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    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Scent ⁘ Kakashi Hatake x f!reader ⁘ NSFW

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    Got another one for y'all for my husband's birthday...💙👑💍

    MINORS 👏🏼 DO 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 INTERACT 👏🏼

    A/N: Kakashi's sensitive sense of smell and your arousal. This is some raw, primal, feral, filthy Kakashi. If you're looking for soft, sweet, sensitive Kakashi, keep scrolling please, negl.

    Warnings: scent kink, drunk sex, lots of sexual bodily fluids (m & f), face fucking, slight dubcon, squirting, facial

    Word Count: 1.8k

    Asuma and Kurenai are hosting one of their infamous dinner parties at their home. These things always end up the same way. Lots of friends come over, eat, then proceed to drink bottle after bottle of sake while playing drinking games until the music starts blasting and everyone loses several brain cells and have a great time making complete fools of themselves. They truly are the absolute best parties.

    Kakashi doesn't frequent these parties, but you do seeing as how Kurenai is your sister from another mister. She knows about your long-time crush on Kakashi and winks at you when she sees the two of you hanging out together, talking, laughing.

    His fingers brush across your arms or back every chance they can. You know exactly what you're doing when you lean forward with your arm crossed under your bosom. And Kakashi knows exactly what you're doing too. Sure enough, you're getting turned on just by talking to him and exchanging flirty looks, words, and touches.

    You excuse yourself to go to the restroom, adding a little extra sway to your hips knowing he's watching you walk away. It's not the first time he has smelled the scent of your arousal, but his inhibitions have been doused in alcohol and he decides to make his move.

    When you open the door to leave the bathroom, Kakashi just so happens to be waiting on the other side. You smile and twirl your hair, feeling yourself getting wetter. Your inhibitions are down as well, the alcohol giving you the courage to taunt him a little.

    "Wow Kakashi, if I didn't know better I'd think that you followed me back here". He closes his eyes and takes a couple of deep breaths through his nose. "Kakashi, are you okay?"

    He opens his eyes, his pupils blown wide, and stalks closer to you. You step backwards into the bathroom and he closes the door behind you.

    "I can smell you".

    "Oh?" You remember his ultra-sensitive sense of smell and begin to panic a little. Oh god, do I smell bad?

    He takes another intentional whiff of you, your scent now more concentrated due to proximity and close quarters, never mind the fact that you're steadily getting more and more turned on by him.

    "Mm...you smell..." He takes another deep breath. "...amazing".

    "Really? I'm not wearing perfume or anything-"

    "It's not that. Better than that. It's your scent".

    "W-what do you mean?"

    You watch as his lusty gaze dips from your eyes to your center. "I can smell your arousal".

    Your mouth opens and you take a step back. "Y-you can?"

    The edge of the double vanity is now directly behind you, so when he pushes himself against you, there's nowhere else to go. You're surprised to feel him so hard already, looking down to see the material of his pants being pushed out by his erection. Hell, you can even see the outline of the head of his cock, his bigger than average size making itself apparent.

    "What are you gonna do, Kakashi?"

    He smooths his hands along your thighs and hips, pushing your short skirt up before picking you up and setting you on the edge of the counter. The cool granite contrasts with your bare heat since you're not wearing any panties. The excitement, the fear, and the need for him all mix together in an exhilarating juxtaposition of desire. You hadn't been expecting this at all, but you don't want him to stop. Now that it's happening you're too curious to see what he's going to do next. How far will he go?

    He brushes his thumb across your bottom lip, and you open your mouth to suck it in. You close your eyes and swirl your tongue around his digit before he pulls it out slowly and places it against your weeping slit, dragging it back and forth over your clit, pulling a moan from your parted lips. He looks you dead in the eye, pulls his mask down, and it's his turn to bring his thumb to his lips, swirling his tongue around it before sucking on it. "Mm fuck, you taste good too".

    God, he's beautiful. Your gaze dips from his slate grey and red eyes down to his pretty lips, which are punctuated by a soft beauty mark just below the left corner of his mouth. You wouldn't have thought it possible, but now you want him more than ever. You squirm against the counter, smearing your slick on it as you seek relief from the hard surface pressing against your opening. At the same time, Kakashi's been grinding his cock against the cabinet below, seeking some relief of his own.

    He pulls his shirt over his head before reaching down to unbuckle his belt. He unbuttons and unzips his pants before pushing the waistband of his boxer briefs down enough for his large cock to spring free, slapping the skin just below his navel, leaving a string of precum in its wake along his silver happy trail.

    He breathes in deeply again, the combination of your scent and flavor making him crazy. He pulls you to the edge of the counter until you think you might fall off, but he catches you. He pushes his thick cock against your wet little cunt, pushing himself inside of you inch by delectable inch until he is fully sheathed within you.

    He holds himself there as a long, throaty moan escapes your open lips, your walls already clenching down around him. You arch your back, jutting your tits out as Kakashi pulls the tiny straps of your camisole off your shoulders. He pushes the fabric down until it's bunched up around your waist along with your skirt, your tits now free to be licked and sucked on by his hot mouth with his cock still buried deep inside of you. You push your fingers into his thick hair to pull him closer and throw your head back when he flicks his tongue over one of your hard, wet nipples.

    "Hold on to me", he says in his low silky voice. You obey, clutching his shoulders as he hooks his arms behind your knees. He pulls you off the counter and begins gliding his slick cock in and out of you, using the momentum of his hips and the bounce of your ass to boost the impact of his thrusts.

    "Oh god, Kakashi...your dick..."

    "Yeah, what about it?", he asks before licking your exposed throat.

    "Nnnhhh feels so good, gonna make me cum already. So soon!"

    He can indeed feel your walls closing in tighter around him as he pumps his hips even faster, digging his fingertips deep enough into your butt cheeks to leave bruises. You adjust your hold on him, wrapping your arms around the back of his neck to keep from slipping as if he wouldn't catch you anyway.

    "Yeah? 'S that right? You gonna cum all over my cock?" He breathes right up against your ear.

    Your pussy clenches tighter at his words. You want him to fuck you harder and you tell him as much. He's now slamming his cock into you, his breath quickening.

    "Mmhmmm gonna cream all over your fat cock, 'kashi!"

    Your scent becomes more and more intoxicating to him the closer you approach orgasm. His legs start to shake, but the adrenaline and testosterone coursing through his body ensure that he's able to keep pistoning his cock in and out of you at speed.

    "Ahh fuck, your pussy smells so fucking good. Can't wait to taste it after you cream all over me".

    Hearing those words in his deep voice does you in. Every muscle in your body seizes up as you cry out. "Ka-ka-shiiiii!"

    He pushes you up against a wall and pounds into you mercilessly, your back pitching up and down the wall with every powerful rut of his hips.

    "Cum for me, (y/n)! Yeah, cum all over this fucking cock, right fucking now!"

    "Hahhhh that's it, 'kashi! Yeah, slam your cock into my sweet little pussy hahhh! Cumming...cumming...FUCK!"

    You explode all around him, spraying your liquid everywhere.

    His eyes widen when you squirt all around him and he loses all composure, bucking his hips wildly. "Oh fucking shit! Fucking yes! Oh fuck that pretty cunt of yours is coming apart around my fat cock...oh god, (y/n), I'm gonna fill you up with my fucking nut! Shit, here I cum! Here I fucking cum!"

    He's still reaming you with his meaty cock when his seed starts dripping out from your opening, too much of it to hold inside. He sets you back down on the counter and you fall back, unable to even hold yourself up, while he dives face first into your cunt. He wants it all. Your cream mixed with his cum. God it is so fucking hot his dick doesn't even get soft. He wears you out with his mouth until you're ready to cum again, squirting all over his face.

    Your body goes limp on the granite, every muscle including the ones in your eyelids completely spent. You can feel him pull your bottom back down to the edge of the counter before burying his hard cock deep inside you again, thrusting with wild abandon, using your body like a fuck doll as your eyes roll back in your head. You're all but unconscious as he pounds into you, wet skin clapping hard against wet skin. Pretty soon he's on edge again.

    "Oh fuck, I'm gonna fill you up with my cum again, (y/n)".

    He looks down to see your body moving in time with his thrusts, tits bouncing, body sliding up and down over the now slippery surface. Kakashi is fucking you raw in a pool of your slick and his semen.

    "Ahh come here, I wanna cum all over your face".

    He pulls you down, catching you just before your knees hit the hard tile. He stuffs his cock in your mouth and fucks your face while you try to push back on his trembling thighs. But it's no match for his strength as he uses your hair to guide your mouth along his cock. You gag and choke, saliva pouring out of your mouth, but that only seems to egg him on more.

    "Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah! You look so pretty when I fuck your face like this. Shit!"

    He continues throwing his hips forward as his balls tighten up so much they're not even hanging anymore.

    "Ah fuck, (y/n), I'm gonna cum so fuckin' hard! Gonna cover your face with my seed, yeah! Fuck, here it comes!"

    He keeps a fist in your hair when he pulls out of your throat. You choke and spit and fight for air while his hot sticky semen splashes across your face with every jerk of his fist. You stick your tongue out, licking him from your lips.

    "Yeah, that's right baby, eat my fucking cum," Kakashi says, using the head of his softening cock to spread his cum into your open mouth.

    He draws a hot bath before stripping you down, helping you into the soothing warm water. You watch as he takes the rest of his clothes off, slipping in behind you. He washes your body, then his own before holding you back against his front, slowly stroking your hair. Comforting you. Kissing you. Caring for you.

    #happy birthday kakashi #you sexy mf #he's aging like a fine wine #still beautiful asf #he acts all composed in public #but he's a freak between the sheets #let me tell you #i know my husband #he gets buck #dom asf too #kakashi hatake#hatake kakashi#ninja please #i love my husband #copy cat ninja #💍 #kakashi x f!reader #kakashi x you #kakashi x reader #kakashi x y/n #kakashi thirst#kakashi oneshot
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    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    you wanted to hangout?

    sorry, my dads said no.

    #building off of my need to project onto parental figures #I give you #my favorite animated dads #I’d legally adopt myself into their lives if I could #kakashi hatake#hatake kakashi#kakashi sensei#copy ninja#umino iruka#iruka sensei#iruka umino#aizawa shouta#shouta aizawa#eraser head#eraserhead#present mic#yamada hizashi#hizashi yamada#presentation michael#king micah #george and lance #spop #she ra netflix #dads#anime dads#my post#bubblegum talks#bubblegum blogs#bubblegumblogs #someone please adopt me
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    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ~Special gift for all of you!)~

    Happy Birthday, sensei!)

    ♡Love this guy with all my heart♡

    P.S. i can't stop listening Kazuhiko san (Kakashi voice), his voice drives me crazy.

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  • bakugo-th
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    If Kakashi was a pokemon trainer what type of pokemon would he have? Electric type? WRONG. He would have a full team of ditto. No you can’t change my opinion. Good day.

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  • forthetaintedsorrow82
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    “He hid behind the masks to mask the emptiness trapped in his heart!”

    Ah, Anbu Kakashi! My absolute favourite! Lol! I love him so much! Anyways, hope you enjoy! ❤️❤️

    This was drawn by me…. Don’t steal, please!🙃

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    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Fight mode activated

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    29.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #innocentem#ignore #ask meme stuff / #asks #follow alex if u like dc comics and ninja turtles or whatever #OOPS i only now see i copied the pencil and not the crayon #IM SORRY they looked a like on the thing in sorry they look different on my phone orz #they crayon was when did u start drawing and idk i probably seriously started drawing all the time around 12 #i started making OCs for transforme/rs animate/d abd keeping sketchbooks
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  • the-japanese-wagtail
    23.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago


    Inspired by a post by @depressedhatakekakashi which you can find here.

    TW: Angst, mentions of suicide and death

    A/N: I promised @pfreadsandwrites that I'd write an analysis about Sakumo and Kakashi, and this is what it finally turned out to be.

    He's dead.

    He's actually dead.

    Gone- and he won't come back.

    And it's all my fault.

    Kakashi's mind played these thoughts on loop. The ominous words racing through his head, over and over again, as his small five-year old body trembled at the sheer effort of trying to grasp the gravity of the scene that lay in front of him.

    The White Fang of the Leaf lay sprawled on the floor of his house in a pool of crimson. Hatake Sakumo, the man Kakashi took pride in calling his father, lay dead - killed by his own hand.

    I should have seen it. I should have seen the signs. They were there, staring at me in the face and I brushed them away.

    It's all my fault.

    Kakashi's hands fell limp by his side. There was nothing he wanted to do more than to run, run as fast as his little legs would take him. Run into his father's arms and bask in his calm, earthy scent. He wanted nothing more than to be convinced that this was all a bad dream, a mere figment of his imagination.

    That was what he wanted.

    That was not what he got.

    With a rising panic, he realized that the floorboards had caught him in a death grip, unwilling to let him move a muscle. Gone was any trace of that warm, familiar smell. Kakashi was forced to inhale the stench of blood, his father's blood, that seeped through the air. It seemed like a cruel way to entrench him in his reality.

    A reality where his father would continue to exist, but only as a memory.

    I could have stopped this from happening.

    It's all my fault.

    The passage of time was a blur to the young boy. He could barely register the whispers of the people who started to mill around him. He could barely feel the presence of the Hokage, who offered his measured condolences to him. He could barely comprehend the story of his near future.

    After all, how could a five year old know what it felt like to lose a loved one? How would he know how it felt like to be abandoned and left to fend for himself?

    How, pray tell me how would a five year old know what it felt like to have no one left to love- no one to come home to?

    No matter. If he didn't know now, he will surely know it soon. His village will make sure of that.

    It's all my fault.

    Unbeknownst to Kakashi, he would lose a part of himself the day his father was lowered into the ground. That day, he would realize exactly how much of a disgrace his father was to Konoha. That day, he would decide that he wouldn't make the same mistakes his father made. That day Kakashi would resolve that rules shaped his life here on out.

    And he would stay this way until many years later, when a young, hot-blooded Uchiha boy would utter a few words. A few important words that would change Kakashi's life completely and initiate the slow and painful process of healing his heart.

    I think the White Fang was a true hero.

    Hatake Sakumo was dead. The official cause of death: suicide.

    But there probably would come a day when Kakashi would realize that it was not suicide that robbed him of his father.

    It was murder.

    It was all those malicious whispers, the disgusted faces, and the cold indifference to how valuable a life was- it was the heartless Shinobi ideology that took a life that night.

    Hatake Sakumo was murdered in cold blood. And the culprit?


    It is ironic that the very people the White Fang swore to protect would be the reason he thought that it would be the right thing to leave his son. It seems so unfair, but unfortunately, life has had the reputation of never being a fair player. It just takes and takes.

    But the silver haired five year old couldn't possibly know all this.

    At that moment, all that Kakashi could wrap his head around was a sinking feeling. A feeling of immense guilt. A feeling of immense responsibility.

    A feeling that he was all alone.

    Unfortunately, it wouldn't be the last time he felt that way.

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  • skyskyskyart
    11.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Donnie's Drill (meme redraw)

    R: Hey D, what you doing?

    D: Well yes but actually no

    I think about how Donnie in the past episodes does not use his drill for fighting so I drew this. Plus I miss drawing my bois ever since Luca came out

    (Don't copy/repost!)

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    #kakashi x reader #kakashi hakate#kakashi imagine#kakashi headcanons#kakashi fluff#kakashi angs #kakashi copy ninja #naruto x reader #naruto#naruto imagine#naruto shippuden #naruto shippuden imagine #naruto shippuden x reader #naruto shippuden angst #naruto angst#naruto fluff
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    okay but why, of all songs, does drummer duel’s use stereo audio so much??? i get it in the actual game but why in the song?

    #puppy rambles#drummer duel #in case you were curious i've concluded basically every song i have on my playlist uses stereo audio. idk why either #and also despite this the only game to have the option to change to mono audio is tengoku #you'd think that at the very least ds and megamix would let you change it though- #also tengoku remix 8 is playing right now and i'm just wondering who thought that people would rely on visuals for rhythm tweezers- #especially for whatever the hell these patterns are #at least the music's pretty clearly helpful- #tengoku's remixes are good at having helpful music #but i mean as far as i can tell 2/3 of tengoku remix 8 are just rhythm tweezers and i just. calm down a little please- #and also also i've discovered that playing original fan club's weird cuz i'm used to fan club 2 #resisting the urge to do the oohs is very hard #i know this because i decided to try to get all of the skill stars yesterday and now i have all of them except ninja bodyguard and quiz show #and ninja bodyguard is in fact rhythm hell #as is getting the skill star in quiz show #getting quiz show's skill star is also as far as i am aware impossible in simple tap #since i believe you have to press the same button as well as copy the rhythm and in simple tap it just presses one for some reason #simple tap's really weird to me tbh #i don't think they thought it through- #they wanted to give the option but forgot to flesh it out very much #if you're going to give touch screen controls just make them ds' please #... when i was playing glee club yesterday (to get the skill star) on the first together now i forgot i was playing megamix #and tried to flick before remembering i was playing megamix #so that's pretty funny #i like megamix and all but there are definitely sometimes where i play it and would honestly rather be playing ds or fever or tengoku-
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    Hhhhhhhhh timetravel AU where my OCs go back in time to meet the canon ninja, JUST so Puck can meet Zane and Aster can beat up Wu

    #ninja hoe#technobaby #Lena would probably help her tbh #the ninja watch all ‘should we……do something?’ #Zane: I am doing something. I am recording this entire fight and marking time stamps for future reference #cole: can I get a copy? #hhhhhhHHHHHHH SEROTONINNNNN
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