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    How to Train Your Giant Pt3

    Friendly giant au, word count: 5,700

    part 1, part 2

    Notes: there’ll be one more part after this but I’m so excited to introduce the new characters in this! I’ve been working in this for a while and it’s officially my first collab with my wonderful sibling @leetlezeetle! The art is by zeetle so pls send them love :D I hope you enjoy the story!

    Tubbo didn’t trust Eret. 

    He couldn’t explain it, but something about them made his nerves buzz like a live wire. Their arrogant demeanor and their apparent ability to take down an entire giant with one arrow was unnerving. And even though they were kind, their words held a weight that settled in Tubbo’s chest like a stone. It almost made Tubbo feel like he had drunk too much cold medicine, like every syllable off Eret’s tongue made his mind slip further.

    Even stranger was the black cloth covering their eyes. Phil tried his best to act like he wasn’t unnerved by it too, but Tubbo could tell by the way his father kept glancing at the blindfold that he was just as uncomfortable as he was. The entire trek through the forest, the blindfold never once left Eret’s eyes. Every once in a while, the stranger would pause and lift their chin up to the sky like a dog sniffing the air, but otherwise there was no sign of how they knew where they were going. Even for Tubbo, who spent most of his free time in the forest, something about Eret was off.

    But even so, he couldn’t argue that Eret had saved them. Without the stranger’s help, they’d all have died, and Ranboo likely wouldn’t have been able to get through the night. Not with how much blood he was losing through his wounds.

    Eret had promised with their honey-sweet voice that they could get help for the giant, and as much as Tubbo distrusted them he had no choice but to believe them. It wasn’t like they could get Ranboo back to the village anyway, every step the giant took he grew more and more drowsy from blood-loss. Tubbo stayed near the back of the group to keep an eye on the injured giant, but it wasn’t like there was anything he could actually do to help if Ranboo couldn’t keep going. All he could do was whisper reassurances every time the giant stumbled and hope that Ranboo could make it just a bit further.

    “How much farther is your town?” Phil asked, his eyes flicking to Eret’s face, studying his reaction, “I didn’t know there was one so close.”

    Eret tilted his head up thoughtfully, the flickering torch in his hand lighting up his face like a ghost, “It’s not a town per-say; although the people stay together. I’m part of a trade caravan, I’m taking you to our temporary base.”

    “Then how the fuck are you going to help us?” Tubbo glared, earning him a sharp look from Phil, “So we’ll just be sitting in the middle of fucking nowhere so we can die there?”

    As his voice raised, Phil turned and grabbed his wrist tightly. A dangerous look spread across his face, and immediately Tubbo’s anger dissipated into embarrassment. Phil’s grip on his wrist only loosened when his eyes fell to his shoes in a half-hearted apology.

    Phil had told him before they’d started their trek to be respectful of Eret since they had no idea the stranger’s intentions. None of them knew what Eret was capable of if they upset them, and they didn’t really want to find out. But as much as Tubbo understood that, the pained whimpers coming from his best friend were slowly eating away at his resolve. Ranboo tried to keep a brave face, but the slashes adorning his body were too serious to ignore. And the blood that caked his fur made a vile feeling curl up in Tubbo’s gut.

    “Just because it’s not permanent doesn’t mean we don’t have the means to help,” Eret chuckled as he waved the torch back at Tubbo, “We have medicine that’ll help, and someone who can help your friend.”

    Tubbo’s brows pinched together as sparks flickered across his vision like fireflies. Eret’s smile flashed, and again the sensation that something was off about the stranger made alarms go off in his head.

    “Wait wait wait, hold up you’ve operated on giants before? You’ve saved them?” Jack asked in disbelief.

    Techno snarled at his outburst and tried to shove him back, but Jack twisted his way forward to stand beside Eret. He still limped a bit from where the chameleon giant had likely broken part of his leg, but otherwise he was the least injured of the group. Even Tommy who was usually the most active limped towards the back along with Tubbo and Ranboo.

    “Yes? I didn’t think that would be so controversial to you,” Eret frowned, “You…are aware you’re in the company of a giant already, correct?”

    “Yeah no shit, but he’s not like the others,” Jack blabbered.

    The laughter he earned from Eret was enough to make the stranger stop in his tracks, “If you think he’s the only good one then I guess you might be in for a shock.”

    Jack’s eyes widened, but before he could say anything Tommy’s hand found its way over his mouth. The older man shrieked at the teen, but Tommy just laughed at his struggle. 

    “Sorry ‘bout him,” Tommy said, “He’s always annoying.”

    Phil shot him a look that said he’d surely be grounded if they ever got home, “Tommy-“

    “No it’s okay,” Eret laughed, “We have kids at the post as well, I get it.”

    Tommy’s head shot up with a distressed sound, “Hey wait I’m not a-”

    Before Tommy could start his rant Jack’s hands grabbed onto his cheeks, pulling them apart. Tommy screeched at the assault and punched at the other man, but Jack danced out of the way. Even in such a terrible situation, Tubbo couldn’t help but laugh at their antics as Tommy frantically tried to bite at Jack’s fingers.

    “So… there are others?” Ranboo’s deep voice rumbled nervously.

    Reassuringly, Tubbo wrapped his arm around Ranboo’s tail as the giant paced behind them. The large appendage shook at the touch and wrapped around Tubbo’s arm as much as it could. The giant was still bleeding from where the chameleon bit him, but the herbs Eret had given him before they left helped with the pain. Although the giant still whined with every step and the tail around his arm shuddered, making Tubbo want to stop and coddle his friend.

    “Not many,” Eret shrugged, “But there are some. We actually have one that travels with us- although I wouldn’t say she’s truly a giant. It’s up to interpretation I guess.”

    Tubbo squinted at Eret’s comment, but before he could ask what they had meant a soft jingling sound met his ears. He looked around and by the confusion on his father’s face the others had heard it too. His eyes scanned the trees, but there didn’t seem to be anything amiss. There was no movement beside their group and no signs of anything following them; however, the melodic jingling sound grew louder with every step.

    Techno’s lips tightened as he nudged Eret’s shoulder, “What’s that?”

    “We’ve arrived boys,” Eret grinned.

    The tall man walked past a few trees before approaching a gigantic wall of vines hanging over a cliff like a waterfall. The wind whistled through the vines and the jingling noise almost seemed to be stemming from them. Carefully Eret pushed their hand through the sea of leaves, and dug around like they were searching for something.

    “Aha,” Eret grinned as he pulled out a dirty piece of rope from behind the vines.

    At first Tubbo was confused until Eret tugged on the rope and the vines shot upward like a curtain revealing the main act. Now in front of them, previously hidden by the vines and the shade of the cliff above was a massive clearing dug into the mountainside. Everywhere Tubbo looked he saw carts and tents and hundreds of people. Animals of all sizes and even some people that didn’t look very human roamed the clearing and even as their group walked in awe-struck none of them seemed to pay them any mind.

    “Holy shit,” Tommy gasped.

    The group walked out into the clearing behind Eret and Tubbo was immediately overwhelmed by the sounds and colors and smells. Horses whinnied from where they were tied up to wagons and closeby a man tended to a bowl filled with stew. Further in Tubbo could make out the sound of a guitar and loud rhythmic drums while the shadows of dancers flitted across the dirt.

    “Well,” Eret said, “You boys like it?”

    Tubbo barely had time to process the sights before Tommy grabbed his wrist and tugged him closer- awe clear in his eyes. Not that Tubbo blamed him, he also felt himself drawn to the color and sound of the makeshift town in front of them. Even though he loved his home he’d never seen so much life in one place. 

    “This is insane,” Jack mumbled as his eyes flitted from tent to tent.

    “I’m glad it’s to your liking,” Eret laughed as he waved for the group to follow, “Now come on you need to be patched up.”

    Tubbo followed behind his dad in silence along with Tommy and Techno. His feet squelched in the wet grass and while the cold made him cringe he couldn’t pry his eyes away from all the people. It was almost magical how much was happening in such a small space. People sung and laughed and danced with no regard for the strangers in their space.

    Only seconds later the nearby trees creaked as Ranboo slowly followed after them. Tubbo paused so he could walk with his friend, but Ranboo stopped before his whole body was out of the tree line. For a split second, Tubbo was confused until he heard the gasp of a small child nearby. The kid that had been previously chasing after a lamb stared dumbly up at the giant. Part of Tubbo wanted to shoo him away no matter how rude it would have been, but after a few seconds of staring the kid seemed to lose interest. His little feet scrambled back towards the lamb, leaving Tubbo and the giant behind.

    “They don’t care…” Ranboo whispered, his mouth wide open.

    Eret looked back and grinned at the giant. Even without his eyes he practically beamed with pride, “Of course not; our permanent residents don’t mind, although the kids will probably mess with you later.”

    Ranboo laughed nervously, shaking the ground a bit with every huff. Even with Eret’s reassurances, Tubbo could tell he wasn’t sure based on how intently he stared at any people who walked by. Some stared back at him  nervously, but most only spared him a quick glance before going back to their day. 

    Slowly but surely the group maneuvered around the outside of the massive maze of tents, some of which were almost half Ranboo’s size while some were shorter than Tubbo’s legs. Every few feet Eret would stop to greet some of the people or stop the occasional chicken from running too far into the woods. The whole situation felt alien to Tubbo, and even though his injuries still ached terribly he was too distracted by everything around him to care.

    Eventually, Eret stopped in front of a gigantic tent near the far end of the clearing. It was a bit separated from the rest and was almost as tall as Ranboo’s knees. However, the tent's size wasn’t the only thing making it stand out. The fabric covering it was a beautiful pattern of dark blue and green that almost resembled the rose bushes that grew out in the forest. The pattern was a bit streaky and uneven, but even so, it stood out against the plain colors of the other tents.

    “What’s this place?” Techno huffed as Eret studied the front of the tent.

    “Oh just a friend’s place,” Eret hummed thoughtfully, “Aha there!”

    Quickly, they dug their hand into the patterned fabric and revealed a small lever attached to the wooden frame. They tugged on the lever and while the wood was quiet, the sound it caused was almost enough to make Tubbo cover his ears. The piercing shrieks rang out through the tent until finally, someone yelled out in frustration from the inside. Faintly, Tubbo could make out two voices-one loud and one quieter- as they both yelled until the metallic squealing stopped.

    “Ah, so I see Serena’s new doorbell still isn’t working,” Eret laughed.

    The stranger ran their hand back through his hair, fixing it from the wind before they pulled open the tent’s flaps. From where he was standing at the back of the group Tubbo could just barely make out a dim light in the tent before Eret stepped in front of it.

    Phil went to follow, but Eret blocked the entrance with a hesitant smile, “I’m sorry but you can’t come in, I’ll be right back. I promise.”

     Phil’s brows furrowed; however, one look back at his family was enough proof that they had no room to argue. Every one of them was still injured, and Ranboo was still barely staying awake at the back of the group. Not to mention that with Eret’s skills Tubbo doubted any of them would be able to get very far even if they did plan to run.

    As the flaps of the tent flew shut Ranboo’s tail pushed against Tubbo’s side. Tubbo glanced up at the giant and could see the pain painted across his features. Every few seconds Ranboo’s lips would twitch downwards- from pain or exhaustion, Tubbo wasn’t sure. Carefully, he ran his fingers through Ranboo’s soft tail to comfort him, and the purring that vibrated through him made him smile. The giant’s eyes closed contently as his fingers scratched at the skin underneath, and Tubbo wanted nothing more than to climb up onto his chest and fall asleep.

    “I really don’t like this,” Techno muttered after a few minutes of silence, “What the hell is he doing in there? For all, we know this is a trap.”

    Phil sighed and defeatedly sat down in the grass, “It’s not like we have a choice, Techno. You know I wouldn’t put any of you in danger if I didn’t have to.”

    “Yeah, but are we really going to sit here for god knows how long so that bastard can create some fucking poison or shit,” Jack spat at the ground, “I don’t trust this. No fucking way.”

    “I know Jack, believe me,” Phil said.

    Jack shot up in frustration but the second his lips parted the tent’s curtains opened again. Curiously, Tubbo’s eyes darted towards the movement. He expected Eret or maybe whoever had been yelling earlier; however, when the tent’s flaps opened he swore his heart froze.

    Eret walked out with his lips tight and silently held the flap open for someone else. A shadow fell over their group as a large form came into the open, and even though Tubbo spent most of his time with a giant, the deep-rooted fear he’d had since childhood made his hand itch towards his sword. The giant was fairly small, only about thirty or so feet, but he knew better than to underestimate any of the forest’s creatures. For god’s sake, only a few hours earlier Ranboo had almost been killed by something much smaller than him.

    “What the-” Phil snarled as he whipped out his sword. Eret immediately shot forward to try to disarm Phil, but his father was quicker. With rage in his eyes, he shoved the butt of his sword into Eret’s chest and went straight for the giant. 

    “Wait please!” Eret shouted.

    The man on the ground lunged for Phil’s legs to pull him down, but Techno stopped him with his boot. He slammed his foot down on Eret’s arm making him hiss in pain.

    “Please let me explain,” Eret put his hands out in surrender, “I promise she’s not dangerous.”

    “Yeah okay like I’ll fucking believe that,” Jack spat even as Tommy tried to hold him back from attacking Eret himself.

    Part of Tubbo agreed with Jack. The fear of giants instilled in him since birth made him want to treat this new giant as a threat; however, the months he had spent in the woods with his monster child and his giant best friend made him more unsure. The more he studied the giant the more afraid she looked. Her arms held her chest nervously and every time any of them yelled or moved closer her eyes flickered to her tent nervously like she wanted to retreat. 

    “Please let me explain,” Eret said as he tried to push himself up off the dirt while still putting himself between Phil’s sword and the giant, “She can help you, she’s our best doctor.”

    “Her?” Jack scoffed. 

    Phil shot him a warning look before slowly sheathing his sword. Tubbo swore he could almost hear the breath of relief from the blindfolded man as the blade returned to Phil’s side.

    “If you’ll let me...I can help.”

    Tubbo stared up in shock at the sound of the giant’s voice. It was a light and shook with worry like the birds that sang at night around town, but even through her nervousness, he could tell she was being sincere. She had the same expression Ranboo had when he had first met Wilbur, like she was scared they would run at the slightest movement. As she spoke Ranboo’s tail tightened around Tubbo’s chest like a snake, and when he looked up to see his friend he had the most awe-struck expression on his face. Ranboo’s eyes were as wide as the ponds back at the village and even with his face bloodied his mouth hung open in a goofy excited way. 

    If Ranboo liked the new giant, Tubbo guessed he could try too.

    Aghast, Phil’s mouth gaped at the giant before he let his head fall to his chest nervously. His hand’s fiddled with his sword, and his eyes stayed glued to the girl towering over him.

    “Of course I- I overreacted,” Phil muttered, “Forgive us.”

    “I probably should have warned you first,” Eret shook his head as he pushed himself up off the ground, “I promise she’s harmless.”

    The giant scoffed and nudged Eret with her foot, almost pushing him over again. Even though the action was small both Phil and Techno jumped back towards the rest of the group- their shoulders tense. At their discomfort, the new giant’s eyes widened before settling into a frown. Even though she looked much more human than Ranboo, Tubbo couldn’t help but draw a comparison in the way her face melted at the human’s fear.

    “Oh sorry- uh I’m Aimsey,” the giant said meekly, “And yeah I can help. I’ve got some medicine. Just follow me.”

    Phil’s throat bobbed, “Yes, we’ll uh…we’ll be right in.”

    Aimsey’s eyebrows drew together as she nodded down at Phil. Techno still seemed tense with his hand on his sword, but Phil just seemed defeated. When Aimsey and Eret disappeared back into her massive tent his shoulders dropped and his hand pulled at his hair.

    “Dad?” Tommy asked, “You good mate?”

    Phil just shook his head and grabbed onto Tommy’s wrist like his life depended on it. Lamely his mouth opened and closed before he settled on pulling his son close to his chest. Tubbo felt his heart swell at the sight but only seconds later he was pulled in too, along with Techno. His head was pressed tightly against his dad’s chest and he could almost hear his heartbeat thumping under his skin. Delicate calloused fingers ran through his hair; however, what should have been comforting quickly turned worrisome as his hair grew wet. He tried to lift his head up, but Phil’s hands pulled him back to his chest.

    “Dad…” Techno hummed.

    And that was all that Phil needed for his walls to crumble. A weak sob broke out of his chest as he held his kids close. All four of them were bloodied and injured, but still, he held them tightly, like they would vanish if he let go.

    For a minute Phil stayed like that with his family in his arms until something warm and soft wrapped around the group along with another body. Tubbo pushed his head out just enough to see Ranboo pushing Jack into the group and wrapping his tail around them like a blanket. 

    “I’m sorry,” Phil broke as he leaned into Ranboo’s fluff, “I shouldn’t be crying right now, fuck.”

    The giant above them keened at his words and shuffled closer, his shadow covering everything his tail couldn’t. And even though Jack had done nothing but complain about Ranboo the whole time he still leaned into the giant’s protection.

    After a few seconds, a faint rumbling shook the group and Tubbo glared up at Ranboo who was purring with his eyes closed like a dog basking in the sun. Phil laughed through his tears and pulled everyone closer before drying his eyes with his sleeve. His face was still red, but a small smile pulled at his lips.

    “Thank you,” he laughed weakly as he tugged his hat down over his face.

    Slowly, Ranboo’s tail unwound itself from the group and let Phil step away. Looking at his dad’s face Tubbo was almost reminded of how devastated Phil had looked after he had lost his eye or when Wil had gone missing. It was the look of a man who had already lost too much to the forest and was unwilling to lose anyone or anything else.

    “Alright…” Phil said, “We go in, yeah?”

    Slowly, Phil pulled open the flaps of the massive tent and walked in first. There was a moment of silence before he turned back and ushered for the rest of the group to follow him. Techno was first, followed by Tommy and Jack, leaving Tubbo and Ranboo outside.

    “Will you be okay?” Tubbo frowned up at the bloodied giant.

    Ranboo’s eyes flitted over to the tent that was far too small for him and shrugged. His lips pulled together in a tight line before he quickly bent down to bump his nose against Tubbo. Reassuringly, Tubbo dug his fingers into the soft fur of his nose and leaned his forehead against him. The giant’s breath washed over him and the warmth made him want to just stay there with him.

    “I’ll be right back for you okay?” Tubbo hummed.

    The giant purred, vibrating Tubbo’s whole body before he nudged the human up to the tent with his nose.

    “I’ll be okay,” Ranboo said, “Just don't forget about me out here.”

    “How could I ever, you’re too clingy for that,” Tubbo laughed, earning a snort from the giant.

    One last time he reached out to press his hands into Ranboo’s soft fur before he stepped back to the tent. With a deep breath he opened the flaps, and when he finally stepped inside the smell of cinnamon and cloves flooded his nose. The curtains fluttered shut behind him, but he was only focused on the pure variety of things in the tent.

    In the center, Aimsey sat cross-legged on a colorful knitted rug with rolls of bandages next to her. In front of her, Tommy kneeled down as she wiped a cloth over the scratches adorning his arms. Every so often he whimpered in pain as the water burned his wounds, but he urged her to keep going. Across from Aimsey, Eret dug through a wooden box pulling out different bundles of herbs and jars of colorful liquids. Some of them looked familiar, matching the medicines Ponk kept in his office but the ones Eret had out on a small table next to him looked wildly unfamiliar. One particular set of herbs was almost completely yellow and made Tubbo’s nose scrunch up at the scent of rotten eggs. 

    Along the other side of the tent Eret, Jack, Phil, and Techno sat on long stretches of fabric almost like cots while a dark-haired (human) girl watched over them. Above head strings of beads and dried flowers hung like streamers, and a small black bird sitting on a wooden perch chirped happily at Tubbo’s presence.

    “Welcome in,” Aimsey smiled reassuringly, “You can sit on any of the cots. Serena can help with stitches if you need ‘em, and Eret is getting the meds.”

    The girl next to his dad’s cot, who he assumed was Serena, waved at Tubbo and patted the empty stretch of fabric next to her invitingly. He still felt out of place in the colorful and busy tent, but slowly he made his way over to sit next to his family. It was a bit of a jump to get onto the empty cot, but after a few tries he was able to push himself up. Beside him Jack was already snoring away, his face pressed into the fabric and drool pooling up underneath him. The part of Tubbo that had been heavily influenced by Tommy wanted to wake him up to make fun of him, but he didn’t think Phil would be happy with him if he did.

    “Serena is it?” Techno asked as he pulled his legs up to his chest like a little kid.

    The girl who was kneeling next to Phil’s cot stitching up the gash in his arm nodded, not turning her attention away from her work. Every few seconds her glasses fell down her nose and she had to readjust them, but otherwise, Tubbo couldn’t tell if she was aware of anything outside the needle in her hand.

    “Yep that's me,” she mumbled.

    Across the room, Aimsey chuckled and waved her hand at the human girl, “Serena’s just focused, she's usually much more fun.”

    Serena shot Aimsey a glare before returning to her work on Phil’s arm. As much as Tubbo hated needles he had to admit her work was impressive. Her fingers moved back and forth like it was second nature and within minutes Phil’s wound was closed up. When she finally cut the last of the thread Phil stretched out his arm in front of him, studying the blue stitches running up his skin in a jagged line.

    “That should be good for now, although I wouldn’t recommend doing anything extreme,” Serena smiled, “They're coated in bluebell nectar so it should also help with the pain a bit.”

    Phil nodded thankfully before Eret walked up to the cots. A selection of herbs and bottles were piled up in his arms as he knelt down. Carefully he dropped them on the empty cot next to Jack and rearranged them into small piles. Each one had one bottle of blue liquid along with four different herbs.

    “Alright this should be good,” Eret nodded, “Everyone take one- it’ll help with the healing process.” 

    Tubbo leaned over and snatched a pile from the cot before lifting the bundle of leaves up to his nose. They smelled bitter like the medicine Ponk would give him for colds but they were much more colorful than anything they had back at the village. Slowly, he uncorked the bottle but before he could drink any he heard Tommy gasp from the other side of the group.

    He turned his head to the commotion and found Tommy gagging on the floor as he spat out his own medicine. 

    “This is fucking poison there's no way,” Tommy snapped, “You’re trying to kill me.”

    Aimsey laughed and grabbed Tommy to hold him down, “You have to take it otherwise you’re going to be stuck here for days. It’s not that bad.”

    Tommy stuck out his tongue and the giant and made a rude gesture with his hands before downing the rest of the bottle. As soon as the last drop disappeared he gasped for breath and dramatically fell back onto the ground. 

    “God, just as dramatic as always,” Techno huffed as he drank his bottle with ease.

    Tubbo also couldn’t help but laugh at Tommy’s antics. His own bottle of medicine went down relatively easy, but he could see why Tommy hated it so much. The bitter liquid coated his throat like glue and made every inch of his mouth feel tingly and numb.

    A few minutes later Aimsey sent Tommy back to one of the cots to be looked over by Serena and ushered for Tubbo to come sit near her in the middle of the tent. In the chaos, he had almost forgotten about his injuries, no matter how dumb that seemed. However, now that he was sitting down the cuts and bruises covering his chest and arms felt like fire.

    “Alright, I’m just going to take a look and bandage you up okay?” Aimsey hummed reassuringly as she ripped off a new piece of bandage.

    Tubbo nodded nonchalantly, not really caring as he instead focused on the giant in front of him. Carefully, she lifted his arms up with her thumb and rubbed at some of the dried blood there with a rag. The sharp pain from the water made Tubbo flinch and, in turn, made Aimsey pause nervously.

    “No no, you’re okay,” Tubbo hissed, “Just hurts a bit.”

    Her brows furrowed in thought before she slowly went back to her task. This time when the wet towel rubbed against his cuts he did his best to hide the pain from the giant. When she finally started wrapping up his wounds he started to get lost in thought staring at her. It was strange how human she looked. While Ranboo was very human in personality, he was far from human with his looks. He looked more like a giant cat than anything. However, Aimsey looked almost exactly like a human besides her obvious size difference. As far as Tubbo could tell she had no sharp teeth, no horns, not even claws. It was almost like someone just took a human and stretched them.

    “Alright you’re all set,” Aimsey smiled, breaking Tubbo’s train of thought. 

    “Oh thank you,” Tubbo said.

    Aimsey nodded and patted his back with her giant thumb, “No problem. Now lay down, god knows you need the rest.”

    Tubbo’s feet dragged through the dirt floor as he made his way back to the cots. The soft fabric felt like a cloud under him even though it was as thin as a blanket. The combination of the exhaustion from the earlier fight and the medicine from earlier made his body feel like lead. However, before he could fall asleep he heard Aimsey’s hushed voice as she spoke to Eret. He couldn’t make out much of the conversation but one word drew his attention.


    He knew they were probably only talking about how to help Ranboo, but still, the idea of leaving his friend alone in their care while he slept made him feel uneasy. He still wasn’t sure if he trusted Eret, even if Aimsey and Serena seemed kind. And after watching Eret single-handedly take down an entire giant he wasn’t sure how he felt about leaving his best friend with a stranger.

    He heard the flaps of the tent open and close, and with a sudden burst of energy he pushed himself up to follow. Serena tilted her head at him questioningly but he just waved her off. He didn’t care if he needed to rest, he wanted to make sure Ranboo was okay. His joints ached in protest as he walked out into the cold clearing, but his mind was set.

    The sound of crickets and owls flooded his ears and the familiar smell of wet grass made him feel at home. However, what brought a smile to his face wasn’t the familiarity of the woods, but the giant that was now sleeping curled up in front of the tent like a cat.

    Aimsey walked around his sleeping form, pushing fur out of the way to get a better scope of his injuries. At her touch the giant whimpered, and while Tubbo knew she hadn’t hurt him, the sound still made his chest feel tight.

    “How is he?” Tubbo asked, making Aimsey jump.

    The smaller giant exhaled deeply, “He’ll be okay, he just has a lot of wounds that need to be cleaned before they get infected. Nothing too serious though.”

    Tubbo winced at the thought and moved closer to Ranboo’s sleeping face. Even with blood covering his cheeks, his presence made Tubbo feel warm and happy like a warm fire during the winter. 

    “That’s good…” Tubbo said, “I was really worried about him.”

    Absent-mindedly, his hands ran over the tip of Ranboo’s nose. Even in his sleep, the giant pushed forward against him with a low grunt.

    “It’s very sweet you know,” Aimsey hummed as she wiped away some of the blood from Ranboo’s arm, “Don’t usually see humans that are nice to giants, even the nice ones.”

    “Yeah well he’s certainly won me over,” Tubbo chuckled fondly.

    Aimsey nodded and glanced at Ranboo’s face with a knowing grin, “I can see that.” 

    Tubbo leaned closer against Ranboo’s cheek until he was surrounded by the giant’s fluff. As tired as he was he wanted to keep an eye on Ranboo, which unfortunately meant staying awake while Aimsey worked on him. He let her work in silence for a while just watching the stars twinkle above them and listening to Ranboo’s slow breaths.

    After almost an hour of fighting against sleep, Aimsey made a triumphant sound and tied off the last bandage around Ranboo’s wrist. Tubbo realized with a start he must have accidentally dozed off more than he thought since all of Ranboo’s wounds were now cleaned and bandaged.

    “Thank you for helping him,” Tubbo whispered through his sleep-ridden mind.

    Aimsey just nodded and continued to stare through Ranboo, past the trees. Confusion crossed Tubbo’s mind until he realized with a start that tears were budding up in her eyes. The dim light from the moon just barely reflected the wetness, but even still Tubbo could hear her labored breaths.

    “Are you okay?” Tubbo tilted his head.

    The giant shrugged and let her head fall to her chest. Her mess of long dark hair almost looked like a waterfall under the light.

    “Yeah I’m fine…” she shuddered, “Just get some rest…I’ll bring a blanket out so you can stay with him.”

    Tubbo wanted to argue and pry, but exhaustion beat down his strength like a hammer. He watched sadly as Aimsey dried her eyes and disappeared back into her tent leaving him alone with Ranboo. The dim light of the stars blurred in his vision, and before Aimsey could come back he’d fallen asleep, tucked up against Ranboo’s fur. 

    #friendly giant au #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#zeetles art#corywrites #g!ranboo #g!aimsey #t!tubbo #t!tommy
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  • corysmiles
    25.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Finding Home


    Notes: this is my secret Santa gift( @mcyt-gt-events) for @beansthough featuring Karl, Sapnap, and Quackity! I haven’t watched these ccs in a bit so I really hope I did them justice. I had so much fun writing this (and now I kinda really want to write more about it) I hope you like it and happy holidays!! :D

    cw: language, mild injuries/blood (don’t worry this is fluffy I swear)

    Word count: 4k


    As soon as night fell and the old grandfather clock that watched over the library signaled his shift was over, Karl hurried to leave. He crammed his pens and papers into his bag and wiped off the black ink that covered his fingers. The coat that had been resting on his chair was haphazardly tied against his waist as he focused on getting out as quickly as he could.

    “Anyone here?” he yelled, the only sound coming from his shoes clicking against the hardwood floor, “We're closing.”

    He waited a few minutes for a response until he was sure no one else was there- he'd already been fairly sure, but the last time he'd left in a haste he'd accidentally locked in a student who had been studying for finals. (He never heard the end of that).

    But this night the only other presence in the library was the single tabby cat that wandered the shelves. Karl grinned as he spotted the feline asleep on one of the many long tables in the building. That night Milo had been his only company, and while he worked the cat followed him around begging for treats.

    While the lack of patrons made Karl’s shift seem exceptionally long, it also meant he got to work on his own project.

    Even though he was just an archivist at the library, he wanted to be more- to do more. His whole life he’d wanted to explore and learn, but being in such a secluded city didn’t give him many opportunities. Unless he wanted to join the king’s guard, he thought he’d be stuck at the library forever...

    At least until a few months prior when a strange tiny creature led him into the woods past the city limits.

    The mouse-sized being had been roaming the library for months, although he'd just thought it was a pest. The only reason he ever found out it wasn't was because Milo had brought it to Karl on one of his late-night shifts. The tiny human-like creature had been terrified, but luckily he wasn’t injured by the feline. Karl tried to reason with him and figure out more about what he was, but he wasn’t able to get anything out of the tiny creature before it bit his thumb and ran away into the trees outside the library.

    While he was not able to find the creature again it piqued his curiosity enough that the next night he wandered off into the woods near where he saw the tiny disappear. Every night he went farther and farther, discovering more and more until one night that changed everything.

    He still remembered how the heavy rain had forced him to run to cover, how a bear had chased and cornered him, and most importantly how a giant hand appeared out of the trees to scare it away. He’d been even more terrified at the time, but after being cooed at and worried over by the giant he softened up to him. The giant, Sapnap, was a lot to take in but Karl was glad to have a friend so deep in the woods.

    Every night without fail he’d visit the forest to document all he could find with Sapnap’s protection. At this point, his journal was almost completely full, with stray papers taped in where he ran out of room. Sketches and frantic notes of the creatures and plants he spotted covered each and every page while much rougher sketched from the giant littered the margins.

    Once the library was closed, he set off towards the city’s border. Smooth dirt morphed into rough long grass and clear lamp-lit skies turned into a dark canopy of leaves the farther he got. All the while the familiar scent of wet dew from the afternoon rain flooded his nose.

    In a strange way, the wilderness made him feel so much more at home than in his own city.

    His feet trampled along a familiar route until he finally reached a small clearing in the trees. An enormous cliff looming overhead marked his destination, and even though he’d been there hundreds of times he couldn’t help but be in awe. His smile grew with every step towards the base of the cliff until a loud crash rang through the clearing.

    He barely had a chance to turn towards the sound before a ginormous hand reached out from the nearby trees and squeezed around his chest.


    The pressure knocked the breath out of him, but just as quickly as he was grabbed he was released onto a soft warm surface. Now sitting in the palm of the giant’s hand he looked up with a grin.

    “Hey Sap.”

    The black-haired giant flashed his sharp teeth and nuzzled his face into Karl’s chest. The giant almost knocked him over but a massive finger caught him before he could fall.

    “You’re early today,” Sapnap smiled giddily.

    “I know, work was slow,” Karl laughed, “and I wanted to come see you.”

    “That or you just wanted to work on your diary?”

    Karl glared at the giant and slapped his cheek with his worn-out journal, “Not a diary. This is work.”

    “Mhm,” Sapnap grinned as he nuzzled Karl against his cheek, “Boring dumb work.”

    The giant’s long black hair brushed against Karl’s face making his nose scrunch up. The strands tickled his face and he barely caught himself before he sneezed right on his friend.

    He tried to push himself away but it was no use against his massive friend. The giant’s hands only tightened around his chest whenever he struggled to get free. When Sapnap move him closer to his mouth the warmth of the giant’s breath made Karl want to give in and just cuddle all night. The only deterrent was that he knew he’d be upset the next day if he had no new notes to edit at work.

    “Come on you big idiot,” Karl laughed as he shoved Sapnap’s nose away, “We can chill later. Let me go.”

    The giant chuckled, a deep rumbling laugh that shook Karl’s entire body, before letting him back down onto the grass. Sapnap’s arms stretched out high above his head with a yawn and Karl couldn’t help but glance at his sharp arm-length teeth. Even though he’d spent months with Sapnap the reminder that the giant was a predator was unsettling, to say the least.

    “Alright,” Sapnap grumbled as he fixed his hair with his claws, “Where you wanna look?”

    Dutifully Karl flipped through his journal until a certain page caught his eye. The map he'd been working on ever since his first visit was alive with color and messy notes of places he needed to go; however, exploring the regions outside the map's borders was also interesting. And with the help of a giant, he could go most places without being in any danger.

    He barely noticed the giant shadow that loomed over his head as he traced his finger across the paths running up and down the page. It only took a few seconds before one blank space on the map drew his attention.

    “What about this?” he asked as he turned to look up at Sapnap’s.

    The giant’s brows furrowed at the map and he leaned closer to get a better look. However, once he could see what Karl was talking about he looked even more worried.

    “What dude,” Sapnap grimaced, “That’s close to town, like really close.”

    “I know,” Karl said, “But come on it’s better than going super far out again. We can just explore a little bit, and it’s late anyway- no one will be out.”

    The giant huffed sending a wave of hot air over Karl before nodding reluctantly, “Fine. But the first sign of people and we’re out okay?”

    Immediately, Karl lit up and wrapped his arms around the giant’s thumb, “You’re awesome.”

    A sappy grin spread across Sapnap’s face as he reached his hand around to scoop Karl up. With the map out in front of him and Karl safely in his palms, the two set off towards their destination.

    Karl held on to Sapnap’s finger as the giant marched on through the trees. Leaves and branches occasionally brushed against him when Sapnap couldn’t maneuver out of the way, but Karl was too focused on the forest floor beneath him to care. Every hint of life from beyond the leaves had his complete attention as his fingers itched to write down notes. Any form of life was important to his research and he couldn’t waste a single moment.

    Eventually, Sapnap reached a small creek cutting its way through the dirt. The giant grumbled as the cold water hit his feet, making his face scrunch up in disgust. A few droplets dusted Karl’s face, but the cold was almost welcome due to the burning hot touch of the giant. Carefully he leaned over Sapnap’s fingers to get a better look and lit up at the sight of small red flecks flashing underneath the water.

    “Wait stop look,” Karl said as he tugged on Sapnap’s shirt.

    The giant groaned but came to a slow stop, his feet still immersed in the cold water, “What dude, can we please keep going.”

    Karl shot him an annoyed look and ushered him to move him closer to the water’s surface. A loud huff came from above, but still, the giant moved his hands closer.

    “Look Sap,” Karl beamed as he frantically tried to sketch what he was seeing, “Fish!”

    “Oh my god,” Sapnap groaned, “You really stopped me for fish? Come on.”

    Karl just laughed as he continued to study the small red creatures under the water’s surface. Their appearance was almost eel-like aside from the long fins trailing across their sides, and their red gleaming scales almost made it look like the creek was on fire.

    “Aren’t they pretty?” Karl asked.

    Sapnap growled and purposefully kicked his feet in the creek sending the small fish scattering. Frantically, Karl tried to finish his sketch but within seconds the fish has vanished, hiding among the rocks dotting the creek.

    “It’s cold,” Sapnap laughed, “And I don’t want to watch fish anymore this sucks.”

    “You’re the worst,” Karl grumbled as he folded his arms against his chest. One of Sapnap’s massive fingers tried to pry his arms open, but he refused to give in.

    “You love me Karl,” Sapnap pouted, his fingertip prodding against Karl’s back, “Stop it.”

    When Sapnap’s claw poked his cheek a small laugh forced its way out of his chest earning a proud huff from the giant.

    “See you love me,” Sapnap grinned as he tickled Karl’s chest with his claws.

    Karl squirmed against the giant’s grip, but there wasn’t much he could do to fend off the almost fifty-foot tall man. His brain felt like it was slowly melting into pure laughter as fingers kept prodding at his skin.

    “Stop- fuck Sap,” he wheezed, “Stop!”

    Sapnap grinned above him and quickly crossed the creek so he could sit down to continue his administrations.

    “I'm not gonna stop till you say you love me,” he smirked.

    Karl screeched as the tickling intensified with two hands now working against his body. The mind-numbing sensation was almost too much.

    “Fine! Fuck I love you- I love you!”

    Immediately Sapnap’s claws stopped, freezing against his skin. A wild grin spread across the giant’s face.


    “Hmmm, no.”

    Sapnap’s face contorted to a pout and immediately his fingers started to dance against Karl’s skin again.

    “Fuck, stop it you idiot,” Karl shouted.

    However, when Sapnap actually stopped he was more than a little confused. The fingers that had been tickling him were frozen and Sapnap’s face was blank as he stared off into the trees. His long black tail whipped behind him dangerously and Karl barely had time to process before he was completely covered by the giant’s hands.

    “What?” Karl frowned.

    Sapnap’s voice dripped with concern, “I heard something. We should go back.”

    “What? We can’t I have to get some research,” Karl argued, pushing against the giant’s fingers.

    Even though he couldn’t see the giant’s face Karl could practically feel the tension resonating from him.

    “You got the fish...that’s enough,” Sapnap growled protectively.

    Karl wanted to keep arguing but the second he opened his mouth a loud crack echoed through the forest. The hands around him tightened and he had to curl himself into a ball for it to not hurt.

    He sat silently in the dark until he heard Sapnap growl. The vibrations shook his whole body, and only seconds later everything lurched backward.

    “Woah!” Karl yelped as he tried to steady himself inside Sapnap’s hold.

    He was jostled around a bit more and a loud cat-like shriek reached his ears through the hands. Sapnap snarled at whatever was there and even though Karl knew he was safe it still made his blood run cold. He heard leaves crunch loudly under the giant's feet and the sure-fire sound of a conflict before the hands loosened their grip around him.

    “Woah… what the-” Sapnap’s voice rumbled.

    “What?” Karl scrambled to see, “What happened?”

    Slowly Sapnap’s hands fell from their position above Karl’s head and he dashed forward to see the ground in front of them. Laying almost lifeless in the grass was a tiny…man?

    Sapnap bent down, careful to not jostle Karl too much until he had knelt down next to the creature. The tiny was covered in blood, probably from whatever had been attacking Sapnap Karl guessed, and its breathing was shallow. Its dark hair was ruffled and muddy and its clothes were torn up.

    “What is it?” Sapnap asked softly, as he pressed the edge of his claw against the tiny’s side. The pressure earned a small groan of pain from the man and immediately Sapnap flinched away.

    “He looks like a person,” Karl frowned as he carefully stepped down from Sapnap’s hands. He knelt down in the grass and leaned over the tiny to get a better view. The man’s eyes were closed but he seemed to at least be a little aware that the pair was there. Every time Sapnap moved the tiny winced in fear.

    “Hey hey,” Karl whispered, “We’re not going to hurt you.”

    Sapnap frowned, “You think he can understand us?”

    “Well, we might as well try,” Karl sighed before turning his attention back to the tiny, “Are you hurt?”

    “Well no shit he’s bleeding and was literally just coughed up by some wolf thing,” Sapnap said, “Duh he’s fucking hurt.”

    Karl shot a glare at Sapnap and turned his attention to the tiny. Carefully he placed one hand beside him and watched as he flinched away.

    “Hey, I’m going to pick you up okay?” Karl soothed, “We’re not going to hurt you, but we can’t leave you here.”

    The tiny grimaced and tried to pull away, but Karl was quicker. Carefully he trapped him with his hands and pushed the tiny onto his palm. The man whined and small tears dotted his eyes but there wasn’t much he could do to escape.

    As soon as the tiny was secure in his hands Karl stepped back onto Sapnap’s palm. The giant stared in awe at the tiny figure but stayed silent.

    “We’re going to help you okay,” Karl whispered, trying to calm him down.

    Although whether or not the man understood him he wasn’t sure; the only response was a heavy dry sob.

    Briskly, Sapnap marched back to his clearing, stepping over the creek with no complaints and ignoring the quiet chittering of animals in the trees. Every few minutes Karl would open his hands just enough to check on the tiny’s well-being. The man was curled up pitifully in his hands, and while the sobs had died down his whole body shook like a leaf.

    Guilt ate at Karl’s heart even though he knew it wasn’t his fault the tiny was so afraid. They didn’t really have a choice anyway…if they left him bleeding on the grass he would have been a goner.

    He tried to focus on the blur of trees or the stars above to stop himself from worrying but he just couldn’t. It was as if I’m his brain was hardwired on the tiny, like every movement he felt in his hands was life or death. It was almost terrifying how much power he had over the tiny. He could do anything to him and while he knew he was going to help, the tiny didn’t know that.

    Part of him wondered if that’s how Sapnap felt when he held him, but he didn’t let his mind linger on the thought for long.

    It didn’t take long before the enormous cliff that hovered over the giant’s clearing came into view along with the massive stone and dirt structure that functioned as his home. Moss covered the hut’s walls and while it wasn’t pretty Karl had to admit it was much more comfortable than the clump of leaves Sapnap had been “residing” in before.

    Carefully Sapnap pushed the door open with his shoulder and the warm air from inside hit Karl like a wave. His eyes traced over the dried flowers decorating the walls and the makeshift table made out of boulders, but instead of finding it comforting like usual he couldn’t help but worry about how unsafe it would be for the tiny. The whole place was already gigantic even for Karl; he didn’t know how they’d be able to help a tiny.

    Meanwhile, the tiny in his hands curled up even more at the temperature change. His small body shook even harder- from fear or pain Karl wasn’t sure.

    “Okay,” Sapnap murmured as he gently placed Karl onto a makeshift pillow of animal pelts, “Uh, I’m going to grab some first aid stuff.”

    Karl nodded and carefully dropped the tiny onto the giant pillow. The fleece bunched up around him, and even though he was still shaking his hands dug desperately into the fabric.

    “Okay okay,” Karl reassured, more to himself than the tiny, “Sap, or my friend, the big one, he’s gonna get some stuff to help you. But um… I'm Karl? My friend over there is Sapnap.”

    The tiny grimaced at the sound of his voice, but still his small brown eyes widened to stare up at Karl.

    “Why?” he whispered, his lips still swollen from the scratches covering his face.

    Karl frowned and nervously glanced away, hoping Sapnap would come back soon.

    “Because you’re hurt? And we’re not shitty people,” Karl said.

    Slowly the tiny pushed himself up with his elbow until he was sitting up against the fleeces. His arm shook under his weight, but he still made a point to look Karl in the eyes.

    “I’m Quackity…” he muttered, “Thanks for helping me and all, but I need to go- I really need to get going soon.”

    Karl opened his mouth to respond but loud footsteps stopped him in his tracks. The pillow underneath him dipped as Sapnap placed a box of leaves and oils down next to them.

    “Uh, sorry for listening in,” Sapnap said as he slowly dug through the medicines, “But you’re not going to be able to leave any time soon. Pretty sure you were about to die there, and your arm is completely fucked. Plus if none of your ribs are broken I’d be completely shocked.”

    Quackity growled and shuffled away from the giant, but Karl stopped him with his hand. Instinctively, his fingers went to wrap around the tiny. The small weight against his palm made him want to wrap the man up and keep him safe. Even though he barely knew him, something about seeing someone so small compared to him made his heart tighten protectively.

    “Don’t move, please,” Karl said, “It’ll just hurt more.”

    Quackity grimaced again but relaxed a bit against Karl’s hand. Karl could tell by the way he sat stick-straight that he was simply putting on a face to seem stronger. Honestly, he doubted Quackity could really stop them from doing anything or even walk out on his own.

    He watched curiously as Sapnap pulled out a few bundles of berries and leaves from the wooden box before placing them in front of Karl. The strong spicy scent of the leaves almost made Karl feel dizzy.

    “Um you're going to have to give it to him,” Sapnap explained, “I think I’m too big.”

    “Oh really?” Karl smirked, trying to make the giant feel better; however, all it did was make him turn away sheepishly.

    “Okay well,” Karl mumbled as he ripped off tiny pieces of each of the medicines. He searched through his brain to try to remember all the times Sapnap had used the medicines on himself, “I need you to eat these and then let me wrap your leg okay? I promise it’ll make you feel better.”

    However, the reassurance did little to calm the tiny. Quackity spat at the human’s feet and stared at him with disdain, “That's probably fucking poison I’m not dumb. Why the fuck would I take that from you?”

    Karl was taken aback by the tiny’s snappiness, but thankfully Sapnap was quick to answer.

    “I literally saved you,” the giant glared, “If I really wanted, I wouldn’t need to poison you to kill you.”

    The harshness of his tone made Quackity flinch, but any fight left his body. With his arms still shaking he reached out and took the bits of leaves and berries from Karl’s hands. He looked up at the two distrustfully before swallowing the medicine.

    Karl couldn’t help but chuckle as Quackity’s face scrunched up in disgust. Karl could still recall the terrible bitterness of the leaves from the first time he had had to take some.

    “See not too bad,” Karl laughed.

    The tiny spit out bits of the medicine and scrubbed at his tongue with his hands, “That was awful!”

    “And it’s the worst of it,” Sapnap smiled, “It’ll help your body speed up the healing process. You’ll be all better in about a week.”

    “A week?” Quackity jerked his head towards the giant, “What the fuck am I supposed to do for a week?”

    Karl felt the tension in his chest dissolve as Sapnap’s deep laughter filled the hut.

    “You stay here, duh,” Sapnap replied nonchalantly, “It's not like I’m going to kick you out.”

    Quackity sputtered and gripped on to Karl’s finger to help push himself to his feet, “What but- there's no way that would work. I don’t want to stay here!”

    Karl shifted on the pillow as Sapnap rose to his feet. The giant’s shadow fell over the two, and Karl couldn’t help but pull Quackity a bit closer.

    “I know you’re scared,” Karl reassured, “But I was too. He saved me just like you, and look I’m not dead.”

    Quackity stiffened in his hand and wrapped his arm around his thumb for support- his voice sounded small even for his size.


    “Yeah, I promise,” Karl whispered, “I know you have no reason to trust me but we’re not bad people. And even though that oaf is scary-looking he’s not that bad.”

    “Hey!” Sapnap shot a glare at Karl. His orange cat-like eyes became even more slitted in annoyance.

    Quackity’s brows furrowed together before he finally let himself relax. Karl could have sworn his whole heart melted as the tiny laid back against his palm.

    “Alright...” Quackity whispered, “I trust you.”

    Sapnap hummed in approval and bent down close to the tiny again. Quackity was about the size of his fingernail, but still he was gentle as he grabbed him out of Karl’s hand. The tiny’s breath stuttered for a moment and his eyes squeezed shut as if he anticipated pain at any second. However, when it never came he slowly opened his eyes to meet Sapnap’s gaze.

    “I’ll give you the same deal I made Karl. You’ll stay here until you’re better,” Sapnap nodded slowly, “And if you do decide you want to stay after that you can...I won’t make you, but my house is always open.”

    Karl watched in awe as the barely visible tiny leaned forward to touch Sapnap’s nose. The sign of trust from the tiny made Karl want nothing more but to wrap him up in his hands and not let go. And he could tell Sapnap get the same with the way his tail wagged happily behind him. Even though a small part of him felt jealous over the new person taking Sapnap’s attention, he couldn’t help but feel joy to see Sapnap so happy and to have a new friend.

    “Now,” Sapnap grinned wildly, “For day one in my house, you must learn the first and most important rule.”

    Quackity tilted his head in confusion and Karl wheezed with laughter. Knowing what was about to happen, he tried to dash away, but he only managed a few steps before Sapnap’s tail wrapped around his torso.

    “Cuddle time is mandatory.”

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  • corabbit
    05.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Exterminator Wilbur au Pt2


    CW: vore, fatal vore mention

    Part 1

    When Wilbur woke up he almost was able to forget about the previous days events. Groggily he stumbled out of bed and fumbled with his phone to shut off the alarm. 7:00 am it read- far too early for him to be up. He groaned as he threw on his work uniform; he only had one house to visit for the day but he’d been warned the tinies living there were illusive.

    Lazily he waltzed into his kitchen to make breakfast, but before he could even get to the fridge a small jar caught his attention.

    Immediately memories from the previous night flooded his mind.

    He swore it was a dream, but right in front of him was the tiny- his tiny now- the one he’d been hunting for months. The boy was curled up at the bottom of the jar with his arms pathetically wrapped around his legs. His breathing was slow and relaxed but his eyes were still scrunched up even in his sleep. Quietly, Wilbur leaned down so he could get a better look at the tiny, but as soon as he got close his eyes shot open.

    Hurriedly, the tiny stumbled back to the other side of the jar. His mouth opened and closed like a fish, and Wilbur couldn’t help the instinctual glee that blossomed in his chest. Even with what happened, he couldn’t help but think about how easily he could swallow the boy whole like all the others he’d done it to before. The tiny would probably shake the whole way down and maybe even try to fight back. He looked much more lively than he had the night before, so it would probably be more enjoyable too.

    Hesitantly, he reached down and pressed his palm into the lid. After a couple small twists it popped open and the sound of the tiny’s panic hit his ears.

    “Please please no,” the boy whimpered, “I cant-”

    He had almost been hoping that that particular…talent…of the tiny was just his imagination. Perhaps then he could still have some fun with the boy.

    However, the kid’s voice just got louder and louder every time Wilbur moved. He couldn’t believe he’d spent so long hunting this tiny just to find out he could talk. He’d been so excited since he couldn’t afford a “snack tiny” on his own. It was only for the rich and his company forbid exterminators from keeping the tinies they caught. He could eat them (if they were deemed too dirty to sell) but he couldn’t store them and take them home, meaning they were only a one time meal.

    But this one he could keep as long as he wanted. He could store him over and over again for as long as he could keep him alive. If only the boy’s terrified expression and piercing voice didn’t make guilt curl up in his gut.

    “Hey shush-please,” Wilbur said as he stared down at the tiny, “Stop freaking out.”

    A visible shudder ran down the boys back as he pressed his back flat against the glass; his chest stuttered with every breath. Wilbur hated how terrified he looked, especially since he looked so human. Most tinies were disgusting- covered in dirt and grime. They looked animalistic and acted feral- but this one looked like a human teen. He wore clothes that almost looked like they could have came from a doll and his hair was neatly brushed and braided. The resemblance made wilbur feel sick.

    “Um… fuck,” Wilbur grimaced as the tiny flinched at his voice, “I’m not going to kill you.”

    Finally the tiny’s pleas came to halt. Although wilbur almost wished he just kept crying.

    The tiny clenched his fists against his side, “Yeah sure, I’m just in a jar for fun then.”

    Wilbur’s eyes widened in surprise before he leaned back down to be at the tiny’s level. Not only could the tiny talk, but it could reason too.

    “No-well,” Wilbur shrugged an tilted his head at the tiny, “I’m just keeping you in it. I have no plans to kill you.”

    “You just want to eat me then? Keep me as some sick pet?” the tiny growled and this time Wilbur felt a fire ignite in his chest.

    Something about the tiny’s aggressive tone while he was still in Wilbur’s control made him want to show the boy what he could do. He had half the mind to just scoop him out of the jar and swallow him right there, but the sounds of the tiny’s sobs from the previous night stopped him.

    “Dont talk to me like that,” Wilbur scowled, “You’re lucky I’m letting you live at all. Most people would have killed you on the spot- if it wasn’t for me you’d be dead right now.”

    As soon as the words left his tongue he regretted it. The tiny’s eyes widened in fear again and all of his rebelliousness vanished.

    “I’m sorry…” his voice barely reached Wilbur’s ears.

    Guilt ate at Wilbur’s heart as he stared at the trapped tiny with his human-like face and small voice. He couldn’t just keep him like that- but he couldn’t do what he originally planned either.

    “No I- fuck- I’m sorry for yelling,” Wilbur grimaced, “I’ll get you some food, and when I get back from work I’ll talk to you more. Maybe I can find a better way to keep you instead of in this jar, but for now it’s where you’re going to stay.”

    The tiny stared back at him owlishly and nodded. His tiny form was shaking, but he still tried to remain straight-faced in the presence of the human.

    “Good,” Wilbur said, “Ill be back in a few hours, but I want you to know I’m not going to kill you.”

    The tiny nodded again, but this time tears were visibly budding in his eyes. Wilbur grimaced at the sight, but a quick glance at his clock told him he didn’t have time to deal with it. Carefully, he placed the lid back over the jar and turned to grab a few crackers from the kitchen counter. The tiny studied him as he moved until he got back to the jar with food and a bottle cap of water in his hand.

    “This is going to suck for a second, sorry,” Wilbur warned before he slowly turned the jar onto its side.

    Once it was resting flat on the counter he slipped the food and water into the jar, trying to ignore how the tiny jumped away from his fingers. Part of him wanted to apologize, to promise he never wanted to hurt him and never would, but that wouldn’t be true. He felt conflicted with his guilt over the tiny and his love of his job. He hunted tinies for a living for gods sake- why was this one so different?

    He watched as the tiny crept over to the cracker and broke a piece off. Tears were freely flowing down his cheeks as he stuffed his mouth like he hadn’t eaten in weeks.

    Wilbur sighed and took one last look at the clock before getting up to leave. Conflicted feelings over the tiny swarmed his thoughts, but he had to go to work. He would speak to the tiny again later, and hopefully he would get some information on why he was so different from the other tinies.

    #exterminator wilbur au #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#tw vore #tw fatal vore #corywrites #t!tommy #g!wilbur
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    19.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    How to Train Your Giant Pt.2


    Friendly giant au

    Notes: mmm hope you like cliffhangers and cosmic horrors (also jack manifold i guess)

    Cw: language, blood, mild body horror (not of any main characters)

    Part 1


    Only an hour in to their training patrol, Tubbo was already ready to go home, or at least curl up in Ranboo’s den and take a long long nap. If he closed his eyes he could almost pretend he was in the safety of the den covered in blankets and fur. He inhaled trying to hold onto his daydream, but it was quickly ruined by the sound of his boot squelching in the mud.

    The actual patrol wasn’t hard- hell, he’d done the same exact route hundreds of times- but the tension between Jack and Ranboo was awful. 

    Phil and Techno lead them from the front with torches and swords out, and Jack trailed like a starved dog. Every few seconds he’d glance back at Ranboo with pinched brows like he was worried if he stopped looking the giant would suddenly attack. At one point he even tripped on a tree root while staring back. He fell face first into the dirt, and while Ranboo looked like a kicked puppy Tommy was quick to bully the man.

    Meanwhile, at the very back of the group, Tommy, Ranboo, and Tubbo marched along. Tubbo stayed right beside the giant’s steady footsteps while Tommy stayed just a few steps ahead. Droplets of cold water sprayed up at Tubbo whenever Ranboo’s feet dug into the grass, but he didn’t bring it up- even when his green shirt looked almost black from how muddy it was. The tight frown permanently plastered on Ranboo’s face was bad enough- he didn’t want to upset the giant any more.

    “Hey you alright?” Tubbo asked softly as he slowed down a bit, letting the others get farther ahead.

    Ranboo glanced down and gnawed on his lip. Blood was already forming from where sharp teeth had cut through the muscle.

    “Mhm, I’m fine,” he said curtly.

    Tubbo frowned and jogged forward until he could reach the giant’s tail. The long appendage was tightly wound around the giant’s leg, but he was still able to grab it to tug on the fur. He expected Ranboo to slow down so they could talk or at least find it funny, but instead he just froze in place. A weird feeling curled up in Tubbo’s gut when Ranboo shot him a dangerous look before whipping his tail away.

    “Tubbo, please stop,” he shook his head, “This is serious.”

    His voice only raised a bit, but it was enough to draw Jack’s attention even from several yards in front of them. The other trainee’s head snapped towards the giant, and Tubbo could pinpoint the moment Ranboo noticed. His ears flattened against his head and his mouth slammed shut. 

    He looked so small.

    Tubbo wanted to comfort him, to take him back to the den and cuddle up in his fur, but he knew his dad would be furious if either of them left. The only way the guard was even letting Ranboo live was by helping the guard... There was no way he’d let Ranboo just walk off.

    But every time Jack so much as looked at Ranboo, the giant looked like he got caught committing a crime. He looked so guilty, even though there was nothing he could do to control his appearance; even though Tubbo had spent months trying to help convince Ranboo that he wasn’t a monster.

    He just really hoped this one lesson wouldn’t completely ruin their progress.

    The group walked on like that for almost an hour before anything changed. They stepped down over a log bridge onto one of the many forked paths of the trainee route. Ranboo struggled to get down onto the smaller path but he eventually was able to squeeze under the tree tops by folding his upper body over. His tail trailed behind nervously like he was afraid to move in the tighter space, and his eyes darted back and forth into the trees.

    This section of the forest had always been Tubbo’s least favorite anyway. Ever since Tommy had been attacked by a badger-hawk when they had just joined he’d never liked it (not that he really liked any part of the forest).

    The area was darker than most parts of the woods, which was saying a lot since most of the forest had heavy foliage that blocked out all light. There was just something about how the branches curled around like mangled limbs that filled Tubbo with a sense of dread. Instead of the gigantic bright green pine trees that covered the rest of the forest, large twisted oak trees surrounded the path. On the tops of almost every tree, Tubbo could just barely make out the shape of giant bird nests; he just hoped he would not have to see their inhabitants.

    “God why are we going this way?” Jack grumbled as he jumped over a massive root protruding from the dirt.

    “Its shorter,” Phil said as he turned back to Jack, “Don’t want overwhelm our new trainee on his first day. And first rule for you Ranboo, don’t complain like Jack- won’t get you anywhere.”

    Tommy burst out in laughter at Jack’s shocked expression, but Tubbo couldn’t help but focus on Ranboo’s shy smile. He tried to hide it, but Tubbo could tell how much he wanted Phil to like him. Deep within Ranboo’s small movements and nervous speech laid a desire to be wanted- a desire Tubbo knew very well.

    “Oh uh its fine. Actually. I live in it-uh the forest- so like...its not bad. We can go a longer way if you want,” Ranboo stammered.

    “Nah don’t let Jack’s complaining get to you,” Techno hummed in amusement, “He’s been a trainee for years and at this rate it’ll stay that way.”

    Jack sputtered in protest, but before he could argue something huge dashed across the tree top. Leaves and  twigs cascaded over them, and Tubbo had to jump away to avoid getting hit by a massive branch. 

    Quickly he whipped out his sword but the creature was already gone, far, far ahead of them.

    “What the fuck was that?” Tommy asked, before being immediately shushed by Phil.

    His brother glared and tried to talk back to their dad, but the older man was completely focused on the tree tops. Tubbo looked around nervously, but it all looked the same. The only movement came from the wind gently pushing the leaves.

    “Phil-″ Techno didn’t get a chance to finish before another loud crash reverberated through the trees.

    Tubbo drew his sword in panic and shuffled closer to Ranboo. However, the giant seemed just as worried, his eyes darting around frantically to figure out what was wrong.

    “Stay behind us!” Techno yelled back as a loud pounding sound filled the forest.

    Within seconds the sound was on top of them as hundreds of gigantic creatures leaped through the tree tops. Ranboo growled and inched closer to the group, but the monsters above them payed him no mind. Tubbo watched in awe as leaves fell around them like hail until one of the branches above them snapped with a loud crack.

    A large branch came crashing down and Techno had to push Jack away so he wouldn’t get hit. However, the branch wasn’t all that fell. Tubbo felt his breath catch in his throat as a ginormous hairy beast plummeted through the trees. Its body twisted midair in an awful sort of grace before hitting the ground with a crunch. Immediately, Ranboo’s tail shot in front of Tubbo and Tommy like a shield making the creature scramble away. 

    “Just a raccoon-cat,” Phil snarled as he swung the torch at the creature, “Don’t let it scratch you who knows what diseases it has.”

    It whimpered and fell over again, lashing out with its clawed paws, but Phil didn’t move. In horror, Tubbo realized a giant gash was dug into the creatures side and blood was dribbling out over its teeth. Its eyes narrowed at the light but he was fairly sure it couldn’t really see Phil with how wildly it flopped around.

    “Wait, stop,” Tubbo frowned as he bent down to get a look at the thing’s injury, “I think it’s hurt.”

    Phil narrowed his eyes and stepped closer to the beast just for it to screech in fear again. A few of the creatures still rushing through the trees whined in response. 

    “You’re right,” Phil muttered as he knelt down next to it. Slowly he poked the beast’s injury with his boot, and watched as it squirmed in pain.

    “What the...I’ve never seen so many of them before,” Techno murmured as he stared up at the hundreds of raccoon cats still racing across the tree tops. Blood and leaves fell down over them, but all they could do was watch as the one on the ground continued to howl in pain.

    It only took a few minutes for the animals to disappear, leaving them in silence. The injured creature had long since stopped making any noise, but Tubbo felt too sick to check if it was breathing. He couldn’t explain it but something felt off.

    And it seemed Ranboo agreed.

    “We have to go,” the giant whispered, “Something’s wrong.”

    “Well no shit,” Jack snapped as he turned to face Ranboo- his sword now pointed up at the giant, “You fucking lead them here didn’t you. Wanted to scare the shit out of us huh? The one time you come and hundreds of monsters show up, explain that.”

    Red crossed Tubbo’s vision as he slid in front of Jack, his own sword drawn in retaliation, “Dont fucking talk to him like that. He didn’t do shit.” “Yeah well maybe monsters attract monsters huh? Ever thought of that?”

    Tubbo seethed, jabbing the tip of his blade forward, “You fucking-″

    Tubbo didn’t get to finish though before a roar shook the ground around them and shook the trees. He barely had time to think before he was pushed behind Ranboo by the giant’s tail. The force of the appendage hitting his chest knocked his breath out, but not any more than the sight in front of him did.

    Tubbo, along with the others, crouched behind Ranboo’s tail in terror as an enormous shape (almost half Ranboo’s size) dashed through the trees. Phil’s breath stuttered as the form got closer and closer, until suddenly it seemed like it was shrinking.

    The gigantic dark form twisted and molded until it was much smaller, and a medium sized raccoon-cat emerged from the trees.

    “What the fuck,” Tommy hissed before being immediately shushed by Phil.

    The raccoon-cat’s beady black eyes gazed around the path before settling on Ranboo. The giant tried to straighten his posture to look more intimidating, but the mangled web of branches above made it difficult. The small creature tilted its head and squeaked, and as terrified as Tubbo was, he had to admit it was almost cute. Its banded tail and masked face made it look soft and kind.

    However, the mirage of safety didn’t last long.

    Ranboo snarled at the creature and instantly its expression shifted. What he once thought was cute now resembled something straight from his nightmares. Tubbo swore he saw its bones push through its skin as the creatures muscles twisted and pinched it painful ways. Ranboo shuffled back as the creature started to grow and growled again, but nothing stopped its awful transformation.

    Its skin tore off in shreds as it continued to grow up to the tree tops, rivaling Ranboo’s own height. Its claws grew enormously long and its snout flattened against its face. Even its coloring shifted as black and white patched splattered across its skin.

    “A fucking chameleon,” Phil inhaled, “I can’t believe it.”

    Tubbo felt frozen in place as he stared up at the newly formed giant. It flexed its clawed hands, and Tubbo couldn’t help but register all of its similarities. The giant- or the chameleon as his dad had called it- looked like if Ranboo stared into a broken mirror. It had all of the same parts, but everything was just a little off. Its teeth stuck out more and its horns were jagged and long. In horror, he even realized the chameleon had formed a yellowish bump on its horn to mimic Ranboo’s ring.

    Phil’s hand grabbed at his own, and Tubbo squeezed as hard as he could. The situation almost reminded him of when he was little and was too afraid to go out in the dark. His dad would always grab his hand and walk with him, telling him how brave he was the entire time until he finally felt safe enough to be on his own. However, nothing could stop the terror that flowed through him though as the chameleon stepped forward. Even Ranboo, who usually had a handle on situations involving other giants, seemed aghast.

    With an ear-piercing roar the chameleon threw itself at Ranboo, its claws digging into his sides as it tackled him to the ground. Urgently, Phil ushered their group behind the trees as the two giants rolled around, both trying to come out on top. Tubbo shouted as the chameleon bit down on Ranboo’s shoulder leaving a trail of blood on his robe. Instinctively, he tried to run out to help his friend but Phil yanked him back before he could.

    “He needs help!” Tubbo screeched as he tried to squirm out of his dad’s grip.

    From beside him he heard Tommy shout in anger and turned to see him in a similar situation but with Techno. His older brother held Tommy tight to his chest as he tried to kick his way free. At the sight of teeth digging into Ranboo’s neck Tubbo slammed his foot down on Phil’s. His dad yelped in pain, letting Tubbo free, but he had no time to celebrate before pure horror filled his body. Giant muddied eyes stared at them as blood dripped from the chameleon’s mouth. An odd clicking sound reverberated through its throat, before it lunged forward grabbing them all in its massive fist.

    Ranboo wailed and lashed his tail out at the chameleon, but the other giant just grabbed the appendage in mid air. Tubbo felt the pressure momentarily  increase around his torso, and he swore he heard something crack as the chameleon dug its claws into Ranboo’s tail. 

    This time when the chameleon let go Ranboo went limp on the ground. He cried out in pain, but there wasn’t anything he could do but watch. Tubbo gasped in fear as the chameleon lifted the humans up to its face to take a better look at its prey. Its gigantic narrow eyes glazed over, and all he could do was stare in horror as its maw opened beneath them. Tears burned their way down Tubbo’s face as its breath washed over him and his friends, his family, cried in fear.

    When they were less than an arms-length away from the creatures teeth he slammed his eyes shut. If he was going to die he’d rather not see it. Instead he tried to focus on the warmth of the bodies next to him. He couldn’t exactly tell, but he was pretty sure Techno and Tommy were the bodies beside him.

    The awful stench of the giant’s breath washed over them and Tubbo sent a silent prayer to whatever god there was, but the pain never came. His body was jolted to the side, and unceremoniously he was dropped onto the ground. The impact crushed his lungs and made him cough for air, but he was free. He turned back around just to see Ranboo struggling to fight back against the chameleon. Every time Ranboo hit it with his claws the creature struck right back, and as strong as Ranboo was he wasn’t built to be a fighter. 

    Tubbo scrambled to grab his sword to help, but before he could something small whistled through the air. He didn’t even see what had happened before the chameleon collapsed, twitching on the ground. Tubbo snapped his head to the other side of the path and sure enough a brunette man stood tall with a bow in his hands. 

    Ranboo collapsed, shaking the ground as he tried to catch his breath from the fight, and as much as he knew he should check on him, Tubbo couldn’t pull his eyes away from the strange man. The tall brunette nodded at their group before slinging his bow back over his shoulder, as if he hadn’t just downed a giant with one arrow.

    “What the-,” Tommy faltered, “Who the fuck are you?”

    The man tilted his head in amusement and ran his hand through his curls, “Well first off- your welcome.”

    The first thing Tubbo noted was just how deep the man’s voice was. Even though he was just about Wilbur’s height the strength in his voice made him seem so much bigger. Although, the next thing he noticed was much stranger. The man had a piece of thin black fabric covering his eyes that he kept having to adjust. Every time Tubbo thought he was going to pull it down so he could see, the stranger just tugged it back over his eyes like a mask.

    But more than that there was an air to him that felt strange. It wasn’t entirely bad, but it felt powerful, almost like he was royalty.

    Tubbo didn’t have much more time to ponder though before the man walked over to help Jack up off the ground. The guard trainee groaned in pain and immediately leaned his weight against the man, regardless of the fact that they were a stranger.

    “I’m Eret,” the man smiled, reaching his hand out to Phil, “It’s nice to meet you.”

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    How to train your giant Pt1


    Friendly Giant AU chapter 10

    Notes: Uh oh manifold has been manifooled. Im so excited to continue the friendly giant story, the next part should be out in about a week. I hope you enjoy :D

    CW: language

    Word count: >2,700


    Tubbo hadn’t been this excited for his lessons since he first joined the guard as a trainee. He remembered the bright proud smile that had graced his dad’s face when he showed up in all his gear. It was far too big on him since he was supposed to grow into it, but he never really did. The gear was dirty now, torn up and covered in grime from the years he’d been in training, so he tried his best to scrub it off before he had to leave. 

    “You're taking forever,” Tommy whined from the hallway right outside their shared room, “Come on it's just your fucking cat.”

    Tubbo huffed and threw the last of his gear into the old leather bag before rushing out to meet his brother. Tommy was already prepared, his clothes even more torn up than Tubbo’s own, and a sly smile spread across his face.

    “You good?” Tommy grinned, bumping his shoulder into Tubbo’s side.

    “Yeah just wanted to make sure everything was right,” he followed Tommy as they stepped out of the house, “Didn’t want to fuck anything up today.”

    Tommy laughed as he slammed the front door shut. Even from behind the wood they could hear Wilbur’s immediate shout of disapproval. Quickly the two headed out towards the guard’s headquarters. The giant stone building connected to the town’s outer walls stood out like a sore thumb against the dull wood of the nearby houses. Meanwhile, all around them crickets the size of their feet hopped along, buzzing and chirping in the night.

    “I'm so excited for this man,” Tommy broke the silence with a hushed laugh, “Jack’s gonna shit his pants I know it.”

    Tubbo laughed nervously and shook his head, “Yeah I guess you’re right.”

    Tommy’s smile brightened at the idea of scaring Jack, but it just made Tubbo more nervous. He knew how terrified Ranboo was of messing up in front of the guard. And he also knew that Ranboo hated the idea of scaring anybody.

    “What why are you so upset?” Tommy frowned as he approached the giant gate next to the guard’s HQ. The massive wooden doors were chained up so no one but the guard could get in or out without permission. Luckily, though trainees were given a key to share between them (even though Tommy and Tubbo usually just climbed over the wall).

    “Aren’t you happy?” Tommy asked as he bent down to grab the gate’s rusted key from his bag, “It’s Ranboo’s first lesson.”

    Tubbo shrugged and bent down to help Tommy locate the key. His hands fumbled through the plethora of items thrown haphazardly into Tommy’s bag before he felt the dingy piece of metal.

    “Yeah…” Tubbo’s eyebrows pinched with concern as he handed the key to his brother, “He’s just never been around other people before Tommy. And Jack isn’t exactly the most calm person we know.Who knows how he’s going to react?”

    Tommy shrugged nonchalantly and unlocked the gate. The doors swung open with a metallic shriek that made a few of the birds resting on the wall squawk with surprise.

    “What? You think Boo’s gonna go feral?” Tommy asked.

    “What the fuck, of course not,” Tubbo glared earning a laugh from Tommy, “But he’s really nervous. Dad doesn’t even really trust him, and yet he’s going to be stuck in a lesson with him, Techno, and Jack.”

    Tommy shook his head in disbelief and tugged at Tubbo’s sleeve, “Don’t worry so much, he’ll be fine. He’s fought several giants, he can take Jack.”

    Tubbo opened his mouth to disagree but almost immediately loud footsteps came from behind them. He turned his attention back just to see Jack out of breath with his hands on his knees.

    “You’re late fucker,” Tommy laughed as he jokingly threw his key at the man. The metal hit Jack’s head with a loud thump and Tubbo had to hold back his laughter as Jack shouted in protest.

    “You know you’re such an asshole to me right?” Jack glared as he waved the key at Tommy.

    “I’m sorry you’re just so easy to fuck with,” Tommy grinned back and Tubbo just barely stepped out of the way before the key was flung back at his brother. Tommy lunged at Jack, trying to grab his leg, but before he could another voice grabbed their attention.

    “Are you ready or should I wait to let you kill each other first?”

    Tubbo turned back towards the headquarters where Sam was now leaning against the stone wall. The older man had his usual black mask on to cover his tattoos, but even with half his face covered Tubbo could see his anger.

    “Oh Sam,” Tommy stuttered, “Didn’t know you were coming today, thought it was just dad and techno.”

    Sam frowned and shoved his hands into his pockets, “Well I didn’t plan on it. But I’m not letting you go there alone.”

    “What do you mean alone,” Jack squinted, “We always do, what’s the difference.”

    Tubbo’s eyes hardened as Sam glared off into space- the memories of Sam voicing his hatred for the giant in front of the whole guard vivid in his mind. He coughed to try to get the man’s attention, but all he got was a harsh look in return.

    Of course, Sam wanted to go, he hated Ranboo.

    “Well if you don’t mind we’re going to head out now,” Tubbo snapped as he tugged at Tommy’s sleeve. Confusion flashed across his brother's face, but he still followed Tubbo.

    “No I'm going with you,” Sam said sternly, “Your father's orders.”

    This time Tubbo froze. He knew his dad was still distrustful of the giant, but he thought he’d understood how nervous Ranboo was about actually being a trainee. He’d talked it out with him at dinner and thought they’d finally agreed that it would just be him and Techno…

    “That’s a fucking lie,” Tommy argued, “Dad said no one else was coming today.”

    “Well looks like he changed his mind,” Sam shrugged although something dark flashed across his face.

    Tubbo huffed but didn’t argue more. It wasn’t like he could win against Sam anyway, at least not without some more of that tranquilizing shit Wilbur had used on him.

    The four walked in a tense silence through the woods, the only sound being the occasional songs of giant hawks and leaves crunching under their boots. A couple times Jack tried to lighten the mood by hitting Tommy with sticks or tossing rocks at his back, but whenever they started giggling Sam shot them a grave look.

    Luckily, it only took them a few minutes to get to the meeting spot.

    The clearing was fairly small, with a couple logs cleaned up to be used as seats and leaves brushed to the side for a smoother ground. Techno and Phil were already there, both chatting while they polished their knives.

    “Aye boys,” Phil smiled, standing up to greet them, “Was starting to think you weren’t coming.”

    Tubbo sighed and let his dad pull him and Tommy into a hug. The pressure on the left side of his face still felt weird from where he was burned, but it was overshadowed by the warmth of his dad’s hugs. 

    The older man let go with a soft smile and turned to greet Jack too. However, as soon as he looked up he froze. His eyes stayed glued to Sam who was now shifting back and forth on his heels.

    “Sam,” Phil started, “Is something wrong? Why’re you here?”

    Sam frowned and kicked his feet into the dirt. The steel tips of his boots sent chunks of grass flying out of the ground.

    “I couldn’t let you do this alone,” he mumbled.

    Phil sighed and shook his head at the other guard member, “We already told you no one else is coming today Sam. I understand your concerns but it’s all been thought through-”

    “No, but-”

    “Sam,” Techno growled, standing up in front of Phil, “Go.”

    The masked man straightened his back and glared at Techno, but the younger  didn’t back down. After a few seconds of heavy silence, Sam huffed and turned away.

    “Don’t complain to me when this all goes to shit.”

    Techno raised his brows as Sam marched away, but didn’t say anything else. Within seconds they could barely hear the crunch of his boots, leaving them in the clearing.

    “Well,” Phil cleared his throat, “It’s good to see you boys. As you could probably already tell by Sam’s uh…tantrum…this is going to be a little different today.”

    Tubbo sat down on one of the logs and watched as his father nervously tried to explain the situation. It was strange since Jack was really the only one who didn’t know about the “surprise”, but funny nonetheless.

    “Good or bad different?” Jack laughed as he sat down next to Tubbo, one leg thrown on top of the other.

    “Good I hope,” Techno snorted.

    Phil smiled nervously and nodded at his oldest son, “Well um I guess I just say it huh. We have a new member, a new trainee.”

    Tubbo watched Jack's face intently as his dad talked. The other trainee’s expression lit up at the news of a new member, but as soon as a loud thump echoed across the clearing his smile fell. Suddenly, a gigantic shadow fell over the clearing, blocking out the dim moonlight. Even though Tubbo knew it was nothing to be afraid of, the darkness swallowed any sense of makeshift safety they had in the training grounds.

    As the shadow grew, Jack yelped and jumped up in surprise. He whipped out his sword, but when he saw the other’s relatively calm expressions he paused. Phil wrung his hands nervously and Technos hand hovered over his sword, but neither moved.

    “What the actual fuck,” Jack gasped as the shadow looming over them grew even wider.

    With one final thump, something big became clear through the trees. Jack scrambled to escape, but Tubbo was quick to grab onto his sleeve. The man hissed and tried to pull away but before he could Techno’s hand pressed him back down.

    “It’s okay,” Techno reassured, forcing Jack to sit back on the log, “He won’t hurt you.”Tubbo watched in amusement as a giant clawed hand emerged from the trees. Large fingers pushed apart the branches making them creak under his weight until the giant’s face could be seen through the leaves. Tubbo smiled up at his friend and gave him a thumbs up as two giant eyes beamed back at him.

    “What the fuck do you mean he won’t hurt me!” Jack screeched as he tried to squirm his way out of Technos grip, “I don’t want to die, please. I don’t know what I did to deserve this but I’m sorry. I’m fucking sorry.”

    Slowly, Ranboo pushed the rest of his body through the trees until he was completely in view. The giant's long tail wrapped around his leg nervously and for the first time ever Tubbo noted that it wasn’t wagging. In fact, it wasn’t moving at all. It was almost like the appendage was glued to his leg, completely stiff and emotionless.

    Tubbo grimaced as Ranboo’s attention turned to Jack. He could see the exact moment Ranboo noticed just how terrified Jack was, and he hated it. Ranboo’s ears pulled back flat against his head and his lips pulled together into a thin line. Somehow, he pulled his head even farther down so it was squished uncomfortably against his chest. Tubbo hated how small he looked and wanted nothing more than to reassure him that he’d done nothing wrong. He itched to run up to his friend, but he had already agreed to stay “professional” for Ranboo’s sake.

    “This is Ranboo,” Phil explained slowly as he joined Techno in holding Jack down, “He’s our new trainee. He saved the guard and in return, he’s going to be joining us for a while.”

    Jack narrowed his eyes and shook his head frantically, “You’ve got to be kidding me- No fucking way. If this is what you want from me I’m out.”

    Tubbo reached out to reassure Jack, but before he could touch him a loud voice shook the ground.

    “I’m sorry,” Ranboo whispered, “It probably doesn’t mean much from me, but I won’t hurt you.”

    Jack froze and stared up at Ranboo in shock. His hand still had a death grip around his sword.“It can fucking talk? What the hell kind of joke is this,” Jack spat as he slapped everyone away. 

    Before anyone could hold him down again he swung his sword around making everyone back up. His eyes were wild with fear underneath his glasses.

    “Yes,” Phil placated as he held his hands out in front of him, “Now I need you to calm down. I would never willingly put you or my sons in danger. He won’t hurt you.”

    Jack scoffed and tightened his grip around his sword, “Oh yeah I fucking believe that.”

    Jack lunged forward at the group, but Tommy was quicker. Within seconds his blade was knocked out of his hand and he was shoved back down onto the forest floor.

    “Stop being such a bitch,” Tommy growled as he kicked the sword away, “You're fine.”

    Jack gulped and looked around nervously before his eyes settled back on the giant, “I can't fucking believe this. When I said we should get like dogs or some shit to help out this is not what I meant.

    Phil reached down to help Jack back up but the man just waved him off. Meanwhile, the tip of Ranboo’s tail wandered over to wrap around Tubbo’s leg. Tubbo weaved his fingers through the soft fur to comfort the giant, but it didn’t seem to help much. Even when he scratched the section of muscle right under the tip of his tail, where he knew Ranboo liked it, the giant didn’t move or even look at Tubbo. Not even a purr escaped the giant.

    “So…everyone ready for patrol?” Techno restlessly as Jack continued to stare daggers at the giant.

    Tubbo nodded happily and looked back up to the giant. Ranboo’s eyes were still narrowed with fear, but his ears seemed more relaxed, flicking back and forth like usual. For a brief second the giant’s multicolor eyes flickered down to Tubbo, but his expression only softened for a moment before Jack practically screeched.

    Tubbo turned in just enough time to see Jack’s sword be thrown back at him by Tommy. With the scowl on Jack’s face Tubbo was sure he was about to watch him try to kill his brother again.

    “Alright, come on stop that,” Phil pushed his sword between the trainees. Reluctantly, both backed away but not before Tommy stuck out his tongue teasingly.

    “Well...now that that’s over, welcome to your first lesson Ranboo,” Phil smirked, “We’re going on patrol. First tip, be quiet and don’t be caught by anything bad.”

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #friendly giant au #corywrites #g!ranboo #t!tubbo #t!tommy #t!philza #t!techno #t!jack manifold #chapter 1
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    Facing Your Fears


    TW: soft vore

    Notes: it’s the friendly giant Wilbur and Ranboo noms I promised! I’m sorry they’re unedited but I hope you still enjoy :D


    “Ranboo, you home?”

    Wilbur looked into the den where a pulsing fire lit up the walls. The giant’s heavy breaths shook the walls, but he didn’t respond.

    Maybe it was good he was sleeping, Wilbur’s mused, it meant he had a chance to back down.

    “Ranboo!” Wilbur called out again and this time the giant shifted in his sleep, one of his ears peeking up at the noise. Not long after a loud squeak came from somewhere within Ranboo’s arms and a tiny head poked out.

    “Hey Michael,” Wilbur grinned.

    The piglin squeaked again happily and tried to squeeze his way out of his fathers grip, but everytime he moved giant hands pulled him back.

    “What?” The giant grumbled as one green eye blinked open, “Michael? Huh?”

    Ranboo shifted and Wilbur had to resist the urge to flinch away. He had gotten much more comfortable with the giant after months of seeing him but sometimes he couldn’t help the fear that bubbled up in his chest. However he didn’t have much time to think before the squeaking piglin escaped the giants arms and rushed at him.

    “Hey king,” Wilbur chuckled as he scooped the boy into his arms. Immediately the kid squealed and wrapped his arms around his necks, his tiny tusks poked into Wilbur’s shoulder.

    “Oh- Wilbur hi,” Ranboo’s voice immediately softened, “Is anyone else here?”

    Wilbur shot the giant a nervous smile and shrugged, “Uh no, just me. Cant I say hi?”

    “Yeah it’s no problem, but um it’s just unusual. It’s nothing wrong, but why?” Ranboo reassured as he lowered his head in the way he always did around wilbur. He always looked so anxious around him, like he was trying his best to not appear so big.

    Wilbur hummed and nervously pulled at the few strands of hair loose near his forehead. His dad had always told him to stop doing that since he would end up pulling out his hair, but he couldn’t help it.

    “Just wanted to talk to you bout something,” he hummed, placing the piglin back on the ground to run to the giant, “Is that okay?”

    “Yeah of course,” Ranboo nodded, “What is it?”

    The giant’s tail swept across the floor slowly, occasionally curling around one of his legs. Wilbur hated that he only did that around him. He was glad the giant was careful around him, but he didn’t like how skittish he always seemed. Wilbur didn’t like feeling like an intrusion in Ranboo’s den just because he was afraid.

    “I know that you’ve umm…eaten…my brothers before,” Wilbur swallowed uncomfortably. His chest felt unreasonably right even though he’d rehearsed this hours before.

    Immediately Ranboo tensed up. The giant’s pupils narrowed and his mouth slammed shut.

    “Wait Wilbur I can explain-”

    “Do it to me,” Wilbur whispered.

    It was barely louder than Michael’s squeals but it made the giant freeze, his mouth still open.


    “You fucking heard me,” Wilbur flushed and shoved his hands into his pockets, “I want you to do that to me.”

    “But you-” Ranboo shook his head and reached out to pick up Wilbur, “Why would you want that? Not to be rude, but you’re still afraid of me. It’s very obvious.”

    Wilbur nodded and slowly stepped into the giants palm. He gasped as the hand slowly pulled him up, but he did his best to not move.

    “I know that’s why I want you to,” Wilbur carefully stood up so he was face to face with the giant. His breath caught in his throat as two enormous eyes stared at him.

    “But Wil-” Ranboo frowned, trying not to open his mouth enough to show his teeth.

    “It’s safe isn’t it?” Wilbur asked sternly, “It must be if Tubbo and Tommy are fine yeah?”

    “Well yeah it’s- it’s safe,” Ranboo squinted, “But I’m not going to- Wilbur you flinched when I picked you up. I’m not going to swallow you.”

    Wilbur glared and searched his brain for any way to get what he wanted. A couple stray thoughts told him that Ranboo was probably right. He was terrified, and being swallowed wouldn’t help. But Wilbur was determined, he wanted to beat his own fearsz

    “You don’t have to. If you really don’t want to,” Wilbur frowned, finally look Ranboo directly in the eye, “But I want you to do it.”

    Ranboo took a deep breath before nodding at the human. The movement shook Wilbur a little bit, but before he could fall giant fingers caught him.

    “Fine, but if you want me to stop you have to tell me,” Ranboo muttered, “I won’t do anything you don’t want.”

    Wilbur smiled and nodded enthusiastically at the giant. It didn’t stop the dread settling in his chest, but it helped him feel a bit safer. He knew Ranboo wouldn’t hurt him. If he wanted to he would have months ago.

    “Are you ready?” Ranboo whispered.

    Wilbur nodded and before he could steady himself Ranboo’s fingers wrapped around his chest. He snapped his eyes shut as he was moved, and after a few seconds he was still again.

    “Still good?” Ranboo hummed, and this time Wilbur could feel the warmth of his breath.

    Wilbur slowly opened his eyes and was met by Ranboo’s mouth directly in front of him. He tried to speak but he could barely make a sound so he settled for a nod.

    “Okay I’m going to be slow,” Ranboo reassured him as he bumped his nose against Wilbur’s chest, “Tell me to stop if you want me to.”

    Wilbur nodded quicker this time, ready to get it over with. Cautiously, Ranboo’s mouth gaped open and Wilbur had to refrain from flinching away from his massive teeth. The warmth from his mouth was almost overwhelming due to how close it was.

    Wilbur watched with wide eyes as he was brought closer and closer to his friends maw until he was only a foot away. If he wanted he could reach out and touch the giant’s massive fangs.

    Ranboo’s finger prodded his back comfortingly before Wilbur was being maneuvered over the giant’s massive tongue. Instinctively, he tried to pull away from his friend’s mouth, terrible memories flashing through his mind.

    “Are you okay?” Ranboo asked, “I can stop now.”

    Wilbur shook his head and tried to steady himself. He took a deep breath, letting it fill up his lungs all the way before exhaling. He imagined that all his nerves exited with his breath just like Techno had told him to when they were younger, but it didn’t help too much.

    After a few more seconds Wilbur nodded uncertainly, “Go on,”

    Ranboo hummed and moved wilbur closer until he was hovering over the giants tongue, the roof of his mouth dripping with wet saliva.

    The muscle beneath him was almost quadruple Wilbur’s own height. Not only that, but the change in temperature was almost overwhelming inside the giants mouth. Even though his jaws were still wide open the heat from his tongue washed over him like a sauna.

    Wilbur yelped as he was suddenly dropped down onto the wet muscle. Almost immediately, the giant’s tongue rubbed against him questioningly. He dug his nails into his palms to stop himself from screaming and patted the giant’s tongue in reassurance.

    However as soon as the giant moved again wilbur felt his body shudder with panic. His breathing quickened in fear as giant teeth closed behind him, shrouding him in darkness. All he could sense was Ranboo’s mouth all around him with its wet sticky heat and sharp predatory teeth.

    He was going to die, his mind screamed, He was going to be torn apart.

    It was only when he felt the giant purr again that he calmed down. He wasn’t being killed- the teeth weren’t tearing into him and Ranboo was completely still. Even the tongue under him was frozen except for when it occasionally pushing him upwards so that the giant could swallow his spit.

    “You can go,” Wilbur joked nervously, “You can go now I’m fine.”

    Ranboo hummed around him, and Wilbur swore his whole body shook. It was so much different than when the giant purred while just holding him. It was like the vibrations were going straight through his blood.

    Slowly he felt the tongue under him shift him backwards. The wet muscle gently nudged him until he was right next to the giants throat. Ranboo hummed again and this time wilbur patted the tongue in approval.

    He could do this. He could do this, he repeated over and over in his head.

    Ranboo purred again and this time when he went to swallow he let Wilbur’s legs reach his throat. The muscles tugged against him and all of a sudden he was being pulled down. The even warmer muscles of his throat almost felt like a hug and as much as Wilbur was terrified he felt strangely calm.

    For a second he stopped, only halfway stuck in the giants throat until he swallowed again. This time he was tugged into complete darkness as soft muscles pushed and pulled against him.

    It was a strange feeling but not entirely bad.

    “Still okay?” Ranboo’s voice boomed around him.

    Wilbur struggled against the giants throat to free his hands before rubbing against the muscles. He still couldn’t catch his breath well enough to talk, but he hoped the touch would be enough.

    A rumbling purr shook through Wilbur’s body while he was pulled even farther past the giants heart. If he focused he could also just barely feel the pressure of fingertips pressed against his body from the outside.

    Only a few seconds later Wilbur felt the muscles around him open up before he was dropped down into a smaller space. It was warm and dark but not as wet as the giants mouth. If anything it felt almost like a pile of soft blankets.

    “How are you?” Ranboo’s voice boomed all around him, “Are you okay? I can let you out if you need me to.”

    Wilbur inhaled sharply at the reminder of where he was, but he found he wasn’t nervous anymore. Even knowing he was inside a giant- that he had been eaten- he felt calm.

    “I’m okay,” Wilbur sighed and for the first time he really meant it, “It’s kinda nice honestly.”

    Ranboo purred around him again and the muscles underneath Wilbur vibrates against his body. It felt so nice wilbur couldn’t help but lean into it.

    “Oh- well I’m glad,” Ranboo mumbled, “Just let me know when you want out okay?”

    “Yeah of course.”

    Wilbur exhaled and leaned all his weight into the plush muscles underneath him. He felt himself sink down a bit, and after a few seconds the cavern shrunk around him. The warmth almost reminded him of when he was little and would make blanket forts with his mom. They’d pile up tons of blankets, so he could burrow his way inside of them.

    He could see now why his brothers sought this out so often. Yawning, he stretched his arms out above him and curled up on his side to fall asleep. Meanwhile, Ranboo laid back on the den floor, a hand resting carefully over the human in his chest.

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    12.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Exterminator Wilbur AU


    TW mentions of vore

    Notes: this is the start of my first noms only au! Feel free to send asks :]

    Wilbur hadn’t even intended to hunt down the tiny when he finally caught it.

    The fumbling thing shook between his fingers and tried to claw at his skin but their was little it could do to escape. Everytime it struggled his fingers wrapped tighter around its little chest. He loved how perfectly the thing fit between his fingers and how he could make the tiny squirm every time he squeezed. Honestly, Wilbur found it rather humorous how even in the worst situations tinies had so much fight in them.

    Wilbur had known the tiny had been living in his apartment for month’s, and as an exterminator he made it his little game to catch this tiny. However, he never expected it to take so long.

    The tiny was exceptionally clever for one of his kind, and most of Wilbur’s traps were left broken or empty. Everyday when he came home after catching tons of tinies for work he’d put out a new trap for the pest. It usually never worked, but Wilbur treated it as a test of his skills.

    He loved the game between them. He loved the challenge the tiny presented, and he knew it would make him taste even better when he finally was caught. No matter what wilbur tried the tiny was just one step ahead…

    Until that night.

    Wilbur had come home early from work and found the tiny rummaging through his cabinets, and before it could escape he snatched it up in his fists. The tiny screamed and tried to bite him, but Wilbur didn’t care. He was so excited to finally have his snack that he barely noticed the pinpricks of blood.

    “Hmm honestly thought you’d be smarter,” Wilbur laughed as he rolled the squirming tiny between his fingers, “Cant believe after all this you were caught so easily.”

    The tiny screamed louder and desperately tried to push away Wilburs fingers. The creatures sharp nails dug into Wilbur’s skin but he wouldn’t let go. He’d done this hundreds of times before, and this was no different. If anything it would be better.

    He jerked his hand up to his face and relished in the shriek he earned from the tiny. The pest was much smaller than the others he’d seen before, and with his boney chest and shrunken face he almost looked like a child. Joyfully he squeezed his hand tighter around the tiny’s chest, but instead of of more fighting the creature broke. The feeing of wet tears rolling over his fingers was enough to make Wilbur pause.

    Most of the ones he caught were practically feral- shrieking and scratching until the very end. They were barely human at best and pests as worst.

    But this one was crying.

    The more he stared at it the more he saw a human child with its scrunched up face and soft sniffles. He tried to shake the image out of his head but it just grew with every shaking sob from the tiny’s. In all his years he’d never seen a tiny cry.

    He squeezed the tiny’s body again to try to get him to fight back, but the thing just went limp. Tears streamed down its face in a way that made guilt pool up in Wilbur’s gut.

    “Come on no fight left in you?” Wilbur laughed, trying to shove away the awful feeling in his chest.

    The tiny whimpered and pitifully squeezed his eyes shut. His body shook like a leaf in Wilbur’s hands, and for a second he almost forgot what he was doing and loosened his grip.

    “Please no.”

    At the voice barely louder than his own air con Wilbur froze. His eyes dug holes into the tiny’s face, sure that he had misheard, but after a few seconds another weak plea left its mouth. The tiny had talked.

    He didn’t know they could talk.

    For years he’d spent hours exterminating tinies yet he’d never known they could talk. He’d never known they were capable of actual thoughts. Bile rose up his throat when the tiny sobbed again. Quickly, he shoved the tiny back down onto his counter.

    The pest- boy?- looked stunned. Tears still stained his face red, and his breaths were far too fast. He stared up at wilbur with wide terrified eyes, but he didn’t move. He didn’t try to flea or try to fight back- he just sat there.

    Wilbur was going to be sick.

    The memories of all the tinies hed trapped flooded his mind like a tsunami. He couldn’t kill the boy; even though he’d spent months trying to catch him he couldn’t even bring himself move.

    With a shuddering breath wilbur moved to grab a jar off the counter. The tiny flinched away at the movement, but he still didn’t try to escape. Quickly wilbur dumped out to the contents of the jar before placing it over the boy. The tiny started to panic again as he sealed the jar, but Wilbur just tried to ignore it.

    He could still hear muffled sobs through the glass, but his guilt had started to subside. He didn’t know what he’d do with the tiny, he couldn’t really let it go, but that was a problem for later. At the moment he needed to sleep, to forget about the countless tinies he’d slaughtered for his job and to ignore the tiny child currently crying in his kitchen.

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  • corabbit
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  • corysmiles
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    A little friendly giant hurt/comfort drabble as a treat :]

    Ranboo couldn’t help the tears running down his cheeks. All around him birds chirped and sang happily while small pillbees fluttered from flower to flower. Their delicate tiny bodies looked so beautiful under the soft sunlight, and for once he couldn’t blame Tubbo for finding so much comfort in them.

    But that was the problem.

    Slowly his eyes drifted back to the water where his grim reflection stared back at him. How could Tubbo ever find comfort in him?

    Even just looking at his blurred reflection on the water made him feel ill. The horns protruding from the top of his skull seemed too menacing and his sharp teeth looked far too pronounced….He looked like a monster.

    If he came across himself he was sure he’d be terrified, yet he still latched onto such delicate peaceful beings. The human’s he loved were nothing like him. While they were soft and kind and he was sharp and grotesque. While they had eyes that made his heart swell with love, he had ones that belonged to a predator.

    He couldn’t even imagine how terrifying he must actually look to his friends- they had the misfortune of seeing him through their own eyes.

    Ranboo snapped out of his thoughts as a few tree branches snapped behind him. His tail flicked out in fear, afraid of whatever monster decided to pick a fight with him, until his eyes fell on the familiar sight of his beloved.

    He just couldn’t help but purr at the sight…yet another reminder that he was a monster.

    “Boo what’s up?” Tubbo frowned as he made his way over to where Ranboo sat, “You’re usually back in the den by now, Michael was looking for you.”

    “It’s uh,” Ranboo shrugged, trying to non-discreetly wipe the tears off of his fur, “Just a bad fishing day. Haven’t caught anything yet.”

    Immediately he cringed in regret. He knew Tubbo wouldn’t believe him a nod the concerned look on the human’s face just confirmed it.

    He hated seeing Tubbo upset…

    “Well,” Tubbo hummed, gently resting his body against one of Ranboo’s knuckles, “You usually have to actually hold the fishing rod to catch anything. What’s wrong boo?”

    At the feeling of Tubbo’s minuscule weight against his hand he finally felt the damn break. He hated how tiny Tubbo looked next to him. He hated how gigantic and scary his hands were compared to his beloved. He hated how if he wanted he could tear him to pieces with no effort at all. He hated being a monster.

    “Just- I don’t know,” Ranboo whimpered, “I wish I wasn’t like this.”

    Tubbo tensed up and shot a look up at the giant, “What do you mean Boo?”

    Slowly Tubbo pulled his way up into Ranboo’s palm using the fur growing all over his hands. Usually the giant found his touch reassuring, but now, when all he wanted was to feel normal, he hated it.

    “I don’t want to be a monster anymore,” Ranboo finally broke.


    Ranboo whimpered and tried his tears away so they wouldnt fall on the human.

    “I just hate it, I hate it so much,” he winced, “I know I’m terrifying and you deserve so much better and I don’t want you to feel like you’re stuck with something like me-”

    “Ranboo,” Tubbo interrupted sternly.

    The giant whimpered at the harsh tone and brought Tubbo closer to his face. From there he could clearly see the concern etched into Tubbo’s features.

    “Boo you’re not forcing me to do anything,” he frowned, “And really if you scared me why would I have came back? If I must remind you that was my choice. I don’t give a shit what you look like.”

    Ranboo sniffled and gave a small nod to the human. His tail curled up anxiously around his legs like a blanket but it did little to comfort him. He just wished Tubbo would go away, he didn’t need a monster.

    “Hey, none of that shit Boo,” Tubbo snapped, “You’re thinking too much. I don’t care if you dont believe it, but I am not afraid of you. I think you’re amazing, and you’re my best friend.”

    “I love you so much you dumb giant.”

    Ranboo frowned and wiped away his tears to better see the human. He searched for any lies, but Tubbo seemed sincere- the determination even clear from his posture. It was one of the many things he loved about Tubbo, his strength even with being so small.

    “I love you too Tubbo,” he whispered, pressing the tip of his nose against the human’s chest, “Thank you…”

    “Of course big man,” the human’s hands gently stroked his fur, “Now lets get home,yeah?”

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  • corabbit
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    New AU??

    Hmmmmm au where tinies are seen as pests (or snacks) and Wilbur works as someone who hunts them down.

    However, even though he says he’s the best at getting rid of them, there’s one in his own house that he can never catch (cough cough Tommy)

    But when he does finally catch the tiny, he’s more than a little surprised that’s it’s an actual child… He’d never seen a young tiny before and he’d been so used to viewing them as rodents that seeing one act so human is strange to say the least

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    Friendly Giant Noms


    cw: VORE, mild blood (not really mentioned)

    Notes: I FINALLY DID IT! Have the first noms between Ranboo and Tubbo in the friendly giant au. It’s hurt/comfort but with way more comfort than hurt. I hope you like it! :D


    Visits while Ranboo was hibernating weren’t unusual.

    Tubbo and his brothers visited him every couple of days to check on him, and sometimes even Phil or Techno came to see if he was healthy. It was hard to stay awake for more than an hour, but his heightened instincts were always pleased to see his humans. Even if it was hard to let them leave, the visits were nice.

    However, waking up to soft sniffles and a wet patch on his fur was unusual.

    “Tubbo?” he yawned, as one of his eyes cracked open. The familiar scent of his best friend flooded his nose, jolting him awake.

    The only response he got was Tubbo burying his face further into Ranboo’s arm. If he wasn’t so worried the giant would have cooed at how adorably small he looked covered in his fur.

    “Hey Tubbo,” Ranboo whispered, his tail softly pushing against the human’s back, “It’s okay. You’re okay.”

    Carefully he reached over a clawed finger to lift up Tubbo’s head. The human fought it for a second before giving in, relaxing into Ranboo’s touch. Even after so long it never failed to impress Ranboo just how comfortable Tubbo was with him.

    “I fucked up,” Tubbo groaned as he leaned his head against Ranboo’s fingertip, “Fuck I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up for this.”

    A sad chirp escaped Ranboo’s throat as he carefully scooped Tubbo into his hand. The feeling of tiny hands grabbing onto his palm made his instincts flare up…And even though he tried to restrain his purring for Tubbo’s sake, he could see how each purr shook the human’s body.

    “No it’s okay,” Ranboo hummed, “What happened Bee?”

    Tubbo scowled and roughly wiped his tears off with his sleeve before pressing his face into Ranboo’s thumb. The action brought the giants attention to something that made his heart freeze.

    Just barely poking out from behind Tubbo’s coat was a whole sleeve of bandages. The white fabric was already tinted maroon with blood; the sight made the giant’s hair stand up on end.

    “Your arm,” he frowned dangerously, “What happened? Who did that?”

    Tubbo sniffled and patted the giant’s palm, “No one Boo. I just messed up around some lion wolves- wasn’t paying attention.”

    The image of Tubbo being attacked while he slept peacefully made Ranboo want to scream. He loved his family but sometimes he wished they would just stay, if they would hibernate with him they’d be safe. He could protect them.

    Ranboo didn’t even notice the low growl rumbling out of his chest until Tubbo patted his palm again.

    “It’s okay Boo really,” he frowned, “I’m not even that hurt…Techno got it worse. He pushed me out of the way because I was too stupid to see them.”

    “But you’re bleeding,” Ranboo whined.

    Carefully he brought his hand up to his face so he could see the human better. Tear tracks stained his cheeks and small red scratch marks littered his skin. The sight of his human hurt made his heart ache.

    Ranboo barely registered as his instincts flared up in his mind, making everything feel foggy. The only thing he could focus on one was Tubbo. Tubbo who was hurt- Tubbo who had came to the den crying and injured.

    Tubbo who needed to be cleaned.

    This time when his instincts urged him to take care of his human he didn’t resist. He was too tired to fight it anyway.

    “Boo,” Tubbo laughed, breaking Ranboo out of his thoughts, “Stop- gross.”

    Ranboo simply purred in response, nuzzling his nose into the side of Tubbo’s cheek. The human tried to push him away but he couldn’t stop him before the giant’s tongue dipped down to lick away at the bandages.

    The metallic taste of blood flooded Ranboo’s mouth making him feel sick, but Tubbo’s laughter convinced him to continue. Slowly his fingers wrapped around the human, pinning him to his palm as he licked him up and down.

    After only a few minutes the boys hair and clothes were sticky with saliva, but Ranboo’s instincts pushed him onwards. With his other hand he carefully maneuvered Tubbo so he could get around his arms and legs with his tongue earning even more choked laughter from the human.

    “Gross Boo,” he wheezed half heartedly, batting away at the tongue with his hands.

    Ranboo chirped happily in response, “Mine. Gonna keep you safe ‘Bo.”

    The giant purred loudly before pressing the flat of his tongue against Tubbo’s back. The wet saliva stuck to his coat, and that time when Ranboo pulled his tongue back into his mouth the human went with it.

    His instinct-fogged mind didn’t even realize what had happened until he noticed his hand was empty. He looked around for a moment until he felt something warm press against the inside of his mouth.

    Immediately he felt his whole body freeze.

    He should let him out. He couldn’t clean Tubbo if he was in his mouth.

    Yet a deeper part of him, the side of his instincts that screamed to protect Tubbo, wanted to keep him there. If he had been with Ranboo earlier nothing would have hurt him. He would have been safe.

    And he would be safe inside of him.

    “Ranboo?” a muffled voice called out from his tongue.

    The giant shook his head trying to brush away the protective thoughts to no avail. His instincts wanted it. And he’d already been awake for so long, it would be nice to have Tubbo safe and close while he slept.

    He barely had the mind to whisper out the word “safe” before he swallowed, his muscles dragging the human down into his throat.

    Ranboo whined as he felt Tubbo push against his throat in discomfort.

    “Safe. Safe,” he reassured.

    When after a few seconds Tubbo’s fight seemed to die down he purred contently. It only took a few more swallows before he felt the human’s weight disappear from his throat.

    It was strange how nice it felt to have his friend inside of him. His clawed hand sleepily shifted down to his chest where he could just barely feel Tubbo’s warm body nestled above his stomach. He didn’t know what it was Tubbo was in exactly, but it wasn’t his stomach. His instincts reassured him of that.

    “You okay?” he murmured sleepily as he traced circles around where he felt Tubbo’s body.

    For a second he felt nothing until something dizzyingly soft moved inside of him. He couldn’t contain his purring as Tubbo’s hands rubbed against his muscle.

    The soft feeling made the urge to protect the small boy tucked away inside of him even stronger.

    “Love you Bo,” he whispered.

    With a loud yawn he curled himself into a ball with his hands pressed against his stomach. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Michael still curled up, asleep in Henry’s soft fur.

    The sight of his son combined with the warm feeling of Tubbo inside of him pulled him to sleep.


    When Ranboo woke up again it was still nighttime. At first he thought someone must have came to visit, he never woke up during hibernation unless someone else was there. However, no one else was present in the den.

    He was ready to go back to sleep before he get a warm pressure right under his chest. Immediately the memories from the night before flew through his mind like a lightning bolt.


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