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  • teambella420
    21.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I was in the mood for a soft and wholesome family moment ™️

    So i made one 🥺🥺

    They’re just so happy for Eddie, and Bells loves them all so much 😩✨

    It just makes me so so happy to ignore all the dumb cannon and make a ✨nice vampire / werewolf family story™️✨

    Death of the author all the way! Ignoring cannon for the win!!

    (Even tho I’m pretty sure they all love each other plenty in cannon, i just want them to be more outwardly affectionate and happy)

    #artists on tumblr #digital aritst#digital drawing#digital fanart#imagine twilight#twilight#twilight au #the twilight saga #twilight fanart #bruh this is so dang cute #the cullens#edward cullen#bella swan#esme cullen #carlisle x esme #carlisle cullen #i hope twilight tumblr enjoys my cursed art cuz i love you guys and i need to repay you somehow #omg just please can we ignore all the dumb lovey doves stuff and can we just have cullen family shenanigans is that too much to ask for??
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  • fixeddawn
    21.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I want Bella to be cool ok

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  • popgoesthemusique
    20.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    Introducing #SongOfTheWeek, coming to you every Monday on our website. And our first pick is “Games” by Tessa Violet. A week after releasing a new version of “Games” featuring lovelytheband, the American singer-songwriter debuted the track’s official video where she recreates the famous baseball scene from “Twilight”, with a humorous twist and a cameo by someone you might recognize if you’re familiar with the vampire-themed movie... ⚾️ Full article + video in the source link! 📸: Natasha Tilly
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  • lovely-angel-girl
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dark Cullen Family 

    - Carlisle learns about the taste of blood on his tongue when he bites Edward. He can taste the fever rampaging his body, turning him weak, killing him. It tastes bitter and burns on the way down but Carlisle wants more. Esme is next and her blood is sweeter, with hints of honey in it and Carlisle has to stop himself from draining her dry, from gorging himself on her sweet blood. With every new edition to him family Carlisle drinks more of their blood before he finally pulls away. He tells them that it’s necessary and they blindly trust him. 

    - Esme uses her sweetness, her beauty, her innocence, to her advantage. She persuades random human men to hand over their wallets, bats her pretty golden eyes and hands out pretty smiles to any man who looks at her. It makes her feel powerful. Some of them get handsy, try to grab at her, mistake her sweetness for weakness, and they learn that she is the opposite of weak fairly fast. The first time she breaks a mans bones, she feels a rush. She’s been searching for that high ever since. 

    - Edward wanders the streets of Colorado at night, stalking the streets is more truthful really. He goes after the fathers that stay too late at work, that neglect their families in their perusal of a job raise. He watches men take woman home, watches them force themselves on the poor lady. Watches her stumble home, if she’s lucky enough to do so, and Edward hunts. He looks at his red eyes and tells himself that he’s saving humanity, one kill at a time. 

    - Jasper looks at the dead bodies surrounding him, the bodies that follow his every waking moment. The poor souls, vampire and human, that he murdered, for sport and food. He looks at the new-born vampire in front of him, and his mouth waters. His ghosts might haunt him, but he’s the one that’s still living, that will continue to live. Jasper smiles and attacks, adding another ghost that will stay with him forever. 

    - Alice tells false truths to humans that beg for their future. She tells one of them that he’ll meet the love of his life in three days, knowing he will die an awful death in four-hours. She tells the young woman that her husband does love her, he’s just busy with work while watching him fuck his young secretary. She knows it’s wrong but she can’t help but feel like a God when she hands out a false future. 

    - Rosalie catches cheaters in the act, stops rapists and pedophiles and beaters before they can do more damage. She watches men stalk young woman in the streets, watches grown woman make young boys into victims. She takes her revenge on them. She rips them apart limb-by-limb and relishes in the feeling of their blood on her skin. She goes back home with the sound of their screams echoing in her ears. 

    - Emmett hoards his families secrets, keeps them close to his chest and waits for the day he can use them. He knows that Carlisle nearly killed Esme before he could change her. He knows Esme steals from men and hurts them if they seek something in return for their money. He knows why Edward refuses to look anyone in the eye and why Jasper will sometimes look off to the left of someone, like he can see something they can’t. He knows why Alice has bundles of money under her floorboard and where the money comes from. He knows why Rose sneaks away in the middle of the night and comes back to him in a different outfit. Emmett knows all of his families dirty secrets and is just biding his time. 

    #dark Cullen family #they aren't perfect angels #i really couldn't figure out anything for em honestly #Emmett Cullen#Rosalie Hale#Jasper Hale#Edward Cullen#Alice Cullen#Esme Cullen#Carlisle Cullen
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  • lovely-angel-girl
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dark!Bella Swan AU (no shapeshifters in this) 

    Bella learned early on that the only person you can rely on is yourself. Learns it when she is three years old and is too young to truly understand why her father is a no-good bastard that would never see Bella again (Charlie had grown the balls to fight Renee for custody. He lost.) When she is five, her mom forgets to pick her up from kindergarten two-weeks in and she has to lie to her teacher that “yes, that lady is my mommy, don’t worry” (the lady is someone random across the street) and walk five-blocks home. 

    She learns it the first time her mom comes home drunk (she had been fired for the third time that year) and screams and punches and Bella watches her skin turn purple and yellow in the mirror the next day (her mom was smart even while wasted; hit where the bruises don’t show). She learns when she’s nine years old and finally starting to slowly grow breasts and hips and her mom’s no-good boyfriend starts to notice (Renee blamed her when she found the boyfriend trying to grab at Bella). 

    She is twelve years old when Renee just stops trying to find a job and Bella goes weeks, months, without an actual meal (she can count her ribs when she looks in the mirror). She is fourteen years old the first time she gets blood on her hands after punching a boy in school that slapped her ass (Bella gets a beating at home when she’s suspended for a week). She finds that she likes the feeling. 

    Her mom gets re-married and when she makes an off-handed comment about Bella no longer really needing a mother, Bella agrees (not like she ever truly had one). 

    She is seventeen years old and she knows how it feels to be powerless, to be weak, to be the prey. She meets the Cullens and finds out their secret and she wants to be the predator. She wants to look in the mirror and see power, a force to be reckoned with (she wants to be someone her mother fears). 

    She gets Edward to believe she is in love with him, bats her eyes and gives docile smiles (the way her mother did when she got the cashier to give them a free meal). She lets Alice believe they are best friends and lets the rest of the Cullens think her part of the family, another daughter and sister (she sees a kindred spirit in Rosalie and than learns that she despises what she is and Bella starts to hate her). 

    She looks James right in the eye when he threatens her and wonders if he would change her (he doesn’t, just nearly kills her). She can’t scream her frustration when Edward does not change her, so she makes him want her for the rest of his existence. 

    She is eighteen and she is kissing a vampire and the danger of it all is exhilarating but Edward is boring (he is so very gentle with her even after she argues that he can hold her tighter, kiss her harder). She learns that Jasper and Emmett killed Laurent and Victoria and Bella hides her anger (she wanted to kill them herself, wanted to make them feel the way she has for her whole life). 

    Bella does not let Alice throw her a party and when Alice looks into Bella’s eyes, she sees something dangerous, a girl that will take what she wants and she knows she let the fox into the hen house (it is too late to change anything now, so Alice keeps it to herself). 

    She is nineteen and she is impatient, so she says yes when Edward proposes to her. She lets Alice plan it and lets everyone call her Mrs. Cullen. She is nineteen and married and Edward finally has sex with her and she lies and says it was great (he was too cold and hard and she would rather just fuck an icicle than fuck him again). 

    He finally changes her and his venom burns through her, turning her from prey to predator. She altered her fate and took her place on the top of the totem pole. She finally won. 

    Bella opens her eyes and smiles. 

    #dark bella #i just really loved this idea and had to write it #i hope all of you like it #bella swan#edward cullen#cullen family
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  • whenthevoidcalls
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    more tags - interactions. some of these are future tags

    #[stay close to people who feel like sunlight > kirkwall gang > aveline] #[stay close to people who feel like sunlight > kirkwall gang > varric] #[stay close to people who feel like sunlight > kirkwall gang > isabela] #[stay close to people who feel like sunlight > kirkwall gang > fenris] #[stay close to people who feel like sunlight > Kirkwall Gang > Merrill] #[if you met my family you'd understand > wyatt & carver] #[whatever you do you're still my sister > wyatt - bethany] #[what will i do when i don't have you > wyatt & leandra] #[this is family business > wy & mal] #[you decide who you are not society > dai > cassandra] #[you decide who you are not society > dai > dorian] #[you decide who you are not society > dai > cole] #[the champion and the diplomat > wyatt & josie] #[the hawk and the nightingale > wyatt & leliana] #[apostate and templar no longer > wyatt & cullen]
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  • teambella420
    17.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Esme and Carlisle Cullen preparing for Bella’s visit to their home 🥺🥺

    They’re just so ✨pumped✨ and excited for Eddie, and they love him so so much

    #art #artists on tumblr #bella swan#digital aritst#digital drawing#digital fanart#imagine twilight#twilight#twilight au#esme cullen#carlisle cullen#edward cullen #omg just please can we ignore all the dumb lovey doves stuff and can we just have Cullen family shenanigans is that too much to ask for?? #i hope twilight tumblr enjoys my cursed art cuz i love you guys and i need to repay you somehow #the twilight saga #twilight tumblr
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  • gisellelx
    16.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Some Cullen Personal Finance Headcanons for Tax Day

    Because I am the kind of nerd who writes fic about tax preparation, after all.

    Carlisle keeps a budget. It's a really big budget but he keeps a budget. If the water bill is high and he doesn't know why, he investigates.

    He does not like paying more than something is worth. He is particularly sensitive about this when it comes to real estate, especially because Esme prefers total gut jobs of houses. He will haggle on a dilapidated house even though $500,000 is a meaningless amount of money for him.

    Every member of the household has fuck you money. A lot of it. Personally, I love the hilarity of the idea of everyone having to ask Carlisle for money. It makes me laugh to imagine. But while it's really funny, it doesn't strike me as true. Carlisle would have set every single member of his household up to just utterly disappear if they need to. He feels guilt over having created his family, and he's created the financial resources that, should any one of them decide they no longer want the relationship the family offers, they can choose freely.

    Rosalie and Renesmee are the most fiscally responsible Cullens. Edward is the most profligate, followed by Alice, but she mostly just spends money on clothes. Edward spends it on everything. All of the Cullen men enjoy spending money on their women. Every single Cullen man has at least one inordinately expensive watch that his wife bought. (Also hello I've held that headcanon forever and it was validated in Midnight Sun.)

    Emmett is the most uncomfortable with the Cullen wealth. Rosalie spends money to show that she can, because Carlisle makes her upset. Emmett still feels like he needs to do an honest day's work to earn a living, and the idea of money earning money gets under his skin. He loves spending money on Rose, but for anything else, it feels weird to him if he didn't earn it. He doesn't spend much as a result.

    SM claims "Alice loves the stock market" but Carlisle and Esme are not actually down with that. She gets to do what she wants with her money, but Carlisle keeps his sense of propriety clean. He's not interested in getting dragged in for an SEC violation. His portfolio is actually very conservative and mostly held in index funds.

    It is Esme's work which allows C.E.E. to operate. Judicious accounting for her architectural and engineering work allows them to launder money to a certain extent. It makes Carlisle nervous.

    Esme holds the patent for the technology underpinning Tyvek. Rosalie holds the patents on several engine sealings. Between them, they earn a lot more than Carlisle does.

    There are over 30 fake Cullens who file taxes to keep the overall family wealth profile under the radar.

    They try to keep the offshore, tax evasion money to a minimum, again because it offends Carlisle's sense of propriety. But every year, the percentage of their wealth that has to be laundered increases because otherwise they'd show up as rivaling the biggest names in tech. This causes Carlisle no end of distress.

    Carlisle and Esme have an understanding about when spending money becomes a joint decision and not just a gift (about at $1M, currently). Bella discovers this about ten years into her marriage to Edward and he definitely gets put on blast. oooh and adding post at least one reblog: The Cullens are big givers. But within that, Carlisle is absolutely religious (hah) about tithing. He doesn't force anyone else in the family to tithe, and not all of them do, but he and Esme have fully joint finances and so a clean 10% of gross of everything they earn as a couple is given away without question, before they even decide whether they will give away more of the money that's left.

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  • fixeddawn
    15.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    FIXEDDAWN HEADCANONS - Cryptid Edition

    1) Cryptids respect other cryptids

    2) Emmett has been mistaken for Bigfoot so many goddamn times

    3) Carlisle saw an alien once and had a vampire panic attack, but now he knows why biblical angels are so lovecraftian.

    4) Esme leaves Jam and cakes for the house Fae on their properties.

    5) The Cullens are TERRIFIED OF MOTHMAN

    6) Bella and Emmett want to be friends with him

    7) Emmett is SO MAD he didn't see the Alien.

    8) The Cullens are the fucking reason for so many of the Chupacabra type sightings/livestock deaths in the U.S.

    9) The "Children of the Moon" are /actual/ werewolves and are fucking terrifying, mostly living in the siberian wilderness and Norway. One ended up in Wisconsin and became known as "The Beast Of Bray Road". The Cullens now avoid Wisconsin.

    10) The Cullens are technically Fair Folk.

    #bella is black #edward cullen#twilight#bella swan#fanart#meme #the twilight saga #cullen family#dork#cullen gc#fixeddawn headcanon#fixeddawn#cryptids#cryptid#mothman#bigfoot #Wend*go are not cryptids #Please do not mention them by name
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  • rip2myyouthjpg
    14.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    so, i made the psychometric character quiz and apparently i have a 91% match with Penelope, and i’m so happy and proud of it

    i love me, omg

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  • teamfamcullen
    14.04.2021 - 6 days ago


    This is gonna be about Twilight but will eventually probably be like my TikTok, it’s 98 % about Robert Pattinson 😅

    And I don’t know how active I’m gonna be, only time will tell ☺️

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  • gisellelx
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #cullen family#twilight #I am here for actually rich cullens #I almost never see it in fic #70 billion dollars is an UNFATHOMABLE amount of money #and I think Forbes is low #google the rule of 72 #asks
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  • wandamaximoffkinnie
    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I’m posting this here bc I KNOW twilight-renaissance tumblr will appreciate me 🤚🏻

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  • dumbsadbitchnottaken
    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Last night Jasper got the mail that his friend from England passed away. Jasper would not be at his funeral. Jasper is not racist anymore. Jasper supports Emmet’s feminist group. Jasper is a good white male now. Be like Jasper.

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  • xamassed
    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #bucketfullofocs #bucketfullofocs ; shora #「 ( cullen ; headcanon ) 」 #「 r. we chose our family in each other ( cullen ; shora ) 」 #( it would have started as a joke but it became a thing and now it's helpful :D )
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  • calamitycullen
    07.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    emmett and jasper in: going to the mall

    - it was alice’s idea

    - “you guys seriously need to get up to date with teenage attire. rosalie and i are starting to get embarrassed.”

    - and that’s how they ended up at nordstrom rack at 3pm on a sunday

    - “emmett, are you sure this the mall?”

    - “i don’t know, i just typed in clothing and this was the nearest thing that popped up. just find some stuff that looks trendy so we can leave”

    - jasper starts looking at cowboy boots but the first few words of emmett’s yeehaw joke sent him stalking in the opposite direction

    - “hey, jazz, do you think this poncho is my size?”

    - “that’s a rug and no. stop trying to put it on people are staring”

    - they realize the girls should’ve come to assist around the same time emmett snuck up on jasper and ended up lodged in the shoe display behind him

    - jasper doesn’t want to let alice down so they decide not to let one pissed off security team ruin the outing

    - “jazz! this shirt says hashtag selfie on it, that’s definitely what the girls meant by trendy, right?”

    - “you’re so right.”

    - emmett is just about to grab the shirt when a ten year old girl reaches for it at the same time

    - “back off, she-devil! this selfie shirt is mine,”

    - tug of war ensues

    - emmett pulls a tad too hard and the shirt gets ripped in two

    - he hardly notices though. it’s a win in his eyes

    - “ha!”

    - they decided to leave nordstrom rack after that

    - “look jazz, a fountain! you know what that means?”

    - “um, ambience? i’ve seen them in a few shopping plazas before-” *SPLASH*

    - they return home soaking wet with half a torn selfie shirt

    - alice that she’ll just go without them next time

    #twilight #the cullen family #the cullens#twilight headcanon #twilight incorrect quotes #emmett cullen#jasper hale
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  • lunastwilightblog
    07.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Carlisle: what’s with the creepy Furby?

    Aro: Oh, it’s possessed!

    Carlisle: …and you keep a possessed Furby because…?

    Aro: oh, I just like its sense of humour

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