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  • fineanddandy
    26.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    The DILF Next Door

    Summary: You’re the single mom on the block who can’t help but notice the dad who lives next door to you.

    Relationship: dilf!destroyer!chris x black!single mom!reader

    Warnings: cheating, graphic language, flirting/banter, drug use, smut, outdoor sex, unprotected sex, oral (fem rec), 18+

    A/N: yeaaaaah sooooo I exnayed one of my Christmas fics (just wasn’t feelin it) but then I saw @boxofbonesfic call for her Triple D challenge and of course, I already had the most perfect story idea sitting on my list. And the words just started flowing. So surprise Merry Christmas y’all got this fic in 2021 instead of 2022 like I planned. Say thank you Bones. Y’all ready to get into some DILF Destroyer Chris? 😈😈

    Your new neighborhood was quieter than what you were used to. All your neighbors on the street very kind to you and your daughter, inviting you to play dates and block parties where husband’s sad eyes would linger up and down your body. Getting used to a very mid class suburb life was strange. All thanks to a huge promotion at your new job, you were moving on up, just you and your little girl. That’s all you needed in this world. No weak ass man. But you knew moving to a neighborhood like this as a single mom might cause some sort of ruckus. If there was an issue though, no one said anything to you. And that was just fine. You mostly stay to yourself anyway, quiet, and don’t really pay any of the desperate dads any mind. Stay in your lane. All you wanted was to take care of your girl, and give her a decent upbringing since her dad could give two shits. Fuck him. You got this. Look how far you’ve come already without his bummy ass. That’s why you refuse to let anyone or anything try to distract you. Well…except for this one neighbor…

    Chris was hard to ignore. Nothing like the other miserable burbs dads, he was too cool, and quiet like you. He and his wife have a son about your daughter’s age so often, you guys all hung out together and he was always nothing but cordial and normal with you. Chris was a mishmash of all sorts vibes. His look reminded you of the boys back home: brooding, thick and tatted, a little dangerous but also a little domesticated. He looked like he could beat your ass then offer to clean your gutters. Plays catch with his son or shows him how to work on his beautiful ‘50 Cadillac Coupe Deville. Jarring but kind of adorable. But it was weird how he always happened to be outside either when you were coming in or leaving, waving with this warm smile that always made you a little weak in the knees. Sometimes he’d be shirtless and oil stained, bent over the hood of his car doing something to the motor, and would call out your name as you try to rush by and not stare at his ripped body. God his wife was fuckin lucky because you know if you were married to that, you’d have a litter of kids running around the house. How was she not all over him all the time you’d really like to know.

    They seemed very happy together, functioned like a well oiled machine when you’d be in their house or whatever. Most married couples can’t hide their problems to save their fuckin lives, but according to one of your messy neighbors, they even had their marital bliss front down to a science.

    “She doesn’t even want him.” You heard sitting at a picnic table with some of the other moms at a kid’s birthday party. “Just a one night stand turned into a shamble of a marriage. Feel so bad for Chris. He really wants to make it work.”

    As they spoke about him, you watch him push his son on a swing with a big genuine smile behind his goatee. How happy he looked made your heart ache for him even more.

    “Isn’t she already seeing someone else?” The moms murmur negatively amongst themselves. “And apparently it isn’t a secret.”

    “And he’s still trying to make it work.”

    “She met him at some lowlife bar anyway.”

    “Isn’t that obvious.”

    You smirk to yourself when you see your daughter walking over to him and asking if he could push her as well. Growling like a bear he lifted her up in the air and plopped her down giggling in a swing. All the moms’ back and forth catty bullshit faded out as you observe them from across the park. You really had no clue that their shit was that bad but most of these parents had their undercover, fucked up ass issues. You just didn’t expect that of them or that he had such a bleeding heart for his shit wife. Chris laughed and pushed the kids with all his might, sending them high up in the air with excited shouts. His biceps bulging out of his tight short sleeved shirt each time he’d give them a mighty push, flexing his inked skin. You aren’t familiar with the scene; a dad enjoying time with his kids. You clench your clammy thighs even tighter in your denim shorts. That shit is fuckin sex—

    “If he’s ever looking for a redemption fuck though…”

    You snap your neck to look at them, afraid that you said that aloud but it wasn’t your voice that caught your attention but the mom who started runnin her mouth in the first place. You noticed her enticed stare on him and instantly, you glared her down. Yeah like he’d ever fuck her, you smugly grin to yourself, turning your sights back on him lifting each kid breathless out of their swings just for them to run off to the rest of the party. Chris all pink and tired kept a watchful eye on them join the other kids. What a great guy. A great dad. Just then his wrinkled eyes met yours, as if he could feel you staring. Nodding his chin from over there, he shoots you a wave with a sunny smile and all the moms at the table swoon. Ignoring them with a chuckle, you grin and return the hello. His wife is shit.

    “Mommy we’re late!” Gripes your daughter Nev watching you run like a mad women all over the kitchen working to get her lunch together under three minutes. You stayed up too late working on a project and overslept like no other. Mornings like these make you feel incompetent, like you can’t do this alone, but you ignore those thoughts as you shove all sorts of snacks into her Sailor Scout lunchbox.

    “I know thank you.” You groan, shoving an apple in your mouth as you haphazardly close her lunchbox and usher towards the door with your eyebrows. Urgent words muffled behind your teeth sinking into the bittersweet skin. “Move it c’mon.”

    Front door slams behind you and your car beeps as you push the unlock button on your keys. Fuck you hate running late it’s like everyone on the street can see how unfit you are. Whatever fuck them.

    “Hey good morning.”

    And of course he’s outside in a dirty muscle shirt, wiping his hands on a dingy rag. Universe doing its best to distract you and make you run even later but you say fuck you Universe and keep it moving, throwing him a backhanded. Apple still fixed between your teeth. Chris frowns as he crosses the yard, unhappy with such a meaningless greeting from you. He’s never seen you so panicked before; clearly you’re preoccupied with something else and whatever he could do to help, he was willing to do.

    “Hey. Hey I can take her if you need to get to work.”

    You hear him offer from the other side of your car. That’s sweet and all but you didn’t want to inconvenience him for your fuck up. Once Nev is secure in the backseat, you slam the car door close and remove your muzzle.

    “That’s nice of you Chris but no it’s okay,” you dismiss him throwing your bag into the passenger seat. You can’t even fuckin look him in the face he’s so... “I got it.”

    Oh Chris is aware it’s a quality of yours he admires the most. You can do bad all by yourself and that shit is so sexy. Sexier than his MIA wife.

    “Well how about I give her a ride home from school. I’m sure Max would love a little play date this afternoon.”

    That calls for your attention. Stopping you in your tracks you finally look him in his face and almost crumble. So damn handsome. That really would be a huge help since you had a presentation today. His chest is so broad in that little tank top you gulp down a needy whimper. Parts of his massive chest piece on view from the scoop neck collar. You fix your mouth to turn down his offer but Nev’s affirming yell cuts you short. Chris smiles at you rolling your eyes at her.

    “Actually that’d be a huge help.” You shrug your shoulders like yeah why not. How could you even try to tell him no when he looks good all gross and sweaty. God you’re so late.

    Chris pops his towel against his thigh, enthused to do this one favor for you, because he’d do anything for you. Anything. “It’s no problem. Have a good day at work. We’ll see you when you get home.” He winks before turning to cross back to his driveway.

    See you when you get home. You hadn’t stopped thinking about those words since you got in the car. They even echoed in your brain during your presentation that went better than you expected. Thank God. Not only did you impress the client, but your boss and his boss who commend you on a job well done. Looks like running late paid off.

    By the time you were ready to leave the office, you were ready to go home and celebrate for landing the account. A bottle of wine loudly calling your name all the way from your fridge. Gathering your things your phone vibrates, indicating someone at your front door. Footage of Nev, Max and Chris looking for the spare key to get in the house play on your screen as you turn off your office light with a soft smile. Perfect timing.

    “Hey welcome home.”

    As soon as you walked in the door Chris met you with a glass of wine that was calling your name, exchanging it for your bag with a sweet tender grin. Never has this ever happened to you, a man greeting you coming home from work it takes you aback some but also you could get used to this kind of treatment. You take a long smooth sip with a heavy sigh. You deserve.

    “How was your day at work?” He asks sitting your stuff down by your entry table. You can’t help but wonder if this is how he treats his shit wife as you follow him into your home. Jeans hugging his fit ass flouncing directly in front you. You enjoy the show as you drink from your glass ready to brag about your latest accomplishment.

    “Landed a pretty major account so, you know, pretty damn good.” You step out of your shoes noticing how unusually quiet it is. “Where’s Nev?”

    You’d love a hug or a kiss on the cheek but entering the living room you notice Frozen’s on and snacks are on the coffee table in front of a silent Max and Nev.

    “I thought you would need some quiet time so I set the kids up with the greatest pacifier ever created.” Chris whispers over to you not to disturb the kids. You snort a chuckle into the bowl of your glass. He’s right though Frozen has a very strange hold on children. “Would you like to…”

    He nods towards the dining room with this smirk that immediately has you nodding into your glass, leading the way to the table with an extra switch in your hip. Yeah you really shouldn’t but you are definitely feelin hella good. Hella feelin yourself and he’s here in your space being hot ass super dad. How could you not. And you know he peeps game.

    While Anna and Elsa and Olaf do their thing, you and Chris chit chat, work through the bottle. Having the best time getting to know one another. This is the first time it’s ever been just you two and the kids but the afternoon’s nice. Chris is nice under all that rugged exterior. Your gaze scans over his visible works of art as he talks about his love for cars. Of course you’re listening with genuine interest. Of course your thoughts circles round and round the questions you have about his marriage. In order to keep from being invasive, you drink back your prying inquiries but that’s hardly helpful. Only getting tipsier, bolder, a part of you is dying to know,

    “So where’s Anne?”

    The words burst from your plum stained lips, taking him by surprise and for a second, you feel ashamed, acting like one of these messy ass moms on the street. But then that feeling fades the second he flashes a lopsided grin, averting his bashful beam from your pensive glare. He knew you’d probably ask but not in the middle of him telling a story.

    “Uh yeah she’s out of town on a girls trip or whatever.” Chris brushes off the question with a rehearsed answer. Girls trip.

    You sit your glass down with a nod, noting to let it go but yeah no. “Does she go on many girl trips?”

    He coughs, choking on his drink of wine. “Sure.” That’s barely an answer because he’s uncomfortable, not ready to talk about her with you just yet. And that’s your second indicator to let it go but yeaaah nooo…the wine is working against you.

    “Have you ever asked her—,”

    “Look,” Chris drops a firm hand on your crossed knee which immediately shuts you up, “we don’t have to do this right now.”

    For a minute, you just stare at his thumb slowly strumming over your kneecap. A very CLEAR INDICATOR that he’s making a move on you. When you snap your eyes up from his touch to his smolder beating into your stunned focus, you short circuit. Your body suddenly engulfed in heat, you swallow down your mouth full of wine with a shallow sigh. You wish you could feel his calloused prints brush up your silky smooth thigh but that thought was rudely interrupted by the kids coming back to life now that the movie’s over.



    Away goes his burning touch, averting his attention to the kids coming over. Nev climbs up into your lap to hug your neck. A dull pain in your chest when you heard his son Max call him papa. Be fuckin cuter. But this is the kind of hug you wanted when you walked in the door. Wrapping your arms around Nev you grin and hum, hugging her so tight as you rock each other back and forth in the chair. Successfully snatching that client today meant another grand step in making your daughter happy, which makes you so happy. Over her shoulder you meet Chris’s affectionate perception and fall apart a little. Right then, you saw what could be. You didn’t want to see the possibility but it was right there in your faces.

    “You ready to go bub?”

    He didn’t want to go, almost offered to cook you dinner but Chris has got to play it cool a little bit. He loved spending time with you, even with his wife in the mix and he’s going to take advantage of getting some alone time with you. He didn’t care if she was with her girls or her new boyfriend.

    “I should get him home.”

    “Right.” You nod, standing with him with the kids in tow to walk him to the door. “I really appreciate everything Chris. You’re a sweetheart.”

    And you mean that. And you feel like you should tell him because his shit wife probably doesn’t. No telling when’s the last time he heard something nice from her. From the porch Chris turns with a smile and rests his scruffy cheek atop Max’s curls, his shoulders shrugging as he sighs.

    “See you round.”

    You try your hardest not to think about Chris the rest of the evening but as you go along with dinner prep and winding Nev down, his whimsical grin fills your vision. All you can wonder is, do you wanna be that woman? How basic is this scenario? New single mom on the block breaking up a marriage. But it’s been broken you suppose, he wouldn’t say anything. Didn’t wanna do it right then he said so maybe one day he will. But that sexy ass dad is checkin for you and that absolutely thrills you. Moves something around so rooted in your core. You divulge your sinful thoughts once Nev’s tucked away in her bed. The moon shines brightly down on you sitting out on your back patio, celebrating alone with a joint a friend of yours gave you some time ago. You were still in good spirits so you felt inclined. Softly playing some music from a Bluetooth speaker you catch a vibe and let your mind wander. Giggling to yourself as your start to feel the buzz, playing the personal gag reel of your favorite Chris moments in the back of your mind. You feel damn good, losing yourself in a daydream of epic smut proportions. You loved his arms and how tatted up he was. How he loved on his son and was so great with Nev. You don’t know what made him sexier: how much of a badass he was or how great of a dad he is. But the more you thought about him, the more you fell. This weed is exquisite.

    It’s getting late and you’ve worked yourself up so much you should go handle it but then you hear Chris’s backdoor shut. His feet crunching in the grass. You almost want to call him over but you second guess yourself. Maybe just get up to your room, get off and go to sleep. But then your favorite Bowie song comes on which also happens to be Chris’s favorite Bowie song. Huffing a cloud of smoke into the night air he turns his chin to the music with a smirk. Not only does he notice the song, but also noticed the faint smell of weed in the air.

    “Good evening neighbor.” Chris greets from the other side of the fence.

    You abruptly sit up in the chair, feeling totally busted, reaching to ash the joint on the arm of your chair. “Shit. Evening! Um…”

    He can hear your panic. “Relax. I’m no snitch.” He laughs peeking over the wood planks. You bust out laughing as well, giggling at the way his eyebrows wave a few inches over the fence. “I partake as well.”

    “Then you should come over.” You couldn’t stop the words if you tried. “I mean…if you want to or…whatever…”

    Chris laughs harder at the sound of your palm smacking against your forehead. “Sure I’ll be right over.”

    It’s like a fuckin movie. You know the scene: where the hot cool guy is walking over to you and it’s like time moves slow. In a cut off Rolling Stones shirt and some track sweats Chris is a sight for sore eyes. Cigarette fixed between his curvy lips. You already feel all tingly from the weed but this. Stuck on stupid, fixated on all that beefy inked up body. Your heartbeat in your ears. All you could do is gulp the knot down in your throat. Stopping a few feet away from your seat his toes wiggle in the grass.

    “Still celebrating I see.” He speaks as he exhales his cigarette smoke, extending his fingers out for your joint.

    “For a stressful start, it’s been a nice day.” You grin handing it over. “I kinda should thank you for having a hand in that.”

    He takes a nice hard hit while shaking his head, head cocked to the side and eyes narrowed. “It’s no problem seriously,” you love the way his lips pucker when he blows smoke up into the air, “sometimes it’s okay to need some help. Just know I’ll always be there for you. Whatever you need…whenever…” he closes with a small shrug.

    God there goes that pull, that dull pain in your chest when he’s being adorable. It’s that earnest look in his eye, that charming smirk that’s got you dying to claw your way up his firm frame. You huff a chuckle, biting down on your nail. Maybe you’re just high but it strongly feels like he’s insinuating something he wants you to pick up on.

    Narrowing your eyes, you twitch a smirk. “I really appreciate that Chris but—,”

    “You got it. I know.” He exhales his second puff then reaches his big hand back over to you. “I’ve noticed. And I admire that about you but…sometimes you need a man.”

    “Huh.” Smiling behind your joint you clench your thighs together. “A man like you I suppose?”

    Chris brushes his sinful lips with his knuckles. “Am I that transparent?”

    “Only today.” You blow smoke through your nostrils with a lopsided grin. Your hands make the exchange.

    “Just wanted to give you a taste of what I could do.”

    A taste. If that’s all that was you have to wonder what else he has in store. Bet his shit wife ignores him or always picks a fight with him. Just ungrateful. “Hate to see such talent go to waste.”

    You didn’t mean to say it but then again, you did because you just want him to come out and say what the fuck it is already. If he’s about this life, then let’s get on with it then. You’re ready and willing to do whatever for this hunk of a man with the kindest yet filthiest steel blue eyes you’d ever seen. You just want him to say the words. Lips pressed to hold the joint in place, Chris slowly squats down in front of you and it draws you up straight in your chair. A jolt of electricity shooting up your core. His devouring gaze up your front is dark as he takes another long drag.

    “Maybe I can show you sometime…” He rests a hand on your knee as he gradually reaches up to place the joint on your full lips. His thick tatted up arm looks so good. His fingertips so warm pressed against your lips. You wanted him to keep them there but they go once you fill your lungs. Chris watches you intently with parted lips. “Feel like you’re the type of woman who’d appreciate my efforts.”

    Your breath is shallow, quivering, as you exhale down into his face. His fingers press into your thigh. You’re absolutely sure he can smell your arousal because you’re soaked. Just the slightest switch of your hips in this seat will make you tremble. The leaves rustle in the gentle breeze. The two of you are panting in anticipation. As you speak, he extinguishes and rests the joint on the arm of the chair,

    “I might be too easy to impress Chris. Men always disappoint me.”

    The moment his other hand is free it’s gripping your other thigh, spreading your legs apart. He shakes his head with a soft sigh and mutters, “not this man sweetness…” Your spine starts to curl off the back of the chair as his secure hold voyages up towards your middle. “I’ll never disappoint you.”

    Big words from a big man and you have no choice but to believe him. You could tell how serious he was his in his tone, in his touch, in his actions from earlier today. His warm palms massage up your folded hips, nails scratching your sides as his fingertips hook into the waistband of your shorts. There’s a noisy hitch in your breath when he starts to pull them down, exposing your ass to the muggy late night air.

    “Can’t promise me that…” you barely whisper, watching Chris undress you. He just flashes a pretty smile as he pulls your shorts down your shins and off your bare feet. Discarding them over his shoulder, he then jerks you down the seat to keep you close. Mouth already slobbering Chris doesn’t know where to look between your pretty face or your pretty pussy in this moonlight. His fat tongue properly licks his pink lips as they draw near your folds.

    “Let me show you then.” He whispers directly into your soul, dropping his jaw and his tongue to pleasurably sink in between your thighs.

    “Fuck. Chris.” You pathetically sigh, latching your hands to the arms of the chair. His tongue exploring your textured walls with indecent moans and sucks at your throbbing clit. You can hear the mess accumulating at your slit. Chris is a man on a mission to prove he’s the man for you; never taking his eyes off you moaning his name up to the night sky he devours your pussy like he’s always dreamed of beside a woman who denied him any time he tried. He’d give you everything if you’d allow him to.

    The very tip of his tongue tease your g spot and you violently convulse with a needy groan, clamming your thighs around his head. Goatee completely soaked with a mixture of his spit and your essence.

    “Fuuuuuck you’re going to make me cuuuum Chris holy shit.”

    You do your best to keep your voice down since it’s dead silent at this hour but on occasion, a real loud desperate moan flees from your dry lips. No man’s eaten you out like this so…unnaturally hungry for your insides Chris is putting in work. All you wanted to do was scream that’s how damn good he felt swirling his tongue around like a deep sea diver. You’re going to be no good by the time you bust all over his ruggedly handsome face but he has other plans popping his messy mouth off your weeping entrance.

    “Can’t have that.” Chris is up and shoving his pants down, whipping out his stiff dick for you to gawk at before he’s pulling your weak limbs out the seat covered with your cum. “Need to fuck you until you squirt all over my cock first.”

    He plops his bare ass down first then turns you around, slaps your ass, and sits you right on down his veiny shaft splitting you apart. You shrill a stunned gasp, clawing his forearms, adjusting to his mass thumping between your soaked walls. The burn is just right, sending a small tingly sensation over every nerve ending in your skin. Goddamn his wife isn’t fuckin this dick? You are starting to hate her more and more Chris has his way with you. Strong arm extended and steady, he holds you by the back of your neck as he slams his strokes into you. Growling and groaning so boisterously he could give a fuck less if anyone heard you two fucking the shit out of each other. Chris finally got what he’s been desiring since you moved in.

    “Oh fuck sweetness you are perfect.” His head lolls and his eyes roll into the back of his head, your walls choking his dick out. “You’re so perfect for me I swear to god.”

    With each mighty pound you squeak a tired moan, falling into the role of being his little fuck toy. No telling when’s the last time he’s been in appreciative pussy and your tight little pussy appreciates the fuck out of his dick pummeling her right now. His locked fingers bruising your neck feel so good but so do your nails piercing his forearm.

    “What—,” you swallow a tantalizing moan, “what about your wife—CHRIS!”

    Another hard slap on your thundering ass cheeks as you shriek his name and it sounds so good in his ears there’s a spasm in his strokes.

    “My marriage been over,” he pants adjusting in the seat, tightening his hold because he means these words with every bit of his being, “I want you. I don’t care about her. Want you…”

    You drop your chin in defeat, losing yourself in his breathless plea. “Aw shit…Chris…” You accept. Fuck you accept whatever especially how he’s fucking you like his life depended on it. “Gah fuck I want…you…too Chris ohmygod!!”

    As if he could slam into your creaming pussy any harder but he finds a way, pleasurably crying out as you squirt out all around him. His orgasm thundering up right along with yours, limbs shuddering and spines tingling. So close…so close you could cry.

    “Fuck. Fuck yes.” He gutturally growls behind grinding teeth, trying to time the big moment just right but Chris is mesmerized with how his cock looks drenched with all your bittersweet essence. How your round ass bounces off his hairy toned thighs. You look and feel and smell better than he could have ever imagined. “Cum with me sweetness. Fuck. Please I need it…”

    Christ he’s begging and it’s the sweetest sound. A harsh huff of breath leaves your heaving chest. “You need it? Need my cum daddy?”

    Hearing you call him daddy sends him into a fuckin fit, shouting out into the still air,

    “Oh my god yes! Yes I need you fuuuuck…fuuuuck meeee.”

    Damn you want to. You want to fuck him until you can’t feel your legs anymore but not tonight. Releasing your neck Chris sits up to hold you close so he can feel you fall apart, snaking a shaky hand to delicately circle your swollen clit and instantly, more juices accumulate around his quaking member ready to erupt. In unison, you both bark a filthy whine as you both hysterically cum. Holding on to each other for dear life as you both damn near black out, collapsing back into the chair hyperventilating and sighing. Chris empties his hot load between your plush walls with soft curse words, blinking hard to bring himself back to earth. Muscles spasm as you try to fight for air. It’s been too long for you both; completely slumped and dazed y’all don’t know what to do with yourselves other than just recover and gaze at the stars for a bit. His big but trembling hands roam up and down your torso, groping your braless tits together over your t-shirt. Your combined stickiness oozes down his balls and onto the seat. You try to fight off another wave of arousal—fuck the way he teases you—but you’re losing this war between what’s right and wrong. And you’ll take that L as long as Chris is right there with you.

    “That was everything sweetness,” he whispers pecking the edge of your ear, gently pinching your nipples, “everything and more…”

    You turn your chin to get a good taste of yourself off his sexy ass lips and it’s just as hard and desperate as that fuck he just beat into your swollen folds. You taste even better off him groaning into your mouth, tongues and lips locked. You two don’t want this night to end. Already you both need more and neither feel guilty about that. You’re fuckin addicted to someone else’s husband.

    “Mama. Mama wake up. It’s time for breakfast.”

    Nev’s practically sitting on your chest trying to wake you up. Still worn the fuck out from Chris and still a little high you awaken from your three hour nap with a frown ready to shove her off.

    “Okay. Okay Nev just…” you rub your hands over your drowsy eyes adjusting to the sunlight, “just give me a minute.” You yawn and Nev hops off the bed awaiting your instruction. “Go watch Adventure Time baby I’ll be there soon.”

    Thank God it’s a Saturday morning. Off she goes excited to watch Finn and Jake while you fall back into the pillows with a sigh. Everything hurts but in the best way. Somehow you will yourself out of the bed and drape your kimono over worn limbs to shuffle down the stairs to Nev sitting patiently watching TV. As soon as your hand touches the fridge door handle, the doorbell rings and you whine. Who the hell could that be. Shoulders slouched and head kicked back you gripe as you shuffle on to the front door. Really not in the mood to be bothered by anyone but when you look through the peephole to see who could it be this early, a delighted grin creeps up your sleepy cheeks. You look a mess but you don’t care, you crack the door open to Max and his curly mane and Chris with two cups of coffee and a greasy brown paper bag. Big tired smile under his goatee but those blue eyes bright like the sky. Resting your forehead along the edge of the door you shake your head and swoon.

    “Morning. Breakfast?”

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  • opedguy
    09.02.2021 - 11 monts ago

    EU Meddles in Russia’s Internal Affairs

    LOS ANGELES (OnlineColumnist.com), Feb. 8, 2021.--European Union members Germany, Poland and Sweden declared a Russian diplomat in their countries “persona non grata,” essentially following former President Barack Obama’s leading in expelling Russian diplomats from their countries. But like Obama, Brussels-based European Commission, led by 62-year-old President Ursula von der Leyen will find out quickly that Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t easily intimidated by Western officials, including the United States.  EU’s 73-year-old Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell met with 71-year-old Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Feb. 5, demanding the Putin release Navalny from jail.  Arrested in Moscow Jan. 18 and sentenced to two-years-eight months in a Moscow court Feb. 2, the U.S. and EU demand that Navanly be released.  Navalny led a clandestine network of dissidents seeking to topple Putin.      

           Think of the colossal hypocrisy to the U.S. Senate tomorrow essentially trying 74-year-old former President of “incitement of insurrection,” because some knuckleheads went ballistic, staging a riot armed with cell phones, not Kalashnikovs or Molotov Cocktails.  Yet 81-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her House impeachment managers led by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) want to haze Trump one last time in absentia, a grotesque Kabuki theater for all the Trump-haters to get their jollies.  When you consider that Biden and EU demand that Putin immediately release a known dissident who’s open about toppling Putin, it can’t get more hypocritical than Trump’s being impeached for the second time.  Evicting Russian diplomats does nothing other than push the world closer to the brink.  Under Trump there was too much peace for Democrats and the press to handle.       

          Booting out Russian diplomats in the EU accomplishes nothing, other than hiking natural gas and petroleum prices.  “We have informed the Russian ambassador that a person from the Russian embassy is asked to leave Sweden,” Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linda wrote of Twitter.  “This is a clear response to the unacceptable decision to expel a Swedish diplomat who was only performing his duties.” Engaging it tit-for-tat retaliation with diplomatic personnel turns the clock back on international relations.  EU officials didn’t have to take such a harsh stance on Navalny, someone known as a dangerous dissident working in a  clandestine insurgency to topple Putin’s government.  What would the EU do to any activists seeking to topple the Brussels government, including the European Commission and European Council?  Yet when it comes to Russia, the U.S. and EU demand Navalny be released.   

                Over his 20 years reign, Putin has engaged in a number of crackdowns on Russian dissidents unhappy with his authoritarian rule.  But unlike the U.S. or EU, democracy didn’t last too long under former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev or Yeltsin, both of whom wanted to experiment with more freedoms for Russian citizens.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union Dec. 24, 1991, the Russian Federation experimented with democratic reforms called “perestroika” and “glasnost,” attempting to make overtures with the West, especially the United States. Watching relations with Moscow deteriorate, there’s no Trump left on the world stage that can get along with authoritarian leaders.  Trump was crucified by Democrats and the U.S. press for trying to get along with foreign dictators. Rather than praise Trump for his uncanny ability to get along with America’s new-and-old foes, he was persecuted.      

           Putin sent a loud message to Washington and Brussels that if he has to go back to what’s left of the Warsaw Pact or, new alliances with China, Iran and North Korea, he won’t hesitate to make new friends and business partners outside the West. Germany complained about Putin’s decision to expel European diplomats, insisting it ‘was not justified in any way.”  Instead of reacting defensively, the EU should stop meddling in Russia’s internal affairs.  U.S. and EU officials are in no capacity to challenge Putin on the world stage in hot spots around the world.  If Putin’s invasion of Crimea taught Western officials anything, Putin wouldn’t stop defending Russia’s geopolitical interests.  Putin didn’t like watching a CIA-sponsored coup take place in Kiev Feb. 22 while he was handcuffed hosting the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.  No one in the EU wants to challenge Putin militarily.        

         EU lawmakers stepped over the line blasting Putin for arresting, charging, convicting and sentencing dissident Alexi Navalny.  When the EU has a politician that differs from Brussel’s dictates, like Hungary’s Viktor Orban or Poland’s Andrzej Duda, they apply maximum pressure to seek conformity.  When the EU, backed 66-year-old German Chancellor Angela Merkel or 43-year-old French President Emmanuel Macron’s proxy war in Syria topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, they spent millions creating the worst humanitarian crisis since WW II.  With 500,000 dead and 15 million Syrian displaced, it practically broke up the EU.  Orban and Duda didn’t want to take hordes of Syrian refuges into their countries.  Brussels’ immigration quotas on the U.K. drove Britain with the Brexit vote out the EU.  EU officials must decide whether meddling in Russia’s internal affairs is worth the consequences. 

    About the Author 

    John M. Curtis writes politically neutral commentary analyzing spin in national and global news. He’s editor of OnlineColumnist.com and author of Dodging The Bullet and Operation Charisma.                  

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  • opedguy
    12.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Resolution to Remove Trump Defeated

    LOS ANGELES (OnlineColumnist.com), Jan. 11, 2021.--Defeating a House resolution to toss 74-year-old President Donald Trump out of office under the 25th Amendment, Republicans tried to install some rationality into the House Democrats’ angry mob that wants to get rid of Trump before the inauguration. House Democrats blame Trump for the Jan. 6 mob scene tat the Capitol, where an angry mob stormed the Capitol, defacing government property.  Democrats blame Trump for “inciting g insurrection,” something so preposterous, so off-the-wall, so disgraceful turning definition of “insurrection” on its head.  Democrats know all about insurrection since they paid armed insurgents in Syria under former President Barack Obama billions for eight years to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Supplying splinter groups arms-and-cash defines “insurgency” or “insurrection” not watching the lunatic fringe go ballistic in a typical riot. 

    Where were the carefully planned weapons all part on an attempted coup d’etat, “insurrection” or “revolution”?  They didn’t exist on Jan. 6 because the melee that ensued wasn’t an “insurrection” as stated in House articles of impeachment but an unruly mob engaged in criminal activity breaching Capitol security, vandalizing and defacing government property.  Democrats wanted Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment designed only for the purpose of dealing with a president’s incapacity or extreme disability, like a heart attack, gun shot wound or other mishap rendering the president unable to perform his duties.  Democrats want to get rid of Trump any way they can, even if it means inappropriately applying the 25th Amendment. Democrats call Trump a danger to U.S. national security but only in a symbolic sense.

     Trump didn’t lift one finger to enable the crowd to break into the Capitol or instruct anyone to break the law, event though the articles of impeachment charge Trump with “incitement of insurrection.”   Democrats and the media describe the criminals that invaded the Capitol as “Trump supporters,” but, one thing’s for sure,” Trump didn’t instruct anyone to storm the Capitol or break the law.  In their zeal to toss Trump out of office, Democrats have tried-and-convicted Trump of “incitement of insurrection” when he delivered a speech to his supporters complaining about fraud in the 2020 election.  If Democrats and the media got their way, millions of Trump supporters [75 million voted for him] would be charged with “incitement of insurrection” because they believe something fishy went on the 2020 election contributing to President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.      

          House members seeking toss Trump out of office with the 25th Amendment either haven’t read the Amendment or don’t know the president must be incapacitated or gravely disabled.  House members can’t use the 25th Amendment because they despise Trump or consider him a danger to U.S. national security.  Trump hasn’t changed since the day he was sworn in Jan. 20, 2017.  Somehow he hasn’t abused his “nuclear codes” or gotten the U.S. into another Mideast war.  “President Trump gravely endangers the security of the United States and its institutions of Government,” the legislation said.  Whatever happened on Jan. 6, it wasn’t due to Trump giving orders to his crowd to attack the U.S. capital or break any laws.  “He will remain a threat to national security, democracy and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office,” the legislation said, exaggerating the threat Trump poses.    

           Democrats’ case against Trump that he represents a clear and present danger to U.S. national security could not be more fraudulent.  Reminiscent of the four-year-long Russian hoax, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said “we need to move forward with alacrity.”  Schiff exaggerated for four years Trump fake contacts with Russia, now urges the House to invoke the 25th Amendment.  “We will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat,” 80-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.  Pelosi’s been out to get Trump from the day he was sworn in.  Her first impeachment failed because her allegations about Trump meddling in the 2020 election made zero sense.  Asking Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky about Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s corruption was reasonable.

              Trump’s been in office four years but suddenly it’s urgent that he be removed from office, nine days before Joe’s inauguration.  “The horror of the ongoing assault on our democracy perpetuated by this President is intensified and so is the immediate need for action,” Pelosi said, insisting Trump planned and organized the Jan. 6 melee at the Capitol.  If a small percent of his audience stormed the Capitol and committed crimes, it wasn’t Trump that ordered them to do.  What’s Pelosi trying to do to the U.S. criminal justice system, trying-and-convicting Trump bases on pure speculation?  Pelosi and her House lieutenants would use their time more wisely letting Trump finish out what’s left of his term.  He’ll be gone in nine days and fade from U.S. history.  Chances of Trump running again for public office are slim-and-none

    .About the Author

     John M. Curtis writes politically neutral commentary analyzing spin in national and global news. He’s editor of OnlineColumnist.com and author of Dodging The Bullet and Operation Charisma.  Reply  Reply All  Forward

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