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  • strwpup
    21.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    "Glancing through the small hole in the doorway, you can see the female figure currently sitting, arms bound behind her back. It looks like shackles holding them to her ankles from behind. Chains from each arm and each leg affixed to all sides of the room and there are multiple guards at all times keeping watch."

    my second and final piece for the summer @tgtw-project , a small scene in the dungeon of penance!

    #TGTW#Criticalrolefanart#EGTW #Explorer's Guide to Wildemount #my art #critical role fanart #critical role art #critical role#critrole#my post #dungeon of penance #this isn't the same scourger that quote is about whom essek killed #but the vibes of that scene were so good #the light from the ceiling is an omage to the dungeon being called an oubliette #there is also some dirt and bioluminescent plants because they are in the area and also looked fun #pov you are a member of the aurora watch about to die and or lose your job
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  • strwpup
    21.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    "A talented harpist lauded throughout Rosohna for their musical gifts, Ereldra worshiped the Luxon before they were betrayed by their own brother, who sabotaged their marriage to their wife. Lolth found Ereldra in their despair and molded them into a valuable spy. Ereldra weakens in the social foundation of the Dens by spreading rumors and telling lies." happy to share my first piece for the summer @tgtw-project , harpist and member of the children of malice, Erelda Icozrin!

    #TGTW#Criticalrolefanart#EGTW #Explorer's Guide to Wildemount #my art #critical role fanart #critical role#critrole#my post #i tried more of a shading intensive style this season instead of my usual heavy lineart! #i simply think all members of the spider dance 10 hours club are sexy be default #erelda icozrin#lolth #children of malice #i simply think that lines and lights and webs #no spiders in this piece but to be safe #aracnophobia #neutral evil genderfluid harpist member of the children of malice is my gender
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  • circuskidsweek
    21.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Day 2 of Circus Kids Week - Storm & Flowers 

     Just a wee comic about Molly's feelings about Yasha's storm chasing.

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  • twistedseart
    21.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    No thoughts head empty just yasha

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  • shrugsinchinese
    21.09.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Sunbreaker Oloman, leader of Urzin, for the @tgtw-project Summer Showcase!

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  • yourlocalbogspirit
    21.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    still thinking about them

    caleb and essek, both huge, powerful presences in their world 

    caleb and essek, both tormented, broken people done wrong by the world 

    caleb and essek, sitting on a brand new tweed sofa, surrounded by cats, caleb’s head on essek’s lap, hair ruffled 

    caleb and essek, healing. 

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  • finelyfrenzied
    21.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    forever and then a day // one-shot

    “You said that an hour ago – you’re worse than your own daughter, you know.”
    Kima is, of course, referring to earlier that evening when Margaret – appropriately named after her grandmother – had pushed her bedtime off by almost a full hour requesting ‘just one more’ story each time one finished. The reference is not lost on Allura, who does not look away from the book she’s reading, but smiles all the same. (She can’t deny she has a habit of delaying her own sleep schedule, after all.)
    “Asking for stories of monsters and adventures – she’s your daughter, I believe,” Allura closes her book and leans to place it carefully on her bedside table... -- Sapphic September // Day 20: History

    Read it Here!

    #kima of vord #allura vysoren#kimallura#critical role #critical role fanfiction #sapphic september 2021 #juniper writes #i posted yesterday's story really late so im posting about it now #today's is still on the way
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  • adrianners
    21.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Yooooo, are we doing Mighty Nein at renfaire headcanons? Hello, yes, let’s get this bandwagon rolling. I was a regular patron since I was about three, then from college through my mid-20s I was in cast at small faires and did guest performer weekends at some bigger shows. I miiiiss iiiiit! Let me live vicariously through the Nein!

    Jester, age 18, wanted nothing but to be a princess. She blew her savings (plus some “loans” from her mom) on making an absolute wedding cake of a gown. She took improv classes through the faire’s training academy and the community theatre, and it all paid off with a role as a lady-in-waiting for her very first year in cast! And then she learned the truth: Being in the queen’s entourage is just running from one obligation to the next all day. Opening gate, morning joust, parade, children’s knighting ceremony, queen’s tea party, afternoon joust, closing gate, and in between it all an endless line of children who only have eyes for the queen. Rinse and repeat for eight weekends in a row. After a couple years of boredom, she retired Lady Fiona and took some time off to focus on art school. She came back after doing an MFA and opened a booth where she sells prints, pottery, and flower crowns. She is so much happier. Some weekends she vends in the fancy dress (and has never once broken any pottery while moving around her shop in a huge-ass farthingale).

    Aaand the rest goes under a readmore to save your dashes:

    Fjord got his start as a pickle guy. Yep. He also worked concessions, the garb rental shop, game stalls, you name it, until he developed the Captain Tusktooth character and got some buddies to start working on a pirate comedy act with him. He’s officially a stage performer and not regular cast, but he still enjoys doing street bits between shows. His favorite thing is weaving historical pirate info into the stories he tells children. He fucking hates Captain Jack Sparrow cosplayers.

    Mollymauk and Kingsley started attending as playtrons in their early teens. They thought of themselves primarily as cosplayers, making a range of costumes from Doctor Who to mythical creatures to some really nice historical garb that fooled other patrons into thinking they were in the court. It didn’t occur to them that they could do this for real until one year a cast member grabbed them at closing gate and demanded their contact info for the audition email list. They played fauns and fairies in the enchanted forest area until Kingsley was recruited to Fjord’s show. Molly did the next season as a wandering fortune teller, which went so well that he saved up and made the switch to vending. He gives readings and sells the tarot deck he designed with Jester.

    Caduceus works with his siblings in an apothecary-themed shop selling teas, herbs, and local honey and beeswax products. There’s no official demo schedule, but Caduceus is always glad to brew up a sample pot or explain the culinary and medicinal history of any herb on display. And yes, the Clays absolutely run a green funeral home in addition to the faire business. Caduceus can tell you all about that too, and that’s why the cheerful little shop is frequently full of goth kids who want to talk about death.

    Yasha is a jouster. She often plays a villain, but the rare occasions when she gets to be the hero and win the day are her absolute favorite. A certain subset of children adore her even when she’s the bad guy, and Beau has been known to slip those kids a bouquet of wildflowers to offer Lady Storm. Yasha braids the flowers into her hair.

    Beau is in the Robin Hood stage combat show. She’s played every role, including covering for Little John when the actor was out sick, but she settled in as Will Scarlet. A rennie since high school, she’s learned the tricks to all the game booths and lures patrons in by demonstrating how “easy” they are to play. When her schedule fits with the joust, she moonlights as a squire for her wife. Her own show is the only thing that can keep her out of the audience for the birds of prey demo.

    Caleb has a shop selling handmade books and historical writing supplies. He runs daily demonstrations on calligraphy, quill-making, and bookbinding. He’s a newly tenured associate professor of history at his day job, and no, he does not remember what a full night’s sleep feels like. Newbies aren’t surprised at all that Beau, Yasha, Molly, and Kingsley get freaky at the afterparties, but they are a bit shocked at Caleb, who sometimes manages to drag Essek into the fun as well.

    Veth is the mud lady. Kids either love her or are terrified of her. She’s good at knowing who will warm up to her with a bit of slapstick and who needs a gentler approach. Yeza mostly plays the role of supportive spouse, but he and Luc sometimes come in on the guest list and make it a mud family. The Brenattos are chemistry faculty at the same university (something in the SLAC to R2 vein) as Caleb. Veth takes great joy in spotting her undergrads and bothering them in-character. It’s rare that they recognize her under all the dirt.

    Essek’s grandmother was on the very first organizing committee and worked as the artistic director for decades. His parents are the kind of nobles who take the role a bit too seriously and keep pushing for court garb rules that literally nobody else gives a shit about. Essek and Verin had full garb before they were out of diapers, and it was generally acknowledged that Essek was going to be the next king when the current royals retired. But then he abruptly took a job hawking for Caleb’s stall. Scandal! Caleb had stumbled on a drunk Essek at the closing party the previous year and got treated to an I’m-not-crying-dammit rant about how much he hated being the scion of the Thelyss faire dynasty. The job was supposed to be about giving him space to consider his priorities, but it turned out what he really wanted was to sell books and do calligraphy. He also wanted Caleb, which he worked up the nerve to admit after two seasons.

    Bonus 1: Verin, meanwhile, is still in the court. He’s playing a cheeky flirt of a lord while trying to make much-needed changes to the administrative side in the off season. He understands why Essek needed to get away, but damn if the drama didn’t make things more difficult for him.

    Bonus 2: Most of the M9 have other commitments that limit them to their big local faire, but Captain Tusktooth’s Nein Heroez (a.k.a. The Balleaters at 18+ pub shows) work the regional circuit. Jester and Molly share a tent to vend at a couple of the smaller gigs, and sometimes a friend or two will tag along for a chance to do faire without having to work for once.

    #critical role #the mighty nein
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  • crittercanons
    21.09.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    I'm bored at work today and just had an idea.

    What if Time Travel fix-it/mishap sending Essek back. Have him there from the very start, meeting the gang in Trostenwald?

    Let a war criminal with knowledge of a seperate time-line make some friends early on? Take on a pseudonym? Maybe solve some problems both political and personal early on?

    He'd get to see of just how disasterous the Nein really were before they even got to Rosohna...

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  • melodychiart
    21.09.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    My Piece for the summer edition of @tgtw-project

    The Stormy Shoreline of the Cauldron Sea

    #critical role #critical role fanart #TGTW#my art
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  • rude-bird
    21.09.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    I restocked some more Critical Role inspired dice bags recently, including Percy and Jester! Check them out at rudebirds-roost.square.site alongside all my other designs!

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  • legionofmyth
    21.09.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    [55-2] - The delusional woke activist morons of GenCon ban someone because of a frog

    The woketards of #GenCon (@Gen_Con) ban someone because of a frog. Licking frogs or LSD couldn't create delusions of the magnitude these weirdos see -- orcs as black people and the belief in a long-debunked meme; Can't Understand Normal Thinking.

    🐲 RPG Die Gest 🐉 Segment 2️⃣ (from the 19 September 2021 livestream). 👍 Please take a moment to like, subscribe & share, share, share, it really helps us out. Thank you. 🕚 The full RPG DIE GEST livestream is only available to YouTube Members, Twitch Subscribers, and Locals Backers. SUPPORT LEGION OF MYTH • PayPal: https://paypal.me/legionofmyth • StreamLabs:…

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    #Board Game#board games #board games 2021 #critical role #Dungeons and Dragons #frog meme#frog memes#gary gygax#gen con #gen con 2018 #gen con 2019 #gen con 2021 #gen con bans tsr games #gencon#gencon 2019#gencon indy#gencon2021#genconindy#kickstarter#ok alright #ok and meme #ok baby#ok boomer#ok cool#ok go#ok ok#okay#okay meme #the gaming goat geneva #the gaming goat website
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  • incorrectscarletnexus
    21.09.2021 - 59 minutes ago
    #Incorrect Scarlet Nexus #Scarlet Nexus#Shiden Ritter #Source; Critical Role
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  • kaehunterart
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [id: A winged creature made of smoke swoops down at the viewer, with large talons and glowing eyes. In the distance, several similar creatures perching on rock spires are silhouetted against a blood-red sunset.]

    My contribution to the @tgtw-project summer edition (Xhorhas and Blightshore): Gloomstalkers!

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  • calebneedsahug
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Rating: General Audiences

    Fandom: Critical Role (Web Series)

    Relationship: Essek Thelyss/Caleb Widogast

    Caleb asked, “Are you in there, friend? Did the Wild Magic do something?” Stupid question. Of course it did.

    It was stupid to ask Essek to come here in the first place, to fight an enemy with an anti magic cone in the Wild Magic of Aeor. Caleb might have pointed that out, if they had any allies who weren’t wizards, or if he wasn’t so selfish. They’d put one of their greatest allies, one of their only allies, in horrible danger and now, now…

    “You’re from the Empire,” a quiet voice said, a much smaller head poking through the layers of white fur. The Undercommon accent was a bit thicker than usual, and Essek’s carefully cropped, coiffed hair was now long and mussed up, brushing his shoulders in soft white waves. There was also the fact that this Essek was only just about four feet tall, barely even that, and appeared to be maybe about eight or nine, or perhaps more like thirty if Caleb took into account elf maturity levels.

    He also didn’t seem to have any memory of where they were or why they were here.

    #read on ao3 #critical role fanfiction #essek thelyss#caleb widogast#shadowgast #aeor is for lovers
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  • noxarcanaart
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    how many times will i draw this scene? the answer will always be at least once more

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  • eldritchadept
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Rosohna, city of rebirth and everlasting twilight... 

    One of my favorite places from the wonderful world of Wildemount, & my second contribution to the @tgtw-project!

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  • eldritchadept
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Madness and mysteries of the Miskath Pit, located deep in Blightshore... One of my pieces for the @tgtw-project, celebrating the cool places of the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount!

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