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    |\}\ ,|\{}\{|}\{\|{`, {}|\{|{\


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  • #I would say i'm gonna stop posting these #but sometimes I just wanna write shitty 'poetry' #lexi's writing#poetry #- well debatable #writing#creative writing #not resident evil #not fanfiction#first draft
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  • So I’ve decided that I will be continuing my currently on-hold TUA fanfic (The Last Equation). It’s currently on the 6th chapter and I wasn’t able to continue the story for more than a year. I know that my story is not really being read by a lot of people and I’m still completely lacking in terms of writing technique but I decided to continue it for the sake of those who appreciate my story. They’re not that many, but a few readers are enough reason for me to try to continue the story.

    Since I already have a laptop that can be used (because previously, I’ve been writing via phone and it is seriously tiresome), I’ll be able to post a new chapter every week.

    If any of you is interested, please feel free to visit The Last Equation at Archive of Our Own

    If you are not a fan of using AO3, chapters are also being posted here in Tumblr. See chapters below:

    Also, you might one to read my first one-shot TUA fanfic (Sweetest Revenge) in AO3 or here in Tumblr.

    This post will be pinned and updated once new chapter has been posted in AO3.

    Also, if you happen to enjoy my story and might want to help me in any way, that would be much appreciated (paypal.me/apparentlyartless)

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  • Morning light trickled through the edges of the curtains that covered my window. The sun wasn’t completely up and so the light was shy and hesitant. It didn’t—and in fact it couldn’t—wake me.

    The alarm that did wake me was punctual, relentless and, of course, loud. The moment I woke, I felt a brief moment of intense resentment toward my past self. Once that moment subsided, my brain accepted that I was awake and I clumsily sat up. While my alarm still buzzed relentlessly, my hands instinctively fumbled around my nightstand and found my phone. I brought the screen up close to my face—I wasn’t yet wearing my glasses—and swiped the blue circle to the left. The intrusive buzzing immediately stopped and I was left with a silence that felt all too real in contrast.

    I sat on the bedside in a room filled with empty silence and sparsely lit by reticent sunlight. I put the phone down on the bed next to me and let my head rest in my hands. My body was going to need another minute to accept that I wasn’t going back to sleep. While I sat, my brain tried to get me to lie back down by pointing things out to me.

    The air is cold, it said. You should get under the blanket.

    You’re just sitting here anyway, it said. You might as well lie down while you’re here.

    It’s still early, it said. The sun is barely up. Go back to sleep.

    That last one was a lie and we both knew it. It wasn’t early, just the time of year when the sunrise comes a little later every day. To some degree, all humans are uncomfortable with things that change slowly. I guess we’re just programmed to latch on to whatever patterns or consistencies we find. If something changes slowly enough that we don’t perceive the change on a daily basis, we freak out because we assumed it wasn’t changing. I wasn’t really going anywhere with this but I hope you get the idea.

    Anyway, the next thing I had to do was stand up and start my day. Once my body is on board with getting up, this part is more like going though the motions than any other. Almost automatically, I stood up, put on my glasses and walked to the window. I opened the curtains, letting in what little sunlight late October had to offer. At least, by virtue of being on the fourth floor of my building, there was sunlight to be had. It would be hours before anyone at ground level would see the sun.

    The view was also nice and I gave myself a moment to take it in. I could see the river and the trail that went along the bank. On the trail were joggers, most of whom were wearing their winter gear. I managed to spot one guy who was still running in shorts. This was hopefully a sign that it wasn’t too cold out yet. Either that or the guy was just insane. The rest of the city beyond the trail was a smattering of rooftops, trees and roads, extending as far as I could see.

    One of the reasons I could see so much at this time of year was that the trees had already lost most of their leaves. Most people seem to find leafless trees to be creepy or something. You know, like in horror stories. I don’t really understand it, having always lived in places where winter happens—I mean really happens. The trees just don’t have leaves for half the year and that’s how it is. I guess those stories all come from places where trees only lose their leaves when their dead. These are probably the same places that normalize a consistent daily sunrise time.

    This is probably an unpopular opinion but I like fall and winter. I like the bare trees, I like the white landscape and I like the cold.

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  • Hello, and welcome to the first chapter of my original story. A chapter should hopefully be up every other week or so, depending on how school goes. WTLBF is about a group of superpowered people known as libra, and follows one in particular, November, as she joins a conspiracy to break free of the training facility for all the wrong reasons: to spite a literal manifestation of her inner demon, and to try and impress her longtime crush Chassia. Recurring characters are listed in order of appearance.

    WC:  3169

    Characters: November (POV character), Lanü, Saffra, Lloy (mentioned), Harper Ren (the evaluator), William ‘Will’ (name not given)

    All text in italics in the story itself is dialogue from Lanü. As she’s an internal voice and doesn’t have a physical manifestation in the real world, her dialogue is more like a thought inside November’s mind. For that reason, it’s italicized to distinguish Lanü’s contributions from November’s. 


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  • Mountain high


    The world spies new times

    There are moments on high that clarify the things which drift deep within the mind

    The psyche seeking the things that define

    Who am I

    When will I be

    What will I see

    There are depths to the making of me

    My skin the superficial trappings of mortal happenings

    Make me clean

    Begin new things

    The fire shapes molds holds

    There are new truths to be told

    I am bold


    I dance upon heads of pins just to draw you in

    Will you believe the dream and welcome what it brings

    Take on the light of distant flailing hype

    Thought higher than it was ever worth defining the swiftness of our deepest current

    Move briskly to the sea

    Know what there will be

    The earth is queen beneath as the sun swirls through slow mesmerizing curls to bring in her king of the night to shine bright

    Is there a might in a universe of blight

    Hold tight

    The ride is the culmination of life’s ultimate exasperation

    Live in the valley deep believing all things

    See the mountain as the precipice to that ultimate wish and dive in knowing the truth is ready for your acquisition

    Do you know how to live deep while driving high

    Blinking your lonely eye to truly see the things to believe

    Welcome to the birth of the new

    The true

    The hue that complicates and completes you

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  • Weary of being something to everyone; need to be everything to me

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  • Perfection

    Trigger Warnings: Suicide mention, racism mention, transphobia mention, islamophobia mention, implied substance abuse (let’s hope all these really shitty things don’t stop everyone from reading, I promise I don’t go into any detail)

    Word Count: 704


    Bibliotheca Animarum.

    That’s what they called this place. I don’t how I got here. I don’t know how I learnt about this place. But somehow I know that this the Library of the Souls. Set up by an ancient race, this building contains the story of every human being. Known and unknown. They’re all here.

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  • There were scars all over her skin. Her elbows and knees looked bruised. Blood dripped down her forehead. Her dress, all torn as if somebody tried to undress her forcefully. She couldn’t even walk properly, she stumbled at the door and fell to her knees. My mom helped her get on her feet. I could see tears in her solemn eyes. But could not make out whether it was out of fear and pain or the drugs she would take to make herself feel better. Everyone thinks she is bipolar. She would deny the accusations. My mom took her to the bathroom, cleaned her up, and helped her get changed. I gave her the nightgown that I had stopped wearing since my sophomore year.

    She decided to bath, instead. After getting clean, she changed into the nightgown. My mom arranged the plates on the dinner table while I helped her descend the stairs. She made herself seated on the couch in front of our television. My mom switched on the television for her. She was looking pale and ethereal. I passed her the orange juice glass. She grabbed it instantly and in one sip, drank all of it. My mom joined us within a few minutes. She asked her if she wanted to tell her anything that happened to her. She sat quietly like a sulk for some minutes. And then, she said in a very weak voice, “ I don’t wanna die. Save me, Linda! I wanna live, love, go out like other people, party like youngsters, sunbath at the beach, dance to Beyonce’s songs, date the most popular guy of high school, and have a family. I want a life. These goddamn drugs are killing me. I feel fucking paranoid. I feel depressed. And the worst part is I can’t do anything to stop this feeling, to stop myself from fucking ruin my life. Help me before I fucking kill myself! I don’t wanna end up in someone’s bed every night after getting high. I don’t want men to fuck me and kick me out of their houses, their lives. I want to kick those rich bastards’ asses and make them feel guilty of raping a minor a fucking million times”.

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  • bluejay pants, hanging limply in the chains holding her so that her toes just touched the ground. she doesn’t have the energy to push against the ground to relieve the strain on her arms, but she doesn’t think that’s going to be a problem by the way her captor is laughing as he hefts a crowbar.

    the all of a sudden, there’s the sound of fighting on the other side of the warehouse, past the long rows of cardboard boxes and plastic and wooden boxes.

    “for fucks sake,” her captor says, frowning as he turns, the crowar dropping as he stares at the rows like he can see through them. “you stay here doll, I’m gonna have z word with my men. gods, can they not keep that cat cult out of my warehouse for one damn minute?”

    bluejay stays limp as she listens to his footsteps fade away, then she lets her head roll back so she can start up at the cuffs around d her wrists. her hands are already feeling numb, and her wrists raw from rolling with her beating earlier, but if she can just-

    blujay let’s out a grunt - both at the effort it takes to flip herself upside down and the way it makes the cuffs cut into her wrists until she has her legs wrapped around the chains and taking her weight. with the new slack in the chains at her wrists, see reaches for her hair and pulls out one of the many bobby pins she has hidden in the mess.

    she pulls it open frantically and sticks it into the lock of one cuff, feeling for the familiar catch and release-

    footsteps sound behind her, but when she jerks up instinctively, it’s red tailed’s distincive brown and red robes she sees before her.

    “you little-”

    she’ll never know what her captor intended to say because red tailed’s raises the gun at bluejay and shoots-

    past her, the bullet going right in the center of her captor’s forehead.

    blujay doesn’t even flinch. she undoes the second cuff before she lefts herself flip back down to the ground. her knees buckle under her and she falls into red tailed’s arms.

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  • The stars were so beautiful from where she sat, seeming so much closer as she stared up at them from her position against a fallen tree.

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  • “A Prank”

    On the last day of summer, B and his friend M went to a lake.

    They had a fun time, drinking beers and talking. It wasn’t until near sunset that B decided to go swimming.

    He dived in. The water was cold and clear, and he could see the bottom well enough.

    He kicked his legs back and forth. Back and forth. Back and…

    … something grabbed his ankle. B nearly screamed his head off, if not for the shock.

    Whatever had grabbed his ankle was incredibly cold. Even colder than the lake.

    Angry at M for scaring him like that, B looked down, prepared to glare at his friend. B then stopped. And blinked.

    There was nothing there. No M. No hand that felt like clay on his bare skin.

    Nothing. Just crystal clear, sky blue water.

    B then glanced at the shore, and found M sitting in his chair. Asleep. B could just barely hear the sound of his snoring.

    M had drank too much.

    M hadn’t gotten in.

    M hadn’t grabbed B’s ankle.

    The water suddenly felt a little colder, and B quickly got out of the lake. He’d shake his friend awake, and they’d pack up their stuff before heading back home.

    They’d never return.

    Want More: https://evanthenerd83.tumblr.com/post/190142568121/2020-story-index

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  • I should let you go

    My mind says I really should

    But my heart just can’t.

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  • The night turns into day

    I walk out of darkness

    With answers pouring in

    My cup is filled

    I enter through pink and green doors

    Embraced with love

    Heart healed, new beginnings

    I find my breath

    A new journey scoops me

    I soar through air

    Break free

    From stagnant energy

    Traversing a new path

    Sunlight guides me

    I walk into a field of sunflowers

    Say hello, yellow petals caressing my lips

    All I can do is smile wide

    Welcoming the new

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  • It’s Monday - probably the most dreadful day of the week for most of us. Just the thought of our long list of ‘To Dos’ for the rest of the week is already exhausting. 

    As for me, Monday mornings are thrilling at first not until I open my emails, whatsapp and all other work stuff and boom! Without me realizing it, half of my day have already been consumed with answering all work concerns that were left unsettled over the weekend. 

    In spite of that, I still find myself joyful for what happened late in this afternoon for I was able to catch up with two of my closest friend in College and I never thought I could ever relate to someone else in terms of current life dilemma.
    It was a quick catch up but also very uplifting! I was feeling down for the last few months because of the current pandemic where resources are undeniably scarce most especially the money aspect. Gladly I still have a job just like these two friends I got to talked to and they were on the same boat as I do by apparently being the only person left with job and income in the family.

    It’s extremely frustrating to be honest. The pandemic is really testing everyone’s resilience and there are days when I just want to break down and cry and wonder when is this ever going to end, or if there’s really an end to this. But I have no other choice but to carry on and do what I can do to help my family. 

    So when me and my college friends were talking and realized that we were all on the same situation, the heavy feeling suddenly lightened a bit. I don’t know but the mood really changed when we shared our current circumstances. We became quite emotional actually and I could tell that they also felt that ‘comfort’ feeling I had ‘cause isn’t that really warming and encouraging? When you realized that the burden you’ve been carrying is just normal. That it’s also experienced by many other individuals out there and it’s okay. You’re okay. You’re not alone - I’m not alone. 

    I’m so glad I was able to talk to my friends today for it truly inspired and motivated me to keep going and be optimistic that no matter what, these too shall pass. I genuinely hope that you also find joy in the little things that you encounter in your every day business. Life’s not perfect but I guess we can make it at least a little lighter by choosing to find joy in the simplest of things around us :) 

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