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  • euesworld
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    "Don't mind me, I'm just scooching into you for warmth cause it's cold outside.."

    Wintertime cuddles are in order!! Here here!! Order in the court!! I hereby sentence you to one million cuddles, haha - eUë

    #don't mind me #scooch#cuddly#cuddles#cuddle#cuddle monster #cuddle with me #cuddle me #cute and cuddly #cold outside#cold#winter#winter problems#here here #order in the court #cold season#cute #i love you #snuggle#snuggles #snuggle with me #spilled ink#spilled thoughts#spilled words#love quotes#love #love quote life quotes #love quote for her #quoteoftheday#romance
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  • euesworld
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    "Aaaaargh I'm a cuddle monster and I'm going to get you!!"

    Hahahaha.. better look under your bed cause I could be anywhere - eUë

    #aaaargh#cuddle monster#cuddly#cuddles #cuddle with me #cuddle me#cuddle#cuddling#sweet#cute #I'm going to get you #under the bed #monster#monsters#adorable #you are adorable #i love you #I'm a dork #funny#spilled ink#spilled thoughts#spilled words#love quotes#love #love quote life quotes #love quote for her #quoteoftheday#romance#romantic #i like you
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  • zanymonsterman
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Cuddle Monster!!!

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  • dalishthunder
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #dalish mail #they know how to be romantic but they aren't used to it #so it would take practice falling into that role #cronus is a little cuddle monster though and craves the contact
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  • littlelordchauncey
    11.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Yes yes, tentacle sex. So many possibilities, all very good. But I'd like to bring to our attention - tentacle cuddles. Every single part of your body perfectly supported. Wrapped around you with just the right pressure. Covering your vulnerable stomach, gently squeezing your hips, twisted between your legs to cushion your knees. A tentacle wrapped around your throat. Over your eyes to give you perfect darkness. Perfect surrender. Your hands hold the tentacles twisted over your palms and around your fingers. Perhaps they squeeze you gently and rhythmically. Or rock you. Providing just enough stimulation to help you fall asleep. Safe, held in every possible way, never again alone.

    #Tentacles#monster lover#tentacle cuddles#cuddles #like a weighted blanket but so much better #this is definitely coming from a neurodivergent place but I can't imagine neurotypicals wouldn't also be interested #monster boyfriend#monster girlfriend#monster cuddles#weighted blanket
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  • vioblu-star
    10.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Poppy playtime - Player & Huggy wuggy doodles

    #poppy playtime #poppy playtime player #poppy playtime fanart #huggy wuggy poppy playtime #poppy playtime huggy wuggy #huggy wuggy #huggy wuggy fanart #huggy wuggy x player #huggy wuggy x reader #platonic art#friendship#frenemies#blue character#toy character#cuddle monster#hug#doodles
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  • scribbles-to-feed-the-void
    09.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    #wamt cuddles from a big hockey bf #very mad that i dont have one #i need a himbo #i want cuddles #two beers and i turn into a cuddley pouty sweater paws monster
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  • bunnyraptor69
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    This bootyful baby is one of My most beloved ones

    How she enter AvP universe?....

    Idk,i just think that Some mad scientist began to play with human DNA and yautja and in they lack of control mixed rodent DNA and badabim-badabum coincidences of life, she developed in the tank / artificial uterus

    Her feet are like ones yautjas had and do not be fooled, the only fur that she has is that of her neck and long ass hair.

    Why don't have nipples?| .) .)

    She has but this is a doodle and i am lazy

    Maybe if she get enough love i post a christmas draw i Made of her showing her attributes

    The explanation above is to position her in the AvP universe but she is a Demon-Beastman

    She even has horns when she get really angry



    For those who would Say shit like "is stupid to make a hybrid of yautja/human with another DNA"......shut the fuck up,i do what i want

    #avp#oc artwork#oc art #alien vs predator #avp: alien vs. predator #digital art#furry oc#hybrid#harlequin bunny#bunnylove#bunny ears#bunny #i do what i want #monster gf#monster love#fluffy #i want to cuddle her
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  • raven-blood-13
    03.01.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Inked that little Enoch and Julia thing for fun.

    i should really fuckin paint them at this point

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  • ash-pirate25
    02.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Pffft yep people I give you a dumb mess comic good night ! 🤪😂

    #my messy sketch #treasure planet#Nathaniel flint#self inserts#self shipping#ash#monster boyfriend #rewriting the galaxy #pfft this was funnier in my head 😅😂 #nice way to ruin cuddling moment lol #okay it’s 2 30 am guys I need to sleep 💤 #and sorry if you see some mistakes
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  • hivyn
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Finding out our puppy does a little happy dance post bath and is more cuddly the next day is amazing

    #calcifer puppo#personal #he was such a good noodle and now smells like apples #he was so excited he was clean and just had so many zoomies. now he is just a cuddle monster today
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  • raven-blood-13
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    trying to figure out if i want to paint or ink this, but i do like this sketch.

    just want to show enoch and julia having sweet moments with each other.

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  • inrycku
    28.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    hawks quirk awakening, would he just be able to go full monster mode or what .. 

    #tojer speaking ll ooc #🥺👉👈. my monsterfucking is showing #but also .. cuddling the monster ... sweetly petting the monster #giving the monster bird .. a gentle kiss on the beak #kegscannon
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  • junothewolf
    26.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Monster Boyfriend Lol

    Consider this a late Christmas gift if you will.


         “GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT, I’M STILL NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!” the exceedingly furious voice of Lemon Demon boomed across the large, open mansion as your tiny form desperately continued to sprint, searching about in utter terror for some way, ANY WAY, out of this horrific chase.

         Catching a glimpse of an open door from the corner of your eye, you practically swerve left in order to make it inside while keeping up your sprinting pace. Dashing inside and behind the wall right next to the door, you wished for nothing more in this moment than to be large enough to close it, since if, from Lemon Demon’s perspective, the door had always been closed, there would have been no way you could have made it inside.

         Nonetheless, having somewhat concealed yourself within the murky shadows of this room, your heart rate and deep breathing begin to subside but slightly. That was, until your ears were graced by the subtle echo of a small “Beep”.

         Instantly leaping back into a terrified state, your body prepares once more for you to take off deeper into the room, before the familiar, decidedly non-threatening form of Monster Boyfriend appears within view. Relaxing your being once more, you were only slightly annoyed at Monster Boyfriend for having forced your already exhausted body to kick itself into overdrive again. Unintentionally, yes, but still.

         You had absolutely no idea what Monster Boyfriend was doing here, but really, at this point, you had no strength or focus left in yourself to really care. Sensing your fatigue, Monster Boyfriend swiftly rushes up to you in order to gently and cautiously pick you up in his blackened hands. He then proceeds to quickly, yet quietly shut the door in front of him, thus showing you that Monster Boyfriend really was on your side here, cementing within you a sense of trust for him.

         As it turned out, Monster Boyfriend had closed the door just in time, for almost immediately after it shut, the two of you could begin to sense the pounding echoes left by Lemon Demon’s footsteps as he blindly continued his pursuit, completely unaware that he had just sprinted past his target.

         Your body instinctively shudders as he goes by, causing Monster Boyfriend to become significantly more worried about the situation at hand. His solution to this, as you would come to find out, came in the form of him slowly raising you up to his face, that which, at the moment, displayed no mouth. You were only slightly confused at what Monster Boyfriend was doing, before one inexplicably appeared, the top and bottom of which were seemingly attached to each other through some goopy, tendril-like formations.

         You were still trying to figure out what Monster Boyfriend was doing, before all of a sudden, the reverberating fury of Lemon Demon’s mad dash once more forced a shudder to maneuver its way down your spine.


         This, of course, caused Monster Boyfriend to immediately shove you into his mouth, which, in your freaked-out state, seemed to make at least some sense, as this area was a lot more enclosed from the outside world, and locked away within the form of Monster Boyfriend, further adding to its security. 

         It seemed to you that Monster Boyfriend’s maw hadn’t been used in a while, as there appeared to be a slight build up of saliva on the roof of the maw, that which begun to drip down onto your tiny form as it lay silently on the surface of the tongue, merley letting the muscle’s warmth and slick softness do what it can to calm you down, not really paying any mind to the drops from above.

         Eventually, Monster Boyfriend’s tongue began to shift, leaving you slightly confused for a second, before your tiny form began to slide down the slick surface of the tongue and down towards the entrance of the throat. Your head briefly bumps up against his uvie as you descend, causing you to give a slight pat to the surface of his tongue as an apology.

         Monster Boyfriend let out a soft “Beep”, presumably to let you know that it was all fine, before his epiglottis covered the entrance to his windpipe, and your tiny form was forced past his gullet with a great gulp.

         The muscles around his esophagus gently knead and massage your body, helping to get rid of the remaining stress you had accumulated during your despairing dash away from Lemon Demon. As you continued along your smooth descent, you began to pick up the sound of a heartbeat thumping away within Monster Boyfriend’s body. This naturally began to tell you that you were coming close to your destination, the stomach.

         At last, after a while, you were able to pick up the grumbling and groaning noises emulating from his guts as you realized you had made it to the lower esophageal sphincter. The subsequent squeeze through the LES left you plummeting for a second before you splashed down into the harmless liquids within Monster Boyfriend’s tummy.

         Shuffling your way through the shallow pool whilst on your knees from the plunge, you eventually make your way to the stomach wall, that which you proceeded to snuggle yourself against in order to get as comfortable as you could. Once you were in an ideal position, you proceed to give Monster Boyfriend some internal rubs to show your thanks.

         Though Monster Boyfriend couldn’t speak English, the small bout of stuttered beeps he proceeded to let out whilst you continued to rub was more than enough to tell you that he was enjoying it.

         On the outside, Monster Boyfriend sat down in front of the door he had previously closed, before placing a hand over his tummy as an added layer of protection from everything that had happened to you today. Keeping an ear out for Lemon Demon, whom you had no idea the current status of, Monster Boyfriend gives a slight nod as he senses your comfortable form beginning to drift off in his stomach, thus solidifying his current dedication to keeping you safe.

         On the inside, you can’t help but give a soft smile as the rest of the terror that had accumulated within your being from the chase began to melt away. You let out a pleased sigh as Monster Boyfriend’s tummy continued to gently shift and squeeze around your being, a soft rhythmic movement that helped ensure your comfort as you closed your eyes, allowing your extremely exhausted body to finally find rest and refuge within the warm-hearted and protective Monster Boyfriend’s stomach.

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  • vioblu-star
    26.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Poppy playtime - Huggy wuggy & Player doodles 4

    Huggy wuggy is player's comfort character

    #poppy playtime #poppy playtime fanart #poppy playtime player #poppy playtime huggy wuggy #huggy wuggy poppy playtime #huggy wuggy #huggy wuggy fanart #huggy wuggy x reader #platonic#comfort character#cuddle monster#player#y/n#protagonist#antagonist#toy character#blue character#fanart#my art#digital artist#doodles
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  • zanymonsterman
    21.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • miggiisdumb
    20.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #this ask was a personal attack how dare you come for my throat like this #I’m deprecatingly lazy how could you make Bakugou love me for it I’m gonna start yelling😭😭😭 #need him to cuddle me like a plushie and let me doze off as he tells me about his day #knows it’s a compliment whenever you fall asleep while he talks cuz it’s always in those soft moments at the end of the day/close to bedtime #knows that his voice calms and soothes you that much and your presence does the same for him #/the/ definition of loving you for simply existing #girlfriend in lingerie? nah girlfriend in fluffy pjs🥰 #I’m gonna eat glass I want to be loved like this #bakugou drabble#miggi’s asks#monster anon💜
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  • ignatiusteto
    18.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    anyway skye and breach and best friends and skye has broken one of his bionic prosthetic arms twice (the same one) and her and his dog are besties and she steals it sometimes and it’s really helpful when skye just aint havin a good day and she holds its face and talks about what theyre gonna do and how good of a boy it is and and

    #breach thinks it's endearing and if skye needs his dog for emotional support then by all means #sure he's a criminal but he's not a fucking monster #also raze is their bestie and they all have cuddle piles n breach and skye r pretty warm so raze is livin the life yknow #also skye's tazmanian dog idk if that's spelled right and breach's dog are besties #valorant#valorant breach#valorant skye #my hc skye is autistic bc i said so and just gestures a good nature farm girl like that???? defs #court rambambles
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  • aurora-the-kunoichi
    10.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #cuddling your monster #monster fucking
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