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  • calcium-rods
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    there is nothing stopping me from hcing that cub has dry hands. this man has probably gotten many injuries and he doesn't even have one lotion. even if he had one the texture is ass and he would probably not like it

    #cubfan135#hermitcraft#hermitblr #kind of a shitpost #but not really #idk
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  • roenais
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • plant-o-lantern
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    we NEED to be discussing cub revealing the shoes on his new skin aren't shoes they're fucking rockets that boost him when he jumps with a boost of fire

    #cubfan135 #obsessed with this
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  • huntingrays
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    hermitcraft gender envy poll #1 and #2 results!

    sorry for such a long wait, but results time!

    though the first poll had more results, the second poll gave better, more accurate results

    so time for the results! i’ll give top five with their percentages and then i’ll say the others (not in any order tho)

    poll #1 results (male poll):

    #5: bdubs (8%)

    #4: ren (10.4%)

    #3: scar (11.9%)

    #2: grian (13.4%)


    #1: etho (20.8%)

    (for the others: hypno - .4%, jevin - .5%, impulse - 1.6%, iskall - 2.7%, joe - 2.5%, keralis - .9%, mumbo - 4.5%, tango - 6.4%, tfc - .7%, beef - .4%, wels - 1.9%, xb - .4%, xisuma - 4.1%, zed - 2.5%, cub - 1.1%, doc - 4.8%)

    and now

    poll #2 results:

    #5: bdubs (24.3%)

    #4: scar (25.7%

    #3: grian (26.6%)

    #2: cleo (27.1%)


    #1: etho (34.1%)

    (other percentages: cub - 5.1, doc - 20.6, false - 13.1, gem - 16.4, hypno - 2.8, jevin - 4.2, impulse - 10.3, iskall - 10.7, joe - 14, keralis - 7, mumbo - 14, pearl - 14, ren - 22.4, stress - 4.2, tango - 16.8, tfc - 1.9, beef - 2.8, wels - 6.5, xb - 1.9, xisuma - 15, zed - 8.4)

    so in conclusion!

    etho is the king of gender envy and zombiecleo and grian are not far behind

    congrats on being so gender, king! (you should spare some gender for those in need)

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  • mcytblrconfessions
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago
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  • calcium-rods
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    (ID: A drawing of Cub. He has a blue shirt, black jeans, lab coat, red tie, and indigo hair. His hands are in fists above his head. Cub is wearing blue boots with two little red fins on them. There is fire coming out of them. One leg is straight down while the other knee is up. Behind him, there are indigo circles of varying sizes. End ID.)

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  • cipherexsists
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Be Part of a team

    AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36062998

    in chapter 3 of Wanting To Be Part Of Something tommy has a nightmare and is then comforted by the hermits by the art of Ignoring Your Problems. They play some dodgebolt and mock the hermits involved with Hermit Gang. Its a fun time that's only 15% angst :D

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  • raisans-art
    23.01.2022 - 3 days ago
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  • tardisgrump
    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I keep forgetting to post my piece for the hermits & friends coloring book!

    The boatem guys invited cub to their gift exchange !

    Remember to check out @hccoloringbook

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  • xhyperion
    21.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    what the FUCK is cub's speedrun catergory i can't fuckin find it

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  • vivunnamed
    21.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Having season 6 brainrot again <( _ _ )>

    Inspired by this post by @sunlightcatcher17 I'm sorry but it really did just give me s6 vibes

    #hermitcraft#hermitblr#Hermitcraft fanart#cubfan135#goodtimeswithscar#gtws#grian#cubfan135 fanart#gtws fanart#goodtimeswithscar fanart#grian fanart #also ignore the fact its the young ver of Cub I realized that once I insert the pictures but I can't be bothered to change it #and yes grian is supposed to look like that bigfoot picture I just don't know how to do it #I'm gonna make that pic of grian my pfp holy I love it too much #viv draws for once
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  • minehog
    21.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    if hermitcraft had cars for some reason

    brought to you by a car nut

    bdubs’ car is a POS. he loves it to death but it fucking sucks. he got it secondhand from some punk writing it off, ““fixed”“ it and now it barely beats walkin’. She’s got rust holes and leaks and the seats smell so strongly of weed he’d be taken in for dealing if hermitcraft had cops. He also doesn’t understand the limitations of his own car, he thinks it goes fast and every time the fuel gauge dings he tells her to calm down. Somehow he’s never crashed and Somehow (possibly through sheer cartoon force of will) it’s never failed him. I think he’d own a v8 commodore sedan or something similar, and he estimates his boot space with how many bodies can fit in there (a lot).

    there’s nothing technically wrong with etho’s car it’s just really old. It was made in the awkward era where no one really knew how to make cars but they were trying their best. He bought it new, learnt how to care for vehicles and has kept it in good nick. Every time he goes out he has to crank the engine to prime it even though he’s rebuilt the damn thing to keep up with the latest technology. (it’s an Etho job, so who knows how that thing works.) he doesn’t remember what model it is and he took all the branding off it so he wasn’t advertising for free. it still has a cassette player.

    doc has an R32 GTR that he spent ten years hunting for. It has a candied green apple paint with a custom insignia (the G.O.A.T. symbol) on the hood and he’s only had to get the shocks replaced on it. This is what he tells literally everyone that asks about his car because goddamn is that a nice piece of metal and he knows it. Despite this he drives like an old grandma and is overly cautious about fuel consumption. he mostly uses it for long trips and prefers walking. has a custom-made screw on muffler in the boot that he puts on in crowded areas and takes off on the open road. He also has a second car he’s building from scratch to be “more G.O.A.T.-like”, whatever that means. beef has a jeep :) and on the outside it looks like any normal car to ever exist. But this mfer can Go and boy howdy does he make it Go! Full new engine and only a 25% chance of catching fire next time he starts it! He likes it a lot because it makes going between hermitcraft and his other worlds comfortable and simple. he’s not very good at parking but he can drive offroad excellently after so much practice. and yes he knows the jokes. he has bumper stickers (custom made) all over it. he calls it the jeef. beef’s jeefs.

    mumbo owns a car, maybe? honestly he isnt too sure these days. He knows he got one at some point and he thinks it looked like Grian’s one (he remembers buying it because it had funny flip-up headlights like Grian’s does.) it doesn’t really matter because he also owns a motorcycle (hayabusa) and he can just borrow someone else’s car if he needs to.

    Grian stole mumbo’s car. he didn’t really mean to but it’s not like mumbo was using it and Grian likes it. It has cute little flippy headlights and everything! (its an MR2, painted blue and then badly repainted red after grian stole it. he keeps adding paint to try to make it look better but it just isnt working) Iskall has a hoverbike. no one is quite sure how they have a hoverbike but they’re all jealous. i dont have much more to say except im also jealous

    zedaph has a DeLorean! he’s not sure if it’s A DeLorean or if it’s The DeLorean. it’s surprisingly difficult to tell if you’ve traveled back in time when you move worlds so quickly. he likes the beep boop noises it makes though.

    tango has a 240SX hatch. he got it for the flippy headlights and then realised mumbo and possibly grian also had a car with flippy headlights. then he decided he was gonna own the headlights and now the car has 75% more flipflops, beepboops and doodads than before, and also drives fast enough to kill god. it has flame decals.

    xisuma drives a vauxhall chevette and it’s so small he has to bend in half to fit in it. (this is literal. look it up. they are so fucking small.) everyone on the server makes fun of him for having such a small car but he likes it. also if he has trouble parking (because he can’t move to see over his shoulder) he can just pick it up and move it himself. he thinks it’s kindof like a puppy and he’d be very upset if he had to get a new vehicle (because he’d be favouring one over the other then)

    evil x drives xisuma’s car but every time he does he puts a skull sticker on the windscreen. it fits them much better but they wish the seat covers weren’t floral print.

    scar’s car? you all saw season eight

    TFC has a WB ute, with sun visor. it’s a reliable car and it does its job. he’s not much of a car guy. most of it’s white but the hood is sunfaded blue and one of the doors is highlighter yellow (seriously, who painted a car that colour?) from incidents.

    Impulse has a mustang. everyone pretends they don’t really care but he knows better. he put a muffler on it and abides “speeding laws”, thereby completely ruining the entire point of getting a mustang.

    cub has a sandman ute. he likes it. he wouldn’t get another car. he’s one of the few hermits that actually waxes their car instead of wondering why it gets so dirty so often. he only really uses it to go surfing or offworld driving, and a lot of the other time it has a special spot safe in one of Scar’s swaggons. hes also one of few hermits that puts their car in a garage instead of wondering why it gets so dirty so often.

    #hermitcraft#text #it feels so fuckin awkward tagging all these tbh #also if anyone wants clarification on cars / the thoughts behind this hmu i have many more thoughts than whats on here #bdouble0100#ethoslab#docm77#vintagebeef#mumbo jumbo#grian#iskall85#zedaphplays#tangotek#xisumavoid#goodtimeswithscar#tinfoilchef#impulseSV#cubfan135#post
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  • deadlycynder
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    “Keralis, we’re getting killed! Mumbo’s so walleyed he can’t do math and you got NOTHING!”

    -Over the Skunk Line, Ch 5

    And I draw more because the Eldritch Keralis Anon has just ensnared me, and I ain't complaining!

    Colors were not cooperating with me for this, so I tried some things and that's how I got to here, which is a very different look from what I usually do. I love it though. The other-worldly-ness it gives to Keralis and Grain just feels right, because while I love to read it I am not going to draw tons of goopy-flesh-monster or thousands of wings.

    Go and give this author some love, they write great stories and somehow have an endless font of inspiration and drive!


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  • lindentree
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Got bored and did some sketches based on requests from friends :D

    List of what they are:

    Jevin and magma cube Tango chatting

    Etho trying to drink tea with his mask on

    Dragon hybrid Wels

    Ex got turned into an echidna

    Cub in a crop top hoodie thing (request was Cub in an outfit of your choice, decided on a hoodie I saw when shopping)

    Ren with his favorite chew toy

    NPC Grian with a giant bowl of cookie dough

    Hypno and xB piled atop Jevin


    Owl hybrid Keralis

    Teeny Mumbo

    Scar and Jellie

    Also refined squished Jevin because squash

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  • acidreflexing
    19.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i know im not influential or well-known in the hermitblr space, but please i would like a day where people draw cubfan’s old skin,,, i miss him uwu

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