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  • Hester: Do you ever want to talk about your emotions, Anadil?

    Anadil: No.

    Dot: I do!

    Hester: We know.

    Dot: I’m sad.

    Hester: We know.

    #sge #the school for good and evil #school for good and evil #hester #hester of ravenswood #anadil #anadil of bloodbrook #dot #dot of nottingham #the coven#coven
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  • the grandson of Satan and his weapon of choice in our upcoming Tales to Enlighten graphic novel!  artwork by James Edward Clark.

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    Matt King & James Edward Clark

    Satan’s Grandson and a reluctant killer robot murder their way across the multiverse in an effort to reach Enlightenment… but is Enlightenment all they thought it would be?! Satan’s Sado-Cult tries to intercept the duo and Amazon Warriors seek revenge… Enter MGA TRP, a cosmic dj and Space God that teaches them a better way of life through Peace, Love and Universal Brotherhood! TALES TO ENLIGHTEN!! (air horn fx here!!)

    TALES TO ENLIGHTEN VOLUME 2, THE ANTHOLOGY with story art by Rian Miller, Tony Sedani, Dave Gordon, Johan Pedersen, Aitzuga Kun, Andrew Buck, MC Wolfman, Michael Ogilvie, Doc Zab, James Phillip Schmitt, Arter Eniac, Darren Väder, Marcus Cripps, Bill Biron Couture, Shlepzig, Erwin Papa and Phil Bratuhin!

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  • reasons why soft madison x goodeday daughter is superior:

    • madison finally getting the happy ending she deserves without fucking anything up
    • the idea that madison is more thoughtful with all of her actions and words
    • slow mornings holding each other in their arms while the sun peeks through the window and they yawn through soft kisses
    • legs draped across the other’s lap while they sit and talk until someone gets too tired
    • suddenly laughing about conversations from days before while in the same room without having to say anything
    • madison simply smiling more
    • madison feeling like a part of the family for once
    • sharing clothes and accessories without having to ask
    • pet names
    • holding her close in her sleep
    • madison’s s/o being what she’s most proud of
    • car rides around the city holding each other’s hands
    • “why are you looking at me like that” “… i love you”
    #madison montgomery#ahs#ahs coven #american horror story #american horror story coven #coven #watch me stay up too late to write this is full✋🏽🙄🙄
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  • Mallory: Ugh, I’m so tired. I didn’t get a lick of sleep last night.

    Cordelia: You know, if you can’t sleep it usually means someone is thinking about you.

    Mallory: Who would be thinking about me at 3 am?

    Coco: [gay panic]

    #cocollory #mallory/coco st. pierre vanderbilt #coco st. pierre vanderbilt #ahs mallory#mallory ahs#cordelia goode#cordelia foxx#billie lourd#leslie grossman#sarah paulson#ahs#ahs coven#coven#ahs apocalypse#apocalypse #american horror story #american horror story: coven #american horror story: apocalypse #incorrect quotes
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  • Heey you guys, so i made a few wallpapers… like or reblog if you use


    Yeah well, it’s pretty clear what i’m obsessed with✌🏽

    #cordelia goode #american horror story #cordelia goode wallpaper #american horror story wallpaper #coven#sarah paulson #cordelia x misty
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  • How Witches Use Something Better Than a New Year’s Resolution

    How Witches Use Something Better Than a New Year’s Resolution

    Is there something you want to get better in the New Year? Okay. I know. So many things we want to get better.
    Have you thought about New Year’s Resolutions? I have something better. This is something that will take away some pressure on you.
    Isn’t that what you really need?
    So many of us are overwhelmed with so many obligations: being a good parent, an efficient employee, someone with a totally…


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    #Blog#Coven#education #Goddess Has Your Back #Moonwater Silverclaw #New Year&039;s Resolution #spirituality #Stop it list #The Hidden Children of the Goddess #Wicca#Wiccan#witch#witchcraft
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  • What your favourite Town Of Salem role says about you!!

    (I’ve never seen one of these so I’m taking it upon myself)

    Mafia Roles

    You are/were the quiet kid
    You used to read a lot as a kid but not anymore
    You prefer to watch the games rather than having an active part in them
    You kept playing classic mode past the 50 games you had to
    You watch crime documentaries (and think you could pull off a better murder than the ones in it)
    You panic every time you get an evil role
    You came from Among Us
    You don’t get why everyone calls this role useless
    You always manage to die night 1

    Town Roles

    “Gl hf”
    “Good luck have fun”
    You claim a day too late and makes themself suspicious
    Don’t make me laugh.
    You read the role backstories on the wiki
    You’ve been playing for ages and are absolutely sick of stupid players
    You know a lot about one singular game/movie and absolutely nothing about science
    You have a superiority complex
    You watched horror movies as a kid and may be emotionally scarred
    You watched horror movies as a kid and you’re definitely emotionally scarred
    You secretly want the evils to win
    Your favourite movie as a kid was the Bob the Builder Wild West special
    You die night 2. Every. Time.
    You don’t exist. Sorry.
    You never claim then get surprised when people call you suspicious
    You played Minecraft a lot as a kid
    “Role claim?” “No”
    You’ve always liked History in school
    Vampire Hunter
    Your favorite movie is V for Vendetta (not even a vampire movie, you’re just into that)

    Neutral Roles
    You like riddles
    You like Hozier
    You either play Ace Attorney or Danganronpa
    You put copypastas in your will
    Serial Killer
    You have ADHD
    You listen to Britney Spears
    You write fanfiction
    You’re a furry
    You think Twilight wasn’t all that bad
    Guardian Angel
    You don’t like hurting the NPCs’ feelings
    You were raised on Disney movies
    You have a thing for corruption arcs in shows
    Your parents wanted you to be a doctor
    You watched WWE as a kid

    The Coven
    Coven Leader

    You never play classic anymore
    Hex Master
    You know Latin
    You love Greek mythology
    You watched The Walking Dead
    You have a win streak because you leave the game before you lose
    Potion Master
    You always manage to mess up your fake will somehow, even when you think it’s foolproof

    #Town Of Salem #Mafia#Coven#long post
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  • Happy Friday coven! I was too lazy to go to my cowork space so getting my grind on at home.

    It’s been a whirlwind week including my thriller master class, studying for the WSET, clients, and cryptocurrency. 👯‍♂️

    This is my official post outing myself as crypto person. That being said.. since I’ve started to help people get their crypto situation together and people  keep sliding into my DMs asking for the 411, I’ll be sharing more cryptocurrency information. Do with it what you will. Maybe you’ll be inspired to invest. 🕵️‍♂️ There’s some interesting sh^t going on and you may want to be in the crypto game.

    If you want to send me some coins, because you feel like, love me, you rich.. bitch, or whatever reason, a link is in my bio to pop me some crypto baby.

    Have an amazing weekend. Rock on!

    #Friday #coven #bitcoinbruja #bitcoin #blackwomenincrypto
    #invest #creator #crypto #tech #witchesofinstagram #instavideo #cryptocurrentcy #artist #money #witchesofinstagram #

    (at Boogie Down Bronx)

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  • Our Girl Sagel handling business!

    My friend @theblackestofmagick once called us the most powerful coven in the world. There was only one of us then. Now there are four and we are here to take on the world! Let’s watch as the dominos fall shall we?

    If you’d like to join us we invite you to follow us, send your friends, your family and definitely deliver your enemies to us. Our demons are hungry and we feed them well.

    All are welcome.

    We love you guys!

    Make sure you are following us on all platforms!


    ~Manifest Your Power & Fly with Witches~

    #curses #hexes #hell #abyss #coven #arabiccurse #blackmagick #santeria #bujeria #hoodoo #rootwork #spellcasting #rituals #highmagick #temples #satan #lucifer #demonolatry

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  • Cryptic Mystic: Karma, Keepers, or Something Else…

    Karma, Keepers, or Something Else…: I am sure that you have heard the phrase “reap what you sow” at some point in your life, otherwise known as karma. Maybe you’ve experienced karma in your life. After all, we receive what we put out into the universe… or do we? Some believe there is a “keeper” or someone watching over us that protects us and provides us good or bad experiences based on how we interact with others (some may say “angels). If this is so, is this individual or universal? Maybe “keepers” are loved ones who have left their physical form, or maybe they are something that our human minds are currently incapable of understanding. For some this may even simply be a grandeur delusion brought on by narcissistic personality traits or possibly a mental disorder. A little unknown mixed in with a little psychology, served on a platter as per usual. Let’s dive right in to 2021 with this debatable topic, shall we?

    I’ll start by informing you that karma actually possesses many meanings depending on what culture and country you are in. The most familiar American definition of karma - meaning that bad things happen to those who do bad things and good things happen to those who do good things - is but one definition of many. Now, this definition that we understand here in America is of course defined by what one perceives as good and bad - this can look different for many people. Having said this, there is no “one way” to believe in karma or to define what “good and bad” mean. For our purposes, I am going to define the terms karma, good, and bad in the most generalized sense that a majority of American society would view as the typical definition. Just know, this may or may not apply to your personal beliefs of what defines “good and bad” or your personal beliefs of what the definition of “karma” is. I completely agree that there are many viewpoints and perceptions and do not discount differences in opinions/beliefs by any means.

    Karma originated from the Sanskrit term meaning “action, work, or deed.” It was a plain and simple definition, as if I were having a conversation with you and said, “The karma that he is completing on that house looks marvelous!” I realize how utterly ridiculous that sounds in today’s way of speaking - given the word was just used completely out of cultural context, but you get the point. The word “karma” at that time was just another word and carried little significance. That is, until 1000-700BCE when within the Vedic religion the definition of karma actually meant something that you likely would not guess. The definition took an abrupt and dramatic turn and was used to define not only the word “act,” but additionally it was defined as actions that took place regarding ritualistic and sacrificial occurrences.

    Karma in itself has ancient roots in religion such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism to name a few. Karma is seen as a sort of rebirth process in which the way that an individual is in the present day affects their future - all within the same life cycle. Within this realm, karma also affects one’s samsara, or quality of life. In Asia karma is portrayed through symbols such as the endless knot, which symbolizes the never ending process of cause and effect. In knowing this, you can see why karma closely relates to the philosophical theory of causality, defined as when one event contributes to another event where the cause is partly responsible for the effect, and the effect is partly dependent on the cause. The idea of karma in this sense is seen as a never ending cycle - one that highly influences the circle of life. This is what we know and recognize in modern American society, as well as in many other first-world countries/cultures.

    In current society we then view karma as defining the relationship of cause and effect. Some view this as a very spiritual term, believing that there is a higher power who controls the occurrences of karma. Others simply use the term with reckless abandon - not actually understanding what it means, as society has culturally appropriated the term to fit the American narrative. Yet others (myself included) question the occurrence of karma and the several possibilities that may be at play here. Whether you believe karma occurs due to a higher power, some other religious aspect, sheer luck, extraterrestrials, a delusional belief, something else, or maybe you don’t believe in it at all - and that’s okay! Regardless of what you believe, we’re going to dive into some of those possibilities today. As I always say, once you have read this blog it is up to you to ultimately decide what you believe.

    From a personal standpoint, I have been in many situations where either I don’t know how I survived, or at the bare minimum how I managed to come out of certain situations unscathed. I have been in several car accidents that were so much more than just fender benders - coming out of all of those without a single scratch. I have never caused an accident, however for whatever reason I seem to be a target for idiots who don’t know how to drive. I guess I just have that attraction factor. All jokes aside, I consider myself lucky to have not been injured in any of the accidents that I have been in. I have to wonder how this is possible, but then another person can be in ONE accident and it’s all over.

    I will share a more intimate incident with you that is much darker than a happenstance car accident. When I was much younger I tried to take my own life. I didn’t want to be in this body on this planet any longer. I remember thinking to myself - there has to be something better than this. I swallowed a bunch of unknown pills doused with alcohol. I attempted this on two different occasions. Both times made me extremely ill. The first time I vomited and then felt very tired. The second time I fell to the floor and almost became unconscious. I was very dizzy and couldn’t stand/walk. I went to sleep for several hours with a low heart rate and shallow breathing. However, after both of these occurrences many years later, I realize that I was put here for a bigger purpose. I have many reasons I am here - sharing this blog with you being one of them. I wasn’t meant to leave my physical form here on Earth either one of those times. I like to think that something is protecting me, however I cannot say with certainty what that is or why exactly…

    My biological mother was in a bad car accident when she fell asleep at the wheel. It threw her from the car and knocked off both of her sneakers. She woke up laying in the grass without shoes. She told me that she doesn’t remember much, but that she saw white hands on her shoulders and felt like whatever that was had pushed her through the accident. She came out without any serious injuries - only suffering minor bruising. It is important to note that she has had similar experiences as I have with feeling things and experiencing premonitions.

    To touch on karma a bit from a personal experience, I have a short but interesting story to tell. Growing up I didn’t have many true friends and found myself surrounded by individuals who acted in a manner that I did not understand. There was a lot of negative energy on behalf of those around me; jealousy, lies, deceit, bad intentions, and misery. I wasn’t treated very well by my peers or in relationships. In fact, I was bullied, mentally abused, and physically abused by several people as I grew from a child to an adolescent. Interestingly enough, I found that those who did absolutely wrong to me that had the worst of intentions always had something bad happen to them. One person that comes to mind was blown up in an explosion overseas while serving in the military. Another person was in a bad car accident. From what I know currently, all of these people who were utterly nasty to me continue to lead miserable lives - because they are in fact miserable people. Whether this is just their nature or that they just didn’t have the strength and willpower to seek better things for themselves is debatable. Nonetheless, none of them as far as I know are happy in the present day and have likely never experienced true real happiness. As described before, some of these people have had very bad things happen to them. Is this karma or maybe a keeper’s doing? I have no idea, but it is something I have turned over in my mind for many years, and continue to ponder on from time to time.

    One theory some hold is that angels are protecting people. This could turn into a really big conversation, so I will try my best to stay objective here and stick to the main topic of karma and keepers. I challenge the theory of angels for the following reasons: The Bible was written by several people with several different versions available, as have all books that we know today. Christianity in itself, as well as several other religions point to the sky (or heavens) as being the source of an almighty power. What if angels are actually extraterrestrials and those who have experienced said “angels” rationalize their experience by putting a name on the experience, therefore believing it was a religious experience rather than something that they didn’t understand - as a form of coping with the unknown. That is my personal theory in relation to “keepers” and the “karma” experienced therein as being related to any type of angelic form. This also covers how extraterrestrials could very well be the forces pulling the strings. As humans we base our logical thinking on what it is we know to be true - or what we have been taught is the truth, but how do we really know? The short answer is - we don’t. It is much easier to put a label on something to be able to process what that thing is than to be left to wonder and be afraid of what we do not know and understand. It is much easier to read what others have written and blindly accept it as being “the truth” or “the way” without seeking further proof. Just a few things to think about - and this goes for any religion. Group-think is a good descriptive term that comes to mind.

    The religious standpoint on karma and “keepers” has everything to do with psychology and the human brain and its functions. Think about it as I said before - the human brain naturally tries to rationalize and process new information in a way that is understandable and logical. This varies depending on who you are talking to of course, but is the ultimate foundation for religion. Beginning in ancient times before electricity, technology, and all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things we have now, the less intelligent brains of those before us attempted to rationalize what they were experiencing. Let me give you a universal example that is actually more recent - did you know at one point women were seen as being psychotic and even evil for having hormonal symptoms related to their menstrual cycle and even for having a menstrual cycle period? (no pun intended) Women were put through horrible treatment to try to treat PMS, and it was even seen as being a mental illness/disorder for a very long time! At one point in time menstruating women were seen as being involved in magic and sorcery (whoops, you got me!). To quote some religious scripture, “go apart from women during the monthly course, do not approach them until they are clean” Quran 2:222, “…in her menstrual impurity; she is unclean… whoever touches…shall be unclean and shall wash his clothes and bathe in water and be unclean until evening” Leviticus 15, and lastly from the first Latin encyclopedia, “Contact with menstrual blood turns new wine sour, crops touched by it become barren, grafts die, seed in gardens are dried up, the fruit of trees fall off, the edge of steel and the gleam of ivory are dulled, hives of bees die, even bronze and iron are at once seized by rust, and a horrible smell fills the air; to taste it drives dogs mad and infects their bites with an incurable poison.” Okay… so… you realize how ridiculous all of this sounds, right? However, it was not ridiculous at the time - the people who lived in those times found a way to explain, rationalize, and describe what they felt was logical for explaining a woman’s menstrual cycle. Freud attempted to explain why people felt this way about menstrual cycles by stating that humans are naturally scared and uncomfortable around blood - again the human brain giving a logical explanation for why these thoughts and beliefs occurred. We know now through research and scientific data (actual tangible proof) that PMS is related to the shift in hormones women experience during that special time of month, which can cause a plethora of symptoms. This is easily treatable today with modern medicine or more holistic approaches - both of which have also been scientifically proven to work.

    I know that last paragraph seems a little off course for this particular blog topic, but it carries a strong point that I feel necessary to make. Point being: religion is just another way the human brain tries to rationalize an event that is happening that is unexplained, new, different, abnormal, or scary; the same way that human brains of ancient times tried to rationalize with women bleeding from their vaginas. Having answers and an explanation gives people peace of mind. Once an idea becomes universal, again, it makes it easy to follow and just shrug the phenomena off as being caused by whatever is said by whoever is explaining it as their belief. The same is said for keepers, karma, and everything in between.

    From a disorder perspective, it is very possible that some people believe in having a “keeper” because they are divine or special to a point of being above others. This behavior would likely fall under a more Narcissistic Personality Disorder or potentially some form of psychosis or schizophrenia. Reason being, these disorders involve hallucinations, delusions, and irrational beliefs that are of a bizarre nature. All three have key factors that make them different of course. For example, Narcissistic Personality Disorder revolves more around the person having selfish traits and not possessing the ability to connect with others all while believing they are of a certain prestige pedigree or above others. Psychosis and schizophrenia look similarly to one another in that both include symptomology involving hallucinations, delusions, and breaks from reality, however schizophrenia can actually cause psychosis. Additionally, patients diagnosed with schizophrenia may have symptoms of psychosis but not everyone with psychosis will be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Keeping it short here, but those are the basics of those three conditions. Knowing this, it is easy to see how someone could hold a belief that they have someone watching over them because they are special, or that some force is causing them to receive good karma or inflict bad karma on those who do them wrong.

    Regardless of which way you choose to look at keepers and karma, both are definitely interesting phenomena that could use more research and productive discussions. Keeping an open-mind is always the path I personally choose to take because there are so many factors and options to consider before making a solid judgement on what the actual root cause of either one of these is. I wanted to kick 2021 off with an interesting yet somewhat debatable topic to really get you thinking. There are plenty more blogs in store where this one came from. This year will be much better than what we knew as 2020 (good riddance!) Here’s to another year full of education, knowledge, mystery, good conversation, and intriguing topics that really get those gears turning in your brain. Stay safe, be you, and never stop seeking the truth - whatever that truth is for you.

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  • Hello???? Yes I’m obsessed with this character k thanx bye

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  • After David Teniers the younger, the witches sabbath, 17th century.

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  • I wanted to share a bit more of my process of creating these starter kits, so I added a few bits, like references and colour pallets to my Instagram stories. They will also be available in my highlights for future reference!⁠

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