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    Happy 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor!

    It took me about three weeks to finish this, lol.

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    Where did the years go..

    Original: https://youtu.be/Eh29EjgW910

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    I'm pretty sure I'll never finish this thing.

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    Here comes some idk countryhumans heads emotes?

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    Dominion of New England Chapter 4

    The End of the Dominion

    New England POV

    "I'm not going to see 1675." I told British America. He gave me a sad look, but nodded.

    "That soon?" He asked. I didn't think six years was soon, but British America was so much older than me. Figures that six years is soon for him.

    "They will figure out how to get me dissolved. I want to help them." I said. British America sighed.

    'You can't talk us out of this'

    'He won't. He understands.'

    "That might kill you." He said.

    "I know. But they're my people." I responded. British America gave a small smile, and then sighed.

    "Walking willingly towards death to help your people." He said, laying back on the grass, staring up at the sky. His eyes were distant again.

    "You did that once." I said. British America didn't respond.

    That was enough of an answer for me.


    "What on earth is going on?" Governor Andros said, looking at the mob of people outside of Fort Mary.

    'People finally got fed up enough with you.'

    "You aren't popular. It was only a matter of time before this happened." I said, smiling. I knew exactly what this meant. There was no way this mob was going to be stopped, which meant there was a very high chance I was dying tonight.

    "I will not surrender to a mob who think they know what's best for the colony. This is exactly why you were created. There needs to be a way to control people like that." Governor Andros said. I scowled at the insult of my people. Sure they were a little rash and certainly nothing like the Englishmen that lived in England, but they meant well, and wanted what was best for them.

    'Oh shut up and stop talking just to hear your own voice.'

    "People like what? Who are angry at the government because it has done nothing to tend to their needs, and instead only cares about the needs of men thousands of miles away? If you listened to my people, this might not have happened." I said. Governor Andros scowled.

    "I wouldn't expect you to understand. You're a child, both physically and mentally. Now come with me. We will leave this city until the situation is under control." Governor Andros said. I scowled. Governor Andros might be in charge of my government, but he didn't know anything about how countryhumans work.

    We never got to be children. No matter what we looked like, or how old we were. We never got to be children. What child helped run a colony?

    "You aren't going to be able to leave. The mob will stop you." I said. Governor Andros scoffed.

    "They won't. Now we need to get to the Rose. Come on New England." Governor Andros said before leaving the room. I sighed. This wasn't going to end well.

    We ended up getting forced back to the fort by the mob. Governor Andros was able to negotiate that he would be able to leave the fort and meet with the council. We were guarded, and Governor Andros seemed hopeful that he was going to be able to calm the situation.

    I knew he wasn't. These people were too stubborn and too determined.

    'Definitely are. They've been wanting to do this for a while.'

    We arrived at the courthouse and entered. There were several men there, all waiting for us. One of them stood up and began speaking.

    "Andros. We must and will have the Government in our own hands. We're arresting you." He said. Governor Andros looked shocked and looked towards me.

    "New England! Tell them they can't arrest me!" Governor Andros said. I smiled, and stepped aside.

    'Oh please like we'd do that.'

    "Feel free to arrest him. I won't stop you." I said. One of the men snorted

    "You're a child. Nothing you did would have stopped us." He said.

    'Well he's not wrong. Now if he had called British America a child that would be a different story.'

    "I am the Dominion. You guys want me gone. Helping you will lead to my death. I still choose to help you." I said. British America was right. Our people could be very stupid sometimes.

    "Why?" Another man asked.

    "You're my people. And you don't like him. Neither do I." I said, gesturing to Governor Andros.

    "We've worked together New England! You cannot betray your colony! You cannot let yourself die!" Governor Andros said.

    'I mean he can, but do you honestly think we can actually stop them?'

    "Who am I betraying? The government? The government may keep me alive, but it's not me. I will stand with my people. And if that means I die, then I die. I trust my brother to look after my people once I'm gone." I said.

    "That's brave." One of the men said. I shrugged.

    "Not really. It's just how life works for us." I said as some of the other men arrested Andros. I immediately began to feel intense pain in my chest and right arm. I let out a small cry of pain, doubling over.

    'Well that's begun now.'

    "Are you okay?" Another man asked, crouching down to look at me. I nodded.

    "I'm fine. Just starting to die." I said. The man looked horrified.

    "How is that fine?" He asked. I didn't have a response for that, because I didn't think that man would understand. Humans view life a lot differently than us, and I had always known that the chances of me dying before I reached ten were incredibly large. It's hard to be sad about things you predict, not to mention my people were happy about this, and I was happy for them.

    After all, my people mattered more than me. I was a representation of them, but I was not needed. If my people would thrive better without me, then I'll make sure that's what happens for them. British America had done it before as well. He had been willing to die for his people. I could tell he had, even if he didn't give me an answer.

    I wasn't dead yet. I should probably visit him before I am.


    New York. This place, along with East and West Jersey are the only reason I am alive right now, although not for much longer. It was only a matter of time before they had a revolt as well. They had already heard about Boston's, and Andros being removed. Once Nicholson was removed, I was dead.

    "New England!" I heard British America say before I was pulled into a hug, being lifted off of the ground. He quickly put me down when I gasped in pain, the hug doing nothing but making the pain in my chest and arm worse.

    'I hate that.'

    "Sorry. How long?" British America asked. I shrugged.

    'Before the end of the year.'

    "How long do you think it will take for them to overthrow Nicholson?" I asked. British America sighed.

    "I hate this part. When you have to let others die. Why can't our lives be dependent on our people? Why is it always the government? It's not fair. We aren't governments, but everyone will always think we are. I don't like it. I don't like that you have to die so your people can be happy. None of this is fair!" British America said, tears appearing in his eyes.

    'If any of this was fair the world would be a much nicer place.'

    "We both knew it was happening." I said. British America sighed, and tried to wipe the tears from his eyes.

    "That doesn't mean it hurts any less. That doesn't mean I like losing family. I understand why you're calm about this, but I'm not." He said.

    "You'll look after them?" I asked. British America nodded.

    'He's done it before.'

    "Of course I will. It's not like there will be any more major revolts that take place across multiple colonies in the future." He said. I nodded.

    "Yeah. After this England will have learned that we don't like centralized government or him trying to govern for us and therefore we won't ever have a problem with that again." I said. British America laughed.

    'And Massachusetts Bay will stop being such an ass about taxes.'

    "Exactly! Now we need to find something to do so we don't sit around being sad as we wait for your inevitable death. Let's go annoy Nicholson." British America said, picking me up and putting me on his shoulders.


    "It's happening." I told British America as I felt the pain grow worse. He immediately dropped the book he was reading and rushed to stand by me.

    "Now? Like right now?" He asked frantically, tears appearing in his eyes. I nodded as my own tears began to fall. "It...it...it...hurts." I gasped out as the pain grew. British America clasped my hand in his.

    "I'm sorry. I...why do you have to go! Why did the world have to take everything good from it!" British America exclaimed as his tears began to fall harder. He squeezed my hand tighter. I didn't help with the pain I was feeling, but I didn't tell him that.

    I wanted him to hold my hand. I wanted to be comforted in my last moments of life.

    And I wanted to comfort him.

    "You...you are....still here." I said through gasping breaths, barely able to speak through the pain, "The world....hasn't taken...everything good."

    British America began sobbing harder at that, pulling me into a hug as his tears soaked my shirt.

    "Please please please pleasepleaseplease. Please I don't want you to go please. I want you to stay. Please." British America begged, clutching me like I was a lifeline.

    I'm pretty sure my tears were soaking his shirt.

    "I want...to stay. But...I can't." I said. British America was shaking. Or maybe that was me. Or maybe both of us.

    Everything was getting black and fuzzy.

    "I hate being a country. I don't want to be one of those if that means you have to die after three years. You should be able to live, little brother." British America said, his voice sounding faint.

    "Please...take care of my people." I said. I felt British America nod. I think he was crying to hard to speak.

    I'm glad I got to die next to my brother. There was no better place.

    I'm sure my people will be happy to be a part of him again.

    British America will take good care of them.

    I closed my eyes.

    The pain began to fade.

    I was going to miss my brother.

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    Dominion of New England Chapter 3

    Massachusetts Bay Hates Taxes

    Massachusetts. Hating taxes and the British government since 1686.

    New England POV

    "Hello Governor Andros. I am the Dominion of New England." I said, introducing myself to my new Governor. Governor Andros seemed surprised by me, most likely because of my physical age.

    "Hello Dominion of New England." He responded.

    "Just call me New England. It's shorter. What are you planning on doing as Governor? My people don't like me, so you have to be careful not to anger them severely if you want me to live to see the end of the year." I said. Governor Andros looked slightly surprised.

    "Why don't they like you?" He asked.

    "They see me as violating some of their rights as Englishmen." I said. Governor Andros looked confused and slightly angry.

    "These men left behind their rights as Englishmen when they came here New England. They will not and do not deserve to be treated as Englishmen." Governor Andros said, speaking slowly as if he was talking to a child. Which to be fair, I was, both physically and chronologically. But I wasn't mentally. I was also shocked and horrified.

    'You snake!'

    'They are part of England, even if they don't live on your island!'

    'What on earth is wrong with this man?'

    'He doesn't understand anything!'

    'This dominion will fall apart quickly under his leadership.'

    'If he says that, what else will he do? What else is Governor Andros going to do to take away our people's rights?'

    I definitely was going to die sooner rather than later. My people would never stand for that. I could only hope Governor Andros realizes that before things get worse.


    It got worse. I thought surely this'll make Governor Andros see what he's doing isn't liked by the people here. He didn't seem to get the message.

    'He didn't get our message, just wanted to send his own.'

    Reverend John Wise had led a protest against the taxes-something I told Governor Andros was a possibility, as my people didn't appreciate the taxes. Governor Andros said I was being ridiculous, and that just because I looked like a child doesn't mean I got to act like one.

    'I didn't realize reasonable concerns with childish Governor Andros. My mistake. Next time I won't warn you when our people decide to do something else as a way to tell them they hate what you are doing. That man is an idiot! Governor Dudley was better than he was.'

    'At least Governor Dudley was one of our people. This is just some random man from England who thinks he knows what's best for us!

    I was furious about that. I was also furious about the things one of Governor Andros's officials had said to Reverend Wise. The official said that Reverend Wise had no more privileges left to him, and some other stuff I didn't fully understand.

    I didn't like what Governor Andros had been doing. I know he wanted to make sure that my laws matched England's laws, but I just didn't think he was doing it the right way. He didn't take my peoples opinions and lives into account, he just did whatever he wanted in order to do what England wanted.

    I was starting to understand why my people hated me and direct rule so much.

    If I was one of my people, I'd hate me too.


    "How's things going with your new Governor?" My brother asked. I sighed.

    "My people don't like it. He's taking away their land, making them pay taxes they can't afford, banned town meetings, introducing the Church of England into Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth, and done a bunch of stuff my people hate. Why does he have to do that?" I said. British America sighed.

    'Most of us aren't complaining though. It's just people from Massachusetts Bay.'

    "People are like that." He stated.

    "My government-England's government-Governor Andros doesn't like them for that." British America sighed and shook his head.

    'Yeah they aren't the biggest fans of us New Englanders.'

    "That happens sometimes. Just promise me this little brother. If given the choice between your people and your government, always pick your people." British America said, looking me in the eyes. I knew that, but what if...

    "But what if that means I have to hurt you?" I asked, fear in my voice. I didn't want to hurt my big brother. He was a big part of my life and constantly supported me. I didn't want you to hurt him, no matter what my people said.

    'That's life.'

    'Especially life for countries.'

    "We're colonies. We don't get to experience the same luxuries as humans. If we have to hurt family for our people, then we should. We are our people, and we owe it to them to stand by them because they'll stand by us." British America said, like it was a fact. I didn't want that to be a fact.

    "That's not fair! Why can't we have families?" I protested. Why can't I have a family? Why can't I make my own decisions without them being affected by my people? British America sighed.

    'You can certainly try and have a family, so long as you're ready for it to be destroyed.'

    "We can. It's just...family...family for us is just a temporary thing. If we were humans it would be a different story, but we aren't. We never will be. I love my family, but I know that I have to side with my people. They're my people. I'm connected to them in a way that I'll never be connected to you, or to England, or to Uncle Ireland or Uncle Wales, or Union, or the multitude of siblings we have. You'll understand someday, when your people decide on something our family doesn't want." British America said, his voice sad, and even though he looked young, you could tell he was an old man.

    'What an old man he is. Wonder what he's seen before we came along.'

    "I don't want that day to come." I said, leaning into British America's side. He laughed, but he just sounded sad.

    "With any luck, you'll never have that day." He said, his eyes becoming distant. He shook his head like he was clearing whatever he was thinking about from his mind. "Enough sad stuff. Got anything you want to do?"

    'Protest taxes!'

    'We are not getting British America wrapped up in our tax disputes.'

    I shook my head. Spending time with my brother was enough for me.


    "I told you that Connecticut Colony and Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations weren't going to be the last." British America said.

    "Why do you call Rhode Island by its full name? You just make it harder for yourself." I asked my brother, confused at why he always did that. Rhode Island had an incredibly long name, and it really wasn't all that convenient.

    'Rhode Island has a ridiculously long name. Probably longer than the name of any nation on the planet.'

    British America shrugged.

    "Force of habit I guess. England always wanted me to call the colonies by their full names, and even though he doesn't mind the full names anymore, mostly likely because of Colony of Rhode and I'm not finishing that, you know which one I'm talking about, I still do it because that's what I'm used to, even though it's really annoying that that's what I'm used to." British America said, trying to defend himself.

    'England is a very odd man.'

    "I'm so glad England doesn't make me do that.'' I said with a laugh. British America ruffled my hair. I immediately tried to push his hand off so he would stop messing up my hair, but he was stronger, and I was unsuccessful.

    "Me too little brother. Now have you met the man who will be Lieutenant Governor? What was his name..." British America asked.


    "Nicholson. And no I haven't. Governor Andros is planning on going to New York to establish his commissions, so I'll meet him then." I said, waving to Isle of Man as she passed by us.

    "That's nice. I'm worried though. Governor Andros has already had trouble because your people don't want direct rule. With you containing so much land, and yet having one, very unpopular government, I'm afraid that these three new editions will make any possibility of you surviving much longer a lot harder." British America said. I held his hand and squeezed it.

    'After Andros, it became obvious the dominion wouldn't last much longer.'

    "I've thought of that myself. I'd like to think it will be fine, but I know it won't." I said. British America sighed.

    "I wish we were human. Then I would be able to spend more time with you." He said. I gripped his hand tighter.

    "I wish we were too."


    "If only you were physically older. Then you could help the soldiers fight the Indians instead of trying to prevent me from doing my job because you think people don't like me." Governor Andros said. I clenched my fists.

    'I wonder why we don't like you. Maybe it's because you take away our rights and claim we don't have any!'

    "They don't." I muttered. Thankfully, Governor Andros didn't hear that, as he always seemed upset when someone who looked like a child challenged him.

    "I will be sending troops up to the Northernmost part of Massachusetts Bay to deal with this threat. You will remain here, and please don't try to support the troublemakers who refuse to accept the new laws." Governor Andros said.

    'Would you look at that! Another thing you're saying that we won't listen to.'

    "I know. Why am I not coming? Normally you take me wherever you go, as you are the governor and I am the colony." I asked.

    "England and Union have requested that you stay away from all fighting. Even if you will not fight, you aren't allowed near it." Governor Andros said.

    'Those two are incredibly overprotective.'

    "My people up there are already mad enough at you. Are you sure that you want to go up there personally?" I asked. Governor Andros nodded.

    "They have already refused to listen to me once. If we are ever going to deal with the Indian threat there, I must make sure they do what I ask." He said.

    'Actually help us and then we'll do what you ask.'

    "Alright. Good luck." I said, watching as Governor Andros left the building. I guess this was as good of a time as ever to spend time with my brother.

    After all, who knows how much time I have left?


    Increase Mathers has left for England.

    Governor Andros had told me that earlier today. I knew what it meant. My people were now asking the King if I could be dissolved. I knew that that meant.

    I didn't have much time left.

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    Dominion of New England Chapter 2

    Dudley Administration 

    New England POV

    "Why is everyone insisting on being so uncooperative? Why is everyone refusing to serve on my council?" Governor Dudley asked.

    'Because fuck you that's why.'

    "Probably because they don't like me, don't like you, and didn't want this dominion to exist in the first place." I stated. I could feel how many of my people were discontent with me, with the new government they had. They weren't planning on making things easy for my government.

    Well the people from Massachusetts Bay weren't in any case.

    'They are a stubborn bunch.'

    I appreciated their resolve to stand up for what they believed in, although it seemed to be making everything frustrating for me. Even though I was physically a child, everyone seemed determined to make sure I was involved with the government.

    I didn't like it. My people didn't like the government and neither did I.

    "This is being done to help England and the empire. They should understand that this is going to be a beneficial thing that will help many." Governor Dudley said.

    'But you took away our charters! How is that supposed to help us?'

    I don't think any of them cared about how my existence would benefit the empire. They were too upset that their charters and governments were taken away.

    My people, to put it simply, wanted me dead. That thought would seem depressing to most, but that's the way it's been. Ever since I was born I could feel how much of my people hated me, how much of them wanted me gone.

    British America said that my people were stubborn, and that it was a trait shared by many who live in our land. That made me think that it was only a matter of time before my people would get tired of my government and overthrow it, killing me in the process.

    'That's definitely going to happen in the next ten years.'

    I didn't know what I would do if that happened. Would I try and stop my people, knowing that it would make them hate me more, or would I support them, knowing that I would die in the process?

    I pushed those thoughts out of my mind. I didn't want to think about that right now.


    My economy was suffering.

    My people in Massachusetts Bay were very much determined to see me fail and be dissolved.

    And this was one of the most annoyingly genius things I had ever seen. Then again, I was only a couple months old, so I hadn't seen many annoyingly genius things, although Union, England, and British America all agreed that it was annoyingly genius. Uncle Wales, Uncle Scotland, and Uncle Ireland found it very funny.

    'It's the pettiest thing ever.'

    Massachusetts Bay had repealed all revenue laws before its charter was revoked and I was formed, and my government couldn't make any more. And any laws that remained the people of Massachusetts Bay refused to pay on the fact that they weren't created by my government.

    It was annoying. I mean, I knew part of the reason I had been created was to reform the laws of the New England colonies, so their argument had merit in that fact, but it still was annoying and inconvenient. If my economy continued to suffer the way it did, it could end up very bad for me.

    I was scared.

    That's why I was with my brother.

    "They really don't like me." I said, curling up next to my brother. British America smiled and wrapped his arm around me.

    "It's not your fault, little brother. You didn't ask to be created. Your people being upset with you has more to do with England and Union than you. Even Uncle Scotland is probably more at fault for your people's hatred of you than you. Don't blame yourself." He said.

    His words comforted me, but I was still unconvinced. I could feel my people's hatred of me everyday of my life. How was I not at fault for that? How was that hatred not my fault?

    'You didn't exist when they started hating you.'

    "But they hate me." I said. British America pulled me closer.

    "People will hate you, whether they are your people or someone's else's. It hurts at first, but eventually you get used to it." He said.

    "Really?" I asked. British America sighed.

    "Somewhat. But I haven't felt the kind of hatred you are experiencing. I'm optimistic that it'll get better, but I can't say for sure." He said. That was comforting. I didn't want to feel like a failure for the rest of my (probably short) life.

    "I hope it gets better." I said.

    "I hope so too."


    "This is going to be weird." British America said.

    "What do you mean by that?" I asked, holding his hand. He smiled.

    "Giving up a large amount of land like this is going to be weird. It was weird when I gave up land so you could be created, but losing people was really the worst part about giving up land. You lose whatever influence they had on you. I'm going to be losing the last parts of New England I'm connected to, and I will admit I'm slightly worried about the effect that'll have on me." British America said. I squeezed his hand tighter.

    'Was that supposed to be comforting?'

    British America never seemed worried about a lot of things. He had been through so much stuff and was so old. How could he be worried? British America must have noticed the look on my face, because he quickly began talking again.

    "Don't worry, it's not much to worry about.I just get concerned because...okay I can't think of anything reassuring to say, but trust me little brother, you'll be fine." British America said. I nodded.

    "What are we waiting for?" I asked. British America sighed.


    "I don't know. You'll know when it happens, but since everything's so slow with communication, we probably won't be told when the annexing of Connecticut Colony and the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations happens. Also, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations needs a shorter name." British America said. I laughed.

    'Oh yes. It definitely does.'

    "It does. Who decided to make it that long?" I asked.

    'A menace.'

    "Someone who wanted to make the rest of us suffer whenever we said it, that's who." British America responded without a single second of hesitation.

    "My people aren't good with names." I said. British American let go of my hand and crouched down to look me in the eyes, putting his hands on my shoulders.

    'Neither are anyone else's people.'

    "Let me tell you a family secret. Everyone is bad with names. I can't name things well. England can't name things well. Uncle Scotland can't name things well. Your name is literally just England's with the word 'new' in front of it. No one had even given something a good name in this family." British America said, sounding serious at first, but amusement grew in his voice as he went on.

    "I thought you were actually going to tell me a secret, and not something that everyone knows!" I protested. British America laughed.

    "It's funny!" He said, before he suddenly clutched his head.

    'I really wish they gave us warnings.'

    "British America?" I asked, before I felt it too. It felt like someone was trying to shove something into my chest. It was an uncomfortable feeling, and I didn't like it.

    "Oh I hate this feeling." British America said. I nodded.

    "I do too. I really hope that never happens again." I said.

    "It's probably going to happen again. England wants the North to give more money, so the south will most likely stay with me, but you'll probably get all of the Northern colonies." British America said. I groaned.

    'New York, East Jersey, and West Jersey most likely.'

    "I don't wanna." I said. British America laughed and hugged me.

    "We don't get much of a choice, little brother. It'll be uncomfortable, but we'll be fine."


    I was nervous. I was going to be getting a new governor, a man named Sir Edmund Andros. This was the first time I was going to have people switching power, and although England said there was nothing to worry about, I was nervous.

    My people already didn't like me, my economy wasn't in the best place, and I had a feeling that I was going to die soon. It made me tense, nervous, and scared of major changes. I couldn't tell if this change would be the breaking point. I couldn't tell what changes would be the wrong move that would lead to my people deciding I must go.

    Hopefully this governor wouldn't anger my people. My life already seemed so fragile, like it was a cracked glass that was one touch away from shattering.

    But this governor couldn't possibly make my people madder than they already are, right?

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    Dominion of New England Chapter 1

    A New Colony

    I have tried my best to be historically accurate, but I probably didn't get the personalities any any historical figures that appear right, so please keep that in mind.

    British America's POV

    England had finally done it. He had taken away some of my colonies, the ones that made me up, and unified them into one large colony. I wasn't sure how to feel now. Before I had been split I hated the idea, and thought it was stripping my people of their rights.

    Now it was different. Maybe it was because I didn't have a connection to the New Englanders anymore. Maybe it was because I had been split. But the creation of the Dominion of New England didn't bother me anymore.

    That was worrying, and scary. I felt like parts of myself were missing. My thoughts had been quieter. Even if I didn't care about the creation of New England, their creation had done something to me. It changed something in me.

    I hoped that it didn't end badly.

    "British America." I heard England say. I looked up from where I had been sitting and looked up at him.

    "Yes?" I asked. I knew that England was probably here to tell me that New England's countryhuman had been created. Another brother. Or sister. This family grew very quickly.

    "Union has him in the other room." England said. I pushed myself off of the chair and walked over to England. I have a little brother now. That was an odd thought, because I was pretty sure I didn't have any yet. Although England had many colonies, so I might be wrong. In any case, this was the first sibling I had who shared land with me.

    I walked into the room and saw Union sitting with a small child, maybe 8 or so. New England's flag looked similar to England's, but with a JR and a crown in the center of the cross. I felt a pang of jealousy in seeing New England's flag.

    'He gets a flag?'

    'We don't have a flag. That's unfair. We've been around for longer!'

    'Union doesn't have a flag either and there's a chance he's our dad, so it's not something to get that upset over.'

    I tried to push down the jealousy as I approached Union. There was no use getting upset with my new little brother about his flag. He had no control over it.

    "This is New England." Union said, keeping his eyes on my little brother. I looked down at him, and saw that New England had fluffy, and slightly spiky golden hair.

    New England smiled at me, and all feelings of jealousy over his flag were pushed away by protective feelings. I wanted to protect my brother. I knew his people didn't like him, and I knew bad things could happen. I didn't have the easiest start to my life. I wanted to make sure New England did.

    'How adorable.'

    'I hate children.'

    'Shut up and enjoy the child'

    I was only one hundred and one, and had been through so much. I didn't want to see New England suffer. I wanted him to continue to look as happy as he did now.

    I was his big brother after all. And this family needed more stable people in it. Seriously, it did. I probably wasn't the best person to teach someone how to be mentally stable, as I was pretty sure I heard voices, but as long as I ignored that I was pretty mentally stable, so I think I'm good.


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