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  • davescheapgarage
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • malewifeian
    15.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #you know in 9x06 when he says 'how about uncle kevin drives you?' or something to ian #yeah like that but how about uncle kevin teaches you %&$*&$%(*$ #insanity. lunacy. crazyness. #anon
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  • matriarca-inodora
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ok this will probably be really random, but here it goes: would anyone be interested in a post about how Apollo is in some respects a god of abstraction and mathematics?

    (also, I´m currently working on some posts on epithets so it would be nice to have a bit a of a crazy theory post to balance my brain)

    #yeah that came out of the blue i know #but hear me out #FRACTALS#and also#harmonic series #and fibonacci crazyness #and astronomical insanity #why yes Pythios got to me really HARD this week #i need to get this out of my system to make sense of it all #apollo*#apollon*#apollodeity#apollo#hellenic polytheism#helpol#hellenic paganism#paganism#apollo worship#apollo devotee
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  • sahbri
    05.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    "I am all over the place right now"

    ...how long is "right now" supposed to last? Cause my "right now" has been happening for a few years.

    It'd be nice to have things situated!

    #right now#crazyness#unorganized #just figuring stuff out #figuring things out #lost in thoughts #overwhelmed
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  • itseivwhore
    02.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Heyoo, send me some asks, whatever you want about whatever, so we can make posts and go crazy

    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ c o l l e c t i v e l y

    #send me asks #whatver you want #I want to see how far the crazyness (and thirstiness [ouch spell?] ) of my dear eivwhores can go #HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH #don't be shy slide in the asks #and if you are wondering yes I drew that #do you like it? :( #HAHAHAAHAHAHAH#eivwhores talk
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  • backfromthevoid
    18.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Send me some weird thoughts

    #send me anons #anons crazyness welcome
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  • thewolfcatcher
    09.02.2021 - 2 monts ago


    I already played this crap and I assure you: it damn sucks

    La folia - Corelli

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  • formationlapsz
    05.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #it's good to be back #i've missed the hellsite #and the crazyness that comes with it #asks
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  • samantabrzozowska
    05.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Just crazy hippie girl and her art

    #me #photos of me #my selfie #my hippie look #artist#blogger#self model #creator of paradise #my art blog #my art works #my lifestyle #spirituality of the eternal child of paradise #cute girl#crazyness
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    26.01.2021 - 3 monts ago
    Hi hi!  So just to explain what the heck is happening, I’m using this doc HERE to attempt and catch up with those ancient threads that we wish to continue but that I somewhat just lost in my drafts at some point O_O!  I’m attempting to reply to them in the order in which they’ve been written - if there’s any there that people do not wish to continue then they are free to say so. I’ll be working on @dawnxtoxdusk​ next week - like tackle one blog per week while trying to work out what to do with the canon blog and playing Genshin on the side - health pending of course. 
    #ALERT! - PSA (Important Info) #//small update on my crazyness #//have to get Garth's blog all done too -_-
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  • bluejaywriter
    10.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Martha Kent is cold.

    It’s late afternoon, and there’s been a steady shower of snow since sunrise, and by the looks of things, the snow will probably continue on through the night, dumping a big pile of white fluff onto this world that she calls home. Martha had poked her head out of the window around lunchtime when the scraping sounds started, and she’d been treated to the sight of some very muscular Amazon women shoveling the snow away from the walkways, back muscles gleaming in the dull sunlight, clearly unaffected by the bitter chill.

    She’s weathered worse storms in her lifetime, the kinds of blizzards that cause panic at the grocery stores, sending people scrambling for the essentials, as if they’re afraid that this is one of the big ones, the storm of a generation—one where they’ll end up isolated for weeks instead of days. Compared to the Long Winter, it is a harmless little shower that’s falling over New Themyscira now, more a trifle than a tribulation.

    But it’s still cold.

    When Queen Hippolyta strolls in as the last few rays of sunlight are struggling their way through the heavy blanket of clouds, Martha is lying in bed, buried underneath quilts and furs, and she’s shivering. She closes her eyes when she hears Hippolyta approach, because maybe if she pretends to be sleeping, the Queen will also decide to sleep, and then they will both be in bed, and that sounds nice...

    “It seems the Goddesses have gifted me with a floating head. How strange.” Soft lips brush over Martha’s forehead, and she sinks a little deeper under the covers, not opening her eyes. “It is pretty little thing, though.”


    Those cool lips curve upward into a smile, then they slip down to press against the corner of Martha’s mouth.

    “What’s wrong, little one?”

    “It’s cold,” Martha mumbles. Hippolyta pulls away for a moment, then a heavy weight drapes across Martha’s body, and the covers tuck in a little tighter around her shoulders.

    “Here, darling. This was warming by the fire, now it will keep you warm.”

    Martha opens one eye, and there’s a giant bear fur lying on top of her, come to join the rest of the zoo scattered across the Queen’s bed. 

    “I don’t know,” she murmurs, closing her eyes again, ignoring the fact that she’s actually beginning to feel a little toasty. “I don’t think it’s working.”

    She can feel Hippolyta gazing down at her, and for a moment, she thinks the woman is going to tell her to stop being so difficult, but instead, she hears Hippolyta crossing the room, and the sound of the fire crackling as she adds another log to the flames. She can feel the press of heat from here, all the way across the room, and soon, it will be 80 degrees in the bedroom, and 120 degrees underneath all these furs…

    “How is that, little one? I have stirred up the fire, and it will not falter for many hours.”

    Martha stretches out her limbs so then they’re not touching each other, because if they touch each other, they will exchange heat, and they’ll be too warm, and then there will be sweat, and that is not a pleasant thing in bed with furs and fire—

    “I don’t know, Lyta,” Martha sighs. “It has been snowing for so long. It’s like I can feel it in my bones.”

    Hippolyta is kneeling at her bedside now, and she’s stretched out a hand to brush her knuckles over Martha’s flushed cheeks, and she knows exactly what’s going on here, and they could’ve ended this whole thing a long time ago if she’d just gotten into bed at the beginning like she was supposed to, but no, they have to go through this whole facade, and Martha will probably be melted and the palace will have burned down by the time they’re done...

    “Perhaps I can make you some soup, darling. That will warm you from the inside, and help to speed your blood along.”

    “There’s something else you can to to help speed my blood along,” Martha says a little grumpily. The caressing hand pauses.

    “There is? And what is that, a hot bath? That is a good idea, I should have thought of this earlier—”

    “No, Lyta,” Martha whines, opening her eyes and tugging at the strong arm that’s stretched across the bed toward her.

    “No?” Queen Hippolyta says, sounding more innocent than she’s even been in her entire life. Martha pretends to scowl as she kicks at the heavy bear pelt. It barely moves.

    “Get in.”

    #Marlyta #here have a thing #it's not great but it's the best I can do right now #also they have a long discussion about soup which I'll have to add when I post this on ao3 #anyway here is a palate cleanser from the insanity that is 2021 #I have another bonus chapter to post on ao3 but it's depressing so I've been putting it off #I hope you all are coping as healthily as possible with the crazyness!
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  • accioecho
    03.01.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Tkem Novel 12

    Chapter 15 - “The secret only I know”

    Tae-Eul thought over what Nari said.

    “If there are two identical worlds, then one is bound to destroy the other.”

    She wished Gon would come back soon. She wished he would appear right there, right then, in her courtyard atop Maximus.

    Carrying this secret alone was too much of a burden and she felt lonely.

    Chapter 16 - “Even if the flower doesn’t bloom”

    After a long day at the station, Tae-Eul was finally on her way back home. Instead of heading inside the warmth of her house though, she stopped in front of it and took the time to water the small flower pot that contained the seeds she bought in the Kingdom. Crouching down, she carefully examined the surface of the planter.

    Only soil was visible underneath the soft glow of the street lights.

    “Why won’t you sprout?”

    Rationally, she knew it was because they came from another world. Just thinking about the fact that these flowers may never bloom left her disappointed.

    Gon was still away and these flowers would probably never bloom.

    Tae-Eul stared at the pot for a long while, lost in her thoughts. Finally standing up, she lightly tapped her legs with her two hands.

    “How have you been?”

    The voice she longed to hear all this time rang clear in the empty courtyard. Turning around, Tae-Eul saw Gon standing tall, donning a dark coat. Still struck by his sight, she simply nodded.

    “Have you been waiting for me?”

    Unable to tear her eyes away from him, she nodded once more.

    From the Kingdom of Corea to the Republic of Korea.

    Crossing universes.

    Tae-Eul knew how far these two worlds were. How big the space between 1 and 0 was.

    She couldn’t go to his world even if she wanted to. She couldn’t meet him even if she wanted to. The only thing she could do was to wait.

    Gon who was equally glad to see her let out a small laugh. “That’s a relief. I was a bit scared that you didn’t want me to come back—”

    He didn’t get a chance to finish. Tae-Eul reached Gon in a few strides and hugged him.

    There were a few things she could do now.

    She could touch him. She could embrace him.

    With Tae-Eul’s head tightly pressed against his chest, Gon felt his heart skip a beat. Silently, he wrapped his arms around her.

    Warmth spreading from one body to another, they relaxed into each other.

    Their time spent in the Kingdom was short, and their goodbye felt even more rushed. Their current situation meant they couldn’t send each other texts like any normal couple and Tae-Eul probably worried over him. Feeling sorry for being away for so long, Gon held her a fraction tighter.

    As much as he did his best to carry out his work as quickly as he could, Gon wished he could have come sooner.

    Finally breaking their embrace, Tae-Eul led Gon to the Taekwondo center. 

    She was the owner’s daughter yet Gon was the one holding the key to the training hall.

    Gon had come in earlier in the day, greeted her father and borrowed the house keys. Tae-Eul didn’t know what to make of it. Did he really have to go that far?

    She got the answer entering the Dojang.

    At first glance, the man standing in the middle of room looked like Eun-Sup. His attire was the one detail that gave him away. This man was not Eun-Sup. It was Yeong.

    Yeong faced Tae-Eul and glowered at her, posture stiff. This wasn’t the first time Yeong looked at her with disapproval but this level of animosity was new.

    “You brought Jo Yeong here?” Tae-Eul frowned, turning to Gon.

    “It was unavoidable. He wouldn’t let me go alone.”

    There was several reasons why Gon had wanted to bring Yeong to this place, but one particularly stood out. Yeong had chased after him in the bamboo trail and blocked his path as he was about to cross the gate.

    If he was leaving to go meet that girl Luna, then he couldn’t let him go, Yeong had explained.


    Gon had also learned about her existence in the Kingdom. He had spent hours and hours searching for Tae-Eul and it turned out that her doppelganger did exist in his universe. That time  when he saw a glimpse of her at the rowing competition was not a figment of his imagination after all. But her name wasn’t Tae-Eul and she wasn’t a police officer either. She was just a fugitive, chased by both the mob and police forces.

    Gon couldn’t blame Yeong for being wary of Tae-Eul. His best friend had dutifully looked for her at his request. He believed that Luna and Tae-Eul were the same person, so it was only normal that he couldn’t let Gon go to her.

    This was about to change.

    Gon wanted to show Yeong that Luna and Tae-Eul were really two different persons. That one person belonged to the Kingdom and the other was from another universe.

    Yeong still seemed frozen in place, disoriented from the journey from Corea to the Republic’s Seoul. Examining his surroundings, his confusion only grew as his eyes lingered on the various frames that adorned the walls.

    There were several pictures of Tae-Eul posing with her father. Another frame of a younger Tae-Eul with Shin-Jae. Countless awards and certificates bearing her name.

    To any outsider looking at these various pieces of memory, this was a real, separate person. A person that matched the police ID Yeong saw, belonging to a certain police officer named Jeong Tae-Eul.

    “What… what’s going on?” Yeong asked, face slightly tilted. “What is this place?”

    “I totally understand how you feel. I’m sure we both have a lot of things to worry about, but for now, welcome to the Republic of Korea.” Tae-Eul replied calmly.

    So… did it mean he had to call her Sunbae here?

    Yeong pulled out his phone and tried to get a signal.

    Yeong’s confused state reminded Gon of Tae-Eul’s similar reaction when she first visited the Palace.

    “I’ve never seen him act like that. He looks so cute when he’s flustered.” Gon chuckled.

    Tae-Eul had to admit this was a new side of Yeong. She never imagined that the man who didn’t flinch at the sight of blood could look so flustered. But she wouldn’t go as far as to describe him as cute.

    She guessed it made sense. Tae-Eul lips stretched into a small smile. Gon did consider Yeong as his little brother.

    “Your carefree attitude is what’s cute. How can you just bring someone with the same face? What are you going to do if he gets caught?”

    “That’s why I borrowed this place. Besides, Yeong isn’t the type to get caught easil—.”

    The door suddenly burst open and Eun-Sup came strolling inside the Dojang. His face lit up at seeing Gon.

    “The light were on so I was wondering…”

    Eun-Sup shrieked, frozen at the sight of Yeong.

    Yeong returned his gaze on Eun-Sup. Both staring at each other, fingers pointing towards the other.

    “You two haven’t met, right? Why don’t I introduce… Well, I guess we could say you’ve met already. Anyway, this is my guard, the Unbreakable Sword, Jo Yeong. And this is the guard of a police station…” Gon explained, looking slightly perplexed.

    Halfway through Gon’s quiet introductions, Eun-Sup collapsed. Tae-Eul rushed over to him, grabbing his collar and patting his cheek repeatedly.

    “Hey! Jo Eun-Sup! I can’t believe it! You made him faint! What? Did you say that he wouldn’t get caught? Our Eun-Sup was also raised as a precious only child until his siblings were born. What are you going to do if something happens to him?” Tae-Eul shouted.

    Woken up by Tae-Eul frantic gestures, Eun-Sup kept on rambling. “Noona, I literally just saw someone who looked exactly like me… that face, he’s right here. What the hell is this? He looks exactly like me. No. He is me. Who are you?”

    “And who are you?” Yeong confronted Eun-Sup.

    Tae-Eul could feel a headache coming on. Massaging her temples, she attempted a rational explanation.

    “Eun-Sup. Let me explain. So this is like a parallel universe or something. Don’t get too startled and listen to me, alright?”

    “I didn’t realize it until now, but I’m pretty handsome.” Eun-Sup cut her off.

    Yes, okay. This was Eun-Sup alright.

    “You really didn’t know? How could you not know? I’m sure people around you would’ve told you all the time.” Yeong added, keeping a straight face on.

    Gon and Tae-Eul looked at each other.

    Eun-Sup, who seemed to have regained his wits, shook his shaggy hair. “Wow, so this means everything was true, right? The Kingdom of Corea really exists, and King Arthur really is the King? Wow! Then you’re the King’s bodyguard, right?”

    “No. Are you doing military duties right now? Is the military service compulsory here?” Yeong asked, looking at Eun-Sup’s uniform.

    “What do you mean? Is it different where you live?”

    “Our military system is on a voluntary basis.”

    “Really? Then it means you don’t need to go…”

    Tae-Eul let out a long sigh at Yeong and Eun-Sup’s back and forth verbal sparring. This conversation could drag on and on. The Taekwondo center wasn’t a safe place to hide Eun-Sup’s double.

    They would be safer at Eun-Sup’s place. It was a school holidays so the twins were back at home and Eun-Sup currently lived alone in the apartment.

    She ushered the two of them outside and set up a few basic rules in order for them to co-exist in this world. Eun-Sup could go out and live his life during the day. They would switch at sundown and Yeong could go out at night.

    Leaving Yeong and Eun-Sup to bicker, Tae-Eul brought Gon to their usual bbq chicken place. She didn’t know how long Gon would stay this time around. Regardless, she had been meaning to give him a cellphone so they could reach each other whenever they felt like it.

    Tae-Eul saved all the necessary numbers and slid the brand new phone over to Gon.

    Her number. Shin-Jae’s, Eun-Sup’s, Nari’s and the Dojang’s landline number.

    “Unlike someone, my salary is chicken feed, and I don’t have a mountain full of rare-earth elements. So I bought it with a 12-month installment plan. Don’t break it and take care of it. Don’t forget to answer my calls. I saved all the numbers you will need in this world.”

    “It seems like you bought it and waited for me to come back. Why did you save Shin-Jae’s number though?”

    Gon felt a surge of happiness at the idea that Tae-Eul bought this phone for him and waited for him to come back to give it to him. However, his light mood rapidly changed when he saw Shin-Jae’s number on the phone’s bright screen.

    “They are the five people who will help you regardless of anything in this world. And Shin-Jae is one of the most trustworthy people.”

    “Not you?”

    “For me, the citizens of this nation come first.”

    With the device still in his hand, Gon dialed Tae-Eul’s number.

    At the sound of her ringtone, Tae-Eul instinctively grabbed her own phone, wondering who might want to reach her at this time of the day.

    Lee Gon.

    Gon gestured for her to pick up the call.

    “Is it you?”

    “Hang up.”

    “Don’t hang up. I always wanted to try this.”

    “What is this?”

    “Just a normal daily life with you. Call you… chat on the phone…”


    “Ask you what you did today… and tell you that I missed you a lot.” Gon went on.

    He was saying aloud all the things Tae-Eul had been thinking about in his absence. She could see the waiter approaching their table with their order.

    “Me too.” Tae-Eul admitted in one breath.

    Gon’s chest tightened, joy rippling through him. He didn’t know his heart could beat so fast.

    “We have somewhere to go after we eat.” Tae-Eul announced, grabbing a piece of chicken.


    “It’s something I’ve been planning for a long time.”

    #tkem #the king eternal monarch #lee min ho #kim go eun #tkem novels #Sorry for being MIA #December was crazy work-wise #then Christmas break happened with its own kind of crazyness #Many thanks for your patience! #I gotta admit though #After binge watching Doctors a few weeks ago I developed some kind of Kim Rae Won situation #so I was busy catching up on his filmography #lmao I have 0 chill #anyway happy new year ~  ^_^ #may 2021 make up for all the shitstorm that was 2020 including sbs robbing our cast of their well deserved awards #LMH looked so sad walking up the stage alone
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    03.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    What made me happy today

    Day41: parlare con te e fare le sceme insieme!

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  • elsa-should-be-arrested
    02.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Elsa is crazy and she needs crazyness. I guess it’s good that shes not living in Arendelle anymore.

    #elsa#frozen 2#frozen #elsa the fifth spirit #crazyness
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    24.11.2020 - 5 monts ago
    #escritores en tumblr #poetas en tumblr #the man of solitude #el hombre de la soledad #escribiendo en soledad #writing in solitude #poets on tumblr #2020#locura#crazyness
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    14.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    It’s Friday night and I’m just sitting here

    WHIPPEN some beans

    #I’m so rowdy #just crazyness#beans
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  • beauty-and-passion
    06.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    I know this blog is mainly about Sanders Sides

    But in the span of two hours there has been:

    Putin resigning in 2021

    Destiel becoming canon and I don’t even watch Supernatural but it was everywhere with Putin, so I found out about this

    The american election is still the most addictive soap opera ever, with twists and turns every five minutes

    There’s still a pandemic, by the way

    Hetalia is coming back in 2021. Hetalia, my teen love & guilty pleasure. I don’t even know how I should feel, because of all of the other things

    And, well, it’s been two hours I’m laughing and crying, because this is all so random and yet so perfect... I feel blessed.

    What a day to be alive.

    #2020 is best year #who could've ever guessed all of this? #it's majestic in its crazyness #thank you for the memes btw #I feel so blessed to witness such randomness
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  • gleek-runner
    06.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    okay here's how ΠΑΣΟΚ can still win

    #ζουμε στο καλυτερο timeline! #αυριο μπορει να ερθουν εξωγηινοι και δεν θα με νοιαξει καν #θα μαι φαση οκ κουλ #this is some serious batshit crazyness
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