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    04.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    elle greenaway — 1.18 somebody’s watching

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    04.08.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    dear apollo, let her go // elisabeth hewer

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  • shatushka
    04.08.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    i feel like I'm better than spn fans when I'm literally watching the same piece of bad 15 seasons long media but this time it's with actual feds

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  • yannasunflower
    04.08.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    top five comfort characters!!

    i was tagged by @thatsadorable to post my top five comfort characters c: thanks orion!!

    1. Samwise Gamgee {Lord of the Rings} (he literally almost dies for Frodo and i just think he's the best LOTR character tbh, underrated)

    2. Bilbo Baggins {The Hobbit and some cameos in Lord of the Rings} (sticking with my Tolkien vibes but i also crave adventure, would also need a kick in the ass in the form of 12 loud ass dwarves to do it)

    3. Spencer Reid {Criminal Minds} (my poor, precious Spencer....the writers did him dirty in too many ways to count....i lov him)

    4. Katara {Avatar: The Last Airbender} (my beautiful, angry little murderous child i love her sm, one of the best female characters ever written, an absolute legend, icon, would die for her absolutely in a heartbeat)

    5. Kuroo {Haikyuu!!} (my husband. enough said.)

    thanks for tagging me again!! had such a hard time picking just 5 tbh, i should definitely go write some meta now instead of doing my homework ajdflkjf.

    i tag @gladly-olus @rivendell101 @thedarknobleowl @disquieted @faunroyalty and anyone else who wants to do it!!

    #this was rly fun actually #had a super hard time narrowing it down to five #i have so many comfort characters #its unhealthy#the hobbit #lord of the rings #haikyuu#atla#criminal minds#katara#spencer reid#bilbo baggins#samwise gamgee#kuroo#text#yanna speaks
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  • ssajemilyprentiss
    04.08.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    I’m not who I was yesterday

    Pairing: Jennifer Jareau x reader

    Warnings: Angst, typical cm stuff with cases, mentions of death, mentions of blood, fighting, trust issues, mentions of past trauma, children getting hurt, mentions of military/guns Let me know if I forgot something

    A/N: My first one shot for JJ! This feels fun to write and I hope this turns out as expected. This is requested by anon who asked the following: 

    “Media liason!JJ x profiler!reader where before the FBI JJ was recruited into the military working classified operations and is a John Wick style badass. This comes to light when either an unsub shows the team proof or JJ is forced to get them out of a situation on a case with skills a Media Liaison definitely shouldn't have. Angst ensues with reader and the team feeling like they don't know her. Ending up to you:)”

    Also fyi I have no knowledge about the military and how it works, so any mistakes in that part is on me lol

    Check out my masterlist <3

    My request guidelines

    You are awakened by JJ opening and closing the door to your apartment, you pick up you phone and see the time, 6.12 am. You groan of tiredness and roll to your side, seeing JJ coming in. She’s wearing leggings and a sports bra, and you can tell she’s been on a run - seaway dripping down her forehead. 

    “Now this is a sight I could get used to waking up to” you say, your voice raspy

    “And that is a voice I could get used to waking up to, if you’d follow me on a run for once” she says laughing 

    “Nah” you say stretching your arms, grabbing one of JJ’s arms - dragging her towards the bed

    “Noo baby” she whines playfully “I’m all sweaty” 

    “I don’t care” you laugh back “I want my girlfriend to lay in bed with me for once” you say as you drag her down and she lands on her back next to you, the both of you laughing 

    “I’m going into the shower now” JJ says and gets up 

    “Noo come back” you whine 

    “You could join me” she calls from the bathroom, and you get up from bed and rush to the bathroom joining her 

    You and JJ walk into the bullpen together hand in hand, seeing that the team have already gathered in the round table room.

    “It must be bad” you say to her, and you walk in and take a seat at the table and start passing around the files to each other 

    “Okay my lovely crime fighters we have a bad one on our hands today” Penelope says and presses a button on her remote, showing three pictures of families lying dead together. A heavy silence making its presence known in the room. Penelope takes a deep breath before continuing:

    “Three families around the D.C have all been shot to death during the last five days. We have the Johnson’s, the Larson’s and the Chapman’s – all seemingly happy families”

    “The fathers have suffered some major injuries pre mortem” Emily says

    “Yes” Penelope says and change the slide to only pictures of the fathers “We have Kyle Johnson, Jeremy Larson and Tony Chapman and they all have been beaten severally before taking the final lethal shot to their heads” 

    “All three seems to have died last, so they had to watch their loved ones die” JJ says 

    “Wait you guys” you say as you read the file “The fathers were all in the military?” and as you utter those exact words you see in the corner of your eye how JJ visibly tenses, looking uneasy 

    “That they were” Penelope says 

    “So maybe they served at the same time or had a mission together” Spencer pipes up  

    “Garcia you’ll look and see if you find anything connecting these three besides the fact that they were in the military” Hotch starts “We’ll set up a hotline to gather tips from witnesses, and JJ you’ll hold a press conference in an hour” he says and leaves quickly. 

    You see how JJ is about to question him, but she doesn’t get the chance. You take her hand under the table and whisper:

    “Are you okay babe?” 

    And she looks at you and replies “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” and she quickly lets go of your hand and gets up from her seat before you get the chance to question her more. 

    You start working victimology with Emily and Penelope while Derek, Spencer, Dave and Hotch visit the crime scenes. You’re looking down in a stack of papers when Penelope suddenly raises the volume on the tv, and you see that JJ is about to wrap up the press conference. You smile at the sight of her as she continues to speak:

    “Please call the number on your screen if you have any information, that will be all for today thank you” she says and walks away from the podium she’s standing at. After a while you are all gathered again – piecing together the information found at the scenes together with the victimology. 

    “There’s something missing” Derek suddenly says

    “What are you thinking?” Hotch asks

    “I mean there’s got to be something these three did during their time in the military that the unsub knows about, and something triggered him to kill them all” 

    “How are we on finding that kind of information Garcia? Hotch asks

    “Nothing so far boss-man but fear not my knights of the round table, I will find something if it means I have to turn every stone there is” Penelope says and starts typing eagerly on keyboard. Just as you are about to leave the room to get more coffee Anderson comes running towards you 

    “Sir, you have a call on line one” he says 

    “Thank you, Grant” Hotch says “Garcia start tracking as soon as I pick up” he adds

    “Yes sir” she replies and Hotch picks up the phone, making everyone tense up 

    “Yes sir” she replies and Hotch picks up the phone, making everyone tense up 

    “This is supervisory special agent Hotchner to whom am I speaking?” 

    “You have no idea what those men made me do” a man says on the other line

    “Who is this?” Hotch asks

    “They were all horrible people who did horrible things, not what you’d expect the military to do. Isn’t that right, agent Jareau?” he says, everyone turning their heads towards JJ who looks like she’s seen a ghost. And your mouth just falls open in shock, what is this guy talking about? Before anyone can say anything, he continues:

    “Should you tell them Jennifer or should I?” he goes silent for a moment, but JJ still stands looking shocked, and you see how she’s trying to open her mouth but she doesn’t get anything out.

    “You see everyone, Jennifer used to be in the military with me, Kyle Johnson, Jeremy Larson and Tony Chapman. We all have made horrible things during our time, but what they all made me do and how that affected me – you all will pay” he says and hangs up the phone. 

    After he’s hung up a heavy silence falls over the room, with you all looking at each other in shock. You feel how tears are burning in the corner of your eyes, how could JJ not have told you about this? And what had she made someone do so that they’re now out for revenge on her?

    “I can explain-“ JJ says but she doesn’t get to finish, you storm out of the room – not wanting to hear anything she has to say. 

    You rush out of the building and just run and run, until you find yourself in a park where you and JJ have had several picnics with Emily and Penelope. You sit for a while letting the tears fall until you hear someone behind you.

    You sniffle and then say “Leave me alone”

    The person doesn’t reply, only sist down next to you – and you see that it is Emily. 

    “Didn’t you hear what I said?” you ask 

    “I did” she replies “But I chose not to listen, since you look like you need a friend” 

    You sit in silence for a while until Emily says:

    “How are you?”

    You sigh “I just... I just feel as if I even know her anymore” 

    “Trust me” Emily says “You’re not the only one” 

    “But JJ is still your girlfriend, and she still loves you. No matter how bad her past is and what she has done before” 

    “I wish I could believe that” you say “I just want to know why she hid all this from me” 

    “Why don’t you ask her?” Emily says, turning her head around – you do the same and see JJ standing next to a tree, and as you look at her, she starts walking towards you

    “I’ll leave you two alone a moment” Emily says and gets up and walks away. JJ comes and sits down next to you, not saying anything. 

    “Who are you?” you ask her

    “Y/N, babe I’m still me. I am still Jennifer Jaraeu no matter what” she says

    “What is it exactly that you have done and why did you hide it from me?” you ask, looking her in the eyes

    “Before I joined the FBI I was in the military, and this mission in Afghanistan where I was recruited as sharpshooter together with this other guy, Bryan Tyrell” 

    “The unsub?” you ask

    “Yeah, it’s him” she says “The three victims were our commanders, and they gave us this highly classified mission. Which basically was eliminate every living target – including civilians” she wipes a tear of her cheek before continuing “Bryan shot and murdered a child while we were on this mission, and that’s when they called it off. The both of us went home, I started the academy and Bryan went home to his family” 

    “What happened then?” you ask and wipe another of her tears

    “I heard Bryan’s family got murdered not long after the both of us got home, and that’s why he’s doing this now I guess” she starts “And that’s also why I’ve never said anything about this to anyone, especially you – to protect you” 

    You just sit in silence looking at her, not sure how to respond. 

    “And I am sorry for that” she continues “But what Emily said is true, I still love you, and I always have, and I always will. And I know this has affected your ability to trust me, but please Y/N can we try again?” she takes your hand in hers, squeezing it lightly

    You sigh “I love you too JJ, that’s the thing. But if you want to try again – please no more secrets?” 

    “I’ll try my best to keep that promise” she replies and her lips form into a small smile

    “Then yes, we can try again” you say and embrace her in a deep passionate kiss, you feel whole again and could sit here forever with her – but your thoughts are interrupted by Emily shouting:

    “Hey lovebirds! This is really cute and all, but we have a case to solve”

    You both start laughing at her comment, you stand up and offers JJ you hand. She takes it and you start walking back the building hand in hand. 

    “I love you” she says and squeeze your hand

    “I love you too” you reply 


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  • silverchains9182
    04.08.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    episode S4E5 canonically states that reid is not a virgin and nobody was gonna tell me???

    Derek can’t figure out who the girl from the coffee shop is and reid says “you’ve slept with so many girls you can’t remember their names?” and morgan goes “this has never happened to me before!” and reid goes “yeah well it’s never happened to me either” and derek says “well you’ve only got one face to remember” and then reid just makes a noise and a face like “yeah yeah” but????? i’m just gonna feed this into my bisexual spencer headcanon that the first was ethan goodnight

    #spencer reid #spencer reid x reader #criminal minds #ssa spencer reid #derek morgan #ssa derek morgan #catching out #spencer reid fanfiction #spencer reid fanfic #dr spencer reid
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  • whump-town
    04.08.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    By twenty Haley Brooks had loved and grieved a boy she’d only known for three years. Each passing moment she had with him she looked up into his face, a flower perpetually turning on its heel to search for the sun, and knew it could be her very last. Something about Aaron Hotchner lends itself to this feeling of desperation, turning over your shoulder in search of something eerily just out of grasp. It’s his reckless abandon for the world - the way his regard for life strikes center mass. Undeniably to catch his eye is to see it and know - he’ll die young. His smile is too bright but hesitant, always unsure if he’s allowed even this small reaction. His hands are cold, Haley had found she could do nothing to draw this from his thin limbs. Death, she’d felt like its fingers were playing keynotes down her spine and not his had already folded its fingers around his ankle. Simply waiting to jerk life away. Waiting for him to find the line half-drawn in the sand and decide “to here”, “I’ll go to here”.

    He got through law school and became a lawyer.

    As much as she wanted to turn her cheek to the idea, she could feel him being drawn in. His willingness to stress the points of justice no matter what. Over Thanksgiving dinner, Aaron draws out this elaborate telling of his latest case for her parents, and she’d tensed with realization. Hearing his smile brighten should have made her feel lighten his joy spreading to her. Instead, she’d heard the words of a dying man slipping past his tongue as he explained to her father a loophole he’d found in a briefing and how he’d twisted the defense’s arms behind their back until he got his conviction. Her mother had prided him, kissing his cheek as she brought a pie to the table and Haley could only sit in silent horror.

    Aaron might never arrive at his own line. She puts her fork down but she can’t stop thinking about it. A blaze of glory, she imagines. His blood hitting some alley’s walls and the sound of wet, weak gasps as he dies alone someplace cold and isolated. Away from her. Some emergency worker finds her number in his wallet or on his medical files, telling her the boy she’s loved since she was seventeen has been found dead. That he won’t be coming home tonight with his happy little humming and nearly burning dinner distracting her with dancing. Dead.

    A blaze of glory.

    She looks at him, long legs stretched out on the carpet and watching her father intently, and knows she’ll never be enough to draw him home. To convince him that there is no winning in death consuming. Be it by his own hands or someone else’s. He hasn’t had time to do anything. He’s still just a scared boy seeing death for what it is - the only control he’s ever had over everything just out of his grasp. And sometimes, she can see it in the way he looks at her, he wants that control so badly. He’s going to let it consume him.


    She dies alone in the bedroom of the home he carried her over the threshold of. It’s the last thing she sees before she closes her eyes and she feels him here. The way he’d laughed and it had carried deeply through the house and as she held him tighter with the thought nothing bad could ever reach them here. His laughter should be the first sound in every home and she wanted it to be a sound she heard every day of the rest of her life. And as her fingers got cold she knew she’d die before he got here. After laying in Aaron’s arms for the last ten years, she knows death intimately. Knows he won’t save her.

    And with her last breath, she prays he finds the strength to not follow her this once.

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  • sparklinspence
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    kitten sub spencer hc

    he wears a bell collar all the time at home and sometimes wears a discreet one at work. It will be super quiet in the bullpen and there will be faint bell sounds but nobody knows besides him and his dom where it’s coming from.

    Lots of bending over, arching his back, and butt wiggles!

    he will crawl over to you and put his ass in the air, “presenting himself” to you and it’s super cute but also very distracting when you are trying to do something important.

    whenever you’re cooking or working on something he will steal little things and hide them. You would be making dinner and all of a sudden your spatula and whisk are gone.

    little licks<3

    he wears a tail plug and it’s white mixed with black and brown and fluffy and has matching ears

    #sub spencer #sub!spencer #spencer reid#criminal minds #spencer reid smut #criminal minds smut #mgg smut
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  • almostbutnotdeadenough
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So I don’t know who may or may not have noticed this before me, but it has come to my attention that if Star Wars exists in the Flash, how the heck can Mark Hamill be there. This also applies to Criminal Minds. I need this to be explained.

    it was actually btmn904 who brought this to my attention.

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  • darkbucky
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    does reid give off dom vibes to y'all? has he exhibited that feel throughout the season? bc I just cannot view him that way. he gives me sub vibes,, sub leaning switch maybe

    #I've read some reid smut and even when it's written well I'm like 🤔 #I know it's just ~fictional~ and i dont have to overthink this #but I'm just JABDJSJ #also maybe it's because i never finished the show and I've only gotten through the first season at one point #prove me wrong idk #(also ik ppl can headcanon him a certain way and there's no right or wrong way. i just don't see him really as dom. if so maybe a soft dom) #(why am i talking about this skbdjd pretend u didnt see this post 👀🙈) #spencer reid#criminals minds#slight n/sfw#c
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  • bauslut
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    01x16 is one of hotch’s hottest looks.

    #fuck the way his sleeves are all rolled up #and he’s not wearing the tie #fuckkk#hotch#hotchner#01x16#criminal minds#cm #i simply cannot
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  • thisismynerdyself
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A Day for Desire

    part 2 of the HOTch miniseries

    start here: A Night for the Nerves (pt 1)

    Aaron Hotchner x fem!bau!reader

    18+ ONLY, minors DNI

    Miniseries Warnings (not specific for each part): sexual themes (again, minors dni), boss x subordinate relationship, heavy drinking/drunkenness, casual drinking, steamy exchanges, secret relationship

    WC: 1.8k

    A/N: first, I want to thank everyone who read and shared/commented on part 1, you have no idea how much that means to me! second, HERE IT IS! this was my favorite part BY FAR (and I’m sure you’ll agree) so I’m so excited for you to read it 💕 prepare thyselves cuz it’s about to get HOT(ch)

    You hadn’t been nervous to enter your workplace since the day you started there. Yet today, it took every ounce of courage to force yourself to pull open each door, put one foot in front of the other, and make your way into the bullpen where all of your colleagues would be waiting.

    You attempted to convince yourself that it wouldn’t be too bad, that maybe it had all been forgotten on the day off. Maybe you had nothing to worry about.

    But from the moment you set foot in the room, you knew your luck had run out. Derek was smirking practically before you even showed your face. And when you reached your desk, after keeping your expressions neutral and setting your sights straight ahead, you could feel the teasing caress of every pair of eyes glued to your form as if waiting for you to say something. Because they were.

    You simply pretended they weren’t there. You prepared your desk for the day, arranged a few things into their proper place, and refused to give in to the invisible pressures.

    But you couldn’t ignore them once they all meandered closer to you, like moths to a flame these agents were drawn to the imminent drama that would unfold.

    Finally, you couldn’t stand it. “Oh I’m sorry, did I not give you enough to gawk at the other night? Do you need me to do something even more embarrassing?” They knew you weren’t seriously angry, but your nerves were a wreck as you anticipated having to face your boss.

    Derek let out a howl of laughter. Your eyes snapped to him as if challenging him, what’s so funny? He managed to speak through his laughter. “If I had known what would happen when I got you drunk I would have done it ages ago.” He slapped you on the shoulder.

    You glared at him, although it held none of the intensity you had hoped for.

    “Ha ha, of course, it was absolutely hilarious. For you!” You waved your hand indicating all of them. “Has anyone seen Hotch, anyway? I have a feeling he didn’t find it as entertaining as the rest of you.”

    JJ pointed, “he’s up in his office. He didn’t seem any different than normal. Maybe he was drunk too, at least too drunk to remember?” Did you hope that was the case? You weren’t quite sure what would be worse.

    You stood and the group scattered to allow you space to move. “Wish me luck.”

    It felt like an unending distance from your desk to his office door, but you willed each foot forward until you had made it. How many times had you crossed the room like this headed for this very destination without a hint of fear or embarrassment haunting you? But today everything had changed.

    You didn’t even bother to pause when you reached the doorway, knowing it would only give you a chance to back out. No, you needed to face the music and address the raging elephant.

    The door was closed, so you knocked. You heard a faint “come in” and forced your hand to twist the doorknob and enter. You closed the door behind you, no need for anyone else to overhear the oncoming conversation.

    When you finally made eye contact, you wished you could simply dissolve into nothingness. Your courage was fading.

    “Umm, sir. I think there’s something we need to- um,” you looked around anxiously. Then you took a deep breath. “Look, about the other night, I-“

    He stood from his desk and held his hand up. Then he circled his desk until he was standing only a few feet from you. On his way past the window, he peeked out of the closed blinds, looking down at the rest of the team below. They had congregated around Reid’s desk, likely wondering how this very conversation was going.

    “You were drunk, were you not?”

    Huh. So he did remember. “Yes, sir. I want to blame Morgan for it, but it was me doing the drinking.” Take responsibility for it, that’s the mature thing to do. “And I’m sorry for whatever it was I said or did, I honestly have no memory of it.” Well, you remembered a little. Like the way Aaron’s body molded to yours while you danced with him. The addicting scent of his cologne that lingered in your mind even now. No, now is not the time to think about that.

    “Is that right? No memory?” Why did he look like he was contemplating something deeply? What was so deep about a drunken idiot?

    You nodded, guilt threatening to leak out of you. You let your chin hang low.

    “That’s a real shame.”

    Your head snapped up to look at him. What?

    You know you let your confusion show on your face.


    “Um, why?”

    “Because I remember almost all of it.” He took a step closer to you. “And I don’t remember ever stopping you.”

    Fuck. What did that mean? Why was he looking at you like he could ravage you right where you stood? Fuck.

    “You- what?” You simply couldn’t find words. Everything was whipping around your brain so fast you thought you’d get whiplash from your thoughts alone.

    Aaron let a sly smile creep across his face. “That’s not quite true, I did stop you, we all did. Before anything really happened. But you did put on quite the show.” There, his eyes sparkled with mischief.

    You let out an audible breath. “Oh, thank god. I don’t think I could live with myself if I actually did anything… um, too crazy.” Why were you afraid to say what you were really thinking?

    Hotch’s eyes suddenly darkened in a brief flash of what you thought looked like disappointment. Was it?

    You continued, trying to read his reactions as you went. “I would hate to have made you uncomfortable just because I wasn’t in my right mind.”

    That seemed to clear something behind those serious eyes of his. Another step closer to you. “Are you in your right mind now?” Oh boy were you. You gulped and nodded slowly, knowing that your voice would fail you now if you tried to use it. “Because I never said I was uncomfortable with it.”

    Shit, was this really happening? There was a fierce invitation lurking in Hotch’s eyes. A hunger you had never seen. His body moved ever closer to you. There was maybe a foot of space left between your bodies. Maybe.

    Your heart rate increased rapidly, your breathing following suit. Silence hung in the air, but it only served to intensify the longing that was almost tangible.

    Then you did it. You did what you knew you had wanted to do two days ago.

    You surged forward and connected your lips with his. But it lasted mere seconds as you realized what you had just done. With your boss. In his office. With your coworkers downstairs. You pulled away, but not too far. You only made it a few inches before Aaron’s firm hands gripped the sides of your face and he pulled you back to him. This was no ordinary kiss. No drunken mistake or experimentation. This was pure desire and desperation.

    You gave in to the hold he had on you, snaking your arms around him until your hands rested against his toned back. There was no space separating you now.

    Your lips moved against his in a rhythmic battle for control. Aaron’s hands slid back into your hair, gripping the back of your head to ensure you couldn’t slip away. It was messy and it was dangerous. Dangerously tempting to let go of every ounce of self control and throw yourself even deeper into the fire.

    After minutes of this strange and wonderful connection, there was a mutual parting. But you stood inches apart, breathless and fully captivated by the moment.

    The hunger was dissipating from his eyes as you suspected was the same from yours. But it was replaced with an adoration, a desire for more than just a one-time event.

    Aaron was the first to break the sweet silence, his voice low yet tender. “You want to know why I stopped you before?”

    “Because you didn’t want to take advantage of a drunk, helpless young woman?” You gazed at him like you had never truly seen him before.

    He nodded, “that, and I wanted to know what your ‘right mind’ really wanted.” He kissed you once more quickly. “Now I know.”

    And it was then that you saw the most genuine smile that man had ever given. It wasn’t an ear-to-ear type, but rather a smile which offered a softness and a promise for more.

    Then realization of where you stood, what you had just been doing, it all hit you at once. “I- I should probably be getting back downstairs before the others-“ you stopped and looked right at him. “The others. What do we do?”

    You were standing with your back to the door, only a few inches away. He stepped toward you again and wrapped his arms around your waist. “For now, we can keep this between us. We’ll figure the rest out as it comes.” How could this man, one of the most intense and formulated men you knew, be so easy-going about this?

    “You’re not worried about anything? About being caught fraternizing with one of your agents?”

    “I’d rather be caught with you than with anyone else. Besides, we’re FBI agents, if anyone can do it without getting caught, it’s us.”

    Then he surprised you by leaning in and capturing your lips once more. But as he kissed you, you backed into the door and heard it rattle in its hinges. He pulled away and you stood still. That could have drawn attention. You both laughed, more of a scandalous giggling. But then you quickly opened the door, standing just inside enough to recover your expression before leaving. Back to business.

    “Tell the team to meet in the conference room in five minutes… please.”

    “Yes, sir.” With a wink, you turned on your heel and marched back to your desk, delivering the message as you were instructed.

    A few curious glances were shot your way, everyone eager to hear how your awkward encounter had gone. You were in there longer than expected.

    “Well?” Emily asked, eyes begging for juicy details. And that certainly wasn’t going to happen.

    “I apologized and explained myself. He had a few things to say, I had a few myself. We’re just moving forward, moving on. That night is the past now.” You looked around at the curious faces. “Sorry it isn’t more exciting. I guess we just handled it like adults.” That’s for sure.

    Then you turned to your desk to prepare yourself for the team meeting. You felt confident that you had shaken them from your tail.

    But they are FBI agents, after all.


    stay tuned for part 3 on 8/5!

    Join my taglist :)

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  • reidtheprettyboy
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    criminal minds week day three- favorite quote:

    ↳ derek morgan- mayhem (4.01)

    “you know what you are, garcia? you’re my god given solace.”

    #oh lord this is way out of my comfort zone can you tell #cmweek21#criminal minds#derek morgan#penelope garcia#cmedit#criminalmindsedit #derek morgan edit #penelope garcia edit #criminal minds gif #morcia#useratlas#userlunar#cmpocsource
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    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    "Don't you know there comes a midnight hour when everyone has to take off his mask?" —Søren Kierkegaard
    gifing every single episode of criminal minds: 11x21 “Devil’s Backbone”
    #criminal minds#spencer reid#jennifer jareau#aaron hotchner #aaron hotch hotchner #jennifer jj jareau #david rossi #gifing every single episode of criminal minds #penelope garcia#tara lewis #this episode is posting on my first day of school so hopefully it went well lmao
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  • vintagecxctus
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “Something Bad”


    -before we begin, this fic deals with sexual assault and it’s mentioned fairly directly. read with caution and your own safety and comfort in mind. this is technically a “reid-centric” fic but i do want to write a sequel to this that is more morgan focused because i think that his experience with Carl Buford is often overlooked. i’m rambling, thank you for reading :))-


    It felt selfish, coming here. To Spencer at least. He stood stiff as a board, preparing himself to knock. As it would be, he didn’t have to. The door opened on its own, no prompting from the man before it.

    “Spencer?” Morgan’s deep husky voice, laced with concern called out.

    “How’d you know I was at the door?” Reid inquired, staring hard at the ground.

    “Clooney has missed you, must have smelled you through the door. Either way, he was going nuts. Whining and barking until I got him to his favorite genius.” As if to make a point, Clooney woofed from beside Derek, tongue out chaps drawn back into a dopey grin.

    Spencer got onto his knees and began petting the puppy, who’s tail was now going a mile a minute. He gave one wet kiss to Spencer’s face and layed down on his lap, not quite fitting.

    “Dogs know.” Morgan said smiling sadly at his coworker and dog. “When something is wrong, I mean. Why don’t you two come inside and continue this cuddle session.”

    “Derek, something bad happened.” Spencer said, always having a way with dramatically understating things. Clooney whimpered and nudged Spencer’s hand at the sudden change in body language.

    “I know.” Morgan said, placing a comforting hand on Spencer’s shoulder, light enough that the other boy could shake it off if he wanted.

    “You know?” Spencer looked up, making eye contact for the first time tonight with wide glossy eyes.

    “I know that something happened, and I know when. I don’t know what though.” Morgan saw the boys confused look and explained, “You came into work one day and everything was different. Like your personality had shifted just slightly. You wouldn’t look at anyone, your smiles were fake, you’ve lost weight.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    “There’s nothing for you to be sorry for, nothing at all. Something bad happened, and when it did you changed to accommodate for the something bad, for survival.” It made much more sense coming out of Morgan’s mouth.

    “Can I tell you the Something Bad?” He wasn’t sure when it became capitalized in his mind.

    “Of course Reid, you’re my best friend. I’m here for you for the rest of your life, like it or not.” They had made their way to the couch and Spencer’s hand somehow made it into Derek’s.

    “I can’t say who did it. You and the team would try to find them, and I don’t want that. Someone hurt me.” Clooney whimpered from the floor, pawing at the couch. Derek snapped and motioned at him and he hopped onto the couch, nuzzling his way into Spencer’s lap.

    “He came over to my apartment, I haven’t seen him in a while so I was surprised to see him. He….offered a drink. I don’t drink, so I let him make me tea. I never….I’m assuming he put something in it. It’s all blurry from there. I had such a clear, conscious, train of thought. But my body was numb and felt a bit like jelly. I couldn’t have fought back in that state. I tried. I tried so fucking hard.” Theres tears running down the younger mans face. Morgan is tense and visibly shaken.

    “Did he….” They danced a pas de deux around the word ‘Rape’.

    “Yes. He just took everything he wanted, and I couldn’t do anything to make it stop. I don’t remember all of it. I went to a happier place in my mind as much as I could, once I realized this was happening and I couldn’t stop it.” The conversation broke off in a sob.

    “God, I’m so sorry Spence.” Words were failing the man.

    “Can….Can you hold me? Just for a minute.” Spencer was barely done with his sentence before Derek was pulling him into his lap, letting Spencer’s head curl into his chest. Clooney let out a groan and, if dogs could glare that is, glared at Morgan. Just to say ‘you took my cuddle buddy away’.

    “Clooney isn’t pleased.” Derek let out a breathy laugh, running his fingers through Spencer’s hair. It was clear it hadn’t been brushed through in a long time and it made Derek’s stomach churn.

    “He can join us if you’re okay with it.” Spencer honest to god giggled when he looked at the dogs pout. He had now turned onto his back and was sliding off the couch with a dramatic howl, like an upset toddler.

    “Come here you silly boy. I would never separate you two for long.” Clooney came over and hopped right into the pile of limbs.

    “How did you do it?” Spencer looked up at Derek, such faith and adoration in his eyes that it almost brought him to tears. He cradled Reid’s head and pulled him into a tight hug.

    “How did I do what, pretty boy?” Morgan secretly wondered if it was okay for him to call him that right now.

    “Heal.” Reid frowned. “From your Something Bad.”

    “I didn’t heal for a long time. Concealing it doesn’t fix it. I didn’t heal until after the case in Chicago. After I told someone, in that sense, your pattern of healing is already ahead of mine.” Love churned in his gut, god this was a talk he never wanted to have. “You’re ahead in another way too, I didn’t have someone who understood to help me.”

    “You want to help me heal?” Reid let another few tears fall before Clooney licked them off his face.

    “Of course I do. I want to help you with all of this. I want to be there for the good days and the bad. I wanna be there when you can’t get out of bed and when you find your voice to take this douche bag down. I want to be there not just for you, but with you.” Morgan offered. Reid broke. He just cried and cried. Clooney couldn’t keep up anymore and just let them fall.

    When the tears stopped and the storm seemed to give way, they talked again.

    “How about you stay here tonight? I’ll order us food, it’s on me. We can watch whatever you want until ungodly hours and then you and Clooney can cuddle you to death in your sleep. I was serious about his missing you, that dog needs his Spencer.”

    “I didn’t think anything would ever sound good or fun again.” Spencer smiled just a little. “That sounds amazing.”

    So that’s how they spent the night, cuddling on the couch and eating pizza, watching Doctor Who and, who knew that Spencer even liked this, reality TV. And when it got too late, neither of them had the strength to untangle. So they didn’t, and they stayed that way, in a deep sleep posed together as Valdaro Lovers.


    i hope that you enjoyed this and please take it with a grain of salt because it’s not my best work.

    #spencer reid#moreid#criminal minds#derek morgan #morgan and reid #clooney the dog #spoilers for 2x12
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    CRIMINAL MINDS APPRECIATION WEEK 2021 ★ DAY 3: FAVORITE QUOTE(S) ↳ “You don’t choose who you fall in love with.” – Emily Prentiss (2.23) ↳ “Yes, there are monsters and it’s okay to be afraid of them. But it’s not okay to let them win, and it’s not okay to be one.” – Jennifer Jareau (6.01) ↳ “At some point, all of us are forced to face the truth. Ourselves.” – Penelope Garcia (6.08) ↳ “Saying you’re happy isn’t the same thing as being happy.” Emily Prentiss (6.15)

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  • sapphicprentiss
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Criminal Minds Appreciation Week 2021

    day three favorite quote: I know what the world can do to a girl who only sees the beauty in it
    #cmweek2021#criminal minds#emily prentiss #criminal minds gif #emily prentiss gif #paget brewster #paget brewster gif #psd coloring#psd gif#sapphicprentissgifs #emily prentiss edit #cmweek21#cm 6x17 #criminal minds s6
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    Let's talk about fics baby 😏

    I'm procrastinating, so: let's talk about fics! What fic of mine is your favorite? What fic of someone else's should I read? What is your favorite thing to read in a fic, that thing that you see in the summary and you're like, "oh, hell yeah"? What thing in the summary makes you say, "oh, hell no" and you click away like it's going to poison you? (No judgement!) What fic are you writing? What fic do you desperately need to see in the world?

    Just a fun game while I'm being irresponsible.

    On or off anon, as always. ❤

    #aaron hotchner#criminal minds #aaron hotchner fanfic #criminal minds fanfic #writing#procrastinating
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