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    22.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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    07.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I wanted to sketch out references for my Izuku/Tenko Swap AU, and I figured it’s been a while sense I did a traditional sketch over. So might as well, yeah?

    Info under the cut cause this might get rambly.

    In this AU, Tenko Shimura was registered as a missing persons, and eventually found and later adopted by All Might. Toshinori then went into an early semi-retirement. He still did hero work, but rarely, to focus more on raising Tenko.

    Izuku, meanwhile, was scouted and evenutally kidnapped by AFO after his first real fight with his childhood friend, Katsuki. A quirkless successor comes with many advantages, as AFO gives and takes quirks as he sees fit. AFO names Izuku Tomura Shigaraki in this AU, just like he did for Tenko in canon.

    Izuku still sees himself as the hero of this story. His morals fall a lot in line of that of Stain, where he believes most heroes are corrupt, using their power and fame against the weak, rather than to protect him. This mentality was nurtured by AFO, using Katsuki Bakugo as a main driving force. In Izuku’s eyes, Bakugo stole his chance to be a hero.

    He’s obsessed with destroying UA, his dream school, to stop new false heroes like Bakugo from getting out into the world. He also still admires All Might, seeing him as the only true hero. As such, he mimics him, and always makes sure to have a smile on his face.

    Tenko was raised by Toshinori to eventually take over OFA. With no major injury making him feel rushed, Toshi takes his time training Tenko, getting him use to his own quirk. At 21, Tenko still doesn’t have OFA, and Toshinori is still doing hero work.

    Actually, Tenko doesn’t like being a hero. It was his dream as a kid, sure, but being raised by the world’s symbol of peace came with a lot of pressure, and it didn’t help that All Might constantly compared him to Nana as well.

    He hates being recognized as the son of All Might, and only does Hero work as a Part-timer, using his skills only when someone calls him to help. He’s in collage, and is currently a student teacher at AU.

    The story will clearly be a lot different than canon. One of my favorite changes is how I think Izuku would agree with and get along with Stain, adding him officially to the League of Villains. He’d also launch an attack on UA much sooner then Tenko did, as he’d want to ruin Bakugo’s entrance ceremony.

    I also just think Tenko being a UA teacher instead of All Might would be fun. He’s another teacher who’s quirk seems very villainous, but he’s trained with it so long he can use it in many ways to prevent harm. He probably isn’t the warmest teacher, or most encouraging. He’s very quiet and shy.

    #Emile's Arts #My Hero Academia #BNHA#Tomura Shigaraki#Villain Deku#Swap AU #Also fun in this AU I get to diagnose all of Tenko's allergies #He's allergic to Dogs Cats Eggs Fish Dairy Pollen Grass Wool and Cotton #Because of this (and the loss of Nana) Toshinori is extremely over protective of Tenko #Probably why he's taking so long to trust Tenko with OFA #Meanwhile Izuku's 14 and could swap quirks instantly if need be #So he's pretty well prepared to take AFO when necessary #This is mostly a I want Izuku Midoriya to be unhinged like Tomura but with his personality still intack AU #Like Midoriya still keeps notes of every hero and their quirks and fights and such #While Tenko is still heavily traumatized and quietly hates the world #Sorry for the kinfa rambly notes I just can't stop thinking about this #Feel free to send some asks about it if you'd like
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    07.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • randompokemonfacts
    07.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Random Fact of the Day

    Daily Pokémon that was randomly selected: Cottonee!

    Did you know that when attacked, Cottonee escapes by shooting cotton from its body? The cotton serves as a decoy to distract the attacker, and they go wherever the wind takes them. Perhaps because they feel more at ease in a group, they stick to others they find!

    #cottonee #cotton puff pokemon #grass pokemon#fairy pokemon#grass/fairy pokemon #gen 5 pokemon #pokemon#pokemon facts #random pokemon facts #daily pokemon facts #pokemon research#professor dexter
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    06.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
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    05.06.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #lol i'm sorry i never wrote for him before #but this omggg #we all gotta touch some grass #connie springer #dancing with connie but make it dembow #minors dni#cherry thirsts #you got mail brat #cotton-yuji
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    10.05.2021 - 2 monts ago


    #that was actually. crazy #mud grass mushishi #and the cotton changeling have to have been among the creepiest #messed up mushishi eps #mushishi#ginko mushishi#mushishi memes #tw: body horror #tw: drowning#tw: murder#body horror
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    26.04.2021 - 3 monts ago


    #i have very sudden and intense longing for my hometown's annual fair #i wanna go on the Spaceship ride where i stick to the wall (that was always my favorite)...... #i wanna go on the shitty pirate 'haunted house' coaster...... #i wanna sit in the grass and eat corn dogs and cotton candy and snow cones and just listen to the sounds of the fair..... #i wanna run around with my friends and dare each other to go on the scary rides but we all go together anyways so we're all scared...... #i miss getting violently thrown around in the scrambler cuz i was too skinny to fit the seatbelts properly but i loved it.... #i miss splitting off to play games and winning plushies and then trading them when we regroup..... #i miss eating elephant ears while i wait for my siblings to get off the ferris wheel...... #i miss leaving covered in bruises and grass stains and dirt and sweat and being so happy but so exhausted and passing out in the car...... #i wan na go to a phucking carnival so fu cking bad......
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  • valentinesparda
    06.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    oh for god's sake i just had a gay thought

    #relegating this to the tags. ahem. #sometime during or around s5ish or just. a Time into their marriage thomas ends up going off to do something #idk it could be he worked in his office or was out of the house all day but he comes back to the house and finds aubrey painting again #sleeves on their cotton shirt buttoned up. hands and face and clothes covered in paints. bear asleep in the room too #and thomas walks up to see what theyre doing. theyre painting the yard outside bc the weather has been too unpredictable #aubrey hasnt picked up a brush in MONTHs for various reasons and thomas finds it endearing that theyre trying again #hands on their hips frustrated but content with being able to try again. #thomas snakes an arm around their waist and plants a kiss to their temple and even though they groan at him he smiles into their hair #he promises them that when the weather clears up he'll take them back out to the fields and help them set up their easel #and they can just sit out there undisturbed together while he watches them sit in the grass and paint flowers #val.txt #otp: am i awake
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    31.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Hare's tail cotton grass

    Photo by Bryan (31/03/21)

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    09.12.2020 - 7 monts ago

    Cotton Grass. The flower and the bee. 1918.

    Internet Archive

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    01.11.2020 - 9 monts ago

    oh my gosh i have been waiting d a y s to do my regular morning routine and now that it's here nothing can stop me

    #walk walk it's time for a walk! #and then tea! #and then figuring out how submissions work! #and then drawing bc it's also sunday!! wait is it #YES it is!!! #all the snow is gone grass is nice and green still. on my muddy walk the other day i found a flower?! #a bright yellow dandelion. and a WHOLE lotta downy woodpeckers. like fifty geese who i startled into flight (whoops) #and two fires?? two... bon fires... unattended.. in the middle of the woods/marshland... no footprints in the mud just #atv tire tracks. #and then some dogs started howling and there was a gunshot which was my cue to vamoose <3 #like. PRETTY SURE that's not private property back there. there are no signs and it's attatched to the public park #and also the graffiti--well?? nah that doesn't mean anything. #the last time i went back there was with friends one november during a coldsnap. the mud of the riverbank froze over so we walked #there instead of on the trail for a good couple of miles. ended up lost in the woods somehow?? had to cross an icy stream #on a fallen tree. like. had to climb up the roots and balance across and i SLIPPED bc of course i did and my tall friend caught me by the #waistband of my pants. hoisted me up and practically dragged me across.. #the water wasn't deep but the river is dirty and u don't wanna get scraped up by that ice. also cold wet cotton-clad feet is a no-no #when you're a good thirty minutes out from any sort of civilization--if not longer. #teens. yeesh. have some sense of safety. like even a little. #but anyway i found that little stream on my walk. weird... to see it again. alone. ok u know what actually adult me u too #have some sense of safety. don't go out that far alone... #double yeesh. #that said--im going to the river again! just not over there.
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  • lethotep
    19.10.2020 - 9 monts ago

    When you start avoiding anything made of plastic, you really do start to realise how much labels lie.

    Like, as an example, I saw a straw hat for sale. I went up to take a look at it because I need a lighter wide-brimmed hat than my leather one (which gets kinda hot in summer), first thing I notice is that it’s got nylon running all through it for structural support. I flip it over and then see a sweat liner made from really obvious polyester.

    I then look at the materials tag in the hat.

    it said: “100% grass hat”

    And this is why I don’t trust anything.

    #word space #the manufacturer presumably: the grass is 100% grass so we aren't lying #the amount of clothing that will claim it's cotton or linen #when it's a poly blend or just straight up polyester is staggering #and so many things just straight up don't tell you what they're made of #i don't know if that's just in nz #but if i go onto like a nz online store they almost never tell you what the materials are #unless the material is a selling point #and even then you'll buy the thing that claims to be 100% made from biodegradable materials #and then you get it and it ends up like the example with the hat #filled with plastic but *containing* a natural material
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