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    although hotch can be really cold towards her, I think hotch and garcia have such an underrated friendship

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    #you probably wish you hadn’t asked #scarlet speaks#scarlets opinion#criminal minds#spencer reid #no thanks jeid #anti jeid#jemily
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    reid and simmons being dorks in "and in the end..." (15x10)

    #we're all sleeping on their friendship tbh #they're so sweet #spencer reid#matt simmons#criminal minds#cm #criminal minds gif #15x10#my post
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    Night Call ~ Chapter 8

    ➳ The course of true love never did run smooth... - Shakespeare

    ☯︎︎ Hotch ☯︎︎

    Rubbing his clammy palms against his pants, Hotch tried to calm down his striking nerves. It had been a few days since he offered to take her to the movie theaters which at the moment she didn't say yes or no. Which left him stunned and thought maybe he was being creepy? He didn't want to offend her though it could have sounded like it was a date. If he was being honest, he was just trying to be there for her in any way that she allowed him to be, that is.

    He ended up giving her his phone number the next time she had gone to his office and said to use it when she had finally come to a decision. Hotch looking back at that moment was blunter than he intended to be but secretly wished she would accept. She may not have thought of it as a date, and he knew he shouldn't have either but something inside him wanted it to be.

    Now he stood, In a full black outfit, a jet black button-up, slacks, and a dark collared jacket that matched the attire. He waited for her to appear-- he had heavily insisted on picking her up, not taking no for an answer. He knew she didn't want Liam to see him which he respected, so he decided to wait around the corner.

    When he saw her walk towards him he had trouble trying to keep his jaw from dropping. She looked stunning--breathtaking. Her hair was styled differently and it looked like she put alot of time into it. The outfit she had complimented her body and the shape of it. She had on a skirt that had a simple belt around it and a long sleeve turtleneck tucked inside it.

    "Ready to go?" She said with a slight head turn to the back of her--almost like she was making sure no one was following her. Nodding at her, he protectively walked to the side of the car, opening it for her to slip inside before going into the driver's side.

    "Was the outfit too much?" The girl beside him asks, her leg slightly bouncing up and down, likely a nervous habit. "No- you look very beautiful," Hotch reassures her, stopping himself before he was able to say anything that was deemed inappropriate.

    "Oh. Thank you. You look handsome as well, very different from your everyday suits." He couldn't help to chuckle at her statement, making her join as well. "Yeah, well If I didn't want to overdress for the occasion." He responded, more to himself than her.

    "You didn't." She simply said before the silence around the car began to settle in. Hotch enjoyed it if he was being honest. It was nice to not always have to force a conversation and to be able to feel the sense of content in another person's presence.

    The drive felt shorter than expected, the traffic barely making its appearance. Hotch took note of how she would casually play with the ring around her finger just like she had done in his office. He hoped he wasn't making her feel nervous in any way yet the whole thing in itself was abnormal. It wasn't like it was every day for a professor to take out their student to a movie theater but in a way, he thought of you as a TA. After all, you helped him a grade, and in return, his way of thanking you was taking you out. Wasn't professional or typical but then again, Hotch was all but ordinary.

    Settling in the movie theater, he had gotten the tickets which sat the both of you in the middle row towards the corner. There weren't many people- about like ten other people besides you both. It was disappointing really, Romeo and Juliet were such a classic and a tragic love story people could learn from.

    As the movie began to play, he noticed how her eyes were glued to the screen with a slight smile. It was fascinating to see how much she liked the movie. The slight eyebrow raise when something particularly interesting happened, the sparkle in her eyes as she couldn't bring to tear her eyes away from the film. It was an intricate sight that Hotch enjoyed more than the movie itself.

    Everything was going fine until his arm grazed against hers. It was electricity shooting through him. He felt something occur then and there, she did too because as soon as it happened, she looked sideways at him eyes slightly wide.

    "I'm sorry," Instantly, she moved her arm away, trying to glue her arms to almost hugging her own body as she moved to play with the ring on her finger. "You play with that ring alot." He whispers to her, not trying to interrupt the other people whose eyes were in front.

    "Oh. Yeah, I guess I do." She murmured, looking down at the palm of her hands. It was like she was thinking of what to say in response. Like the ring itself was personal and had meaning. Hotch knew that but he didn't want to press her too much about it.

    "It was my mother's.." She whispered, not really knowing or caring if Hotch was to hear her. She hasn't been able to talk about the accident since, forever really. Elle had been there for her since it first happened but other than that she never really went into detail about it.

    "My mother had got us rings, and I lost mine in the accident. It used to not fit before but I've grown into it."

    Hotch's heart broke at her words. His eyes were trained on her, noticing how her head was hanging as she caressed the ring. Swallowing a ball of uncertainty, he was trying to think of how she would react to his attempt to comfort her. There were two possible ways it could go. She would yell or maybe even slap him, telling him to back off and leave him in the dust; or she would accept the gesture-- welcoming him in like two people reuniting after a long period of time.

    Quietly slipping his hand into her open one, he saw how her face twisted. It wasn't a look of disgust or anger but a softening expression along with a small smile coming up onto her face. Hotch felt her smaller hand squeeze his, one that reassured him that what he did was welcomed. Secretly letting out a relieved sigh, they both moved their head back to the film.

    It was pleasant, for the both of them. Hotch felt content-- being able to finally savor the presence of the other person. It was like a light shining through into a dark room. The feeling of the sun hitting your skin after being deprived of it for so long. He didn't know how she felt but what he felt was more than what a professor should feel for his student but he didn't dwell on the thought much. But he wasn't feeble-minded, he knew the situation was alot more difficult than intended.

    - - -

    "So how did you like it?" Hotch asked her, as they were walking back to his car. Their hands still entangled with one another for some reason. It was like clutching onto a safety button and neither wanted to let go.

    "It was tragic but amazing--like always. Thank you." Her voice was soft due to the slight winds that passed by around them causing her arms to immediately surround herself, in order to provide warmth.

    Noticing this, Hotch swiftly pulled his jacket off, placing it over her before she could have a chance to object. "What about you?"

    "I'm fine, honestly. It's not that long of a walk." His response quickly reassuring her as he placed his hands inside his pockets trying to keep them a bit warmer.

    "I was thinking since it's only seven, do you want to get dinner before going home?" He noticed how she bit on her lower lip before looking down at her shoes. She was avoiding eye contact but why? "If you want to of course. I won't overstep."

    "No, no it's not you. It's- it's complicated." Hotch could tell she was withholding something. He instantly knew it was because of Liam. Because that man-- more like a boy, was controlling. He knew the girl in front of him couldn't see it or maybe she could be Liam was a bastard.

    A controlling, manipulative person who wanted complete control. He would get that power in any way, whether it would be by words or actions, and Hotch despised it. Liam was all too similar to someone else who Hotch also had an overwhelming hatred for. Luckily, they were dead.

    "Maybe another time. I'm kind of tired and I have some work to do so I should probably do it." She says, breaking Hotch away from his thoughts. He nodded at her, as they both walked over to his car. He wouldn't say anything about it now, after all, how would he explain his knowledge on Liam.

    Driving her back to her apartment, he noticed how she wasn't on her phone. They were in another period of silence and her head was drawn to something out the window. Almost like a sense of peace filled her as she took this as one of her few moments to live in this calm state. It was as if it was the calm before the storm. Like everything would be unraveled within a fleet of a second.

    It wasn't until she recognized the outside surroundings that she took her phone out to unlock it. Her small whispered, 'fuck' was enough to let Hotch know that whatever it was, wasn't good. The basic ringtone and her small groan of visible frustration made Hotch more concerned.

    "Do you mind if I?" Looking at him, a look of guilt noticeable on her face. "It's fine," Hotch nodded, not knowing why she felt the need to even ask him. Did Liam really damage her that she felt she couldn't even make a call in his presence?

    "Yes." Her voice, instantly becoming quieter as he tried to listen to the conversation. It was mostly muffled yelling and consisted of her responding with "Yes.. no.. I'll be there soon.. I was just with Elle.."

    Lying about her whereabouts because on the other side of the phone, he would lose his shit if she were to tell him that she was with another man. Restraining her to be his pet of some kind. It made Hotch feel horrible, she should be able to go out and live life.

    The rest of the drive was silent. He could tell she was vividly thinking, about the consequences. It would flatter him that she decide to stick up for herself and finally did something that wasn't for someone else. That Hotch was slowly becoming her secret and she was becoming his. But he was too worried for her to think about that.

    Finally approaching the apartment complex, he knew what awaited around the corner. It was like a tornado. Destructive, consuming, and deafening. He knew Liam affected you-- he was in your life for years already. In a way, he just wanted to save you but he knew better. You weren't the type of girl that wanted to be saved. No, you were the girl that struggled, that wouldn't ask for help because that would show that you're weak. And you weren't that. You weren't allowed to be after the accident, and since then, that button inside your mind hasn't been shut.

    "So this is goodbye. At least for now." She said, climbing out of the car almost hesitantly.  "I'll see you next week," Hotch addressed you with your last name, even though they were past that at this point. Closing the car door, she shot the formal attempt down, "Please, my first name is fine," As a reassuring smile covered her face within a matter of seconds.

    Then she walked away and as she wandered out of view, Hotch felt this numb feeling gnawing at him from the inside and out. When she disappeared out of his view he decided at that moment to watch closer. On a whim he silently cursed himself, grabbing his hat that could cover his face from the backseat before locking the car, and waited a few minutes near until he thought the coast was clear.

    He knew the layout of her building after some research and was thankful that someone was coming out, absently letting him get inside without having to buzz in. Taking the stairs to the second floor, he ducked behind a wall, leaning against it so he couldn't be seen. He was at the end of the hallway, next to the flight of the stairs trying to listen in. The other 3 or 4 doors that lead to the neighbor's apartment weren't of Hotch's concern. It was the door that specifically belongs to you and Liam that had his full attention.

    When a woman with a child passed him, he gave her a small smile, tugging on his cap to diminish any worry as both she and the child smiled back, unaware of what the man was doing. After all, he could be waiting for a friend or just expecting the landlord. If only they knew the truth.

    Hearing her muffled voice rather loudly at the end of the hall was what brung Hotch back to reality. She was shouting and another voice was too. Liam's. He couldn't hear what either of the both of them was saying, at least not full sentences but some words were clear enough to decipher. It was a shouting match as to why you were out so late without letting him knew. You said that he didn't know every single thing and then it was back and forth.

    Then quiet. Next, a crash. More silence followed after. It felt like thunder striking, One second it would be a loud sound, one that echoed through the apartment complex but it was shortly followed by a string of calmness. That's what caused Hotch's blood to run cold. The quietness meant two things. Both circumstances were bad, but one was less bad than the other.

    Contemplating. What should he do? What can he do? He wasn't entitled to even be here, he can't help and it made him feel helpless. He wanted to know if she was okay. if you were okay. His phone that he hasn't paid attention to started ringing against his pants pocket, and he had a keen feeling of who it was.

    But taking it out it wasn't Beth-- he would've quickly told her that he decided to go on a walk or hang out with some of the other teachers, she always did mention how he needed some friends but not alot of people was drawn to Hotch's stoic look. If anything, they were scared or thrown off by it, so they stayed away.

    But as soon as he saw it was your name on the caller ID, he quickly answered, hurrying out your apartment complex, because then he would be caught. He knew the walls weren't thick enough to keep the full sound of his voice from being heard.

    "Are you okay?" Hotch simply asked, trying to keep his voice unknowing, as if he didn't hear what had happened.

    "I-" She began her sentence but figured it was a bad idea to call. To reach out to someone who was her professor for fuck's sake. After the beat of a heavy heart, she continued "I'm sorry to bother you."

    "No it's fine, do you need to talk. Did you forget something" Hotch who was climbing back into his car, noticed how it began to rain? It probably began while he was in the apartment. His black button-up started to cling to his body due to the rain and while it was a bit uncomfortable, it wasn't too much of a concern.

    "I'm only five minutes away from you." He heard how strained her voice was, how heavy her breathing was and he was troubled, to say the least. Was it from the shouting or was it from Liam hitting her. He hoped he would never meet Liam because if he did, he wasn't sure if he could restrain himself long enough to not choke the guy to death.

    "Yeah okay. I'll bring your jacket too. I'm sorry again." That was another thing that Hotch noticed. How she apologized so often. Even when things weren't her fault, she still felt the need to say sorry as if what she had done had caused the situation.

    "Listen to me, it's not your fault, so don't say sorry. Don't apologize for calling either because I chose to pick and I don't regret it. Now bring a jacket with you, because there's some light rain." Hotch sternly but softly informed, before hanging up to look out the window to see the raindrops fall onto the glass creating a rather pleasant design.

    Waiting for you, he tried to think back at earlier in the night to how Romeo and Juliet had made you smile in a way. How when Romeo showed up at Juliet's house, you viewed the scene so longingly, like you never experienced love before. The type of love that was consuming and would do just about anything for one another. He wanted to know if you even believed in love. If you thought you would ever find someone who admired you for you... For some reason, Hotch wanted to be that person. He wouldn't admit it but the thought of you being wrapped up in someone else's arms made him jealous. Even when he had no right to be.

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    🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩

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    Dad!Spencer concept is something personal to me. I think Spencer always wanted a big family, since he grew up an only child. He'd try to make you on board with having more than one kid, after all the talk you'd settle for probably two or three. I see him as a girl dad. He definitely would go to his daughter's tea parties and let her dress him up with pins and ribbons and necklaces from beads, and respecting Mr. Bunny like a gentleman that he is every tea party.

    #spencer reid #dad!spencer #spencer reid fluff #criminal minds#cm #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid imagine #spencer reid x y/n #spencer reid fanfiction #spencer reid smut #criminal minds smut #mgg #matthew gray gubler #aaron hotchner#david rossi#derek morgan#jennifer jareau#emily prentiss#penelope garcia
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    JJ and Emily: hold hands for comfort

    Me: is this a new ship?

    #I just started properly watching criminal minds #criminal minds#JJ#emily prentiss
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    Flipping love their relationship! MGG & SHEMAR MOORE!

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    We Found Love in a Hopeless Place Part 24

    The end of this fic has arrived!!! Hope you like this and comments your thoughts.

    Read you at the end.

    Chapter 24: Family

    Spencer had been working in between cases trying to understand what was going on with those emails he received a few weeks ago.

    “You’re so quiet… when you read” Max said as she walked to him, holding two cups of coffee.

    “My brain is working… this person is sending me weird messages and I can understand quite well what he is meaning…” he said looking at her while holding the cup of coffee “I think this person was in my seminars and got my email from there”

    “Not even with your super memory?” she asked sitting next to him.

    He laughed softly “the problem is that there were so many people that I can’t focus on a particular person if I don’t know who I am looking in the first place”

    She nodded and checked his laptop “and what do you expect to find?”

    “I think this person is dealing with someone really dangerous because the way he is talking is like he knows someone might track our communications” she nodded drinking more coffee “now… I don’t know what to do, I’m trapped” he bit his lip thinking and watching the screen.

    She looked at him and closed the laptop “come on… let’s go out for a walk. It will relax you” she held his cup and put it on the table then held his hand and made him get in.

    “Max… I don’t know if this case is a life or dead situation…” he said looking at his girlfriend.

    “Spencer… baby… I know it is important but I learned something in my career, when you can’t have new and creative ideas, you need to do something else, like going out or listen to music” she looked up at him “if you stay here your brain won’t think correctly”

    “Well that’s a good theory”

    “It’s not a theory, it’s a fact” she smirked softly and he smirked back “now let’s go”

    He nodded and after getting jackets the couple left the apartment for a walk. They set just one rule; they cannot mention anything about his current investigation. They ate pretzels and watched the kids playing at the park.

    They spent the rest of the afternoon out of the apartment. And when they got back to the apartment she looked at him before open the door “you need to relax and think out of the box. If this person is talking with encrypted messages you need to try to figure out the meaning for them” he nodded and leaned in to kiss her.

    “I think that’s a great advice” he hugged her and walked in together.

    After a couple of hours later they ordered dinner and decided to watch a movie, he picked Titanic. Almost at the end of the movie and a couple of tears after Jack’s dead; Max looked up at him and, as the credits started, with Celine Dion in the background she started to talk “Spencer, I had been thinking for a while about this but I knew neither of us were ready but now I think we are” she said looking his face and his reactions “I want you to move in with me. Its almost a year since we met and honestly I never had good luck with this kind of decisions but I got a feeling that it will be different with you” she bit her lip looking at him.

    Spencer took a long moment to answer, making her nervous “I would love to. I know your story with your ex boyfriends and you know that I’m like an old man in a younger one but as you said… I think we are different and we love each other so I’m sure we will be perfectly fine” she hugged and kissed him.

    He decided to ask for a days off to continued his investigations and to move his books and clothes to her apartment. And he was sure that he found everything he needed to know, he led a SWAT Team in a storage unit where they found the former VICAP agent Owen Quinn.

    At first he thought the agent was dead but suddenly the man came back to life and they took him to check in the hospital then returned to the BAU.

    “Spence… how did you find Quinn?”

    “I received some emails with some encrypted information and at the end I figured them out to find him”

    “Emails? Since when you… the technophobic… created an email account?”

    “JJ I created one for my classes during the few months I was my hours in the field restricted, so you don’t need to worry…” he said walking to the interrogation room.

    “Of course I have to… Spence, you hid information about going to New Mexico to buy a medicine for your mother, which led Catherine Adams to attack you” she said stopping him “I’m your best friend and I didn’t even know you have and email. Also I feel like you are hiding more things and I can’t tell what”

    “JJ… you know I really appreciate your concern and I’m happy that you are worry but I’m not a kid or your son. I’m a grow man and I can take care of myself. I know you do it because you don’t want me to get hurt but you can’t protect me all the time” he said in a calm voice, he did not say it angry or frustrated. She just nodded and he left to start the interrogation.

    It was hard to believe Quinn’s story about the marriage couple and their son keeping him hostage, so the team was trying to keep their minds open but it was hard, especially knowing his paranoia with this serial killer team.

    After hours they discovered that the person who sent Spencer the emails was Theo, the son of the crazy couple, which helped them to believe in Quinn’s story. When they finally understood about the cult they led Quinn go.

    The team left to Rossi’s house for a drink and maybe even dinner but Spencer and Penelope which stayed a few more time. He wanted to wait with Quinn’s son until his dad was released, and he texted Max about it, and Penelope had a few things to finished before joining the team.

    But VICAP agent Mary Meadows went down with Penelope and Quinn and she killed Quinn and kidnapped Penelope.

    Then took Spencer hostage with her and took them out of the FBI building.

    The team thought it was Quinn’s fault at first but after watching the cameras they realized that Mary was the one who did it. Meanwhile Spencer and Penelope worked together to left breadcrumbs for the team, doing little things to lead them to the cult.

    Emily recognized Mary from an old case and the team discovered their plan of killing three hundred people and Spencer was the three hundredth so they decided to leave to save him after saving Penelope.

    They did not have troubles finding the Cult, and they made sure to be quiet to infiltrate and save Spencer.

    On their way home and after a heartfelt conversation Emily decided to give him a little surprise to she texted Max, explained her briefly what happened and asked her to go to the FBI office. Max did not ask much, she was happy to know he was fine and on his way home so she drove to the FBI.

    Emily made some calls to get her in and when they arrived to the airport, the team went to the office to see Garcia, who was crying and hugged her good friend and Comic-Con partner.

    Then Emily led him to her office “I brought a surprise for you, I made sure no one see her because I know you don’t want them to know” he shook his head knowing what she did.

    “Really? You brought her here?” she nodded and opened the door of her office. There was Max biting her nails waiting. She looked at him, he had some bruises and cuts on his head but he looked as handsome and perfect as usual.

    She walked to him and hugged him tightly; he hugged her back and laid his head on her hair. She cried on his chest for a minute and when she calmed down he led her to a couch in the office.

    “I-I got worry when you didn’t arrive but I thought you had some other things to do. T-Then Emily texted me to come here because you were kidnapped by a cult…”

    “Yeah… I met them after Gidion left the team, their former leader died that day and another man took over the cult. They spent all this time killing around the country and collecting the bone that hold the tongue in place. They had two hundred ninety-nine of them and wanted there three hundred”

    “And it would be yours, right?” she rubbed his cheek with tears. He nodded and his eyes were on hers “what happened to the man you found?”

    “He died… the woman who kidnapped me and Garcia killed him because he recognized her” she nodded and hugged him again. She was happy to have him back but worry about what could come next “come on… I think you should meet my family” he smiled and stands up “they saved me and now I want them to know someone who saved me in another way” she smiled still with tear.

    They walked out the office and there were the rest of the team. JJ looked at him then at her and she smiled, finally realizing why he was different. The rest of the team looked at them and smiled.

    “Boy genius had a girlfriend?” asked Penelope watching Max close to him.

    “Apparently…” said Matt looking at Luke “you own me 50 bucks” he whispered in his ear.

    The Latin man signed “You are better profiler than me man…” he handed it to Matt without the others realizing.

    “Guys this is Max. She is my girlfriend and the person who helped me recover after what happened with Cat” she waved at them.

    “I heard so many things about you all and I’m glad to finally meet you” said Max smiling.

    Each of them introduced themselves and after that Rossi invited them to go to his house for a proper dinner/ breakfast and a toast for finally meeting Spencer’s girlfriend.

    Mount Pleasant Women’s Correctional Facility

    Cat Adams was in her cell, bored, when one of her puppets walked in “Cat, I have information…”


    “Spencer Reid…” Cat’s bored face changed “he has a girlfriend”

    “How do you know it?”

    “There’s someone in the FBI that told a guard here and he told me” Cat smirked and nodded.

    “Thank you Claire… I have something fun to do now” her smile grows bigger.

    “The memories we make with our family is everything.” – Candace Cameron Bure.



    I hope you liked this final chapter. Thank you again for reading and sharing your feedback. If you have plots for Maxcer let me know and I will do it.

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    JJ in first seasons was amazing.

    #JJ's doors are always open #because she's never in her office #also the way elle shows Reid her plaque #she's so proud #and the way she looks at Morgan saying without the words that JJ's amazing #with her light sweater she looks totally out of place #she's surrounded by darkness #first scene of JJ #jennifer jareau#agent jareau #criminal minds jj #criminal minds#elle greenway #criminal minds greenway #cm 1x02#cm edits#cm
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    Spencer Walter Reid

    [Criminal Minds - Lockscreen / Wallpaper]

    ♡ if you wish to use it!
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    also "correctional facility" my ass.

    #criminal minds #i have more to say on the topic irl #but that's for another day
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    call me stupid buut i genuinely wasn't expecting Luis to actually be killed 😅 i thought it was gonna be a thing of Reid and Luis managed to be found innocent and get out together and just have like a brotherly bond from then on but nope, that guy slashed his throat. goddamn.

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    We Are Soulmates

    Criminal Minds / Supernatural Crossover

    Summary: After an unexpected trip to heaven you figure out who your soulmate is. Turns out the way to finding him was to get arrested. (Beginning is based on S:4 E:16 of Supernatural 'Dark Side of the Moon')

    Paring: Aaron Hotchner x reader

    Word Count: 10,112

    Warnings: Mentions of murder, angst, some cursing

    A/N: This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it!

    Dying hurt like a son of a bitch. The feel of bullets that lodged themselves into your chest was something you were sure to never forget. When you came to you weren’t in the run-down motel room that you and the Winchesters’ had checked into the night before. You were laying on a couch in a living room you had never seen. Slowly rising, you looked around taking in the room, the strangest of feelings blooming in your chest. It was as if you had chosen everything in the room yourself. From the furniture to the paint color on the walls to the architecture of the building, it felt right. It felt like home.

    Spotting picture frames on a nearby wall you walk over to hopefully get an idea on who lived here. You felt in your gut that you belonged here, but you knew it wasn’t your home, until you found pictures of your current family, the Winchester’s, and Cas. Your happy moments throughout the years. Even one of you and your parents that made your eyes sting and you wondered if maybe you did belong. Some of the pictures, however, were of people you hadn’t met before, which confused you more. You moved past those. The next picture causes you to gasp and you pulled the frame from the wall. The picture is of you, the smile on your face lighting up the entire frame. Behind you stands a man you don’t recognize. His arms are wrapped around your shoulders as he too, smiles for the camera. With brown almost black hair cropped short, deep brown eyes with crinkles around them and a bright smile, the man took your breath away.

    Not being able to help yourself you touch the glass wondering who this mysterious man is. Your pondering is interrupted as static fills the room causing you yelp and drop the picture. You frown down at the broken glass before turning around trying to find the source of the noise. The TV in the living room is now on, only static on the TV, you cautiously go over about to turn it off before the static starts morphing into something else. Your eyebrows pull together in confusion before you can finally see something in the static. Castiel.

    “Y/N. Can you hear me?” Cas said through the fuzziness of the TV.

    “Yeah. Cas, where am I?” You immediately asked.

    “Heaven. My condolences.”

    Memories from your final moments come flying to the forefront of your brain. The two masked men that ended up being hunters. Their anger at Sam and the blast of bullets as they shot the three of you in your beds.

    You blink away the memories and the pain looking up at Cas’ face.

    “What now?”

    Cas then explains his plan find God and stop the apocalypse. He tells you how to get to Sam and Dean, then where to find the angel Joshua, who was rumored to speak to God. You follow his instructions and find the boys down the road inside a different house. The three of you are then chased down by the angel Zachariah who is hell bent on getting you back in your bodies so Sam and Dean can fulfil their destiny, only for you to find Joshua or really, he found you. All this only for you to all be disappointed to learn that God wasn’t going to help with the apocalypse. With a wave of his hand, Joshua sends you and the Winchesters’ back into your bodies.

    You had been to heaven before, apparently, but this time you remembered everything. You remembered this time because of the conversation you had with Joshua, you knew that, but you couldn’t get the man from the picture out of your head. You were drawn to him for reasons you couldn’t understand, and you couldn’t stop thinking about him.

    It had been several days since you were brought back from the dead and you finally decided you needed some answers. Sam and Dean had gone on a food run and they left you and Cas in the motel room by yourselves. Cas was still drunk from his liquor store escapades, but you didn’t know when you would get another chance to talk to him alone.

    “Hey Cas,” you asked.

    “Yes, Y/n?” he answered his voice slightly slurred.

    “Heaven. I, uh, had a few questions about Heaven..”

    “What is it?” Cas asked.

    “When I woke up there, I was in this house. It was perfect. Everything I’ve ever wanted, which I guess makes sense since it is heaven, but there was a picture on the wall that I just can’t get out of my head.” You felt a sense of relief in finally being able to get your thoughts out in the open. You looked up at the blue-eyed angel.

    Cas tilted his head and his eyebrows pulled together. “What was the picture of?” he asked.

    “It was of me and a man I have never seen before. We were both smiling.” you paused not sure if you should tell him the rest but figured being as truthful as possible will only help. “We, well, he had his arms wrapped around me. It almost felt like it was our home or something,” you knew it sounded crazy, but you didn’t know how else to describe it.

    “Ah,” Cas said. “Of course.”

    “What? Do you know who it is?” the anticipation bubbles up into your voice and you sound almost desperate.

    “Well, that is your soulmate,” Cas said. “When you both die that is the heaven that you will share. When one of you dies the other will wait there until the other arrives.” Cas’ eyes locked on your face waiting for your reaction.

    You can’t say anything at first. Your heart is in your throat and you must look away from Cas so he can’t see the battle going on behind your eyes. The first thing you feel is incomprehensible happiness. You never thought that you could have a soulmate. As a hunter your dating history was non-existent, and you figured you would never have that. You had come to terms with it and had made peace.

    Now though, to know there was someone out there that you were meant to be with made your heart soar; only to have it come crashing down with the knowledge that you could never bring another person into the life you had made for yourself. No one deserved that. Even if your heart broke at the thought of never knowing the man in the picture.

    Ignorant of the battle raging in your head Cas continued, “I don’t know his name but if I am able to take a look into your soul, I could find out for you.”

    “No,” came your immediate response. If you knew a name it would be easier for you to find him. You would never be able to resist that. “It’s okay. I was just curious,” you finally meet Cas’ eyes. His eyes were wide as they searched yours, any trace of drunkenness seeming to be gone. “Thanks,” you hoped he would drop the subject. You even tried to give him a smile in reassurance, but you were sure it came out more as a grimace.

    That had been several years ago. Life went on and you and the Winchesters faced many trials. Not everything was bad though. After so long on the road you had found the bunker and finally had somewhere to call home. Over the years you tried to keep the man from the picture, your soulmate, out of your mind. Focus on what was going on around you, but no matter what life threw at you, you were never able to keep the man from the picture far from your thoughts. He was always there right below the surface.

    Sam and Dean had found out about your secret not long after you guys had died and come back. Dean had been more understanding about your reasoning for not looking for the man. Sam had thought you should try and get out of the life. That this was the perfect opportunity for it. Maybe he had been right, but you knew you wouldn’t be able to leave this life. Leave Sam, Dean and Cas to fight the next big bad. They were your family, and you couldn’t bring yourself to leave them. So here you were, in the library of the bunker searching for a case with your family.

    “Wait, listen to this. There has been a series of kills where the victims had their heads cut off.” Sam said, looking up at Dean and I over his laptop screen.

    “Sounds like someone is killing some vamps.” Dean replied, leaning back in his chair, and propping his feet up on the table. “Maybe we should just leave them to it.” You shrugged a shoulder in agreement with Dean.

    “They must be fairly new hunters if they are being this obvious.” Sam said squinting back at the screen. “I think we should still check it out. At least show them the ropes.”

    That was all it took for the three of us to head east toward Bloomington, Indiana where the last vamp kill was.

    Finding out that it was Krissy, the hunter’s daughter that helped us out a few years back was a shock. Then being told that her father had died at the hands of a vampire brought everything into the light. She and two other teens were looking for revenge for their loved one’s deaths and honestly you couldn’t blame them. However, that didn’t change the fact that they were being reckless. You had followed Krissy and her friends when they had left the house while Sam and Dean tried to get more information from their ‘foster dad’.

    What you hadn’t realized was that the FBI was in town.

    The sound of tires crunching against gravel had your head flying towards the door of the barn you currently stood in with Krissy and her two friends. From the sound of it there was more than one vehicle and none of them were Dean’s car. You would know that sound of the Impala anywhere. Turning back towards the teens you all looked down at the decapitated body laying at your feet. You knew they couldn’t be found here, and if they found you, they wouldn’t go looking for Krissy and her friends. You hoped.

    “Go!” you shouted as quietly as possible. “You can’t be found here,” You said. They all stare at you and you meet Krissy’s wide eyes, the bloody machete still clutched in her hand.

    “What about you?” she asked. You could tell panic was starting to settle in and you didn’t have time to console her.

    “I’ll be fine. Go back to Sam and Dean. They will be able to help me.”

    That clearly is enough. She gave you a curt nod, determination pooling in her eyes. Her and the other two run out that back of the barn as you hear footsteps heading for the front of the barn.

    As the back door is shut behind Krissy, the front door is shoved open. “FBI!” is shouted by a built bald man. His eyes meet yours for a second before moving to the body laying at your feet. His already raised gun is trained on you in the next second. You automatically bring your hands up as he and several other agents surrounded you shouting for you to get on the ground. You don’t say anything to them, not wanting to make this worse on yourself. A woman with blonde hair cuffs you and reads you your Miranda Rights before leading you outside with the help of a tall skinny man on your other side.

    They put you in the back of a squad car; the woman forcefully pushes your head down. Your heart is in your throat as you stare out the window as the squad car pulls away from the barn. You take in deep breaths through your nose and try to calm your racing heart. Sam and Dean had been arrested several times before and they had gotten out of it. That was before you had an angel on your side too. They would be able to get you out. You had to have faith in that, or you would start panicking. Before you are turned fully away from the barn you could have sworn you see the profile of a man that looked vaguely familiar. It’s not enough for you to pinpoint where from so you let it go. You have more important things to worry about.

    The Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI all stood around the body that lay in the middle of the barn. The head was off to the side, its eyes still open seeming to peer up at the agents. Dr. Spencer Reid looked away from the eyes a slight chill running down his spine. It’s crazy what can still affect him after all the crap he had seen.

    “There is no murder weapon, at least one that we can find, but the victim had to have just been killed. He is still warm.” David Rossi said from where he was currently knelt next to the body. He pulled his eyes away from the headless corpse to look around at his team.

    “The amount of force it takes to decapitate someone, even with something like a machete, which based on the wound is what had to be used, is–.” Reid started off, only to be interrupted by Derek Morgan.

    “A lot of force.” he finished his eyes still on the body in front of him and his arms were crossed over his chest. “This doesn’t make sense. She wouldn’t have been able to do this without a weapon and we’ve searched everywhere. There isn’t one here.” Morgan waves his arm out over the rest of the barn, his voice elevating with the frustration. The rest of the team is feeling it too.

    “Maybe there were other people here and they left before we made it into the barn.” Emily Prentiss said looking around at the group.

    “That is very likely.”

    They all whip their heads around to the sheriff that they were consulting with on the case.

    “There are three sets of foot prints out this back door. They could have made a run for it when they heard us coming,” the sheriff continued.

    “Why wouldn’t she have run too?” Jennifer Jareau wondered. “If the others were able to get away, who’s to say she couldn’t have.”

    “She could have stayed to take the fall,” Aaron Hotchner jumped in. “Maybe she was trying to protect them.” There was a moment of silence while they thought then Hotch continued. “Morgan, Reid and I will go back to the precinct to question the suspect. JJ, Prentiss, and Rossi, you stay. See if you can find anything else out here and if you can find out where the other people that were in the barn went. Once you are done here, meet us back at the station.”

    Back at the precinct, you were sitting in an interrogation room waiting for someone to come in. There was a two-way mirror in front of you and you were sure there were agents on the other side staring at you, waiting for you to give something away. You wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. You had been in more dire situations than this. Granted this was the first time you had been arrested but a couple of FBI agents were nothing compared to a demon with a knife and a hatred for anything Winchester.

    You sat a still as you could manage. You had never been one to sit in one spot for long. Always needing to move around. It didn’t help that your nerves were on the rise the longer you sat there but you knew that was their game. Instead of focusing on the agents surely standing on the other side waiting to come in and get you to confess, you focused on what you had control over. How you were going to play this so it would end with you walking out the door free. You had to admit the odds weren’t in your favor but everything they had was circumstantial. However, finding you standing over a decapitated body was damning evidence.

    After an immeasurable amount of time, which was probably only ten minutes, in walked the same man that had first pointed the gun at you in the barn. Behind him was a tall man that was dressed in a suit. Your eyes lifted to his face and are met with familiar brown eyes. Your eyes widened and you froze in your chair, your heart pounding, and your plans of talking your way out of everything flew out the window. The last several years of not looking meant nothing. Trying to keep him away from the dangers of your world. To keep him safe. All of it. For nothing.

    There stood your soulmate and you greedily took him in. This was so much better than a picture you had slowing been forgetting even as you had fought to remember. The details of him fading away as your struggled to keep them close but now, with him in front of you, it was like you had been drowning and your head finally broke the surface. He and the other agent shared a glance at your obvious recognition. You immediately dropped your eyes to the table, scolding yourself and trying to bring back some composure. You had to focus if you were going to get out of this.

    “I’m SSA Derek Morgan and this is SSA Aaron Hotchner. We are with the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI.” Agent Morgan said as he took a seat across from you. Great, behavioral analysis. That is going to make getting out of this even harder. Aaron Hotchner stayed by the door; his arms crossed over his chest. You peeked a look at him. Aaron. As much as it was a relief to finally know his name, it also brought a pang to your chest. The more you knew about him that meant it would be that much harder to stay away. You knew you were not meant to have this.

    “Do you know why you’re here?” Morgan asked.

    “Because you found me standing over a dead body,” you bluntly stated, your mental capacity absorbed by the man standing across the room.

    Morgan shrugged one shoulder in agreement, “Yeah we did and as much as I would love for you to explain that we have a more important question.”

    You stare at him for a second trying to bring your focus back to Agent Morgan. You couldn’t be distracted by Aaron if you were going to get out of this.

    “And what would that be?” You asked, keeping your focus on Morgan.

    “We ran your prints through our data base and didn’t get a hit, so no priors,” Morgan answered looking at the file in his hand. “You didn’t have an ID on you.” Morgan closed the file before resting his elbows on the table separating you, leaning toward you. “So, we have no idea who you are.” He finished.

    You mirrored his position, “That does seem to be a problem.” You stated sarcasm slipping into your tone. Morgan searched your eyes, for what you weren’t sure.

    “Who are you?” he asked. You take your eyes from his not sure if you should share your identity. You know eventually you will have to, but you are afraid that knowing who you are will bring them to Sam and Dean.

    Like there is a pull between the two of you, your eyes move away from Agent Morgan and they automatically land on Aaron, still standing across the room. Your eyes meet and you are unable to look away. Again, you are drinking him in and everything else faded away. Unbeknownst to you, Aaron is also unable to look away.

    Morgan looked between the two of you. Hotch relaxed his stance and his arms fell to his side. It was as if you couldn’t take your eyes off each other. You already had a strange reaction to seeing Hotch. The look Morgan and Hotch shared confirmed that Agent Hotchner had never seen you before. Something weird was going on, though and from the look on his face, Morgan knew that Hotch wouldn’t be able to play the bad cop with you like planned.

    “Hey!” Morgan slammed his hand down on the table causing you to jump and tear your eyes back to him. “I’m talking to you, not him. Now answer my question. Who are you?”

    From the corner of his eye Morgan sees Hotch look down seeming to shake himself out of whatever the hell that was. This was going to complicate things. Whatever this was.

    You open and close your mouth, struggling to decide what you should do. Morgan was about to turn up the act a notch before you finally respond.

    “Y/N Y/L/N,” you murmured. At the sound of your name Morgan gets up and leaves the room, planning on getting on the phone with Garcia. Plus getting that was like pulling teeth; maybe Hotch could get more out of you.

    Aaron stares after Morgan for a moment before turning back to you. He walked over to the table and took a seat across from you. You watch his movements, still amazed that you had found him; or more like he had found you. He stares down at his hands where they are resting together on the table, his fingers intertwined. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head and you wondered if he would ask about the clear connection you two had. Even though you were soulmates that didn’t mean that you knew when you met your other half. The only reason you were aware of soulmates at all is because one of your best friends is an angel. If you had not died all those years prior and saw the two of you in that frame, you might have assumed this was just mutual attraction. Attraction that you had never felt for another person before, but attraction none the less.

    Finally looking up and meeting his eyes you are blown away with how deep they are. You swear you could see all the way to his soul. Okay, maybe not just attraction.

    “We found footprints outside of the back door of the barn.” Aaron said, and you are surprised with the direction he decides to go in. Your heart rate picks up knowing that they know about Krissy and her friends. “We know that there were other people in that barn right before we got there. The fact that we couldn’t find a murder weapon backs up that theory. If you cooperate in this investigation, we can let you walk free.” You stare at him, shocked that this is the way they are deciding to play this. Was he even in a position to promise something like that? For a moment you consider making something up. Fabricating three other people that could have decapitated the vampire, not that they knew that’s what it was. You shake your head. If you let them think that you knew that other people had been in barn with you that could lead them to Krissy and her friends. You couldn’t let that happen but maybe you could convince him of something else entirely.

    “There was no one else there,” You said. “I thought I heard something in the barn. I walked in and found the body there. I was about to call the cops when you guys showed up.” You lean back and cross your arms. Portraying confidence. Hopefully, claiming that you had found the body like that would be enough for them to let you go. Anyone could have been there before you to decapitate them. Even in your head it sounds dumb. You aren’t on you’re A-game and you knew it had everything to do with the distracting man sitting across from you.

    Aaron leans forward in his chair is eyes searching your face. The two of you stare at each other for a moment. You know he is trying to get read on you and you are afraid of what he will find. You had spent years lying to people of authority but lying to a profiler was above your pay grade. You were good; you just didn’t know if you were that good.

    “Why didn’t you mention that before now?’ He asked.

    “You guys didn’t really give me the chance to,” you retorted. “Even if I had, would you still have arrested me?” You leaned forward propping your elbows on the table between the two of you, mirroring each other.

    “Yes.” Aaron said holding your eyes. “You would still be a suspect. Like you said, we did find you standing over a dead body.” A light pause, deep brown eyes still staring into yours. You idly wonder if he can hear your heart pounding. “This is the third body to show up in a matter of weeks. If this is your doing, you’ve been busy.”

    You sighed, breaking his gaze, and staring at your hands on the table trying to figure out your next move. “I would like my phone call now.” You decided. You needed to talk to Sam and Dean.

    Aaron rose from the table and left the room. He came back a second later with keys to unlock your wrists from the cuffs. Slightly confused as to why he took them off, you rose to your feet where he grabbed your arm and you let out a gasp as tingles radiated from where he touched you. Your eyes shot up to his wide eyes. He took a deep breath before pulling you from the room.

    There were agents right outside the room that you recognized from the barn. Aaron pulled you along keeping you beside him and his hand gentle on your arm. You stare up at him, taking in his profile not being able to take your eyes off him. Damn, you needed to get yourself together. He stopped you in front of a desk in the main lobby of the precinct and brings the phone that was at the corner of the desk closer to you.

    “You can have a seat here. You have five minutes.” He leaned against the side the desk and you realized you weren’t going to have any privacy.

    Dean picked up the phone at the first ring.

    “Hello?” he barked.

    “Dean,” you breathed. You noticed Aaron’s shoulders tensed as you said the, clearly male, name.

    “Where the hell are you?” he said an edge of panic in his voice. You could vaguely hear Sam asking if it was you on the phone.

    “I’m at the police precinct.” You look up at Aaron not sure how much you should say.

    Before you can say more Dean interrupts, “We know what happened and we are so sorry. We should have gone with you. We are going to find a way to get you out. We just aren’t sure how, but we will. Oh, and Sam is here too.”

    “Hey Y/N/N. How are you holding up?”

    “Hey Sammy. I’ve been better.” You chuckled without humor. “It’s bad. I don’t know if I’m going to get out of this one.”

    “Hey, none of that. We’ve been in situations worse than this. We will find something. You just need to hang in there. Don’t admit to anything,” Sam said, and you could almost picture the look of determination on his face.

    “Okay. Yeah, I won’t.” You responded feeling better about the situation now that you knew Sam and Dean were trying to find a way to help you.

    “I got a hold of Cas earlier. He is heading this way too.” Dean said.

    “Good. I’m glad he will be back with us.” Cas ran off on his own too much and you all missed him when he was gone. Especially Dean.

    “It’s going to be okay. We will figure something out.” Dean repeated, trying to make you feel better.

    “I know. I trust you guys. It’s just…” You don’t know how to finish. Telling Sam and Dean that you were scared was one thing, but you didn’t want Aaron to be aware of that.

    “We know. We’ve been there.” Dean reassured you.

    Aaron glances down at you, then points down to his watch. You take that for what it is, but you have one more question.

    “Should I ask for a lawyer?” You asked.

    “Well should she Sammy?” Dean inquired clearly letting the would-be lawyer take that question on.

    “It would probably be better if you did. We have had them in the past. That way they can’t try and pull a fake confession out of you.” Sam advised.

    “Maybe I should just tell the truth,” You said. Aaron whipped his head down to look at you, questions clear in his eyes. You held his gaze and wondered if this man would believe you. Maybe if he knew the truth he would even try and help you out of this mess. Or he would try and lock you up for being mentally insane. The latter is probably closer to reality.

    “That is always I tight rope to walk,” Dean cautioned. At the sound of Dean’s voice, you broke eye contact with Aaron.

    “Yeah, you should really think about that before you do.” Sam added.

    “You might be right,” You said. “I have to go. They are wanting me to get off the phone.”

    “Okay. Just be careful. We’ll figure this out.” Dean said.

    “I know you will. I–I love you guys.” You professed. You and the guys weren’t big on saying the L word, but you didn’t know when you would see them again.

    “We love you too Y/N,” Sam said softly.

    “Yeah, we do,” Dean confirmed.

    With a small smile on your face and a quiet goodbye you hung up the phone. You sat there for a second absorbed in your thoughts before Aaron pulled you from them.

    “I have to take you back to the interrogation room.” He murmured, gently placing his hand on your arm. You nod your head not ready to go back to the tiny room. Lifting your hand, you almost place it over Aarons before you realized what you are doing and quickly lower it, standing in hope to disguise the awkwardness. He guides you back to the room just as he had led you away. He sets you back at the table not re-cuffing you to your surprise. He holds your eyes for a moment before turning and leaving the room.

    Aaron shuts the door behind him and is met with the eyes of his team.

    “Would you like to explain what the hell is going on between you two?” Morgan stated, genuinely confused as to why he was acting this way. He, or the rest of the team, had never seen Hotch this distracted.

    “What Morgan is trying to say,” Rossi intervened. “Is that there seems to be something going on between the two of you. Do you know her from somewhere?”

    “No, I–,” Hotch looked around at his team not really knowing what he should tell them because he didn’t really know what was going on himself. He had never felt this immediate connection to someone before. Of course, it had to be a suspect in a murder investigation. “I wish I knew what this was.” He told them looking down with a shake of his head. “I can’t even wrap my head around it. Let alone try and explain it to you guys.” He raised his head, meeting the eyes of ever one on the team. “I will get a handle on it though. I won’t let it interfere with the investigation.”

    As he finished, Morgan’s phone started to ring.

    “Hey baby girl,” Morgan said putting the call on speaker. “You’re on speaker. What do you got for me?”

    “Hello, my lovelies. I found more about our mystery woman. Y/N Y/L/N was born in (readers hometown) to (readers parents). When Y/N was 16 years old, and this is where it gets sad, there was a break in that resulted in the murder of both of her parents. The–uh the Unsub well, he tore them apart. Y/N was never found. It was assumed she had been abducted and later she was pronounced dead when no leads popped up. That is until now, where she seems to be alive and well.”

    “And now she might be cutting off people heads.” Rossi stated. Hotch turned towards the two-way glass staring at you sitting at the table. He felt a deep sadness at the thought of you going through all of that and who knew what you had gone through since that night.

    “So, there is no other trace of her?” JJ asked. “No bank statements or home addresses?”

    “Nope, nothing. If there had been something, I would have found it. It was like she was living totally off the grid, which is ridiculously hard to pull off.” Garcia confirmed.

    “If she had been with the person that did this to her family all of this time–,” Emily shook her head not wanting to entertain the thought.

    “Did you get a name for who she called?” Spencer asked Hotch, who finally turned away from the two-way glass.

    “Yeah. One was named Dean. The other she called Sammy,” He said. “But she did mention another man. She said she would be glad that he was back with them, but she didn’t mention his name.”

    “I can work with that,” Garcia’s voice came through the speaker. “I will get back to you in a jiffy.” The line clicks.

    “Three men? Could these be the Unsubs?” Morgan asked.

    “The footprints found at the scene were too small to be that of grown men. It either had to be teenagers or women.” Spencer answered.

    “She said she loved them.” Hotch blurted, not being able to keep it in anymore. It had been eating at him since she had said it, for reasons he didn’t yet want to consider.

    The team all stared at him, bewilderment clear on their faces.

    “Are we thinking Stockholm Syndrome then?” JJ is the first to speak, voicing what everyone was thinking.

    “She doesn’t seem to be a victim of Stockholm Syndrome,” Rossi said. “We could be wrong but that also doesn’t fit into the profile.”

    “She doesn’t fit into the profile.” Hotch shook his head, knowing that deep down in his gut. “And I don’t believe she has Stockholm Syndrome. How she acted on the phone with them, it doesn’t fit.”

    “So maybe she hasn’t been with her parents’ murderers this entire time,” Emily suggested.

    “But who then?” Spencer asked. “It is nearly impossible for a sixteen-year-old to completely live completely off the grid like that, especially with no experience doing so.”

    “That’s what we need to figure out,” Rossi stated the team nodding in agreement.

    “There’s one more thing.” Hotch was looking through the glass at Y/N again. “Y/N asked them if she should tell the truth.” Everyone whipped their heads in Hotch’s direction.

    “That’s something we can work with,” Morgan said confidently.

    This time when the door opens Aaron and a female agent that you vaguely recognize from the crime scene, comes through the door. They both take a seat in front of you, Aaron pulling out the chair for the other agent. She gives him a smile and a feeling you can’t quite name pulls at your stomach.

    “Y/N this is SSA Prentiss. She is also a part of the BAU.” Aaron said not taking his eyes off Agent Prentiss, a soft look in his eyes and the feeling in your stomach worsens. Agent Prentiss smiles shyly and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. You knew finding him was too good to be true.

    Aaron finally turns to you and doesn’t meet your eyes, but he does open one of the files they walked in with.

    “Miss Y/LN, it seems you have been living of the grid for a long time.” Aaron started finally looking up at you, trying to put some distance between the two of you with the use of your last name.

    You cleared your throat, pushing emotions down. So, it’s Miss Y/L/N now? “What does that have to do with anything?”

    “Well, we were wondering why.” He said leaning toward you.

    “That doesn’t matter.” You had yet to decide if you should tell them about the hunting, figuring it probably would only make matters worse at this point.

    “Your last known address was one that you lived in with your parents before they were killed.” Prentiss said laying out a picture of your childhood home in front of you. You pick up the picture staring at it, you can feel tears pooling in your eyes. It still felt like it was yesterday. Hell, you still had nightmares about that night. How could they have found that, and what did it have to do with anything?

    “I still don’t know what that has to do with this.” You whispered afraid of your voice breaking if you spoke any louder. You set the picture down looking away from it.

    “Ever since that night, there has been no record of you anywhere. No home addresses. No credit card payments. Nothing even made out in your name.” Prentiss moved another picture toward you, this time it was of you and your parents. It had been taken a few years before their deaths, for their church directory. It had hung in the living room of your family home since it was taken. This time you couldn’t hold back the tears.

    “How did you find this?” You breathed, not picking this picture up knowing holding it in your hands would be too much. You hadn’t been able to take a picture of your family with you when Sam and Dean had rescued you from your home that night. There hadn’t been time. This was the first time you were seeing your parents’ faces in years.

    “Who took you from your house that night, Y/N?” Prentiss said gently, trying to coax you.

    Unbeknownst to Y/N, Hotch was glad that Prentiss was taking the lead on this. His fists were clenched on his lap as he watched the tears fall from your eyes. He had an uncontrollable urge to wipe them away, to comfort you. Just like he had when he saw the flash of pain in your eyes at the act he and Prentiss were putting forward.

    While Hotch fought his internal battle, Prentiss kept questioning you. “Was it the people that killed your family?”

    “What?” You asked staring at Prentiss in confusion. “You think that I have been with my parents’ murderer this entire time?” You shook your head as a hysteric laugh bubbled out. Realization washing over you and your blood starting to boil. “You think that if I had been with that monster,” your lips curl around the word, “this entire time it would fit right in with your investigation. The poor victim turned murderer because she had been brainwashed by a monster for over a decade.” You snarled at Prentiss flabbergasted by the conclusion they had made. Fury burning through your veins at the thought of the demon that took your world from you. “Well, I’m sorry to ruin your little theory but that black eyed bitch got what was coming to him. He’s dead.”

    You looked between Prentiss and Aaron both obviously surprised by your little speech. “I want a lawyer.” You fumed.

    “Y/N–,” Aaron started, not sure what he was going to say but he felt like he needed to say something.

    “I said,” You leaned forward on your elbows getting into Aaron’s space as much as you are able with a table between you. “I want a fucking lawyer.” You leaned back in your chair again, crossing your arms and looking away from the two agents. A clear dismissal. Aaron and Prentiss get up and leave the room knowing they weren’t going to get anymore from you. Aaron looking at you one last time before he closes the door behind him. Once the door closes, you let a tear trail down your cheek.

    Outside of the room, Prentiss turned towards Hotch. “I’m sorry. That’s not how I thought she would react. She has been so levelheaded this entire time.”

    “It’s not your fault. She asked if she should lawyer up while she was on the phone. This was going to happen eventually.” Hotch comforted her.

    “So that didn’t go as planned,” Rossi stated. “But Garcia did find something while you were in there.”

    In the conference room the team stood around the table listening to Garcia. “I hope I am wrong but, I believe who Y/N was talking to was Sam and Dean Winchester. This took a lot to dredge up. Especially, considering the two are supposed to be dead several times over. They have been charged with mail fraud, credit card fraud, grave desecrations, breaking and entering, armed robbery, kidnapping, and three counts of first-degree murder. Their last known whereabouts was their arrests by FBI Agent Hendrickson, but they were to have thought to have died in the fire that took Agent Hendrickson’s life along with two officers and a secretary that worked at the station.”

    “Wait, I remember that case. Agent Hendrickson thought he had them in Milwaukee, but they got away. They have been on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for years but were taken off when they were thought to be dead,” Rossi stated.

    “How do you know they are alive then?” Hotch asked, wanting to be sure before they assumed anything. His insides clenched at the thought of you being with them this entire time.

    “They are good, sir but not that good. I used facial recognition to scan through security cameras around the town trying to find some trace of them and I found them leaving a gas station on the corner of Walnut and Grimes in a 1967 black Chevrolet Impala.” Garcia finished with a flourish.

    “So, if she has been with them this entire time, her being involved in these murders is very plausible. Even if she was just along for the ride.” Morgan concluded, confident that they had figured you out.

    “That is too big of a coincidence for it not to be them,” JJ remarked.

    “It also looks like we have two more possible Unsubs for this case,” Rossi added.

    “I must say my dear friends, do be careful with these two men. They are highly dangerous and have cheated death on more than one occasion,” Garcia warned. The team took in her warning, staggered that this case had become as big as it had.

    “So, what about her parents then? I think it is safe to say that her parents’ killer is dead. She seemed very confided in that fact,” JJ said changing the subject now that they were more confident in your involvement.

    “And that Sam and Dean are probably the ones that killed him or hell maybe she killed him.” Morgan added.

    “Do we think that maybe they were the ones that killed the parents?” Reid asked.

    “I don’t think so. She called the killer a ‘black eyed bitch.’ That must mean that she saw the killer and she seems confident that they are dead,” Rossi determined.

    “I did think that was strange.” Hotch muttered. “I’ve never heard someone refer to a person that way.”

    “Black eyes?” Reid wondered. “Could that have to do with race? Something derogatory?” He looked around at the team.

    “Maybe,” Prentiss considered. “But that’s not how I took it. She called the person a monster. She emphasized it. It could be a characteristic of that specific person or she could mean a characteristic of someone evil.”

    “That is true, in a lot of biblical mythology, demons, the embodiment of evil, are said to have black eyes.” Spencer tacked on.

    The team is silent for a couple of moments taking in what Prentiss and Reid said, not really knowing where to go from there. Hotch is the first to break the silence, “Garcia, try and dig up more about Sam and Dean Winchester. They seem to be in the middle of all of this and the more information we can get on them they closer we will be to finding out who did this. Also try and find a location on them. We need to bring them in.” Hotch instructed.

    “Of course, sir. I’ll get right back to you. Garcia, over and out!” Garcia hangs up the phone.

    Armed with this new information, the team decides to switch it up and send in Reid to talk to you. Not that anyone said it, but they think if they get Hotch out of the room, you won’t be as distracted.

    While the team is discussing what they have found out, you talk with your lawyer and she explains to you your rights and the two of you try and come up with a game plan. Having her their makes you feel better to a point, but you truly don’t know how much she can help you.

    When the door opens again, it is not an agent that you have seen in this room before, but you do recognize him from the barn.

    “Hello, I am Dr. Spencer Reid. It’s nice to finally meet you, Y/N,” Reid said as he sets a few files down on the table. He shakes your hand, as well as your lawyers before taking a seat. You are disappointed that Aaron isn’t in here this time, but you aren’t surprised that they decided to change it up. You are sure that the rest of the agents are watching behind the glass.

    “Y/N, if I may ask, what is your relationship to Dean and Sam Winchester?”

    The blood in your veins run cold. How could they have found out about Sam and Dean? “Excuse me?” You stammered.

    “What is your relationship to Dean and Sam Winchester?” Dr. Reid repeated.

    “I–I don’t know a Sam or Dean Winchester,” You said.

    “Are you sure about that?” Reid asked.

    “Yes.” You try and say confidently. You aren’t sure how well it works.

    “Well, we know they are in town.” Reid said, pulling picture from one of the files. It is of Sam and Dean at a gas station the three of you stopped at when you came into town. From the time stamp you are positive you were in the back seat of the Impala in this picture trying to find out more about the case as Dean filled up the tank and Sam grabbed some food. You look up from the picture and meet Reid’s eyes. He holds your gaze, and you are the first to look away.

    “What does this have to do with the current case?” your lawyer spoke up. Thank God.

    “Y/N mentioned the names Dean and Sammy on the phone earlier.” You try and keep your composure, but you are almost certain you tensed up. “Our technical analyst was able to break down who it was Y/N was talking to.” Reid continued, he turned away from your lawyer and met your eyes. “If this is the Dean and Sam she was talking to, then we are going to have to bring them in as suspects on this case.”

    “May I ask why?” your lawyer replied.

    “Dean and Sam Winchester have been charged in the past with mail fraud, credit card fraud, grave desecrations, breaking and entering, kidnapping and three counts of first-degree murder. We know there were at least two other people at the crime scene, and we believe that your client is covering for them,” Reid finished.

    You were so fucked. Them knowing about Sam and Dean changed everything. You couldn’t let them get to them. You had come in here to try and protect Krissy and her friends but now you were going to have to protect Sam and Dean. There was no way in hell you were going to let them go down for this. They had saved the world on more than one occasion and they were your family.

    “Okay,” You quaked “I’ll tell you everything.” You meet Reid’s eyes and try and steel yourself for what you are about to do. “But only on one condition.”

    “Wait, you don’t want to do tha–,” your lawyer started but Reid cut her off.

    “What is that?” he asked leaning toward you.

    “I will only tell Agent Aaron Hotchner,” You declared.

    A half an hour later, only you and Aaron are sitting across from each other in the interrogation room. The team is still on the other side of the two-way glass and a camera was set up in the corner of the room. You and Aaron are holding each other gazes and he wondered what you were about to tell him. Why bringing up Sam and Dean Winchester had brought on that type of reaction from you.

    “You can start whenever you are ready,” Aaron said trying to keep his voice soft and reassuring.

    Taking a deep breath, you begin. “My parents were murdered when I was sixteen, but I am sure not in the way that you think.” Your eyes are cast down. Aaron kept his eyes on you trying his best to read you.

    “I know you’ve read the file, so I don’t have to explain to you what that thing did to them. But uh– after that monster was done with my parents it came for me. I had stayed hiding in my room too afraid to leave.” You shake your head still looking down. “Before it could get to me, two men came in, killed the monster and saved my life.” You finally look up and meet Aaron’s eyes. “Those men were Sam and Dean Winchester.”

    “So, you are saying that Sam and Dean committed murder?” Aaron clarified.

    You take a frustrated breath and continue your story ignoring Aaron implication. He takes note of the protectiveness you have for the Winchesters with a twist in his gut. He doesn’t want to think about why.

    “Dean took me outside and explained what he and his brother did. They hunt monsters.” Present tense. “Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and what killed my parents. Demons.” They had convinced you of the existence of monsters. That is the last thing he expected.

    “Demons? What do you mean by that?” Aaron wanted clarification. A demon could mean something evil not necessarily the biblical meaning.

    “I mean a demon. From hell. It’s all real. Heaven and hell. Angels and demons. God and Lucifer. It’s all real.” It’s only the years of interrogations and keeping his cool under high pressure situations that keeps his eyebrows from shooting up and his eyes from widening. They got you to believe that a demon from hell killed your family. Aaron wasn’t sure where he stood on the subject of God especially after Haley’s death but the confidence you had in the existence of the supernatural floored him; it was more than you just believing it. You had seen it.

    “You don’t believe me?” she asked clearly taking his silence for disbelief.

    “Believing in God is one thing but believing that demons and monsters walk the earth is something else entirely,” he said. “If what you are saying is true, what does that have to do with the murder you are suspected for?”

    “The body that you found me standing over in the barn was a vampire,” you told him.

    “Is there a way you can prove that?” he asked.

    “The gums,” she said. “If you press down on them fangs will extract.” Aaron knows on the other end of the glass someone on his team is calling the M.E. to verify your story. “So, are you saying that you killed a vampire?” he asked.

    “I never said that.” You replied with a shake of your head. “He was a vampire, but I didn’t kill him.”

    “Did Sam and Dean?” Aaron questioned.

    “No, they didn’t”

    Until then he can’t let the thought that the world is vastly different then he original believed get to him, so he decides to back track on something else you said.

    “When you mentioned heaven and hell among other things being real, you seemed very confident in that fact.” Aaron said placing his elbows on the table and leaning towards you. When he did, your breath hitched, and he can’t help but let his eyes fall to your parted lips. His heart skipped a beat in his chest, and he forced himself to bring his eyes back to yours.

    “That’s because I am.” You murmured. A sigh escapes your lips and your shoulders hunch over. You stay like that for a moment before straightening your back and lifting your head. However, you don’t meet his eyes.

    “About five years ago, Sam, Dean and I stopped at a motel right outside of Milwaukee for the night.” You bring your hands together on the table wringing them together. You’re nervous. Was it the story? Or what my reaction will be?

    “Two men, fellow hunters, broke into our room that night. They had a grudge against Sam.” A huff. “They shot him in the chest before we could stop them. They knew that Dean and I would want revenge, so they shot both of us too.” He couldn’t stop is eyes from widening this time as ice ran into his veins. He took a deep breath through his nose and out his mouth. She is right in front of me. She’s fine.

    “Everything went black and when I came to…” Your eyes are far away now, and he wonders what you are seeing. “I was laying on a couch, in a house I had never been in before. Yet, it felt like…home,” You shook your head like you didn’t believe what you are saying. “The house, the furniture even the paint on the wall, was all something that I would pick out for myself.” You smile, lighting up your whole face. Aaron’s heart skips a beat. Your smile shouldn’t affect him that much.

    “There were pictures hanging on the wall. Some were of my family. Sam, Dean and Cas. There was even the family portrait you showed me earlier.” She paused again her gaze on her hands. “There were others, but I didn’t pay attention to them. I didn’t recognize the people in them but then–,” a sigh escaped her lips before she wet them. Does she have to draw attention to her lips? He shakes his head to clear it. “I picture on the wall drew my attention. It was of me and a man that I had never seen before.” She finally brings her eyes up to meet his. “His arms are wrapped around me from behind, and we are both smiling.” The corner of her lips pulls up into a smile. He was entranced hanging on her every word, and he needed to know the ending because these feelings he has had since he laid eyes on her were about to be answered. He just knew it.

    “I don’t think I have ever looked that happy.” a sigh escaped her lips. Aaron held his breath waiting for her next words. “I was in Heaven.” She said her eyes staying on Aaron’s, trying to convey more through eye contact then through words alone. As Aaron stared into the depths of her eyes trying to see behind the beauty of them and the pounding of his own heart, he realized what she was trying to convey.

    I was in Heaven. That sentence alone wasn’t out of the ordinary. People proclaimed that things they enjoyed were like heaven all the time but with the silent conversation being had with their eyes and the words she had declared earlier with a strong conviction ringing in his head, he knew that she was being quite literal. He knew it in his bones that she was telling the truth no matter how much his mind wanted to fight the notion.

    “You were in Heaven.” Aaron murmured clearly making a statement. Another sigh passed through her parted lips and her shoulders relaxed from her ridged posture. He believed her.

    “Yes, and after some unfortunate events, an angel named Joshua brought Sam, Dean and I back to life.” Even though he wanted to ask so many questions the evidence of this was right in front of him. You. Alive and breathing. There was no logical way he could believe that you had been in heaven and not believe that an angel had brought you back to life.

    “Eventually, I asked our friend, Castiel, who is also an angel, about the man in the picture. Who he was and why there was a picture of him and I together in heaven? He told me that the man was my soulmate and that eventually when we both die; we will be together in heaven.” She bit her lip, hesitating for a moment before continuing, “He asked me if I wanted to know who he was and I knew if he told me, I would search the ends of the Earth until I found him. I have always wanted to find someone to live my life with but with what I do, it’s hard to find someone who would understand that or who I would want to bring into that life. I knew that I couldn’t do that though. I couldn’t put someone that I knew I would end up loving in danger like that. I would never forgive myself if something happened to him because of what I do but the Winchester’s, Cas, they are my family. I couldn’t leave them either. So, I picked the family I already had, and I told Cas I didn’t want to know.”

    Aaron’s heart was in his throat and he fought to keep his breathing under control. Soulmate?His chest tightened. First, he wondered who this man could be and why the thought of Y/N being with someone else made his heart ache in his chest. None of this made sense. What you spoke of couldn’t be true. Believing in Heaven was one thing but believing in soulmates? There was no logical explanation for it. Or maybe the thought of you being destined for someone else was too painful of a fate.

    Your eyes had yet to leave Aaron’s face. He could feel your eyes on him even though he was looking down at his hands folded on the table, his mind a jumble of thoughts and feelings that he couldn’t get a hold of. It was just too much. Before he could get a hold of himself, you continued talking.

    “I went on like that for years,” you said. “The man never fully leaving my thoughts. I almost broke and asked Cas more than once to tell me who he was, but somehow I refrained–,”

    “Why are you telling me this?” Looking up he finally met her eyes. Aaron couldn’t hear another word of this supposed soulmate. It felt like a blade slicing at his chest, which he had firsthand experience, even though he didn’t understand why he felt this way. Maybe he had an idea that was pulling at him in his mind, but he ignored that train of thought.

    “Because it’s you,” she whispered placing her hand on top of his. “You were the one in the picture. We are soulmates.”

    Aaron just stared at her; his body ridged. Before Aaron could react to her a bright light flashed into the room. A crack had formed from the light, the outline glowing a dark gold. It pulsed with movement before a man appeared in the room through the glowing crack. The man was dressed in a trench coat and he eyed Aaron for a brief second before turning to you. You were already looking at him your eyes wide with shock.

    Aaron sat frozen as the man grabbed you by the arm and pulled you across the room to the portal. Before you both disappeared, you turned, your eyes meeting Aaron’s one last time. Then you and the man were gone.

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    maybe its because im a misogynist but I could not care less about alex blake

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    why don’t they put liquid in the paper cups on criminal minds? literally mugs and clear glasses theres obviously liquid in them and the actors do fine but the paper cups if you look at someone holding one for half a second you can see there is nothing in there.

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    Wedding planning is an interesting affair, it was a surprise to everyone when the “bridezilla” so to speak was Spencer not Aaron who kindly puts up with Spencer throughout it all (and talks him down a couple notches).

    They have it in their own back yard (it’s big enough).

    They have gold wedding bands but they also have black athletic stand in wedding bands for cases.

    The wedding itself is beautiful.

    Jack is ring barer (who calls himself their ‘ring bear’ not matter how many times Spencer corrects him).

    Henry is glad to throw flowers (giggling the entire way down, and even throwing them at his aunts and uncles occasionally).

    Aaron walks down the asile with Rossi his best man at his side, Spencer walking down with Jj his “best woman” as she’d dubbed herself. They sorta took traditional rolled it up in a ball and lit it on fire but nobody seems to care.

    Spencer suit is dark academia style like everything else he wears.

    Aaron’s suit is similar to what he wears everyday (but “It has a bow-tie Spencer, no it’s not a work suit, yes you are overacting, I know, I love you too.”)

    It’s Morgan who officiates the wedding (he can do that, apparently and Spencer uses it as teasing material for months).

    They don’t do long vows, because between the wedding planning and work and jack they really didn’t have time to sit down and write long vows.

    The after party as Penelope calls it is also in the backyard, they eat classic cookout foods and tell stories. (“Remember the pinning stage?” JJ asks between breathes of laughter which results in another burst of laughter from the group sans Spencer and Aaron who have no clue what’s she’s talking about they weren’t THAT bad thank you very much)

    The cake is white on the outside but rainbow on the inside, Emily’s idea actually.

    Jack switches between who’s lap he’s sitting on but refuses to be put in his own chair.

    There’s several speeches (no saying no to nobody on this team)

    When it’s time to dance Spencer steps on Aaron’s feet several times because (“No Arron I don’t dance you know that.”) his protests are heard and ignored.

    After the first song JJ steals Spencer and he steps on her toes too (and Emily’s and Penelope’s... really people should stop dancing with him)

    By the end of the night everyone is to drunk and to tired to go home so they end up in various rooms across house.

    There’s no honeymoon because their days of taking uninterrupted vacations ended the day they joined the BAU.

    It’s not perfect or traditional but it’s theirs and nobody can tell them otherwise.

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    ❝ the brain is the most understanding organ. it works for 24 hours, 365 days, right from your birth until you fall in love. ❞

    ❝ or maybe that's how you know you love someone dr reid. ❞
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