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  • Every NPC: so what are you trying to do here, why did you come all this way?

    The M9: well you see……………….. Um good question we’ll get back to you on that one.

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  • Evil cultist is confused by a gift and declarations of love from stalkers but accept them as his spectators for his shady end of the world ritual (because everyone need someone to clap and/or gasp when you do something dramatic).


    #what can i say i want to have hope #that whole convo was exactly what I expected but it HURT #rough painting#cr spoilers#C2E117#critical role #critical role fanart #tomb takers#lucien#mighty nein#m9
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  • gif request: Vex and Keyleth seeing Vax again

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  • btw   if   /   when   the   f/jorjester   REALLY   HAPPENS,   i   will   not   be   upset,   even   though   i   ship   w/idojest,   because   i’m   a   big   mean   meanie,   and   i’m   in   it   for   the   pining   anyway   lol.   

    #just thinking about this lol #this is how I will feel #not saying how caleb will feel yet lol #ooc. #cr spoilers #critical role spoilers
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  • “I will think about that all night,” Fjord says to her, but maybe there is just as much in that conversation for Jester to lay awake thinking about too.

    They’re on a different plane in the Tower, but does Jester go to sleep with the amulet around her neck, just for her peace of mind? Does she wonder if this will really make a difference, and even if it doesn’t, does that at all diminish how touching it is that Fjord gave it to her when he is himself in so much danger? Does she lay in bed for a while playing with the amulet between her fingers thinking about his concern for her? Do her thoughts stray to his touched smile when she asked how he was feeling lately or his soft intensity when he spoke of working to have a future he didn’t name but clearly imagines with clarity?

    Does she ask herself as she drifts to sleep what he exactly meant at the end of that lengthy and twisting conversation, I will think about that all night?

    Does she ask herself: what will he think about all night?

    That Sabian is on Darktow? Or that she is kind and fond and eager more than anything to help him?

    Does she hope he’s thinking of her at this same moment?

    #Critical Role#Fjorester#Fjord#Jester Lavorre#CR spoilers #Critical Role things #I'd write this into a proper short scene but exhausted
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  • Can’t wait till the Might Nein show up in Eiselcross and immediately bear hug Essek in front of all his coworkers who have never seen him so much as crack a smile

    #cant WAIT #the storm of the MN is gonna take eiselcross and i for one am thrilled #critical role#cr spoilers
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  • Jester really just flat out forgot about messaging Essek for help when talking to Fjord and offered to message whoever he needed instead. The little saphire is definitely in love.

    #fjorester#critical role#cr spoilers #critical role spoilers #c2e117 #*cue she's in love from the little mermaid
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  • me: i love watching characters turn evil!

    matt mercer: *brings lucien out*

    me: I TAKE IT BACK!!!!!! I TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    #piri.txt #cr spoilers #I HAVE TO STOP WATCHING EVERY 2 MINUTES AND DO OTHER SHIT FOR 24 HOURS CAUSE IM JUST SCREAMING RHFBFHVJFKGJ #this is it... this is my completely-off-the-rails-au-cr-fanfic-writer origin story #in my brain yasha just stabs him and everything is fine. yasha nydoorin is having a good life in my brain rent free
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  • last shitpost today

    consider: lucien’s crew as sense8 (sense9?). that is all

    #critical role#cr spoilers #yknow a m9 as sense8 au is something i do wanna see
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  • also look this is because I Personally Have Issues and am secretly the dumbass protagonist of every lovecraft story ever, but I wanna sayyyyy, is bringing back a creepy living city or releasing somnovum or whatever so baaaad? Like the city floats and moves like an organic thing, why do we have to code it as evil and dangerous just because it don’t seem natural and vokodo was scared of it eh???

    #keep in mind back in the day i was also kinda pro releasing ukotoa #never give me the keys to pandora's box i always gotta look inside is what im saying #cr spoilers#critical role #I just wanna see what would HAPPEN if yknow
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  • im in agony…… there are at least 3 highly interesting plot threads the m9 have dangling in front of their faces, and I want to see ALL of them AT THE SAME TIME NO WAITING THANKS

    Lucien and his pack o’ mildly possessed cultists bringing back a cthulhu  city? Yes pls.

    Kidnapping Sabian in Darktow for some answers? Y E S

    Going full throttle on fucking up the cerberus assembly (heyo 1/8 of em are out of the picture)? shkjfhaiaKAF;KLAHHAIEHIONA YEAH.

    #critical role#cr spoilers #give me all the things!!!!!!!!!!
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  • I can’t believe that Sabían is in Darktow!!! The fact that the M9 and him were two ships passing in the night as they made their 24 hour impression on the city is baffling to me. Of course Matt would do that lol.

    Did Sabían know that Fjord was involved?? Did he see the M9? Or is he just a clueless as they are.

    It’s be freaking hilarious if, when he is brought to Fjord, Fjord mentions Darktow and Sabían is like ??? Bitch, when were you at Darktow? And Fjord is like… well we were banned in a day. Like that’s freakin hilarious.

    I wonder how much Matt had planned to happen in Darktow that he had to immediately scrap now.

    I also wonder if Avantica and Sabían knew each other or if there will be a potential team up should the bounty hunters not be able to capture him.


    #critical role#cr spoilers #critical role spoilers #the mighty nein #fjord#sabian#matthew mercer
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  • “its fortuitous that our paths….unite?” the word ur looking for is converge essek u dumb dramatic bitch

    #jack speaks#cr spoilers #i missed this gay drow
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  • Caleb at the end of c2e30 to Fjord:

    “You cannot blame yourself when you are taken advantage of, you know what I mean?”

    Me: O rly Caleb? O rly?

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  • You’ve spun too many turtles.

    #out of context critical role spoilers #cr spoilers #critical role spoilers #critical role#mighty nein
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    Fjord and Jester have a huuuuge tendency of mirroring each other and their past conversations and so much about last week’s one on one felt familiar (though with huge steps forward) that I need to write down a few of the parallels to better illustrate it. 

    (I blame @justalittlebluetiefling for talking parallels and throwing my brain into this blackhole again)

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    #fjorester#critical role#fjord stone#jester lavorre#cr spoilers #let’s see if tumblr shows the colors I’ve put into this to highlight parallels #Sofia’s nonsense
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  • the inherent tension between essek-centric fics where the author doesn’t know that essek isn’t consecuted and the fics where the author knows and makes it a point of internal conflict

    #cr spoilers#critical role #its always fun coming across one like. which is it #spin the wheel
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  • if you or a loved one spent 250 days waiting for Essek to come back, rejoiced at the ~50 words we got last Thursday, and now realize the next two weeks seem impossible, you may be entitled to emotional compensation–

    #cr2#cr spoilers#essek thelyss #9 (nein!) days until our next possible hot boi
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  • Me the first time we here Lucien talk: Intriguing, spicy, unique, I shall make him my header

    Me now: Awful stinky bastard man how dare he make me change my header 

    #critical role#mollymauk #the mighty nein #cr spoilers#lucien nonagon#cr lucien #I’m still not over how he talked about Molly #Sir im not sorry that you have to die now
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  • image

    I loved when the Traveller was summoned with comune that was a great interaction

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