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    If it makes you happy, then it is not a waste of time. Well, yes, making cookies is never a waste of time😁🍂

    I’m still in autumn mood even though it’s snowing outside❄️

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    The cabin collection

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    A cottage witch and her dragon 6

    (You can find the rest of this collection of short stories on AO3 here)

    A knock came at Serenity’s door. She opened it to find, as usual, Granny Thomas on the other side, grinning in a way that made Serenity suspicious.

    “Granny?” She asked, moving out of the doorway so her elderly neighbor could come in.

    “Serenity, dear, I’m so glad you’re home!” She said, still grinning. Serenity was now nervous.

    “I was just getting ready to work on a shawl design I’m testing out. I can’t seem to get it quite right. But that can wait. Should I make us some tea?”

    “Oh, nevermind that,” Granny waved her hand dismissively. “I have some exciting news! My great great niece and nephew are going to visit! They’re coming into the city to replace some farm equipment, and they’re dropping by to visit tomorrow!”

    “Great great niece and nephew? Granny… how old are you?”

    Granny gave her an offended huff. “Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a lady her age? Besides, you’re a witch yourself. You know training your magical abilities lengthens your lifespan. And I was the only witch in the family, until my daughter followed in my footsteps.” She suddenly had a very far away look in her eyes. “It’s not easy, outliving your siblings, and your husband…. Witch really is a lonely profession sometimes.” She shook her head quickly, as if to dislodge unpleasant thoughts. “That’s why we have to stick together!” She added enthusiastically. “Just two witches against the world! And it’s not so bad! I get to see my family grow and grow. I have twelve grandchildren, you know. And two great grandchildren. And ten nieces and nephews, and I lose count of all the great nieces and nephews and great great nieces and nephews. Really we’re a whole clan.”

    Serenity smiled, a feeling a little wistful at the idea of such a big family. “So your great great niece and nephew are going to visit?”

    Granny lit up with her suspicious excitement again, as if just remembering whatever her nefarious goal was. “Oh, yes! And they’re right around your age you know. And my nephew, Roderick, he’s in charge of the family farm, and he hasn’t gotten married yet.”


    “His sister isn’t married either,” she said innocently. “I”m not picky. She’s bisexual, just like you. It runs in our family, you know,” she said proudly.

    “Granny!” Serenity said, exasperated, “I don’t need to get married! I’m only 24! And you just said yourself I have a long life ahead of me.”

    “Yes but, it would do this old lady’s heart good to know you’re not alone, when I move on.”

    “Granny, the sad old lady act doesn’t suit you.”

    “Okay, okay, so I’m a busybody. It wasn’t an act, though. And Melissa, the niece, has always wanted to live in the city, and then you’d be my proper family and you’d both be taken care of. And I’d get to see my niece more often. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

    Serenity sighed, softening. “Granny, I can take care of myself.”

    “I’m not asking you to get married tomorrow,” Granny said, as if bargaining. “Just come for dinner.”

    “I really don’t want to get in the way of family bonding time,” Serenity objected.

    “Well between you and me,” Granny said, leaning in conspiratorially, “I think it would be good to show I’m not alone here. My family has been trying to get me to move back to the farm for a decade. They really don’t understand the witch's aging process. They talk about falls and bad hips and such nonsense. But I came to the city for a reason. I’m a city witch through and through. And I’m not some helpless old lady.”

    “I suppose I can come for dinner, just this once,” Serenity relented.

    “Excellent!” Granny beamed. “You can bring dessert. Best way to someone’s heart is through good food. And your apple pie is to die for!”

    “Granny! I’m not seducing your niece and nephew with food!”

    “Yes yes,” Granny said, clearly not paying heed to a word she said. “Oh, by the way, how’s Dragon? He doesn’t seem to be growing much. Then again, he is a dragon.”

    Serenity gave an exasperated sigh. “He’s doing this new thing! He loves blowing out candles! Well, blowing is the wrong word. It’s like he sucks the fire into his mouth and puts it out. Like he’s breathing fire, but backwards!”

    “He’s what?” Granny asked, as if this information was somehow incomprehensible. “He’s… breathing fire backwards? What an odd thing to do.”

    “I don’t know how to get him to stop! He’s obsessed! He keeps putting out my candles mid ritual! The little terror.”

    Granny couldn’t hold back a snicker. Serenity looked at her with complete exasperation in her eyes.

    “Oh, don’t look at me like that. He’ll get smarter as he gets older. He’ll probably grow out of it.”

    “Yes but that doesn’t help me now!”

    “Well if he’s really being a pest, you can bring him over to my place next time you do a ritual. I don’t mind watching him. I even bought some fancy orange blossom honey this time, for when he comes over. A fellow honey connoisseur is a welcome neighbor.”

    “Honey is honey.”

    Granny looked at her like she had grown another head. “What on earth do you mean? This is why you’re single. Can’t appreciate a proper honey.”

    “Granny I’m single because I choose to be. And honey is just too strong a flavor for me.”

    “I’ll have to get you some more mellow honey. Maybe some thistle honey,” Granny said, completely ignoring her comment about choosing to be single.

    “I will try any honey you offer me, but I’m not giving up my bachelorhood.”

    “Fine, have it your way,” Granny said, in the tones of someone who had been deeply wronged. “You still need to come to dinner though. I don’t want to get dragged back to the farm just because my family doesn’t understand witch aging cycles.”

    “I’ll come, Granny. And I’ll bring my pie.”

    “Excellent,” Granny replied, satisfied. “Well, I have to go back home and give the place a deep clean. Can’t have the family thinking I can’t take care of my house anymore.”

    “Do you need help?” Serenity offered.

    Granny looked at her as if she was deeply offended. “I’m perfectly able to keep my own house. You’re just as bad as my family. Thinking I need help to clean my own house. Hmph.” But the twinkle in her eye betrayed her.

    “I’m perfectly aware you don’t need help,” Serenity laughed. “I’m offering because I care about you.”

    Granny softened. “I care about you too, dear. Deeply. You’re my favorite neighbor. Us witches have to stick together, you know.”

    “I know.” Serenity felt herself soften as well.

    “Well then” said Granny briskly, “Time to start cleaning! Oh, can you lend me another one of those rags that always absorbs more no matter how wet you get it? Mine is dirty and I’m not doing laundry until laundry day.” Granny hated doing laundry just as much as Serenity hated darning socks.

    “Sure,” said Serenity, rummaging around in one of the bins that lined one of her walls. “Here you go. Just don’t forget to bring it back. Those ones take a lot of energy to make.”

    “I’m not surprised. They’re genius, really. Well, please and thank you and all that. I’ll see you tomorrow. Five o’clock. Don’t forget the pie.”

    “I won’t forget,” Serenity promised, ushering Granny out the door.

    The day went by quickly, and in what felt like a flash, it was time for dinner. Serenity was a little nervous. Not because of Granny’s matchmaking attempts. She knew the old lady was mostly just having fun. But being around Granny’s family made her a little bit nervous. She couldn’t help but feel she was intruding.

    “Come in, come in!” Granny said cheerfully when Serenity knocked on the door. “I’ve been waiting for you! Did you bring the pie?” There was a teasing twinkle in her eyes.

    “Yes Granny, I brought the pie.”

    “Good, good. Serenity, this is my nephew Roderick, and my niece Melissa.”

    The two family members looked remarkably alike, both having Granny’s brown eyes, and what must have been Granny’s black hair, before she went grey. They could have been twins! Roderick had a short sleeve shirt on, which let the viewer see his arms, muscular from farm work. Melissa had a long sleeve dress on, but you could tell she was just as muscular underneath.

    “It’s nice to meet you,” Serenity said politely. “Granny was very excited when she told me you were coming.”

    “Aunty Mel has told us all about you!” Melissa exclaimed, friendliness in her voice.

    “Aunty Mel?”

    “I do have a first name, you know,” said Granny. “I’m not just called Granny. It’s Melody. Melody Thomas. Anyway, stop standing in the doorway and sit down for tea. Oh, your rag is on the counter, you can take it back with you. Serenity makes these genius rags that always absorb more water no matter how wet they are!” Granny informed her guests.

    “How exactly does that work?” Roderick asked, interest clearly piqued.

    “Oh, it’s a modification on a shrinking spell,” Serenity said. “The spell shrinks the water molecules, so more can fit in. They technically have a water limit, but it would take a small lake to fill it.”

    “Fascinating,” Roderick said. “Do they take longer to dry?”

    “Unfortunately, yes. I can’t seem to figure out a work around for that. They do dry quicker than you’d expect, though. But you have to deactivate the magic when you wash them. I worked it into the spell so you just snap your fingers over them and say ‘deactivate.’ Then you have to remember to reactivate the spell after it’s done washing.”

    “That’s amazing!” Melissa said. “I could definitely use one of those.”

    “You can have mine,” Granny said cheerfully. “I’ll just buy another! I have an unlimited supply of knitted and crocheted magical items available to me! And Serenity makes teas, too. I may look young, but these old joints have started to hurt just the same. Her joint relief tea is a miracle!”

    Serenity blushed, embarrassed. “It’s mostly the herbs that do the work. I just add a little energy to make them work better.”

    “And Serenity’s pie,” Granny continued, completely ignoring her, “it’s to die for! It’s her mom’s recipe. She died when Serenity was young, you know.”

    “Granny, nobody needs to hear about how sad my life is. I’m quite happy.”

    “That’s true my dear. I’d much rather sing your praises than talk about how lonely you are.”


    Granny did manage to look a little sorry. “Okay, maybe I’m laying it on too thick. Really though, Serenity is a great neighbor and a great help. We keep each other company, and we’re always helping each other out.”

    “That’s true,” Serenity relented. “We do help each other out. The whole neighborhood does.”

    “So you see,” said Granny triumphantly, “No need for me to move back home. I’m quite safe and happy where I am.”

    “Yes but maybe Melissa should come stay with you,” Roderick suggested. “She could help you out around the house.”

    “I only have the one bedroom, and I’m not moving out of this house,” Granny said with stubborn finality.

    “It’s okay, Aunty. We know you love it here,” Melissa said, clearly used to smoothing over an argument that had been had dozens of times.

    “I do. I may have been born in a country town, but I’m a city girl at heart, really. Everything is so convenient, and there’s so many people from so many different places. Besides, I met my dear husband here, and our life together was lived here. I really can’t go back.”

    Roderick stopped looking so displeased and smiled. It seemed the family kerfuffle was successfully smoothed over.

    “Now then,” said Granny, changing the subject. “Serenity has the first dragon familiar in a decade! Did you bring Dragon with you today?”

    Right at that moment there was a scratching at the door and a pitiful shrieking called out for it to be opened.

    “He was asleep when I finished the pie,” Serenity said as she got up to open the door. “Well what are you doing in the street all by yourself,” she greeted Dragon unceremoniously.

    Dragon replied with angry shrieking. He radiated “how dare you leave me alone” energy. He ran into the room and went directly to Granny, shrieking the entire time.

    “Oh, did she leave you alone?” Granny cooed. “Poor Dragon, all alone over there.” She picked him up and put him on her table. “Did you get lonely?”

    Dragon chattered at Granny, communicating his outrage at being left alone.

    “Are you telling on me?” Serenity asked.

    Dragon turned to her and yelled again. Then he sniffed as if to express how deeply wounded he was, and then slowly and deliberately turned around to face Granny, away from Serenity, and sat down. Serenity, it would seem, was being offered the Butt of Rejection.

    “I’ll give you some meatloaf, how about that?” Granny asked encouragingly.

    Dragon perked up and sent questioning energy at her.

    “I made meatloaf today!” Granny told him. “It’s a special day! My niece and nephew have come to visit.”

    Dragon turned to look at the newcomers. He huffed again, clearly unimpressed, and resumed his sulking.

    “Oh, don’t be like that,” Granny scolded. Suddenly a squawking rang out across the kitchen, a magical timekeeper going off. “Oh, it’s time to check the meatloaf!”

    Granny went to the wood burning stove and opened the oven side. There were more sophisticated stoves that ran on magic, but no one in Valley Commons could afford one. The enchantment was extensive and took a specialist to repair, and they had to be re-enchanted every few years. It just wasn’t practical for someone living on a fixed income. Besides, Granny had cooked all her life on a wood burning stove, and she wasn’t about to stop now just because a fancy and newfangled usurper came along.

    “I think the stove could use some more wood,” Granny said. “Roderick could you, oh, thank you.”

    Roderick handed her the wood before she even finished her sentence. Granny opened the fire half of the wood stove, and started moving things around to accommodate her new wood.

    Dragon’s eyes got dramatically wide as he looked at the open stove. Serenity felt his sudden interest as his pupils dilated. She barely got out a “No!” before Dragon opened his mouth wide and, with a burst of magic energy that startled both Granny and Serenity, breathed in. There was a loud whoosh. The flames roared between the stove and his mouth, heating up the room. The roaring lasted for what seemed like a much longer time than it actually was. Then Dragon sucked in the last of the flames and closed his mouth with a snap. The room was suddenly cool. Everyone stared in silence at Dragon, who let out a smokey burp, clearly very pleased with himself.

    “Dragon” Serenity shouted, extremely embarrassed. “That’s not a candle! We need that fire to cook!”

    Dragon looked at her, perplexed.

    “You little terror,” Granny said, hands on her hips. “How are you going to eat meatloaf if I can’t cook it, hm?”

    Dragon was unrepentant.

    “Not sorry, are you? Well. Best restart the fire. Hopefully the oven doesn’t cool down too much while I get it relit.” Granny stacked her firewood into the still hot stove, and Serenity felt a flash of magic and the fire was lit.

    They made small talk over tea while the meatloaf finished cooking. Serenity couldn’t quite shake the feeling she didn’t belong, but Granny was too busy asking about her large extended family back home to exaggerate all of Serenity’s virtues, so at least there was that.

    “So,” said Granny, with a deliberateness that made Serenity nervous. “Roderick, are you seeing anyone?”

    Serenity tried to keep her mortification off her face.

    “I am, actually,” Roderick said, visibly brightening. “I’m seeing this girl named Rosalynn. She’s -”

    “Oh, that’s too bad then,” Granny interrupted dismissively. “Melissa, what about you?”

    Serenity nearly spit out her tea, and only barely managed to avoid aspirating on it while she coughed.

    “Why Serenity,” Granny, after all these years, was extremely good at feigning ignorance. “Are you alright, dear?”

    Mercifully, the magic timekeeper let out its squawking alarm again, and the meatloaf was done. Granny stopped her nonsense to give everyone a generous helping, including a serving for Dragon on a little painted ceramic plate that Granny had purchased just for him.

    Everyone eagerly dug in, only to be met with immediate disappointment.The meatloaf was, unfortunately, the driest meatloaf Serenity had ever tasted. The flavor was good, but it fell apart in mealy bits in her mouth.

    “Oh dear,” said Granny after taking a bite. “Dragon, you brat. You ruined my meatloaf.”

    Dragon was too busy gorging himself on meatloaf to dignify her accusation with a reply.

    “Oh well,” Granny sighed wearily. “At least we have gravy.”

    Dragon perked up at that, as if to say “Gravy? There’s gravy?”

    “Yes, you can have some.”

    Dragon lit up like an exclamation point and ran over to the gravy dish. But he tripped over his own foot in his haste, and landed face first in the bowl of gravy. Serenity made a gesture that could only be described as a face palm.

    “Well,” said Granny in the tone of someone who was carefully controlling themselves. “There was gravy.”

    Serenity sighed, grabbing the gravy drenched Dragon, who was cleaning himself by rubbing his paws on his face and licking them. “I’m sorry, Granny.”

    Granny sighed too. “It’s okay. He’s just a baby. He doesn’t know any better. The meatloaf really is terrible, though. At least there will be pie at the end of it.”

    Everyone muscled their way through the generous helpings of meatloaf they had been given, the thought of pie a merciful light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, everyone managed to eat their serving, and Granny Thomas brought out Serenity’s pie, which had been sitting in the warming box her family had gotten her for her [NUMBER REDACTED] birthday.

    “Serenity’s apple pie is just the best,” Said Granny cheerfully. “It’s tangy and sweet and she really goes all in with the spices.”

    “I have most of them on hand for my teas,” Serenity explained. “I just mix them in until it smells right.”

    Granny, as is the habit of all grannies everywhere, once again gave each of them a generous helping. She apparently had not learned from the meatloaf.

    Serenity, relieved to have the meatloaf ordeal over with, took a large bite of pie and, to her utter horror, tasted green apples, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and an absurd amount of salt.

    “What…” She stared at her plate in confusion.

    No one else had taken a bite yet, so they all looked at Serenity questioningly.

    “It’s… salty. It tastes like.... It’s so salty.”

    Granny, apparently unable to take her word for it, took a bite for herself and quickly spit it out into a napkin.

    “Well that’s unfortunate,” Granny said, with the airs of someone who had given up understanding reality for the day.

    “I don’t understand,” Serenity spoke in tones of absolute bafflement.

    Suddenly there was a strange noise. It sounded like a hissing cat that had the hiccups. Dragon.

    “Dragon, are you laughing? What did you do!”

    Dragon was, judging by the overwhelming amusement he was radiating, indeed laughing.

    “What did you do?”

    Dragon continued his hiss-hiccup laughter, and sent her a feeling of mischief, and somehow managed to gather the right emotions to send the idea of “switched.”


    Dragon nodded.

    “You switched my salt for my sugar?” Serenity was flabbergasted. Since when was he smart enough to play pranks? “You little monster!”

    Suddenly, there was a snicker at the table.


    Granny’s shoulders rocked as she tried to hold in her laughter. Finally, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and she started laughing uncontrollably. She looked at Dragon, looked at Serenity’s horrified face, and laughed even harder. Tears started to form in the corner of her eyes.

    “Th...this… little… monster,” She wheezed, barely able to talk between giggles. “He’s so small… How did he manage to do this much mischief?”

    Roderick was smiling, and Melissa let out a gasp of air she’d been holding back and started laughing too. It was just so absurd, how badly this dinner had gone. Sometimes when everything that can go wrong does, all you can do is laugh and move on.

    Everyone quieted down after a few minutes. Granny had to wipe her eyes with Serenity’s super absorbent rag.

    “I raised four kids, and helped raise my sister’s kids, and helped with my grandkids when they were small, but absolutely none of those children managed to cause this much trouble all at once,” Granny said, laughing. “How does he fit much mischief in that tiny body of his? He really is such a naughty little thing.”

    Dragon let out a squeak of protest.

    “Oh yes you are,” Granny argued. “Very naughty.” She gave him an indulgent look and opened up the honey jar, giving the spoon a dip and handing it to a very eager Dragon. “And spoiled too.”

    Dragon nodded in agreement and licked the spoon enthusiastically.

    “I’m so sorry, Granny,” Serenity said, laughing. “I should have taken him back home.”

    “Oh well, dear, we got through it, didn’t we? I think I have a tin of cookies in the pantry. Let’s just have those with some tea.”

    Things got more friendly and relaxed after that. Granny stopped her crusade to set Serenity up with her family, and acted like the generous host she was. The cookies might have been a bit stale, but the company and tea was good. Serenity got to hear about life in the country and countless stories about Granny that had amassed over the generations of children she had helped raise. Melissa and Roderick listened with interest to Serenity and Granny talking passionately about places and people you could find in the city. Serenity was able to relax, and the feeling of being an interloper slowly faded until she was comfortable in her friend’s kitchen again.

    The night ended on a much higher note than it began, and when Serenity went to sleep that night, she felt the peace of an evening filled with warmth and happiness filling her as she drifted off to sleep.

    #serenity and dragon #a cottage witch and her dragon #Granny tries to set Serenity up with one of her family members and she's not picky which one #Dragon single handedly ruins an entire meal and he's not even sorry #my writing#original fiction#original writing#cozy vibes
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    Esa sensación de frío pero calidez al mismo tiempo, las viejas memorias rodean tu cabeza, diciembre es un mes de reflexión en el que podemos darnos cuenta en todo lo que hemos cambiado, mirar fotos del pasado puede ser doloroso, quizás perdimos a alguien o ganamos a alguien. Un año más ha pasado, parece poco tiempo pero suceden muchas cosas, he crecido como persona, fisica y mentalmente no soy la misma. La sensación de felicidad al usar tus sudaderas favoritas y los calcetines que más de acomodan, en mi caso, siento inseguridad en mi casa durante estos meses, me dan mucha ansiedad pero genuinamente tienen un encanto que me hace decir que es de mis temporadas favoritas.

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