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  • khaotikkatiexxx
    30.11.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    High and ready to fuck. 💦💦

    About to wake up daddy so he can remind me who’s pretty pussy this is. 🍆🤤

    #sexy#sexy af#fuck#pretty kitty #fuck my pussy #pay me daddy #selling custom content #spank it#stroke#leabian#gay girls#pansexual#cock tease#cuddle #lick her nipples #spankher
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  • ghost-writer-42
    30.11.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Introducing my Fursona. Still goes by Ghost! I’ll interchange between showing her and also my ghostsona. Decided to go with a Sheep. They’re so cute! Soft and fluffy and also pretty timid to anyone aggressive (me to a T) Can be sociable to those that they trust however! 

    #fursona#ghostsona#ghosty #I really like how this came out #drawing sheeps is nice because they're so freaking fluffy omg #i wanna cuddle my fursona help #sheep#sheep girl
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  • l3sko
    30.11.2021 - 55 minutes ago


    Reggie Peters x reader

    Requested: nope

    warning: language, mentions of parents death, tiny bit angst, + fluff

    Description: reg gives y/n a gift for her 18th birthday, and it really surprises you.

    Y/n laid in her bed, messing with the snow globe Alex gave her. She loved how it looked exactly like the house she lived in when her mother was alive. She couldn’t stop admiring the glow it had.

    The knock on her door, making her jump up out of bed, and turn around quickly. “Come in!” She called, placing the snow globe beside her. Her blue and purple comforter sinking in as she did so.

    “Hey! Sorry to bother. I know it is like…” Reggie paused, looking at his watch. “It’s like fifteen minutes past your birthday.” He looked away from his watch, making eye contact with you. He smiled lightly, starting to fidget with the bag in his hands.

    Why is he nervous? Did I do something? I started to question myself. “Why weren’t you at the studio for my birthday, reg?” I sat back down onto my bed.

    “I- um…” he looked around, trying to come up with something. “You know, my boyfriend shouldn’t miss my birthday, and not tell me anything about it.”

    I crossed my arms, hoping he knew I was messing around, but also wanted to know where he was all day. “I- just. Here take his.” He held out the bag he had in his shaking hands, sitting down beside me.

    “Ouh, what’s this?” I grabbed the bag, placing it onto my lap. I lightly took it out of the red bag, throwing it behind my head. I looked down seeing a small tiny box.

    I furrowed my eyebrows, picking it up slowly. “A huge bag for this tiny tiny box?” I looked at him, questioning why he didn’t just save money and buy a small bag.

    “I-I thought I was gonna get you more, but this is really valuable.” He pointed down, acting all nervous and weird. “I’m grateful for it, by the way. You seem like I’m gonna hate it because it’s a small box.” He huffed and puffed at me, just wanting me to open it.

    “Open it, please, babe!” He pointed to it. I smiled at his nervousness clearing away. I slowly opened the small velvet blue box that laid out in my hand. I looked down into it, my heart stopped.

    I couldn’t believe what was in front of my eyes.

    “R-Reg?” I looked over at him as tears formed in my eyes. “Oh, babe,” he sighed, cuffing my cheek.

    “How did you get this? I thought I lost it years ago.” I leaned into his touch. “I wasn’t at the studio because I was here, with your aunt, searching the house for hours, looking everywhere for it.” He explained to you.

    “I-I don’t know what to say. W-where was it?” I asked as i looked down at it again. It was a necklace from my mother. She handed it to me the night she died, telling me to wear it forever. I broke the promise for two years, but here it is, in my hands. It shined like it always did. It brought me to Reggie, the first thing he did when he met me five years ago was complimenting the sliver chain with a pearl in the middle. It was nothing big, but it sure was very beautiful.

    “In the back of your cousin’s jewelry box.” He said with a upsetting tone. “I shouldn’t worry about it.” I calmly said, looking up at his green eyes. “It’s here. That’s all that matters.” I smiled at him.

    I leaned in, pecking his lips with a kiss. “I’ll thank you later.” I whispered in his ear, resting my hand on his thigh.

    “Can we cuddle?” He asked me with a smile as i nodded. We laid under the covers, taking turns to hold each other. There were some sloppy kisses passed back and forth until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

    #fluff #reggie x reader #reggie peters x fem!reader #reggie jatp#reggie peters #cuddling & snuggling
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  • thenigotthisfamily
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Feel: Part 1

    Summary: The thing Yelena craves most in the world is affection from her favorite person, but she doesn’t know how to express that. Luckily said person is pretty good at figuring that out.  

    Word Count: 1,929

    Notes: I originally planned to write a fluffy story for this synopsis but as I started to write this it turned out to be more serious. So I decided to make this a part 1 in a mini series of touched-starved widow sister fics because I still want to write a fluffy one. Special thanks to @the-widow-sisters for the great request!

    Natasha sighs heavily as she trudges up to her apartment at the compound. She had just gotten back from a long mission with Steve and Clint and was exhausted. She pushed open the door, hoping to be greeted by blonde hair and hazel eyes, but the apartment is empty. Natasha sighs, she knew it would be, Yelena was out with Antonia on a widow mission which is why she hadn’t been able to come with Nat on her mission. But the redhead couldn’t help but hope her sister would be back; they hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks now and she missed the fiery blonde.

    Natasha showers, washing away the grime and pain of the mission, and then dresses in sweatpants and a sweatshirt that smell like her little sister since Yelena stole them so often.

    As soon as she walks out of the bathroom she’s ambushed by a ball of energy and blonde hair. The redhead immediately feels relief and comfort as she inhales the scent of her little sister and quickly bundles Yelena up in her arms.

    “Hi little one,” Nat murmurs in Yelena’s ear, kissing her brow.

    “Mmm hi,” Yelena murmurs gruffly, nuzzling into Natasha’s neck, trying to get as close as possible.

    Nat chuckles, pulling away slightly to lean her forehead against her sister’s and cup her face in her hands. “I missed you little one.”

    Yelena just nods and pushes closer to Nat again, wrapping her arms around her sister and burying her face in Nat’s neck.

    Nat frowns slightly, Yelena was always affectionate, but couldn’t seem to get close enough to her older sister at this moment. Nat chooses not to mention it right then and slowly guides them to the bed, only moving away from her sister enough to pull back the covers and settle in. As Nat expected, Yelena immediately collapses against her sister, snuggling as close as possible. Nat wraps her arms around her sister, pulling the blankets tight around them, but Yelena just continues to try to get closer, practically draping herself on top of the redhead, not that Nat minded.

    Nat presses her cheek to Yelena’s brow, contemplating if she should break the silence. Finally, after a while she does, “How was the mission little one?”

    Yelena tenses a bit, and just snuggles closer. Natasha knows not to push it further and just hugs Yelena tighter. A little while later Nat realizes that Yelena has fallen asleep and she sighs, slightly worried about her sister but also glad that she’s back safely with her. She presses one last kiss to the blonde’s forehead. Yelena is almost completely on top of her, but Natasha finds herself comforted by having her sister close, and soon drifts off to sleep as well.

    The next day, Yelena continues to cling to Natasha. Nat physically has to pry Yelena off of her to get them both out of bed, and when they go down to get food Yelena barely stays a foot away from her sister, always hovering close. When Nat absently runs her fingers through the blonde’s hair, she leans heavily into the touch. When Nat kisses her sister’s forehead, Yelena tries to get even closer, burying her face in Nat’s neck. When Nat moves even slightly to grab something in the kitchen, Yelena all but bolts after her, trying to cover it up as being casual but failing miserably. It’s at this point that Natasha curiously studies her sister as Yelena rests her head on her shoulder while she pours cereal. She knows something is definitely wrong. Even Steve and Wanda seem to notice but Nat shakes her head at them in indication not to ask.  

    However, when they sit down on the couch to eat, Yelena sits right next to Natasha, but doesn’t touch her at all. Yelena felt Nat’s curious gaze on her earlier and was suddenly self-conscious, realizing she had been clinging to Natasha constantly. She tried to give Nat more space, but she desperately just wanted to be close to her sister right now since it felt like the only place she could be comforted.

    Nat looks at Yelena worriedly as she sits close to her but not touching at all and Nat starts to realize what may be going on with her sister. She stands up, holding her hand out in front of the blonde who looks up at Nat curiously. Natasha just raises an eyebrow and Yelena relents, interlacing their fingers and letting Nat pull her through the compound back to their apartment.

    Natasha doesn’t stop until she gets to the bed, climbing in. However, Yelena pauses at the edge of the bed, not following. Nat tilts her head, looking at her sister worriedly. “Little one?” She holds out her hand again.

    Yelena stands at the edge of the bed, frowning slightly, tears starting to form in her eyes that she tries quickly to hide, but it’s too late.

    Nat immediately is in front of her sister, taking her face in her hands. “Little one, what’s wrong?”

    Yelena shakes her head as tears fall. “Oh Rooskaya…” Nat murmurs, pulling Yelena into the bed and wrapping her tightly in her arms. Yelena clings desperately to Natasha, trying to hide her face in her sister’s shoulder.

    Natasha is quiet, simply holding her sister tightly and rocking her slightly. She knows Yelena will talk when she’s ready.

    After a long while Yelena has stopped crying enough to speak. “We found my regiment’s trainer.”

    Natasha tenses at that, immediately knowing why her sister had been so upset. A trainer was the lead guard of a regiment of girls in the Red Room. The one usually in charge of discipline and schedules. Each one had their own methods, each more brutal and cruel than the next. Natasha’s would wake all the girls up at random hours of the night to fight to the death. Or come by and hit any girl that was not able to fall asleep due to their nightmares.

    “He wasn’t like yours, not fully at least.” Yelena murmurs. “He really only had one rule, never touch anyone unless it was for training or a mission, even on accident.” Nat pulls Yelena impossibly closer, feeling where this is headed. “If you ever helped a girl up or even brushed past them in the hallway, he would make sure you’d pay for it.” Yelena shuddered and Natasha felt the familiar anger and guilt swell up in her chest at what happened to her little sister in the Red Room, but now wasn’t the time for that.

    “On the mission, he captured us.” Natasha tensed so Yelena went on to quickly explain. “We were pulling a catch and release.” Natasha looked down at her sister who, despite her tears and sadness, smiled a little in reference to the play which Natasha had made famous.

    Nat nodded, understanding now that they had chosen to be captured on purpose but still not liking where the story was headed.

    “Antonia accidentally brushed up against me in her struggle against the guards and he punched her, a lot.” Yelena feels her sister tense even more so goes on. “She’s okay now. But it was just so vivid, so real. Almost as if I had never left.” Nat nods, understanding the feeling.

    “And then he comes to me..” Yelena’s voice trembles and the only thing stopping Natasha from going and destroying every person involved with this was Yelena clutching tightly to her body. “And he says that he knows all about you and about our love for one another and blah blah blah.” Nat almost chuckles except then Yelena continues, “And he said to me,” a slight sob comes from Yelena’s mouth as she pushes away from Natasha, “that you only tolerate when I touch you and that all the affection you show me is an act because you always hated when people touched you. And that I’d never mean as much to you as you do to me, and that I’m not deserving of your affection and love.”

    Natasha’s heart breaks at the words as she sees her sister sitting as far away from her as possible, sobbing. She wished she could say she was surprised at the cruelty of the trainer, but she wasn’t. Still, she longed to beat the living daylights out of this man.

    But the thing that broke her the most was that her sister, her perfect sister, her favorite person in the world, believed what the man said. That somehow, she wasn’t deserving of Natasha’s love and that Natasha was just faking it for some reason. Nat couldn’t think of anything less true. There was no one on earth that she loved more than Yelena, no one on earth that she’d rather spend time with and hold close other than Yelena.

    Natasha slowly moves to get closer to where Yelena is curled up on the edge of the bed. “Little one…”

    “I’m sorry.” Yelena sobs. “I know I can be really clingy, and you probably don’t like it at all, but I couldn’t help it these last 24 hours, even if it’s not real.”

    “Yelena…” Nat feels tears in her eyes as holds her hand out, giving Yelena the control to make contact or not. Yelena hesitates, but after a minute does reach out and take the redhead’s hand and Nat pulls her sister closer. “Little one, can you look at me?” Nat asks it softly, giving Yelena an opportunity to say no.

    Finally, Yelena tilts her chin slightly to look into her sister’s eyes. “Lena, Rooskaya, please believe me when I say, I absolutely love giving you affection, and you will never, ever, be underserving of my love. It is my privilege to love you Little One.” Yelena starts crying more at that, but Nat just continues. “I would hold you in my arms all day if you wanted me to. I know neither of us have had much physical affection in our lives. Even after I broke out of the Red Room, physical touch was never something I was comfortable with. But then I reunited with you, physical affection just felt so natural between us. Like coming home. My affection is never something that you have to earn from me, I love giving it to you any time. You are everything to me Yelena. And I will always, always want you close to me. That is 100% real.” Natasha presses their foreheads together as she says it and runs her hands through blonde hair in a soothing manner.

    Yelena sobs and leans heavily into her sister, finally feeling like she can do so without the feeling of guilt or sadness that she had carried around with her the last 24 hours.

    Nat leans them back on the bed, wrapping Yelena up in her arms and warm blankets. She softly begins to hum a song as Yelena tucks her head under her older sister’s chin. The young blonde cherishing the ability to touch her favorite person without punishment or shame. Once Yelena had calmed down a bit, she starts to register the song Natasha is humming, which only ends up making her cry even more, feeling completely loved by her older sister.

    As Natasha gets to the last line, she sings it aloud, translating it to Russian.

    Ничего такого, что я бы не сделал Иди ради тебя на край земли Чтобы ты почувствовала мою любовь[1]

    [1] Nothing that I wouldn't do Go to the ends of the Earth for you To make you feel my love

    #natasha and yelena #yelena and natasha #black widow 2021 #black widow fanfiction #sisters#widow sisters#siblings#platonic cuddling
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  • ghostorbconnoisseur
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ok so like....yeah 99% of the time Damien's the little spoon and sleeps in Jack's arms.


    What if sometimes he just jetpacked the shit out of that dude. What if he did his damndest to be the big spoon. I think that would be......cute.

    #damiens just like YES OKAY you are going to feel SAFE and LOVED in my arms big man!!! #jack jokingly half rolls onto him to squeesh him a lil behind him cuz he knows it'll send damien into a fit of giggles...... #(the actual way they cuddle if jack wants to be the one being held is he just rests his head against damiens chest #and damien just wraps his arms round him and strokes his hair while jack buries his face against him...) #but i also think damien being big spoon is cute too....
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  • the-witch-of-one-piece
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #marco x reader #marco imagine #op marco imagine #phoenix marco #marco one piece #marco the pineapple #marco the phoenix #one piece#thatbadbruja#op marco#valval speaks #one piece x reader #one piece scenario #valerieswriting#december event #one piece headcanons #one piece x you #Now I want hot chocolate #and cuddles
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  • genderqueerferret
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i'm so warm and cozy and yet nobody is snuggled into me like a teddy bear???? this is criminal

    #i crave to be cuddled
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  • marshalcoded
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #to die for #matt dillon#mattdillonedit#filmedit#filmgifs#filmtvcentral#usercineworld#moviehub#mine: gifs #it's okay my guy i'd cuddle for five more minutes #i'm one of (2) people into this for matt
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  • yourlocalbutch
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Who wants to be my little spoon so I can fall asleep holding you with my head pressed against your back?

    #personal#listen #I love cuddles
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  • patchworkpuzzle
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #I DID IT #reluctantly #but i still did it! #now just.... 3 more weeks....of this #onyx you better hurry up with thos cuddle #cause patchy is getting sad here #🧩.patchy gets mail #🧩.answers #🧩.moots #🧩.the oppulent onyx
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  • some-piece
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • transformationloveb
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Prinxiety Roman angst fanfic prompt

    "ROMAN NO!" Virgil exclaims, lunging and grabbing the princely side's hand as Roman falls off the ledge. Roman grips onto Virgil's hand like a lifeline as he dangles over the edge. He looks up at Virgil, scared for his life. "Don't worry, we're gonna get out of this," Virgil says. "I'm not losing you again."

    #sanders sides#prinxiety#roman angst #roman sanders angst #roman sanders#virgil sanders #sanders sides fanfic prompt #sanders sides fanfic idea #sanders sides angst #roman desperately needs cuddles #ts prinxiety #ts roman angst #ts sanders sides #ts roman sanders #ts virgil sanders
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  • yu1no
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #pancake anon #fr he's so cute #just cuddle him so nicely
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  • transformationloveb
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Prinxiety Roman angst fanfic prompt with Unsympathetic Janus

    Roman is incredibly insecure. Janus knows this, and uses this knowledge to manipulate Roman into thinking he cares about him and eventually become a light side. Patton is thrilled to have a new friend in the light side corridor to show around, and Logan doesn't mind Janus's presence either. The only one who's somewhat suspicious of Janus is Virgil, who doesn't trust him and confronts Roman about it at one point trying to tell him that Janus is dangerous. Roman gets upset and lashes out at Virgil for hating the 'one person who he finally trusts' before running out. Virgil realises that he fucked up but decides to wait a bit before apologizing to let Roman cool down. Before Virgil can apologize however, Janus and Roman get into a fight and Janus tells the princely side that he's just been using him. As Roman processes this and shrinks in on himself as Janus yells at him, Virgil comes in and makes Janus leave by threatening him. Roman collapses into Virgil's arms and Virgil just holds him as he cries.

    They inform the other sides of what happened a few days after the incident, giving Roman some time to calm down from the crushing sadness that came from what Janus had said to him. And of course, Janus gets kicked out.

    #sanders sides#prinxiety#roman angst #roman sanders angst #unsympathetic janus#roman sanders#virgil sanders#janus sanders#patton sanders#logan sanders #sanders sides fanfic prompt #sanders sides fanfic idea #sanders sides angst #roman desperately needs cuddles #u!janus #ts sanders sides #ts roman sanders #ts janus sanders #ts virgil sanders #ts patton sanders #ts logan sanders #ts prinxiety #ts roman angst
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  • yu1no
    30.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    puppy boys r so fucking cute i am sobbing shaking screaming

    #i want... puppy boy #to cuddle to kiss to love #@ universe i am begging u
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  • peri-helia
    30.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    When you randomly catch a song in a store, get inspired for a fic, can’t remember the lyrics properly and thus can’t find the song

    #it was about it beginning to snow #and the singer spending the holidays and nye with their significant other #like…cuddling in front of the fire I think???? #yes it was a Christmas song #HALP PLS
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  • princessthickness
    30.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Besties I’ve turned on the pink LEDs. Someone come be gay with me.

    #thickems speaks #feeling very soft today #I just wanna cuddle and kiss every pretty person rn #i can lay in your lap and be good and watch you play video games or whatever you want to do #I literally just want to *be* near someone and just be soft and appreciated just for being around #I don’t even want to talk really I just wanna watch and exist and draw little circle into someone’s legs #lgbtq🌈#lgbt#queer#saphic#kiss me #and tell me I’m pretty
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