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  • ari-writes-stuff
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Dandelion Tongue - Chapter 3, “Reuniting”

    Terra walked down the various halls, looking back occasionally to make sure Ven was alright and still following him. The younger boy still seemed unsure of himself, and was awfully on edge around Terra, and probably, the building in general.

    His memories must have been messed with, Terra thought as he guided the young boy. That’s got to be why he freaked out when he saw us. And why he’s speaking an entirely different language… He felt a slight tug on his wrist, and glanced down to see that Ven had latched onto his arm. Terra gave him a sad smile and fluffed his hair a bit.

    He must be terrified. Waking up in a place he doesn’t recognize, with people he can’t remember. It reminded him of when the boy had first joined them as one of Eraqus’s apprentices. Scared, lonely, unable to answer questions.

    It hurt Terra’s head knowing that had all been seventeen years ago. If you counted the years he had been without a heart and asleep, Ven was nearly thirty years old. And yet here he was, still the frightened child holding onto Terra’s arm like his life depended on it.

    Technically, the three of them had only known each other for five years, yet Ven had always felt like family. The little brother to complete their trio.

    The boy in question leaned his head against Terra’s shoulder. Or, as much as he could when Terra was so much taller than him. His eyes gently fluttered, trying their best to stay open. His desperate attempts to stay awake made Terra smile softly.

    It’s no wonder he’s tired if he’s been dealing with this all morning. And he’s probably been doing quite a bit of running on top of that. He set his hand on Ven’s shoulder, a signal that he was giving the boy a moment to rest. He rubbed at his eyes, still holding onto Terra with his other arm. The older man stretched while he rested, his head lifting when he saw Aqua speed walking towards them. Ven hid behind Terra when the woman called their names, peeking out slightly.

    “You okay?” she asked when she finally caught up to them.

    “Aqua… How do I explain this,” Terra winced, trying to find the right words to explain the situation. “Ven… I don't think he can remember any of this right now.”


    “You, me, the castle, any of it. I- It seems like he can’t even understand English anymore.” Aqua’s eyebrows furrowed, her glance shifting between the two boys.

    “What… Makes you say that?” Terra tucked his arm around Ven’s shoulders.

    “When I found him, I asked him if he was alright, and he started talking in some language I’ve never heard of. He hasn’t been able to answer any of my questions…”

    “If he can’t remember,” Aqua muttered, putting the pieces together in her head. “Then that would explain why he… Was acting so strangely. Because he was scared…” Terra nodded.

    “But that still wouldn’t explain why he can’t understand what we’re saying,” he added. Aqua folded her arms, looking back at Ven. He cowered further behind Terra, trying to avoid eye contact. She couldn’t help but smile.

    “At the very least, he’s still latched on to you, as always.” Terra smiled at Aqua’s teasing.

    “Even if his mind forgets, his heart will always remember, right?” He laughed, messing with Ven’s hair again. The young boy suddenly perked up, staring at something- no, some one running down the hallway.

    “What is it, Ven?” Terra asked, despite knowing that Ven wouldn’t answer him. He and Aqua lifted their heads to see Kairi and-

    “Chirithy!” the young boy called, his eyes lighting up. He ran out from behind Terra, nearly tripping over his own feet. The Dream Eater leapt out of Kairi’s arms and into Ven’s. He cried the spirit’s name again, then a string of words that the others had no hope of understanding.

    “Ven! Oh, no-” Chirithy groaned, before switching to speaking to the boy in the strange, new language. Aqua let out a small gasp.

    “He remembers Chirithy-! And Chirithy can understand him-! Didn’t Ven know Chirithy when he was young?” she asked Terra. His eyebrows raised.

    “Then, he must have spoken that language when he knew Chirithy… So maybe, he hasn’t gotten new memories-”

    “But remembered ones he had forgotten,” Aqua finished. Terra nodded. Kairi walked over to the two of them.

    “If that’s so,” she asked. “Then why would he have forgotten the memories he’s made since then?” Terra lifted his hand to his chin in thought.

    “You make a good point,” he muttered, glancing over to Ven and his Dream Eater, who were deeply engaged in conversation. The spirit sighed, jumping out of the boy’s arms and waddling over to the others.

    “I am so sorry about all of this,” they squeaked. “I was just trying to restore some of Ven’s memories and- well, I honestly don't know what went wrong-”

    “You can restore his memories?” Aqua asked, dropping her arms to her sides.

    “Of course I can! I’m his Dream Eater!”

    Dream Eater? Kairi wondered. She had briefly heard Sora and Riku mention the term before, but she wasn’t quite sure what they were. If only they were here to help us… As if reading her mind, Terra asked the creature to elaborate on what exactly Dream Eaters were.

    “It’s- ugh,” Chirithy sighed. “It would take a long time to explain, but essentially, I’m connected to his dreams, and through his dreams, his heart. I can influence the things he dreams about and- supposedly help him remember forgotten memories. But, uh, as you can probably tell, that didn’t go all that well.”

    “Maybe- uh, maybe Naminé could help?” Kairi suggested. “She worked with Sora’s memories, and Ven shares a strong connection to him…” Aqua’s eyes lit up.

    “And perhaps the other Radiant Garden scientists would be able to aid as well!”

    “I’m not quite sure who you’re talking about,” Chirithy commented. “But you seem to trust them and if you think they could help…” The three of them gave the spirit confident nods. Terra walked over to place a hand on Ven’s shoulder.

    “We’d better take the Gummiship, just to be on the safe side.”


    Ven was relieved to have finally found a familiar face; his Chirithy. He was also glad to be leaving the wretched maze that the hallways created. However, he was nervous about boarding the… Well, it was hard to describe. It was a little smaller than the room he had woken up in, and looked like it was made from large building blocks. The inside looked like a very compressed house, with a small bedroom and bathroom in the back and tons of computer-looking gadgets in the front. The brown haired man took a seat in front of the computers, and the girls found places to sit on various couches and chairs that had been squeezed into the small space.

    Ven sat as far as he could from the rest of them, tucked into the corner of a couch. These people seemed nice, sure, but he still felt a little weird around them. Maybe it had been so long since he had seen others who were that much older than him, that he was instinctively cautious around them. He sat Chirithy on his lap, his leg bouncing slightly.

    “I- I’m sorry, Chirithy, what did you say their names were?” he asked the Dream Eater, tucking his hands beneath him.

    “Oh! No- It’s fine! The one with blue hair is Aqua, Kairi has red hair, and he’s Terra,” Chirithy explained, pointing to each of them as they listed their names.

    “Aqua, Kairi, and Terra…” Ven repeated, making a mental note to remember them. “Right. Thanks.” Chirithy gave him a patient smile, or at least, as much of a smile as they could when they didn’t have a mouth. The older man- no, Terra. Terra turned in his seat to say something. Tell… the others something? Chirithy perked up at his words.

    “Uh- He says we should probably hold on to something!” Ven’s brow furrowed.

    “Hold on to something? Why would we need to-” The room suddenly lurched forwards. This thing… Can move? Ven was nearly knocked off the couch at the sudden movement, and Chirithy landed on the cushion beside him. The woman- Aqua ran over to steady him, and he quickly shifted to look out the window to his right. They were moving . No, the entire room was moving. It was almost like being in an elevator, but they could move in any direction.

    Well, except for going up, Ven thought. This contraption was cool, but he doubted it could move like an elevator could without tracks to rest on. The vehicle lurched again, the ground outside turning askew. Ven’s eyes widened. It…. It can go up, too?!

    He watched in amazement as they soared further from the ground, the mountains and castle coming into view and then shrinking to the size of toys. Before much longer, even they had disappeared and the window’s view filled with stars.

    “Chirithy! Are you seeing this?” the boy squeaked. He barely registered the spirit nodding out of the corner of his eye. Ven pressed his forehead against the window, trying to capture as much of the marvelous view as he could. He heard Aqua laugh behind him, and she ruffled his hair before returning to her seat. The boy relaxed, resting his head on top of his arms that were crossed on the back of the couch.

    He felt happy , as if he was going off on some grand adventure. He still missed his friends from back home, but with Chirithy and his new friends by his side, he was sure he would be able to find them in no time.

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  • derpinette
    20.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #i spend all day doing just this daily #i started watching movies thou if you have a letterboxd LMK i would love to see #i also peoplewatch IRL i dont talk to people ever i just Watch i had a friend i would do this with #its like gossiping but its mostly like really bad &probably incorrect behavioral analysis #and like style ETC i changed schools &iam a senior so i wont see her again :c #BTW i did this to one of my mutuals once but i think she found out O_O i am so sorry if you read this #i really dont have any ill intent at all i promise i just do it because i am a hoarder of sorts #i dont have any intent in fact i just like the challenge of finding things about people is all and also. People #( from a distance ) #in september i crossposted ER everywhere i started getting recognized and then i stopped #BC i got so embarrassed i wasnt fangirling i was just trying to get a discussion started #if people had any information (sourced) i was missing & i did get help that way i recommend it TBH #i crossposted on different IBs BTW #IK this is pathetic and creepy i have nothing else to do that is this fun TBH #well i like muzak too if you want i can show you my playlist on youtube ^_^ theres no actual muzak just Music LOL #i like actual muzak thoug #by the way i still have everything i used to quench my thirst of ER information bookmarked and saved #so if anybody wants to see anything let me know
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    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    the guy but in pixel

    #grian#grian fanart#watcher grian #watcher grian fanart #aofi art #someone remind me to not forget to crosspost #honestly not That proud of this one but the guy looks so happy he makes Me happy smile #hes just a smiley guy
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    20.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    So, I decided to finally bite the metaphorical bullet and start crossposting Surface Too Soon onto Ao3 before it becomes way more work than it even is now.

    And I got thinking, are there any other stories or series of mine you’d like to see crossposted to my Ao3?

    #atta babbles #i'm thinking about crossposting a few other things #and so i'm gauging interest #which fics people would like to see there/think should be there #to get an idea of where to start #you know. prioritize things #figure out what goes up first if at all #and the sequel to acif #(whenever i manage to finish it) #will be going up there too no question #so will the drag fic #whenever i finish those #but for the stuff here on my tumblr #whatever you want crossposted lemme know so i can get a priority list started up #this will stay open indefinitely btw #also sts should be up on my ao3 tomorrow sometime if i have the time/energy #but i'm not putting all 31 chapters thus far up at once #so it'll take a bit to get up to date
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    19.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    seeing Tifa vs Aerith arguments in 2022

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    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    "boohoo our s*xyman is voiced by the Iceage sloth"— well I for one appreciate all the hard work John Leguizamo put into single handedly wrestling Lin Manuel Miranda out of that recording booth to prevent him from voicing Bruno.

    #also if my twitter mutuals come across this bc they saw me crosspost this yes this is my encanto sideblog hi #bruno madrigal#encanto #honestly Sid the sloth is the like one of the more normal rolls in his filmography #but i guess making posts about Chi Chi Rodríguez or his other drag characters dont yeild as many laughs #0.txt
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  • fffen
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    all i’m saying is it’s insane how greenie like very clearly follows a clear 3 step path of trying to 1. shut down XX in the same way he has since the beginning of the comic (degradation of her art and herself) and then 2. shut down Fig in the same way he has since the beginning of the comic (”if your body’s desire is what got you this far, then doesn’t that make that what you desire?” pg. 51) and when both of these fail he 3. tries to finally stomp out faith in any escape she would have from what he created (”society is a reality that you literally cannot afford to accept”) when he realizes he absolutely can’t control them as they are together his last resort is essentially “it doesn’t matter at the end because what happened to you and what you did is going to live in you forever anyway, and you have to live with that” -- absolving himself of any responsibility in the process of course and blaming it on her own actions, thus also proving (the stupidest and most incorrect) part of smoothie’s thesis correct. like ok

    #crossposting this shit because for the record i do not want to delete it thanks
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  • zaxal
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    thinking about aziraphale and his misprinted bibles, one of which he contributed to directly, and everything that says about him as a character. he knows humans (and other beings) add good and bad things to the facts of their faith. he collects proof of it. he's fascinated by it.

    he has such a flexible understanding of the world he lives in despite the rigid black-and-white options presented to him by heaven. he believes so strongly that all he needs to do is talk to god themself to sort everything out bc if he can see it, then the omniscient creator must

    his faith isn't blind and stupid. it's eyes fully open to all the hypocrisies and contradictions and the rules to which everything is bound, and he's proven right when heaven and hell can't argue with him.

    i get so defensive when people read aziraphale as being anything like the popular idea of what a christian is in the western world, because i don't think he is. and i think it all comes down to misprinted bibles and believing quite firmly that things can be better.

    #good omens #crossposted from twitter #i am loving aziraphale hours
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  • arrowflier
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Tumblr ate my first post😭.  Anyway, words aren’t happening so here’s the last of last year’s stuff.

    Writing Roundup: December 2021

    Previous roundups on Fic Masterlist

    01Dec21: Mickey needs surgery

    02Dec21: Ian teases Mickey for being short

    05Dec21: something embarrassing happens during sex (NSFW)

    06Dec21: after their anniversary party, Ian and Mickey talk about kids

    07Dec21: even with one of their own, Ian still gets baby fever

    08Dec21: backstories on Gallagher household objects

    10Dec21: Ian and Mickey sleep through a storm

    11Dec21: Trope Mashup. Wedding night and trying something new (NSFW)

    13Dec21: Ian tries to do something nice for Mickey, but surprises aren’t really Mickey’s thing

    20Dec21: Ian and Mickey try to name their second daughter

    25Dec21: Through the Years.  A look at Christmas mornings throughout their lives and after.

    26Dec21: Franny’s friend has a crush on Mickey (2nd person)

    28Dec21: Mickey helps Franny through a heartbreak

    29Dec21: Ian and Mickey run into Tony Markovich

    Trope Mashups:

    Drunk/High and Eating Together

    Pirate AU

    Aliens and Injury

    Kids and Sick/Injury

    Mutual I Love Yous and Overhearing

    Husbands in Love and Amnesia

    Mickey’s Mom is Alive/Post-Finale

    Gallavich Security and Unresolved Sexual Tension

    #writing roundup#fanfic#shameless#gallavich #also still getting used to my keyboard I keep hitting the trackpad while I'm typing😅 #gonna spend today and tomorrow finishing up my crossposting then I'll hopefully write something new
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  • eirian
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    (me doing mario impressions)

    mario: hey luigi luigi: hey mario mario: im-a goin to the store luigi: okay pick me up some drinks mario: you like the flavored water? luigi: yeah

    (proceeds to bust a lung laughing while caleb watches in horror)

    #crossposting from twitter bc it was so fucking funny to me
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  • over-grown-emo-kid
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Moonlight Lines - Chapter 3

    You can find this chapter and the rest of the fic on my ao3.

    Seven Little Numbers

    Light pours in through the window

    Reflecting off the walls

    You woke up cold. Blankets around you splayed all over the place, half off the bed and barely hanging on to your body in any meaningful way. You roll over to make sure your guest wasn't there. As you suspected he left sometime earlier in the morning. You felt around the other side of the bed and it was as cold as the rest of the bed, even the singed sheets. That was new and a problem for awake [y/n]. 

    Your sore muscles fight you as you try to make your way out of bed. You stumble into the bathroom to assess the damage from your late-night guest; a couple of bruises and a fat lip. Could've been worse and the worst of it shouldn't be visible by Monday. Right, it's almost 10am on Saturday and you have papers to grade. 

    Great job [y/n], you thought to yourself. Now you have half the time to get your work done. 

    But first, sustenance. As you grab a fruit sauce pouch from a kitchen cabinet you notice a note on the counter:

    I would've stayed later but I can't go into work with omega stink all over me.

    You get it. Anyways if you need a body to warm your bed in the future give me a call.



    You roll your eyes at the note. It was stupid and cocky and you still stuck it to your fridge with a cat magnet. Not your proudest moment but saving it for later would definitely keep your friends off your back about your "nonexistent love life." You took a picture for proof and sent it to Chiyo, both to tell her you're safe and to check on her. 

    I hope you had as much fun as I last night. Okimoto got you home safe right?

    Thankfully the reply was quick. 

    OMG for real! Let's get coffee I need more details!!! Also yeah I'm okay, not as hungover as I thought I'd be so that's a plus. 

    Thank fuck. 

    Maybe lunch, I need to get a dent on grading since I went out last night. Meet you at 2, you pick the place.

    Alright! Latte Stars it is.

    You let out a breath you didn't realize you were holding. You knew they were cousins and they grew up together, but it was still Okimoto. Maybe you were a bad person for assuming the worst, but she didn't give you much else to go off of. Relieved you make yourself a small breakfast and make your way to the stack of papers. 

    It wasn't as bad as you thought. You didn't want to jinx yourself, knowing these there two very small assignments to start the year off with. You blew through the 'Get to Know You Quirk Quiz,' entering the applicable quirk info into the shared teacher file, and started on the short essay prompt. 'In two to three sentences answer what being a hero is to you and what kind of hero you want to be.' It's a quick exercise to gauge where the kids are mentally (their motives and aspirations) and as far as their essay writing skills. 

    You only got through two of these before noon rolled around. While they're short they do require you to grade them like a normal paper, as well as log their notable answers into the shared file. So long as coffee doesn't take more than a few hours you would be able to finish grading and have Sunday entirely to yourself. The idea was almost too good. 

    You got ready, trying to keep things casual and save time. Your favorite tee, jeans, sneakers, and light make-up would have to do for coffee. You grabbed your things and headed to the train station. 

    Even though you got there ten minutes early, in her usual fashion, Chiyo was already there. She beckoned to you through the window. She managed to steal a booth seat for the two of you and already had her drink. She was more than ready for the "juice details" from the night before. 

    You barely had time to sit before she said, "Okay I am ready to hear it! Don't spare a single detail."

    She tried to make it sound like a threat but the ear-to-ear smile gave her away. 

    "I was hoping to get a drink first," you replied. 

    "Ugh fine," She said half-serious. "But make it fast okay? I've been itching to know what happened."

    You laugher her off and get in line to order your favorite drink. Since it was the afternoon there was a little wait for you or Chiyo. 

    "Spill," She said. 

    And you did. You tried to be as descriptive as possible from when you left her at the bar to when you woke up this morning. Being mindful to keep your voice down since you two were in public. Of course, with the caveat that you were pretty drunk and your memory wasn't the greatest. While you thoroughly enjoyed yourself and had already decided you were going to call him back sooner rather than later, Chiyo was hanging on to your every word like you were a TV drama. 

    "So, yeah, that's basically it," you finished pretending not to be embarrassed to talk about your sex life in public. 

    "Holy shit [y/n] have you texted him yet?"

    "No, not yet," you said. "I was going to wait until I actually wanted him to come over." 

    Chiyo started shaking her head, Yeah, no. Text him now."


    "A, then you'll know the number works and B, he will be more likely to text you back if you've already talked," she said. "If you wait until you're down bad he might just ignore it because he might not know it's you." 

    "I didn't even think about that." 

    "And that's why you have me [y/n]," Chiyo said with a smile. 

    You both laughed before you said, "What do I even say to him?" 

    Chiyo motioned for you to give her your phone, "Hey Dabi, this is [y/n]. I had fun btw."

    She continued to type as you laughed, "Hit me up when you want or if you need a rut partner." 

    You tried to snatch the phone back, "No! Don't say that!"

    You deleted the text before she could send it. 

    "Why not?" 

    "Because he'll think I'm desperate," you said. 

    "But, you kind of are."

    You gave up. Chiyo was better at this kind of stuff anyway. More importantly, she was right. As much as you hated to admit it. You hadn't been in any kind of relationship in two years, not to mention how rare it was for you to feel comfortable to bring someone home for the night. It wasn't that you couldn't get anyone home with you, it's that you always got too in your head about it. It would be for the best to have a consistent partner for a lot of reasons. 

    You didn't want to admit it, but Chiyo was right. 

    "Fine," you said. "Just tell me what you write before you send it."

    She plucked the phone from your hand, "Beautiful." 

    She typed quietly for a moment. You started chewing on your lip. Every passing second made your heart race faster and faster. 

    "Here," she said. "Hey this is [y/n]. You left your number at my place last night and let me know if you wanna hang out again."

    Everything she said sounded fine, but the smile she was trying to suppress made you suspicious. 

    "Can I see it first?"

    Fake offense washed over her face, "[y/n] you think I would lie to you about what I am going to send this man?"


    "Fine," Chiyo gave you the phone. 

    It was exactly as she said. You laughed and jokingly apologized before hitting send. 

    "And now we wait," you said. 

    Before the two of you were out of your chairs to leave your phone buzzed. Your stomach dropped. The last thing you wanted was an immediate reply. Being able to know he read it soon yeah, that's fine, but already replying...it was too much pressure. 

    Cool so that's your name

    You rolled your eyes. It wasn't the worst thing he could have replied with. You wouldn't have even remembered his name if he didn't leave that note. 

    Yup don't wear it out

    Again, immediately he replied.

    Nah, don't worry. There's plenty of you I want to wear out first. 

    You must have blushed harder than you thought because Chiyo was laughing, "What did he say?"

    You showed her the phone and she laughed harder, "Someone's definitely trying to keep your attention."

    She wiggled her eyebrows for emphasis. 

    "Oh I'm sure," you said. "And the attention of every other person he's seeing right now."

    "You don't know that." 

    "I also do not know what." 

    "So, what are you going to say back?" she asked. 

    "How does this sound?" 

    Really? Prove it. 

    #dabi#dabi mha#mha fic#dabi fanfic #dabi x reader #mha x reader #dabi x reader omegaverse #reader is an omega #alpha beta omega #alpha dabi#abo#ao3 crosspost #crossposted on ao3 #omegaverse fic
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    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sometimes I draw my Animal Crossing villagers too and like

    these rabbits are dating officer

    #Animal Crossing#humanization #Tiffany (animal crossing) #Gaston (animal crossing) #my fanart#crosspost
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  • spicysilmarils
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    dont get me wrong i like an evil sauron/annatar but i also like an annatar who came to the elves w/out much malicious intent, certainly w/out intention to make the Rings, and was genuinely friends with celebrimbor and the mirdain. i think it makes his betrayal worse.

    its nice for me to imagine that there was once more to sauron than evilness and the Eye, that he used to be a person with likes and dislikes and a sense of humor and friends. a person who was, in his own way, capable of love. until he cut it out of himself and forged the ring.

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  • ari-writes-stuff
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Dandelion Tongue - Chapter 2, “Confusion”

    Ven’s feet slammed against the floor with every step. If the maze of this new place had scared him before, it had quickly become a comfort compared to facing the strangers that had confronted him. He desperately called out for his Dream Eater, hoping for something, anything that was familiar to him. Tears threatened to pour down his face as his metallic footsteps echoed through the hallways. He didn’t know anyone. He couldn’t understand anyone. He couldn’t find his Chirithy. Even his keyblade was different. He was alone and confused and still stuck in those horrible halls.

    What he wouldn’t have given to open another door and see the rest of the Union Leaders inside the room.

    To at least have people he recognized and understood. To at least know what was going on at that moment, no matter how terrible it might have been.

    At least it would have been familiar. At least he wouldn’t be lost in this strange new building.

    Ven’s heart ached almost as much as his head did from the constant running and slamming doors open. He began to stumble, tripping over his armoured shoes.  

    He wanted to see his Chirithy. He wanted to see Ephemer. He wanted to see Skuld and Lauriam and Brain. He wanted to hold his keyblade. The unfamiliarity of it all, the confusion and frustration, finally broke him down and he crumpled to the ground.

    It was all too much for the young boy. He found himself wailing, begging anything and anyone who may have been listening to bring him back to his home. To make this all just a bad dream.

    Between the endless running, his terror, and now, his sobbing, Ven was exhausted. Too tired to stand, he continued to lay on the floor even after his tears had dried. A part of him wanted to stay there forever, to stay perfectly still until either time or darkness ripped his consciousness away. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, he heard heavy footsteps echoing nearby, growing louder. He heard his name being called. By the sound of the voice, it must have been the man that had been in the dining hall. He pulled himself up on his elbows, rubbing at his puffy eyes. Preparing himself to start running again.

    He was about to get up onto his knees when he saw a large pair of metallic boots step into his peripheral view. Surprised, and frankly, scared, he scrambled to sit up, hitting his head against the wall in his panic. The unfamiliar man put his hands on Ven’s shoulders, seemingly trying to steady him. He hesitated, but brought his eyes up to meet those of the stranger.

    Blue eyes stared into concerned brown ones, and the man comfortingly said Ven’s name. Then more words he had no hope of understanding. Tears began to return to Ven’s eyes. This man… It was as if he was trying to help. Trying to understand Ventus, but not knowing that his gentle words were spoken in vain.

    “I can’t- I can’t understand anything you’re saying!” Ven sobbed, tears once again rolling down his checks. “I don't know where I am or who any of you are!” The man suddenly looked shocked, pulling back slightly from the younger boy. His glance sifted quickly between Ven and the hallway the man had previously walked down. Ven pulled his legs closer to his chest and buried his head in his knees, tears soaking into his clothes. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder, and lifted his head back up.

    The man nodded towards the path they had entered through, nudging Ventus gently like he was suggesting they go back to the dining room. Ven was still anxious, but something in his heart was telling him, begging him to understand that this strange man was only trying to help him. He gave a hesitant nod, and the man grabbed Ven’s hand to help pull him up. The boy wiped a few stray tears from his face, and the older man gave his hair a reassuring ruffle. Ven gave him a shy smile, and they started to walk down the hall together.


    Kairi picked at the remaining pieces of her breakfast. Between her training and trying to get Sora back, she was normally starving, but the incident with Ven all but drained her appetite. To be fair, she didn’t know Ven very well, but they had gotten close in the time that she had spent in the Land of Departure. He reminded her of Sora, in a way. Determined to make friends with everything with a pulse (sometimes even that wasn’t required) and strongly connected to those he loved. Supposedly, Ven had been within Sora’s heart since her friend had been born. Maybe Ven’s influence was what had made them so similar.

    The red head pushed her plate away from her, leaning back in her seat and pulling her Gummiphone out. She idly swiped through her texts and social media, disappointed but unsurprised to find that not much had changed since she checked her phone earlier that morning. She yawned, stretching her free arm up and out behind her, as a puff of smoke appeared and Ven’s Chirithy landed on the table.

    “Oh, hey, Chirithy,” Kairi muttered through her yawn. “Is Ven okay?”

    “You’re asking me!” the Dream Eater squeaked, extremely on edge. “I haven’t seen him all morning!”

    “Can’t you just… ‘Teleport’ to him..?” Kairi asked. Chirithy shook their head.

    “I can’t seem to find him! He wasn’t there when I woke up, and I can't sense him anywhere!”

    “That’s… really strange. He was in here a little while ago, but he seemed really scared about something. He even summoned his keyblade when Aqua tried to comfort him. He ran out after that, and Terra and Aqua followed after him.”

    “Oh, lights,” Chirithy groaned. “This can’t be good!”

    “Do you think we should go after them?”

    “Please! I can’t leave Ventus if he’s like that.” Kairi nodded, scooping the Dream Eater into her arms, kicking her chair in, and running off into the castle hallway.

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    imagine being some random elf in valinor, trying to get over the whole "the two trees just got destroyed by morgoth" thing and then suddenly theres a giant ball of fire in the sky. and then after a few days (?) it disappears and you think to yourself "well that was weird. but surely things are back to normal now". and then it shows up again

    #the silmarillion #i am once again crossposting one of my tweets #did the valar warn the elves that the sun was gonna be thing or did they all wake up and panic one day
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    "Bam, Snap!" (3)

    ⤝ Previous Chapter ⤞

    Rating: M (18+)

    Pairing: Max Phillips x GN!Reader

    Warnings: Mentions of food. Drinking. Adult language. Vampires (both corporate and mythological). Nothing super explicit yet but y'know, better safe than sorry. Telemarketing. Vampire pop culture references. Max Phillips is a little shit like always. If there are any that I missed, please inbox me to let me know and I will add them in (:

    Word Count: 4.1k

    Summary!: Well, it's finally here: your date with Max fucking Phillips. Can't say any more than that, sorry (we don't kiss and tell around these parts). But hope you enjoy (:


    When you finally wake up the next morning, your gaze is immediately drawn to your window. You sit up suddenly as all the events from last night come back to you, before groaning as you throw yourself back onto the mattress, laying your arm over your eyes. Dinner with Max fucking Phillips. Well, you will deal with it all at 7. For now, you desperately need to brush your teeth… and - ow, fuck - Advil, definitely Advil, you add as a slight pain emits from your temple.

    Unfortunately, you’ve crossed out most of the things on your To-Do list by the time lunch rolls around, so you’re left sitting at your dining table, your leg bouncing as millions of questions get thrown around your brain. Why had Max broken into your house? Why had he asked you here and not at the office? When did he ever even start thinking about you in a potential-date way? And why the fuck were you sort of looking forward to it?? Your phone suddenly rings and you’re glad for the distraction, answering without even looking at the screen.


    “Hey, what’re you up to?” Mandy asks.

    “Nothing, sitting here in my dining room, contemplating my existence. The usual.” You say with a shrug.

    “Can I pick you up?” She asks and only now do you hear something you’ve never heard in Amanda’s voice: nervousness.

    “Yeah, everything ok?” You ask, sobering your tone a bit as concern fills you. There’s a pause on her end before she blurts out,

    “I’ll tell you once I’m there.” She hangs up before you can say anything else. You sigh and get ready quickly, throwing on some jeans and a simple t-shirt.

    Amanda honks outside your apartment twenty minutes later. You grab your phone, wallet, and keys. Once you’ve locked up, you spot her silver Honda Accord parked in your driveway. You get in quickly, and now you notice the anxiety radiating off of her. She looks almost crumbled into herself, dressed in an oversized shirt and leggings.

    “Ok, what’s going on with you, Barron?” You ask. She sighs, leaning her forehead against the steering wheel and shutting her eyes for a moment.

    “I think I’m pregnant.” She finally admits once she’s raised her gaze to yours again. Her voice is quiet and almost shy. There’s a slight red mark above her brow from the wheel.

    “And that’s… bad?” You guess from the tone of her voice.

    “No!.. Yes? God, I don’t know. I’ve never even thought about kids! And things with Evan are just getting normal again. What the hell am I supposed to tell him now?!” She’s crying and you’re unsure of how to react; comfort’s never been your forte. You place a hand on her back, gently patting it twice, the movement jolted and stiff.

    “There, there.” You say, but it sounds just about as awkward as you thought it would. “Um, look, why not just tell Evan? I’m sure you guys can figure something out.” You suggest.

    “No!” She says, not angry but surprised. She backtracks once she notices your look of confusion. “Not right now at least. I want to be sure first. We’ve never talked about it in-depth before.”

    “Mandy, Evan adores you! And I know you love him. You just gotta take it one step at a time.” You say. She nods in agreement, sighing.

    “I need to confirm it first. Then, I’ll think about it. Wanna go to the store with me? We can go to lunch after, my treat?” You nod.

    “Sure, of course.” She nods and starts the car, wiping her eyes quickly before reversing out of the driveway.

    “So, what have you been up to today?” She asks once you two are finally on the road.

    “Well, I got up around 10 and got busy cleaning my place. There was water dripping everywhere.” You say.

    “What why?”

    “From last night, when-” You cut yourself off. You can’t tell Mandy about your date with Max, tonight. No way. She’d freak! But, if this is some elaborate “86-ing the new assistant” plan that Max has up his sleeve, then it’s better someone knows, isn’t it? On the other hand, if he does go through with it, Mandy will go after him and the last thing you want is Mommy Dearest going after Count Dracula and putting herself in danger. You realize Mandy is still waiting for an answer. “When I got home, I took a shower and was more drunk than I realized; on the way out I almost fell. Got water all over the bathroom floor.” She believes your lie, her eyebrows shooting up to her hairline.

    “You ok?” She asks.

    “Oh yeah, totally. Just a little sore that’s all.” Well, at least that part was the truth. You were sore from sparring with Amanda but you had also noticed a couple of marks on your upper arms when you changed this morning… right where Max had gripped you in the bathtub. They weren’t painful, just slightly uncomfortable. At least he had saved you from cracking your head open on the porcelain. You needed to remember to thank him for that.

    “Do you have any plans for today?” She asks. You let out a sharp exhale, trying your best to seem nonchalant.

    “Probably just gonna catch dinner and a movie.” You say. “I heard that new De Niro flick is pretty good.”

    “The one with Anne Hathaway? Yeah, Evan and I watched it opening weekend. It was really good. We cried.” You both laugh, and she pulls into the Rite-Aid parking lot. As she cuts the engine, there’s a shift in her attitude, and you notice the nervousness is back as she looks at the building apprehensively.

    “Hey,” she looks at you and you grab her hand, giving it a squeeze. “You’ve got this.” She smiles appreciatively.

    At your request, you two decide to just pick up some fast food for lunch, then head back to your apartment. You two eat at your dining room table and you and Mandy talk about what’s waiting for you both on Monday at the office. There’s a new company that’s looking at working with you all. Some bogus herb supplement company called GreenWay, guaranteed to help customers lose forty pounds in two weeks (or your money back). You order something light, not too hungry, while Amanda places a full order. It’s up to you both to work on this pitch presentation along with Max for the next week or so, then the top people at GreenWay will be coming in to hear it the Tuesday after.

    Amanda seems to relax again as you two talk and try to put her at ease. She helps you clean up before grabbing the pregnancy tests she bought at the RiteAid. She asks to use your bathroom and you point her in the right direction, giving her an encouraging smile before she goes. While you wait for her, your mind drifts back to your impending (doom) evening with Max. You know you can’t just run away from it. Your relationship with Max has never been bad or even uncomfortable. You shouldn’t have to be afraid of him. He’s just your boss for chrissake… who also happens to be the leader of a bunch of blood drinkers. Still, he had never given you any trouble in the office and he had given you his ‘Scout’s Honor,’whatever that was worth. Besides, you had your training and the weapons you always carried on your person. If he wanted to kill you - which if the events of last night were anything to go by, you were now 100% convinced he could -, you sure as hell weren’t going to make it easy for him. Just as you’re planning how best to conceal your weapons for tonight, Mandy is back out in the hallway. You stand up from the table and make your way over to her as she stares at the little sticks in her hand, her expression unreadable.

    “Mandy… what’s it say?” You ask.

    “It’s positive.” Her voice is so quiet you almost don’t hear her, but then she raises her eyes to yours and smiles, fresh tears threatening to spill. You smile wide and hug her at the same time she hugs you.

    “Congrats, Mandy!” She hugs you tight, crying softly into your shoulder. “Are you gonna tell Evan now?” You ask. She pulls back, nodding and wiping at her eyes.

    “I will, soon. I just need to process this. But I promise I will tell him. Please don’t say anything. I’m so excited but fuck, this is insane.” She mumbles, laughing softly at herself.

    “Of course, Mandy. I promise not to say anything. You’ll tell him when you’re ready.” You say. She nods and checks her phone as it suddenly buzzes.

    “It’s Evan. I gotta go. Apparently, my mom’s driving him crazy.” She says with a soft chuckle.

    “Ok, be safe and text me when you’re home. I’ll see you Monday.” You say. She nods with a soft ‘thank you,’ and leaves.

    Left alone again, you finally decide to start getting ready even though it’s far too early. As the hours to 7 wind down, your stomach fills with more and more butterflies. No wait, not butterflies. Freaking bees. Giant bees that are buzzing around in your torso, you swear you can almost hear them. Angry and full of energy that courses its way through your system, making you feel restless. Regardless, you try your best to keep busy.

    Your first task is to shower, and you try not to stare too long at the tub beneath your feet. Once that’s done, you start looking for appropriate clothing for tonight, and the more you look the more annoyed you become with yourself for not finding something nice enough. Because you know you know that if this was a dinner with Mandy and Evan or even just Tim you would just throw something together and be done with it. But instead, here you are, tossing everything around in your closet in hopes of finding something that will be nice enough for dinner with Max. Damnit damnit damnit.

    Finally, after about another hour or so, you manage to scrap something together. You continue with everything else, making sure your hair and face look presentable. You decide to get two stakes strapped to the inside of your boots, and you keep a couple of daggers under your shirt. Just in case. When it’s 6:45, you’re pacing in your kitchen, tempted to open one of the bottles of cheap wine you bought while grocery shopping the other day. One drink couldn’t hurt, right? You’re already pouring yourself a good amount into your glass when your doorbell goes off. Fuck, he’s early.

    “Coming!” You take a swig of your wine, before dumping the rest down the sink, wincing at the bitterness; well, now you know why it was eight dollars. You walk to the door and hesitate, your hand on the doorknob. Ok, you’ve got this newbie. Deep breath. You open the door and Max is standing there, dressed the most casually you’ve ever seen him in a black button-up paired with dark grey slacks, and a black jacket. Still formal but not corporate office formal. He smiles and gives you a once-over.

    “Wow, you look incredible.” He says.

    “Really? Oh thanks, I didn’t really have a chance to get ready.” You fib. “I’m glad you ditched the suit and tie.” You point out and he laughs.

    “Yeah, figured it would be a bit too uptight for dinner. Are you ready to go, by the way, our reservation is at 7:30?” He says.

    “Sure, let me just grab my coat and we’ll go.” You grab your coat, slipping it on. Max leads the way to his car, the expensive Mercedes you’ve seen time and time again. “Actually,” He pauses and turns to look at you, raising an eyebrow. “Mind if we take my car?”

    “You’ve got your kit in there, huh?” He asks and you nod.

    “You can leave your car parked here, it’ll be fine.” You say. He nods, caving. You go to the driver’s side and he still opens the door for you. You thank him and watch as he goes over to the passenger’s. Well, here we go.

    The ride is silent, only his comments about directions interrupt the quiet around you both. It’s awkward and you’re tempted to turn on the radio, but leave it off anyway. The restaurant comes into view after about ten minutes and you’re only slightly relieved. It’s a fancy place, one you wouldn’t normally go to. Must be expensive too. Well, at least you did manage to dress appropriately.

    Max once again takes the lead, maneuvering you both inside. The hostess greets you both, a pretty redhead with hazel eyes whose name tag reads ‘Erin.’ She smiles at you both,

    “Hello. Table for two?” She asks, already grabbing the menus from the stack beside her.

    “I have a reservation for Max Phillips,” Max explains and she checks the screen in front of her, nodding in confirmation before stepping away from the podium.

    “Right this way.” She guides you both to one of the more intimate corners of the restaurant. Luckily, it’s not incredibly packed tonight, with only about 20 or so other people in here. It’s a dimly lit space, with golden fixtures. The theme seems to be Victorian but modest and simple. It’s a really nice place. You remove your jackets and both sit down as Erin places the menus in front of you. “Can I get you started with any drinks or appetizers?” She asks.

    “We’ll take a bottle of your finest red please,” Max says with a charming smile her way. She blushes slightly and nods. “Did you want any appetizers?” He asks you and you shake your head.

    “I’m good, thanks.” She smiles and nods.

    “Great, I’ll be right back with that.” You both thank her and she goes, leaving you both back in this semi-awkward limbo that was present in the car.

    “Did I already mention how great you look?” He asks.

    “Yes… But I wouldn’t mind hearing it again.” You say with a smile. He grins, the tension now easing out of you both.

    “Well in that case: you look amazing.”

    “Thank you, Max.”

    “I’m glad I noticed that last night.” He says.

    “What?” You ask.

    “You didn’t call me, ‘Mr. Phillips’ even once at your apartment.” He says.

    “Yeah well, kinda hard to do that when you think you’re about to be devoured, right?” He nods, smirking.

    “Touche.” Erin is back at that moment, opening up the wine and pouring you both a glass. You realize now you forgot to choose what to eat, so you pick the first thing your eyes land on, while Max orders a steak himself.

    “So, since we’re finally here: can you explain to me your reasoning behind wanting to ask me to dinner via sneaking in through my window like a pervert?” You ask once Erin leaves you two alone again, taking a sip of your drink and peering at him over the glass.

    “That? Well… that’s what I get for taking seduction tips from a former Twihard.” He says, cringing slightly.

    “I thought you killed her?” You ask, keeping your voice low.

    “I did, yeah. But she stalked me for a week so I figured I’d talk with her first before I-” he uses his thumb to mimic a decapitation gesture. “She swore the whole Edboy method was tried and true.”

    “Yeah, well it was weird… But not the weirdest way I’ve ever been asked out, I’ll admit.” You say, smiling.

    “I was trying to be romantic.” He admits.

    “Yeah, and it came off as creepy, Lestat.” You shoot back and he grins again, shrugging.

    “Sorry, I haven’t really done the dating thing in a while.”

    “Speaking of which: why did you ask me out?” He pauses, and he looks almost incredulous at the question.

    “Well, why not?” He shoots back, leaning back into his chair as he takes a sip of his own wine.

    “Because you’re my boss. Because I don’t think I’m your type. Because you’d never shown interest in me before?” You reply.

    “My type? You think smart, beautiful, hard-working, and intelligent isn’t my type?” He cocks his brow, and that shuts you up. “Look, I’ve been interested in you for the last couple of weeks, doll. I’m not the kind of person to hesitate when it comes to these things. If I’m interested in someone, I’ll act on it. If they’re interested back, then we do something about it, and if they’re not, no hard feelings.” You’re taken aback by his honesty, but you appreciate it too.

    “Why not just try to sleep with me, then?” You ask. “I mean I’ve noticed the way you flirt and bat those brown eyes at whoever you’re trying to get with, Max. It must not be hard for you.” You say.

    “Yes, but I like you in a deeper sense than that, doll. It would be easy for me to seduce you or even compel you - if I was that pathetic - but I figured I’d rather give it the good old-fashioned human try.” He responds. “Does that answer all your questions?” You smirk now, taking another sip.

    “Not even a little bit.” He smiles, and Erin is finally back with your food. She gives you your plates and utensils, plus a basket of breadsticks, before hoping you two enjoy your meal and leaving again. You see Max begin cutting into his steak and pause. “So wait, you can actually eat human food?” You ask. He nods.

    “Yeah. The first couple of years all you want is blood but with time, you can begin to enjoy other things too.” He says, placing the piece into his mouth and chewing.

    “Is it painful? The transformation? Does it last long or is it like a one-two-go kinda thing?” You know you’re asking a lot but these are questions you’ve had in the back of your mind since knowing about Max. Luckily, he doesn’t seem at all bothered by it, endeared to your curiosity.

    “When you’re turned into a vampire, the transformation is almost instant. Your senses are heightened, everything around you seems magnified and crystal clear, and you have this endless amount of energy.” He explains. “It’s like an adrenaline rush times a thousand. Once you’re turned, you’re ruled by your id which can create… complications that have to be dealt with. If you’re willing to be a part of the human way of life though, it can be done.”

    “What kind of complications?” You ask, finally digging into your own food and he smirks a little, mirth in his eyes.

    “Sex and feeding become your number one priorities.” He says and again, you appreciate how blunt he is about it.

    “So, let me get this straight: as a vampire you’re perpetually hungry and horny?” He confirms it with a nod, his smirk growing.

    “24/7 since we don’t really sleep.”

    “Well, I guess that explains the orgies.” You mumble, more to yourself than to him. “Wait, why aren’t you like that then?” You ask. He shrugs.

    “I was for a long time. But eventually, I just got bored with it. Plus, after Evan’s little stunt, I realized I did want to take my career seriously. That’s why I took the scholarship in Romania. I kept that sentiment all through college. I trained myself to shut it away once I got turned.”

    “Shut it away? Just like that?” You ask and he hesitates.

    “I mean there are… temptations here and there.” He says and looks up at you from below his lashes. “But, I think I’ve got my impulses mostly under control.”

    “Mostly?” You ask and he smirks a bit again.

    “I’m still a man, doll.” He replies, looking you over. You grow silent at that, nodding pensively and going back to eating your food. After this interrogation, you were sure your curiosity would have been squelched, but instead, every answer out of his mouth brought on three or more silent follow-ups that you were dying to ask. You decide to quiet your mind, for now, choosing instead to make the best out of your evening out with Max. You two move on to other things throughout dinner, like his time in Romania and your life before you moved into town. You find yourself having a good time with him. He puts you at ease, making subtle jokes here and there and allowing you to indulge in as much information as you care to give him. He listens like you wouldn’t believe, hanging onto your every word as you two exchange stories. You tell him about the time you got asked out via flashmob (the WORST way of being asked out), he tells you about the former assistant turned Team-Cullen-wannabe. As the food and the wine finishes, you’re feeling warm and full, good by any standard. You sit back once there’s a lull in the conversation.

    “So then, what’s the verdict?” He asks, setting his utensils down as he finishes the last bite of his steak. You sigh, wiping any possible remnants of food from your lips as you drink the last of your second glass.

    “You know… this actually isn’t so bad. I’m having a pretty nice time.” You admit. He makes a look of confusion and leans in closer, cupping the shell of his ear with his hand.

    “Come again?? I don’t think I heard you right? What did you say??” He says and you roll your eyes at him.

    “Shut up.” You mumble, your face a little warm as you run a hand through your hair. He smiles and is about to say something when Erin comes up to the table with the bill.

    “Will this meal be separate or together?” She asks.

    “Together,” Max says and pulls out his American Express. He quickly signs the receipt and hands Erin her tip, an impressive $50, which she gratefully accepts and wishes you both a good rest of your night. You both thank her for the food and leave.

    Now that the evening’s over, your nerves are starting up again. The walk back to the car is quiet and you’re staring at the back of Max’s head as if what he’s thinking will appear as a text bubble above him. He turns to look at you over his shoulder,

    “I think I’ll drive back. It takes a lot more alcohol than that to get me anywhere near drunk.” He says, holding his palm out to you for the keys. You nod, pulling your keys out of your coat pocket. You get into the car and the drive back seems shorter than the ride to the restaurant, though you blame that on the wine-good feeling. Still, you spend the majority of it looking at Max from your peripheral, searching for any inclination, and shift in him that could indicate that he’s made the decision to kill you. There is none. He parks and he’s kind enough to walk you to your door.

    “Are you doing anything tomorrow?” He asks. You shake your head.

    “No, why?”

    “Well, I had a nice time and, from your own words, you did too. I’d like to see you again. But, if you don’t want to I get it, not everyone can handle this level of cool.” He fixes his collar and you scoff, crossing your arms over your chest.

    “Oh is that what you call it?” You ask and smile at him.

    “Of course. What would you call it?” He asks

    “Pig-headedness.” You reply with a smirk and he grins in response.

    “Dinner at 7?” You’ve reached your door and pause for a moment. Well, you did have more questions. And you had enjoyed the evening more than you cared to admit, even to yourself.

    “Ok, why not?” He smiles, relieved.

    “Great. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Have a good night.” He steps away, walking back to his car.

    “Max,” You call out and he turns as he’s opening his door. “Is it going to be at a fancy restaurant again? Just so I can know if I should dress super nice.” He shakes his head.

    “I’m taking you to my place tomorrow, doll. I’m a good cook, Scout’s Honor.” He winks and flashes a smile before getting into his car. Once he’s gone, you turn and head inside, the events of this evening replaying in your mind.

    Dinner with Max today, dinner with Max tomorrow. You can’t help it as a smile overtakes you at the thought.


    Here it is: Part 3! I really don't know how I'm gonna wrap up this story quite yet because I never learned how to properly brainstorm and plot out a story, so all I know is that I'm thinking of only giving it 2 or 3 more chapters. So, anyway I'm thinking I might have this next part up by next weekend?? Hopefully? Idk, we'll see. Anyway, as always, thanks a million for reading and hope you all enjoyed! Remember to add yourself to the tag list down below if you want to be notified as soon as I update! Also, feel free to interact and all that jazz if you'd like, I love to hear from you all. See you soon!

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    by the way, I am starting a tag list for spin cycle! I’ve not done a tag list before, so this will be an experiment in whether I can manage to do one with any competence. dm me or pop me an ask to be added!

    #updates from the void #spin cycle #i also accept telegrams and bird signs #i also crosspost to ao3 and you can always subscribe there as well!
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    TIL: the name George is derived from the Greek name Georgios (Γεώργιος), meaning "farmer" but more literally "earth-worker"

    which is to say, the geo- in "George" is the same as the geo- in "geology" (and the "rg" bit is the same as in "erg", the CGS unit of energy (or work))

    Also, the country of Georgia is etymologically unrelated.

    (h/t to Rinna for telling me all this)

    [original post]

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    Crossposting Fics

    Hi folks, just a quick announcement.

    I have crossposted a limited number of my works under the pseud LunaPWrites on FFN. This is only for him., hollow hands hold the other, and most of the writing from Satellites. (I will not be crossposting the art or poetry.) I may still crosspost A Matter of Interpretation... I haven't decided yet.

    I do generally try to search this stuff out myself, but I may very well miss things. So yeah. If you see my work anywhere other than here, AO3, or FFN (rarely) then please flag it and let me know. Especially if it's on Wattpad, because I will never EVER post a single word on that site.

    I appreciate it <3

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