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  • So you’re sitting 10 feet away from him and you decide that we were never even together. Like I was just some momentary lapse in judgement. Never mind that he made you cry and broke your heart. You still let him buy a plane ticket and stay in your house.

    So fine. Go figure out what you want. Fuck him out of your system, cry some more, argue back and forth. Do whatever the fuck you need to do to figure your life out. I’m not gonna hold you back.

    But this means that we don’t talk anymore. This means that you are out of my life. This means that I won’t be waiting for you to make up your mind. This means that the trust you had is gone.

    And maybe we’ll get it right someday. You’ll move back into town years in the future and then into my condo and we can get married and have our cats and adopt our 2.4 kids. The whole future we planned out.

    But for now, you’ve made your decision by not making a decision. I would have fought for you. What a dumb thing to do.

    “you told me there’s nothing worse than your person being someone else’s. funny, isn’t it?”

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  • You Chose :)

    I wish things were different, of course I do. I wish you were the one I could’ve trusted. I wish you were the one I could tell it all to, I wish you were the one I could’ve given all my love to.

    I hate that I must hold my peace, to refrain. To keep my words stuffed into the furthest corners of my brain. So that I can keep the truth from touching my lips, that you were all that I wanted…

    And I wish you really would’ve felt the way that you said, so that I could hold you in my arms and expell all this I’m feeling. So that after all this time I could believe I still had a place with you.

    I’m sorry I really am, that I couldn’t be what you wanted. That I couldn’t be the only one for you the way you were for me. I’m sorry that this wasn’t it for you. I’m sorry that I could never be enough…

    I just feel like you should know that you weren’t perfect either, but I would’ve taken all of you in exchange for all of me because you were enough.

    Just the way you were, you were my everything. And if you were just someone whose word I could trust… I would’ve never let you go. But if you were that someone, you would’ve held onto me too.


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  • Tango

    not an introduction, a welcome

    an invitation to tango

    zero requirement to know

    what to do, how to move

    allow me, and I’ve got you

    out of harm in my arms

    twirl you until we’re spinning amid the stars

    tonight magnificent

    aren’t our dreams and fantasies fantastic

    flames of imagination

    burning fires

    spark infernos of creativity

    music that soothes the soul

    let’s dance across every planet

    spinning, orbiting, swirling

    won’t you circle around

    whirl with me until l lift you off your feet

    we’ll tango way past midnight

    sway till there’s no

    tomorrow I’d…

    like to get to know you well

    ©️ @followcb ☆ October 20, 2020

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  • You can stand in the rain in the middle of the street and that’s not all that different from telling someone you love them; you can walk through a park and it will smell like the south end even though you’re nowhere near home; you can stare at the sky and it’s not all that different from looking for answers. Do you know who you are? Where are you going? How will you get there? What happens once you arrive? Do you know who you are? Do you have anything to say?

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  • December 30, 2007

    I remember Christmas break in 2007 quite vividly. Not because of the presents, but because 5 days after Christmas my 7 year old eyes witnessed one of the most traumatic experiences I have ever had. The night I feared I would lose both my parents. The night I stayed up all night to make sure my little brothers were okay. The night that made me feel nauseous anytime I see the same color red as was on the living room walls. 

    The day started as a completely normal day. I went to my best friend’s house and asked if she wanted to go sledding with me as we had just had this huge snowstorm. We took my little brothers, Nolan and Ian, to the big hill in Cherring Cross and went sledding until we couldn’t feel our toes anymore, not a care in the world. Soon, the street lights came on, which was our cue to get back to the house. We all walked home together, but when my little brothers and I walked in, something was off. There was no food in the oven or on the stove. Nolan and Ian were getting hungry, so I made them each a sandwich and told them they needed to take a bath and go to bed, with New Years Eve being the next day. My parents are nowhere to be found. I shrugged it off, assuming they had gone to the store. 

    I go to my room and wait until I hear them get home to drift to sleep. Not long after I started to doze I hear arguing. “Great, here we go again” I said to myself, grabbing my MP3 player and headphones. I start playing some music to drown out the noise, but the arguing kept getting louder and louder. Finally, I couldn’t take anymore of it so I walked out of my room to the living room where my parents were arguing. I ran up to my dad and started crying “Mommy, Daddy, please stop fighting. You’re going to wake up the boys” I said between sobs. Usually that got them to stop arguing, but not that night. My dad swung at my mom, but struck me instead because I was in his way.  

    A/N: not my usual style of writing, but I wrote this a bit ago. If anyone wants to give any feedback, it’d be much appreciated 😊

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  • Thank you years of creative writing classes and honors English.

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    [ID: “Respect the fog and it will respect you. You do not want to know what happens when you fall out of favour of the fog.” End ID]

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  • Sometimes I find myself lost in a sea of stars

    A never-ending, ever-growing stretch of the abyss

    I’d meet the Sun but he’s lost himself in his own warm kiss

    I’d come across the Moon but she’s so separated, she’s dismissed

    I’m left drifting across space and left to decay, except

    There’s a scarlet cord back to Mother Earth

    Down there, something kind is scattered across generations

    When put up against the light it rivals the night sky-

    It’s the remnants of my father’s cause

    And my mother’s unconditional love calling me home.

    It sits comfortably in the dirt while singing with the wind

    Now if I’m ever lost again, I just have to follow the cord.

    (A Dream Whispered by the Devil)

    “…oh really? That’s insane! Thanks so much, I honestly couldn’t have done this without you…,” Phoenix’s cheerful voice fills the dimly lit hallway as my peers watch from afar. As I join them, Chudo-Yudo’s avatar jumps in surprise and I mouth a sorry, while Ookami stares on with intensity.
    “What’s happening?” I whisper as my eyes adjust to the sight, Phoenix continues to work on her tablet while on the call.
    “The next stage of our mission,” Ookami answers with a slight annoyance in her voice, “Why don’t you keep up to date?”
    “Do you remember Phoenix mentioning,” Chudo-Yudo softly brings up, “The daughter of a high ranking official?”
    “The one from the…Kaito family?” my memory scrambles together a name.
    “Natsumi’s been trying to convince her to pass on that message to her father,” Ookami nervously bites on her fingernail. Trying to offer her some comfort, I reach out, but she immediately stops me with an icy cold stare.
    Chudo-Yudo timidly whispers in my ear, “She’s not exactly in the best of moods tonight.”
    “I can tell.” 

    “Ryuu!” Phoenix gestures at me like I’m some sort of pet, “Come here for a second.” Like an awkward meerkat, I cautiously make my way but also keep my distance. By the time it takes me to reach her, Phoenix has a pile of papers printed out and slides them to me across the table, “Okay, guinea pig, you’re up first!”
    “Um, excuse me?” I’m honestly taken aback.
    “She called you a ‘guinea pig’!” Chudo-Yudo shouts across the room, “It’s a type of rodent.”
    “He knows what it is!” Ookami snaps back, “Question is if he knows what it means to be called that.”
    “No, wait, guys,” I take a moment to push back my hair in frustration, “ I get what she’s saying, but why-”
    “Shouldn’t the leader make the first move?” Phoenix sips on her tea, I shot a look at her.
    “Pardon me, but Rios wouldn’t get anything done without me!” Ookami’s quick to say, “You’re calling him the leader?”
    “I figured Phoenix was our leader, seeing she’s the oldest,” Chudo-Yudo whispers.
    “You two-” I point my finger and try not to lose it, “Just,” I gesture a zipping motion with my figure, Ookami mockingly gestures back.
    “If you children are done playing,” Phoenix pours herself another cup, “I was just about to give you updates on our mission.” 

    (20th September, Thursday.)

    The plan is simple, somewhat. I mean, I’m a little booksmart, I did get into the institution based on my magical abilities. This will be…a test, yeah like any other test I would have done. Except now if I don’t get a 100%, I won’t just fail, this entire plan will go up in flames and everyone’s efforts will go down the drain. No pressure, all is good.

    I remain hidden on top of a tree, binoculars in hand and watching (yes, watching) the Kaito family. The daughter that Phoenix’s befriended is in her room, I’m told to wait like a weirdo until she opens the front door. Quite frankly, I’m just glad their house is in a secluded area surrounded by a deep forest; otherwise someone’s going to call the police at the sight of a middle school boy lurking in a tree. It’s only the start of autumn, but I find myself shivering from head to toe. I’ll never get used to Earth’s weather, it’s like getting culture shock on my own home planet. 

    I tune in a part of my mind familiar with nightmares, opening my own Pandora’s box. Its cultivated over the years, I’ve only known to tame it by keeping it locked up and whipped like a horse. This Spring I encountered a different kind of fear; on the longest of nights it forces itself to the front of mind and devours me whole. From my fingertips, a mist darker than sin forms and spreads itself thin. It flows down to the roots of this tree and circles the earth, I  hear a growl. I open up my phone and send my progress.

    As is on cue, I watch as the Kaito daughter makes her way out of her room. I quietly climb down the tree and channel my paranoia into the manifested emotion creature. It forms limbs and learns to walk, quickly evolving into sprints and scratching at everything in sight. I keep a close eye on the daughter, she leisurely talks on her phone, only occasionally glancing out the windows. Taking steps to the tune of a nursery rhyme, I let the moonlight wash over me as the creature takes on a more human-like shape. I stop as  I hit the road, instructing for my creature to wait.

    The front door quickly opens and closes, the daughter starts her nightly jog, completely unaware of what awaits her. In less than a heartbeat, my creature launches itself onto her, and she screams into the abyss.

    “Ma’am!” I rush out of my spot, waving my arms about.
    “-call the police! Call them now! Please help me!” she lays on her back paralysed, my creature hovering above her like a preying lion. As I always intended, the creature runs away in the dark of the night; and I happen to be by her side.
    “Ma’am, do you need an ambulance first? Are you hurt?” I put on a mask of concern and gently helped her sit up, she shakes like a leaf.
    “…that wasn’t…who was that? How…,” her teeth violently clatters as she rocks back and forth, I offer what support I can by rubbing her back. Eventually she manages to make eye contact with me, dear lord the guilt.
    “Let’s get you home first,” I kindly offer, “I don’t see any injuries, but just to be safe.”

    (The following dawn, Friday)
    “A big shot’s daughter has been attacked, they’re surely going to implement a curfew or take stricter security measures now,” Phoenix writes down a few notes as Ookami monitors all screens for any sign of news. I remain in my seat, a hot drink in hand.
    “Great job last night,” Chudo-Yudo’s avatar pats my shoulder as he enters the room.
    “I mean, mentally traumatising an innocent girl wasn’t on my list of ‘to-do’s,” leaning back, I watch ripples form in my mug.
    “Oh, she’ll be fine,” Phoenix nonchalantly waves her hand, “Besides, we’ve got more pressing matters at hand.”
    “You’ll be happy to hear I’ve located the next Oddity,” Chudo-Yudo speaks up like a meek mouse.
    “Which your cousin and her neighbour will clearly be looking for,” Ookami squints at the television screen, “And they won’t be as phased to see your emotion creature.” 

    “Oh, by the way,” Chudo-Yudo unrolls a map onto the table, from the looks of it it’s Kyoto, “I’m going to need your help to set this up. But basically,everything we have now with all the tracking; I was thinking of upgrading it to  more sophisticated tech. Kinda like using the latest phone model. It is going to take up a bit of space,” he nervously glances at Phoenix, “But it’s all for efficiency.”
    “Sure thing,” I take a closer look at the map myself, then our current working space, “Yeah, it all sounds great, just run me down and I’ll whip something up.”

    Covering a yawn, Chudo-Yudo continues on gushing about his plans. I take a moment to let this scene settle in. For years and what was the foreseeable future, I felt so isolated and disconnected from any real human interaction. Everyone had a mask, a codename, we were literally worlds apart from our homes with no means of communication. Then this opportunity came up. As if Fate took pity on this lonely boy, and rolled a dice of chance in his direction. Sure, its taken a while, but I’ll take this humble morning over a thousand years of academic achievement. Starting to question when this is all over and done with, am I going to be caged up again?

    Or worse, will that side of me come back for more blood?

    Honestly bless Ookami, no one else has figured it out and she’s been helping me out when she can. Besides Chudo-Yudo, it feels like she’s the first friend I made at the institution. Yeah, she’s stuck by my side since Spring. I can’t help but feel guilty with the fact we’re hardly any closer with finding her cousin. Sure, she hasn’t spoken up about it ever since we’ve been busy with this;but I should also take the time to ask. It should be my time now to be a decent human and check up on her, because that’s all she’s ever done with me. 

    “I’m gonna head out a bit for some fresh air,” I announce to no one and quietly shut the door behind me. What was meant to be a brisk walk becomes more as I soon meet eye to eye with a familiar neighbour.
    “What’d you do?” Shiori demands, his voice stern. I raise an eyebrow.
    “Why do you care?” I try returning to my original plans for the night, but he aggressively holds me by the scruff of the neck, “Woah, pretty violent aren’t you?” Now I’m praying my cousin has never been on the receiving end of this.
    “Why’d you get Miyuki involved in this?” his voice raises as Phoenix enters the hallway, clearly confused and unsure how to defuse this.
    “What’s the Kaito daughter-”
    “Io-chan,” Phoenix collects herself before approaching her long time friend, “Let him go.”

    Out of reluctance he does and I catch my breath, I’m sweating like mad. I become light headed as their quarreling becomes background noise. Without realising it, Ookami gently pulled me back into the apartment and placed a glass of water in my hand. My ears start to pound as my feet turn into pins and needles. The arguing becomes louder and louder, Ookami kindly patting my back and wiping my forehead of its sweat. Reliving the last few minutes, I announce out loud again:
    “I’ll be out for some fresh air.”

    Instead of repeating the same mistake, I charge towards the nearest window. Ookami chases after me, but before she has a chance to have a civil conversation; I’ve flown out. I make sure to do so quickly and fly so high, I can hide in the clouds.

    Elders tell of a time of suffering
    Where you’ll be blessed by the Moon.
    Even the leftovers of a Season will gather
    And caress your skeleton with tunes.
    If you’re lucky, you’ll have a Guardian Angel
    Whose ashes will offer some guidance, lulling you into a cocoon.

    Mi̱téra used to say, how wonderful it is to be made by Nature’s hands
    But this alone won’t soothe your suffering.

    In fact, she would sing to me every night,
    “I take the darkness that accompanies the Moon

    I take the withered pieces of what was once Spring’s colours

    I take the words of that Angel and have it inked during monsoon afternoons-

    See how I’ve made another life from Nature’s tune?

    It’s mine, I’ll entwine it with my soul and use it on my body kindly. 

    But these won’t be the only things that envelop me during temperamental typhoons.”

    I’m waiting for the Moon to come out. Some mornings still aren’t kind to me and my folk. But that wasn’t because of who I am, it happened because of what I did. And what I did wasn’t entirely right, I had my reluctance from day one; but I still went along with it. Now I can’t step out of an apartment without being bombarded with a question I don’t know how to answer. Is this…my punishment? 

    I think I’m losing oxygen. Slowly and discreetly as I can, I descend back down at an empty park. It’s still too early for anyone to see me, if they did, they’d probably brush it off as their eyes playing tricks on them. It’s strange, it’s basically autumn, but mornings like these feel so warm. Sweat cascading down my back as I catch my breath. Maybe I should take a walk, I roughly remember Phoenix’s address. 

    I pass by a jogger and his dog, waving as he gives a polite bow.Shoot maybe I should have done that. I keep my eyes focused on the horizon, just in time for my stomach to growl. Okay maybe I should take a short walk. But going back so soon to him, that’s going to mess up my head.  Now I’m starting to worry again if he’s ever been that aggressive with my cousin, and I can only continue to worry. Shaking my head, I hear the sound of the local radio station playing. Oh what it’d be to have a normal life.  Not exactly one free of stress, because that’s all part of the plan. But one that’s normal:none of these secret societies isolated from the rest of humanity,all this scheming for a family you only want to get close to again; and most of all, no killer neighbour down your hall.

    Okay, I’ll cut him some slack. Just a neighbour with anger issues, hell, he’s technically not even my neighbour.

    I keep walking these streets as if I know where I’m going. As if I know these paths by heart. I let the waking birds chirp, I let them ease me like a lullaby. I find myself feeling nostalgic for a neighbourhood I’ve never visited until now. As if…I’ve seen all of this in pictures and heard stories.

    I’m drawn to a house that’s partly traditional and the other part modern. Besides its eye catching design, something more subtle has me in a trance. A family name sign, one that spells ‘HOSHIZORA-KUSANAGI.’
    I don’t have any Irish blood, but call me lucky.

    The front door slowly opens and in a panic, I hide right around the corner. My heart beating with the intensity of a thousand drums. Collecting myself, I take another look. A young gentleman of nearly average height takes out the trash, I dig myself deeper into the wall as if that’ll make me invisible. I know that silver hair anywhere, and those turquoise eyes only confirm my heartache.

    Ott-nii’s grown so much, it’s insane. Sure, he doesn’t have the build of a bodybuilder; and the last time I saw him, he was just a younger teen. But that’s the thing, ‘the last time I saw him’ can mean four years or the past week; and during that time I have had a single new picture or video call.I’m sure he’s grown and matured in ways I’ll never keep up with, especially with moving to Japan. Especially with…oh God that’s right, Setsu-oba…

    He turns his head back to the house entrance and I instinctively turn the other way. Realising how ridiculous my last action was, I look again. Now it’s Ib-neesama, her elegance oozing even at this angle. She’s come out holding an envelope and some papers, her gaze is directed at me; and realising it is me, she quickly returns to whatever conversation she was having. Okay, I’m not the stealthiest and it’s fortunate she was the only one that saw me. 

    The ache starts pounding itself into my ears.

    Before the two of them go in, Ib-neesama stops, probably coming up with an excuse. Making sure Ott-nii’s gone inside, she waves at me as I raise my chin as a ‘hello’. Gesturing at me to go inside, I decline, and I don’t know why I am though. I’m losing sight of what I can and can’t do. But I feel I should do it, I feel I’m declining for the better. We maintain eye contact until my heart can’t handle it anymore, so I leave them once more.

    I find that I’m searching for something before Death knocks
    Pacing through endless, vast fields covered in more questions
    As if the mighty Ocean is mocking me everytime I swim
    Or the hills grow steeper whenever I try to climb them
    I’ll venture to the Horizon itself and crack apart the core of this Earth

    But sometimes all I have to do is look up, and realise
    I have a scarlet cord connecting to space
    Where something astronomical is waiting to be embraced.

    It can be seen by the naked eye, yet so delicate it hides
    Something crafted with only the utmost care, it rivals fresh winter snow
    I know what’s up there, I’ll join it when I grow wings the size of tides
    but until then, I’ll look after my end of the cord down here below. 

    (Later in the day)

    “Okay, I’ll admit I went too far. So I’m here to apologise,” Shiori hands me a wrapped box as Ookami scribbles away at her notebook, meanwhile Phoenix paces around us in circles.
    “Not exactly a fair rematch if you ask me,” I meekly comment as I unwrap the box, “And I accept your apology.”
    “That’s not the only reason you’re here,” Phoenix stops and fiddles with her skirt, “Is it, Io-chan?”
    “So we’ve both been keeping secrets from each other,” leaning back, Shiori plays with his hair, “Oh boy, this wasn’t how I expected it to all come out.”
    “Let’s start with the basics,” Ookami clears her throat as she turns a new page, “You’re a zombie, she’s a phoenix. Natsumi-senpai has been studying at the Amatus Prudentius Institution, a place you’ll never go to. There, she met us, her lovely juniors. Usually students aren’t allowed to go back to Earth, let alone keep in contact with the outside world for security reasons. Lil Rios here-” she waves her pen at me.

    “Was extra, extra homesick.Where it all kicked off is when he found out Nastumi-senpai can not only go back to Earth, but she’s been living a double life. How this only happened four years after he enrolled is beyond me,” girl’s got a point though. “So he worked extra hard, got the two of us involved,” Ookami puts her notebook down and sternly looks Shiori in the eye, “As Rios has explicitly told you before, we’re capturing what Oddities we can before you and his cousin does. All in the name of appeasing the Corona Seraphina, who are these beastly overlords our institution respects and admires after our original world basically had an apocalypse.”

    “Thank you, Ookami,” Phoenix finally takes a seat next to me, her temperature rising by the second, “Partly why we kinda ambushed,” she awkwardly makes a clicking sound, “Seems convoluted, I know, but it’s all part of a necessary plan. One which, you’re unknowingly trespassed on-” she slides a book across the table, “And now, you’re playing by our rules.”

    Picking it up, Shiori raises an eyebrow, “It’s just a bunch of animal drawings.”
    Snatching it back as sparks fly off her fingertips,Phoenix starts to blush, “They weren’t good with words back then…and a picture tells a thousand words.”
    He mouths an apology as she continues, “As our predecessors have settled debates in the past, we’ll be holding a tournament. Now, I know this is more of our institution’s tradition, but like I said, you’ve gotten yourself involved-”
    “Yeah, and like you said, unknowingly,” Shiori interjects.
    “-the Corona Seraphina aren’t something, or someones, you’d want to mess with. The Chairman and everyone back at Amatus Prudentius are already trying their best to appease them. Please, Io-chan, I need you to cooperate. This does have serious consequences,not only for us students, but it can cross over to Earth.” 

    Without reluctance, Shiori offers his hand; to which Phoenix firmly shakes-solidifying this conversation.

    “Tournament will consist of two teams, obviously us versus you guys,” she begins, opening the book. “There’ll be a number of battles, for each one, a member from one team will face off the other,” after every line she flips the page, showing an illustration of how this will happen. “How it ends is seeing which team progresses the most; this is determined by winning one match, that’ll give your team a point. To make sure it’s fair by the end, the  two strongest opponents will face each other.”

    After shaking Phoenix’s hand, he shakes Ookami’s. Then Chudo-Yudo’s avatar ( who came late). Finally, mine, I never realised how cold he’d be.
    “If we win, you’ll stop hunting the Oddities and lift the curfew. But of course if you win, you’ll do as you please,” Phoenix closes the book and maintains eye contact with him, “Of course, talk this through with Ryuu’s cousin. We’re not really giving you a choice, but just so she knows what’s happening. Free feel to pick your teammates, oh and-I know I said there’ll be battles, but not all of them are traditional hand-to-hand combat and necessarily physical.”
    “How many teammates are allowed?” he finally speaks after all the explanations.
    “Six in total,” Phoenix swiftly responds.
    “So, where’s your other two?” yikes, wishing he didn’t ask that.
    “Well…,” Phoenix breaks their eye contact, coyly looking in another direction.

    Shiori simply blinks back, clear confusion is painted all cross his body, “You mean to tell me, you’ve planned and executed this whole-I don’t even know what to call it-you guys have done all of this, from the sounds of it since Spring, and you still haven’t completed your team?”
    “Ey look here, it’s not easy to get students back to Earth,” Phoenix fights back, “I was the only one before these kids joined in-”
    “If this were a war, and you just declared it- you openly admitted you don’t have enough numbers.”
    “Okay, did we really think we’d make it this far?”
    “Oh my God, you didn’t even have that much faith in yourself?”

    “I-I’ll bring in my c-cousin!” Ookami stutters out of the blue, something I’d never thought she’d do. As her hands tremble, Phoenix gently pats her back, asking if she needs anything. “I’ll find Kazim again. And when I do, he’ll be our 5th member. I can’t guarantee our 6th, but I’ll find him,” with a steady gaze, she looks at Shiori, “So you better start getting animal masks and discussing code names for your team.”

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  • you ask me what i would choose if i could choose anything else, any other life that i could hold in my hands, against this, you with your luminescent smile, your bright words the bubbles that spill over the glass, your hands so soft to the touch. you ask me what i would choose, your eyes on the sky, the palette of your dreams, and i keep my gaze on you. you ask me what i would choose and i say this.


    #we're back to sappy prose poetry hours #but at least im writing again! #writing#my writing#el's writing#spilled ink#spilled words#spilled poetry#spilled prose#poetry#my poetry#prose poetry#prose#creative writing #this entire thing came from a uquiz that had a pick a work question #and one of the words was luminescent #inspiration comes out of nowhere sometimes
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    Another of the books 🍁

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  • Between the forest and the oceans, when the wind blows I cannot tell where the waves go.

    You could also catch the reading on my Instagram, if you feel so inclined. ❤

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  • So I guess I should open fire on the elephant in the room right away: somebody wrote “TALK ABOUT FALSE HYDRA” on my bedroom wall in blood. They had to have done it while I was sleeping in my bed, since it was there when I woke up … even though that means they were basically standing over me while I slept.  Also, they apparently used my blood, because when I woke up this morning all of my stitch scars had been “opened” (that’s a nice euphemism, isn’t it?) and bandaged. Except that I would’ve woken up the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. time. Even if they weren’t that deep (and they were pretty deep), I’d like to think even just one would’ve woken me up.

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  • Write a scene including one of the following objects:

    • floor tiles
    • a storage shed
    • a water bike
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  • The witch sent out a distress signal. Now, her persecutors watch with growing horror at what decided to respond.

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  • Verkh Charnel Fields

    The Verkh Charnel Fields are perhaps one of the most shuddersome locations in all the world. Somewhere deep in the autonomous region of Nar'vora are the Verkh Charnel Fields, a vast cemetery of alleged alien origin. The Vygin clans tell tales of a dying race that descended to the earth in the cataclysmic days after the Judgement in search of a place to die…if this is true they certainly found it.

    The Verkh Charnel Fields exist in a perfect five league radius around a collapsing fortress. The fields are filled with thousands of slim tombstones, some fallen but most standing vigil over the bones below. The tombstones all bear visages of sullen, large-headed beings and crude script denoting some unique identifier…perhaps. The unnamed fortress at the center of the cemetery seems to be of mortal make but no indication of who built it. The structure is barely standing appearing to have been consumed by fire hot enough to melt rock.

    “If the remains are the genuine article then I cannot confirm nor deny they are that of modern man. If indeed real then my conclusion the remains are not that of some ghoulish alien race but more likely an uncataloged tribe of deformed men that once thrived in those barbarous wastes…”

    -Tsek Pavlovich, Royal Surgeon of the Czardom of Vormanska

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  • i feel untouchable, like a god grinning down at worshipers. i smile at the futile little existences they lead. i laugh. 

    the world was created by dust and bones just for me. it bends to my will with ease and i grin as it creaks beneath me.

    but then it doesn’t. 

    i am now merely a whelp at the whim of fate and misfortune. 

    I smile as the tears start to streak down my face. 

    oh how the mighty have fallen. 

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  • PEOPLE:  sorry, how do i write your name? 

    ME:  in gold

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