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  • toxictwilight
    16.04.2021 - 4 days ago
    #still love her #but my god woman #*edna mode voice* pull yourself together! #i honestly believe everyone aside from emmett has strongly told her No before #and emmett only hasn’t bc he doesn’t care lol #so anything truly crazy she automatically goes to her big brother bc he’s down for anything #the true ‘chaos twins’ if you ask me #ask#alice cullen#twilight thoughts#twilight analysis#toxictwilight#twilight characters#cullen clan#twilight renaissance#twilight revival
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  • shakygrounds
    13.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    think it's very odd that the twilight renaissance awakened so many people as rosalie stans she brings absolutely Nothing but bitchiness and pettiness to the family. i don't even necessarily dislike her i just think she really doesn't bring anything to the family like literally any of the rest of them do.

    she gets along with no one but emmett and spent the entirety of the series (movies and books) being an entire bitch (affectionate....). for her own reasons, sure, but a whole capital b Bitch.

    her backstory is awful and she is allowed to be however she wants but her as a cullen is not. compelling to me. i don't think she belongs in the cullen clan/family. it's also weird emmett reminded her of her best friend's newborn and she decided that was her mate right then and there. idk. not a fan of rosalie as a cullen. i think she'd be a better denali or something. i don't see her as the sibling of jasper, alice, edward and bella. nor do i see her being an entirely good mate for emmett. and she definitely resents carlisle for turning her (which is,,, canon). we don't really see her have any sembalance of a relationship with esme either. i know a lot of people paint edward pre-bella as the odd one out but i cannot for the life of me get why it would be him, who is generally pleasant to his family, and not rosalie, who can barely be around any of them without snarking or getting an attitude. maybe it was because she was brought in specifically to be edward's mate and not because of any connection she had to esme, carlisle or edward. alice and jasper almost immediately bonded into the family and rosalie just did... not. emmett bonded pretty fast too as did bella.

    long story short, i don't think rosalie fits as a hale/cullen/whatever you wanna call it. i don't know why. but it feels that way.

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  • emerald-amidst-gold
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Fane’s Adventures Continue!

    I said I was gonna blow up people’s dash with my boy, so blow it up I shall! I’ll probably end up just doing this until I beat the damn game. It’s too much fun~!


    In which Fane wrestles with the fact that people aren’t angry like him by default.

    Fane, internal monologue: Is he..joking? Am I supposed to joke too? I should, shouldn’t I? What are jokes though? I don’t do jokes, but maybe I should--

    Fane, being typical Fane: I didn’t want to fucking be here, you know. 

    Cullen, again, someone just trying to be light: Ah..well, that’s.. I understand..

    Fane, internally slapping himself: Why am I like this? Why am I fucking like this?! 


    Local dragon is hailed the Herald of Andraste, and can’t cope because the weird, familiar elf makes him feel things.

    Fane, internally: Why the is he so familiar? I never left the clan before this, so what the hell? This doesn’t make sense! Maybe it’s the mark messing with my head? But why would it--? Oh, hey, he’s..smiling? At me? Why would he--?

    Solas, just really confused and intrigued: Herald, are you--?

    Fane, without thinking: Your face looks good like that. 

    Solas: I’m..sorry?

    Fane, realizes what he said and blanks: I’m..gonna go die now. Just leave me in the ditch when you find me, okay? *embarrassed dragon roars in his head* What is wrong with me?! ‘Your face looks good like that’?! Who the hell says that?!


    In which Fane wants to take a nap because he can’t handle this level of insularity. Meanwhile, has no idea he already did that. *finger guns*

    Fane, mildy amused: Why do these idiots act like that care about sanctity? They only care where they can put an army, or their own asses. This is tiresome. I need a nap. I think a thousand years worth of sleep would do it.. 


    There’s plenty of trees in the Hinterlands, and Fane will use them. With his head and a lot of force.

    Scout Harding: Herald of Andraste, huh? That’s--

    Fane: Don’t. I mean..I’ve already fucked myself over enough in the last two days, can we please just stop before I slam my head against the trunk of a tree?

    Scout Harding, confused: Uhh, sure! Whatever you want, Herald.

    Fane, urge to kill rising from title: Thank you. Truly. *internal dragon roars intensify*


    That’s all I got for now! Yeah, for now, there’s more coming. I’m having a ball with this! Eheheh~

    #dragon age#dragon inquisition#da:i#my screenshots #oc: fane lavellan #male lavellan#solas#cullen rutherford#scout harding #i think all of Haven's arc was Fane literally wanting to sleep or die #and trying to figure out who the hell Solas was to him #fane is just a socially awkward turtle because he never interacted with the clan or anyone else lol #just his sister really #Skyhold arc was about the same but he mellowed out a bit
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  • wagon-is-on-fire
    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I demand there to be more Emmet and Bella being chaotic twins fanfiction

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  • primswan
    31.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    A Headcanon about Eddy boy

    I think the real reason of Edward being so scared of having sex with Bella, was because he'd killed women before while having sex.

    He's frozen as a teenager (puberty), and at some point he had his horny moments. The problem is, he didn't know how to cope and he end up killing people in the process. This made him afraid to have sex with a humans again and increase his belief that he is a monster.

    This is why he was afraid to have sex with Bella while she was human, because he was afraid that the same thing would happen, but with someone he now really loved.

    In both the movies and the books, Smeyer gives us to understand that Edward was a virgin for 100 years.

    I know she tried to make it look romantic, that he would have waited so long for his true love that was Bella. But being honest, now that I'm an adult, this doesn't make sense to me, even if it had been different times and very conservative times.

    We've seen it with the denali, who were born and turned into vampires long before Edward. And they became a kind of succubus.

    So for this reason I think this makes more sense. And let's remember that Edward had his periods of rebellion against Carlisle, when he started killing rapists or murderers and drinking their blood.


    Thank u for reading!!😘 I'm back, and I have been thinking about this headcanon for a while. Please let me know what do you think guys.😊

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  • breaking-yawn
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    how can the denalis go full veggie in order to have sex with the same human multiple times, but eddie can’t even kiss bella without smashing her face in? make it make sense luv

    #am i remembering this wrong or does meyer just write whatever suits her at the time #denali clan#bella swan#edward cullen#human-vampire relations#vampire biology #the twilight saga #vegetarian vampires#edbella
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  • primswan
    01.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Does it was so difficult to just cast a normal child as they did to play Renegade, but just let it like that? Does it was necessary to use CGI?

    I mean this child was playing an immortal child and it really looks like that. I can believe he is an immortal child without using CGI.

    But no!,Someone said "oh no, but Bella's baby is different, is the most beautiful baby ever, is the perfect daughter, is the beautiful creature ever"

    (this is from "How it should have ended", I recommended it, is really funny)

    But how difficult it was to just find a cute baby and maybe just put some make up or just change her eye colors to red or yellow.

    But no! "Renegade has to have Bella's eyes"

    Just saying, but if instead of using a cgi baby and a Chucky baby. They could just use a normal kid and just change her eye colors.

    This is scary!

    And it could help to the plot of breaking dawn:

    When Irina saw Renegade, she saw her red eyes and she truly believed it was an immortal child.
    All the scene of Charlie meeting Renegade for the first time, where they just created the story that Renegade is Edward's nephew, just to justify that bella's pregnancy was so quickly. I remember he noticed it was Bella's daughter once he saw the baby's eyes.
    But if the eyes were different he could have believed that the baby had a illness that make her grown-up so fast and he wouldn't be asking so many questions.
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  • jcmorrows
    22.02.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Chapter 1 is NOW AVAILABLE!

    Chapter 1 is NOW AVAILABLE!

    when Desperate Measures are all you have left Seeing is Not Believing Chapter 1 Have you ever had one of those moments… when you were absolutely certain you saw someone just beyond the edge of your vision, but you knew it was absolutely impossible – because no one else was there… Five years ago, a young, struggling author sold her novel to a big publisher. Now, the fantasy world she wrote about…

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    #Bella Swan Cullen #book #books into movies #Edward Cullen#Midnight Sun#movie#OPINION#Quileute tribe#series #The Cullen Clan #the twilight saga #Twilight
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  • primswan
    19.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Just remembering the fact that S.Meyer wanted me to hate all these women, and I ended up loving them and identifying with them more than with the protagonist.

    Jane: She wanted me to hate a girl that was burned in the stake, for being accused of wichcraft. Being manipulated by three adults to torture people. And you want me to hate her?.

    When thousand of women were burned and torture just for the believe of being witches, just because they were women or wanted to go out the way society wants a woman to be.

    Jessica: You wanted me to hate, one of the most realistic characters, a girl that envy her friend, but at the same time she supports her.

    One of the realistic teenagers, because when we were all teenagers we used to envy friends, fantasy dating the popular guy, being jealous about a girl that was fancy than us.

    Rosalie: She wanted me to hate a woman, twho lived something that almost all women have lived and have had to shut up because of the criticisms of society.

    The difference between Esme and her is that Rosalie is mean just for not being submissive to her brother and loving herself.

    Leah: She wanted me to hate a girl, whose heart was broken, who didn't want to be submissive to her friends, who had to endure criticism because they said everything she did was wrong.

    And the pretext they gave to hate her was that she was rude to people and she wasn't nice like Bella. Many characters are tough or mean and we still love them, why then when there's a female character that doesn't apply S.Meyer?

    Irina: You wanted me to hate, again a character that was broken because she lost her mate.Who didn't want to help protect Bella, when she had every reason not to help her. When out of fear of the volturis she went to tell about Renesmee.

    To be honest, we would all have done the same as her. she nevertheless admitted her mistake, but still S.Meyer wanted us to hate her.

    I wonder, if she had been a male character, would have received the same treatment.

    A finally,  in addition to these reasons, why did S.Meyer want us to hate them? Oh, right!!!, because they didn't like Bella, they considered Bella boring, hateful or a problem.

    S. Meyer, wanted me to hate them for hating the protagonist. And I end up identifying and loving them more than with the protagonist!.

    They'd say I hustled, put in the work They wouldn't shake their heads and question how much of this I deserve What I was wearing, if I was rude Could all be separated from my good ideas and power moves

    I'm so sick of running as fast as I can Wondering if I'd get there quicker if I was a man And I'm so sick of them coming at me again 'Cause if I was a man, then I'd be the man I'd be the man

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  • leahclearwaterdefensesquad
    19.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Part 2: The Cullen & Denali Women -> Bella, Rosalie, Alice, Esme, Kate, Tanya, Irina, Carmen

    Picrew link

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  • toxictwilight
    16.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    You’re telling me

    all the years the Cullens went to High School

    not one person got a paper cut before Bella?

    #it’s like #the world didn’t even exist before Bella #honestly feel like humans as a collective would constantly be hurting themselves so #unless they expect that at school but NoT ThEiR hOuSe with the cLuMsY hUmAn #but it’s fine #it’s cool#it’s fine#lmao#twilight#new moon#edward cullen#bella swan#carlisle cullen#alice cullen#rosalie hale#esme cullen#emmett cullen#jasper hale#cullen clan #the twilight saga #twilight renaissance#twilight revival#toxictwilight#mypost
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  • tiny-alice-cullen
    12.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Here is your daily reminder that Rosalie was more than just a pretty face. She has degrees in electrical engineering, business, and astrophysics, she studies medicine, is the second best musician in the family, a mechanic who absolutely loves cars, and is the only Cullen other than Carlisle who has never tasted human blood.

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  • jasminc903
    04.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    ✝ La híbrida, el médico y el soldado✝ (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/story/249496341-%E2%9C%9D-la-h%C3%ADbrida-el-m%C3%A9dico-y-el-soldado%E2%9C%9D?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_info&wp_uname=monicajasmin803&wp_originator=Y6kK9E0ZS%2Fv04pgelZlw%2FymlktRmqYHm57Cb6B5Bxfcej7dAi4tTt3gBVSVkrtLQj%2Bq1aoriXnqiYEA9uaR5NNV0NOd5%2FUNyWk%2FsUVKbPjsqLbuaMwc1HKivxOZSlXq9 ⚓ Ninguno de los Cullen pudo prevenir su llegada, la hermana gemela de Renesme fue toda una sorpresa ⚓ ⚓Como también fue una sorpresa que la pequeña y hermosa niña fuera la compañera de dos rubios ⚓

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  • primswan
    30.01.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Volturis and the pandemic

    Please tell me that I'm no the only crazy one that thinks that because of the pandemic that Volturis are now starving.

    Because Italy's airports are closed and Heidi can't bring tourists to Volterra. So that means no food for the Volturis.

    And that at some point the cullens make a bet to make a joke to the volturis.

    And Carlisle and Aro have a conversation just like this one.

    Phone rings

    Volturis Human Secretary- Hello, you are talking to Volterra's Castle. What can I do for you?

    Carlisle- Hello, I'm talking to the residence of one of my friends, may I talk with Aro please.

    Volturis Human Secretary- Of course, just give me a second.

    Aro- Oh my Dear Friend Carlisle, how long it's been since we didn't talk?

    Carlisle- Since you and the guard tried to kill my family

    Aro- I remember that day perfectly, since that terrible day Cauis is not the same......Oh no Brother I'm no talking about you!

    Aro- Well my dear Carlisle, why your so unexpected call?

    Carlisle- My family and I just wanted to know how all of you are since that pandemic started.

    Aro- Terrible wrong, my dear Carlisle, because since humans closed their borders, our sweet Heidi has not been able to get humans.

    Long time ago since we didn't have such a hard time my dear Carlisle, last time was with the black plague. Oh I remember our sweet and dear Jane, she suffered a lot, she was always in a bad mode that nor even Alec was able to calm her down. She tortured many guards until she could eat something.

    However the one who is suffering the most this time is Demetri, that last plague he passed with Amun and there he could eat more often. So since this terrible situation started he hasn't been the same.

    And also Marcus, I read his thoughts yesterday and he just want to be human again and go out to get infected with that virus.....But that is normal with him.

    Carlisle- It's very bad to hear that Aro, Also my son Edward is having problems with that he is cleaning every surface of the house and is very paranoid.

    .....But I have to confess that the real reason of this call is to remember you all that I had told you that the animal diet is better than the human diet, so it's never too late to make a change....my family and I are having a wonderful time Aro, we haven't been hungry since the pandemic started. (Emmet laughing in the background)

    Aro-......... Silence

    Carlisle- Well I have to let you, my family and I are going in a hunting trip. We are going to eat sweet animal blood.... So goodbye Aro.

    End of the call

    Aro- ......You little bi**h

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  • niht-maybe
    29.01.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Cullens and political stances:

    Edward: Okay listen, hes probably a modern republican until 1980, then probably leans towards the left a lot more. Pro choice bc he was praying bella would yeet that feetus out. Anti marijuana legalization because hes from an era where that shit was not talked about. Capatalist. Also, he cannot vote.

    Carlisle: Def left. He wanted Edward as his companion 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 iykyk. Pro choice and anti racism bc hes a fucking doctor how could he morally not be?? Prob pro medical marijuana. Def voted for Bernie. Demacratic Socialist.

    Esme: Doesnt much care for politics, leans closer to pro life but still pro choice for laws. Votes for all demacrats, but other than that barely pays attention. Doesn’t know how the economy works but still agrees with Biden. Also anti racism. lightly Home of phobic but just says its because “I want the best for my children”, won’t vote against gay rights.

    Alice: helps organize blm protests, anti racism. Very ironic because shes married to a confederate. Pro choice, pro marriage equality, acab once again very ironic innit . def enjoyed the Riot Grrrl scene circa 1994. calls herself a communist but doesnt actually know what that entails, she just heard it on tiktok

    Jasper: Racist uncle trope. Alice tries to convince him of her views, but hes borderline sexist so he barely takes her seriously. Thinks all lives matter. Went to the Capital on 01/06/21. Almost voted for trump but then felt everyones anger towards him. Pro life but doesn’t speak about it. Capatalist.

    Emmet: Does not give a fuck about anything, wishes he was alive so he could smoke oui’d. Pro anarchy and riots, joined Jasper at the Capital for shits and giggles.

    Rosalie: Pro life and annoying about it. Was mad about civil rights until 1970. Capatalist bc she thinks Carlisle would “lose money”. Hates communism and China, will not accept that she has the wrong idea. Got bad vibes from trump. Believes in the pizza parlor sex ring run by Biden (Qanon thing). Cried when she found out biden won because she was worried they would have forced abortions (something from Qanon prob)

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  • hopeful-hufflepuff-peeves
    06.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Imagine Charlie's parents are alive and visiting one day when Bella and Edward come home from school and when Bella goes to introduce them her grandparents are just like Edward fucking Cullen!? And he's like shit didn't think people would still be alive

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