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  • Ok so to my understanding, the Aus govt. has released a stimulus package that gets me back to my regular hours with a definite $1500 a fortnight, gives us essential workers and children at risk FREE CHILDCARE, and tomorrow dominoes is delivering us nineteen free pizzas for the work we’ve been doing???

    #i am blessed #today i have been blessed #covid19#auspol #LIKE I COULD BE WRONG #but if this is true... #my family is S A V E D #coronavirus#the rona
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  • Coronavirus: How do You Avoid Touching Your Face?

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  • What’s it like where you are? Currently in the UK we are on lockdown and social distancing, we are meant to keep 2 meters away from everyone whilst out, and can only go out for food and to exercise once a day. Essential travel only,work has been suspended too,the government are paying 80% of my salary for 3 months. Virtually under house arrest. I’d be interested in what measures are in place where you are?

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  • Every time I read Coronavirus in my head it’s in Cardi B’s voice and it ruins my entire quarantine.

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    desinfección de la última cena | disinfection of the last supper

    #desinfecting#desinfectando #la última cena #the last supper #imitación al arte #life imitates art #leonardo#da vinci#coronavirus
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  • Hello everyone, 

    I just wanted to do a small plea to anyone who can hear me. Working on the frontlines at a major Canadian hospital has taught me a few things and has, in a way, forced my hand to ask this of people. 

    Please listen to your public health officials. I cannot stress enough how important it is right now. We are right around the corner of 1 million cases world wide and it is bound to go up higher sooner than we think. 

    If you are unsure about what should be done… I would be happy to let you know! 

    ** Social Distance at all times when out in public! (6 feet or 2 meters apart)

    ** Wash your hands. A lot. Wash them like you just handled some jalapenos and you need to put your contacts in. 

    ** Hand sanitizer is good, but it doesn’t make your hands super clean. The max you can use sanitizer in a row is 3 before you should wash your hands and start over. 

    ** If you are feeling symptomatic or are sick in general please isolate and call your GP or doctor. Some countries have a hotline set up. Use it. 

    ** If you do not have to go anywhere. Don’t. Go out as little as possible unless absolutely necessary. Keep unnecessary travel to a minimum. 

    ** DO NOT GO INTO AN ER OR ED UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTLEY NECESSARY!! If you have already called your doctor and they told you to isolate and to check back in in a few days… LISTEN TO THEM!! Please do not go into an ER or ED and possibly infect the people on the frontlines or patients who are really sick and immunocompromised. 

    Just… please. Please listen to the girl whose voice is amongst a sea of other very loud voices, 

    #covid_19#coronavirus #please stay home #please stay healthy
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  • Keep Distance!

    This is a marvelous ad in times of crisis to follow social distancing. Audi, the world renowned car makers, slightly changed its well known logo to support social distancing, to tackle the corona-virus pandemic and, to encourage people to take care of each, just by doing one simple thing of keeping distance.

    Go to adaddictive.com.
    You will find more awesome ads

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    #coronavirus#coronapocalypse#coronamemes#covid 19#covidquarantine #normal people be like #pandemic #it's not just a flu #it was fucking obvious #memes
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  • Coronavirus mood

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  • 📺 Ci vediamo stasera 02/04 UpaS🌞 20.45 Rai3 per la GUERRA DEI TESTIMONI 😉

    Ultime puntate di “Un posto al sole☀️” poi andranno in onda le repliche fino a quando non finirà l’emergenza. Restiamo positivi sulla veloce risoluzione della malattia e nell’attesa vi salutiamo tutti. #andratuttobene #andràtuttobene #covid_19 #covid19italia #coronavirus #iorestoacasa “Le dis💔avventure” di #cerry 👮🏼‍♂️ il #vigilecerruti Alias #cosimoalberti su #upas 🌞 il #realdrama più Famoso e longevo d'Italia 💚 by #rai3 🤘🏼🦎🐞🤞🏼🕷🧿🤑🦉
    👮🏼‍♂️💩💩💩 1️⃣3️⃣
    🐬 ✅
    #upasrai #rai #upasdaily #upasofficial #instarai3 #unpostoalsolerai3 #unpostoalsolesoapitalia#napoli #napolidavivere #instagood #instaphoto #instalike #instamoment
    #beautifuldestinations (presso Rai3)

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  • Stay home or stay in our hearts

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  • Em meio ao cenário caótico da pandemia de #Covid-19, surgem golpistas se aproveitando da vulnerabilidade compartilhada da população para aplicar golpes pelo #WhatsApp.

    Não acredita em links para cadastros de auxilou financeiro do governo, que circulam pelas redes sociais.

    #coronavirus #quarentena #golpesonline (em Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil)

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  • So in light of all this #coronavirus bullshit, I could really use some positivity and a good laugh. If you guys have a Twitter, please tweet this picture to Justin Timberlake.


    I wanna see how long it takes him to respond.

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  • When friends you hung wit before quarantine start saying they have coronavirus symptoms:

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  • A lot of residents of the USA will die unnecessarily from Sars-CoV2 over the next year or so. I’ve decided to start distributing blame now. After all, if politicizing a tragedy after it occurs is gauche (unless it gives you an excuse to invade a country or two), then let’s at least try to do it before it occurs.

    People have been talking about the need for the US to normalize and encourage use of facemasks. In one sense, I agree. The country I live in (Czechia) embarked on a massive facemask publicity campaign, and I think that will help control the epidemic. However, in my opinion, Americans are not going to die because of opposition to facemasks (also, facemasks are not “50% effective at preventing transmission”, they reduce viral load that gets through by 50% which, depending on a number of factors, could do any number of things about transmission). The process is a lot more convoluted than that, and the responsibility gets diluted, but none of the following steps would occur without the next one.

    Americans do not wear facemasks because they live with a medical establishment which has decided, given a shortage of protective equipment, to try and acquire as much of it as possible for hospitals, and is willing to lie to the populace to get it. The medical establishment seems to consider their public statements to be a means to a (generally public health-related) end, and not an attempt at communication with the public, and lying is expedient. I caught an epidemiologist with a large following on twitter lying about trivially verifiable facts about the disease (nothing to do with facemasks). This attitude towards the people they treat is a characteristic they share with doctors in most of the world, but America has other problems that make this one worse.

    They have a shortage of masks because they live with an economy that is unwilling to produce the things they need to live and combat the epidemic (including facemasks) without being forced to by the government, and refuses to distribute necessary resources without financial gain. It may be worse in America, but this is broadly true of capitalism, the dominant mode of production throughout almost the entire world, but America has other problems that make this one worse.

    The American government is unwilling to force their economy to serve their needs. A government elected because they do not live in a democracy and only have two bad parties to choose from. A regime maintained and a government elected because voters are more concerned with national pride and maintenance of oppressive social structures, some of which they do not even benefit from, than they are with peace, justice, or even self-interest. Like the others, this problem is not unique to the USA.

    Americans make bad political choices and believe horrible things because they are taught to by their media. They are taught to fear their peers by media fixated on violence and crime. They are taught that war is good (presidential, even). Their public broadcasters, PBS and NPR, aren’t particularly independent, since their state funding has been reduced to the extent that they rely on donations, meaning doing journalism could cost them their budget. They are non-profit, but they are hardly public. This is rather rare. Most countries attempt to turn public media into government mouthpieces, not destroy it entirely.

    All of these entities have a part in the current state, where Americans are shamed for using facemasks. None of these entities act alone, and all of them depend on each other. The media selectively boosts the voices of the medical establishment. The government employs much of the medical establishment. The media is owned by capitalists. The elected officials who run the government are dependent on capitalist financial support and media publicity. 

    If each American were able to wear a facemask, but all of these other factors remained in their current form, I think the death toll would hardly change. If America had a functional public healthcare system, it would collapse under the weight of 10 million patients just the same as their current one will. A public healthcare system could only save them if the spread of the disease were halted, and that requires government intervention, not healthcare intervention.

    Americans are not going to die for any one part of the mismanaged response to the epidemic. They will die for the same reason Americans were already dying before the epidemic came along at all. America is designed to kill (non-rich) Americans. It is also designed to kill Non-americans but that is a different story for a different day.

    How are Americans to prevail, if everything is so terrible? I find hope in the strike by auto workers demanding to produce ventilators, workers demanding what the government will not, the restructuring of the economy to serve the needs of the people. You can do what your leaders have failed to. You can create the systems that should have already been there.

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  • Fellas, is it gay to miss the homies to the point where you call them at least 3 times a day?

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