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  • memenewsdotcom
    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    India daily coronavirus deaths top 4,000

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  • moeder-aarde
    09.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Corona and quarantine have taken a huge toll on all of us and a lot of people have developed depression becouse of this.

    The first year of a depression disorder is the most Chaotic and scary, that Is why I want to give you all some advice on how to deal with it.

    Extra note, these are things that work for me, everyone is different and experiences depression different so it is possible that my ways may not work for you, and that is okay, well find something that does work.

    1. Get enough rest. You are going through a fucking pandemic while dealing with a mental disorder That is from itself already draining your energy. So please make sure to get that extra nap when you need it.

    2. Stay active. Maybe a weird one to come after I said to get rest but it's important. When you feel depressed you probably want to stay in bed all day, however this will just make you feel worse. You don't have to walk a marathon everyday, even just sitting outside for a bit can be enough.

    3. Hygiëne. Taking care of your hygiene while being depressed is a literal pain in the ass, so don't feel bad if taking a shower or brushing your teeth is too much, go ahead and wear the same depression hoodie for a month. But quickly rinsing your teeth with a wet toothbrush is better than nothing, just plashing water on your face and armpits is beter than nothing. I do Realy recommend trying to wear clean underwear everyday, believe me you don't want to go there.

    4. Eat. For most people depression takes away their appetite, that's completely understandable, however you do need food to survive, I recommend that when you manage to go to the grocery store you get some easy meals and snacks. It might not be the most "healthy" but you're focusing on surviving. You also deserve your favorite treat so go get that as well.

    5. Also eat. For others depression makes them eat even more. That is completly understandable, you are surviving, so please do not feel bad about the vew pounds you may have gained. You're doing the best you can, you can focus on eating more "healthy" when you feel better.

    6. Reflecting moments. Take time out of everyday to reflect on your day and how you're feeling, when you become more aware of your feelings and possible triggers.

    7. Keep a journal. To get back to the last one, writing down how you feel is a great way to keep track of your emotions, it's also a amazing way to let go of those thoughts. You don't have to write in it every day, just when you feel like you need to write stuff down.

    8. Don't feel bad. Please please please try not to talk yourself down. I know it's easier said than done but it is so important. You are dealing with a mental illness, which is a actual illness. You are doing the best you can. If you can only lay in bed for a week that's totaly okay, if you can only sit and play games, that's great. As long as you're getting through the days you're already doinh amazing and I am so proud of you. Just focus on surviving for now, you'll get to live again one day. I promise.

    9. Find stuff that helps you cope. Finding healthy coping meganisms is one of the most important things to do. It will help you through the hard days, I know it's tempting to go for the unhealthy coping meganisms and if thats the only thing helping right now then no one will blame you. But please do try to go for the healthy ones, the unhealthy ones will only course more problems later in life. (believe me, I know)

    10. Get therapy. If you have acces to therapy please do seek it. I know it sounds scary and maybe you feel like you can do it on your own but please do find a therapist. Also important to note, find a therapist you like and who actualy helps you. Don't feel bad if you have to send a therapist away, they're here to help you get better and if one of them does not fit you it's in both your best interest to go look for a other one.

    I hope this will help, if you have questions or you want extra help do not be afraid to send me a message.

    I am in no way a licensed therapist, I am not trained to deal with triggering content or dangerous situations, so if you do want to talk aboht that kind of stuff please put a trigger warning at the beginning so I know what I can expect. Also please do not take my words as the only truth, I'm only human and as I said before, what helps for others might not help for you.

    I love you all, I am so proud of you all, I hope we'll all be able to return to our lives soon

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  • cruzpaddock
    08.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    The other day, I was just sitting in my room, reading some fanfiction and what not.

    My mom calls me from the livingroom, laughing pretty hard at something.

    Curious, I head over, asking her what's so funny, she tugged me down to the coffee table, so I could see the add book.

    She points to something and tells me to read.

    By the end, I'm absolutely dying.

    I'm absolutely wheezing. The Canadian add book has absolutely no chil for these anti-maskers, and non-believers.

    She cut it out

    and put it on the fridge!

    #canadian#canada#no chil #this is so good #memes #this! #taking no crap #this is the best #omg#wheezing #i can't breathe #covid#dumbases #anti-maskers are stupid
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  • seventhranger
    08.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    okay so i had to make memes for a school assignment (wack, i know) but i feel like it's important that we still follow the protocols, even after the vaccines because a) vaccines don't work instantly and only work after the second dose (so don't go partying right after getting one shot), and b) not everyone can get vaccinated for various reasons. by following protocols, you're helping to keep everyone safe. also covid keeps on evolving and there's multiple strains now so it's more important than ever to follow the protocols.

    [ reblogs and likes are appreciated :) ]

    #memes#covid-19#protocols #okay i know the memes are shabby at best #but i'm trying my best here xD
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