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  • truth-for-lies
    24.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    I just want my dad to die already so that I can finally take my own life and not have it deeply affect my family

    #I have friends that'll be cut up about it #But they have other friends to lean on #My dad has friends but that's different #He would be the one needing to plan my funeral #I can't leave that on him #My auntie can do it if need be #Or they can just have my body cremated and everyone can remember me in their own way #Say goodbye with whoever they feel most comfortable with #I don't need a funeral #I don't even deserve one #I don't deserve this life #I didn't even ask for this life #Sigh #I just can't do this anymore #Living sucks #Life doesn't even feel fucking real anymore #Everything feels so fake #I don't want this anymore #I hate it #I hate everything #Personal#Thoughts#Feelings#Depressed#Depression#Suicide#Suicidal
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  • optimusxmello
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I’m at a weird point in my life where I’m taking care of myself so if I die it’ll be of either natural causes or some deity striking me down. Basically anything that won’t require an investigation and someone opening up my laptop and looking at the fic tabs I got open and or look at the stuff I’ve chosen to write, that is also open on a google doc.

    #writing#writing choices #this is what it takes #the fics i read are between me.the author. and whatever's at the end of this thing called life #and what I write is between me. my readers. and whatever's at the end of this thing called life #and I already made peace with them #but thas it. bury me or cremate me with my laptop and all my wips and unread fics with the tabs still open #it's what I want for that eventuality #i also wanna cosplay a character with ripped biceps so I've also started a work out plan cos of that
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  • xamaxenta
    11.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Unpopular opinion when will people stop asking for money from strangers online

    #im not talking about a service or a subscription to onlyfans or patreon #like if youre providing a service like commissions or selling things fine #but i just saw someone post about their mom dying suddenly #and that they needed extra funds because they didnt want to dip into their own savings #they wanted a memorial a funeral and a cremation #tw death#tw funeral #like im sorry peoples parents and loved ones die every day #plan what you can afford #your mom doesnt need her memorial right now if its out of budget #the funeral i totally understand #im sorry for your loss #but you cant just go online and whinge about nothing having enough money for all the things you dont necessarily need #what kind of mindset do you need to have to think that you cant do something by yourself that you need to immediately go online and #ask for money from people #of course you can grieve and feel and process your sorrow #but idk my privilege here as someone who hasn’t experienced tragedy #but why wouldnt you want to try and help yourself so in future you dont feel so bad #it would be devastating and traumatic to lose a loved one suddenly but think about yourself first and your integrity #maybe the safest option would be to turn to a non judgmental yet so judgemental online presence #for these people that is they feel safe to ask for help online instead of in person
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  • firstmemorialottawa
    25.06.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Helping Your Surviving Parent Plan a Cremation for their Deceased Spouse

    Losing a spouse is considered one of the most stressful life events. Although you’re grieving the loss of a parent, your surviving parent has lost their partner and companion, possibly even a caregiver. Adult children often need to step in and help make funeral or cremation arrangements. Here are some ways you can support your parent as you make decisions.

    Ask Your Parent How You Can Help

    Your parent may be grieving, but you should respect their needs. Even if your parent has an illness, such as dementia, you should include him or her as much as possible in the funeral planning. There are many details that will need to be handled, and it is going to be hard for one person to manage. You may need to be the strength for your parent for some time, so you want to recognize their decisions.

    Making Cremation and Funeral Arrangements

    If your surviving parent is overwhelmed with the multitude of decisions, you may need to guide mom or dad through the process. Talk about the type of arrangements before you talk to a funeral director. Have a list of questions and concerns to make sure that everything is covered. Making decisions when you’re grieving isn’t easy. You may simply need to help your parent focus on one thing at a time.

    Pre-planning Funeral Services

    One of the best things you can do to help your elderly parents is to discuss funeral arrangements before its needed. If you have time to talk to your parents before they die, gathering this information can relieve a lot of stress when the time comes.

    Get information about the obituary.

    Talk about wishes for the memorial service and cremation versus burial choices.

    Make a list of people to notify.

    Discuss final arrangements.

    Get information about the will, life insurance and financial institutions.

    If you need help pre-planning or planning cremation services in Ottawa, contact First Memorial for assistance with the details.

    For More Information: https://firstmemorialfairview.com/helping-your-surviving-parent-plan-a-cremation-for-their-deceased-spouse/

    #funeral planning services #funeral home ottawa #direct cremation
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  • firstmemorialottawa
    25.06.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Receiving Your Loved One’s Ashes after Cremation—What to Do?

    If you’ve dealt with the cremation arrangements and services for a loved one who died, it can be a relief to have all the details behind you. Until you get the call from the funeral home that the ashes are ready to be picked up. It can bring all the grief back up. Let’s talk about receiving your loved one’s ashes after cremation in Ottawa, so you can be prepared to deal with the physical details and the emotional ones.

    How will the ashes look and feel?

    You will receive the ashes in a sealable container from the funeral home.  If you didn’t purchase an urn, you will probably receive a cardboard box with the ashes sealed in a plastic bag. This container should not have anything in it except the ashes. Cremated ashes aren’t like campfire ashes. They’re more like sand in texture, but they’ll appear to be pasty white, gray to even dark gray in color. They shouldn’t have any odor, but some people do report a metallic smell or scent of incense. The ashes will weigh around 3 kilograms.

    How can you deal with the emotional burden of receiving the cremated ashes?

    The call from the funeral home can be jarring to your emotions. It’s a symbol of reality that your loved one is gone forever. Expect to feel the loss very deeply. It can help to call someone to get support. Some people ask a friend or family member to pick up the ashes. There’s no proper procedure that you need to follow, but you do need to follow through and pick them up. Think of this task as part of the grieving process to find closure.

    What else can you do with ashes?  

    Once you have the ashes at your home, you can keep them in the urn or the closet until you’re ready to do something else. Years ago, people kept the ashes in the urn on the mantel. Today, you have many other options, from scattering the ashes on land or at sea, placing the ashes in a cemetery plot, or making the ashes into artwork or jewelry.

    For more information about https://firstmemorialfairview.com/receiving-your-loved-ones-ashes-after-cremation/

    #funeral planning services #funeral home ottawa #direct cremation
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  • silvercancerinstituteblog
    25.05.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #prePrePlanning for your Cremation #Planning Ahead
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  • pickledh
    08.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    just had an ad for the EXACT place that i live..........like the spelling is perfect aswell (it’s hard to spell).....im shitting myself HOW DO THEY KNOW THAT

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  • directcremation1
    27.04.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Funeral Etiquette – What to Do, What Not to Do

    Attending a funeral is a nice way to show support to the grieving family. Here are some etiquette guidelines to follow when you’re at a funeral or memorial service.

    Do: Dress Appropriately Black is the traditional color of mourning, but you don’t have to wear all black. Do dress in darker colors and avoid flashy or bright accessories. You should make sure that you are neat and clean. Your clothes should not look wrinkled and creased. Don’t forget to dress for the weather if you plan to go to the cemetery. Heels may be suitable for the indoor service but may give you problems when you’re outside in a grassy area.

    Don’t: Try to Be Perfect It’s okay to cry during the service. It’s even okay to laugh if the speaker makes a joke about the loved one. Act naturally, just don’t be the centre of attention. If you aren’t comfortable taking part in a sacrament, such as communion, just stay seated. If you don’t want to say a prayer out loud, that’s okay too. Just stand or stay in your seat. Be respectful of the rituals.

    Do: Follow the Ushers for Sitting Typically, the first few rows in the service are reserved for the family. Once you are seated, make sure to turn your electronic devices off or put them on silent mode. Don’t get up again, either, unless you start coughing or need to excuse yourself to go to the lobby.

    Don’t: Be Late Try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to park and find a seat to avoid disrupting the service. If you know that the funeral will be well-attended, you may even want to arrive 30 minutes early. If you do get there late, try to be as unobtrusive as possible when you sit down.

    If you aren’t sure what to do, just pay attention and follow others. It’s fine to ask a staff member of the funeral home or an usher what to do. Take some time following the funeral to process your own grief. Direct Cremation is here to help you with funeral arrangements.

    Direct Cremation serves Montreal and all of Québec. Contact us to find out more about funeral planning, pre-planning, and a range of other services.

    Original Source: https://servicecremationdirect.com/en/funeral-etiquette-what-to-do-what-not-to-do/

    #cheap cremation montreal #funeral planning montreal #crematorium montreal
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  • globalindeed
    20.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Important Tips Related To Buying a Casket for Your Loved One

    Passing away of someone loved in the family is certainly the hardest time, but life has to go on and on and one responsibility of the family members is of arranging a grand funeral event. A number of funeral services can be required in the event and the most important of them all is the casket. Often, family members are allowed to choose the casket on their own, of course with the help of the experts from the chosen funeral parlour. There are different tips and tricks offered by the experts as far as casket selection is concerned and we have covered some of them here in this blog post.

    Budget For A Casket

    Of course, the first step to take here in this regards is determining the overall budget you have for casket purchasing. This will help you shortlist only those falling inside the budget and this way, the selection would become a lot easier. The reason is that a number of options are present there in different cost categories, but you need to work only upon those falling inside the budget.

    Learn About Different Caskets

    The cost of different caskets are different and so are the features or qualities that they have or basically their USPs. For example, there can be simple and very affordable caskets made up of wood followed by metal are or those having ornamental kind of decoration on them. Options would certainly be so many, but as said above, you need to keep yourself focussed on those coming inside the budget. Others can also be selected provided that you are willing to stretch your budget.

    Think what casket your loved one would have liked

    The casket can also be chosen on the basis of the nature or character of the deceased and simpler caskets look ideal for those having very simple and sober nature. If the deceased was very jolly person, in that case, the casket can be of different type and the best part is that funeral packages can also be selected on this basis.

    #Funeral Services#Funeral Packages#Funeral Parlour#casket selection #Coffin and flowers #Funeral Homes#Catholic Cremations #Funeral Packages Sydney #Funeral Parlour Sydney #Funeral Services Sydney #Average funeral costs #Planning a funeral
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  • doolallymagpie
    12.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    i’m probably not gonna be over bull’s snide dismissal of fred’s wishes re: his mortal remains until they actually address it in the show

    #the expanse #bull de baca #fred johnson #it's the basis of me thinking he only respected fred the Great Man and not fred the human being #if this doesn't get addressed or even he gets his way and fred doesn't get to feed tycho station one last time...expanse writers i'm coming #think of it this way: even if you think someone's burial plans are Weird #if you actually respect somebody and they ask to be buried in a shroud with a tree planted over them #you aren't gonna have them cremated because 'they deserve better' #it's just one of the bull moments that i find Legitimately Upsetting #that and the space-racism #that got called out so i have hope #here's the thing. i find him a very interesting character and it's kinda neat having a total butthead on holden's side #but were i his waiter/server i would spit in his drink right in front of his face
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  • bewitchingkitten
    03.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Question: when the skeleton war happens, what happens to the cremated people?

    Do we just turn into a fully sentient ominous vapor swirling around the battlefield??


    #me and my sleep deprived brain #anna posts#anna post#anna rambles#skeleton war #I say we as in I plan on getting cremated when I die #or am I a ghost?? #at this point who knows 乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ
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  • the-wandering-whumper
    24.02.2021 - 6 monts ago


    #so with a global pandemic going on funeral costs have apparently skyrocketed #we can’t even afford a service #not that anyone would be able to come #why is this so hard? #even direct cremation is going to decimate my savings #I’m so mad at my dad for not having a plan #especially after my brother died #delete later #just venting in my tags again #nearly $4k down the drain #hope nothing major happens in the next six months #or I’m screwed
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  • blessedfuneral
    18.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Croatian Funerals Sydney

    The first thing to know about Croatian Funerals, is that they are held to honor the dead. The bodies were not kept long ago, so they were not preserved. However, over the years, with the advancements in embalming techniques, the bodies of those who have been embalmed and preserved can be given a special memorial.

    Because these ceremonies are usually small, families can get away with very little details. There are the flowers, which are important to the deceased. There is even music, which is optional. If you wish to attend, you can bring an instrument or join in some kind of prayer or song.

    If you would like to attend, you must make it to the actual ceremony, unless you are a guest. If this is the case, you will probably sit at the head table, which is usually in a separate part of the funeral home. This is often followed by the viewing of the deceased.

    If the body was preserved, you will be asked to take a look at the body. The foreman will remove the casket and any jewellery. You will then see the ribs, the scapula, the vertebrae and the ribs themselves. The necromancer will then wrap the deceased's remains in a shroud. The pallbearers will hold a sword and shield. This will be done by a member of the clergy, although it is not mandatory.

    When you view the body, there will be some jewelry removed. It may be some sort of bracelet, necklace, or ring. It will all depend on the culture of the time. However, if it is to be a private service for family members, there is no need for you to have these items.

    You will next see the coffin being lowered into the grave. The people that are helping with the ceremony will hold hands as the coffin is lowered. The people standing next to the coffin will hold hands also as the coffin is lowered into the ground.

    The head of the deceased will first be covered as it is lowered to the ground. After this is done, the body of the deceased will be placed on a bier. This is accompanied by music, readings, and prayer. Once all the mourners have finished their prayers, the funeral service will be started. You can attend this service either by a funeral procession or by reciting a poem during a eulogy.

    You can choose to attend the funeral in person or send a flower or a donation in a card. There are many different ways to pay tribute to the deceased. Some people choose to have a private memorial service in their home. In this case, a funeral casket will not be used. They will use a bronze marker or plaque.

    A funeral can take place outdoors if there is an ample space. Many people like to see the sunrise or sunset. Croatian traditions require that the funeral be conducted at twilight. At sunrise and sunset, the people viewing the deceased will raise a candle to him. The candles are lit only once each year. If you do not know how to make these candles, there are store around that sell them.

    Some people prefer to visit the location where the deceased had lived prior to his death. The family will go there to see what they used to celebrate his life. This is known as the "visit" to the cemetery. This can be a very poignant experience for a funeral attendee.

    It is important to know that you will not see all of the deceased during the funeral service. After the funeral service is over, the surviving family members will hold a gathering in honor of the deceased. This gathering is often at someone's house or hall.

    It is best for families to conduct their own Funeral program in English. The program should also reflect the personality traits, beliefs, and talents of the deceased. Croatian Funerals Sydney offers many creative services, including professional photography. It is a good idea to have a photographer with you to take pictures of the deceased during the actual Funeral.

    #Funeral Service Plans sydney #Professional Funeral Service Fee sydney #cremation services#prepaid funerals #Brookvale funeral director #Italian Funeral Director #Croatian Funerals Sydney #Number 1 Croatian funeral director in Sydney #Tony Shrem Croatian funeral director in Sydney
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  • luitennentsunshine
    15.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Tell me why it’s 1 in the morning and I’m carefully planning a hypothetical murder with my darling bestie

    #chaotic academia#darkest academia#dark academia #dark academia aesthetic #punk academia#light academia #light acadamia aesthetic #murder#murder party#murder plan#murder plot#scheme#swords#burning#cremation#burials#bff nonsense #sleep is optional #who needs sleep #sleep deprivation #sleep is overrated #sleep is for the weak #fucked sleep cycle #my sleep schedule is fucked #sleep schedule
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  • killerchickadee
    03.01.2020 - 8 monts ago


    #jumblr #i mean don't get me wrong i plan on being cremated #but um #lmao maybe i should get the small one for my cat
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  • heritagefuneral
    30.12.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Visiting a Funeral Home in Ottawa—What to Expect

    A funeral service often involves a visitation or viewing before the service. This is a time when family and friends can come together and express sympathy. Many visitations are open to any person who knew the deceased. Some are more private. Respect the family’s wishes. If you aren’t invited to the visitation, you shouldn’t take it personally. Visitations and viewings are typically held at funerals home in Ottawa, but they may also be held in a home or religious place of worship.

    How to Act at a Visitation

    The etiquette is similar to what you’d expect at the funeral or cremation service. You should dress solemnly, preferably in pale or dark colors, unless the family wishes otherwise. The mood is usually serious and formal. Put your cell phone on silent. Don’t take pictures. There will probably be a guest book to sign. You can bring a condolence note with you. There may a table set up for notes and cards. Don’t expect the family to open it while you’re there. The casket may be in the room. At a viewing, it will probably be open for loved ones to pay their last respects. If you’re taking younger children to the visitation, explain things to them ahead of time.

    What to Say to the Family

    If the family doesn’t know you, introduce yourself. Keep your voice low. You may want to share how you knew the deceased and what the person meant to you. Express sympathy but do it gently. Now is not the time for drama. Keep in mind that you want to comfort the family. The family shouldn’t need to comfort you. If you get upset, step out of the room. Avoid the urge to ramble on. Most people only stay 15 to 20 minutes at a visitation, so don’t worry about leaving too soon. Before you leave, reiterate to the family how much you care and want to support them through this difficult time.

    Get more information about cremation services in Ottawa by contacting the professional team with Heritage Funeral Home.

    Original Source: https://bit.ly/2WX93G0

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