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    Censorship cuts creativity.

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    So this is Anton

    And that’s all I have to say🤷‍♂️😂

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  •   To see through the big art project that I haven’t been able to start yet :) – Guest Submission

    (Please don’t add negative comments to these posts.)

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  • Added some relief print layers to last week’s visual journal spread with an EVA foam stamp—EVA ia really inexpensive and easy to cut material that takes relief ink like a charm. Great for printmaking on the cheap at home!

    #visualjournals #creativewriting #visualjournal #visualjournaling #journaling #mixedmedia #mixedmediajournal #sketchbook #journalart #bookart #bookartist #selfreflection #creativity #collage #evafoamprint #printmaking #reliefprintmaking #reliefprint (at Orlando, Florida)

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  • I am passionate, and I am forever a dreamer.

    I wonder who decided words were deemed words
    As I lay sprawled across my bed.
    I hear a symphony, playing only for me,
    Each note flourishing more marvelously than the last.
    I see a blossoming scarlet rose,
    Its sleeping bud bursting into bloom.
    I long for the music that entrances every inch of my soul
    To fly as free as a songbird in spring.
    I am passionate, and I am forever a dreamer.

    I pretend to dance in the arms of my phantom love,
    A mere silhouette in my mind.
    I feel serenity as the gentle spritz of a Californian sea
    Speckles my skin beneath a heartwarming sun.
    I touch the fabric of a silken ball gown
    As I prepare for a wondrous masquerade.
    I fear that I will forget how much I treasure the day-to-day company
    Of each of my dear, cherished companions.
    I mourn for those who offer their hearts to another,
    Only for them to be returned in the form of shattered stained glass.
    I am passionate, and I am forever a dreamer.

    I understand that my worries and burdens are but a speck in the grandeur of time and space,
    Yet they consistently feel like a crushing evil against my spine.
    I say that there is a place for me prepared
    Within the pearly gates of the land atop the clouds.
    I dream of a lavish theatre hall,
    Cloaked in crimson red and shining in dazzling gold.
    I try to do my mind’s eye justice as fanciful words rush with vigor to my mind,
    Yearning to be woven into something splendorous.
    I hope that one day I will share with a close someone
    An evening of bliss beneath the country stars.
    I am passionate, and I am forever a dreamer.

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  • Whatever is going on in your life, let’s take a moment together to breathe, relax, and appreciate the good in our life today. If you need prayer requests, inspiration, support, or encouragement, please don’t hesitate to connect with us at our profile link. Have a blessed week. Rev. Susan Eby and me. 🌅🎶🌀🌻⚡🌅 #authorsofinstagram #anxiety #abuse #angermanagement #ashlanduniversity #accessconsciousness #beautiful #blessed #changeyourthoughts #changeyourlife #covid19 #creativity #connection #cavejunctionoregon #depression #foodaddict #followforfollowback #feminism #blacklivesmatter #globalcitizen #gamblingaddiction #greennewdeal #goodvibes #grantspassoregon #globalwarming #relationshipgoals #recoverybooks #spirituallifecoach (at Unity Church of Medford)

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  • I think that being exposed to so much “content” no matter your art of choice these days is really detrimental to creativity. You feel like so many people are already out there doing the work and doing it well/better than you could ever possibly do it so you’re like… well there’s no space for me there. When really… that’s not quite true. If you were bombarded with content from every freaking psychologist or doctor out there you’d feel like there was no space in those fields for you either. Comparison can really fuck you up. Remove yourself from excessive exposure to “content”, let your brain get some space away from impressions and just… see what comes up. 

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    Day 23: him because I miss him

    (Also please just consider the comic from yesterday the inktober for day 22, I’m too lazy to draw an official one)

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  • Why classical musicians are so cool?

    Because of some standard length of a piece of music which was many times longer than current standards, ranging from an hour to sometimes 3-4 hours⌛️, they had to write variations on the main theme. In the work, as a rule, there’re several main themes that are connected by variations like threads🧶. This means that the main themes must be predisposed to development, have the potential to create variations and be initially deep and significant.

    At the present time, in the conditions of standards that set a short duration of the composition the main theme can be anything because there’s no need to develop it, there’s no time and place for this. That’s why the main theme doesn’t have to be good, doesn’t have to be bright🔆and meaningful.

    All that remains in the song in this way is a bad and empty main theme that does not have the potential for further development and variations.

    In addition, most musical forms implied a rich arrangement, polyphony, several melodic🎶lines, filling, and balance of frequency. To do this, the basis must also be non-trivial.

    The source of the arrangement is also the main theme, which determines the side, supporting, and auxiliary parts. By arranging you can highlight the necessary places in the main theme. By setting certain relationships you can partially change the perception of certain elements of the basis. But it must be predisposed to it.

    The creative👨‍🎨process can be non-linear, I mean that not side parties develop from the base, but the base is formed from different sides, honed, saturated with content and potential. In the course of the creative process, variations and arrangements are linking to the main theme.

    Current musical creativity is often limited to a single melodic line and a standard, non-original background. To do this the main topic doesn’t have to be interesting🧐 , there’re no necessary conditions for this. This is why the art of music is in crisis. It doesn’t face large and complex tasks.

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    Just as soldiers train and specialize to carry out their respective duties, team players differentiate in their specialty to work cooperatively to achieve a a common goal. To win. This specialization that allows a person or an athlete to be seen as one of a kind is referred to as individualization.

               When accounting for creativity in goal scoring, Kempe and Memmert (2018) analyzed how professional football officials rated (on a scale of 1 (minimally creative) to 10 (maximally creative)) the last 8 activities that led to goal scoring for the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World cups and the 2016 UEFA Euro Cup. The most creative (surprising) action was the action preceding the goal, which is the assist. The goal scoring action was rated as the second most creative action. What make these findings interesting is that they single out the invaluable role the midfielder has in recognizing windows of opportunities and opening the spaces to deliver the goal scoring opportunity to the striker (sometimes referred to as the forward) to execute the goal. A striker trains and conditions themselves to simply deliver the goal. Their training is specialized to time their runs on fast breaks to coincide with receiving a pass and then deliver the appropriate action to get the ball into the goal post. Whatever creativity they hone or demonstrate is showcased not so much in playmaking (manipulating the dynamics and exploiting the positions of their teammates (and opponents) to build towards an attack), but in simply recognizing openings in the narrow spaces and windows that signal an opportunity to score. 

    Below I include two excerpts. One from Zlatan Ibrahimović (a striker) and the second from Andrea Pirlo arguably one of the most talented midfielders who earned the nickname “Il Maestro” (Italian for ‘maestro’ or “composer”) for his ability to see beyond the readily available immediacy of the game and to coordinate very beautiful plays, which have led to Italy winning the FIFA World Cup in 2006.

    Ibrahivomić wrote:

    “It was a process that had already started in me…I still didn’t see me as a real goal getter, despite my place being up top. Under Capello (former manager of Juventus) I changed…I became less of an artist and more of a slugger who wanted to win at all costs.

    Not that I didn’t want to win before. I was born a winner. But still, don’t forget, football had been my way to show myself! The tricks had helped me become someone else than another kid from Rosengård…For a long time I would have seen you as a stupid person if you’d said that an ugly goal was as important as a beautiful one. But now I started to get it more and more, no one will thank you for your art and back heels if your team loses. No one even cares if you’ve scored a dream goal if your team don’t win, and slowly I became tougher and more of a warrior on the pitch.”

    This is a contrasting mindset to Pirlo (an above average, highly creative midfielder):

               “I perceive the game in a different way. It’s a question of viewpoints, of having a wide field of vision. Being able to see the bigger picture. Your classic midfielder looks down and sees the forwards. I’ll focus instead on the space between me and them where I can work the ball through. It’s more a question of geometry…The space seems bigger to me. It looks easier to get in behind – a wall that can be easily knocked down.”

    These accounts are an insight into the psychology of two top flight players who play in different positions. Andrezejewski and colleagues (2012) analyzed data using UEFA championship matches from the 2008/09 season. They quantified motor activity intensity level from running on the pitch, and reported that midfielders traveled the longest distance, with forwards coming in second. Defenders covered the least distance. These findings were useful because they demonstrated the differences of the physical work load between players who held different positions on the pitch, which can inform coaches and managers to adapt their training and conditioning to meet the individual needs of the athlete. Remarkable achievements in football depend on many closely interrelated factors. Identifying how individualized players integrate their specializations in a cooperative manner to compete against another team is an interesting and important question in they field of sports psychology.

    From our days as early hunter-gatherers, humans have been forming groups to accomplish goals that they can’t accomplish alone. These groups have to flexibly adapt to coordinate members’ efforts to achieve shared goals, and yet it remains unclear how this division of labor develops. Roberts and Goldstone (2011) developed a group game they called “Group Binary Search” (GBS), in order to tease apart and test the capacity for groups to coordinate their efforts. From their findings, they report that it is beneficial for individuals in large groups to differentiate by adopting roles and then to maintain those roles in order to establish an environment that is predictable. This helps individuals to adjust their behavior to work cooperatively. When group members assume complementary roles, large groups can coordinate faster. But perhaps one of the most interesting findings is that individual differentiation emerges with task difficulty. The more difficult the goal at hand, the greater the demand for highly specialized and individualized members to lend their abilities in a cooperative fashion with others.


    This is an excerpt from a thesis I wrote two years ago bridging the neuroscience and evolution of creativity, whereby I analyzed the sport of football as a model to understand how science and sports converge and what they can teach us about the nature of creativity.

    Gif of Zlatan Ibrahimović (AC Milan) celebrating his goal against Inter Milan

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  • A comedian must escape from a terrorist after falling off a roof.

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