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    The countries with the 10 greatest number of Covid-19 cases:

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    Rabies - USA

    Rabies in deer is typically rare; however, in several counties in west-central New York State, at least four cases have been reported in recent weeks, prompting officials to remind hunters of the risk as hunting season is about to start.

    Dengue Fever - Europe

    The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reports that 18 autochthonous, or locally acquired dengue fever cases have been reported on the continent in two countries–Italy and France.

    In Italy, 10 locally acquired cases have been reported in the Veneto region since the summer. Officials say the probable origin of the primary travel-related case is West Sumatra, Indonesia.

    In France, eight total locally transmitted cases were reported in three departments– Hérault (1), Alpes-Maritimes (5) and Var department (2), including a Dutch tourist diagnosed on her return from vacation in Var.

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  • I’ve spent the last 8 hours in front of a screen working on a singular task for a group assignment. Captioning an 18 minute video that makes up 40% of my final grade.

    It better be worth it.

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  • Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana, The Life of Reason (1905)

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  • Covid19 Testing Fee Slashed to Shs 185, 000

    via @PerilOfAfrica The Ministry of Health has announced a 23% cut on the cost of Covid19 testing which was introduced back in August amid public outcry.

    The Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Diana Atwiine announced that the testing cost was being trimmed from  $65 (UGX 240,500) to $50 (UGX 185,000).

    The $65 charge was introduced on 27th August 2020, supposedly to take some pressure off of government testing centres.

    It was meant to be paid by Individuals and Organizations that sought voluntary Covid19 testing.

    This was however met with strong public outcry and concern that it would discourage most Ugandans from seeking Covid19 testing.

    However, Dr Atwiine says, testing costs have since reduced prompting the reduction on the charge.

    “The cost of transporting Laboratory testing kits and other supplies from the point of manufacture to the country has reduced due to resumption of international flights,” Atwiine said in a communique to various stakeholders.

    “It is upon this background that the Ministry of Health has reduced the cost of COVID-19 testing from  for people seeking testing services in Government Laboratories including truck drivers at the different Points of Entry; individuals seeking to know their COVID-19 status; people seeking COVID-19 certificates for international travel; organizations (both Government and private) that wish to test their staff for purposes of prevention; Ugandans and visitors from abroad without negative COVID-19 certificates.”

    Government nonetheless is still offering free testing services to patients who present to Health facilities with COVID-19 symptoms, contacts of people who have tested positive for COVID-19, community surveys to establish the extent of spread of the virus, surveillance samples and Frontline Healthcare workers.


    The post Covid19 Testing Fee Slashed to Shs 185, 000 first appeared on ChimpReports. https://dlvr.it/RkF06z

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  • the most interesting thing about trump is his hyper fixation with all these other issues that have nothing to do with the economy, businesses getting back to businessing, and anything that has absolute zilch to do with corona virus.

    trump doesn’t acknowledge the virus exists anymore. If you mention the virus, he shuts down and tries to redirect the topic. He does sort of talk about it, but he’s in denial about its progress and the way the slope is headed.

    We can’t eradicate this virus, because antibodies for corona only endure for 73 days - 3 months tops, maybe source. If you form antibodies and they function correctly, you can still catch corona within three months. But in some people they don’t fully recover, and they relapse. And crash. It is difficult for tests to track the severity of corona virus infection, but if you test positive for the covid and don’t seem to have symptoms, that is not a good thing.

    Corona virus is a pathogen that targets blood tissue efficiently, it is not isolated to one area of tissue. It is systemic and diverse, which makes it difficult for the body to combat. If it was a disease that affected the lungs, it would be easier to devise methods to treat it. Even if covid only infected the liver, then the viral cells would be in a single location, and treatments developed.

    But it is not a virus specific to a singular organ. It eats the hemoglobin from the red blood cells, deprives tissue and capillaries of essential oxygen. It kills blood cells. It’s a horrifying disease, that is nothing like the cold or flu - it is a blood pathogen.

    I know I keep saying this, but people don’t really research this virus. Which is obvious, because people think it’s cool to just sleep walk through this mess. If you’re not on top of safety and your health, this winter will end you.

    There are so many people who have come this far through 2020, and they won’t live to see 2021. If not for this virus. We are in bad shape.

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  • In the end, nothing really matters.
    All we can do is love and love
    until our hearts stop beating
    and our bones turn to dust.
    My memory is
    fleeting, but it’s
    enough. You
    lived in

    #astoryadaykeepsCOVIDaway#coronavirus#covid-19#writing#poetry #writers on tumblr #love#nothing matters#nonet #“nonet” sounds like “none of it” #which is what inspired this #the phrase itself was in the poem #but got cut to fit the syllable count #it lives on in the title
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  • #dr ashley bloomfield #unite against covid19 #keep scanning #do what ashley says #only in nz #only in new zealand #covidmemes#COVID19#COVID-19 #covid's a dick #stamp it out #keep it out #kia kaha nz
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  • Co-vide mes couilles !

    Bien plus qu'une maladie c'est devenu le prétexte planétaire pour justifier la connerie humaine et le servage de l'humanité sous toutes ses formes…

    C'est à en vomir dans ses corn-flakes !

    Dois-je vous rappeler dans quelle situation de crise notre pays se trouvait juste avant cette fichue crise sanitaire ?

    Notre gouvernement brade les services publics aux investisseurs privés, détruit le système de santé publique, et maintenant on nous sort des chiffres du chapeau pour justifier le débordement dans les services de santé ?

    Ils tirent littéralement sur l'ambulance putain !

    Puis ces abrutis n'ont qu'a en faire un reality-show tant qu'on y est, de toute façon on se croirait déjà dans Koh-Lanta avec leurs directives anti-covid à la con.

    Ah et puis sinon pour les retardataires :

    “ Bienvenue dans 1984 - La dictature neo-capitaliste c'est maintenant ! ” 🥳

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