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    Volviiiiiii XD si me tome un descanso y vine con un dibujo de 🇷🇺x🇵🇪 espero que les guste uwu

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  • Requested by a fellow follower on wattpad-

    It’s set in some sort of fantasy world and ye -w-
    I’m proud of how it turned out



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    [🇩🇪] Tú solo pon “Ábranse perras” de Gloria Trevi, déjame sin Internet y te dibujo a un Alemán 🤠✨💖(no tenía Internet ayer 🥺)

    Estoy practicando a los country para el cómic (estoy emocionada srry)🥰💕


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  • Asi que necesito amigos de 

    Toda LatinoAmerica  XD

    Ayuditas? uwu

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  • A short story; featuring Countryhumans Egypt

    Word count: 1474

             “Down here!” 

    The excited patter of feet on stone echoed through the forgotten tunnels. Archeologists, originally scattered throughout the maze of catacombs, now conglomerated in one spot as a group of muscled men pushed against a well fitted stone. 

             “Wait!” a little shrimp of a man ordered, trudging over with his two sizes too big boots and oval glasses sliding down his pointed nose, “Wait, wait wait- there are writings along this wall. If you remove the stone from its place you will destroy them!” 

             “They look like every other glyph on that wall,” A stocky man with a bright red beard huffed, “Just take a picture, you can decipher it later.”

    The group started to push the boulder again, but the little man pushed at them, albeit a vain attempt if it wasn’t for the intelligence of the second man trying to move the heavy weight.

             “Professor,” the group halted again, “Our orders aren’t to scrutinize everything. It’s to get as low as we can through the palace catacombs. By the slant in this floor it’s clear this boulder was rolled to conceal a passage. We’re just doing our job.”

             “Well let me do mine!” the shrimpy, pointy nosed man huffed, a rather high pitched sound, “Egypt himself sent me ahead, and I plan to give him a full report of what’s found, down to the most minute detail,” He smashed his thumb and forefinger for emphasis, “Now either you let me do my job, or I get you all fired!”

             “Ever the grumpy one, aren’t you Jayden.”

         All turned to find the country’s embodiment leaning against a darkly lit wall, yawning as he pushed himself up. He brushed off his well tailored suit, slipping a loose hair back into its place with the gelled mass that always wanted to escape back into its natural curl. He nodded to the men before him.

             “Those hieroglyphs aren’t the only things that would have been destroyed if you’d have continued,” reaching up, he scratched a fingernail against the ceiling above, rock streaming down as if it were sand, “That boulder is the support for this entire ceiling, like a wall in a house. My father was a genius in building structures such as this. Remove that, and you’d have been crushed.”

    The group of heavy lifters moved away from the boulder, looking at each other in a silent agreement that they had better be more careful. 

             “Truly amazing,” Professor Jayden marveled, running a finger under the hieroglyphs, “Egypt, this may be the tunnel system your father told you about!” He jumped on the balls of his feet as he looked across the walls, identifying markings and structures that could potentially lead them through the maze, “I’m reading the hieroglyphics, and-and they all explain an aspect of a goddess. Just, over and over - goddess of treasures, goddess of light, there’s one by the twenty-second column that says ‘goddess by-”

             “My side…” Egypt nodded, looking around, “Yes, I saw it. But it could mean anything.”

             “You act like you’ve given up finding your father’s most prized possession,” the professor huffed, “So much was lost of your father through the years. We can’t lose hope on anything if we’re coming so close now!”

    Egypt sighed before nodded, helping in the search for more clues, something that could direct them further into the maze of corridors and treacherous traps. They had already lost three men to hidden dangers set eons ago.

         It was several long and grueling hours later when the archeological crew decided to leave things be for the day. The humans believed they were getting nowhere, aside from the Professor, who insisted they go on as he looked over another set of hieroglyphs. The heavy lifters, tired and frankly agitated at the rat-like man, threw him only profanities as they stomped off, knowing the way by now after bathroom breaks and having to constantly find new supplies above ground. Professor Jayden huffed as he continued to read and decipher, mumbling a few profanities of his own. Meanwhile Egypt inspected something of his own. 

         A portrait, carved deeply into the stone, was far too peculiar, even for Ancient Egypt’s standards of gods with animal heads. No, this was a woman, shrouded in light linen that hid all of her skin from anyone’s eye. She stood before Ancient Egypt, who seemed to scrutinize her. Egypt thought he knew what the carving was, but the manner of the woman was far from what he remembered.

             “Professor…” he started, his attention remaining on the delicate details of the woman, “What do you make of this?”

    The pocket professor looked over briefly before waving a hand in dismissal.

             “Either a slave inspection, an offering to one of his gods or a concubine.”

             “But she is completely covered,” the Country noted, “not an inch of skin shows. That was not exactly commonplace, even amongst the Jews in that day.”

             “Oh I doubt that,” the other huffed, forgetting his place for a moment as the student, being a teacher for so long now after graduating under Egypt’s tutorage, “Her face can’t be- well hello…” he inspected the carving, Egypt having to quickly step back before his toes were mauled, “You’re right- most peculiar… If it was a slave there wouldn’t be much covered… an offering would be much younger. And a-”

             “A concubine would flaunt her beauty to earn his attention,” Egypt gently touched the carving, frowning as the lightly painted white began to rub off on his fingers. He scratched at again as curiosity took hold, knowing any carving meant to last wouldn’t just rub off so easily. “Jayden get me a small brush-”

         The tool was soon in his hand, and Egypt took to brushing away what he realized was more of a chalk then a solid ore. The red, white and black colored man smiled widely as he began to dig with his fingernail where an impression was filled in. 

             “My name- Jayden it’s my name!” he exclaimed, and continued to dust until a thin piece of rock fell away. 

         The two stared at it a moment before looking at each other. Nodding in unison both began to tear away the thin wall, light encroaching on the room hidden from them as the hole turned into an archway. Taking a lantern, Egypt stepped in, paying no mind to the warnings that played through his mind, ever so carefully taught by his father. His curious eyes softened at the sight before him.

         Taking another lantern to place on the opposite wall, a woman laid on a stone slab, carefully etched into with watery designs of the Nile. She glittered gold, every detail of her body having been painted over by the heavy and valuable substance. The clothes she wore, untouched for years, still held their white color, perhaps mildly tanned by the dust and dirt. Egypt ran a hand down her smooth, cold arm, his attention crossing her face. So intricately painted was she, that each eyelash could be counted, and the creases in her lips felt. In her golden fingers lay woven a beaded white Lotus flower, never to wilt or fade. Her hair, braided to lay over her chest and reaching down to her stomach, not only was beautifully painted gold, but held beads, blue and green, neatly woven like a fine silk. Her feet were bare, aside from a single ring that rested on a toe. 

         Behind her on the above wall rested a qoute. Egypt read it, his eyes blinded with tears. Professor Jayden smiled up at him as he examined the body, only to frown.

             “What is it Egypt?”

             “Do you know what happens to a human female if she gives birth to a countryhuman?” He asked cryptically.

             “Uh-well no… very few have.”

             “This carving reads as this woman’s death date. My birth.” Egypt held in a sob as he turned to look at the human woman that carried him, who never was able to meet him, watch him grow, “My father’s prize possession was my mother.” he gave a choked laugh, “When a human woman gives birth to a countryhuman, they die, because it takes an entire people to fuel a Country. I had none.” 

    He fell to his knees, placing his head against her cold one as he apologized for killing her. For taking her away from his father. He was told that his birth was something to celebrate, but he always knew that it was a day of mourning too.

             “Greif is what killed my father,” he hiccuped, “not the changing times.”

         The two left well after nightfall, having activated one of the hidden dangers that sealed off the passages forever. Egypt wasn’t going to disturb his father’s peace, by disturbing his mother’s. He wasn’t going to flaunt her beauty, just as his father instructed.

    (Just thought it was cute and kinda crushing)

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  • fanart

    #countryhumans#countryhumans oc #countryhumans oc fanart #countryhumans fanart #countryhumans yin empire #yin empire countryhumans #oc#oc fanart#fan art#my art#digital art
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  • ¡25 de Mayo!


    ¡Feliz día de la patria!

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  • Never told a lie,

    Well might’ve told a lie,

    But never lived one

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  • Oof It’s been a while-

    So take this and do what you will won’t cha-

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    • America: Did you steal the paperwork?!
    • Poland: No!
    • America: Fine I believe you!
    • Canada: You're gonna believe Poland just like that?!
    • Poland: You can't accuse me of a crime I didn't commit!
    • Canada: How do we know that? You were in the Meeting Room yesterday!
    • America: Because he's a great kisser!
    • Italy: *glares at America*
    • America: ...is what I've been told!
    • Britain: *sarcastically* Nice save.
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    Ufff amo los comic versión Hight School xD

    Espera…dije cómic? :0

    Juas juas xd sip, estoy haciendo un cómic Usper y pues no está dicho que lo publique, ya k todavía me falta desarrollar su historia uwu)

    Aashhdhfkkdhfhsjs me emociono >//w//< xD

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  • So I heard that OrganizationHumans (or OrgHumans, IDK xP) is a thing, so I thought I could start with the Singapore Police Force, aka SPF. With a formal attitude and a short temper, she ain’t playing good cop here.

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  • Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious Don’t be suspicious

    Be suspicious

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  • How most MexAme ships (including mine) tend to be

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  • C: Hija, me encanta tu sombrilla, donde la conseguiste?

    A: Ho! de verdad. Me lo regalaron unas personas de mi territorio.

    C: les agradeciste como era debido?

    A:Claro, hasta les ofrecí algo de tomar, pero se negaron.

    C: Lo importante es que lo ofreciste, que lo tomen es la decisión de ellos. El agradecimiento es algo que casi no se ve todos los días.

    A: jajajaja, te creo… papá

    C: Si?…

    A: Perdóname…

    C: Porque lo dices?

    A: Porque probablemente en algún momento, haga lo mismo que mis demás hermanos. Por eso te pido perdón…

    C: Yo tambien te pido perdón hija.

    A: Pero, tu porque?

    C: Porque se que cometeré errores que harán que tu pensar hacia mi cambie, por eso te pido que me perdones.

    A: Entonces, nos disculpamos?

    C: Claro, te perdono hija mía.

    A: Yo tambien te perdono papá.


    A: Papá supe que te peleaste con DF…

    C: Aja…que tiene?

    A: No lo odias verdad?

    C: Claro que no, cuando le dije que me dejara un momento solo, era para reflexionar mis pasos, y no enloquecer, aunque claro, termino siendo lo segundo, pero ya le pedí disculpas, y yo ya lo perdone,dijimos cosas horribles del otro,por eso me disculpo yo tambien, y perdono sus ofensas hacia mi. Que el prefiera tomar el camino mas fácil que seria enojarse, es su decisión.

    A: Por eso no estuvo en la conferencia de la mañana?

    C: Si.

    A: Y tu estas bien?

    C: Claro, prefiero vivir en paz con los que me aman, que torturarme la vida con los que me odian. Vigilo a tus demás hermanos, mientras quiero convivir en paz con lo que aun me estiman.Porque darle importancia a aquellos que te hacen daño, dice mucho de ti mismo.

    A: wow, eso es profundo…

    C: Bueno, es una nueva lección de la vida. Es verdad el dicho mantén a tus amigos cerca pero a tu enemigos aun mas cerca. Para mi, mantén a los que te aman cerca y mantén un ojo encima en los que te odian, no sabrás nunca que movimiento harán. 

    A: Quisiera poder hacer algo…

    C: no puedo arreglar los errores de mi pasado, lo único que me queda es disfrutar lo que me queda.

    A: Eres muy raro tataj

    C: Y de donde abre visto eso antes, he? Atotonilko

    A: Yo nací rara, no tengo una personalidad rara, no como tu, y el tío Sur

    C: jajajaja Creo que Sur supera mi rares, no crees? 

    A: Estoy de acuerdo jajajajajaja

    C: jajajajaja

    A: Te extrañaba tanto papá

    C: Yo tambien te extrañe hijita mía.


    Espero y lo disfruten X3

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    Two versions of North Korea.

    #north korea#northkorea#countryhumans#country humans #female north korea #male north korea
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