION Easy cross stitch designs Tango Stitch

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    #cool projects to do at home #crochet#crochet pattern#DIY projects #free japanese pattern #japanese handcraft#japanese pattern #japanese pattern ebook #knitting ideas#poncho
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  • miwksowp
    15.10.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #what realyl ty! #I dig ur cc so it's ha c haha cool u like somethign from me too! #asks#home homie
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  • the-arctic-commune
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    This is an Egg lore appreciation post pls reblog with your favorite Egg moment.

    #Silly or serious! #Mine is Sam's release and stumbling back home all confused. #Egg lore <3 #I loved the Egg lore they seem to be done with it but I hope we see more from the stories they started with it. #Ponk especially's been doing some cool things. #dream smp#words
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  • bericas
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    if tenderness is any sort of currency maybe i don’t want what it can buy.
    #twedit#boydia#bydia #boyd x lydia #lydia x boyd #and then 4 my own tags #lydia martin#vernon boyd #OKAY! HERE'S THE AGENDA #boyd is still introduced at the beginning of s2! but he gets some of the scenes fake peter gets #it kind of has the set up of a love triangle the way peter initially seemed like a love interest #their introductions r peter laughing at lydia in class and boyd being one of the only ppl to look concerned #and peter gets the cool mysterious guy scenes; the photo on the basketball team and the returning of lydias dog etc #BOYD! gets talking to LYDIA! outside of the counselors office #they bond! they talk! boyd is mostly an ear for lydia tbh; used to boys tripping over themselves for her attention and so she sticks to her #comfort zone of being the center of attention under the guise of boyd tutoring her #bc she is struggling academically! not because of lack of intelligence but because of the whole posession mental health crisis! #she doesnt think to ask about boyd until he doesnt show up. she goes to his house ANGRY and feeling REJECTED and his parents arent home and #boyd takes like ten minutes to answer adn when he does he is VISIBLY UPSET andi tturns out his parents arent home bc its the anniversary of #his sisters disappearance and theyre out buying balloons to release #but THEN! the rest of the season goes the same! with maybe boyds turning coming a little after 203 instead idk how long it would take to #establish the relevant boydia plot points but! he still turns #hes turned by 205 at least #bc everything from tehre goes the same. lydia comes outside but with the added betrayal of boyd being there #which is confirmed as Bad when allison makes her promise to stay away from boyd; says she wouldve told her sooner #but she hadnt realized they were friends. bc no one knew boyd and lydia were friends. . bc it wasnt for consumption; it was just for her #and then theres probably some kind of attempt at reconciliation before he and erica run away. maybe even an offer. #she stays. he goes. he comes back. theres maybe a tentative peace. a little more growth. a little return to hinting toward Something #maybe he holds her hand maybe he touches her cheek maybe he promises that after all of this is over with the alpha pack #he'll make it up to her. and then he never gets the chance
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  • asikan
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ♥️ im @melisa-asi ♥️

    Yazı gelirse benimsin tura gelirse seninim… Seni seviyorum

    Anlaştık mı ?

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  • vinceaddams
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I find jello salad fascinating

    (Not to condone all the weird meat and mayonnaise stuff people did in the 50's, no no nooooo, send all that to the incinerator and keep them just dessert-y and not savoury salad-y)

    but. It's just neat to think about transparent dome shaped jiggly blobs of dessert that you can put things in. Fruit slices suspended in clear and flavourful gelatin goo! There's much potential for good interesting aesthetic there! you could make a blueish one with little candy fish in it, and candy seaweed. yeah!think of all the nifty fruit stuff you could aesthetically imprison in the jello!!

    one time I made jello that tasted 100% exactly like gin & tonic because I just heated up some tonic water in a pot and added unflavoured gelatin and lots of lime juice, and I just thignk it's really neat that we can buy unflavoured gelatin packets and do stuff like that.

    ooh also! one time many years ago I went to a party in a tiny cabin on a tiny island on a lake, and thyey had made a big jello lake with a little cake island that looked like the actual real island, which is very neat i thimk!

    (shh tehes are very normal sbober thoughts not at all brought on by a beverage, I have thought abou t how neat jelly salad is while sober yes yes, just have not said so. also. please go look at drawings of frogs wearing clothes, it is a deligtful thing and there are quite a lot of them)

    #definitely Not Tipsy heset are norma l sobber thoughts! #ugh dammit now I have t o justify that tag by saying w i work part time #and have thursdays and fridays off #so wednesday is very friday by my job schedule ok? #food#jello #oh oh!!! #after wor k today I went by the bulk food store whsihckh is on the way on my hour long walk home #and wanted ot get alphabet noodles to put in soup #but they had none #BUT!!! #they had BUG SHAPED noonles there instead!! #so I got some! Anff I can make some soup this weekwith bug shaeped nodles in it!!!!! #YEAH!!! #bougth some potatoes the day before and have some vegertables that need using so! Soup time?! Yes.!! #alcohol#jello salad #yes I D O appreciate the hilarity in the fact that. whenne my brain is have beverage and i am more openly saying my thoughts its just. #that mauybe jello salad is kinds cool actually #NOT shag carpet htough! Fuck shag carepte!!!! #HEY why is gelatin underlined?? that's a wornd and I spelted it correcty fuckh you tunfgler spellcheck! #i meant to say another thing but i forget it #ok I am offf to go draw some pictures of frogs in clothes #becuase theres an amphibian themed spoonflower contest coming up and I wannta to a frog toile #i can do a toile design in just 20 days cant i?? yes maybe possibly #also also also I think beverage is gross and bad maybe! #i do not have it often but it is nice sometimes #edited to add that also I work saturdays so weekends are not weekend and right now is weekend so yes #bevergaeeage #uptdate again: stomach feel yucky. this is why beverage is bad
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  • xandersimpinghours
    13.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    hhhh i think im gonna have a fever tomorrow i aint feeling so chill

    #niko's venting hours #i just got my flu shot today #and hhhhhh not feeling great #i think i might not be able to go to school tomorrow but #honestly im not sure..... #especially with how strict my school is with attendance. hm. #if i do end up feeling really bad then i'll find a way to stay home #in the meantime um???? mayhaps spare some hcs??? #10 hour long ramble about why your fave is cool??? #i mean i'll have to go rest v early for the night #so i might not be able to see an ask immediately #but idk asks are nice
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  • founderslost
    13.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    “ felix, ” jack walten’s voice is hushed, catching felix as he passes by in the hallway, gesturing his coworker inside his office, “ please, sit down. we need to talk. ”

    felix obliges. he comes inside and takes his seat across from jack, pulling a 1.5 liter bottle of wine from his coat pocket. a single finger raised, bottle to lips, he drinks the entire thing without skipping a beat. or taking a breath. jack is as concerned as he is amazed by the sight. 

    “ okay, ” felix puts the now empty bottle back in his coat, “ what is it you wanted to talk to me about? ”

    “ ... that. ”

    #> felix kranken #> jack walten #> in character #> drabble #( i saw a video earlier of a man drinking one of those big barefoot wine bottles in one sitting and i was like damn. that's something felix #( ould do ) #( he has special made coat pockets for large quantities of alcohol. he always some on him. he's like #( 'oh i only drink at home or at bars' #( like a liar ) #tw alcohol #( felix is like. oh! pretty cool huh #( and jack is like no. im worried about you???
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