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    can you imagine if Crosshair and Cid had had to endure each other. imagine the name calling. imagine the mutual hatred and unparalleled levels of bitterness and snark. they would have loathed each other. argued constantly. Hunter would have had to put both of them in a timeout and a Get Along Hoodie at least 4 times per episode. would Cid have called him Toothpick Boy? would Crosshair have only called her Lizard and literally nothing else? we were robbed of an ultimate Space Sass duo

    #I’m watching Decommissioned and just imagining just how much Crosshair would hate her OML #they both would murder each other without the literal smallest twinge of guilt #star wars #the clone wars #animated star wars #clone troopers #the bad batch #the dad batch #tbb echo#tbb crosshair#tbb hunter#tbb tech#tbb wrecker#tbb cid#ord mantell #tbb episode 6
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    Crosshair and omega are besties and watch horror movies together, sorry not sorry!!

    #The bad batch #crosshair #bad batch omega
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    Guarded - Part 35

    Master List

    A/N: As always, thank you to the wonderful @teletraan-meets-jarvis for beta-reading this chapter for me!

    “We have to get to them.” Gregar was frantic. “What are our options?”

    Hunter’s heart ached for the captain. He too felt a sense of urgency to find them, but he was just slightly better at hiding it. Gotta try to be the clear head here. Gregar may be too afraid for Kestia to be objective. They’d gathered back by the speeders to regroup. Whatever they decided, it needed to happen quickly as the other factions around the planet were awaiting their signal to evacuate. Hunter took a deep steadying breath.

    “We need to figure out where they’ve been taken first. I’d imagine either back to Theed or on one of the star destroyers. Echo, can we use the trackers Tech embedded in our armor?”

    Crosshair raised an eyebrow, and Echo shrugged sheepishly. “After you captured Hunter, Tech took the liberty of embedding trackers in our boots. So we wouldn’t be dependent on the person that caught us leaving our comm frequency on to ping. You have one in your boot as well.”

    The sniper shrugged. “A good call. Not all captors are as courteous as I was.” He smirked at his own joke, and some of the tension dissipated.

    Senna stepped forward. “If you all have the frequency of the tracker, I can nail down their location. I should be able to amplify the scan on my datapad.”

    Echo reached out, taking her datapad from her to enter in the frequency band. Senna nodded, walking away quietly as she punched away at the keys and began scanning.

    Hunter watched her go, taking another deep breath. “No matter where they are, we still need to take the airbase. The fighters there will prove invaluable no matter where we’re staging an assault. Let’s at least keep that part of the plan in place. Now, assuming they’re on a star destroyer-“

    “That’s a safe assumption,” Senna interrupted, walking back towards them. “They’re in space, and it looks like it’s a destroyer parked almost directly above us, hovering over Theed.” Hunter looked up, squinting to see if he could make out the silhouette of the destroyer, but he was unable to find the telltale triangular shape.

    “They’re at a high orbit,” Senna said, “but the good news is they’re fairly isolated. I’d recommend we switch to make this destroyer the one we target. If I’m not overstepping.” She bowed her head, stepping back quickly, but Hunter gripped her arm.

    “We’re taking all suggestions right now. I agree that we should target this destroyer.” He thought for a moment. “Alright, here’s what I’m thinking. We capture the airbase, that’s unchanged. Then, before the full assault, we take the Marauder and one of the Imperial attack shuttles and head up to the destroyer. We can act as if it’s an escort for the Marauder being moved. Senna, do you think you can convince a few of the Imperial pilots we capture to go along with it?”

    Senna nodded. “Shouldn’t be an issue. Just make sure you leave at least two alive.”

    Hunter continued. “We’ll need to capture the airbase before a distress signal can go out. Echo, you’ll have to find a control panel and disable it as soon as we get near the control towers. After we take the airbase, we’ll take two teams. Gregar, Wrecker, and I will ride in the Marauder. Rather than waiting for our ships to blow the tractor beam signal, we’ll head to the engine room and rig the reactor to blow. One less star destroyer to contend with won’t be a bad thing. While we’re doing that, Senna, Echo, and Crosshair will ride along in the shuttle, and you three will go find Tech and Kes. Echo’s slicer abilities should come in handy with tracking down where they’re being held. We stay in contact, and we get out of there as quickly and quietly as possible. Iden, you’ll stay behind and coordinate things on the ground with Saré and Inez.” The final two handmaidens had travelled to other evacuation points to help coordinate communications, and Hunter hoped that having them in place would be beneficial now. “Once we’re all clear,” he continued, “we’ll blow the ship, and that should give us the hole we need to get out of here.” He turned to Typho. “Does that sound alright to you, Captain?”

    Typho met his eyes, and he nodded. “It’s a good plan.” The captain straightened slightly, regaining some of his composure. “Let’s get to it then.”


    Tech’s head ached, and in the darkness, he could hear the sounds of a starship echoing around him. Slowly, he tried to detect the sensations of the space he was in. Cold. Hard. Recycled air. Humming. He struggled to open his eyes, the world around him blurry before coming into focus.

    He was laying on his side in a small cell, the cool floor pressed against his cheek. His body ached and was stiff. As he went to push himself to a seated position, he realized his hands were still cuffed in front of him. He groaned, rolling onto his back and sitting up. At least my goggles are still on. His helmet and the top half of his armor had been removed, leaving him in only his leg armor and boots. His belt had been stripped of the utility pouches, and his weapons had been confiscated. This is decidedly not good. Kestia was not with him, but he’d anticipated that. Still, his heart thundered in his chest.

    We’re definitely on a star destroyer. This type of cell wouldn’t exist on a standard Imperial transport. Unsure of how long I’ve been out. Hunter and the others will figure out something’s wrong when we don’t receive their signal, but then what will they do? Ideally, proceed with the plan and escape, but that’s unlikely. They’ll probably mount an ill-advised rescue mission. He scooted back against the wall, tipping his head back against it gently. Maker, I hope they hurry. Tech was more worried for Kestia than himself. He understood her value to the Imperials, and Senna’s words echoed in his mind.

    “There have been…rumors floating around about the Inquisitors. They’re looking to recruit more Force users, much like they tried to do with me. I fear with Kestia’s lack of alignment to one side of the Force, that she may be easier to tempt or persuade.”

    He was unsure if the Empire was aware of her abilities, but he knew Inquisitors could feel other Force sensitives, or at least, that had been what the Grand Inquisitor told Senna, and it seemed fairly true at the time. He had managed to track them down when they were nearby. Either way, Tech imagined if an Inquisitor was present on or around Naboo, it wouldn’t take them long to discover Kestia’s connection to the Force.

    The sound of footsteps approaching the outer door of his cell drew his attention, and he straightened his spine, eyes springing open just as the door hissed and two stormtroopers marched in with their weapons trained on him. They hauled Tech roughly to his feet, shoving him forward and out the door of the cell into the hallway.

    “Care to tell me what this is all about?” Tech asked, earning him a swift cuff to the shoulder from one of the stormtrooper’s weapons.

    “Move it,” the trooper snarled, and Tech heaved a sigh before complying. He noted that they’d brought four stormtroopers to escort him. Excessive. Then he noted the fifth person in the group, someone decidedly not militaristic in dress, and his blood ran cold as his worst fear was confirmed.

    A hooded figure in a black cloak stood wordlessly to the side, hands clasped in front of their body and their face hidden in shadow as they silently observed Tech being shuffled towards them. He noted the red trim on the inside of the cloak and the unmistakable glint of a lightsaber hilt hanging from their belt. An Inquisitor.

    The hooded figure wordlessly led him down the hall, flanked by the stormtroopers. Tech tested the binders he was in, knowing it was in vain. He glanced out the windows as they walked. We’re on a star destroyer above Naboo. He recognized several telltale landmarks on the planet’s surface. A rough shove to his back caused him to stumble forward, and he glared at his captors before continuing to follow the hooded figure.

    After what felt like ages, they finally turned down a darkened corridor and stepped into a cell. Tech tried not to let his emotions betray him as he took in the sight before him.

    Kestia hovered in the air, suspended in anti-grav cuffs. He could see a thin sheen of perspiration on her and noted several bloody holes near her collar. They used an Interrogator droid on her. Rage flared within him as he met her eyes. They glowed like emeralds in firelight, and he felt her reaching out to him through the Force.

    “How touching,” a female voice commented from under the hood. “Don’t worry, he has been unharmed as of yet, but much of that may depend on your cooperation, m’lady.”

    Kestia glanced at Tech, but he shook his head slightly. Don’t give in. Not for me.

    “Who the kriff are you?” Kestia spat. “I suppose it’s no surprise the admiral tired of me, so he sent someone new to do his bidding. I take it you’re an Inquisitor?”

    “Because you can sense my presence in the Force, correct?”

    Kestia’s head snapped around to glare at her new captor. “And how would I do that exactly? You wear a lightsaber and dress in black. It wasn’t a difficult deduction.”

    “Let’s not be coy, m’lady. Not when I can sense you reaching out to the clone.”

    “So, you are an Inquisitor.”

    “That depends on you, I’m afraid. You see, Naboo is special to me. It is my homeworld, as it is yours. If you agree to my terms, then I will be made an Inquisitor, as shall you, and together, we can protect our planet. You of course would maintain your title and I would work with you to ensure our people are taken care of in the new era.”

    Kestia’s eyes narrowed. “Who are you?”

    The hooded figure turned towards her, hesitating for a second before reaching up and removing her hood. Her hair was still shorn close to her scalp, revealing the tattoos that wove across it. “It’s been a while since we’ve last interacted, so you may not immediately recognize me, but-“

    “Gadge,” Kestia whispered.


    “Crosshair, are you in position?”

    “I am,” the sniper drawled. “I can see the gunners from here. Should be able to take them out easily.”

    “Excellent,” came the captain’s response over the commlink. “Iden, are you and Wrecker ready?”

    “When you are, Cap.”

    Crosshair heard the captain exhale sharply. “Alright, let’s go. Crosshair, you’re up.”

    With ease, Crosshair picked off the first trooper in the turret, swinging around and hitting the second one before he even had a chance to realize what was happening. “Turrets clear.”

    He watched as Hunter and Typho’s forces raced across the tarmac towards the main building while Iden and Wrecker worked to demolish the turrets he’d taken down. He felt a small amount of relief as he watched Senna’s blue blade whir around them, protecting Iden and her team from the onslaught of blaster bolts as they readied the charges at the base of the first turret. Hardly anyone better than a Jedi watching your back, even with her right arm still healing. He repositioned his gun to focus on the forces Hunter and Typho were engaging, which were larger in number. Rolling his shoulders, he took a deep breath and held it before he started picking off the heavies and commanders he could see from his spot on the hilltop. He watched as Typho and Hunter went back to back, firing at the stormtroopers that were closing in around them. One overzealous trooper charged Echo, but before Echo could even turn, Crosshair placed a bolt right between the trooper’s eyes. Echo turned, staring across the tarmac at the place his brother was nestled in the high grass, and Crosshair threw him a two-fingered salute before readjusting and beginning to thin the herd near Iden and Wrecker.

    They were pinned down, and he watched as Iden lifted her commlink to her lips. “Need a little help over here if we’re going to get far enough away to blow this turret.”

    “On my way,” came Hunter’s voice. Crosshair watched as Hunter waved at a handful of troops, and they all rushed towards Iden’s position. His brother drew the vibroblade he favored from the sheath at his forearm and leapt into the air, landing in the middle of the pack as he went to work, fileting anything within reach. The soldiers with him took up positions, peppering Iden and Wrecker’s assailants with plasma as they cleared the area around the first turret before detonating it. It took a few seconds for the rumble to reach Crosshair, but when it did, he smirked. Wrecker probably was underwhelmed by that one, but it was decent.

    The group moved back across the tarmac towards the second turret. Crosshair could see Echo had found a scomp port to link to and was crouched down with Typho covering him. Senna rushed to their side, helping fend off the dwindling troops as Echo worked. Finally, Crosshair heard his voice through the commlink at his side.

    “They never even got the signal up, but I’ve disabled it. Looks like we caught them during a time where they were undergoing comm maintenance. No one knows we’re here.”

    “Finally, a bit of luck,” Iden muttered through the comm and Crosshair smirked.

    The battle raged on for several more minutes, but it was clear that they’d caught the Imperials back on their heels. When their numbers had dwindled down to a few dozen, they finally surrendered, tossing their blasters to the ground.

    “Captured. Let’s get moving.”

    Crosshair slid down the hill, skittering on the loose gravel at the bottom before taking off at a dead sprint towards the tarmac. He paused as he watched Wrecker and Iden clear the second turret before detonating the charges they’d placed. Unnecessary since we’ve captured the place, but I imagine Wrecker was itching for just one more before we get out of here, he thought, chuckling under his helmet.

    He skidded to a halt next to Hunter and Typho, who were watching Senna. The Jedi was crouched in front of two Imperial pilots. Crosshair watched as she waved her hand in front of their face, saying words that didn’t quite carry to him. The two pilots went rigid, their eyes glossing over slightly before they stood, letting the hands they’d been holding on their heads in surrender fall to their sides. They immediately turned and strode towards the Imperial shuttle and the Marauder. Senna walked up to the group.

    “I hate doing that, but we’ve got ourselves some Imperial pilots.”

    Hunter nodded at her then. “We all know our jobs. Let’s get moving. Wrecker, Gregar with me.”

    Crosshair turned to find Iden standing near him. She reached out her hand, clasping his. She ran her thumb over the teeth marks still in his glove from when they’d repaired her knee. “When this is all said and done, I owe you a new pair,” she said quietly, a small smirk tugging at the corner of her lips, but he could see the worry in her eyes as she finally met his gaze. Reaching up, he pulled his helmet off briefly so that he could see her uninhibited by his visor.

    “You stay safe,” she said. “Make sure you get back to me.”

    “I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else,” he teased back before leaning down to place a kiss on her cheek. “Get everyone out of here. I’ll see you soon.” He paused, leaning closer. “I love you.”

    She grinned, whipping her head around to capture his lips in a kiss. “I know. Now get going.”


    Tech’s eyes widened in understanding as he realized who the Inquisitor standing before him was. The woman that betrayed us. She’s Force sensitive. He could see the revelation had surprised Kestia as well.

    “You…you weren’t on the registry,” Kestia said quietly. “We never knew you had abilities.”

    “Oh, that was intentional. My parents made sure I didn’t set a toe out of line as a child, and I couldn’t imagine what their reaction would have been if they found out I could move things with my mind or make people do what I wanted. I stayed quiet and hidden, at least until now.”

    “Why not tell someone when you were older? We could have helped you.”

    “Like you helped Naboo, m’lady? You put our entire planet at risk, all for your ego. So that you didn’t have to admit defeat, and look where that’s gotten you.” Gadge’s voice was venomous, her eyes glittering in the dim lighting of the room. “My personal feelings aside though, now you have a chance to redeem yourself. As I said, my request is simple enough: join us. As an Inquisitor, you will have ruling power beyond just that of Naboo. You will have the opportunity to help shape the galaxy as an extension of the Empire and Emperor Palpatine. Lord Vader himself has expressed great interest in seeing you join our ranks.”

    A chill ran up Tech’s spine. They’d heard rumors of Palpatine’s apprentice and his brutality, but to have a direct proxy standing in the room was terrifying. Gadge watched the queen intently as Kestia’s face twisted in rage.

    “You think I’d join you for power? You’ve severely misjudged me, Gadge. My loyalties lie with the people of Naboo, and that’s where they end. Not your Empire.” Kestia was the angriest he’d ever seen her.

    Gadge appeared unphased, picking at her fingers as she absently glanced at the queen. “Very well then. That is your prerogative.” She nodded at the guards behind Tech, and they kicked his knees from behind. He fell to the floor, barely catching himself on his bound hands. He heard the sound of a lightsaber ignite and could feel the heat from the red blade as Gadge lowered it just above his neck. “I’ll try a different tack then, m’lady. Join us or you watch the clone die. Right now.”

    Tech’s breath was coming in short gasps as he stared at the floor. Don’t do it, Kes. Please don’t do it. He tried to concentrate, to reach out to her like he’d done before, praying she could hear his thoughts. Don’t give in. It’s alright. Don’t do this. Please. The silence dragged on. Suddenly, Gadge buried her fingers in his hair, yanking his head back violently as she pressed the blade against his throat just enough to burn and blister the skin. Tech ground his teeth and hissed in pain. His eyes found Kestia’s, and his heart fell as he realized what was about to happen. No.

    “STOP!” she screamed. “ENOUGH! I’LL DO IT! LEAVE HIM ALONE!”

    Gadge’s mouth twisted into a sinister smile as she released Tech, shoving him to the floor. Tech watched helplessly as Gadge pressed a few buttons, releasing Kestia from her bindings. She collapsed to the floor on her hands and knees, and he tried to crawl to her, but the stormtroopers around him restrained him.

    “Kes, DON’T!” he said, but she turned to look at him sadly.

    “I’m sorry, Tech. I must.”


    Gadge turned to look at him. “Your queen is saving your life, clone. I’d expect you to show a little more gratitude. No matter, you don’t have to be here for her oaths. Take him away.”

    Tech was dragged from the room, shouting for Kestia to reconsider. Her eyes met his as she raised herself to one knee, bowing her head to Gadge. The last thing Tech saw before the doors closed was Gadge lowering her blade to just above Kestia’s shoulders, knighting her in darkness.

    A/N: Senna Aven is my OC, first introduced in "In Command," so if you'd like to learn more about her, I'd recommend checking that fic out! :)

    Tag List: @imalovernotahater @canesjedi31

    #guarded#karrde writes#star wars #the bad batch #tbb#echo#tech#wrecker#hunter#crosshair#slow burn#angst#romance#fluff #tech x oc #tech x ofc #tech x original female character #crosshair x oc #crosshair x ofc #crosshair x original female character #echo x sabe #senna aven#naboo
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    SW imperial characters and THAT TRAUMA

    Thrawn: Everybody experiences some version of that trauma.

    Anakin Skywalker: Watch me give the galaxy that trauma for several generations.

    Tarkin: I see that trauma of yours and I, disrespectfully, do not care.

    Arihnda Pryce: I will learn how to exploit that trauma.

    Palpatine: That Trauma is very entertaining and I am likely the cause of it somehow.

    Crosshair: I have so much of that trauma. This is my happy face.

    Agent Kallus: A big Cat man was nice to me and I don't think I should be part of causing that trauma anymore.

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    How The Bad Batch open watermelons






    Omega (featuring Hunter)

    All this because i saw the thootpick one

    #The bad batch #Hunter#crosshair#tech#Wrecker#echo#Omega #the clone wars #Gif #bad batch echo #bad batch hunter #bad batch tech #bad batch crosshair #bad batch wrecker #bad batch omega
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    Bad batch more like sad batch am i right or am i right

    #i'm rewatching tbb #the bad batch #crosshair being crosshair #hunter being angry with himself for leaving crosshair behind !!!!! #pain is all I know #also at the beginning I didn't really care for Omega but now I would burn a village down if something happens to her #star wars #star wars is pain #when rex came back and helped them remove the microchips #STOP #that's my MAN
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    Jūras Mātes Svētība update!

    Authors: me and @another-xmen-nerd

    AO3 link (t): https://archiveofourown.org/works/34100779/chapters/88593538

    AO3 link to 18+ removed sex scene(MINORS DO NOT INTERACT): https://archiveofourown.org/works/35251339/chapters/87847132

    rating: T and E

    summary: Tech's family arrives.

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    Why I think Commander Cody’s gonna appear in TBB Season 2:

    A. “Sometimes is war, it’s hard to be the one that survives,” - Cody

    Was that supposed to foreshadow a certain meet up after Order 66, considering they both survived??

    B. TBB’s relationship with Commander Cody

    They were portrayed as close friends, and the writers like to hurt us (but we already knew that).

    C. Rex has already shown up

    Rex is in the show now, fighting against the Empire, and requesting help from TBB when he needs it. And who works for the Empire?? Who do they all know and love??

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    The Bad Batch Incorrect Quotes Pt. 13

    Hunter: Are you getting enough sleep?


    Echo: Sometimes when I sneeze I close my eyes.

    #the bad batch #tbb #the bad batch spoilers #crosshair#tbb crosshair#tbb omega #tech bad batch #arc trooper echo #tbb hunter #bad batch omega #wrecker#tbb wrecker#echoissotired#letthepoormansleep #bad batch echo #echo#tbb echo#sergeant hunter #bad batch hunter #tbb incorrect quotes
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    for more than one reason

    #under other circumstances this would be extremely hot #I wish I could lay under him #*cums and dies* #crosshair#ct-9904#commander crosshair#star wars #the bad batch #tbb crosshair#elite squad#sniper #clone force 99 #HAHAHHAHAHA IT WAS DEFINITELY HOT-
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    Crosshairs and Marcy are here to lay some hate!

    #drawing#amphibia #transformers age of extinction #marcy wu#crosshairs
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    The Bad Batch according to some friends

    Friend one @spuffyfet -._-.

    Friend 2

    #the bad batch #the bad batch Hunter #the bad batch wrecker #the bad batch tech #the bad batch crosshair #the bad batch echo #the bad batch omega #the bad batch headcanons
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    Rating: Teen

    Relationship: Crosshair & Omega

    Tags: Canon Divergence, Hurt No Comfort, Grief/Morning, Unhealthy Coping, Recent Character Death, Guilt, Angst

    What's this? A second chapter? Yup. I managed it. It's short but it gets the point across. Not to mention I'm sick of sitting on it. Luckily after this we're getting into the realm of planned and already partially written pieces so maybe updates won't be six months apart?

    Let me dream, right?

    #my stuff#deaths stuff#star wars#bad batch #bad batch crosshair #bad batch omega #star wars fanfic #bad batch fanfic
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    This is probably a long shot, but I know I've seen it before, and sadly Google images is no help.

    I'm calling out to my fellow artists! Does anyone have sketches or drawings of the bad batch boys in suits? I know I've seen it done before, and for the life of me I can't find any of the pictures people have created and desperately need them. I'm creating another story where the bad batch are required to wear suits, and really don't have the talents to draw them so I was hoping to use someone else's art as a reference 😅 I'd give the artist full credit of course!

    If someone can send me a post or find the artists page I'd love your help because I've searched tumblr with my minimal knowledge of the app and can't find any of the art I know I've seen in the past

    #star wars the bad batch #crosshair tbb#echo tbb#tech tbb#wrecker tbb #the bad batch fanfiction #hunter tbb #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars fanfiction #star wars#tbb fanfiction#tbb fanart
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    When do y’all think we’re going to get a trailer/teaser for Bad Batch season 2? Disney+ Day ripped us off so any guesses?

    #star wars #the bad batch #bad batch crosshair #bad batch hunter #arc trooper echo #bad batch tech #bad batch wrecker #omega #bad batch season 2
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    some aesthetics I think the bad batch follow because yeah

    tech : dark academia (dress pants, turtlenecks, lots of brown)

    hunter : grunge! (lots of old hoodies and sweaters, lots of dark green, lots of flannel, and ripped jeans

    wrecker, funky patterned dress shirts over a tank tops (idk what to call this)

    echo he just likes to be comfortable but he rlly likes plaid and sweater vests

    crosshair any alternitive fashion but leans to more nugoth and metal

    omega she is like 11 she wears shirts with cat puns on them

    #Yeah #I’m awesome at this #Tech loves dark academia but usually just wears a sweater and jeans cause he’s lazy lol #the bad batch #bad batch tech #Bad batch hunter #bad batch wrecker #bad batch echo #bad batch crosshair #bad batch omega #tbb
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    OK, so I'm in the process of creating a Crosshair x OC story! It'll be taking place after season one of the Bad Batch.

    I've designed three ocs that will be appearing in the story and I had a lot of fun creating them!

    First off we have Katya(I haven't thought of a last name for her yet). She will be Crosshair's love interest😏😍. She's a Bounty Hunter and a heck of a good pilot, and pretty handy as a medic.

    She's 26 years old and has been on her own since she was 13 after her parents died. Katya's also got a sharp tongue and won't take crap from anybody.

    Next we have Kuu, who's Katya's adorable adopted son! She's taken care of him since he was two years old and abandoned by his real parents. Katya loves him more than anything else in the galaxy and will go to whatever lengths to keep him safe.

    And last but not least, we have Emmy! She's Katya's good friend and right hand woman. She helps Katya with capturing bounties and they split the profits fifty-fifty.

    Emmy is a couple years younger than Katya and the pair are practically sisters. She adores Kuu and constantly spoils him. But don't let her sweetness fool you. If you cross her or harm anyone she loves, Emmy will hunt you down to the deepest, darkest part of the galaxy and make you PAY. She's an expert on weapons and is especially good with knives. 🔪

    That's pretty much all I have for her right now, though I'm considering having her get together with one of the other Bad Batchers😏

    I'm really excited to get started on the story and posting it! I hope you guys will like it!

    #star wars #star wars bad batch #crosshair tbb #star wars fanfiction #star wars oc #tbb fanfiction#tbb oc #the bad batch fanfiction #the bad batch fanart #star wars the bad batch #the bad batch #star wars tbb #crosshair the bad batch #tbb crosshair #crosshair x oc
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    06.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Crosshair: I’m back on my bullshit.

    Hunter, narrating loudly: He was, in fact, never off his bullshit in the first place.

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