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  • rachelblairy
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    very serious inquiry to anyone else who had covid:

    i’ve been very lucky and had very mild symptoms ( mostly just exhaustion, a headache and a runny nose which, tbh, is just my daily life ) and i did not lose my sense of taste/smell but i also.

    haven’t eaten? like at all? like its 6:40pm and i just ate half of one frozen waffle and went ‘no more’ is this normal????

    #i was at the doctor a literal week ago and ive lost ten pounds since then this cant be good #but im just not hungry and when i do eat it hurts #so. you know. throwing my weird experiences out into the ether. #covid cw / #( ashley. )
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  • dogmouthhorse
    21.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    my dad has covid after going to a live show that i begged him not to go to.

    #.txt #covid cw #sorry i know i dont really vent post here i just. #i dont know what to do
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  • softgaycontent
    21.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    work is so goddamn stupid. when catching covid was an active risk for me coming into the office I couldn't just work remotely, but now that I have actually fucking caught it, working from home instead of just taking a full week of sick time is perfectly acceptable

    #they win either way! #i took only 1 day off this week it's so fucking dumb #im disappointed in myself too idk why I let myself get roped into any of it #not like im gonna get the time back later #motherfuckers. #rghh #they gave me too many deadlines one after the other but i should just say fuck it and they deal with the consequences #sigh. #three day weekend was a bad time to catch covid too i think id have taken off at least 2 days if 1 wasn't a freebie #covid cw
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  • alllelements
    21.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Whole family has covid now

    #I really wish I could come and help out with the dog and the cats and running errands #but I don't have anyone left in the city whos couch I'd want to crash on during a pandemic #and my dad is alone in the house cause my mom's at a clinic #everything sucks and I'm feeling a bit helpless #covid cw
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  • intearsaboutrobots
    21.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    "asking my boss for the info he said hed give me on my promotion" is all well and good in theory but i just joined a convo to hear him telling a coworker that his dad has COVID and is refusing to be hospitalised perhaps because he "just wants to die"

    i don't think i as a person can make myself impose on him now gekfhgkh

    #original content#covid cw#suicide cw #i guess?? to b thorough
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  • momentia
    21.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    continuing my tradition of listening to their music way too loud and crying my eyes out when an artist whose voice was the soundtrack to years of my life dies of fucking covid-19

    #but the pandemic is over everythings fine right #ugh#amber personal#death cw#covid cw #its m3at l0af for anyone who doesnt wanna google #yes i know that hasnt been officially confirmed but it will be in the coming days
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  • ghostlyanon
    21.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    As for the COVID-thingy, the main symptom I’ve experienced has been a dry and tightened throat that was very annoying, along with some sneezing and runny nose. I’ve also been extremely sleepy/tired so I’ve been basically slumbering the illness away. I only sporadically get enough energy before I gotta head back to snooze again. I can say that today my throat is feeling way better than the past few days, so YAY. I’m glad I did get my two vaccines before I ended up catching that bug. In this case, sooner is way better than later. 

    #I've been inside for 3 days since I took the test and the doctor say I gotta stay for 8 days so that means I still have 5 more days to go... #WHINEEEEES #I MUST REMIND MYSELF THAT I AM DOING THIS FOR THE SAKE OF SOCIETY #I am a biowarfare element too dangerous for ppl rn #I AM DANGER #i thrive in sleep ( ooc ) #delete later #covid mention cw
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  • obihoekenobi
    21.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    welp they just removed all covid restrictions except mask wearing

    #emma.txt #cw covid #as of tomorrow #kinda insane it's happening so quickly #like to go from all these restrictions to nothing?? #and they're opening up offices again too so i don't know what'll happen there with work
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  • simsdead
    21.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    C*vid finally got my ass 🤒

    #the gag is I barely leave my house #except for job interviews which is like once a week #tw covid#cw covid
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  • whitesuited
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    im about to go stand in the shower for an hour a bit and just let this day go so obviously this is an inbox call for when i get back all squeaky clean.
    #kiddo is sick w/ a fever & cough & runny noise #*nose hahshs noise omg #rapid test said no c*vid so at least there's that so far #but im still a Wreck over it #so i'll be distracting myself w/ this and the memes in my inbox tonight #lemme meme spam u #multis pls specify because im the Worst at choosing things #covid mention cw
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  • raggedyannazon
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    This covid shit has me feeling like I'm gunna pass out everytime I start walking around. And not my usual little light headedness I usually get. Full blow feels like I'm trying to be knocked off my feet and the world goes blurry.

    Fuck Omicron Persei 8.

    #annazon bullshit #my kid is recovering faster than i am which is good but also bad because shes now on an adhd wind to antagonize me #cw covid#tw covid
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  • mallinora
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    The only positive thing in my life is my covid test result

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  • indomitablespirits
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ((UUUUGH, my dad might have been exposed to an Omicron case at work and I just wrote to see if it would interfere with my interview tomorrow.

    IT BETTER NOT, because I’ve actually gotten somewhere with this process! ; A ; ))

    #Coffee-crazed firefly (Mun-Faith) #covid cw
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  • aflyingcontradiction
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    God, today is just one of those "throw it in the trash, start over tomorrow" days - spent all morning waiting for a doctor's appointment (had my appointment at 9.30, ended up being seen at 10.45, didn't get out of there until nearly 12... ended up sitting in the hallway to wait, too, because the guy sitting near me in the way-too-busy waiting room literally pulled his mask down to cough.)

    And then when I got home I had a major, major meltdown about something that ended up being a misunderstanding.

    How much have I actually gotten done today? Nothing, basically.

    #my babbling #covid 19 cw
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  • lemonriice
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    my dad visited my relatives' house last week, the evening after his visit we receive news they all tested positive.

    dad (doctor) doesn't take his isolation seriously despite mom's (doctor) chastising, insists he's fine, and doesn't want to do a rapid test despite us owning literally 2 boxes of them here and mom can administer them. lives with 2 toddlers + a 90 yr old btw. like 3 days later he's saying he's fine and is back to regular movement in the house.

    mom gets mildly ill but tests negative, presumed allergies + flu since it is that time. the 2 toddlers also very congested, presumed flu.

    brother 1 falls ill with cold, followed by brother 2, presumed just flu since mom tested negative anyway.

    cue today, a week later, and brother 2 asked for a swab to be sure since his cold came back strong yesterday. positive.

    everyone is tested, thankfully mom, the kids, our grandfather and i are negative but brother 1 is also positive. and finally, dad agreed to be swabbed, and he is positive.

    father behavior.

    #thankfully it's all very mild but god. jesus christ. gooood. #we're okay we'll be okay but god am i annoyed ! #covid cw
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  • bluemusickid
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I feel bad for the UK. This is the absolute worst. The threat of covid still is at large, but everyone (read: BoJo) is so hell bent on things "going back to normal".

    All I can say is, I hope the people in the UK atleast take precautions and are safe. But who am I kidding. Welp.

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  • sirprincessbutchtwink
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    🧍 hey so my entire family has Covid except for me I'm literally just doing nothing in my room. If you want to message me then please do, or rb this if it's ok to message you I'm so bored. 🌈🐊

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  • gayloomba
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    well . im stuck at home with these babies (and one not pictured because shes hiding n shy) because lucky me tested positive for the covid *upside down smiley face*

    the white one is carlisle the orange one is cheeto and the fluffy big guy is max

    #galoomba talk tag #gayloomba cats#covid 19#covid cw #i can tag this with whatever is needed !! just lemme know haha but sometimes i like to share my fun life stuff
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  • call-2-arms
    20.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    // Me currently being:

    Is it the heat? Is it my thyroid acting up? Is it hay fever? Is it stress? Is it finally a stomach ulcer? Is it the Rona? 

    Take a pick! 

    #ooc#tbd#cw: covid #// I did get a swab earlier so I should find out tomorrow or so #// But also WHAT IS IT? #// I'm not really sick sick? It's just spaced out and tired and kinda weird burn in my throat? #But not sore? More like acid reflux for the last couple of days? #But then also my stomach has been acting a bit weird also #And my head is sore #But I also get migrained regularly due to my neck being a fuck wit #I AM A BROKEN PERSON OKAY and it sucks arse DX
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  • dcvilment
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    This bitch got C.ovid from one of their patients last shift 🥲 living there EMT life. I feel crappy but should get paid leave since it happened on the job.

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