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  • In which there’s a lot of praising the Lord in a movie where most of the characters are really more like the Devil. Tom Holland has pretty good aim, and, for a sheriff who’s probably been holding a gun for years, Sebastian Stan does not. 


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    Summary: Seemingly unrelated plotlines reveal themselves to all be connected in one big, dark story. Arvin Russell (Tom Holland) grows up in a town full of sinister figures, only wishing he can protect his sister. A new preacher (Robert Pattinson) arrives in town and uses his position to do unlawful things. Sheriff Lee Bodecker(Sebastian Stan) is mostly just interested in his image first (and his sister, second). 

    Acting (10/10): Both Tom and Seb gave outstanding performances in this movie. Say what you want about the plot, but the acting (by everyone, really) is amazing. Perhaps people are a little divided in terms of what they think of the plot, but most people would agree the acting is stellar!

    Plot (10/10): Before I watched the movie, I read some people say that the pacing was too slow or draggy (especially during the first part). For me, though, I didn’t really think it was slow. Ominous, definitely. Even during the parts where everything seems fine, there’s always an eerie feeling looming over your head. I was hooked from start to finish. (For those who might say the book was better, I really can’t agree or disagree because I haven’t read it).

    Tom Holland Appearance (6/10): His character is around a whole lot more, but Tom Holland himself doesn’t appear until around the 40 minute mark, and even after that, he’s not always there. Although I’m pretty sure he gets the most screen time out of everyone.

    Sebastian Stan Appearance (4/10): He’s got some scenes that focus on him, and appears more towards the end of the movie. There are pretty large gaps between his scenes, though.  

    Should You Watch It?

    I think it all depends on how much you can actually stomach. I’ve watched movies that couldn’t make me sleep at night, but this wasn’t really one of them. The story is amazing, the acting is amazing, the overall film is amazing. I think it’s a great film, but don’t force yourself if you think it will deeply unsettle you. 

    Although it’s not the goriest movie to ever exist, it still has plenty of dark themes, so please heed the warnings! You can message me privately if you want a list of the triggering elements in the movie. 

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  • Okay so I’ve wanted to post about Brandy for a long time, It’s stuck with me so without any further delay…

    Short But Tragic

    Brandy Stevens Rosine



    Brandy was tragically murdered by her exe Jade Olmsted and her girlfriend Ashley Barber. Even after Brandy and Jade had broken up Brandy continued to support her only as a friend. When they were together it was noted that Brandy took care of Jade who wouldn’t work. One morning Brandy left her grandma’s house and that would be the last time she would be seen alive.


    Ashley Barber. Jade Olmstead.

    Brandy had a bad feeling and texted the friend she was supposed to see the address of where she was going. Brandy had been invited to hangout and had no idea she was brought there to be killed. She traveled 80 miles to her death, They invited her to the woods behind Ashley’s father’s house where they stayed to see a fake campsite. The code word was “Babe” Jade put Brandy in a chokehold and Ashley ran up punching her in the face. Below I’ll list what they done to her because there is so much.

    1. While in a chokehold Ashley got her close to 10x breaking her nose.

    2. Ashley beat her head over a stump.

    3. Ashley held her down as Jade hit her over the head with a shovel 4x accidentally hitting Ashely causing bruises that Ashley posted photos where they were clearly visible

    4. Ashley wrapped a rope around Brandy and began strangling her while Jade continued to hit her with a shovel.

    5. When Brandy went limp said Jade stop…this angered Ashley because she no longer was fighting back so she started slamming her head over the stump at least 10 times.

    6. They threw her in a fresh grave Ashely dropped a boulder on her head.

    7. They poured a water in her nose and mouth with a water bottle

    8. They than buried her alive.

    Cadaver dogs led them to her body and Brandy’s car was found cleaned in Ashley’s parents garage. Brandy’s mom and a friend searched as well beforehand for her and called 911 saying she was missing. She was also diabetic and left her backpack at her Grandma’s when she left that day. Jade and Ashley both got life in prison.

    They didn’t care and the remorse they showed which I believe Ashley showed none was all staged. Jade even glorified the murder in her journal and Ashley even sent Brandy’s mom a letter saying I fucking murdered your 20 year old mistake. Ashley has said as well that they buried her alive because that was her worst fear.

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  • ELEKTRA | 2005:

    IMDB Description: Elektra the warrior survives a near-death experience, becomes an assassin-for-hire, and tries to protect her two latest targets, a single father and his young daughter, from a group of supernatural assassins.

    Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime

    Director: Rob Bowman

    Actors:   Jennifer Garner | Goran Visnjic | Kirsten Zien | Will Yun Lee | Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa | Terence Stamp | Natassia Malthe | Bob Sapp | …

    Personal Rating: 4 / 10.

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  • There was something to be said for looking the other way. It was a pity they couldn’t remember what that was.

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  • #troishommesàabattre #1980 DIR #jacquesderay CAST #alaindelon #daliladilazzaro #crime #movie DP #jeantournier (à Paris, France)

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  • Emmanuel Kabanda Saga: Six Police Officers under Investigation on Extortion Allegations

    via @PerilOfAfrica Six Police officers attached to Kireka Police Station are under investigation for extorting money from a boda boda rider who attempted suicide at the station on Sunday night, September 13.

    Emmanuel Kabanda, who allegedly attempted to commit suicide, was last night pronounced dead at Kiruddu Hospital where he has been receiving treatment.

    Kabanda attempted suicide by burning himself after his motorcycle registration number UDU 610H was impounded by the Kireka Police team when he was found riding during curfew.

    He was later rescued by officers and taken to Kiruddu hospital for treatment where he has been for five days.

    Deputy KMP spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said that inquiries have since kick started to ascertain the exact cause of the attempted suicide and six officers attached to Kireka Police were arrested by the Professional Standards Unit to aid in the investigations of the then alleged suicide.

    He identified the suspected officers in a statement released on Friday following the death of the victim.

    “The officers who are currently under detention on allegations of extortion include; ASP Mulinde, Cpl Twinomujuni Francis, Cpl Nakisige Joan, PC Higenyi Noman,  D/Constable Logose Matha and PC Bintamye Robert,” he said.

    The deceased’s body has been conveyed to city mortuary Mulago for a postmortem.


    The post Emmanuel Kabanda Saga: Six Police Officers under Investigation on Extortion Allegations first appeared on ChimpReports. https://dlvr.it/RgsJ9g

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  • Writer Kakwenza arrested over new book ‘The Banana Republic’

    via @PerilOfAfrica Writer Kakwenza arrested over new book ‘The Banana Republic’

    Security has once again arrested the author of the Greedy Barbarian, Kakwenza Rukirabashaija from his Iganga home.

    According to his lawyers, Kiiza & Mugisha Advocates, Kakwenza was arrested Friday morning 18th September 2020.

    It came after writing another book, THE BANANA REPUBLIC, which recounts the grim torture of how CMI arrested, detained and tortured him for seven days from Easter Monday (13/4/2020).

    “The CMI operatives had the audacity of tell his wife and area LC 1 Chairperson they were arresting him over his continued writing of literature critical of President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta, Uganda’s over 34 years military leader,” the lawyers said.

    They added: “We demand immediate and unconditional release of the youthful novelist, journalist, law student and activist.” https://dlvr.it/RgsCpx

    #Crime#Entertainment #The Banana Republic
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  • My girlfriend’s dad owned a pizza restaurant called Luigi’s Pizza or something like that. He dyed his hair black and put a ton of gel in it and made all the employees call him “Luigi” (not his name nor is he remotely Italian IRL lol). He caught me stealing pizza with my invisibility powers and for some reason my brilliant plan was threatening to vandalize his restaurant while invisible if he didn’t let me go.

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  • Thieves strangle Seeta driver, car gets stuck

    via @PerilOfAfrica On Wednesday, at about 1500hrs at Seeta Township, it is alleged that three suspects hired a special hire driver one Batte Christopher, 58, a resident of Nyenje to transport them to Bajjo village between 1500hrs and 1800hrs.

    The suspects while at Bajjo, strangled and stabbed the victim five times on the head and three times on the right hand.

    They then bundled him in the trunk of his vehicle registration number UAY 765H Toyota Premio white in colour.

    As they were driving the vehicle away hastily, it got stuck and they had to call people around to help push it back on road.

    The people saw blood seeping from the car trunk and asked them what they were carrying, but the suspects didn’t give clear answers.

    On opening the car trunk, the body was discovered and immediately mob attacked the suspects injuring one while two escaped in the confusion (a man and a woman). 

    Police is hunting for the suspects, the vehicle was also damaged in process of the mob action.

    Police was later informed of the occurrence and went to the scene.

    One male suspect was rescued and rushed to CPR a medical Centre in Mukono town for treatment pending interrogation.

    A knife and rope were recovered in the vehicle.

    The body was taken to Mulago for post-mortem, according to ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, Deputy PRO KMP. https://dlvr.it/Rgrn25

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  • Enanga lectures CID detectives on PR

    via @PerilOfAfrica CP Fred Enanga, the PRO Thursday afternoon lectured officers on the Role of Public Relations in Detection & Investigations of Crime and Customer Care.

    The officers are undergoing a two weeks course in Homicide Investigations at CID headquarters Kibuli.

    He told them that Media work is an essential component of communication with the population.

    He noted, the broad range of positive measures taken in the fight against crime should be communicated to the public as professionally as possible.

    This goal, he said, can only be achieved through close cooperation between the police, the media and other stakeholders under the Criminal Justice system.

    He told the officers that customer care is about accountability and effective service delivery which implies that every police officer has a duty to provide quality services that satisfies the needs of the people we serve. https://dlvr.it/Rgrn2C

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