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  • francoise-larouge
    14.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    Réunion 07-04-2021.2©FrançoiseLarouge

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  • francoise-larouge
    08.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Étrange mois de mars 2021©FrançoiseLarouge

    #photographers on tumblr #bnwstreetphotography #photographie de rue #Paris en noir et blanc #photographie humaniste #noir et blanc #Black and White #covidtime#couple #les vieux amants
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  • francoise-larouge
    25.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    CoiffeurParis20©FrançoiseLarouge24 mars2021  

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  • francoise-larouge
    24.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    CoiffeurParis20©FrançoiseLarouge24 mars2021  

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  • ciadi
    09.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Covid time again

    Che palle l’ennesima semi-quarantena. E’ passato un anno ma non stiamo andando in meglio.

    Questo isolamento forzato devo dire che mi sta pesando sempre di più. Vivere da solo già non è il massimo, così è ancora peggio.

    Dico dal punto di vista emotivo.

    Anche volendo cercare qualcuna come cavolo si fa visto che le interazioni personali sono ridotte a zero.

    2020 anno pessimo per me dal punto di vista “vita privata”, 2021 non sembra possa riscattare il precedente, anzi fa rimpiangere ancora quello che è stato e non è più.

    Vabbè, come al solito via di pazienza e tempo al tempo...

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  • covidtimethoughts
    31.01.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Diary OR Thoughts during covid times

    Am I really publishing my diary when everyone can read it? Stupidity? Mistake? I hope no... For over a month I have not made any entries in my diary. Once again, there was no desire and strength. Today is the 24th week of my pregnancy. It seems to me that this pregnancy is better tolerated than the first one. Heartburn is a bit disturbing, but overall I feel good. From February my daughter will only be in the kindergarten for 4 days. She is smart, and I love her more and more. She has become so interesting! I will devote more time to her, otherwise, when my son is born, I may not spend much time with her. She is better at home (constant tears in the morning, "I don't want to go to the daycare"), and this will help us save money. With the payment of the car, insurance, mortgage, it is now harder to save a lot.

    I wanted to enroll my daughter in group ballet classes, but they only offered online classes due to covid restrictions. What stupidity! Group ballet classes online for 3 year-old kids on Zoom! This is complete nonsense. Let's wait for better times. The dance studio has also been closed since early November. L., it turns out, came back, but he did not even offer me to meet and practise. He still does not know about my situation.

    I bought tickets for my mom for almost the entire summer, but all these restrictions are very embarrassing and cost money. Prime Minister Trudeau today announced a mandatory hotel stay (about $ 2,000) for three days prior to retesting, not to mention a test 72 hours before departure. I really hope it will be canceled before she arrives.

    I finally passed my fitness exams!!! I passed the theory exam at 75% of the required 80% and I was terribly upset. The exam took place online, but they record you on a camera, monitor you during the exam, check your computer, desk and walls, force you to remove your phone, so you would not be able to look for answers anywhere. I have never failed any exam in my life! And so it's a shame - I missed only 3 correct answers for "Pass". I cried a lot and walked around like a beaten one all day. I wrote to them that many questions did not relate to theory and there are no answers in the textbook, and they make money like this on purpose. I paid for the second exam, but they revised my answers, agreed with me, decided to give me the required 80% and returned the money for the retake! I saved money, but I still felt a sense of humiliation. The second group fitness exam was easier and I passed the right 80%. In the summer I will pass the CPR & FIrst Aid and apply for a certificate of a group fitness trainer with all the documents. I hope I haven't wasted my money. Now the fitness, dance and sports industry hit the bottomline: all gyms and centers are closed because of covid, and I don't even know how, where and when I can recoup this money by working as a fitness instructor. I know for sure that I don't want to continue working here as a telephone translator with a $ 18 pay and slave working conditions. I'm starting to hate this job and already counting the weeks and months until maternity leave.

    Yesterday my husband and I (as an interpreter) finally went to the dentist, and we regret not having done this earlier. His teeth are in disrepair, you need to pull out molars, do a cleaning and a bunch of fillings, which turned out to be dilapidated. This will take a few appointments, and I hope to do it all before the end of our insurance, because I doubt that we will be approved later. Yesterday I went to the optometrist - a very good doctor, but my husband does not want to take advantage of the insurance and go to get checked.

    I wonder if I should send the first part of my diary to the publisher. A living long-term diary about how my dream came true and we moved to Canada from scratch. Also wondering if I should keep a blog on some websites, so I googled where the best place to do this is. In general, the mood is depressing because of this covid, restrictions, instability and the future. They say that we will never be able to return to the old life, and this is even more frightening. We need to adapt to new realities ... How?

    For the first time we went to British Columbia and stayed in a house with our Russian-speaking neighbors. We visited Emerald Lake and Lake Louise, but they are all frozen, so the effect and impressions are not at all the same as in the summer, when the colors of the landscape are created by water, mountains and this beauty takes your breath away ... I made a conclusion for myself, that we will travel with our family to avoid problems and conflicts. It is difficult for two families to get along in the same house with small children.

    I agreed to meet with Fama tomorrow. She completed the Office Administrator course, and now has been working for 3 months free online from 9 to 5 for some company. After that, she will need to look for a job. I also thought about this course option, but her experience is something not entirely encouraging. Tomorrow I'll ask her for more details.

    After passing the exams, I now don't know what to do. I have reached the point where I’ve got used to the changes and new life in Canada and I again need great goals and a new level to achieve. My energy requires a vector, and I need to find a direction. Let this post be something new and good in my life and bring success! Amen!

    #covidtime covidincanada diaryincanada
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  • giampieroabate
    13.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Respiro! (dettaglio) 📝 Questo dipinto nacque per una mostra dedicata alla lotta alla mafia, ma può essere letto anche per questo periodo. 🧫 Covid-19 Un virus che uccide o fa soffrire proprio togliendo il respiro. Un virus che toglie il respiro sociale, economico, umano. Una periodo di sofferenza e privazione, a cui si vive la speranza di squarciare il velo soffocante e ritornare a Respirare e vivere. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Acrilico e misto su tela 100x150 cm Disponibile . . #painting #paintingoftheday #giampieroabate #artcollective #arts_gallery #artcollecting #art_collective #artstagram #contemporaryartist #artecultura #artlife #artcurator #artcollectors #figurativeart #figurativepainting #figurativeartist #covid_19 #contemporaryrealism #covid_art #covidtime #respiro (presso Rome, Italy) https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ_Qzy_H5Wt/?igshid=58rblligihvj

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  • miroverd
    30.12.2020 - 3 monts ago
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  • coldbluefrost
    27.12.2020 - 3 monts ago

    Respect the pain!

    The worst time of our life, hit like a rock to us. And when it results in being away from the person we loved or the goals we wanted to get the most, we break down badly. We cannot stay firm and darkness comes on us. We lose our appetite for everything; it is like a dream which was so alive just shatters in front of us and the bits of those glasses stabs us in our heart. It is hard, it feels like…

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    #author#begingsandends #blog writers_corner insomnic night_thoughts confessions midnight_writings hope wish light fiction feelings #breakup breakuphurts leftalone #christmas christmaseve december winters #commitmentsofalifetime#covidtime#dailyblog#emotions #emotions life love friends world family motivation journey #everydaylife#wordpress
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  • francoise-larouge
    18.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Paris décembre 2020©FrançoiseLarouge

    #photographers on tumblr #covidtime #Black and White #Street Photography#bnw street#paysage urbain#urbanphotography #photographie noir et blanc
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  • nobles53
    17.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
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  • francoise-larouge
    01.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Masqués novembre 2020 ©FrançoiseLarouge

    #photographers on tumblr #bnwstreetphotography #portrait en noir et blanc #masqués#covidtime#crise sanitaire#masque obligatoire #photographie noir et blanc #photographie humaniste
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  • francoise-larouge
    27.11.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Place Paris 20©FrançoiseLarouge 2020

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  • fatlarde
    12.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    oncei  made 500 in one shift and i  have been chasing that high ever since

    #cant rly do that in covidtime tho huh lmao
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  • posoka
    04.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    „dzień dobry” wita „dobry wieczór” informacją ze środka dnia, o zamykaniu najbardziej tłocznych miejsc, jakimi są galerie sztuki, teatry i kina niezależne, również i muzea. Od soboty nie wolno (ale niedzielnie wiemy niestety, które gmachy stoją szerokim otworem...) Dlatego spamem informacyjnym rzucam wieść o tym, że wystawa ma, pt „dzień dobry”, podziurawiona covidowymi postrzałami, możliwa jest do oglądania do piątku, do końca dnia w budynku Galerii. Albo, z pozycji krzesełka, fotela, kanapy, czy gdzie tam jesteście można ją zobaczyć przeglądając kciukiem lub też wskazującym, zdjęcia. Na zdjęciu „boża krówka” na tetrze, 2020 #smuteczek #covidtime #exhibition #biedronka #bwabydgoszcz #dziendobry #rjro #gosiabartosik #mapechaw2020 💋 (w: BWA - Municipal Art Gallery of Bydgoszcz) https://www.instagram.com/p/CHLxKAFHGPX/?igshid=17izbib93i139

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