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  • I Like to Watch: Arguing My Way through the TV Revolution, by Emily Nussbaum

    “Fights about art had always doubled as fights about what the world takes seriously–which is another way to say, they were fights about politics.”

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  • I tend to only like levelheaded criticism with no real bitterness on this blog but Kataang has so many bad vibes to me, I’m genuinely shocked that so few people see the issues on the overwhelmingly female site.

    Anti-Kataang vibes incoming, scroll past if you don’t want it.

    Aang had more feelings and plot related to burning Katara than Katara ever did getting burned!

    Aang had more plot related to Katara getting suffocated than Katara did being the one suffocated!

    Aang hides the note on her father’s whereabouts and Katara isn’t even allowed to be mad about it. Only Sokka can be mad at Aang.

    Roku and that random prisoner never met Katara, but say she’d fall in love with him because “he’s a nice guy and the avatar, she’s sure to come around.”

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    #antikataang#katara#criticism #been in too many youtube comment sections and i'm sick
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    there are tons of words or phrases or terms being used to label relationships, either between same or mixed genders, such as best friends, partners, lovers, boyfriend girlfriend, besties, old friends, new friends, lovers, scandal, bffs, pet sisters/brothers, friends with benefits, master/slave, daddy/mummy/baby, fubu, 炮友, 知己, 红颜, 情侣, 爱人, 暧昧对象, 一夜情, 伴侣, 好友, 死党, 兄弟/姐妹, 干妹妹/弟弟/姐姐/哥哥, etc. the list goes on..

    everyone uses these terms loosely, it’s just a label, it does not define what the relationship between two parties is about.
    the more important thing in a relationship is both parties form a good bond, understood what are the expectations between them and agree to any terms set, if applicable.

    we are human beings, each human is different from the next, and it is the same with any relationship formed between two parties, they are unique, one of its kind.
    what they decide to label their relationship as, is entirely up to them, any third party or outsider has no rights to comment or criticize because you are simply not included in the relationship.

    human relationships are not a definite thing, it does not follow the same set of rules and expectations for everyone, it evolves with different persons, with time and experience.
    if we want to know the “dictionary” definitions, anyone could look it up on the internet easily, or consult a subject matter expert, not a random person over the internet.
    before pointing fingers at others to claim that they are wrong, what credentials do you have to support your stand that you are right? you are not even inside the relationship to understand anything, you just make assumptions!

    why would i ask an outsider what should i label my relationship as, when this is about me and the other person only?
    why would i care if any outsiders have other thoughts or disagree with what we think?
    you are no one in this relationship, and you do not add any value, so stop interfering.

    stop butting in onto other person’s personal life without invitation, that’s freaking rude, have some common courtesy.
    stop trying to police other person’s relationship, it does not concern you in any shape and form.

    if you have too much energy and time on your hands, do something meaningful like charity work or plant a tree, and the world would be at a better place.


    * image is sourced from the internet.

    #relationship#labeling #none of your business #human#unique #one of its kind #personal #stop butting in #busybody #random internet person #respect#common courtesy #me and you #no one else #criticism#internet rudeness#stop policing#terms#definitions #only a word #does not matter
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  • You can clearly see how different is jse community on twt and tumblr

    #In Twitter people appreciate and being sweet to sean #But in here we angry #Calling out#Criticism #Ect. #Thats why he chose twt community more than this
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  • I don’t mean to criticise but when you read a writing guide someone has written and you’re going, no that’s incorrect, that’s incorrect, that’s nonsense… And they end it with “do some research” and you’re left thinking - like you didn’t before writing this guide.

    Idk, sometimes it’s OK to admit something is outside of your expertise, you know?

    #Criticism#Writing guides #People on tumblr who don't have a clue #Am I mean? #This feels mean
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  • Finished watching Parasyte: The Maxim anime a few years late. Some rather dramatic and meaningful action was produced by having certain of the characters act like complete idiots. Even when you give them a reason to be thus idiotic, it’s not the best when their idiocy is very convenient to the plot/hero’s survival. A very unneedful serial killer claims at one point that cops who shoot civilians they thought were dangerous shapeshifting monsters were no better than him, which is absolute hogswash.

    Painfully earnest heroes shouting about their painful pain, and how they must still do the right thing despite tragic loss upon loss, also their dead mother, is also finally getting a bit tedious. ‘Hero’s girlfriend’ characters with no other visible occupation, likewise, especially when a female character who does have a plot useful power is degraded to failed love interest. Women are more than emotional anchors for men and 'heart power’ fonts of cheap humanism.

    Finally, gratuitously killing bystanders in front of the hero, in circumstances where the aforesaid girlfriend would have been unquestionably saved (without any contribution from herself), is pretty low. When you unnecessarily threaten the girlfriend’s life in the final episode with that completely unneeded random serial killer (very predictably, what else does he have to do with himself?), then, whether she lives or dies, I can’t allow myself to care about any future of characters that issues from such a contrivance.

    Parasyte is actually a very decent series, and absolutely better than Goblin Slayer in terms of side and female character abuse to glorify a banal hero, and unjustified contrivance. I’m not sorry I watched Parasyte but not too sorry I waited this long to do it.

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  • Apparently some people think that when people, like writers, or any kind of artist, ask for criticism they don’t actually want to be criticized they want you to praise them and can I just say that could NOT BE FURTHER from the truth!!! As a writer, when I ask for criticism I REALLY want to be criticized! When I ask for criticism, if you wish, please actually tell me what is wrong with my work, or where I’m falling short, so I can improve! I know “I don’t take it personally” is a meme nowadays but I actually don’t take it personally.

    #sorry rant over #writer problems#criticism #am i the only one? #i can’t be the only one
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  • I love every part of Oxygen except the Khim and the… doctor… (He has a name, I’m fairly sure, I just don’t care enough to remember it.) storyline.

    Because what I love about the other parts of Oxygen is how many tropes it avoids. There’s good communication! There’s mature friends! There’s honesty! There’s love and affection from both sides, each in their own way! People respect each other! They care for each other! They notice little things and act on them!

    The doctor and Khim’s entire storyline is built on miscommunication and lies and cover-ups. Everything is about his crush on her and him lying about the entire rest of his life to ‘stay close/get closer’ to her under this guise.He’s using his friend, he’s using her little brother, come on! 

    It feels very out of place in the show comparatively. Even Kao and his complete disregard of Phu’s privacy and space is at least filled with his honesty and his caring.

    #oxygen the series #oxygen#sologui#phukao#guisolo#kaophu #solo x gui #phu x kao #i am not tagging the characters i am groaning about #because that's rude to people who enjoy it #criticism #thinking too hard #ugh#tropes #good and bad tropes
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    The deaths in this movie are awesome. They’re way gorier than you’re expecting and will certainly get a reaction out of you.

    Unfortunately, the only other interesting thing about this movie is the fucked up film transfer that accidentally produced some kinda cool-looking visual effects. The acting is bad, the plot is boring, the message is unclear, the visual effects are inconsistent. It’s a slog to get through, and the brief violence and nudity is not good enough to make it worth your while.

    #mausoleum#movie review#scary movies#horror films#movie#film#review#blog#essay#criticism#boring movies#bad movies#1983 #i wanted to watch possession #but couldn't find it #so i watched this instead
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  • Volk is NOT an anarchist. He wants everyone to suffer like he has, and is the sort of person who would be opposed to making college free because he had to pay. In fact, he’d try to make it unaffordable for everyone. Absolutely none of that has to do with actual anarchism. He’s just as classist as the people he despises with his claims that the “weak” just want to make everyone else weak too.

    This confession was sent as a response to this other confession

    #Dragalia Lost#volk#criticism#sfw #is that what Volk fights for...? #I thought he just wants to eat the rich
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