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  • The worst thing about quarantine is that i am quarantined with my recreational vehicle service technician, dad, boyfriend, curator and my nephew

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  • The Chinese government claims it has administered 60,000 COVID-19 vaccines to people in clinical trials across 10 countries, with no cases of ‘serious adverse reactions.’ China has four vaccine candidates currently in the final Phase 3 trials before regulatory approval.

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  • I was too little (7 years old) when i was sent to a boarding school. 
    To be honest, it was amazing to be living with so many kids of my age and above. my school had a beautiful campus and the best teachers. That became my home, where is discovered myself, my personality, what i wanted to become when i grow old and everything. I could say that more than my parents, my teachers have groomed me. After my 12th class, i passed out of school while surprisingly topping my batch in board exams. Being an average student throughout this was a shock to many and surprise to all, including my teachers! 
    well, this was a turning point in my life, i set new standards at home, for being the best child. My siblings and cousins were made to look upon me. 
    I never planned at that moment what i wanted to do when i grow up, after discussions at home, we apparently randomly planned on to aim for Civil Services (bureaucracy) and i was full of zeal to achieve this dream of me and my family. The luck had been in my favor and i got admissions in yet again one of the best colleges of Delhi University- Miranda House (a women’s college btw).
    this was the 2nd turning point in my life. Little girl according to my family and the first person stepping out of home city to study at a higher level, that too in Delhi around 900 kms far away! I was happy for this new phase in my life. 
    like i said the luck had been in my favor, i met people, i never realised would become so important to me. They became my best friends. within few months of being in Delhi, i met the love of my life. I never realised my potential to give love or let’s call it fall for love until i met him. I don’t know what i saw in him, i still don’t know, but this man became so important to me that Delhi became about him. I thought i was okay, until he kissed me, touched me, made love to me. before this, i only felt love, now i knew what it tasted like, how it smelled. I was subsumed with this emotion. Slowly this feeling just grew. He spoilt me with his kisses and made me want more. I dont know how i always ended up wanting things in this relationship be it time/love/attention. Well this is a different story.
    I grew so much as a person, i became so independent, i was happy and thriving. I had a feminist awakening, i could understand all the goods and the evils of society and had so much aspirations for a better world/future. I got wings and they gave birth to who i am today. The luckiest girl, i’d call myself. The best parents, sacrificing so much for my education, the best school, college, friends and love!
    But unfortunately i forgot where i belonged from. The 13 years of living outside made me forget my family background and the orthodox and patriarchal setting of our family. Yes no compromise in education, but still, a girl will not a tell man what is right. The father will never accept when he is wrong. The girl shall behave, dress proper, sit proper, say polite, adjust, and accept that she belongs to the lower status category, what they call “aurat jaat” in Hindi. Living outside blinded me with this reality and the world which i was living in became surreal to me, just like a fantasy world that every little girl not as lucky as me would dream of while being captive in their own houses. 
    This i realized when i came back to my home suddenly due to COVID lockdown and its been 8th months since then. So after complete 13 years, i’ve been home for the first time for this long. THE MAJOR TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE UPTILL NOW.
    All my myths shattered, all my wings chopped off, all my dreams for the better brighter world being shut down, here i am writing all this down because i don’t have a voice left to say anything. its my my body which is arrested, my family has arrested my mind and my soul to roam free. HEIGHTS OF PATRIARCHY is what i saw, something i only read in text books in my bachelors and newspapers. 
    My father heard me talking to my boyfriend some things he shouldn’t have and there came a literal storm in my house, with my father threatening me that he will get me married as soon as possible, won’t let me study further, because according to him apparently this is what i have been doing all these years in Delhi. He threatened me by saying he would die before i do anything like falling in love.  Only i knew, how much sacrifices i had made to achieve what i have today, how hard i have worked to study just to make them happy and proud of their daughter! How easy was it for them, to pass this off while saying these lines. Now im scared to call him, or any of my friends because i don’t want them assuming im doing something “wrong”.
    I have to go to Delhi to get my stuff that i left there in my apartment, and they won’t let me go alone. They want to send my mother along to keep an eye on me, so that i dont hangout with my boyfriend. 
    With this, i feel disgusted with myself and my parents. I feel the unluckiest to be born in this family. I never felt i would disrespect and hate them so much. 
    All these years i tried to be the best… and for what? i did everything as they liked, to make them happy… but for what?
    For being trapped in their fully furnished little princess castle that they claim to be complete with all demands that may arise for a person, trapped in beautiful clothes and they’ve brought me so i feel beautiful just to only look in the mirror. 
    I have the books that broaden my vision and the door remains shut. They think they are perfect parents, who have given my everything a girl needs, but unfortunately, they didn’t give me “freedom” which was apparently most necessary. My parents would call other parents (who let their children be free)- “rich and spoilt”, they would abuse men of my age and called them “selfish” to make us stay away from men. 



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    Hygiene has never been more discussed than it has been in 2020. Good hygiene is one of the major keys to wellness, and teaching kids to practice it could help keep your household germ and virus free.

    According to World Health Organization (WHO), hygiene plays an extremely vital role in protecting us from infectious disease.

    Here are some tips to teaching your kids how to stay practice good hygiene and form healthy habits:

    1.     Hand Washing: Lead by example. Teach your kids to wash their hands after using the restroom, before eating, after returning from school, the park or grocery store, and anytime they have had contact with high-touch surfaces. When they cannot wash hands, advise them to use hand sanitizer.

    2.     Cover Your Cough. This simple sentence speaks for itself. Instruct kids to cover their coughs and cough or sneeze into their elbows.

    3.     Hands Off. Remind your kids not to touch their eyes, nose or mouth. Teaching them to do so will also remind them to keep their hands off their masks and inadvertently help prevent germ spread.

    4.     Bathing and showering. Teaching your kids about keeping their whole body clean will remind them of the importance of self-care and routine. Daily (or nightly) baths will both relax them and teach them proper hygiene!

    It’s never too early to learn healthy habits. You are your child’s first teacher - be a good one! 

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  • You know what freaks me out with this whole pandemic,

    We all kinda joke amongst friends when someone catches a cold, or has a benign cough, about them dying, or hey what do you want me to say at your funeral, because that kind of bleak humour makes us feel better, more at ease, etc.

    But there’s a very real possibility for everyone right now that corona could take you. Like in the beginning they were saying it’s only fatal in the old and immunocompromised, but we know now, 6 months on that it could happen to anyone, sure the death rate is less than 1% in young people, but it’s still a very real possibility right now. And it just kind of hit me, we’re all joking to ease the tension, but it’s could very easily become a reality, and it kinda freaks me out.

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    Hair done just in time for lockdown number 2!

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    It is getting worse again.

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  • Small business party/holiday stores are struggling to meet sales this Halloween due to COVID, and a number have already or are teetering on going out of business!

    I know this isn’t one of the highest priorities in the hot mess that is America, but given the fact that Halloween is like Christmas for the gays, why don’t we extend our Halloween spirit to small businesses? It doesn’t necessarily have to be Halloween stores specifically, any support to small businesses would be meaningful. If you have the money to spend, I urge you to support a local small business this season!!!

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  • I’m still mad covid just completley said “Hey, FUCK your sweet sixteen, you’re not gonna get to have one. Also, 5/7 of your friends are now racist cause of protests and they suddenly care about property more than lives. AND your mother will feel the crushing weight of capitalism on her as she works to provide for your family as a teacher despite their being a pandemic.” And I don’t know if I’ll ever mentally recover from this.

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  • In these days of COVID infection, it is very important to maintain your immunity as strong as possible. Green surrounding improves your immune system. Various researches around the globe have found evidences that spending time in nature provides protections against diseases. This is the time to Go Green. Surround yourself with Vegetation. Add Flowers to your Life. Walk on Grass. Design a Green Space at the front or a Garden on the terrace of your Beautiful House, Office, Hotel, or any Residential or Commercial Building. Find some of the Best Landscape Architects with Architectural Innovations & Construction.

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    Lance Stroll tested positive for the coronavirus after the Eifel Grand Prix but it was negative afterwards.

    Formula 1 confirmed the news Wednesday on their official website.

    Via F1:

    He said he had self-isolated for 10 days and is now “feeling 100% and have since tested negative”.

    Stroll added that he feels “in great shape” and “can’t wait to be back with the team and to race in Portugal.”

    In Stroll’s absence, Hulkenberg finished P8 at the Nurburgring, helping Racing Point leapfrog McLaren into third in the constructors’ standings.

    Be safe.

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  • RKI: Coronafallsterblichkeit aktuell bei deutlich unter 1 Prozent


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  • Essential Workers Helping Other Essential Workers | Free Vehicle Inspections & Oil Changes

    Share The Love. Blogging is Fun Here - Blog This Link | For Accurate & Up To Date Information Click {CDC | Coronavirus (COVID-19)}

    COVID-19 is changing the way many industries are run, including essential businesses such as automotive shops. https://bit.ly/3ocgVj4 - View Post

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  • Salvini: “Smartworking? Il lavoro in presenza è sempre meglio”.
    1. Ha torto.
    2. Vista la sua lunga storia di assenteismo, è coerente come un sabotatore di depositi contenenti scorie nucleari che ti suggerisce di fare la raccolta differenziata.

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