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  • Cooper - Art Fight

    Character belongs to dat.smol.bean (Instagram)

    #cooper#animal crossing #animal crossing oc #art fight #art fight 2020
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  • image

    No se si lo subí por aquí, pero parece que no xdxd, aquí un dibujo de Cooper bajo la lluvia con una uni-ardilla , a Cooper le parece fascinante la fauna de Lost time

    Si te interesa ver el cómic lo subo en @newkash00

    Llevo muy poco pero en verano pienso trabajar en la historia El doble

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  • Cooper T77 1965 - Jochen Rindt. (ph. forums). - source UK Racing History

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  • bard and cooper’s friendship is very important to me

    #Reshiram's Art #reblogs are greatly appreciated!! #shovel knight #king of cards #cooper#bard #cooper shovel knight #bard shovel knight #im inches away from just shipping them i swear to god
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  •                                                        BON VIVANT

    Taciturne Gary Cooper ? Plutôt bavard en présence de ses amis !

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  • any time i project on a video game npc i strive to make them deeper than base game says. anyways thats why cooper’s cane is now a gun

    #reshiram’s art #reblogs are greatly appreciated!! #shovel knight #king of cards #cooper #cooper shovel knight #i was considering making it a sword but i gun makes more sense
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  • Click. Click. Click.

    Trollex’s ears pick up the sounds of something clicking, a camera most likely. The clicking had awaken the young techno king from his nap but he still kept his eyes closed, and each click made his ears twitch.

    “Omg. Look at his little ears. Or are they technically fins?” Poppy’s voice appears.

    “Quiet popsqueak or else you’ll wait him up.” Barb’s voice came next. “I didn’t get the chance to draw on his face yet.”

    “Now don’t you go doing a thing like that.” Delta’s voice scold her in a whispers.

    “Please lower your voices,” Trollzart appears. “Poor little guy need his rest.”

    What are they doing here? Trollex question why the 4 leaders was here in his bedroom (at least he thought it was). He rise his head from whatever he was laying on, his nose twitching.

    “Omg. He’s so cute!” Poppy squeal. “He’s like a kitten.”

    “Someone should be recording this.” Essence comment.

    “I got a camera right here!” Quincy announce, taking a camera out form his cape.

    “Wh-what’s-what’s going on here?” Trollex yawn, mouth opening wide and showing off his fangs.

    “AWWWWWWWW!” All the leaders coo.

    “Yep, it’s official, he’s a kitten.” Poppy coo, taking another pic.

    Opening up his eyes, he all the leaders in what he thought was his bedroom, but was actually the meeting room in Pop Village. His memories hit him, recalling that they were in a meeting but tiredness had taken over him because he was all might raving so he thought to rest his head a little. That turn into a nap and lend him into this predicament.

    “Um sorry.” He yawning again, stretching in his seat. “How long were I out for?”

    “The whole meeting,” Delta answers.

    “What? Why didn’t any of you wake me up?”

    “Didn’t want to disturb your beauty sleep, cutie.” Barb smirk, calling him cutie not in a flirty tone but a more mocking one.

    “You seem so tired when the meeting started so we let you be,” Trollzart add on.

    “Plus, you look to cute to wake up.” Quincy chuckle.

    “And I got pictures!” Poppy was already scrapbooking them.

    “But you don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything serious.” Essence said.

    “Still would had nice to be included.” Trollex was upset for missing the meeting and he pouted, but that only made the rest of the leaders coo at him more.

    “Aww, even when he’s upset he’s cute,” Barb mock him.

    “That’s one definitively getting it own page.” Poppy took another picture.

    “I’m not cute.” Trollex state, getting annoy at being call that.

    “Yeah, and I’m a pop troll. Cutie.”

    “Am not.”

    “Um, yeah, you are.”

    “Am not.”

    “Yes you are.”

    “Am not.”

    “Hate to cut in, but you are,” Delta was on Barb’s side, as was the other leader who nod in agreement.

    Trollex growl a little, face flustering at constantly being call cute by the leader and other trolls. While the adjective is not insulting, he doesn’t like only being seen as cute because at times he’s mistaken for being young (despite being the youngest leader).

    “Omg, even his growl is cute.” Barb chuckle.

    “A-am,” Trollex yawn again.

    “I think it’s time for this meeting to adjourn.” Essence ended the meeting and walk up to Trollex. “And I think it’s for you to get some proper rest. Soon as you get back home, I want you to take a long nap. And make sure you go to bed more early.”

    “But I’m not tir-“ Trollex was about to protest but immediately shut him mouth when Essence gave him firm look.

    “Best you do what she say.” Quincy came behind her. “It’s for your own good.”

    “Fine,” he huff.

    “Good dearly,” Essence then pinch his cheeks.

    “Oh my, your cheeks are so soft,” she comment. “Quincy, you gotta feel this.”

    Trollex groan as his cheeks were getting pinch by the leaders and more pictures of him was being taken of.


    “Beat, do you think I’m cute?” Trollex ask Beat in his room, having return home from the meeting earlier. When he got back, he found Beat there along with an invitation to a party in Pop Village tomorrow. He saw that as another opportunity to be call cute.

    “Is that even a question. Duh, of course you cute.” Beat answers. “I means, had you seen yourself.”

    “But don’t you think I’m a little bit sexy.”

    Beat didn’t says anything, only stare at him with a blank expression.

    “Beat? Buddy?” He wave his hand in his face. He was worry he had cross a line. “I knew I shouldn’t had ask that. Sorry for askin-“

    He was cut off by Trollex guffawing.

    “You! Sexy!? Yeah when pop troll fly!” Beat resting on Trollex’s bed to continue his laughing.

    “Come on, I could be sexy.” Trollex pouting, only furthering Beat’s laughter.

    “Yeah, and I could be a funk troll tomorrow.” He wipe away a tear.

    “Grrr, I’m going for a walk. Be back later.” Trollex flew away.

    “Ok, make sure you come back before bedtime.” Beat jokes, making Trollex growl and slam the door shut as he left.


    “I could be sexy.” Trollex mumble, swimming about Techno reef. “I’ll show him and everyone else.” His mind was so occupy that he didn’t see where he was going and bump into someone.

    “I’m so sorry.” He apology to who he’d bump into and find that it was Chaz who have an air bubble on his head.

    “It’s alright your majesty.” The smooth jazz troll was about to swim away until Trollex stop him.

    “Hey Chaz, can I ask you something?”


    Trollex knew he was gonna regret this, but he went for it anyway. “Do you think I’m cute?”

    Chaz raise an eyebrow and eye the Techno king up and down. His eyes wander to his chubby cheeks cover in freckles, his unibrow, and his green eyes.

    “You tell me.”

    “Of course,” he huff, thanking him for his time and was about to swim off until Chaz stop him this time.

    “I seem you’re displease with your appearance.”

    “You can says that,” Trollex rub a hand behind his head. “I’m tired of everyone calling me soon. I wanna be seen more then that, maybe even a little bit sexy too.” He whispers the last part, but Chaz heard him loud and clear and a smirk came on his face.

    “I think I can help with that. Let meet up tomorrow at your place.”


    “I’m bringin’ sexy back
    Them other boys don’t know how to act
    I think it’s special, what’s behind your back
    So turn around and I’ll pick up the slack”

    Chaz sang as he turn Trollex’s around to do the finish touching of his makeup. The two was in Trollex’s room the next day and Chaz was preparing Trollex for the party that was a few hours away. He was spicing up his looks.

    “Are you sure this will work?” Trollex ask, a little uncomfortable with what he was wearing.

    “You tell me.” He turn Trollex around to face the mirror. Standing before then was Trollex dress in a new attire. He have on a navy blue crop top that cover up a little of his heart and it was cover by a black leather jacket. Lace stockings were on his tail. His hair was set free and fell behind him, stopping by his tail.  His eyes have eye sh

    “Don’t you look like a treat.” Chaz was please with his handy work.

    “Are you sure?” He fluster a little.

    Just then Beat burst into the room.

    “Hey man. Let get out of here before we’re la-“ When his eyes landed on Trollex and his attire, his jaws drop as he froze in mid-ari.

    “Seem he does.” Chaz reply.

    Trollex chuckle and smirk at himself, starting to see his appeal. He can’t wait to see how everyone else will react. He dare them to call his cute.

    “Then what are we waiting for.” He grab ahold of the still frozen Beat drop fish. “We have a party to get going to.”


    “Had anyone seen Trollex?” Poppy ask the leaders. The party was in full swing and Trollex had yet to be seen. Prince D, Cooper, Dickory, Hickory, and Branch was by them.

    “Nope, hadn’t see-“ As Branch answers, he heard Trollex’s singing follow by a blue neon light from the distance, grabbing their attention as well as some of the other party goers.

    “I’m bringin’ sexy back
    Them other boys don’t know how to act
    I think it’s special, what’s behind your back
    So turn around and I’ll pick up the slack”

    Trollex’s voice was approaching them as he continue to sing, making party goers’ eyes opening wide and their jaws drop. He smirk and continue to make his way to the rest of the leaders.

    “Dirty babe
    You see these shackles, baby
    I’m your slave
    I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave
    It’s just that no one makes me feel this way”

    “Oh there he is.” Poppy says. “Trollex we’re over here!” She call him over to them.

    When Trollex was in their sight, their eyes went wide and jaws drop to the floor at what Trollex was wearing. Beat was with him and he was still shock at his attire.

    Trollex smirk, plead with their reaction, putting the lollipop back in his mouth. To top off his look, Trollex was licking a lollipop in his mouth to add seduction.

    “Come here, girl
    Come to the back
    Drinks on me
    You see what you’re twerking with
    Look at those hips
    You make me smile
    Go ‘head, child
    And get your sexy on
    Get your sexy on
    Get your sexy on
    Get your sexy on”

    Branch’s cheeks fluster, Hickory’s eyes kept roaming all over Trollex’s body, and D’s nose was bleeding.

    Trollex decide to tease them a little by shaking his hips as he sing, follow by a little shaking of his behind as approach them.

    I’m bringin’ sexy back”  

    “So, what like what you see?” He was awaiting for their response. When he got nothing, he grew worry.

    “Are you guys ok?”

    Trollzart end up breaking the silence and releasing them from their trance.

    “Who corrupting this child!?” He cry out before fainting, but Delta caught him and place him on her back.

    “Who did this to you!?” Essence demanded to know so she’ll have a nice “chat” with them later.

    “Trollex, you look….nice.” Cooper was wiping his brother’s nose with a napkin, but more blood just kept raining down. D just continue to stare at Trollex.

    “Nice, more like a treat.” Barb chuckle, only meaning that platonically. “Damn, you can please up.”

    “Barb!” Poppy scold her. “Don’t encourage him.”

    Trollex was plead with their responses.

    “Chaz was the one who did this to you, wasn’t it?” Hickory manage to says without flustering up.

    “Yes it was.” Beat answers. Trollex had taken him away from Chaz before he could give his complaint about what he did to his best friend through a punch or two. “And he’s here somewhere right now.”

    “Oh that no good rotten-“ Dickory growl. “He push it too far this time.

    “I’m going to kill the bastard,” Delta promise.

    “Wo now,” Trollex was no longer smirking as he try to settle everyone down before they go in a manhunt for Chaz. “No needs for that now. He was helping me out.”

    “Helping you? More you pimping you up.” Beat said.

    “That’s one way to put it,” Branch look away from Trollex before anymore not so appropriate thoughts play in his mind.

    “When I’m get my hands on him-Hey, keep your eyes to yourself!” She bark at the party goers who was eyeing Trollex with lust in their eyes.

    “Keep looking at him like that, you’ll lose more then your eyes.” Delta warn them. With two queens promising their wrath upon them, the party goers look away.

    “Guys, you’re overreacting.” Trollex try to calm things down when suddenly Quincy’s golden cape was place around him.

    “King Quincy, what are you-“

    “Covering you up.” He state as his eyes roam for the smooth jazz troll that put Trollex up to this.

    “Trollex, go change into something appropriate.” Essence order.


    “NOW!” All the leaders order (Trollzart had awaken up closely).

    Seeing it one against all of them, he let Poppy take him somewhere to get change. He smirk at the plan working (sort of).

    “Dam,” Prince D finally spoke. He hope Trollex doesn’t get rid of the outfit. He want to be the one to ruined it.

    “There’s he is!” Trollzart pointed at Chaz. When the Smooth Jazz troll saw how angry the leaders were at him, he float away with them chasing after him.

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  •                                          LES YEUX DANS LES YEUX

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  • (you’ll probably have to click for better res)

    i have. a lot of feelings about the npcs in king of cards after watching that ending

    #Reshiram's Art #reblogs are greatly appreciated!! #shovel knight #king of cards #cooper#king knight#hhahugh man #when i tell you that HURT to watch i mean it H U R T #anyways cooper is a new fave right up there with king birder #shovel knight gives us good fucking birds
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  • image

    Ask my Baldi’s whatever and I’ll answer cause I have nothing better to do at this point and unmotivated to work on my other blogs- also I wanna do more with these Baldi’s rather than drawing them once and leaving them in the dust s obs
    I will be making a full list soon along with full refs for them for you all but for now here we are !

    Reblogs appreciated ! 

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