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    Lady Dimitrescu is an ace lesbian no arguments

    #lady dimitrescu #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #why? because I’m ace and want cuddles #she also might be aro #why? ‘cause I’m aro and I said so #shut up#aroace
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    I love you (not) - Chapter 9

    Tackling two prompts of @marichatmay again ('take a break' and 'cuddles'), it's probably not going to help much with catching up on the schedule but it's okay.

    We are now a little over a third into the story, and... Are those real feelings that are emerging in the fake relationship? Perhaps... Still quite a bit of oblivious dumbassery to go, though, else it wouldn't be fun :D Hope you enjoy!

    First | Previous | AO3


    Chapter 9: In which Marinette gets mixed up in her checklist

    "I'm sure I'm missing something…" Marinette mumbled as she read through her extensive to-do list of the day, tapping her pencil against her chin.


    HomeworkFrench: Dissertation Maths: exercises 5,9,12 p.132 Science: Lab report English: Act III, scene 1 Hamlet History: revision test Extra last minute?

    ALYA’S BIRTHDAY PREP: coordinate surprise party + finish gift

    Kitty section: costume prototype for single 2

    Art project: finish dress

    Picnic Alya, Nino, Adrien

    “I swear there was a seventh thing I needed to do today.” She squinted, scanning her surroundings in the hopes that it would jog her memory. There was so much going on these days that things kept piling up, but today she was determined to catch up with everything. She didn’t have much of a choice, anyway; most of the items on her list had a set deadline, and it was coming at her faster than she liked. She preferred not to get hit by the truck head on.

    Her eyes landed on Chat Noir’s blanket, which she’d draped over the back of her chaise after he’d left on the night of his birthday, over a week before.

    “Right! Chat Noir - Ask Chat Noir to take a break, ” she mumbled, scribbling down the last point, before setting the list down next to her computer keyboard. She'd abandoned the idea of full on breaking up with him given how their relationship was dragging on; a break seemed softer to ask for first, and it could easily be followed up by a breakup.

    It was going to be a long day, but with a bit of rigour, and thanks to her early start, it would all work out.

    “Don’t you think that’s a bit much for one day, Marinette?” Tikki peeked over her shoulder, letting out a small yawn.

    “Well, maybe for a normal girl, but not for Ladybug.” She yawned reflexively, and her kwami shot her a pointed look. “I know, I know. I have to power through, though - it’s not my fault I got sidetracked so much these past few days. I honestly wonder what Hawkmoth does as a living, the man has too much time on his hands.”

    “Are you sure you don’t want to get a tiny bit more sleep? To help with your productivity?” Her Kwami asked, looking slightly worriedly at the bags beneath her eyes.

    “It’s 6am, Tikki, not the crack of dawn. I’ll have to be up by the time I fall back asleep again.” She waved her concern away. “I’ll just let the stress adrenaline work its magic. It’s going to be fine, don’t worry.” Tikki pouted doubtfully. “Now, would you mind reading me the Hamlet scene while I finish sewing up my project?”


    This is a disaster , Marinette thought as the formulae she read on the page danced in front of her eyes. It didn’t matter how many times she went through them, they just didn’t compute.

    She looked at the time: 6:45pm. She had fifteen minutes before her picnic, and she had to finish her maths homework, her dissertation, her History revision, the Kitty section prototype, and send out individual messages to remind everybody of their tasks for Alya’s birthday so it wasn’t too short notice for the weekend.

    She tried to ignore the palpitations of her heart; maybe she’d overdone it on the coffee during the day. It wasn’t like she had a choice, anyway.

    She’d discovered as she'd walked into class that she had a class president meeting with Mr. Damocles over her lunch break, which had been when she’d planned to squeeze in some of her work.

    Then, while she’d been packing her bag at the end of her classes, ready to leave, an Akuma had emerged. It had been a tricky one, too; Chat and her had spent about an hour chasing it around Paris before finally catching it.

    Adding to that the fact that her 6am rising had left her exhausted by the second period of the day, she really hadn’t been the most efficient anyway.

    “I think you know what you need to do, Marinette,” Tikki said apologetically, as if reading her mind, floating up to her with her phone in her flippers. Alya’s number was already dialled on the screen.

    Marinette sighed and took the phone from her, pressing the green button before lodging it between her shoulder and her ear.

    “Hey girl!” Alya’s excited voice sounded on the other end of the line. “Nearly ready to go? We really picked the right night for a picnic; the weather’s super nice.”

    “About that…” Marinette winced. “I’m so sorry, I won’t be able to make it.”

    “You’re kidding, right? You ’re passing up on an opportunity to have a picnic with Adrien? Are you ill?” Alya said after a small beat.

    “Trust me, I surprised myself.” Marinette pinched the bridge of her nose. “I just feel like I have a bit too much on my plate right now, and I wouldn’t be great company if I came. I hope we can find another time to go out again, but I think studying and going to bed early is what’s best.”

    “It’s true that you’ve seemed kind of out of it lately,” Alya said compassionately. “Don’t worry about us, take care of yourself! I promise I’ll take loads of pictures, it’ll be like you were here. And I’ll bully Mr Agreste with you after our exams to get Adrien out again if needed.”

    “Thanks for understanding Alya.” Marinette smiled.

    “That’s what best friends are for!” She could almost see her wink. “Now, get back to work and then go to bed! We’ll see you tomorrow.”

    There was a bit of chatter on the line before Alya hung up, as she met up with Adrien and Nino.

    “Wait, Marinette isn’t coming?” Adrien’s almost disappointed voice was the last thing Marinette heard before the communication ceased.

    She found herself quite immune to it. She decided not to dwell on it.


    Adrien enjoyed the picnic very much, as he did any opportunity to hang out with his friends, but his eyes kept drifting to the empty space next to him, where Marinette would undoubtedly have been sitting, were she with them. He hoped she was alright; Alya had told him that the reason why she wasn’t coming was because she was studying, which was fair considering the amount of homework they’d been given in the past few weeks, but he did feel like she was overworking herself a bit.

    He didn’t doubt her ability to take on all of her projects, but he wished she’d slow down a little, for the sake of her health. What would he do if his everyday Ladybug burned out?

    He wondered what Alya’s curious gaze meant when he voiced his thoughts about the situation. He panicked a little when she said that maybe a boyfriend could help get her mind off of work - firstly, because Marinette technically had a boyfriend, which he was surprised Alya of all people didn’t know. He thought the two girls told each other everything. Was Marinette keeping their relationship a secret on purpose? Was she confused about their status, which, he had to admit, he wasn't sure was himself? Was she (the thought scared him) ashamed of him?

    Secondly, he found his heart squeeze peculiarly at the thought of Marinette having a boyfriend other than him . He decided not to dwell on it.

    He couldn’t help but take the long way home, passing at the bottom of her building, after the picnic, though. And, seeing that there was still light in her room at past 11pm, he decided that he should probably do something; for her well being, not as an excuse to see her, of course.

    He transformed in a back alley, then extended his baton so he could peek through the window closest to her desk. Maybe she was already asleep, but had forgotten to turn her lights off.

    The sight of her bent over a sheet of paper, hands buried in her hair as if ready to tear it out of her scalp made him knock.

    Marinette jumped at the unexpected sound, and looked up, looking quite haggard. Her features softened when her eyes met his.

    There was a hint of a smile on her lips as she opened the window. “Hey Chat, what are you doing here?” She yawned.

    “Bedtime patrol, just making sure that citizens are going to bed at a reasonable time,” he smiled, stifling his own yawn.

    “That’s nice of you. But, does that mean that I’m in trouble?” she drawled out, leaning forward to boop him on the nose. Her exhaustion was clouding her better judgement.

    “Depends, are you nearly done with your studying?”

    “When will I ever be nearly done,” she snorted, turning around to take a look at her checklist.

    Her feet caught in the straps of her backpack and she wobbled forward, but Chat pounced inside in time to catch her before she could tumble down.

    “Woah there, little lady… Your spatial awareness is worse than ever,” he said fondly as she clutched his arms. “Sorry, but I’m not letting you get back to work.”

    “But I need to finish something…” Marinette protested.

    “What you really need is to take a break.”

    Marinette paused to think about it. Taking a break with Chat Noir… she seemed to recall that was on the list.

    “Okay.” She shrugged.

    “Good. Come here, then.” Chat Noir sighed in relief at her lack of resistance and started to lead her towards her bed, but before he’d let out his whole breath, Marinette was already trying to make her way back to her desk.

    “Wait, I actually still have so much to do…” She reached for her flashcards, which tumbled at their feet.

    “Okay, tell you what.” He kept hold of one of her hands as he picked the flashcards up to avoid her escaping. “Why don’t you take a small nap, and I’ll stay here and keep an eye on the time. I’ll wake you up in an hour, and when I leave I’ll turn a blind eye on your choice between going to bed and getting back to work.” She looked at her doubtfully, and glanced at the cards in his hands. He took a closer look at them; their content was that of the test they had the next day. “I can read you these while you fall asleep so it’s not too much of a waste of time, if you want.” He waved them in front of her face, hoping she’d say yes. He really needed the revision, too.

    Marinette nodded and he led her to her chaise, helping her lie down on it. He started draping his blanket over her and was about to go and sit in her desk chair when she grabbed his free hand and pulled on it, a lot more strongly than he would have expected from her, especially in her exhausted state.

    “Take a break with me.” She shifted to her left and patted the newly formed space. “Please?”

    Her pleading bluebell eyes were difficult to deny.

    “Okay,” he said as he sat next to her. Marinette snuggled up against him and sighed contently.

    Chat’s heart skipped a beat. He wrapped a tentative arm around her and cleared his throat before starting to read. “The Hundred Years’ war actually lasted one hundred and sixteen years, from 1337 to 1453…”

    His own tiredness hit him like a truck after a couple of pages, when he heard her soothing, gentle snoring. He lowered the flashcards to watch her sleep. She looked so tranquil, a peaceful smile drawn on her lips as her body slowly followed her breathing.

    He felt his eyes close, and soon the both of them were breathing in sync, holding on to each other.

    Needless to say, Chat left a little later than anticipated the next morning, woken up by the rising sun. Neither of them complained, though; both had had one of the most restful nights in a while, and both aced their History test.

    Each wondered if they weren’t onto something in terms of revision technique.

    Adrien almost gloated to Alya about how maybe Marinette didn’t have a boyfriend who took her mind off of work, but she had one who took care of her while she studied. Almost.

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    @sovietsylph​​ said: -comes from nowhere and wraps her arms around his neck to hug him because she wants to make him smile-

              ❝ I thought you were busy. ❞    It takes him by surprise.   Maybe it always will.   There’s a cruel little sensation that’s been with him since he was far younger,  which tells him that these kind things are not for him.   It tells him that he can have only that which takes from him.   At times,  it’s so powerful,  it jolts him awake.   Right now,  he doesn’t feel that;  he feels only Natalia,  and the bit of warmth her gesture brings him.   With his arms around her in response,  and the contentedness of his smile,  it should be known that his words are no objection.

    #sovietsylph #i get to use soft icon? #i'm liviiiiing #tfw erik gets cuddles instead of struggles #(ic tag pending)
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    #sin is a gorgeous being #bec answers#bec cuddles
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    #ndjsj wakatoshi kun is big man and would give big man cuddles #HUUH bet it’s so nice in his arms #also yaho 🍯 darling! #ur welcome to come by and chat anytime #🍯 anon #babbling with bunny 💬 #big boi ushi #ushijima wakatoshi
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    yeah ok my mental health is rapidly declining

    i got into a cab and the car's stereo is the same as the one in my car back home and i. wanna cry

    #its a similar model to my car must be the same year #since these r the older stereos but just seiing the dashboard and it makes me 😭 #im homesick #and stressed and tired #i stayed up late studying and then couldnt sleep #and then woke up at 8.30am and now im heading to the library #i just. i really need a hug my dudes #like soul crushingly tight hug and cuddles #and someone to tell me its ok and i can do it 😭 #burrito talks #not fandom related #delete later
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    So many frogs are screaming! I wish to join them!

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    I had these beautiful commissions made because the need to see my ships having some sweet (maybe not so sweet but more spicy for romy XD) bed cuddle moments was strong. Thanks so much Elena for a beautiful job with my babies! 

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    hajime come cuddle me challengw ’m so sleepy rn wahh

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    *brain starts glowing as if i were an alien* i want to be in a cuddle puddle w all of my yttd f/os..... and joe too cuz hes my bestie and deserves cuddles too........... weh

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    my luna-bug🌙. xx

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    hey hey @charlotte-likes-cuddles​ >:3c

    soooo angst route huh?

    images on their own under cut

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    tetsurō, my beloved <3

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    #like do i want hugs? cuddles? affection? yes i’m craving it #but i also fucking loathe being touched #i just wanna be held without actually being held- #venus.mail
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    my whole shin is bruised i hate moving

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    Men need cuddles too.

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    Anybody want to cuddle and watch the cheetah girls?

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